Ishqbaaz 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rumi says you will get video during sangeet. Shivaye asks what do you want in return. Rumi says Oberoi family’s ancestral necklace. Pinky says today I m going to give you Oberoi family’s ancestral necklace. Tia smiles. Shivaye thinks I want this necklace by any way. Some time before, Tia asks Shivaye do you have headache. He says yes, now I m better. She says there is negative energies around you, I will do aura cleansing. He says no thanks. He sees Anika and says I would like to have a head massage, especially from you. Tia does his head massage. Anika looks on. Pinky comes and sees Anika staring at them. She asks do you have manners or not, I want fresh flowers garlands, do it fast. He says Tia you are amazing, I don’t need medicines, your touch is enough. Tia says good energy ends bad energy


He gets a call from Rumi. Tia thinks who is calling Shivaye from unknown number. He asks Tia to take rest and relax. Tia goes. He says I felt so good, its magical, very nice hands. Pinky comes and sees Anika crushing and breaking the flowers. She asks Anika what did you do, see. Anika gets up. Pinky asks where is your focus. Shivaye asks the same. Anika says sorry aunty ji, I did mistake. Pinky says you don’t do anything well, did you come to work or spoil work. He says its okay, maybe she got tired. Dadi asks what happened. Pinky says I gave her fresh flowers, she ruined it, don’t know from where she came, I got headache. Dadi takes Pinky.

Shivaye says poor flowers, you got all anger on this, you got affected Anika. She gets the knife from flower basket and says don’t dare to say that again. He asks what are you doing. She says that I learnt from you, showing knife to make someone listen, knife is dangerous thing. He says yes, keep it down. She asks why, if you can show, why can’t I show, you said this is your relation, you break things and I throw things, I don’t care, understand. He says I do care. He walks to her and holds her. He says you can’t do this, I will prove it, that you do care, wait and watch. He throws the knife away. It gets stuck in the pillar. O jaana….plays……….. They see each other. He goes.

Shivaye gets Rumi’s call. Rumi says you will get video during sangeet. Shivaye asks what do you want in return. Rumi says Oberoi family’s ancestral necklace. He asks what, how do you know about that necklace. She says I know everything, your mom is going to give that to Tia tomorrow, as I said, I want that necklace so make sure I get it. He asks how will I give you, I don’t even know you. She says its enough that I know you, I will tell you how and when to give that necklace to me. She ends call.

Pinky keeps the jewelry sets. Shivaye comes to her. She asks did you not sleep till now. He says I thought to say good night. She asks is your headache fine. He says much better, what’s all this. She says for Tia, she is my would be bahu, when you were born, I started collecting jewelry for my bahu, when you married Anika, my heart broke, its good you realized mistake and agreed to marry Tia. He says your choice in jewelry is very classy. She smiles. He says this necklace is beautiful. She says yes, its Oberoi family’s ancestral necklace, Dadi gave this to me when I came here after marriage, now I will give this to Tia, I will keep it in locker now for safety, its costly necklace. He looks on. She asks him to wait and goes. He says how will I get that necklace.

Dadi gives clothes to Anika and says you will wear this in sangeet today. Anika thinks of Pinky’s words. She says I m wedding planner and know my place well. Dadi says you are giving your place to someone, I don’t know what you and Billu want to prove each other, I just know you are his wife and this house’s house, you will look most beautiful, bless you. She goes.

Shivaye talks on phone and worries for Om. Priyanka asks what happened. Shivaye says branch manager said Om did not come from Bareilly. She asks why, deal was signed. He says maybe there was some problem, you know Om. Khanna says sangeet’s security is set. Shivaye says make sure no drama happens this time.

Everyone come in sangeet. Anika comes. Shivaye looks at her. O jaana…..plays……….He goes to her and says beautiful, I mean decorations, you did great work. He goes to Tia and compliments her. Tia thanks him. She says I m happy you are finally noticing me. Pinky takes Tia with her. Pinky says I accepted you as bahu, today I m going to give you Oberoi family’s ancestral necklace. Tia smiles. Shivaye thinks I want this necklace by any way. Dadi says I want to talk to you Billu. He says I will meet later. She says it will be late, do you think you are doing right. He says I don’t know, but trust me, I will make everything right. She says Anika is a nice girl. He says even Tia is very nice, look she is looking so pretty. Dadi asks really. He says no doubt about it. She says without seeing Tia, tell me what is she wearing, what’s color is she wearing. He says you know I don’t notice all this, I m not Rudra to notice girls. She asks what is Anika wearing. He describes well. She says I got my answer, but did you understand the meaning. He turns and sees Anika.

He says Tia’s face is looking so pretty that I did not notice her clothes. He goes. Pinky makes Tia wear the necklace. Everyone clap. Pinky says I did not think this will suit you so much, you look like a royal princess. Rumi calls Shivaye and says I think you don’t want video, so that necklace reached Tia, are you finding me. He asks where are you, and where is that video. He says that video is in a chip, I have it, give necklace and take chip. He asks what’s guarantee, that chip has that video. She says no guarantee, you have no option, take necklace and put it wine glass, wait for my next call. Rumi recalls going to Mrs. Kapoor’s room and looking for the video chip. Mrs. Kapoor is sleeping. She gets the video chip from the watch. She says now this chip will go to Shivaye. Rumi thinks Mrs. Kapoor, Tia and Shwetlana, you guys killed my brother, Robin was my brother, see how I end your game.

Shivaye talks to Rumi. He says I m sure you got the necklace, but I did not get my chip, where is it. He turns and sees Anika. Anika says Tia, where is your necklace. Tia asks what and gets shocked. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana take injured Rumi tied and get shocked seeing……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It doesn’t matter for me whether kapoors are getting exposed or not…..I really don’t care ??

    The only thing I want is my old Anika back wid all her memories and her ajeebogareeb language with new ajeeb word everyday …….I get michmichi with dis kalawati….at the beginning of this track she was quite interesting but now she is like Anika only….bearing all atyachyaars of pinky ….der should some profit out of this memory loss….but it seems it won’t happen ……as SSO is trying to find out truth…..

    N just imagine if this memory loss isn’t a plan……as nobody knws anything properly n SurbhiC is also telling in interviews that it is a genuine memory loss…..what will happen when she will regain her memory everything will get messed up……would we able to accept her ???

    Puri oh my mata kar rakhi hai seriel ki……how can they show memory loss in such a high class serial….?????

    It is so common…..and even Tia’s pregnancy drama like really aisa kaun karta hai??

    Mera toh dil tod dia inn logone ?yeh sab karke???

  2. It is his expectation against her expectation.

    She tried hard enough to make him understand , WHAT TIA IS?, but he never consider her at the level of seriousness, for the varied reasons from his jealousy to his ego which are very complex as himself. At the peak of his love feelings for ANNIKA even, he never found accepting her skill, her talent and all her what ever it is. Somewhere at deep in his mind, glimpse of which I saw many a times, he consider his obligation over her for over looking her NKK status, which badly hurt her, which ultimately express the tilted thought of her mother PINK even after reaching at the peak of his love for ANNIKA.

    His presents state of NKK is just like a sugar coated quinine powder, which he is try to handover to her for a temperory cure. It left the impression, it his excuse from NKK at the worst as we had seen in case of so called ILLEGITIMACY OF OM, but in never his general belief. To get him deviate from NKK, one has to create extreme worst situation . and then you will get him with you from the point of no return.

    No doubt, he explicitly expressed his fall for her by saying , IT MAKE DIFFERENCE TO ME, IT MAKE A LOT DIFFERENCE TO ME or by describing HER WEARINGS STUFF IN DETAILS, but all was under the STRONG TRANCE as we had already seen during PUNCH PARTY, during trance of medicines, but he escaped from situations both times leaving her in the state of FISH SEEKING WATER AROUND.

    He must commit his thought over NKK , this way or that way, as the natural way of his thoughts process, not just for AN EXCEPTION. His such EXCEPTION for ANNIKA will lead her always as a RESPONSIBILITY which he keep telling now a days.

    EXCEPTION is nothing but a ESCAPE from the worst situation which has no meaning for a relation based on LOVE which keep one person always under obligation against the idea of equality !!

    ANNIKA just wished him to drag him out from such EXCEPTIONAL situation .

    1. Correct whatever SSO is doing now is sheer escapism! Instead of focussing more seriously on the actual problems.. annika ke sath ye farak wala khel khel raha hai..! Frustrating!

  3. Hi

    Yaha pe kithni logo ko IB ab boring lagtha hai? kithni log tv pe IB dekh tha hai?

    Kuch comments padkar lagtha hai boring hai.but IB ki trp best jaara ha hai.thab CVS bhi yahi sochegi na audiance ko ye sab drama pasand hai?tia ki expose hogi tho trp kam hogi? shivika scenes daale tho trp badegi?agar aap logo ko boring hai tho tv pe math dekhiye na?jis dhin tia ki expose hoga us dhin IB ki trp bahuth badana chaahiye?jab kuch acha intersting drama ho thab bhi trp top hona chaahiye? warna ye sab sehna padega.

    Hame kya dekhna hai kya nahi dekhna hai ye trp kam karke aur top karke CVS samjhana chaahiye.thab un log samjhegi aise keech ke boring drama daalke koi faida nahi hoga.

    SORRY agar aap logo ko mere baath bura laga tho.


    1. At present …….my condition be like…neither I can bear this kapoor n daughters track…..nor I can see ib’s trps going down…??? dharam sankat?kuch nahi kia jasakta

      1. Akshu dear main iss liye IB ki trp down hone ko bol rahi hu.kyuki kamse kam ye log trp ke liye tho tia ko expose karengi na.IB ki trp kam ho gaya tho ye log show bandh nahi karega.abhi bahuth saari secret aur storys start aur reveal hona baaki hai.

        Mujhe tho pehle lagatha anika ki memory loss tia ko expose karne ka drama hai.but ab dekho aisa tho kuch nazar nahi aara.aur tia expose hone ka news bhi I think tia ko aur chalna hoga.kamse kam tia ko hi ye log expose karthe.

        Mujhe laga raha hai IB ki trp thoda down hogi tho ye log tia ko expose karengi.warna main nahi chaatha IB ki trp down ho.main tho bass ye soch ke bol rahi hai ki.trp badane ke liye sahi ye log tia ko expose kare.tia ki saath pinky anika ko insult kartha hua nahi dekh tha.aur kab se sab log gul khan ko request kartha hai insta pe.tia ko expose karne ko but abi thak tho kuch hua nahi.iss liye main IB ki trp down hone ko bol rahi thi.ek baar thoda trp down ho gaya tho CVS ki pass akhal apni aap aayegi.

        Mujhe IB bahuth pasand hai but main ye nafrathbaaz,mrs kapoor,pinky drama handle nahi kartha iss liye trp kam karne ko bol rahi hai.IB ka bhi o bros ka bhi CVS ne murder kiya. ye sabse thoda upset hu.specialy rudy ki soumya ki taraf se rudeness dekh kar.

        Agar aap logo ko meri comment achi nahi lagi tho BIG SORRY.
        main phir comment nahi karungi agar aap logo ko bura laga tho.

    2. Uf dr….dontworry u can share ur thought….no need to worry….actually ur point is right….if trp gets down cvs change tge story….but what to do dr…trp depends on all indian viewers….so we cnt do about trp….actual thing is when show runs smoothly trp never gets high…but when show is full of drama trp gets high….thats why makers includes much drama in the show….

      1. Thank you shahabana

  4. Renimarenju

    What’s happening guys……Really anika has regained lost memory or not ?? And this shitiya drama….just another annoying thing……showing heavy jewels……and all…..Why she is not calling shivaay baby ……she is only calling him as shivaay……And what happened 2 her reikis……I think acp is on a mission to find the lost reikis….that’s why now a days he is not coming on ishqbaaz…..And pinky…..oh my maata……she will not stop showing her typical saasu maa type things……And i wonder how these oberois can dress well and enjoy while jhanvi is not cured completely ???? The thing is shivaay is now 24 *7 goes behind anika…….[remeber what rudy said…..i]I mean what is the “fark ” man ??? Fark padta hai……i think both of them should write imposition 10000 times and show each other… that this “fark” prblm will be solved……And i loved the detailed cum minute description by shivaay about anika’s dress… shivaay…..ur kanchi eyes are so keen 2 watch anika…….and loved cute “chaaku’ moment…..which reminded me that earlier chakku and chaaku moment of kitchen……where sso laughed before anika 4 the first time…….And that necklace…..why romi is so keen 2 grab it…….now any chip is been hided in that necklace…..also……seriously mysteries….missing characters……all are making too much confusions 4 me…….I really want shivika nokjhok and anika’s raita now/…..and want some bromance also……missing shivkara talks……and missing dadi=shivomru talks on ishqbaazi…….and missing pinky-jhanvi=wifi-hifi moments…..which were the charm of ishqbaaz……pls cv’s bring back those lovely moments…….

    1. Helloo renima….u wrote everything what i want to see in ishqbaaz….reallyyar damn bored with this typical drama….i want my old ishqbaaz with full on bang without any chudeils disturbance….i used to laugh a lotz watching this show….but nowadays its full of tension…

      1. Renimarenju

        Haa yaar……and one doubt……shabu……anika is still suffering ml or not ??
        Too much of confusions only……..

  5. Next set of video spoilers… swet hides romi in statue but statue falls n Romi was trying to call sumone from landline but Swetlana came n tries to kill romi with telephone wire
    But romi succeed in running from that room but swetlana push her from stairs…..
    Eewww ewwww ewww! Drama and drama and drama again! I wanna stop watching man.. but I hate myself for being so obsessed with is show!

  6. Hi all. I don’t know what to say..I feel
    . scared thinking what if Shivay marries Tia -cos according to reports, he is ready to fill her maang with sindoor b4 Robin comes. Does Shivay really love Anika that he can marry someone else.
    . Again if spoilers r to be believed, Tia introduces Robin as a friend to Shivay, therefore who brings Robin, is it Anirus plan? Doesn’t look like it.
    . Will they continue with the marriage
    . Is Anikas Ml real and no matter how much ML , can a woman see her husband marry someone ? And plan their marriage? Even a saint person won’t be able to do that.
    .and did she bring Robin? Or Who did.?
    I’m sick of Kapoors, does this show want to prove that evil wins over goodness cos that’s what it feels like.
    . Plz give us a break from Pinkys nasty mouth,,,she acts totally classless herself.
    CVs are treating fans like crap…..they know true fans want Shivika therefore they keep a thread dangling enough to keep us hooked.

    Want to see Anika accepted as perfect babu for OF
    Want to see her in simple yet gorgeous sarees , whilst shivika love , romance n takkar continues

    Want to see Obro moments with Anika as adored bhabhi, Rumya and Gaukara RL.

  7. Mouni

    wake up to see that all spoilers are about swetlana trying to kill romi ughhhhhh
    nothing new here , l want to see this drama ends , am afraid there will be no closure to this tia track and we will have to bear pinky madness for another week , plzzzzz end this nonsense
    ps ; serious question tho how sso is going to marry tia when he knows he is married to anika as he didn’t sign divorce papers ?? other than wanting this video he has no other plans unless he runs away from the wedding lol ” runaway groom ” or his bros help him kidnap tia or something ??
    and anika really throwing petals while he was walking in the staires ?? like really woman ?? you are taking this job a little too serious marrying yr husband to tia ?? that’s why am almost sure she has a plan

    1. Ohhhh mouni….im damn sure if this time they wont expose this tia drama im going to stop watching this show….no more pateince now…and plsss guyz someone plsss tell gul mam that to end this stupid nb dramayar….its really enough now…im really crying now….this is the only show im watching now…ib and dbo….now i think bcz of this stupid cvs i have to stop watching this one also

      1. Mouni

        me too shahabana , its the only show am watching and what bothers me is that they are focusing on tia track too much , its almost 220 ep and no end is seen yet , they have many mysteries to solve ; ashock murder , gayatri murder , prinkou’s mms , aunt roop , anika’s past , om illegitimacy , the big villain hiding …etc
        they should reintroduce priveer track too , the kapoors are taking too much space , l mean they wasted 6 ep and maybe more in the 3rd attempted wedding !!!!
        atleast end tia’s track and bring back acp as the one investigating romi’s case , am fed up with tia and her mom and pinky , they are too much seen for my mood

      2. Mouni
        Why am I feeling that they are not purposely giving out any spoiler.?? Or is it not shot?? No promo also. What’s happening??

    2. Wow mouni.. ur quite frustrated.. the way u say like really woman? You are taking this job a little too seriously?? I understand.. am kind of tired too.. seeing wedding spoilers all over again! Pls give us a break! ?

  8. Hii pinku dear and astha dear.
    Are yarr stop this drama???? ye logo ko surf prblm create karni aati he ek bhi prblm solve nahi hota in se stupid.????
    Agar us din Sso ke jariye Woh video delete ho jati toh kya in logo ke upar parbat gir jati . Samajh nahi aa raha .ye log ek track start karte he usse slove toh karte he nahi bas aur ek prbm create karte he. Abhi toh dher sara secret he kholne ke liye.
    1 ashok ne ye drama kyon kiya aur woh uss gaadi main kesse baat kar eaha tha.
    2.tej aur sakti ke secret
    3.gayatri ka murder kisne kiya.
    4.soumya ki maa kaha he I mean usse ab tak dikhya nahi gaya.
    5.annika ka past.
    6.omkara such main iligitimate he ya nahi??
    Aur bhi kuch drama syad he.
    Ye tej aur sakti ke kitne dusman he ???ye
    log sirf dusman banate he bechare Isse sabse jyada taklif Sso aur annika ko jhelna padta he.
    Kuch toh comedy dikhao yarr
    Main ishqbaaz isliye dekhna suru kiya tha kyoki iss main bahut comedy thi din bhar ki padhai ke baad thoda relax hone ke liye main show dekhti thi. Ab is main comedy he par sirf shivika ke beech woh bhi bahut com he aur obros ki comedy ki toh Oh my maata ho gayi.
    Ye ishqbazzo ki show he vilian ya nafratbazzo ka nahi. I know ki bina vilian ke kahani spicynahi joti but is main kuch jyada hi vilian ko dikhya ja raha ke badle hame preeveer ke track chahi ye.
    So plz Cvs hamari salah mano trp ke liye nahi entertainment ke liye show karo plz plz plz.

  9. Hey lo Arpita,haan arpita u ppl must be missing noe i just started to watch so i still find it interesting.. u know with me another 3 girls also became fan of ishqbaaz n DBO….

  10. I used to love qubool hai which was also a Gul khan’s production… begining it was good….but after some tym they ruined it like hell…..i don’t want them to do the same wid ib ??

    1. Same here Akshu….first one year of qubool hai just beautiful….i watched without missing one episode…later they rueined it much negativity….so i just stopped to watch….hope they wont do same mistake with ib also

      1. Shabu…..same experience for me with ‘Qubool Hai”….it was such a wonderful serial in the beginning…..and remember it was almost like how IB is progressing now…..first only 1 villain then another and then a bunch of villains…..half of the episodes were only for the villains….then I lost interest and stopped!! I restarted watching when Rahat came….that also didn’t continue for long and then I stopped!!

  11. u know wt guys kabhi kabhi mujhe aisa lagta hai ki OMKARA nahi shivay illegitimate hoga.. hamesh khun khandhan karke bajta rehta hai heheheh.. just kidding

  12. Looks like ISHQIES r in full form…after so many days crossed 150 comments….
    I m commenting after couple of days…so don’t knw hw many of u remember me…but really I missed dis page…finally i m back…
    So many new entry’s also I guess…welcome all the new comers…i m one of the legends of this page????

    Coming to current track…shivika ko fatal pade naa pade..butas viewers hume kafi Farah pad raha h..iss track se….romi is blackmailing shivaye???….anikas dress was horrible again..???….
    Luved shivaye saying each nd everything abt anikas dress even he noticed her bangels?????? dat was cute…
    Lookin fears for nxt…

    All of u ….hws u all???

    1. Renimarenju

      Saku am gud….today got a holiday and am bit active only……
      pls read and tell ur views

  13. This the take from future story .

    It is clear that GOURI is going to eneter in OM as an employee and , in my POV, simeltenously, TIA + Mrs.KAPOOR’s exit from OM will take place. we would have to extract our enjoyment from the future tussle between TO BE WIFE SWETLANA and already wife GOURI of OM in Oberoy Mansion.

    CVS may use COPY / PASTE command in OMRI story too!!

    1. Mouni

      well shekhar at least shivika will get a break from all the drama , also l thought gauri will enter as a boy ?? l saw her disguise yesterday
      even rumya story are turning and l think its not good bcz the origine is always shivika

  14. Hi Mouni, agree with u, I hope while Om, Swet n Gauri drama r going, they continue with Shivika RL also, or else no fun.
    I personally won’t watch until TIA expose’ happens…lol
    I like ur comment who throws rose petals for their husbands to marry someone else LOl

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