Ishqbaaz 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says Tia is fooling you, she is married, I know I could not prove it, but its true, I will prove her lies, pregnancy is fake. Shivaye says even I feel Tia is lying, do anything what you want, I have no issues, I m with you, lets do this together Anika. She gets shocked. Sometime before, Tej asks whats this Shivaye. Shakti asks how can you do such cheap thing. Shivaye says trust me, I have no idea, how did this happen. Tia asks do you mean I m lying. He says I don’t remember anything if nothing happened, what shall I remember. Tia says two months ago, when we went to mom’s farmhouse. FB shows Tia’s mom adding pills in drink. She asks Tia to make Shivaye drink this, he will faint and agree to whatever story we make.

Shivaye drinks juice and falls asleep. FB ends. Tia asks do you remember.

He says yes I remember we had dinner, maybe I had a drink or two, then I slept. Tia asks how can you forget that night, it was special for us. He says I remember nothing happened. Tia’s mom says I have seen you and Tia together in the same room, when I came in morning. He says I was sleeping alone, I don’t believe this Tia. Tia says you are doubting on me, it would be better if you had let me die, than making me humiliated in front of everyone. Tia’s mom asks what did you decide, what do you want to do, Tia is pregnant, I m Tia’s mom and have right to know, will you accept child legally and give your name, will you officially marry Tia and declare her your wife, will you take this child’s responsibility, come on give me an answer. Shivaye looks at Anika.

Shakti says I can’t believe this Pinky. Pinky says try to understand, Shivaye and Tia were engaged, maybe they came close, they are young and maybe got out of control. He asks how will you explain this to world. She says whats the need, world knows Tia is Shivaye’s wife, we have to make them marry now. Tej says my problem is something else Jhanvi, Shivaye’s stocks are touching sky, marrying Tia means merger and more profits, he will go ahead of me in business. She says competition is not done in family, it will be better if you think of this as family problem than business problem, I feel Tia is not victim, Shivaye is victim, he is framed by Tia, Tia is lying. Soumya says even I think so, Shivaye is not lying.

Priyanka says thank God Dadi went to Tirupati else she would have got shocked. Soumya says yes, but I m thinking how can we trust Tia, maybe she is insecure of Anika and doing this so that Shivaye gives divorce to Anika and marry Tia soon, people can do anything to make others agree. Priyanka thinks of Ranveer. Shakti says if Shivaye is saying there was no such relation, how is pregnancy possible, Tia is lying. Pinky says no girl can lie infront of parents and inlaws to spoil her character, and maybe Shivaye forgot, he was drunk, its good, we can get rid of Anika, did you forget Shivaye was signing 36 crores deal, his dream will be fulfilled, then Shivaye will rule in empire, and leave Tej and his sons behind.

Shivaye says its big thing and you did not tell me. Tia says I called you and you did not answer. He says you should have come home and told me, why did you try to commit suicide. She says you are the reason, like you were treating me, I was not confident that you will support me, my existence does not matter to you, you are going close to Anika, I went to Lonavla to de-stress, Anika and your brothers came there after me, I went to mom’s house and you did not call me once.

He says I was going to call, but Anika was stuck in problem. She says again Anika, it was not your problem, how did her problem become yours, your life revolves around Anika, that’s my problem, Anika is imp to you than me, so I was afraid when I got to know I m pregnant, I felt you are happy with Anika and do not need me, look at you, your eyes have no excitement that our baby is coming. He says its because I don’t remember anything, we did not had intimacy. She says enough, you think I m so cheap to do drama of fake pregnancy and try to get you, really, you know I should have died, than facing this humiliation. He says calm down, I will make everything fine. Anika comes. Tia sees her and hugs Shivaye, asking him to promise he will never leave her and the coming baby. He says trust me Tia, I will be there for you, you need rest now. He turns and sees Anika. He leaves.

Tia says you maybe thinking what did this happen, you said you will throw me out of Shivaye’s life, now he will throw you out, not me, as I m pregnant with his child. Anika says you are lying. Tia asks what. Anika scolds her. She says mom and daughter did do drama. Tia says shut up and mind your language. Anika asks why, did truth hurt you, I will throw you out of Shivaye’s life. Tia says keep trying, low class girl like you can never make me leave. Anika says I can throw you out of this lane and locality. Tia says you are so tacky, I feel so sorry for you. Anika argues and asks her to keep her sorry, my eyes are on you from now. She goes. Tia looks on.

Ranveer gives tea to Priyanka. She says no thanks. He asks her to drink it and gives cup in her hands. He asks her not to argue. He sits close. She gets away. He smiles and gets away. She asks why are you doing this, why do you call me to meet. He says if we don’t meet, how will we know each other’s likes, habits, dislikes, we should know it. He holds the tea cup and asks her to drink tea. He asks will you talk to your family or shall I talk. She asks what. He says about our marriage. She gets shocked and drops the cup.

Anika goes to Shivaye and says I need to talk something imp. I know you will stop me, there is something wrong, Tia is fooling you, she is married, I know I could not prove it, but its true, I will prove her lies, pregnancy is big lie, all its wrong, I will expose her lies. He says Anika…. She says I will say it, Tia is framing you, you don’t say, she is putting someone else’s child on your name, I will follow her and expose me, you can scold me, but please please don’t stop me. He looks at her. She asks why are you silent. He says you said not to say anything. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I mean you did not scold me and did not say shut up. He says this time I also feel Tia is lying. She gets surprised. He says I m almost convinced its not my child, I always remember things, and I don’t remember anything, you do what you want, I have no issues, I m with you, lets do this together Anika, why are you not saying anything.

She says you made me speechless, I thought you will fight with me and scold me, but you agreed, this happened for the first time that we have same opinion. He says yes, its new, one thing is troubling me, I don’t know why is Tia lying, she never lies. She says maybe you did not see this side of Tia, did you think anything, about Tia, how to catch her lie. He says I find a way, to know its my child or not, DNA test, there is one problem. She asks what. He says if I say Tia, how will she feel, you know what, I have to do it. She says you have a right, I know its tough, but truth will come out. He says ya, did you notice. She asks what. He says we agreed on another thing, its weird right. She says I think the day is upside down. Soumya comes and asks them to come downstairs.

They go downstairs. Shivaye sees Dr. Malik and asks whats going on. Tia says Shivaye I know you don’t believe me that this is your child, I know the reason as well, some people are filling your ears, so I decided we should do DNA test. Shivaye looks at Anika. Tia says so I called Dr. Malik, I know you all trust him, he will take your blood sample and test report will be infront of everyone, I hope you will trust me after this. Shivaye agrees. He gives the blood sample. Anika sees Tia smiling. Tej says we want report tomorrow. Pinky asks will we get it. Dr. Malik says yes. Pinky says fine, then we will know this baby is of Shivaye or not. Shivaye looks on.

Shivaye gets shocked seeing report. Tej says its written in report that Shivaye is father of this child. They all talk on phone and deny the news. Jhanvi asks what shall we answer everyone now.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aarosh

    whatever may be happening (the spoilers and the episodes) i am viewing it as tia being trapped in her plan from today’s episode because shivaay has full trust and given full support to anika after today’s episode i am sure that tia’s exposure will be a eye opener to OF(especially pinky) and i m very excited to watch that scene i m sure priveer marriage will not be that much forceful as shivika

  2. Kehkasha

    |Registered Member

    Finally Shivika agreed at same point. Oh God ye universe ki ladli Tia baby plz stop ur nonsense..
    OmRu get well soon and come back fast ib is incomplete without both of you .

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      But guyzz oru nal thana mudinjuruku epavey nama tia scenes pakka mudila…enum erukey pakka vendiyathu..
      But pakanum..apo than ava elar munadi expose agum pothu sema happy ah erukum.waitng fr that day..

    • rohikiru

      Pinky anika characterlessnu sonnangala appa tia vum characterless thana ava engagement agiducham athunaala epdi irunthalum parava illayam appa anikakum than daksh kuda engagement agiduchu appa athuvum parava illela tia sencha crt ana anika sencha thappu nan enna solrena anikava thappunu solravanga tiavum thappunu thana sollanum

    • VimalSanjana5

      |Registered Member

      Tia … Unna innum sahikanuma… Kadavule.. Na than sonnene.. Kkb 2 aaha podhu isqbaz.. Damn true rohikiru.. Indha pinky lady Ku kiruku pidichuruku pola… Thims over dialog viduthu pa..

  3. navi

    Uff. . I just hate this tia. . Such an irritating lady. . Finally shivay proved that he is not a fool who will blindly trust her. . Finally shivika agreeing on some topic and this time shivay didn’t shout at anika for doubting on tia. But this tia is very cunning.

    Priyanka and ranveer look very cute together. . Indirectly ranveer is making priyanka gain some confidence. . Though he wants to break her completely he is somehow making her strong by his hatred. . Don’t you guys think so? ?

    • DaSha

      Interesting idea, Navi, kind of immersion therapy for Prianka to face all her fears. For me the way ACP told about marriage sounded for a second like if they already married.

    • shahabana

      Yaa im agree with ur points that ranveer is making priyanka comfident indirectly…i too feel so…ranveers hatred will make priyanka strong….im really liked todays priveer scene

      • Mona146

        |Registered Member

        She is becoming since she is facing the worst part of her life but this kind of strength makes you heartless and emotionless as well.

    • Mona146

      |Registered Member

      I dont understand why doesnt priyanka and omkara open up infront of family. Om says to shivaye that dont keep all problems to yourself and share with us why he himself is doing this with priyanka. Cant priyanka open herself aleast to jhanvi as pinky is just a stupid.

      • SHEKHAR

        PINKY is the lady suffering from INFERIARITY COMPLEX due to low education and also she is one who knows how much TEJ is jealous of his SON. She know the value of family, but above both the reason made her biased for TIA as she is educated and belong to rich family otherwise she had also a lot dreams regardings the FAMILY HARMONY!, that we have seen when she saved JHANVI from ROOPs acuustation of diamond theft , and also she is one who tried a lot to make close both TEJ and JHANVI.

    • Nafisa

      Ya I also agree with you he just want to shattered prinku but indirectly she is becoming more strong I can’t understand a think why she is not discussing about it to Shivaay or Om?

  4. Venkat

    Most shamefull and cheap character like Tia’s drama having pregnancy only happens in STARPLUS, otherwise no other such stupid track will be played such a nasty lie, no writer will write such stupid sequence about Tia’s claim and DNA Drama,Stop dustbin news

  5. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    l hate seeing tia winning like this and the drama will continue as the media will come infront of the OM and poor sso looked confused and angry and tia is right he dont look happy for that baby and l think the reason is not that he doesn’t remember but rather bcz he is not ready to be traped with her as he already see anika as his wife , l think tia track is only due to omru sickness that’s why they are dragging it but am hoping to see new videos tomorrow where things starts to change , its a real pain to see her winning like that against anika
    but am wondring , after tia is exposed what’s next for shivika guys ?? how their relationship gonna be ?? she is his secret wife waiting for divorce so if tia is gone what will happend as he can not declare that anika is his wife and also divorce will be declared soon then what shivika will do ?? its interesting if anika gets divorce and they start their relationship from the begining or maybe sso will stop the divorce and continue their story but they will have to make a story for the media
    anyway am hoping for some good news where finally tia makes a mistake and gets exposed , l dont want her to go as far as where she is so lets hope next week will be when the universe celebrates the failure of lady baba as sso will be enraged against her and her family

    • Lax

      After Tia is exposed, if SSO still wants divorce, Annika may sign bcoz Shivay n his family is now free from Tias plots. Annika’s main motive was to save them from Tia. But considering how important marriage n it’s values are to her, she may not sign it also. And CVs may concentrate on her past, OmRus track etc. Also Shivikas nok jhok is one of the USP of the show, so CVs cannot afford to separate them for long.

      • Mouni

        |Registered Member

        true but what will be their situation ?? only his family know she is his wife and since he is a public figure he has to give an explanation to the press about her and he will look very bad if they know he married anika instead of tia

    • Lids

      |Registered Member

      Hi Mouni,
      I also, hate that Tia is always one step ahead of Anika. I need this track to end as quickly as the Daksh kidnapping track, no more than two episodes. You have no idea how much I want Pinky to suffer for her treatment toward Anika. Half of me want Anika to sign those divorce papers hand them to Pinky and tell her off, “There I save YOUR family honor, my job is done, now I could leave this house for good”; Then SSO rips the papers and stops Anika. well something to shut pinky up and then announce to the media that Tia is a fraud and got a divorce from her. Then he real romance begins.
      OMG, I really can’t see Tia (not the actress, great job BTW) please finish this track quick.

    • Lax

      That v ll ve to wait n see…!!
      Although I would love to see them marry again in a proper and happy way, without any pressure on Annika or Shivay, with full consent n blessings of family members, press covering the function n most importantly Annika without ghoongat/veil. Ha..Ha.. Just a little too much to expect. I know. But at least I hope he confesses to the media abt the marriage truth.

    • Mona146

      |Registered Member

      So true reg Tia. And where is her father god damn it! Ma beti har jaga planning ke saath aajate hain. Bec Tia said that her parents are sleeping partners some time back ryt.

      Khandani cheepdi is the epic dialogue of the day by anika.

      • Mona146

        |Registered Member

        Also Tia does not know that she is pregnant from 2 months. Seriously you will know it max after one month when period doesnt occur. What they want us believe? If possible she will also say that she came know about her pregnancy on the sate of delivery.

  6. Sanchi

    |Registered Member

    All I vmcan say about today’s episode is FHAT THE WUCK!!! I loved how the tensed situation was dissolved in the Shivika scene😊, Anika’s rajdhani express was a sight to behold..
    Next the spoilers; SSO accepts Tia n her child just on the basis of reports. I mean come on kal Anika agar reports aur apke intimacy ke proof lekar aayegi aur bolegi I am pregnant then you will accept that too? How the hell can anyone believe reports more than himself. Where is his sharp brain in this case? N if this is some kind of plot to trap Tia, I have no problem with it😛😛

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      am a bit doubtful , he looked so despered that l dont think he has a plan yet maybe a new video will show what’s next and also tia is so clever that she did not give him time to think and made the media aware about it so he is traped

      • Sanchi

        |Registered Member

        I have only 0.01% trust on his sharp mind. Moreover, IB has never ceased to surprise it’s viewer’s. Let’s just wait and see what they have up their sleeves this time.
        I can’t stop saying this, Tia’s accusation sure does bring out Shivay’s innocence in case of trust in a way.

  7. Nafisa

    What the heck of this universe. OMRU please get well soon and give a mutorjabab to this Lady Baba. I am afraid that Shivaay will accept this child after knowing the report. Oh Shivaay please don’t do this. Love the Shivika conversation. At last they both are agree on a thing.

  8. Nimi

    God!!!!!! This Tia is getting on to my nerves now…….cheapdi………Nikaal bahar karo yaar iss cheapdi ko……….Shivika r together now, so loving every moment of the show……Please finish this track of cheapdi & her double cheapdi mother…………….BTW, love to read the comments in Tamil………I am a mallu

  9. Lax

    Aaaaaggghhhh…!! Agree that pregnancy drama has started but is there any chance we can ve lesser scenes of Tia n her mom in future. Just can’t stand them yaar. Show more of Shivika or at least Priveer. Hope this track is not extended for long n Tia’s chapter is closed once and for all. Missing OmRu the most today. Also in an effort to glorify Annika’s character, I hope they wont show SSO as a fool.
    Pinky is hopeless n so immature. So is Tej. They can never like each other’s kids. Is it??
    Why did Tia n her mother plan something like this two months before? That’s weird. They anticipated such a situation.??

    P.S. – Where’s Dadi?? I mean what happened to the artist who is playing Dadi ??

    • Ishqfan

      Tia and her family is smart .. they planned all this 2 months before.. really .. writers can show anything.. we need to live with it

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      me too it annoyed me but at least it started now and not later , tia and her mom were covering their backs in case sso changed his mind or maybe the fact that she is already married so if it happend they put the blame on him
      am hoping sso will try to do something and change the situation but in the videos he looked desperd and passif and sad ( he really dont want to have a child with tia ) so plz writers do something

    • shahabana

      Im not surprised in tia and her mom played this game before two months bcz they made a big plan to trap sso so they have to plan this initially…thats why they made this plan two months before…they made this plan for their safety…

      • Lids

        |Registered Member

        I bet the only reason Tia did DNA test is because she heard SSO n Anika talking about it n again one step ahead of Anika. Damn it!!! SSO will start to believe it’s his child if all testes come back positive.

  10. ros

    hii…everyone i m also mallu ..i just hate this tia track and they may drag this track for may be 2 or 3weeks and then omru may enter and they shud expose tia and finish this track and start a new one with om’s girl

  11. Shiv

    |Registered Member

    Plzz want shivika scenes more than shitia n tia s mom seeing them onscreen giving me headache 🤕 plz replace them with omru rumya darlings n priveer cuties plzzz😍

  12. Ruksy

    |Registered Member

    Shivaay should suggest tia to get an abortion done and when they get married they can have another child but obviously that’s not shivaay’s child but it’s probably dushyants child so she will never agree to get an abortion done.

  13. Prachi 😘

    Ranveer is really very hot ..the way he looks at Priyanka it’s really drive me crazy 😍😍…looking forward for their romantic scenes…when he hold her closer and smiles seeing fear in her eyes and when he touches her..that scenes are just wooww 😍😘😚..haaayee love ❤ this pair so much 😍 💕👄

    • starbright

      prachi u rally made my day. im a big fan of priveer. nowadays im fed up with shivika. wanna see more of rumya n priveer.

  14. Diksha

    Today I felt like hugging shivay n tell him everything will b alright. He was in such a gr8 tension. Poor baby😙😙. Very well acted Nakuul Mehta

  15. Baby

    Gudevin Gods, am always a silence reader and i like all your coming, Janeth ur sugestion is great, have a nice reader. If you dont mind cant i believe your friend 😀


    When in serial some odd things start , we got tensed either with character or with makers, and few one skipped the epi or if choiced source, move fast forward. One thing is final, when life of lead characters get start to move on smoothly, either serial or movie get its end.
    We have all the right either not to see or to skip any epi, even serial. Makers have always one more optiom to move on than all we together imagined. Its a different thing, makers conveniently throw unusual waste on our head , happening of which is not possible i.e, DNA TEST RESULT in one day, but it happens on screen.

    In initial stage i have mentioned , diretor has all the power to fix a culprit to any one, and for that he has to give some flash back, which we never seen in epis aired ago, as we seen today FB for TIA and SSO. MAKERS , for their conveniency, kept SSO DUMB and RIGIT to shitting ideology throughout, and i will not get shocked if SSO now again start to ignore, insult ANNIKA again, and again doubting over ANNIKA for her some types of bad intentions for being after TIA!!!

    SSO has to , and should be, dive down to further at deepest from where he will find no way to get up again, then and then only he will come to know reality of life. He had never suffer ant crisis which ANNIKA had suffered and still suffering. He even do not know , what is humilation , and what is a insult. What does he know is only those thing which can me solved by MONEY POWER. No one can teach the lessons of struggling being in a RICH family where you get MILK against your demand of WATER!, wher you have not to worry for your LUNCH or DINNER menu. You just can not learn how to motivate yourself to go on and on through all the rough spot of your life.

    I don’t know, what CVs thought the direction of SSO character, but definately he is not that SSO in his personnel life as he is used to be in business. There is vast difference in his attitude in business and personnel life. TEJ is better in this respect, and when he found SWETLANA against his family interest, he just kicked out her and never looked back. SWETLANA would not take him as granted as TIA is used to take SSO as granted in every her critical crisis. I never found TEJ confused, and never emotional with SWETLANA, whatever the relation they have in between. He is shrewes, and know very well the difference between JHANVI and SWETLANA. Even though cases of SSO and TEJ are different from each other, in the sense that SSO never can be lose character as TEJ, and also is not. so far as CUTENESS concern in business, TEJ is very cool minded, while SSO is not so. TEJ is successed to mantain a definate difference between his BUSINESS and PERSONNE life, and never opted BUSINESS against personnel life.

    What ever the consequencies of TIA P DRAMA may take place, TIA has to be exposed by this way or that way. Her whole drama is being played only on a single point, that is nobody knows ROBIN aka DUSHYANT is no more exist . if some one any how get the lead about ROBIN , her drama has to get ended. TIA is a CHILDISH and her mother is a FOOL ELDER CHILDISH, and whenever curtain from over their real face raised, SSO will get LIFE LONG SHOCK and then he comes to know, HOW MUCH HE IS FOOL and DUMB. He is neither a DARING nor a CLEVER, but pretending to so which will left him with no more choices in life. His introverty nature never allowed himself to interact with anyone for a cause and after using empirical formula, he took his own decission and acted accordingly, but never think the consequencies of his taken decission, just put in action.


    But in my POV, TIA and Mrs.KAPOOR themself hasl provide a escape to SSO to reach a perfect and final destination, till then ANNIKA HAS TO KEEP MALLIKA’a BANGLES in safe custody!!! 🙂 🙂 “)

    • shahabana

      Shekhar i dnt think sso will insult anika again like he did before…may he will get angry on her but wont behave harshly with her again.. Anyways i liked the laat line u wrote “Anika has to keep mallikas bangles in safe custody”

  17. Sylvia

    I just hate tia(navina bole) she &a her mom ar freaking liars
    How can she…….
    wut the heck…….., on earth
    I know it’s not true but I hope soon & sooner she’ll b exposed
    Does she know what’s lv💘
    Is she just choking lk a freaking cold chicken
    All the best 2 Anika I know she’ll make it
    To protect her husband ,family & her ownself (all of luck)

  18. Sharmi

    Oh no the serial is exactly going like kumkum bagya. I don’t want to watch this show anymore. And where is om and rudru. I really miss them.

  19. shivika oberoi

    I just hope DAT they don’t drag this fake pregnancy drama for 2 years making an another KUMKUM BHAGYA… Fingers crossed…

  20. shahabana

    First what i liked in yesterdays episode
    1.shivika conversation…i like it bcz both of them agreed in same points…and i liked the way shivaye doubts on tia….he really dnt want to marry tia thats shows in his eyes….he accepted anika has his wife
    2. I liked priveer scenes…it was cute one…i like priveer couple..they looks cute together..i really enjoying ranveers behavior towords priyanka bcz its making priyanka strong
    I just hate this tia she is really annoying…and this pinky and tej they wont change waht to expect from them…
    I know they have to drag this preg track little bcz omru are missing…but i just wish they wont show this tia much in screen….they should show some shivika cute scenes…and priveer scenes….and i wont mind if they show some saumya rehan scenes too its better than this tia drama….ohhh i forgot they should show some sahil saumya scenes toooo….omru get well soon and come back soooo….missing omru badly

  21. Archiya

    |Registered Member

    I did nt feel bad fr shivay at all.. he totally deserves it..tables ahve anika is supportin him.. he shld now understand he never trusted anika.. bt anika trusts shivay so much..she is so sure tat he cant do anything such.. I hope at least now he realises hw imp she is for him

    • Archiya

      |Registered Member

      Tia pregnancy track will just show shivay hw much anika cares fr his an his family well being.. nthin else to comment on tat.. will wait fr story to unfold

      • Lax

        I too love the fact that Annika believes in him more than he believes in himself. Later when Tia is exposed, I wish Shivay mentions this to his family that when nobody chose to believe him, it was Annika who believed him.

    • shahabana

      Even i tooo doesnt feel bad for shivaye bcz its just result of his karana..but i just gets irritated seeing this tia…i hpe all this drama end soon

  22. navi

    I don’t think the makers will drag this pregnancy track like kumkum bhaygya. . She was pregnant for 2 years and even after that she was not exposed. . So at least over here the makers won’t disappoint us by dragging this track for long. . I am sure she will exposed soon and when omru will be back they will concentrate on their story. It’s high time om’s love interest to enter the scene. .

  23. shahabana

    I just feels what kinfmd of mother is this pinky…is she doesnt trust her son…he is saying he done nothing then also she is beleving that tia…sane happened in dakshs matter tooo…she just beleived on what daksh said..such a stupid lady this pinky..she just want to make anika away from sso and want to make tia has her dil….
    Why she is not understanding what sso wants…even janvi trusts shivahe…janvi is right shivaye is victim not tia…i always thought whatever pinky is a good mother atleast….but im wrong she is not even understanding shivaye

  24. sara

    Y Anika is not suggesting to check the video of shivaye’s marriage day. As shivaye’s deeds were exposed, tia’s will get come out too. I don’t know what they are waiting for. Rather making it a suspense serial they should focus on some really good love stories. Shivika, Roumya, etc. No wonder one day tia will appear as Anika’s chhutki(her younger sister) and one will sacrifice shivaye for the other. What Tia’s mom is doing with her, can never be done by a real mother. She must have been an adopted baby.

  25. shahabana

    Guyz ther is a good news for ishqbaazians
    Congratulations nakul…im soo happyy he desreves this

    • chithra

      Shahabana dea… Iam not happy vid this news y only nakul getting award y not surabhi 😥😥😥😥😥😥more then SSO I like Anika… Surabhi as Anika really cute yar.. She needs a award.. They should gv award to Anika also.. I like if anybody praises surabhi I mean her acting as Anika… Every tym ven nakul get awards fr SSO i tooo feel surabhi deserves an award fr the role of anika

    • shahabana

      Yaaa u guyz are right..even surabhi also deserves award…but what we can doyar..its not in our hand bcz of comptetions….coming to stylish actress surabhi has many comptetions in indian television we cnt ignore the fact

    • Archiya

      |Registered Member

      Its always like this..even though female actors r equally better bt they dnt get an award.. same had happened wit sanaya.. only arnav gt a award .. even though sanaya deserved it too just lik surbhi

  26. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    Hey my pretty Ishqies……
    veda,sekhar,vinnu,chithra,razna,mouni,archiya,dil,sat,kat,jazz,mary,ooshi,fatarajo…and other ishqies…..First Of All Merry X-Mas In Advance…..Enjoy this xmas with your beloved ones……

    How are you all ? Hope all are fine…..

    About episode…….Except priveer scenes and shivika’s same view of agreeing …..i didn’t like any thing in yesterday’s episode…..This tia is just creating negativism only…..And they are dragging tia’s track too much…with this new drama pregnancy……..i just felt why am watching ishqbaaz ?
    The show which offered the worth watch…..i just felt watching ishqbaaz as waste of time only……for yesterday’s episode……I mean after the hectic work schedule finally yesterday i got time and today and tomorrow are holidays as part of xmas celebrations…..So i just decided to watch the epsiode ….with much expectation and happiness…….as i expected shivika- nokjhok or some emotional scenes of shivika…….some thing like that…..and the show just break my happiness and it just increased my anger only,…..but the good thing was @ least for tia’s drama sso felt that tia is wrong……and he agreed with anika…….but that moment didn’t extended much…..instead of it tia again come with doctor, dna test,……and she defenitely has a master plan to manipulate shivaay……and can’t see this kind of dramas again and again……
    Just kick out this Tia……And don’t drag it……
    Sorry if i hurt any one…..but i expressed my view only….And it’s true that am losing interest to watch ishqbaaz….because of tia only…….so will watch next episode when tia’s motive will be exposed before sso…..Waiting for that moment……Bye Ishqies…..

    • shahabana

      Hellooo renima
      Yaaa yesterdays tia part is super annoying…but dntworry dr they wont drag this tia pregnency like kkb’s tanu pregnency…actually this tia drama will end bcz of this pregnency drama…this tia herself will fall in her own trap..bcz before sso had a blind trust over tia now not bcz of this preg drama…now this tias days are counting down
      Twists are necessary to run a show…but i too wush they wont show this tia much in on screen
      I just wish omru should come back and make everything fine

    • Archiya

      |Registered Member

      Hi Renima,
      M fne.. n hope ur dng well too..
      Even I lost interest of watching it at 10..I just read updates… I used to b so excited to watch it bfre..atleast the kidnapping drama they shld hve stretched, it wld hve atleast bought out shivika feelings..ita so Irritating now with tia winning,the same old borin thing.

    • Renimarenju

      |Registered Member

      If you want to get the feel of ishqbaaz…..then i suggest you one thing only….just read all fanfictions……really luna, naanshivika,samm and kehkasha are doing great job……their fan fictions are wonderful…..and i miss sat’s ff…..she describes each and every character very well in her ff……And .as now am getting am reading all ff’s….And ishqies….Please pray for our rocking ishqie sat…..she is suffering from fever and head ache…….and she has become so weak……and she is not able to get up from bed… the way…..last week ….. quiz competetion…..sat came third place @ state level….she and her partner got samsung galaxy as the prize….

      • shahabana

        I will pray for sat…inshahallah allah will make her fine….get well soon sat dr…renima say my congrats to sat ishqee..she is a talented girl…i used to read her ff’s…very good writer she..get well soon sat dr

  27. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    I realy don’t understand what is the actual trp????????
    India blog spot websight-ishqbuzz 8 th position.
    India popular Indian show-ishqbuzz 1st
    YouTube video-ishqbuzz 1st
    Other websight-no mention of ishqbuzz…………………………
    What is the actual news?

    • shahabana

      Hellooo Nabanitha what u heared about trp news both are correct dr
      Actuallyyu ishqbaaz no.1 in online trp and no.7 in barc trp

  28. anshi

    hey guys… I don’t wnna see this hell drama anymore. Bt i knw at 10:00 pm I won’t be able to control myself.😜 I read somewhere Tia will be soon exposed. Really good to knw tht.I don’t lyk tis Ranveer. Boring track.. Schhiiii

  29. shivani

    it seems whole oberoi family is blind.there are some loopholes I want to mention which is very funny
    1.being a buisnessman how did shivay missed to catch the real culprit behind tia’s kidnapping which is herself tia only????
    2.can’t they take help if cctv cameras which they kept as a showpiece???? did tia managed to breach security without any one notice.was khanna not present at the entrance???
    well talking about pinky she is hypocrite woman whom is ok if tia slept with shivay because she belongs from good family and they are just children .I sometimes think that she is also involved with tia in their conspiracy just to kick out anika from om.she shares similiar thought with tej .both are money minded one was worried about buisness and other about reputation,other members are atleast sensible .pinky is a big fool how could she think of make them marry tommorrow any random girl would proclaim sso as her child’s father would she make them marry ?????I love one thing that shivika agreed to some point and he did not scold anika for falsely accusing tia.I knew tia made a false dna test paper just to make whole family believe that she has shivay’s child in her womb so cheap.I hope they won’t drag tia’s chapter

  30. Lax

    Guys..!! A new spoiler has come out.
    Shivay forcing Annika to divorce. Both Shivay n Annika are in pain. He is hiding something from her (may b his heart problem I guess). And finally their signature hug. I donno wats going on. Feeling so sad.

    • Archiya

      |Registered Member

      Lax dear,
      Whts this heart problem, I have seen all episodes of IB, dnt remember seeing it in any epi.. did I miss smethin?

      • Lax

        Archu..!! It’s seems that Shivay has some heart problem. I don’t remember seeing that either. Bul Gul has confirmed it on Insta once. To that somebody has replied that the same was mentioned in the car bombing episode. Shivay was hospitalised after that n Om was asking Doctor if we can give these medicines cause of Shivay’s heart problem. That’s the only time it was mentioned I guess.
        Apparently I started seeing IB from that episode but I don’t remember this scene.

      • Lax

        .It seems Shivay has some heart problem. I ve not seen that episode. But Gul has confirmed it on Insta once. To which somebody has commented that it was mentioned in the car bombing episode. Shivay was hospitalised after that n Om asked Doctor if we can give him the medicines as Shivay has heart problem. I guess that was only time it was mentioned.
        Apparently I started seeing IB from that episode but don’t remember seeing such a scene.

        I don’t understand, some of my posts are not getting posted n I ve to type again. Donno y??

  31. Neesha

    I will see this serial when Tia will expose. I feel it’s not necessary to drag this drama. I never seen any of the daily soap that wapms wins so many times with lead actor. Now I feel we should not even trust spoilers even they are not true specially positive news. Atlist from 1 month we are getting news that Anika and omru will expose tia but it’s not yet done. I feel its too much. Initially I like ishqbaaz because of there funny and sweet story. I will start the watching it back once tia track will over.

  32. shahabana

    Guys good news omru are back on the show..they gets shocked knowing about tias pregnency…and they understoods that its tias trap so they decides to expose tia anyhow….im so happy bcz finally omru are back with bang

  33. sona

    i think helly shah is fit for om
    she should be opp to omkara
    if anyone agree with me then plz say
    if no then also say comment something about it

  34. sahil

    i think helly shah should be opp to omkara , its my thought
    if anyone agre wid me then comment
    if no ,phir bhi coment karo

    • shahabana

      Sorryyy i dnt think helly will be fit with kunal… She is too young…i like tejaswi…she will fit with kunal…k its just my thouhgt…anyways we already discussed about this in this page…many are likes tejaswi opposite kunal…anyways its all not in our hand….gk mam will decide

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