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Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye hugs Om and Rudra. Om says you all don’t know what Shivaye did and where he went, we all should apologize to him. Some time before, Tej says Roop, how dare you come here, who have let you come in. Om says I did.

Roop goes to touch Dadi’s feet. Dadi says girls don’t touch feet in our house. Roop asks are you still annoyed. Pinky says you did such thing, you did robbery and went, you came back wit crocodile tears. Roop asks her to forget it today. She says I came to tie Rakhi to you. Tej asks are you mad. Om asks what did she say that you are annoyed. Tej says we are annoyed with her deeds, not words, you are talking from her side after knowing everything.

Om says we all did many things, some other persons here also did a lot, they cheated, lied, broke hearts, and even raised

hands on each other, Roop is not alone, if we can forgive one another, why can’t we forgive Roop. Roop thinks where is police, why did they not come to arrest Om. Om says I agree Roop did mistake, we should give her a chance, please let her tie Rakhi. Pinky says you don’t know anything Om, I will tell you what she did, she did theft at home, we lost our name and then gave her a chance, this time she has stolen diamonds and blamed your mum, she won’t change.

Dadi says Roop and her husband together did the robbery, but she has put all blame on her husband, I m ashamed of this, when she saved Shivaye’s life, we gave her another chance, she did the same again. Dadi cries. Om holds Dadi and apologizes. He says I did not know Roop did that theft, nothing is imp than family, Bua ji did same mistake again, it was my mistake to get you here, it would be good if you leave. Roop says atleast let me tie rakhis to my brothers, I did cheap thing to steal diamonds and blame Jhanvi, explain Om. Om says leave else I will call security. Tej asks Roop to leave.

Shivaye comes and says if she has come, then let her tie rakhi. They all look at Shivaye. Shivaye keeps his phone. He says its not a big deal. Om says nothing is big deal for you, you proved you are a businessman first and then a brother, there is no business deal here, its relations talk, stay out of this, your business is imp for you, for me truth is imp, I can’t keep relation with a liar, Roop has to leave now.

Shivaye says calm down, we will talk later. Rudra says Shivaye did wrong to leave today. Om says you always said family is imp for you, you broke our trust, I did not think you will leave family for work. Pinky asks Om and Rudra will they talk to Shivaye like this infront of everyone. Shivaye asks Pinky not to talk in between them. Pinky asks will I see they are scolding you. Jhanvi asks Pinky not to interfere, Shivaye will handle it. Pinky says your sons are shouting on my son, my son works all day, what do your sons do, what right they have to shout on Shivaye, just because Shivaye went to office.

Jhanvi says you don’t know anything. Pinky taunts that Jhanvi is a drunkard, you are saying I m wrong. Roop smiles. Tej asks Pinky not to talk to Jhanvi like this, I told Jhanvi Pinky can do drama to be close, she can’t change. Pinky says yes, you are right, I can’t change, you changed, you started loving Jhanvi now. Tej shouts Pinky. Shakti asks Tej not to shout on Pinky, she did not say right, you can’t talk to my wife like this. Tej asks can she talk to anyone the way she likes, nonsense.

Jhanvi says its Pinky’s mistake to get between children’s fight and drag this. Pinky asks is this my mistake that you did not give values to your children. Priyanka cries and says Anika, I thought entire family will be together today, I forgot the things broken within, can’t be joined from outside, this is my family’s truth. Pinky asks her to just shut up. Anika asks them what are they doing, I m sorry, I have no right to say, I m stranger and younger than you all, you are not doing right, festivals are to join relations, you all said its Priyanka’s day, you wanted to gift her, see you all gifted her tears.

Rudra says its our family tradition, we fight on every festival. Anika says fights happen in every family, you don’t know you all are lucky, Priyanka wanted to spend day with you all. Soumya says I know where there is love, there is some fight, we don’t stop living together, family is God’s gift for us. My brother is not with me, ask me today’s value, I can’t tie him rakhi, your sister is here, you all are fighting, please value family and each other.

Anika says if life gives by one hand, it takes away by two hands, you have everything, keep it safe. Om attends call on Shivaye’s phone. The commissioner tells Shivaye that we got to know smuggling blame on Om is wrong, we caught the group, its clear someone did this plan to defame your family, you said Om is innocent, I m really sorry for that. Om gets shocked and recalls his words. Rudra says whatever happened with Priyanka, I feel guilty, we did big mistake. Om says I did big mistake. Rudra asks what do you mean. Om says Shivaye did not go for business deal, someone blamed me for smuggling and tried to frame me, Shivaye went to save me, he can fight with world for relations, I told him he does not value relations. Rudra says even I spoke to Shivaye badly.

Shivaye asks Priyanka is she still annoyed, and reminds when they played in childhood, they used to dismiss her fouls. She says I know you never had any foul. He says it happened today, will you not forgive me. She hugs him.

Om and Rudra come there, and see Shivaye. Shivaye says atleast tie rakhi to them, why are you punishing them. Om and Rudra hug Shivaye and apologize. Rudra says sorry, I spoke to you rudely, I love you. Shivaye says I went out for one hour, and Rudra made Om cry baby. Rudra says I m your baby. Shivaye calls him duffer and hugs them. Shivaye says you all don’t know where Shivaye went and what he did, we all should apologize to him. Shivaye says its okay. Om says I was blamed for smuggling, Shivaye saved me, I attended Shivaye’s phone call by mistake and heard the commissioner, I would have been in jail today if Shivaye was not there.

He hugs Shivaye and says you should have said once. Shivaye says no, I will handle this till I can, I won’t let anything happen to my brothers, I told you, one for all and all for one, this was my one for all. Anika looks on. Dadi says I knew family is first for Shivaye. She says Billu, you killed it again.

Shivaye says you taught this, you told us this family is Dada ji’s dream, I will not let break ever. Rudra says Dil bole… they say Oberoi… Soumya tells Anika that Shivaye is not so bad. Roop starts acting and says its good all got fine, see my sorrow too, Shivaye ask Om to let me tie rakhi to my brothers. Om signs no. Shivaye asks him to allow her. Dadi asks Tej and Shakti to allow Roop. Roop does Rakhi rituals and ties Rakhi to Tej and Shakti. Shivaye says you tied rakhis, you should go now Bua. Roop looks at them and leaves.

Pinky says Raksha bandhan is over. Om and Rudra say we will tie rakhi to Shivaye. Shivaye looks at them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I -innovative
    H-handsome oberois
    Q-quality in storyline
    B-bang on show
    A-absolutely love
    A- admirable bromance
    Z-zest up all ishqies

    How is this??ishqbaaazians

    1. It’s superb Nivedha

    2. It’s awesome nivedha

    3. superb

    4. OH my NIVI……like me… are also making Abbrevations……WOW!!!!!!!! Another

    5. Superb….

  2. Thanks renima didi?

  3. Priya15

    Hii ishkara fans over here…

    I know we r all waiting for many ishkara scene which CVS is not showing.. I agree with u ROSE Di.. Even I get angry when I see the epi without my ishkara and full of other two pairs….. Bcoz I just watch ishqbaaz for Omkara and ishkara….. But when I see to Luna di post I agree that they r working on her character…. But I just request the people who hate ishana.. Ya I agree that she is doing wrong but dears what can she do.. like NIVEDHA di said she is stuck btw father and om…. So it’s difficult for her to choose one part and leave the other.. Hope u people can understand what I want to say.. Guys I m just saying that if u stand ishana position.. U l also do the same bcoz we l support and do what our parents ask us to do.. But ya do u people realize when ishu is with om she never thinks of betraying him.. Can u people see her truthfulness when She is with him.. I mean after that beating incident and at the coffee shop when om spoke abt Anika.. . That’s what I want to say ishu is not negative but she is forced to.. And she l not betray om. . And cmng to the thing abt ishkara scenes.. My sweety sisters.. I hope they l give as alot of ishkara scenes soon.. Just hope for the same.. I can just say u all one thing that whether u people have an Twitter account.. Pls request GUL KHAN abt ishkara scenes…. That’s the one way for ishkara love track.. Ntng can’t be done..

    Hope I m clear.. Say Me ur views..

    1. Agreed Priya as she is nt bad at heart like that of Om’s bus but her circumstances make her like that and I am also a lover of ishkara Om and bromance

      1. Priya15

        S ooshi di… I agree to u too..

    2. Exactly agreed…..Priya…..even am also upset that they are not showing ishkara track which makes me to feel ishq in a different level…..and yaar……they are not exposed ishana… to say something about her character seems to be difficult for me……but ……let us see….what will happen…..and hope omkara’s life will become colourful with ishana’s love……

      1. Priya15

        Ya di.. Even I hope for the same… Haha ur so cute di…. I mean ishq in diff level.. Hann..

    3. Agreed dear…

  4. agreed with u priya di..ishana is not bad ..slowly she will really love om… and and the real beauty of ishqbaaz is om..he is so cute the same time thinks mature..jovial..bcoz of om ishqbaaz has so may fans..

    1. Priya15

      Completely agreed.. Count me too… I m also the one among it.. I m a fan of ishqbaaz just bcoz of my Omkara.. Haha.. Btw can u introduce ur self??? I mean abt u?? Schl student or clg???

    2. Agreed

    3. Totally agreed…

  5. Priya15

    As known Ishqbaaaz is story of three Oberoi brothers Shivaay , Omkara , Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) and their love lives. Omkara is paired up with Ishana in Ishqbaaz. However, currently Ishana is seen as con girl and wants to makes Omkara Oberoi fall in love with her to get his money. Ishana is in financial trouble and hence wants to save her family at any cost. Ishana is genuine by heart but is currently in difficult situation and hence is trapping Omkara.

    Omkara, on the other hand, is very sensitive, artistic and emotional guy. Omkara hates lies and lairs. Riddhima is Omkara’s girlfriend and tries to show around as Social Worker but in reality Riddhima only wants media attention. Ishana decides to break Riddhima from Omkara and meets Riddhima as Mala while Ishana meets Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) as Bela.

    Being Mala and Bela Ishana tries to create trouble in Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Riddhima’s relationship. In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz, Oberoi family celebrated Rakshabandhan in which Ishana was seen instigating Riddhima against Omkara over Bela.

    Riddhima and Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) develop trust issues and end up having major argument. Eventually Om and Riddhima will be seen breaking up their relationship which will make Ishana very happy.

    Some How, Riddhima will start doubting Ishana (Vrushika Mehta) aka Mala’s intentions and will try to investigate about Ishana. Riddhima will even confront Ishana about Omkara Oberoi and her doubts.

    Let’s see if Riddhima comes to know Ishana’s (Vrushika Mehta) real identity and reason of creating rift in Riddhima and Omkara Oberoi .

    Are you excited to watch this upcoming twist in Ishqbaaaz? Let us know in your comments below.

    Guys spoilers….. How is it??? Share ur views..

    1. Priya……one thing i want to say……don’t give so much attention to spoilers….because……mostly they are giving wrong informations dear……and…..yaa……it is also possible……that….this news will become true……but…..we have to wait for it……..If ridhima will expose ishana…….then am very much worried for her…….and om….also…….because…….om……will not tolerate…..lies…….
      and…..i feel that… the upcoming episodes….they will show ridhima doubts on ishana….and will try to find out truth……and share this fact with om…..but ……om….will not believe this……as ridhima already lied….and blamed om that he had cheated her……..This is my view,,,,,,what do you think?

      1. Priya15

        Okay di.. I won’t give attention to it but di this thing want to happen one day bcoz then only Bela mala Ka track end hoga and ishkara ki love story start ho sakti hai.. So always hope for the best always.. I think the same di.. But then we can see ishkara scenes na..

    2. Agreed dear…let’s hope for the best..

      1. Priya15

        S di same here. .

    3. Yea Priya.i agree with ur previous comment.hope CVS will give importance to ishkara scenes.and these spoilers never turn to be true.but let’s c

  6. i am clg student..studying +2 ..from andhra state

    1. Priya15

      Oh..Di.. I should call u di.. Bcoz I m studying 11th std only.. And m from TN..

  7. how many of u are from andhra..??

  8. It’s good and interesting but can’t say anything surely as it’s Indian serial and anything could happen anytime in Indian serials sorry but it’s a truth

  9. Ok Guys….NOW…..We can soon enjoy romance of SHIVIKA PAIR….

    So this one is for ” SHIVIKA”
    “S”tands on a new turn..
    “H”ow life has changed……
    “I”t just…. .makes us meet again….
    “V”ague characterestics matched forever….
    “I”t just happened….
    “K”nocked out every thing…..
    “A”dmire the feel…’s ishqbaaz…..

  10. Oh my dear TU Ishqie……..Again…….Moderation Game……..Please…….post it for SHIVIKA…….

  11. Stone singh oberoi has to be expressive now
    Hardly tries to be light hearted for Anika
    Impulsive calculator will become pulsive
    Valiant atitude will be out
    All time will think about Panika aka Anika
    Yoyo ! The moments will be classy!!!!


    1. Renima di this is for u
      R for Really
      E for energetic
      N for Nobility
      I for ideas
      M for Memory
      A for Abbreviation Hope u like di

  12. Liya

    Hai ishqbazziansss…shivaye really has different shades in him …as an actor its really challenging and after reading updates I also fall in love with this side of shivaye…??? I also want a brother like him who loves his brozz unconditionally .shivaye faced all the problems alone he stands before his brothers then and now and forever….this bromance is the highlight of the show??

  13. guys if modern day ramayan is to be made from our ishqbaaz…. who do u think could best portray the role of ram,laksman,and bharat????

    1. Liya

      Ram would be On?? because he is innocent ,loving and caring…not at hot tempered like shivaye

  14. Yes kiya …i totally agree with you….?

  15. Richu

    This track ishqbaaz is going really gud…
    Hii everyone can I join u all…
    Hey shivu

  16. Pri_24

    Overall nice episode but missing IshKara to much…..????

  17. Richu

    This show has occupied a large space in many heart’s NVR expected such serial on star plus

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