Ishqbaaz 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daksh says Anika will stay with me tonight. Shivaye asks are you mad, you both just got engaged, not marriage. Daksh says engagement means Suhaagraat. Shivaye says don’t you dare, if you touch her, I will break your hands. Daksh says I challenge you, Anika will spend the night with me, in my arms, you see it. Sometime before, Anika rests in Sahil’s lap and cries. She thinks of Daksh and Shivaye. She gets Daksh’s call. She asks Sahil to go. Sahil goes.

Anika answers the call. Daksh says you left without saying, you did not even say bye. She says Daksh, Sahil was alone at home so… He says its okay, I would have dropped you if you said, that’s all. She sees Shivaye’s pic in the newspaper and sits crying. She hugs the pic. Daksh says Anika, are you crying. She says no. He sees Anika

on live feeds and tries to hold her. He recalls stalking Anika. She gets angry and says don’t lie, I can clearly see you are crying Anika.

She asks what do you mean its seen clearly? He says I mean, by my heart eyes, I can know by your voice that you are crying, why…… He wears the hood and recalls the doll. He stares at Anika’s pic on projector and touches it. He says I want give you happiness of the world, every sorrow has to face me before reaching you, whoever gets tear in your eyes, I will throw him out of your life. He sees Shivaye’s pic and says whatever your past, I m your present, if you think of your past, I will feel much bad, I just want you to be happy, I want to become reason of that happiness.

Anika says Daksh… He hears her on phone. She says I m tired, shall I talk tomorrow/ He says okay, goodnight my love. She holds Shivaye’s pic and cries. Daksh says I knew Anika has feelings for Shivaye, its wrong, love with him and marriage with me, no this won’t work Anika. Daksh burns Shivaye’s pic and says love with him, marriage with me…. you don’t see my love and just see Shivaye, why, I will not let your love get fulfilled.

Its morning, Anika comes to Oberoi house. Shivaye sees her. She sees the ring. Nazdeek hai dil ke…… Shivaye looks at the ring. She goes. Om calls Rudra and asks where are you, I m calling since long, you are not answering, sometimes behave like a responsible adult. The man on the other side of the call and says I m Rudra’s basketball coach. Om says sorry, can you pass phone to Rudra. The man says I m sorry, he is busy in practice, you can give me any message, I will tell him. Om says I had to know if he is fine. The man says he is fine, he will call you once he gets free. Rumi says good job, I will see who makes my Rudra Dev away from me. Shivaye looks at Anika. Ishq me adhura sa…….plays………………. Anika goes.

Om says his coach answered call, Rudra is busy in practice. Soumya says okay, is he fine. Om says his coach said he is fine. Soumya thinks why do I feel Rudra is in some problem. Rudra is at Rumi’s house and tied my chains. Rumi says this had to happen, knowing I m Devi, you lied to me, cheated me, and broke my heart, if we did not marry. I would have shown my angry side, I m giving you another chance as you are my Devta, till you accept we are husband and wife, you will stay here, will you agree. He says no. She says you will be responsible for it. Rudra gets shocked seeing the nails put on the ground. Rumi tells the man that you all know what to do with Rudra. Rudra shouts no.

Anika is in kitchen. Shivaye goes to her. She leaves. Anika does her work and sits holding her aching head. Shivaye looks on. He calls the driver and says drop Anika home, not now, after her work ends, ask her. Daksh comes and says whats the need of driver. Shivaye says its needed, Anika is tired, its late, driver will drop her home. Daksh says if she does not want to go, then. Shivaye says Anika never stays back, she has younger brother Sahil, she never leaves him alone.

Daksh says Sahil is there even now, and I m also here, so Anika will stay with me tonight. Shivaye asks why. Daksh says you are Bholuram, why will a guy and girl stay together. Shivaye asks are you mad, you both just got engaged, marriage did not happen. Daksh asks are you kidding me, shall I marry Anika? Shivaye says yes, it happens, first engagement and then marriage happens. Daksh says these days, engagement should not mean marriage, it means Suhaagraat. Shivaye says Daksh…. Daksh says engagement is such trap which is thrown to trap girls like Anika, I came here and met random girl, I get mad in her love and get ready to marry her, is that possible, no, engagement is plan to trap middle class girls like Anika, if this drama of engagement and promises is not done, then she doesn’t let touch her.

Shivaye says what nonsense, you said you love her. Daksh says its not tax on words, I just said, else how would talk reach till engagement, see I have come for roaming and fun, I will have fun with Anika. Shivaye gets angry and says just shut up, else I will forget you are my friend, I did not know your thinking is so cheap. Anika is not such girl, if you try to take advantage of her, no one will be worse than me, stay in your limits. Daksh asks why, what is she to you. He bites his collar in anger. He asks Shivaye why are you possessive about her, don’t feel bad, I gave her a costly ring, I will take its price. Shivaye says don’t you dare, if you touch her, I will break your hand. Daksh asks why are you getting angry, I will not force her for anything, whatever will happen will be by her wish. Shivaye says Anika is not such girl. Daksh asks will you bet, I challenge you, tonight Anika will spent with me, in my arms, bed and room, you come in morning and see this. He says you see it yourself and goes.

Shivaye looks at Anika. She is busy in work. Shivaye goes to her and says enough of work, go home. She talks of work. He asks did you not listen, go home. He sends the servants. She says my work did not end yet. He says what I said, that’s it, go home. She says I will not go till my work ends. He holds her and says don’t test my patience, I said go home, it means go home. She asks what’s your problem if I stay, I m doing work, not time pass, I will go when work ends. He throws her diary and says don’t be adamant. He holds her hand and takes her out of the house. He makes her sit in the car and sends her.

Daksh wears his shirt, while Anika makes the sheets proper. Shivaye comes to Daksh’s room and gets shocked seeing this. He recalls Daksh’s words. Daksh holds Anika and talks.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nidha

    Oh no daksh is too cheap…his character is exactly same as in manmarziyaan …in manmarziyan he came in between radika n Arjun ..and here he is trying to ruin shivika..he is behaving as if Anika is the only girl he met in life ..irritating daksh …what happened to Rudy ..poor sso …and sso will try to convince Anika in the same manner anika tried to convince him …plss unite shivika

  2. Chandini

    I am gonna kill that daksh….cheap psycho stupid idiot..I know it’s a serial but such dialogues really hurts me as a girl ..I want to beat him black and blue.

  3. Archiya

    So finally one mystery solved today.. the stalker being daksh.. cngrts to most of us who guessed it rite
    Daksh has totally nailed it today, superb acting of an obsessive lover
    Also anika has realised she loves shivay, tats why she was crying so much, feel so bad fr her but
    I liked that anika was totally ignoring shivay today, he deserves it.
    Shivay cares so much ft anika, wish he trusted her ther will b a huge misunderstanding between them. He will think tat anika did it fr money.
    I thght rumi chapter was over, bt looks lik as rumi is forcing rudra to mrry, the truth of rumya marriage will cme out

  4. Trisha

    Every syco patient r here in isqhbaaz…. Daksh i can’t believe he is that stoker he looks anika in laptop…ek kaam thi kya syco dusra aagya aur dusri syco i mean devi she kidnnaap our rudy somya plz save him evry bro have there own problems they can’t share each other problems plz shivom somya save rudra nd anika frm syco

  5. Mini

    Omg daksh is psyco lover but I liked episode I’m getting what he will do with shivay I m waiting when shivay will get to know the truth and how he will save anika from that psyco 😮😮😮

  6. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    what an ep , daksh is a PSYCKO , he is obsessed with anika so much , l was thinking before that maybe he was connected to tia but now l think he is not with tia but they help each other inintentionaly , am sure he talked bad about anika to shivay to make him hate her after he sees her like in the preview or when he warns her against daksh she will not believe him
    l think daksh wants to make sure that shivika will never even talk to each other .
    am sure this time shivay reaction should be extreme and take anika away from psycko daksh
    but am worried if shivay tries to hurt anika thinking she slept with daksh
    and finaly poooooor rudra , that rumi crazy girl is like daksh litle sister lol



    |Registered Member

    So Daksh is pschyo lover as well as stakker… now i am sure he is not with tia.. his chapter is totally different….
    And its so good that shivaye is so protective about Anika though he denies he do not love her… and precap is shocking😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    And its sooo sad to see rudra state 😣😣😣😣😭😭😭😭
    But one thing i need to tell and i m sorry viewers for this saying but All Oberio Brothers are just dumb, idiot and mindless, which is proved by following-
    1. Shivaye will believe that anika slept with daksh, but its just by chance he was changing his shirt.
    2. Om can’t call in college or rudra friends to know about him for cross check.
    3. When Rudra know that he will be in trouble, why did he go alone and more over he was going for basket ball game, he must be going with team, how did he get kidnapped???

    And since 2-3days show was going on track but today they again mixed stories by creating confusion and unsolved mystries till now..
    1. Om and priyanka truth
    2. Where is priyanka?? Shivaye sangeet without her??
    3. If daksh is pscchyo lover and stakker than who is tia’s hubby??

    Though show is nice but going tooooooooooooo slow with alot of untold mystry

    • Bshama1239


      |Registered Member

      I guess the last option is robin her brother well so called brother I guess the way he looked at tia @sangeet
      The way he reacted that day when Rudra anika was on mission of reaching tia Rudra asked him where’s is your sister and he was like yaa tia ab koi mujhe baatao ki koi Bhai aapni Behan ka naam bhul ta hai ??

    • Sugar


      |Registered Member

      Very True Its just like the saying “Too many chefs spoils the soup” but here ” too many twists spoils the show” y dont the cvs focus on one twist at a time. This show was like a fresh breath from all the stereo type serials that is currently running in the channel. Its the only show that I currently watch in the channel.
      Day by day the show is becoming like jalebi. Besides showing any end of the previously told twists and turns, each day they try to twist



      |Registered Member

      I think this show writers are not so creative, who are not able to focus on things.. or may be they are not getting actual thing to end one twist and they all in confusion that how to plot proper start to proper end… and this show has wrost part that it daily start with sometime before, i mean seriously how can a daily life have flashback…

  8. jub_jube

    I am beyond ecstatic that for ONCE there will be a Bridegroom swap!! My only confusion is how this will work? I think Tia is married to Robin, and if Daksh is just a stalker then how will Shivaay go through with the plan to swap partners? Should he sit with Anika at the mandaap wouldn’t that mean that Tia marries Daksh? I think this can be fixed pretty easily though and all in all I am happy that the male lead will be taking the initiative and sacrificing for the heroine’s happiness. My only wish is that this wedding happens this week/in the very near future; the wait is painful! Thanks for the recap 🙂

    Oh and where is Prinku!? How strange is it that she is missing her brother’s marriage preparations?? I hope nothing is wrong with the actress.

  9. Virhen

    Daksh really has feelings for Anika.He loves her.He is doing drama infront of Shivay so that Shivay understand his feelings for Anika.

  10. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Today epi was nice..In last 2 week,evryday we had diff twist and turns in stry..daksh entry,shivay jelusy,Anika misundrstng, daksh real face,shivay misundrstng..

    Here sme ppl said that stry is draggng…By look over 3 bros stry it’s draggng..if we cnsider shivika part only stry is gng super fast wth lot of twist and turns in a day..

    Haaa..modern psychos r entered in rumya its shivika it’s daksh..dnt knw which type psycho wl entr for ishkara..

    Fel very bad fr rudy..lyk shivay,soumya also starts to sense rudra felngs..wowww..

    In upcmng epi shivay is so dumb..poor shivay…fnaly they r not gng to confesses their love fr eachothr..felt bet bad to hear shivika love as aduri kahani..😢😢😢😢

    Gul mam also said the same thing both shivay and anika r stands in their own char only..there is no bridal swap..All ishqbaaz fans r flooding gul mam insta by their mesjjsss. .
    All sites r showng bride or groom swap..if it’s groom swap til now dadi nvr said anythng abt daksh and anika mrge..
    Guyzzz do u hav any idea abt shivika mrge??

  11. Lax

    Oh my Mata…!! Daksh is the stalker…!! Noooo…!! But if he is the stalker, how can he be at two places on the night of the first attack?? Or is someone helping him…?? And the worst part he has a live feed of things happening at Annikas house. Aaaagh..!! Daksh becoming an obsessive lover can complicate things again. And this Shivay knowing Dakshs intention, should ve kicked Daksh out of the mansion rather than sending Annika home. At least he should ve hinted Annika about Dakshs real colour. Par nahi Shivay toh Shivay hain..!! Bas Annika pe chillathe rahathe hain. Going by the precap, Shivay ll misunderstand Annika. Agreed that situations are so, but it’s unacceptable that Shivay has such low opinion abt Annika even now. Anyway Thank God I know that Shivika will get hitched soon otherwise after seeing this side of Daksh, I would ve freaked out not knowing what. Arre Koi Annika ko bachao, ab toh bride swap bhi chalega, just want Annika to be safe. Aage chalke I feel Daksh will be more dangerous than Tia. May be they ll join hands. Oh no..!! Aur kya kya dekhna baaki hain. N Romi now ?? Seriously??

  12. Razna


    |Registered Member

    ooofff atlast one mystry is solved…dhaksh is the one who was scaring anika…..he is really irritating….some times he is really behaving like a psycho…like romi….and feeling sad about our rudra..i think somu will help him…
    about shivika…missunderstanding is increasing….firstly anika misndrstd shivaay..and now its viceversa…plzzz make them realise their love faastly…..and now its sure that there will be bride swapping…its now cleared that dhaksh had feeling for anika..thats why he tring to make shivika apart…so who is tias D… it robin???…anyway waiting for tomrws episode…

    and how r u my ishquiesss……

  13. Fama


    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode was interesting with Shivaay from stone Singh Oberoi becoming possessive Singh Oberoi and follower Singh oberio am feeling really bad that Anika is ignoring him and hence increasing their misunderstanding
    I was sure that Daksh was Anika’s stalker when he doesn’t allowed Shivaay to receive Anika’s call when she was first attacked anyway still confused about how he was present at two places the same time Anika’s place and disco.
    Again that pyshco romi is back again I was happy in the last few episodes as there was only one psycho and that was lady baba but now they give us three psycho.

  14. Piyaliii


    |Registered Member

    OMG!…daksh is sooooooooooo….cheap!….He needs a psychiatrist!😅😅😅……huh…😠😠😡….
    Shivaye rocked today! …😘😘
    Shivaye is sooooooooooo caring! he is very possessive! ….😊😊😊
    Anyways….Episode was good…😊
    Hello everyone……
    Where are you all!….many members are missing!…..
    Where is abhiha di?….renima di…?…tharu di..?….haya di…?
    Missing you all yrr…..
    Ab main aa gyi…tum log bhi aa jao…😂😂😂
    Mukta, priya, abiha di, nikki di, nishu, astha, alka di, manik br, dhruvv, dhruvvv, shahabana di, Soniya, Chetana di, anusha, nivedha di, diya di, maya di, sat, sharmi, ridhima, maahiswt, aditi, maha, rosu di, richu di, haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di, tharu di, sunehri, tridha, renima di…….
    How are you all….
    Hope you all are fine.,…
    Have a nice day!😊😊😊

  15. Lovely

    i think daksh is tiya’s boyfriend that is why he is doing this and when anika finds the ring it says d and t

  16. Soni


    • DaSha

      Soni, it’s just because we all are so romantic 🙂

      As for me, I also had a feeling Daksh was a good friend to Shivay and i’m surprised with this episode.

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Sorry agar kisi ne tumhe hurt kiya ho to but u know what I’m damn sure that no one would have spoken against u… It’s just they would have kept their opinion about Daksh & it’s human psychology that our thinking & opinion changes with time!!!! Koi ek hi bar me kisi insaan ka asli chehra toh pehchaan nhi skta na!!! So plz don’t take our talks so seriously…. dil pe mat lo yar…. it’s just a place to share opinions about show & people r doing that only!!!! This does not mean that they r against u!!!!! Hope u understand😊😊

  17. Ruksy


    |Registered Member

    Why do you have a problem with every show first you were chatting crap about ishita in yhm and now anika. What is your problem.

  18. shekhar

    Some times when gutter get chocked, flowing of water does not wrk. But it require jerks and powerfull pushes to get all shits out of it immedietly !

    No further comments now, and will end it with a little smile to PSHYCO DAKSH!😊

  19. Tahima


    |Registered Member

    daksh is such a creeper omg. But how can shivaay just believe anything just cuz daksh was changing his shirt like come on. shivaay is supposed to be a smart buisneess man and not a duffer. i hope daksh is completly exposed infront of shivaay first. and now romi is back with our poor rudy like so many physcos!!!!! i wonder how shivika is gonna get married this month????

  20. Vijji

    Oh my god. Daksh turned out to be a psycho. Shivaay rocked today. He was so protective of Anika. I just hope he does not misunderstand Anika tomorrow. Whatever it may be I just want shivika’s marriage to happen no matter if it is bride or groom swapping.

  21. Priyali


    |Registered Member

    Daksh is damn creepy … and cheapde…. like with this type of thinking about Anika…. shivaay should have thrown him out of oberoi mansion….. I don’t believe this….

  22. Vijji

    Oh my god. Daksh turned out to be a psycho. I felt so bad for Shivaay. He is so caring for Anika. Even though he was getting married to Tia, they never maintained any distance. They were always caring for each other. But now, Shivaay cannot bear Anika maintaining the distance and not talking to him. He is so cute. How much he is protecting Anika. I wish he protects her few times before any misunderstanding between them again.

  23. maya

    idiot daksh ……..but only bcoz of him we gt to see shivay possessive face nt it is toooooo cute.wats tat blo*dy rumi doing here plz throw her out of te show

    anika was soooo sad.we lik ur talking michmichiiiii style.
    Anywatz at last shivika wil uniteeeeee

  24. Vijji

    I felt the stalker was a girl when I looked into the face. It will be interesting how Anika and Shivaay get married. I heard there will be bride swap. Not sure if it will be by mistake or one of them will come to know about Tia or Daksh and they will swap.

  25. SenuThilini

    Today episode was nice. I want shivay to rescue anika from phcyco daksh. And tia character is dragging too much. And our baby obroy is in trouble 😢😢. Hope this time om will come for his rescue. Want to see more omru moment with more bromance. Last time when rudra got attack from gatathri that track was just went without sensitive dramatic scenes. I was*xpected more sensitive scenes. But this time please please show some sensitive drama. I love to see om and shivay more protective over rudra like first episodes.

  26. shahabana

    Yesi i told the charecter daksh is the stalker only it becomes true .he is a phsycopath and evil cheap stalker .im just hate this daksh.
    One phsyco is mot enough they brought another phsyco devi rumi like by one get one free .i think daksh and rumi will be best pair both ate phsycho so they can bear each other.
    Whats i loved in todays episode thats shivayes caring nature towords anika lovely and anika ignored sso today thats superb but poor anika she completely fallen in love with shivaye.
    Saumya also sensing that rudra is in some problem i think now rumya marriage will come out.
    And precape again misunderstanding .
    U know what guyz shivayes hand will gets injured by glass in precape anika will care for him.

    • Saku

      Hi di hw r u???
      Nd I replied u nd mukta on previous page…
      Sorry for replying late actually I was busy nd I read it at 8:20 itself so that’s why…
      If u hv read it then ignore…
      Take care byee..

  27. Rosu 25

    Oh God….Daksh is behaving like a psychic patient….he acted very well as psyco…..
    Both psychos in one episode…..rumi as always irritates me……

  28. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Oh god my head is spinning now….this daksh is stalker not Tia’s bf…..and now some spoilers are showing that shivaay is gng to marry tia…..some are showing anika….some says there would be bride swap… but…Gul mam confirmed there would be no bride swap…then shivika’s is marriage is gng to happen and if yes then how…..I m full confused….please someone clear it…..!!!!!

  29. Archiya

    guys.. the new shivika wedding promo is out.. just saw it on starplus.. in the promo its shown tat shivay forces anika to marry him…
    Super excited.. to watch the comin episodes

  30. anah

    i think Romi and daksh r perfect match… one psycho and another one stalker….
    nice match….just irritating……

  31. sheha

    Hey guys…im shehani.frm Sri Lanka.and a big fan of isqbaaz since the 1st episode… Please join me to ur group…im dying to see the jealousy face of shivaay..and anika pls b the strong girl u were wen u r running to catch the sucide girl in the fake cd

      • Saku

        If u want u can join our group but there is one condition u hv to comment daily..nd yaha sirf aane ki permission hai not allowed to leave
        So think properly!!..
        Just kidding dear😂😂..
        Welcome to our family..

  32. akann

    Daksh is the ultimate stalker/creep. I kind of knew it but I didn’t know he was this obsessive. So its kind of confirmed that he is not trying to join Shivika nor he is Tia’s husband. But somebody is definitely helping him out. Maybe that crazy bua is in his team. In addition, Tia also covered up for him that first time when he attacked Anika. So I am kind of confused about that. But compared to last week, this week’s episodes are so far much more interesting and engaging. Enjoying it a lot!! I just want more Rumya moments. That psycho Rumy is back. Btw I think Daksh and Rumy belong together cuz both of them are big time psychos.


    After yesterday epi, almost all are thinking in the way what GK MAM wished.

    It is DAKSH, who forced SSO to think otherwise, behave out of way, and act over and above his so far charector line. It is essentially required to dragg SSO out of his customised cage from which he just can’t step out , and even after having strong and die hard feelings for ANIKA , he just can not allowed his heart rule over his mind thoughts. He see his defeat in HEART RULING OVER HIS MIND!, He just can not allow OMRU to laugh at him with whom he always laughed and joked over HEART and LOVE TALKS. For him, to think by heart is a weakness, and he just do not want to weak in front of OMRU and all his close one. In the back ground of this, to accept his feeling to ANIKA is his weakness, his defeat and simply he is not ready to accept his defeat. Remember, what he reacted when dadi was telling over ISHQBAAZI?, I JUST CAN NOT BE FALL IN LOVE, BECAUSE I AM NOT USED TO GET DEFEAT!.

    This is how SSO’s MINDSET is customised, and is used to work on. With this mind set, he just can not get along SHIVIKA UNISON, and to materialised SHIVIKA UNISON, the turn changes are required in his mid set, and so why DAKSH charector has been introduced.

    His charector frame is ORTHODAX, who just can not change his belief in any circumstances and at any cost, unless and untill he himself get ready to do it on firm ground.

    • shahabana

      Yes SHEKHAR u are right about sso .
      He doesnt want to come out of his mindset and he doesnt want to lisnt his heart feelings because he thinks its weakness to lisnt heart

  34. sheha

    Guys I saw one promo and it says instead of brides they are going to swap bridegrooms…oh my god…how it is possible…daksh will kill all of them..

  35. Lax

    Saw the promo once today. The things I could make out. 1. Marriage is against Annika’s will. 2. Shivay is forcing her but even he seems angry 3. Dulhan ke chehere pe ghoonghat hain, Shivay is asking her to cover the face 4. I think Oberoi family members ko patha nahi ki ghoonghat main Annika hain. 5. Its a forced marriage. Pretty confusing..!! Anyway glad that Shivay knows he is getting married to Annika. Dekhthe hain aage kya hotha hain.

    • shahabana

      Im getting mad in happyyu
      Finally shivika marriage ohhhh what a news
      And forceful marriage im happy bcz shivika know they where marrying each other i cnt explain how much im happy
      We can ses more thashan and intence scene after shivika marriage

  36. swedha

    Hi I am watching this serial for 2 days…I didn’t know about past stories….so can u anyone tell past stories shortly?…why rumi blackmailing rudra?what is Om’s truth?shivaya really love anika?

    • Saku

      Hi dear…
      Rumi is a pshyco who thinks she is devi…
      Rudra nd rumi was in relationship but after knowing that rumi is pshyco rudra got away from her…she wanted rises to get married to her but on marriage day rudra nd soumya got married in drunken state…dats why she is telling u cheated on me nd giving u chance to marry me (rumi )..

      About om s past then it is not revealed fully but it is shown dat he had an accident in which a girl died but it’s not confirm dat she is alive or not…nd to forget his past he took help of drugs nd got drug addicted but bcoz of shivru efforts he got well…

      Shivika loves each other but is not ready to confess….shivaye is a person who gives more importance to family background money linage etc..nd anika is kind hearted outspoken girl…so their family background is the main problem in their story…
      I hope u got it..

  37. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Guyyzz Check the New and soumya r rescuing rudra..while they both r reveal their mrge truth to omkara..
    Thanks to GUL mam..
    Happy to see the promo😊😊😊😊☺☺
    But I dnt thnk it’s daksh or Tia invled in their mrge decision…smthng VERRRRYY BIGGGGGGGGG happend be shivika..what’s that..waiting fr upcoming episode..

  38. Tara

    OMG-if its a forced marriage, thank GOD its Shivay whos forcing, therefore he knows full well he is marrying Anika….hopefuly love confessions will eventually follow..hope its not dragged too long but it will again become interesting to watch them fight with each other but also fight for one another. I hope their misunderstandings get cleared and eventually them confess their love. It will be sooooo exciting to see Tia bite dust as Anika will have power over her as shivays wife. Cant wait to see Tias evil out in open n when Robin comes as Tias husband/BF?

    In the meantime, hopefully it will show Shivikas married life as being together always with OMRU always supporting Anika as their bhabhi.
    Hope the OF doesnt give Anika a hard time, I know dadi, OMRU, Soumya, Priyanka and , even Jhanvi will be happy for Shivikas marriage.
    LOVE SHIVIKA>>>PLZZZZZZZZ clear their misunderstandings quickly.

  39. chithra

    😊😊😊😊😊iam really happy tdy atleast I came to know that SSO vl aware that he is going to marry anika
    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍… I dnt bother rest of the things.. If there is bride swaping I really quited the show bcz i hate bride swaping.. Anyways really happy fr Anika even though it was forced marriage… Really excited fr that episode

    Nd coming to ib frnds
    😍😍😍😍sakku, shahabana ty fr wishing me dea(yesturday’s episodes both wished fr ma exams na so)..
    Coming to mukta 😍😍😍
    @MUKTA YOU ARE BACK 😍😍😍😍😊😊😊u were vanished fr some days na
    👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊… Now u r back
    😍😍😊😊😊😊😊….keep commenting….

    Nd all ib members 😊😊😊😊big big hai to everyone

  40. aarosh

    this marriage scene reminds me of serial “ISS PYAR KO KYA NAM DOON” and i m sure there will be more fun after this marriage

  41. chithra… Sorry yar juss now again I checked previous page yesterday u replied me na.. Nd ty dea.. You r frm tamilnadu.. Nice my native kerala but staying in karnataka.. Mangalor 😊😊nd u r new members na so welcome to this ib family

  42. Archiya

    Saw the promo again.. shivay seems super angry. so does nt luk lik its to save her frm daksh.. its gonna again start frm starting with hatred.. its lik they never reached anywhere..
    Hopefully he wont treat her too badly. Lik arnav did wit khushi..
    M hppy thier getting married, bt it will b heartbreaking to again see hatred between them



    He was obsessed with ANIKA so much that even after his fiance TIA around he was seeking ANIKA for which TIA too objected in SANGEET party. Her negligency was carving his whole being from inside.His mind was stopping him to be close with ANIKA, and his heart was beating high and high only for ANIKA. ROPE PULLING GAME was going on between his heart and his mind. He was in great distress and not in a position to get escape to be out of his oceanic dilemma, And entry of DAKSH made him directionless. His own proposal on behalf of DAKSH becomes a hurdle and his & DADI’s opnion once given for DAKSH is stopping him to say anything against DAKSH to ANIKA now for the reason ANIKA may take it otherwise, as he had taken ANIKA for TIA. DAKSH low level talks about ANIKA put him in such a situation from where he can’t see anything. He might have recalls how ANIKA saved him, and his family members and evenafter badly scolded just a day before by him , how ANIKA saved him inking her own image? Moral of SSO just can not allow him to let ruin the life of ANIKA and he firmly decided what he should do, and just stood, walked down to her and rudely dragged her to wedding place and get married with ANIKA !
    How DAKSH and TIA are being eliminited is now no important. But, I strongly believe
    , it was DAKSH, but not TIA, who put the SHIVIKA TRACK on the rights RAILS. Whether his real intentions are EVIL or not, whether he is good or not, but only his acts provide a great ESCAPE to SSO and make SHIVIKA UNISON possible so soon.

    Sometimes SHOCK TREATMENT is required to get well soon a mentally dissorder man.

    • DaSha

      Hello Shekhar,

      You describe Shivay character like if you had wrote it by yourself for this show, and I’m almost always agree with you, but not this time…

      What is the reason for him to save her from Daksh “ruin the life of Anika” if, as Shivay believe, they have spent night together? He cut his palm and did not even wanted let her help him, could not bear her touch.

      Shivay never had feelings towards Tia, I’m sure he liked her, as s friend and companion, as an equal to him, but Anika’s attitude was always different and his concern about Anika was more he feels her presence, he knows when she needs him, he knows what her words and silence means.

      To my mind, there is one piece missing in this puzzle: Shivay hates Anika at the moment of wedding, hates for ruining his great wall of SSO, hates for not loving him, hates for making him feel vulnerable, hates cause she never asked him for help and asked Daksh for money, hates because he finally realized his own feelings. He loves her, he finally got it.

      This marriage is going to be his revenge for his broken heart.

      • shahabana

        Yes DaSha im agree with ur points dr.
        S sso is taking revange bcause he lost his heart for anika so he is feeling like he lost finally that happend what he never wished

      • shekhar

        DASHA MAM,
        To take revenge is not a part of his ,SSO’s, charector, and during 100 +journey we never experienced such REVENGE charectorstic.
        Even though, let us believe, he want to take revenge, then I would like to ask a simple question, will not it be a better revenge for SSO to let her marriage with DAKSH, who is at least big creep in his eyes after what ever he heard all ill stuff for ANIKA?
        If this to be wedding has no any third angle, then in my POV, he put aside his shitting ideology against ANKA inked inked her own image to save him!
        I had a third angle for this SHIVIKA UNISON, possibility of which is very low, but it is there!
        Take this as my POV against your POV, nothing else, may be I wrong!

      • shekhar

        On having a night stand with DAKSH, if you marked it, then you also came to know, he just blv, ANIKA just can’t do such thing for MONEY, who after kicking out his money after encashing his blank cheque and spent all those money after SHITIA WEDDING!
        Above all, its a matter of time only to reveal from where and for what all those money came to ANIKA , DAKSH was talking about, actually for which reason ANIKA had to spend a night with SOUMYA in DAKSH room is also a matter of time to reveal.

      • SHEKHAR

        we don’t know, actually on which back ground this SHIVIKA WEDDING is going on which may be cleared out in forth coming episodes after 24 th november onwards, let’s wait till than.

      • Vijji


        I know Shivaay is angry on Anika thinking she spent a night with Daksh and also accepted money from him. But I don’t think he is marrying Anika to take revenge but to save Anika from Daksh or for some other reason just because he cannot see Anika get tortured by Daksh.

        I saw the promo of shivika’s wedding and I am so happy that Shivaay is taking her for wedding. So he is doing it in all his senses. I am super excited for their marriage.

  44. ayat

    hii guyss…hows u all??? m jumping like mad people when saw d promo of shivika marriage….goddddd cant believe……
    just want misunderstanding solve……nd shekhar bhaiya sometimes i thought dt u written d shivaye’s character…..r u a writer??? u explain so nicely dats why i thought may b u r a writer…….
    waiting 4 new lead opp. to om

  45. Saku

    @RICHU DI where r u??…come back na..
    I m missing u nd ur comments badly plz come back…

    And other missing members u also come …. very interesting is coming..SHIVIKA marriage so plz come na…

    @VEDA di u didn’t wanted bride swapping track dats why u took break na see no bride swapping track so I to come back..
    Plz na…

  46. heena

    hohoho……………….. i cant imagine what i saw in the promo video bcz its just wow!!!!!!!!!!!!;!!!
    what an episode it is cant wait to see it its shivaay who is making this aaaaahhhhhh……….
    i dont have words to describe it yar i am flying the team killed it with twist wowowow
    between i want to know one this does omru or dadi know abt shivika mrg bcz in the promo dadi was so happy for shivaays mrg and where does tia and daksh had gone i had only seen shivika mrg????????
    and the promo doesnt shows omru…………
    wow cant wait anymore yar

  47. saira

    I loved ipkknd hope ib recreates the same magic. No comments. Trp should Inc of ib. I wish to see it in top 5

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.