Ishqbaaz 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer hides Komal’s dead body

Ishqbaaz 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says I m sure you three will add more harmony to this family. Rudra asks Veer to please have it and throws something at him. Veer gets angry. Shwetlana asks did you just get your outhouse to hide this. Veer says I didn’t wish anyone to get Komal’s body. Rudra says sorry, we disturbed you, we wanted some wood sticks for bonfire. Some time before, Shivaye says till we have our family’s love and blessings, till we are together, no one can defeat us.

Shwetlana says we should attack Shivaye’s weakness to defeat him, his brothers and Anika are his weaknesses, we can handle his brothers, Anika is not his weakness, but his biggest strength, we have to make such a plan to separate them that they couldn’t understand. Veer asks what will you do. She says we will do what we want, but I will

plan something perfect that separates Shivaye and Anika forever. They see Shivaye and Anika’s pic. Shivaye hugs Anika.

Anika asks Dadi to sing Lohri song. Dadi sings the song. Everyone claps. Gauri says I didn’t understand anything, please explain the meaning. Dadi says during the harsh winters, people say its unbearable cold, everyone used to burn woods and keep flame to warm themselves, Lohri night is the coldest night of the year, we eat few things to keep body warm. Gauri asks what does this have to do with this song. Dadi says Dulla Bhatti was a brave warrior, who stood against his king, he freed two sisters Sundari and Mundari and considered them daughters, he got them married, so this song was made. Shivaye says sing more, its fun. Anika says no one explained the meaning of Lohri with love to us. Bhavya says elders are necessary.

Gauri says yes, we stay connected to our roots because of elders. Anika says you are here, so we got to know about Lohri, else festive wishes are just on phone. Bhavya says I was upset with Lord that he has snatched my family, but now I have no complaints, I have got everything back now. Dadi says you three are life of this family, blood relations run deep, but heart relations are deepest, I have complete faith that you three will make this family harmonious, the relations won’t get bitter ever. Dadi asks where is Om. Gauri says he went to meet a painter. Shivaye says he has gone to meet a renowned Italian painted, Om got to know he is in Goa, so he went to meet him. Police comes. Inspector says I m here to inform you about that woman, we couldn’t find her body, the strange thing is no one has filed a missing complaint, I want to know everything you know about her.

Shwetlana asks why did you get her here. Veer sees Komal’s body and asks Shwetlana to help him. They put wood sticks over her. Shwetlana asks did you just get your outhouse to hide this. Veer says its my outhouse, no one would dare to come here and check, I didn’t wish anyone to get Komal’s body. She says I don’t want our masterplan to fail. He says it won’t fail, you will get Oberois’ destruction and I want Anika, I will get her. Inspector says thanks for info, we will inform you. Dadi asks Anika what happened. Anika says Dadi, the police has come on such festive day. Dadi says its fine, police has come for some imp matter, get ready for celebrations. Veer comes and says punjabi Lohri in Goa, nice. Shivaye says good to have you here. He introduces him to Dadi. He says Veer has saved Anika and my life. Dadi says now I m not worried for them, as you are here. Veer says don’t worry, all my focus is on them. He sees Anika and smiles.

Bhavya smiles and says by the way, someone is very good looking. Anika asks who. Bhavya says Veer, tall, handsome, fair. Anika says he is really good, he helped us a lot. Bhavya says not good, he is so hot. Gauri says you are going to get married, you should be ashamed. Bhavya says I just said he is hot. Rudra says you didn’t praise me. She says I don’t like false praising. Gauri asks Bhavya how can she stare at other men in front of Rudra. Bhavya says Rudra also checks other girls when he is with me, he gets their phone numbers too, I m just admiring Veer.

Rudra says I didn’t do anything like that now. He gets in between. Bhavya says move, he is tall, I can still see him. Rudra says so you like tall men, he is tall, but my body is better. Bhavya says Veer is already so strong, how. Rudra asks what does he have. She says he is a man, he embodies manliness. Rudra asks what am I then. She says a boy. Anika and Gauri smile. Anika asks Rudra to have Revdi and calm down. Rudra says I will give it to Veer. Bhavya says feed him with love. He says with lots of love. He asks Veer to have Revdi. Veer says he is funny, I don’t eat sweets. Bhavya says it means you are health conscious. He says yes. She jokes on Rudra. Rudra says I m offering with love, please have it. Veer refuses. Rudra asks him to have it, its festive day. Dadi says its right. Rudra throws the Revdi on Veer. They all get shocked. Rudra says sorry.

Shivaye asks is this the way to behave with guests, he has refused, why did you do this. Veer says its okay, it happens, I will meet you in evening. He goes. Shivaye says Veer left because of you. Rudra says sorry. Shivaye says stop being kiddish in front of outsiders, you are getting married, grow up now. Anika says don’t scold him. He says he is my brother, I can scold him. She says he is my brother too, don’t scold him. Rudra says I m Anika’s brother. Shivaye says don’t act cute. Dadi says Rudra will be same after some time. Rudra says Bhavya has done this, she instigated me. Dadi asks them to check celebrations, desserts and food. Shivaye says Dadi is asking you Rudra. Dadi asks Rudra to get wood/Lakdiyaan. He asks girls/Ladkiyaan. Bhavya says see he is always thinking of girls. Rudra asks why are you giving this tough task to me. Dadi asks did you make these muscles just to show off. He says yes, I mean, only a tough man can do this. Anika says there’s some firewood in Veer’s outhouse. Bhavya says I will get it. Rudra says we will go together. They go. Anika says how will they find firewood. Shivaye says its because of you.

Veer sees the sherwani and says today I will get ready so well that Anika can’t get her eyes off me. Rudra says we will get some girls. Bhavya says wood, not girls, we should get permission before taking anything, we should ask Veer first. He says you need an excuse to talk to Veer. She asks why are you jealous. They argue and go to Veer’s house. Rudra rings the bell. Veer opens the door. Rudra says sorry, we needed some wood for bonfire. Veer thinks they will get Komal’s body if they go to outhouse. He says I don’t have firewood in outhouse, I have checked in the morning, you have to find somewhere else. Rudra asks are you still angry with me, we have come for the first time, you are shutting the door, you didn’t call us inside. Veer says very rude of me, come. Bhavya says no, you would be busy, we have to arrange firewood. They go.

Shivaye plays dhol. Dadi compliments Anika and Gauri. Gauri asks what’s patola. Dadi says patola means hot girl. They smile. Anika and Gauri dance. Shivaye compliments Anika. Anika says Gauri, Shivaye is complimenting you. Gauri asks why are you blushing then. Anika says I m dancing and this red dress color is reflecting on my face, I have work, I m going. Shivaye holds her hand and asks for how long will you stay annoyed.

Rudra gets terrified and says I have seen a woman’s dead body there. They all get shocked. Shivaye asks what are you saying. Rudra says there is a dead body hidden inside the fireword, I have seen the girl’s dead body in outhouse.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. dhamake dar episode

    1. Congrats ? ? ?
      Go aj jerin go…….
      Take care.


    2. Go AJ JERIN Go.Congratulations on being first…..?

    3. Congratulations on being first. Go AJ JERIN Go. Keep commenting and take care.

  2. Pui

    Hope you all are doing well!
    Today’s epi was good ! This Swetlana is damn smart ! I feel like doing her om my mata…how dare she talk about seperating Shivika…U butox lomdi, once I get you na i wont leave you, chudailana !
    Dadi explaining Dulla Bhatti was good. All the Lohri scenes were awsm ! We also celebrate Lohri here with full enthu ❤❤
    Rewdi is my fav…and now it has the memory of Rudra throwing it at Veer ??
    Bhavya open flirting with Veer ! Awsm….
    Rudy boy yeh kya ho gaya tumhare saath ? Jisko patana tha woh kisi aur pe line maar rahi hai ???
    Ruvya nok jhok today was hilarious, although not upto Shivika level ????
    Because east or west, nok jhok mein Shivika is the best ???
    Rudra says he is Anika’s brother…he is…but the scene was ???
    Anika and Gauri really looking Patolas….
    Shivaay going to manaofy Anika ❤❤❤
    Finally Rudy has done a good job of finding Komal’s dead body but I know that Butoxballi will prove him wrong ???
    Waiting for tom ??

    1. Hi pui,How are you?,
      Yeah…. Ruvya scn was hilarious…
      I lughed a lot????
      Bt shivika was more than…… Uffffffff………
      Waiting so badly for tomorrow….
      Same thought dear….. I also think that PLR will prove him wrong……
      Anyway, take care.

      1. Pui

        Hi Shanaya dear ! Hope I can call u that ?
        I m fine thank u , and how are you ?
        Shivika are a different level of all this…thats why they are bliss ❤❤❤❤
        Even I think that PLR will prove him wrong.
        You too stay safe and take care. ?

    2. Hello Pui,
      Your starting lines are just awesome dear.Do whatever you want with Savetlana.Dadi and her Lohri talks were so beautiful.Got to know a lot.Shivika have special chemistry on that part.Shivaay will pacify Anika using the most romantic style.Waiting for it?

      1. Pui

        Hi Luthfa dearie ??
        Thank u so much…I so so badly want to do that Butox lomdi’s OMM ??
        Same here…Waiting for Shivika part ❤❤❤

  3. Banita

    Heyyy PKJ….
    @Pui PLR (Pshyco Lambu Ravan) , hope now U understand What’s PLR means… I rename Veer as PLR…
    Okkk Now coming 2 epi , it was Good one…
    Shivaay consoled Anika…
    PLR nd Pasinalana planning againt Shivika… Pasinalana said to attack on Shivaay’s weakness nd then said Anika is Shivaay’s strength… So does it means She was talking about to attack on Omru??? or something else??
    PLR hide Komal’s dead body… But WHY??? Why he dont want that any body know about her body???
    Dadi with Shivru nd Obohus…. Lovly sense…
    Dadi told about importance of Lohri… I also didn’t know it… A

    1. Banita

      Ohhh Nooooo…..
      A simple wrong touch nd my half comment got posted…. So now coming to 2nd half..
      Dadi with Shivru nd Obohus… Lovly sense…
      Dadi told about importance of Lohri… I also didn’t know it… Anika was rite, Now a days d essence of our culture lost somewhere… Now people just use internet nd wish in social media…
      Obohus got emotional thinking about their past…
      Missed Om in this sense…
      Bhavya teased Rudy… LOL.. But Rudy nd that PLR , Noo comparision… Rudy is d Cutee nd most dashing boy…
      Rudy , Nycc shot yr… Ek dum PLR ke muuh pe maara… Very Good…
      Shivika’s Cutee nok-jhok for Rudy was adorable…
      Rudy – Main bhabhi ka bhai hun… Aww!!!
      Lohri celebration started…
      Shivika’s tashan wala andaj was Superbbb… Waiting 4 their moreee tashan with “Dil Diyan Gallan” song… Exciting 4 this…
      Poor Khanaji , CVS atleast give him some new dress… Everyone wore Karwachouth wala dress… It’s fine , but i was expected some new cloth…
      Precap –
      Rudy will see Komal’s body… I m sure PLR nd Pasinalana will hide her somewhere else before anyone can see it…

      1. Hey bani….
        I think they were taking abt to sperate shivika n attacking on anika…… Thats why, swety said that it will not be easy for them to sperate shivika. Cz they r each other’s strength Nt weekness…… That’s why, they make a master plan to sperate shivika.
        Um sure…… SHIVIKA will win ?…..
        I think he didn’t want any mess for this body or something else…. I don’t know dear…..i think that’s why, veer didn’t want to show anybody her body…. Nt sure….
        Yeah….. Um also excited for dil diyan galla???????

      2. Pui

        Hey Di ! I’ve got the answer to PLR ! Its hilarious ???

      3. Banita

        Heyy Shanaya…
        I also think d same about 1st question , but i just asked that R they talking about attacking Anika or Omru???
        Nd 2nd one , i m still confused…

    2. Hi Bani,
      You are right.These days festivals are all celebrated in virtual half hearted way.Feelings and emotions are fading.Shivaay will not let Anika to be angry for long.Rudra is really a baby brother for both Shivika.Let’s see what happens today.Waiting for Shivaay’s romantic andaj?

      1. Banita

        Same thing Luthfa dr… Yeh Rudy is baby bro… I m also waiting 4 this…

  4. Pushpa

    Hi gals
    All was waiting to the lohri romance but guess v hv to wait 4tomoro..
    2days episode ws owsn dadi singing and telling stories of lohri..
    All sitting around listening tomdadi & calpping ek tham like kids ..
    Beautiful scene i loved thiz family ties…
    Shivaye consoling anika was great till v hv our family our love no one can defeat us…im so impressed wt shivaye now adays…so much in love so much happiness incan c hw anika hv helped to transform him to a person who he is now…heart full of love to his family& his only love anika…
    Veer and swetlana….just feel like ???both of them…well i think shivika will defeat u too..poor komal is dead for helping veer…and he keeps it…urggggggg.wonder how long he’ s keeping her ….owsm wondering hw veer hv shivika photo frame in his house??
    Thn come lohri celebration….all in red & yellow…
    Im laughing at veer..seriously veer…u want anika to get attracted to u …in tht shivani…go to hell veer…do not daydream..
    Well there is hot&spicy dholl person for hire….anyone ????
    So nice to c shivika moments…anika blused when shivaye complemented tht she looking beautiful. …nd again running away anika frm shivaye…cm on anika thts yr hubby…why u ran?? And shivaye stopped here and tomorom v will c dill dhayan song……well tomoro my tv screen ??????will burn..
    Precap….hope shivaye will finally know about veer….
    Dil hua ishqbaaz
    Gd nite gals

    1. Banita

      Heyy Pus di…
      If I m not wrong then U already impressed by our SSO…. Now impressed moreee…. I think U r blushing more then Anika… #Wink Wink#

      1. Well said bani…..
        I also think that pus di is bushing more than anika….. Coming love for SSO…….
        Love u n take care.

      2. Ops!!!! *blushing *

      3. Pushpa

        u know what smiling reading this…yeah maybe blushing a little …oh no this is blushing???? no way gal….

    2. I think u are taking adout shivikas romance????????????//

      1. Yes dear.

    3. Hello Pu di,how are you?
      Awww…You are right.Never to find such a handsome Dhol wala in the whole world.Me imagining your blushing face in my heart….??

      1. Pushpa

        hey luthfa……yeah the most adorable dholl wala….damn he is super hot….

  5. Hi Gpkj Family member’s
    Monday start with good episode
    Lovely episode dadi song aniri cute moments
    Shivika Fight for Rudy so nice
    So tomorrow Dance sequence is coming
    Waiting for shivika dance
    So finally om is missing from the function
    Every time One person definitely missed now om number
    WAITING for tomorrow night
    Goodnight guys

    1. Hi chaitu…..
      Um missing om soooooooooo much….. I thought that we get to see some rikara dance in lohri like shivika…..
      Bt no………. ?????miss u om……

    2. Hi Chaithu,how are you?
      You are right.Someone or other definitely go missing in every celebration.Dadi and her Lohri talks were very beautiful.Me too waiting for that song sequence.And all the best for your project and its success.

  6. Anika,let’s play hide and seek,shall we?You know the rules right?…But Shivaay I don’t like hiding at all.It gives me feeling of being confined and stuck up.I like openness and facing everything personally from the front…Then why are you playing hide and seek with your fear?You don’t like confinement but your fear is pushing you towards it.Can’t you see?…I don’t fear anything or anyone but when something is concerned about you,my heart bound to feel fear.Fear grinds my inner strength and I can’t help.My defence takes break and my heart feel unprotected and vulnerable to anything as the fear of losing you grasp my heart tightly.What can I do?…

    1. …You don’t need to fear anything at all as long as I am with you.Who have the shield of love can defeat anyone and anything.I know I am your strength and weakness at the same time but have you ever thought of me how I feel when I see you like this,shrinking inside because of me? You are my Love and I am yours and let your fear know this.Our love have enough strength to survive any attack of your that particular fear of losing me.Do you trust me?…Yes,more than myself and anything else…Then smile and lit my whole world and heart with the brightness of its sweet light………

      1. Oh nice analysis luthfa. You brought out their feelings.

      2. Oh thank you so much Sindhu dear.Love you?

      3. Pui

        Wow yaar ! Nice attack of love…
        Well said lines ?

      4. Hahaha..Thank you so much Pui.Love you dear?

    2. Wow luthfa dear……
      So nice n deep word for sso…… So much love……
      Yeah….. I also feel sometimes sooooo scared for sso….. Can’t live without him…. Now I can understand how is feelincvsdikara fans…… ???
      Why cvs

      1. Thank you so much for the compliment dear.Love you?

    3. Sorry…. Wrong touch…..
      Now I can understand how is feeling rikara fans……
      Why CVS don’t do a balance in serial?????
      Btw, nice explain dear….. Carry on…. May god bless u.

      1. Yeah they should make balance but they are not listening us fans.Thank you so much once again.God bless you?

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Incomparable analysis Luthfa dear..”Then smile and lit my whole world and heart with the brightness of its sweet light…” this one is so ??? ..

      1. Awwww…..You are so sweet Prabha.Thank you so so so much.Love you?

  7. Hi to all pkj sorry….. Gpkj family…….
    @billu ji…. Thank u so much for fulfilled my last wish…. May god bless u with a great success in ur life….
    Coming to episode…. Sorry BT cmnt dressbe short…. Cz um so tired n feeling ?
    Anyway,,, as always episode was damn good…. Especially dadi’s lohri song??shivaay consoles anika… Too good…. Bechara shivaay…. First consoles omru, then dadi, n next anika?hats off to you sso……
    Wahhhhh…. Shivika’s most wanted enemy also know that anika is not sso’s weekness…. She is his strength ?…. Love to see this. Witch swety n lambuu veer spoiled my mood…. Don’t want to talk abt them.
    Dadi, shivru n the o bahus convo…. ???
    I love dadi’s lohri…. N shivru clapping….. Wow…. Dadi explained the meaning of lohri…. So beautifully…. Truely said…. I also didn’t know the meaning of lohri….. Now I get to know….. Tnx dadi….. Dadi was searching for om….. N gauri’s expression was sooooo funny….. O bahus hug
    ? ? ?
    Ruvya teasing ????awwwww….. Bhavya…. Rudy has changed…. Don’t tease him like this…… Btw…. Their convo was so funny… Nt interested to talk abt vpc..
    SHIVIKA fought for rudy!!!!!!
    Angry with u shivaay?you scold ur lil bro for this stupid villain….. Not fair….. BT last I felt that u r sooooo gd….. U r so caring about ur friend….. BT when you get to know abt vpc….. Then um sure u will do his OMM……
    Wow wow wow……finally lohri celebration come….. Yapppppiiiiiii……
    Aniri was looking soooooooooo beautiful….. BT why anika wore this old karwachwt wala dress??? They don’t waste any clothes….. So Amazing….. Feeling proud…..
    Dadi called them hotttyyyy…. Awwwwwwww… Dadi…. So naughtyyyyyy…….
    Shivika convo in lohri….. ?anika feeling shy…. Aiiiii….. Haiiiiii……
    I missed om soooooooooo badly…… Can anybody tell me where is kunal?????
    Can’t wait for tomorrow to see SHIVIKA dance on dill diya galla…… Ufffff……
    Precap:rudy was so scared?….. Hope nothing will happen to shivika……..
    Latest news :veer will pack up in the starting of feb…. Have to tolorate 2 weeks….. ???????
    Good night gpkj…… Have a sweet dreams my khidkitod pagal gangs……
    Love u all……
    Dill bole dil diya galla……..

    1. Agree Shanaya… why such a dress for Anika? For awhile her dressing was nice and then back to this old kind of costume. In fact she looks more like an elderly person wearing such kind of dull and old looking costumes. Please give Anika some bright colours yah….. designers…….

      1. Right sindhu. In home if they wear some old clothes then its fine BT its a lohri function……… So disappointed with anika’s cloth……. Well….. Can’t do anything now….
        They finished shooting right??? Hope CVS will not do such things again.

    2. Hi Shanaya,
      Wow,very nice analysis dear.Everything is on point.Red looks very nice on Anika.The colour of intensity.Was expecting something different.Anyway,waiting for the handsome Dhol wala and his charisma to impress his Biwi?

    3. Banita

      Heyy Shanaya….
      Well writtened long analysis dr… I also didnt know about Lahri before… Now i know it…

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode… I don’t understand… Production house has a shortage of money so they are not giving new costumes and in some where I have readied that they are planning to approach manisha malhotra for rudra wedding attire…..
    I am getting vibes that shivika separation is taking place in a little speed….

    1. Banita

      Heyy Niki….
      Same yr… I also thought they will give new dress for Lohri function , but….
      I also read somewhere about Manish Molhotra’s degined dress for Rudy’s marraige…. I think it’s a true news… But not sure…

      1. Yes Banita I also expected them to give outstanding clothes for lohri. A little disappointed. I suppose it is taking place in Goa and not in Oberoi mansion. Maybe they have great clothes for the upcoming wedding.

    2. Hi Nikita,
      Yeah production house are running short of money perhaps.This repeating clothes is very normal in IB and have seen it countless times.Always in the recycling mood.Shivika separation is not going to happen dear.Chill and relax?

  9. Nikita_jai29

    And be lated happy bastan panchmi… May goddess saraswati blessed you all with wisdom and joy…

    1. Same to too dear?

  10. Hello PKJ hope all had a good weekend. Wow the weeks fly by so fast and coming to end of January.

    Coming to the episode nice to watch how Dadi explains the traditions and the meaning behind lohri to the younger generation. Truly wonderful. I wish I had such a big family with everyone togetehr sitting and chatting. It saddens me sometimes when I watch such scenes and I yearn for such elders in my family where we all can sit together and chat about traditions.

    Anyway nice to watch Shivaay consoling and Anika. Anika does not need to worry. Shivaay will not let anything happen to her and him. He probably has calculated something about Veer for sure Calculator Shivaay Singh Oberoi

    Bhavya and Rudra part was just filler about Bhavya flirting with Veer. It was no necessary over there at all and that too infront of Dadi. Nice to see Anika defending for her devar him choti bhai Rudy. Sowmya where are you? I still can’t accept Bhavya in Sowmya’s place. Sorry Bhavya’a friends. Every time I see her with Rudra I get irked. I Don’t know why. Don’t get upset with me for those who adore Bhavya. She is nice but I just can’t accept her still to be Rudra’s would be.

    My my… Veer psycho lunatic alien creature wants Anika and wants to get dressed up so Anika can keep looking and ogling at him. Fat hope slimeball Veer!!!! You can live in your la is land but Anika’s eyes are only for Shivaay and vice versa. Don’t dare go near her!!!! Only Shivaay and her devars can go near her.

    Svetlena needs to be where komal is lying down to burn her alive.

    Veer is so smart to kidnap komal’s body. So police will not trace the identification of the body to him. My he is covering all traces well. I hope the precap is positive and Shivaay identifies komal and connects the dots to Veer.

    1. Sindhu dear…..
      Don’t be sad…. What we r then????? We also a family…. N we r chatting now right?? Somebody is chatting by sitting or other way….
      At least we r talking with each other n taking care of each other….. Love each other….. Nd abt elders there is also some elder member too…. We called them dii…. So nice family…. N here comes also some negative comments….. We talk with them politely n try to remove their misunderstanding….. At last we say them tnx too!!!!!
      All like a family…… Same year person, some little, some elders…. We all r chatting together…… Don’t feel sad yarrrrrrrrrr….. Be happy n open minded……
      Love u so much dear n take care.

    2. Sindhu dear,
      Me too feel the same yaar.What to do,we have to adjust and accept that some thing can never happen according to our wish.Anyway,I agree with Shanaya totally.Don’t be sad and we are here for each other.We will help and love and overcome any negativity.Now plz smile….?☺
      Me too noticed it.That Veer always dressed up like Shivaay to impress Ani.Such a dumb head.Dressing up like Shivaay won’t make him Shivaay a bit.Let’s see what happens today.

      1. Awww.. thanks Shanaya and Luthfa,

        How encouraging!!! I love you all and thank for uplifting my spirits by your kind and gentle words.

        Love you dears

    3. Banita

      Heyy Sindhu….
      Same feeling yr… Me also always want this type of bigg family… Everyone together… BTW Good comment dr…

  11. Even we wear our dresses more than once what’s wrong if they show the characters like this. Isn’t it more realistic.

  12. I just watched the repeat and it brought back memories to last year’s lohri ‘s celebrations where Anika will stay annoyed as Shivaay did not support Sahil because of the stealing issue. He will try to pacify her but she stays annoyed until he gets shot. Then she regrets at the hospital blaming herself that she should have spoken to him when he came up to talk. I only hope she will not stay annoyed for very long and tomorrow’s episode she will normalize and back to the lovey dovey. If not it would be easier for veer to get her if she still stays annoyed.

    Did you all see how furious he was with Rudra? He would have bashed him up when Rudra accidentally threw the revdi at him. His mission is to get Anika so he was very patient and controlled his uncontrolled anger.

    1. You are right.Hope Ani will be pacified soon by Shivaay.Veer is very much focused on his plan.Looked like he would eat up Rudra alive if not for Anika.

  13. Zaveesha

    Hello dear people…
    Firstly apologies for not coming here on friday…infact today also I’m here to tell u that I won’t be able to come here this week nd may be the next week too…as I have my language diploma exam on 25 nd 27th…nd on 30 I’m participating in a competition at our college fest…so will be I don’t think that I can come here…but I’ll watch IB for sure…

    Best wishes to everyone…

    1. Dear zaveesha,,,
      Best of luck for ur exam…… Do well in exam
      May god bless u dear.

    2. Hello Zaveesha,
      It’s absolutely fine dear.Do your best and achieve best of best success.Will miss you till then.If possible then do comment after your exams are over.Take care.God bless you?

    3. All the best Zafeesha for your exams. Study hard and do well. You can always watch the serials on hotstar after your exams

    4. All the best for your exams and college fest dear…

    5. Banita

      Heyy Zavee..,
      All D Best of Luck for ur exam dr…

  14. Hello Pui,
    Your starting lines for Savetlana are just awesome dear.Hehehe…Yeah do whatever you want to do with her.Ruvya don’t have that special chemistry like Shivika that’s why.But they will develop their own brand if Ruvya pair is the end game.But I am still hopeful for Rumya pair.Dadi and all her talks about Lohri was so beautiful.Got to know a lot.Shivaay is very smart and romantic husband when it comes to pacifying his wife.Let’s see what happens today.

  15. Trendy Tuesday Morning Greetings to all GPkj walas!
    Sorry, I couldn’t reply for all your comments on Friday’s episode as I was little busy in packing things req. for my hostel And Thank you all my sweethearts Pui, Billuji, Banita, Shanaya, Sindhu, Luthfa di, Ayesha, Dhwani for your complements on my comment. I missed you all a lot my Pkj’s for these 2 days.

    Atlast our waiting of weekend days were gifted by cvs by this episode.I feel I have learnt a lot as well as enjoyed a lot from this episode.

    ?Single hand doesn’t make sound. But when both hands are joined or clapped together it creates an encouraging clap sound. It suits for both Shivika and Veerlana in their respective aspects.

    Dadi’s Lohri song and ShivRu’s tune for it were awesome. Anirivya esp. Gauri don’t understand the song but the story of the song DULLA BATTA rescuing Sundari & Mundri
    was well explained by Dadi. Missed Om bhaiya terribly. I wish he could had been there. It’s either Bhavya or someone who is missing and leaves a vacancy over there. In that Case, it was Om bhaiya yesterday.

    ?Someone or something seems to be missed & it’s been realized only when something is not experienced by us or someone not there with us. Anivya neither experienced in Lohri nor been with their parents/under some elders guidance.
    Mankind praise the lord when the lord dances humans tune by fulfilling his/her wish or criticize the lord when he is made to dance for lord’s tune. Bhavya proved that.
    Anirivya’s promise to Dadi of never letting their bonds to break and their hug, Wah! Like Obros moments, Obahus moments are also pleasant to watch.

    Veerlana hiding Komal’s body while the police investigates with Shivaye bhaiya.

    Boys may flirt with thousands of girls but girls should never. But Bhavya changed it by making Rudy bhaiya jealousy by praising Veer. She was also supported by her bhabis.
    Poor Rudy bhaiya! He was unable to digest Bhavya flirting Veer. Though Rudy’s act towards Veer was a childish one, it was very well deserved by Veer. Ruvya’s choti arguments was good to see.

    ?Love is where the heart is. Shivika fought for Rudy bhaiya and atlast he said he is Anika bhabi’s brother.

    In the coldest evening of the year-Lohri it’s gonna be the hottest day for Shivika. Shivaye bhaiya as dholman and Aniri as patola for Dadi and Anika di Khidkitod khubsoorat in eyes of her SSO, Wah! Gauri asking Anika di then why are you blushing if he complements me was funny. Till how long Anika di will be angry with her SSO will be known by today after their Dil diyan gallan romance.

    Precap- Will the corpse be there till they return to check after Rudy’s words or is that a plan of Swetlana? Let’s wait and watch.

    Have a good & great day dears.

    1. Hi Shivya,how are you?
      Wow,what an in depth analysis dear.Loved it a lot.Agree with you.When boys flirt then it’s a very normal thing but not the same with girls.Shivaay will not let Anika angry for long though it’s fake or real.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

    2. Hi sindhu…
      Nice analysis dear….
      This coldest night gonna be the coolest n hottest night romance for SHIVIKA….. Let’s see how our hot dhol man romance with his lady love….. My tv will be fired????????get ready with water????????????????????

      1. Um so so so so so sorry……. It will be shivya…… SORRY SORRY ? ? ? ? SORRY

  16. For My Arpita Darling:
    “Happy One Year Anniversary” in IB TU page and in PKJ and GPKJ.You have completed a very long journey and it’s really very commendable and praiseworthy.You are the only one who never took break if it’s not an emergency.I am very proud of you and your contribution towards PKJ and ourselves.God bless you with more power and wisdom and love.Missing you so very much and your comment.Come back soon.Love you???????☺☺☺☺☺☺☺????????

    1. ItsmePrabha

      Happy First anniversary Arpu..yaa seriously missing your vanvas chapter vise analysis dear..and hope you are doing good in your sem..come back soonish…and Luthfa you are amazing take care of everything…chahe woh choti si baath hi kyun na ho..forever Be this one whom i admire..Be Blessed dear..

  17. Can anybody please ? ? ? tell me that how can I watch some previous episode in hotstar??? I tried a lot but it is showing error…. I tried to install this app. Bt it is showing not available in ur country!!!!
    I missed some amazing episode during my exam…… I want to see them. But how????
    Plssssssssssss……… Tell me…… ????????

  18. You will not be able to watch hotstar if you are not in India. Hotstar has aggressively blocked all the countries except USA, Canada. They can watch but needs to subscribe to it. They have already removed watching hotstar for free for other countries.

    If you really want to watch from Hotstar and not residing in India, you could get the outside server which is VPN. You need to pay and then you can choose your location India to watch Hotstar. That is why I watch on starplus TV. I do have the VPN installed in my computer so I watch the repeat on hotstar.

    Too bad Shanaya. India is controlling hotstar and they want people to subscribe and not watch for free. I don’t think it will be available anytime soon for other countries. So get VPN is you are desperate to watch the repeats.

    1. Thank you so much…. Sindhu….
      I will try now.

  19. I’m fine Luthfa di. Thank you so much.
    My hearty Thanks to Luthfa di and Shanaya for your complements on my comment.

    @Pui -Super analysis yaar. East or west non jhok Shivika is the best. And correctly stated about Ruvya’s nok jhok. Let’s wait and see what happens.

    @Banita dear- Great analysis dear. You are right. I too came to know about Lohri just bec.of Dadi. And Rudy is the cutee & most dashing than Veer. I’m also excited for dil diyan gallan.

    @Pushpa di- Wonderful analysis di. Correctly said about Shivaye bhaiya. Your blushing is reflected through your words for SSO. Great job.

    @Chaithu- Small and sweet points yaar. I too miss Om bhaiya. Let’s hope to see him soon.

  20. @Luthfa di- Such a mesmerizing feel after reading your theme. You stole my heart with your words for Shivika. It seems to be so real. And your last line SSO to his Anika- SMILE & LIT MY WHOLE WORLD& HEART WITH BRIGHTNESS OF ITS SWEET LIGHT. Wah! Super words which reminded me the hugging pose of Shivika which was at Veer’s table yesterday. Thanks di for such sweet analysis.

    @Shanaya- Khidkitod analysis yaar. Agree with all your points. Dadi sooooo naughty as she called them hotty and dil bole dil diya gallan. Wah!

    @Nikita- I too expected for some new outfits but have to bear it. At least let’s hope for Ruvya’s marriage ceremony with new outfits.

    @ Sindhu- I too yearn for such a good family with sweet and strong bonding. But we should be blessed for having Paglons ki jhund family. Thank you for such words from your heart which are most of them’s inner feelings. Waise beautiful analysis yaar.

    1. Awwwwww….Thank you so very much dear.I am very happy that you liked that particular line.Thank you once again.Love you?

  21. ItsmePrabha

    heyya PKJs ..After a long time i am here again …missed you all like anything..firstly we went on a family trip..then after coming back my 2 year old niece got her hand fractured soo got busy helping my cousin in handling she went back to her home…so now i am free and can come here regularly ..yayyy.. BTW how are you all doing..?
    kal raath ki epi dekh hi nahi paayi toh uspe comment kya karoongi.. well written update se toh teek taak epi lag rahi hai..but hell excited for shivika’s dance on DILL DIYA GALLAN..but kitna acha hota agar rikara ka bhi dance sequence hua toh…Anyways precap is hell interesting..
    Luthfa always you make me FIDA to your analysis you and your comments..
    Dhwani dear..all the best for your revision thats going on too will miss you..come back soon..lets talk then.. always loving your witty analysis..keep going dear..
    well missing Arpu’s vanvaas chapters …
    Mr.X..i dont want to call you mera shivaay is the only billu for me… so all the best for your future..keep rocking and dont forget to enjoy your life…
    Aashika..all the best for your comment whenever you are free…
    and baaki sab PKJs how are you all?Shivya,Shanaya,Janu,Jeni(i think you went on a camp) , Jeevi(i think you have some internals),Omaira,Riya,Pushpa,Sindhu,Nikita,Chaitu,Aastha,Chavi,Renima..and many more ..sorry if i missed anyone..and also sorry mujhe samajh nahi aa raha hai ki kisko di bulaon aur kisko naam se..isliye sab ko naam se bula rahi hoon..
    and lastly ALL THE BEST OF GOOD LUCK to all those having exams and to all those who preparing for you guys..

    1. Hi Prabha,
      How are you?Hope your little niece is fine now.Lots of love from my side.I will pray to God that her hand heal soon….I was missing my daily dose of happiness from your cute,sweet and crispy comment.Now as you are back hoping to get some.Anyway,thank you so very much for the compliment.Me too waiting for that song sequence.Take care.Love you?

  22. Hiii everyone ?
    How are you’ll???

    I just watched ishqbaaz coz luckily my sister paused the episode so that I could watch after I came back from school ??

    It was really a nice episode I liked it except veer and swetlana ?
    Liked the way Dadi explained lohri even I learned smtg new ?
    Shivika argued about rudra ? shows how much he means to them
    Bhavya and Rudy were watchable was okay
    Loved the last celebration part ???????
    I won’t be able to watch shivika dance tonight but I will watch tmrw

    I can’t reply to any of youll today coz I have accounting and trigonometry homework so I havta finish it first
    Take care ?

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