Ishqbaaz 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye turns and sees Anika holding the mehendi bowl. He shouts Anika and pulls her away. Mehendi bowl falls down. Pinky shouts Shivaye. They see the rose petals burning. Shivaye follows Rumi. She falls down. Some time before, Mrs. Kapoor adds chemical in mehendi and sends the bowl by the servant. Rumi sees her. Pinky says I got top class mehendi so that color comes out dark, when groom and bride apply mehendi to each other, if color is dark, their love is strong, we will start rasam now. Mrs. Kapoor says wait, don’t you think the mehendi is dry and unmixed. Pinky asks Priyanka to get clove oil. Pinky sits to add it. Mrs. Kapoor says its not mixed by metal spoon, but by hand. Pinky asks how to do by hand, my designer mehendi color will get bad. Mrs. Kapoor asks her to call someone else, Anika is


Pinky calls Anika. She asks her to add clove oil in it and mix with hands. Anika sits to mix the mehendi. Rumi looks on from far. Anika adds clove oil. Rumi calls Shivaye. He goes away to answer. He gets shocked. He sees Anika about to mix the mehendi and shouts out. He runs to her and pulls her away. The mehendi bowl falls down on the floor. Pinky shouts Shivaye. They see the rose petals burning by the chemical. They get shocked.

Shivaye and Anika see each other. O jaana…..plays…….. Pinky shouts Shivaye. Anika gets away from him. Pinky asks how did chemical go in this. Anika says I don’t know. Shivaye says don’t say Anika, she did not know. He asks Khanna to get CCTV footage, find out who did this. Pinky says I have extra mehendi, I will mix it and get. Shivaye holds Anika and asks are you okay. She nods. Tia looks on. Rumi calls him and asks do you believe now that I m your well wisher. He asks how do you know mehendi has chemical. Mrs. Kapoor says how did Shivaye know mehendi has chemical. Shwetlana says I m sure someone told him. Mrs. Kapoor asks who, I did not tell even you. Shwetlana says maybe someone has seen you adding chemical in mehendi. Mrs. Kapoor says it means someone is keeping an eye on us, and know our plan.

Shivaye thinks who is she, why is she helping me, she is in this house. Rumi sees him. Pinky asks Shivaye to come for rasam, this time I mixed mehendi by my hands, nothing will happen. Shivaye goes to Tia and sits with her. Tia says I want to leave my impression on your hand, I want to write T for Tia on your hand. Pinky asks will you ask him, no need to ask, write anything you want. Tia writes T with mehendi on his hand.

Priyanka says show me and sits beside Tia. T becomes A. Priyanka says it became A instead A, sorry Tia. Tia says that’s okay. Dadi smiles and says this is called coincidence, Shivaye got the name which is written on his heart. Pinky says wedding card has Tia’s name, that’s important, Tia write again.

Rumi looks on. Shivaye goes to dholki women. Rumi turns away. Shivaye asks does this rasam not look incomplete without music. He looks at Rumi. Pinky asks the women to play dholki. They all dance on London thumakda. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand. O jaana…..plays………He sees dholki women, and one of them wearing high heels. He thinks why is her shoes different. Rumi sees him. She gets up and leaves. He calls her out and goes after her. She covers her face and runs. He runs after her. Rumi falls down.

She removes her sandals and runs. A man comes in Shivaye’s way. Shivaye runs after her. She disappears. She hides and looks on. She calls him. She says no use to follow me, focus on video instead me. He asks what video are you talking about. She says the one for which you are marrying Tia, by which the Oberoi family can shatter, especially Omkara, I m talking about Daima’s statement video, in which she said Omkara is Tej’s illegitimate child, I have kept your big secret a secret, I m sure you can’t get bigger proof of my loyalty, you decide you want video or not. He asks what do you want. She says you will know it in my next call, I don’t like anyone following me. She ends call. He says who is this girl….

Anika thinks where did Shivaye go. Shivaye comes home and goes to his room. Anika looks on. He gets his clothes from cupboard. Anika comes to him and says I was finding you, you should have told me. He asks why to tell you, by what right are you asking me. She says just like that. He asks do you care by my absence. She says why do you always ask this, I don’t care. He says I can see in your eyes, I will keep asking till I hear what I want. She says this won’t happen. He says it will happen, are you challenging me, I don’t lose challenge. She says your misunderstanding will get away this time. She goes.

Pinky asks Shivaye to choose sherwani design. He says not now. She asks are you fine. He says I have headache. Anika looks on. Pinky says maybe you caught bad sight. He says stop it, I don’t believe in all this, leave me alone for some time. She goes. He closes eyes and relaxes. Anika comes to him. He asks what is it Anika. She says you have headache. He asks do you care. She says don’t argue again. He says its written on your face. She gives him medicines and goes. Shwetlana tells Tia that Shivaye has headache. Tia asks what shall I do. Shwetlana says you should do what Anika is doing now, don’t you have interest in plan. Tia says I m marrying Shivaye. Shwetlana says we don’t know what he knows, so he saved Anika in last moment, find the truth, go to him. She pushes Tia.

Rumi looks for phone. She gets the chip and says this will go to Shivaye. Shivaye says you got all anger on these flowers. Anika gets a knife. He asks what are you doing. She says its what I learnt from you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amena u rock?such a fast update

  2. Yaay i am d first person to comment…. hi arpita archiya mouni astha reddy n lax….. a big hi to all ishquifans

    1. wah pinku!! tum to aaj helicopter speed mein aakar sabse pehle raita phela diya.good spirit. I was watching dbo.

    2. Mouni

      congrats dear , l always want to comment 1st , big hi to you too

    3. Archiya

      Gud morning pinku

      1. Hello Pinku..!!

  3. Samm

    nice precap. i wish they just hurry it up with all this wedding drama and villain gang!

  4. Khushi1707

    Hi everyone..I’m Khushi..I watch Ishqbaaz and DBO … I’m new here

    1. Archiya

      Wc khushi

    2. Hello kushi.. welcome!! ?

    3. hi, l’m also new here

      1. Hello zera! Welcome ?

  5. Wow Sherlock Singh Oberoi.. bas hells leke he identified Romi.. arey wah.. 2 weeks ke pehle Akal ka famine tha air abhi ithna Chalak Bangaye that he has sooo much Akal he can sell in wholesale.. Congrats on your new found intelligence.
    Now wrap up this shitia drama.. this is becoming so boring that the shivika that they show among this is also not getting enjoyable any more for me.. am like so done with this!!
    Y on earth did they print out invitations for shitia wedding when they are supposed to be married already.. CVs pls don treat audience as if they are bunch of donkeys buying in all crap u right.. we r just tolerating all this with the hope of getting to see NBs exposed and better shivika moments!

    1. we are ishqbaazians… not donkeys anu. hamare patience ka fayda utha rahe hai cvs. tia ke haathon se cvs ka gala daba dungi lol…. mann karta hai.

    2. Anu….Sherlock Singh Oberoi…..lolzz!! Good one!!

      And they are Oberois dear……har ek function ke liye card chapva lenge!! Akal kam aur shakal zyada hain….aur ismein bhi sabse aage SSO hi hain!! I think maybe because he started using his brains continuously for 3 epis, he got headache today!!

      1. Lol..! That is quite a convincing reason on y the headache!!

      2. Archiya

        headache justified.. lolzzz

      3. valid reason for his head ache. ha ha ha…..

    3. Archiya

      first para superb.. lolzzzz

      1. Thanks archu ?

  6. its look lik rumi got the cheap
    but will she get caught before that by mskapoor ?? Will it reach shivay..? ?? or will she get murdered before that.????
    uffff so much tension

    1. not cheap chip*

    2. you are right Ros, that chip is cheap only and very precious too. is chip ke chakkar mein hum log 3 days wait karchuke hai.

      1. yaa cheap

  7. Mouni

    l must admit , even if am hating this celeb track the makers this time didn’t drag it , tomorrow its the green outfits turn and lets hope they will end it in 1 ep
    am not liking the fact that mrs kapoor and swetlana are suspecting that someone knows their plan bcz the spoiler talking about romi’s death may come true and am not sure she will help him really , why she was asking for tia’s necklace in spoiler ??
    am not understanding sso , why does he want desperatly to hear her say ” she cares” ?? what will happend if she does ?? will he say he cares too or will he just boast and be sarcastic with her again ?? he needs to make up his mind really
    the good news is there is a pic of anika in red sari for the big shitia’s wedding and pinky preparing sso while shivika are having eyelock so this means hopefully this nightmare will be over by saturday maybe ?? and rudra is there just in time as l saw a pic saying that lee is back so let’s hope the revelation will be awesome and dramatic and destructive for the kapoors
    my theory is that either romi will really help sso and gives him the mms and they find out before or after the wedding and maybe kill her or they will find about it before she can help sso with the video so he will be devastated and obliged to sit in with tia for the rituels BUT our anika will save him in the last moment ( or rudra ) bringing robin to expose tia and her mom for me l prefer the 2end option , we will see sso miserable for few minutes , it doesn’t happen all the time right ??

    1. True y is he so obsessed abt anikka saying she cares!! After these green outfits I see annika Picts with bridal type of outfit.. patha nahin kya kya hone wala hain.. still 3 more episodes left in this week to go.. but feels like a very bleak hope to see that saturdays precap will be on exposing nb.. u know what am coming down to the savage of feeling are let the Kapoors be villains but outside Om.. atleast expose tia man!! We deserve that!!

      1. Mouni

        true anu , we desrve to see tia exposed , she can remain villain with her fam but outside of OM and if it so they will create trouble but not in the shivika couple as tia will no longer have power over them and mostly l ant anika to get her full respect there and esp pinky must respect her and stop humiliating her for anything

      2. swetlana ke gale mein kya tha yaar. ab tak to marchuki hogi out of breath. suicide karneka achha tareeka tha.

      3. anu.. swetlana is appointed as the principal of NIHW. national institution of home wrecking lolz…..

    2. Dont u feel that all the time Anika’s outfits r better than that of Tia. I mean Tia is the bride to be but the way Anika dresses it feels that she is the bride… Since the very beginning, in most of the occasions i find Anika to be dressed more classy than Tia. .

      1. Mouni

        lol that’s probably bcz sso spends more time with anika than tia in this celebration but tia’s dresses are very good too

    3. Archiya

      EVen i have the same question
      why does he want desperatly to hear her say ” she cares” ?? what will happend if she does ?? will he say he cares too or will he just boast and be sarcastic with her again ?? he needs to make up his mind really

      1. Mouni, Archu..!!
        Cannot agree more to these ‘she cares’ questions. Well put Mouni..!!

        And yes Mouni, full respect to Annika no compromise on that anymore.

      2. Mouni

        archy l think sso himself can not answer this yet , stupid pride and ego

  8. Hlw everyone !!!! episode was mixing of all emotions.
    But Aaj mera sabse fev prinku my doll thi.Aisa laga jaise woh jan bujh kar tia ko dhakel diya????good job prinku.
    And Dadi woh toh relationship ki mediator he.Sanjog ,ishqbaazi ye bolti he but unke muh se accha lagta he sun ne main.☺☺☺
    Shivay ko dono Om aur annika ki fikr he. Bechara Sso .annika ke muh se farak padne ki baat sun ne ke liye kitni taras rahi he.Atr yarr kab tak ye farak farak ka game khelte raho ge??? Waise mujhe in dono ki tasahan bahut acchi lagi. I always enjoy it.
    Biluji apni pannika se panga mat Lijjie Agar aaap Chaku singh oberoi he toh Woh apki patni oops sry dharam patni Mrs chaku singh oberoi he.
    But kal at least shivay confess karega ki usse farak padta he.main spoiler ki video pe dekha he.???? can’t wait for tomorrow.

    1. meri billi mujhe meow!!!very good sense of humour

    2. Archiya

      precap .. lolzzzzz

  9. But ye chudail ko fast starting main dekh kar mood kharab hogaya
    But muhhe aaj sabse jyada tej pe taras aata tha????? bechara.jisko uski wife banana chahati thi woh uski baahu banrahi he??????
    But mujhe ek baat samjh main nahi aayi.sneek peek ke baad oberoi mansion ki raat matlab bahar raat ki scene dikhai di.
    But jab Sso romi ke peeche bhage uske baad din ki scene dikhai di.toh in logo ki mehendi raat ko hui ya din main??????????

    1. hehe…laggtahe shivaay romi peeche peeche bhagker subha kardi akhir itna bada ghar hee

  10. Worst show i hv ever seen .

  11. They wasted a week. Stupid director.

    1. Hi! Sharmi
      Also thought that they just wasted a week.
      Let’s hope they finish this asap

  12. you are her knight with a shiny armour sso. bacha liya apni billi ko phir se. mehendi mein, haathon ki lakeeron pe ,dimaag ke har cells mein and dil ke safe corner mein bhi sirf tumhara naam likha hai annika…
    love you romi today.. you save annika. shivaay was hell bend on chasing romi. loyalty test passed with distinction rumi devi.
    sso vs annika is very good. third world war to OM mein horaha hai. sso dear everything is fair in love and war. and this is love war. jeetna nahi haarna jaroori hai.
    head ache toh hoga hi shivvu itna tera mom itni loud jo hai. upar se tia cheppadi tere saath hai . not to forget about your annoying honewali saas and strong opponent annika in love war.
    so the tia saar dabane wali scene kal hoga.
    sso- kis haq se annika.
    annika- besharam billuji!! kiss and hug ke baare mein sunke mich michi hoti hai.

    1. Kiss haq se annika.. besharam billuji kiss and hug!!! Lol ??? what a Soch!!

      1. gutter mind work kar raha tha anu.

    2. Archiya

      last dialogues.. gud one

  13. Pata ni log itna pagal kyin hai is ghatiya se show k piche. Iss show m toh itna bakwaas drama dikhate hai ki pucchu mat. Itni lights ….aage, ppichhe , samne ….everywhere. and this anika and shivaye….oh god shivaye looks like an aged man of 35- 40yrs. And anika toh bacchi lagti hai uske samne. Iss show m sab apne dresses ka presentation karte rehte hai. Fashion dikhate hai. Mano jaise serial na hoke fashion show ho. Rubbish. Acting toh kisi ko aati hi ni iss show me. And shivaye ko toh bikul bhi ni. Sirf tej, omkara( ishqbaaz wala not dbo wala) and anika ko hi acting aati hai. Iss show m toh sas bahu serial jaisa drama dikhate hai but farq itna sa hai ki yeh log high budget drama dikhate hai. Aur iss shivaye singh oberio ko koi phone pakadna sikhaye ga……foolish

  14. Archiya

    Poor Shivay.. On all sides he is kinda attacked by gals.. Romi,tia pinky an now Anika also.. So much tat he got an headache… Today I felt really bad for him I think for the first time
    Shivay found Romi in justrwo episodes. Kya baat hai… How I wish he would have used this intelligence to find truth about that video first. ..instead of running behind Romi..also they directly came ? on road, don’t they have huge gardens in front of their house.. Which u cross n then go on road..anyways logic ko toh vaat laga di hai
    I just love Shivay anger look, nothing can match that look of his, Wen he opened OM door an came in tat angry stride.. Just wow..superb shot
    Pinku bechari Ka yehi role reh gaya hai.. To fall on others.. So bad.. They had such a nice storyline for her.. Don’t know why they stopped ..acp n she looked nice together
    The way Shivay holder Anika face in his hands if she was OK.. Without even bothering who was looking.. .just superb.. So much of emotion in his eyes..
    I m really getting bored of this now though, simply dragging as they have no where to reach

    @sumi : dear I saw Tanhaiyan first episode, its just superb… Have downloaded all epi.. But yet to watch..barun an surbhi Jyoti look smoking hotttt

    1. Archiya

      Missed to mention… I was feeling like going an dancing with them on London thumkda …they all seem to be enjoying so much.. In real even though it was reeel

      1. Archu.. best part of London thumkda was.. when tia pulled in swet for dance.. Tej walked out!! ??

      2. Archiya

        agreed it was

    2. shivaay got A certificate and is being used as U certificate holder by all ladies.

      1. Archiya


    3. I think this dragging is to rentry of rumya or Rudy as we all know that this is Aniru plan congrats Rudy is back to OM now surely they exposed
      Prinku today you done very good job when donno when they are going to restart their story

      1. Archiya

        too much of dragging will no more keep us glued to IB, i have already lost teh eagerness to watch it at 10

      2. Riya
        Yes waiting for OmRu, may be thats y the dragging.

    4. Archu..!!
      Your DP is ???…!!
      Loved the way Shivay was running behind Romi. The way he came inside the mansion was also coool.. but why was he showing his tashan to poor Annika. It seemed like some ramp walk to me. He walked, came till Annika n showed his signature move n then left.

      1. Archiya

        Attitude dear.., shivay has to be SSO sometime.. else v will forget him completely.. an i love the dp too

      2. Yeah archu.. DP awesome ??

    5. Sumi.SS

      Okkkk dear…surely I wl watch this in Sunday dr…and Archu I asked u to watch DBO…only 2epi only super fun dr….now a days epi OmRu were so rude to their ladies….I saw pics in insta where gauri may enrers OM in waitress look..OmRu also in shitia wedding…so i thnk in ishqbaaaz real drama wl start frm Monday….

      1. ab kya aur drama bacha hai khatam nai hua?pehele laga tha dbo shuru hne se pehele expose honge and thn i though this week they will end tia track but iam exited for omru and gauri entry

      2. Archiya

        Sumi dear,
        u suggest me which episode to watch.. will watch only that

    6. Sumi.SS

      No dr….not now..if u watch ongng epi surely u wl kil upcmng gauri entering OM as gaurav to work under svetlana…if I watch any upcmng epi as good..I wl infrm u dr….i watched previous sat and Mon epis it’s was very fun…dr

  15. Antara

    will they expose tia’s truth or they will drag its so boring abt tia’s matter since shivaay’s wedding wat abt anika’s memory? i think she is not acting lets see wat happns nxt

  16. Deva re Deva…..yeh Romi toh ekdum asli kamini nikli Deva!! Big applause to Romi…..single-handedly managing Shivaye and Mrs. Kapoor and SweTia on the other side is quite impressive for a young girl like Romi!! If Romi is not killed, then I think she has all the potential to be a dangerous villain!
    Mrs. Kapoorrrrrrrr……now she’s irritating me more than Pinky mom!! Itni pauper hain ki she can’t conduct even one ceremony at her house…..lekin baatein karti hain Meryl Streep jaise….luche-tuche 2 Rs. wali Chudail kahin ke!! I think because of this lady Prinku has to wear that circus wala outfit in Sangeet ceremony when all others are color coordinated…..Mrs. K’s shawl must have taken 3 mtrs of cloth which could almost cover Prinku from head to toe! 😡 😡 😡 😡 Btw what Prinku did to the mehendi was intentionally na……I don’t think it was accidental…..maybe Dadi told her or Shivaye…whatever it is good job Prinku….ye hote hain sensible nanand!!
    So SSO has made it very clear…..he is not going to stop unless he hears what he wants to hear!! I loved when Anika said “iss baar aapki ye galat faimi door ho jayegi….” That was very much needed for SSO!! Guyz I know we don’t like this ShiTia marriage at all….but I really want to see Shivaye at the verge of getting married to Tia….Shivaye should be sitting in the mandap going through a mild heart attack and then Anika should stop the marriage…..or I would prefer SSO himself should stop the marriage for some reason!! O God……pls make it happen…..
    Yesterday Shivika was bhar-bhar ke and today was ithooo-sa….. 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Pinky mom…..I just hope one day you will realize that Anika is the real sona and you will repent for all said and done to her!! Guys….pls explain me the meaning of Pinky mom’s proverb….”kuchar something something tindora….”
    And Tia baby, beware of your Di… sure one day she is the one who will harm your baby!! Lachu….poorathinu aanede thalayil vekkunna sadhanathinte perentha…..athu pole orennam aanu Swetinte neck-piece…..athum nthoru color coordination….kannu neelichu poyi!!
    P.eSh (P.S in Gauri shtyle): How come there are so many acid bottles available in Oberoi Mansion??

    1. Mrs K shawl will cover pinky top to toe!! Lol ?? and P esh in Gauri style! Liji full on Satie mode comments today!! ?

      1. Satire mode i meant

    2. har shivika scene repeat horaha hai to cv ne socha hoga kyun na phir se OM mein chemical/acid wala scene NB repeat karein.annika ki memory wapis aa sakta hai.

      1. Lol..! Chemical scene repetition could bro g back memory!! Can’t deny that ?

    3. Archiya

      Deva re Deva… marathi????
      Mrs. K’s shawl must have taken 3 mtrs of cloth which could almost cover Prinku from head to toe!…lolzzzz
      pls explain me the meaning of Pinky mom’s proverb….”kuchar something something tindora….” — this is like bagal main bacha an gaon main dindhora.. just something is just beside u and ur searching in the whole world/town

      1. Liji
        Meryl Streep ll file a case against u if she gets to know that u compared her to Mrs. Kapoor ??

        Mettethu nettipattam aanu kuttye.

  17. If I compare snail to IB, it ll b an insult to the snail I feel. But still hope by Saturday things are solved.

    Coming to the episode I think Kapoors shayad chemicals wholesale mein bhejthe hain, itne saare chemicals kahan se aaye inke paas. Last time it was in coffee now in mehandi. Ye kya chemical locha hain ?? Though plan was to hurt Annika, Mrs. Kapoor gave us a Shivika hug. Thanx Mrs. Kapoor for that.

    Aur Khanna bechara kisi aur ke wajah se hamesha daant khata hain. Why don’t you resign your job Khannaji??

    Shivay finally got an ‘A’ certificate.. ooops?? Mehandiwala ‘A’ I meant. Now that Shivay has taken the ‘fark padtha hain’ game as a challenge, I think Annika ll ve to confess her feelings, no other way coz we know how adamant is Shivay.

    Aur ye kya Dadi ne party Badal di, dance wance n all. Not bad Dadi. Like many of you said I too felt Prinku was beautiful, just short of a wand for a fairy look. I am confused if Svetlana in that outfit looked more like a gypsy or a joker in the pack of cards. Btw Riddhima ne Jo pink cushions Om Ko diye the, woh aaj theme k hisaab se kaam aaya. How thoughtful of her?? Bechari Ko humne kitna galat samjha..!!

    CVs, Yes it’s true we love Shivika and their romance but we (not just us, even Shivika) ll enjoy it better when they romance alone n not amidst RoTiLana and their Motilana mother, so plz CVs get rid of Kapoors ASAP. Plz hamare patience ki Oh my matha math karo.

    P.S.- Guys..!! The writer herself has posted a new pic of Shivika in their wedding wear. So I am guessing to bring back Annikas memory Shivay might be manhandling her to remind her what happened last time. Or ll Annika confess her love or ll Tia be exposed or any other possibilities?? What are your guesses guys??

    1. Am not taking any guesses lax.. am so much fed up of this track now that I have lost interest to guess! I want shivay himself to expose these witches!
      And yeah.. what was this swet wearing on her neck year.. kuch OM ka decoration material me jo Bacha tha use jod ke neck piece bana Diya..

    2. Mouni

      lol lax , true snail is faster these days than IB
      l dont care about expressing their feelings FOR NOW , all l want is tia and her mom out asap , probably swetlana will stay around if anika didn’t find any proof against her but atleast they know she is evil and they will monitor her moves
      we need tia out bcz of the toxic mood she is creating in the OM ; sso is stressed and anika is humiliated and pinky is insane and annoying , all bcz of tia and her baby , if robin comes and expose them all OF including sso will know how cheap and evil is tia and her mom and pinky will let anika take a break from her madness

      1. Mouni.. I will actually be happy if they don find proof on swet and let her stay.. that would make the Om Tej equations interesting!! Wanna see her driving Tej nuts!! She has been a relatively sensible Gillian from beginning so let’s let her share frame for some more time in OF..

    3. RoTiLana’s mother Motilana???

      1. Mouni, Anu..!!
        I too wanted to see a proper face off between Oberois n Kapoors, not this hide and seek game. But the writers should have done that long back coz now viewers are fed up of Kapoors. So I donno how well we can enjoy it, let’s see.

    4. Archiya

      Lax dear,
      If I compare snail to IB, it ll b an insult to the snail I feel…. lolzzz.. very true.. i m losin interset of watching it at 10, in few days i will completely lose interest even of watching it
      Why don’t you resign your job Khannaji?? an go in DBO.. he can do videos there..lolz
      Btw Riddhima ne Jo pink cushions Om Ko diye the, woh aaj theme k hisaab se kaam aaya. How thoughtful of her?? Bechari Ko humne kitna galat samjha..!! .. lolzzzzz… till what level she has thought and so have u

      1. Archu..!!
        I know we are all fed up of IBs snail speed but like somebody said here, they were pushing the rasams may b for OmRu to join. Saw Shivay n Annika in the wedding wear so I guess, there is going to be something big in few days. We ve waited with patience for so long for the Kapoors to b exposed so why not a few more days.?

    5. Lachu…..that Riddhima thought…….lolzzzz……am not able to control my laughter!! 😀 😀 😀
      Rotilana ki Motilana mother…..athu polichu!!
      And I too saw that Shivika wedding pic in Insta… this time Shivika marriage is happening for real?? I just hope this time its with a full-on “I DO” from both sides…..I don’t want to see Shivaye again in the SSO avatar and a helpless Anika weeping in bridal dress and make-up!!
      As you said Lachu, I don’t want Anika to confess her feelings……not this time!!

      Like I mentioned in my comment and Mouni in her earlier comments, Shivaye should go through a hell lot of stress sitting in the mandap on the verge of finishing the 7th phera and then Anika/Robin’s entry to stop the marriage…..after all the drama, I want to see a proper proposal from Shivaye…..whether Anika says “Yes” or “No” is another issue….Shivaye should atleast officially call her ‘wife’ in front of everyone!! But as you said, if the makers turn him into the old adamant SSO, then all this will be just in our dreams!!

      1. Liji..!!
        I donno but am feeling it’s going to be full on Shivika wedding that too in front of the media n others. Donno may b it’s my wish. Annika looked good in the bridal wear but it was very similar to the last one.

      2. Gosh if it is going to go upto 6th phere.. Liji I wud have died already.. I can’t wait any more!! I don look for a proper dramatic proposal so soon.. But as u said whether annika says yes or no doesn’t matter.. Shivaay should call her wife..!

    6. Lax dear….aftr reading all ur reply to evryone ..I hv a little hope… Abp today segment shivaay get ready fr mrge… shivOmru leaves frm shivika room coming downstairs…Annika sprinkling rose pedal on their paths…..?????????????????

      1. Sumi
        Oh God..!! I am just telling what I felt may not b right also, it seems more like Shivikas wedding to me from the spoilers. Donno anything can happen, am just hopeful. Fingers crossed though.

      2. Oh pls sumi!! This is bad! Like totally unfair.. can’t see ani hurt yaar pls!! Pls stop this right now!! ????

    7. Archu, Liji
      The actress who played Ridhima, Shireena got married this week.

      1. Oh really??? So I hope that puts an end to her character in IB also….the makers won’t create a comeback for Riddhima’s character I guess!!

        And Sumi, Anu, Lachu…..the spoilers are very confusing…..Anika is wearing mangalsutra and sindoor but Shivaye says its late now…..does that mean he will marry Tia?? Or will this new entry of Tia’s college friend bring some twist before the marriage?? Its the same guy who Anika was dancing with in the Sangeet right??

        Galzzz….did you like ShiOmRu’s wedding outfit?? Everything is fine except for that shawl….it looks so mismatching with the whole outfit na?? What is wrong with this Shivani?? If she gets appreciation for 2 costumes, she will ruin the 3rd one!!



    with the time
    first it changed to

    then it jumped


    and at present

    it is


    It is obvious to me atleast

    FALLING of ANNIKA to down floor is the plan of ANIRUSHI, and within it, ML plan was only of ANNIKA, that is plan in plan as we had seen her 2nd plan while trapping SWET.

    While returning home from a house where D was captured behaviour of both SHIVIKA was not normal.

    We know, ANNIKA as KALAWATI was behind TIA’s D, but after that incident, we never found her after D.

    So far as I believe, both SHIVIKA now well aware of existence of D, and there is no doubt in my mind now atleast.

    After that DRAMA, on returning at home, soon he found ANNIKA’s ML as fake, which was unknowingly stamped by ANNIKA herself.

    In short both knows, WHO IS WHO and WHAT AFTER THEY ARE, and may be ANNIKA does not have any idea WHAT EXACTLY SHIVAAY IS AFTER( DAI MAA VC)?, but certainly SHIVAAY might have briefed her about he is seeking something.

    Do not tangle with FARAK drama, it is their own DRAMA apart from all these ! It is just a MATTER BETWEEN SHIVIKA.

    SSO just can not raise the curtain from over the face of KALAWATI to gain the benefits regarding the secrets of KAPOORS , and so why we never seen him to try expose her ML.

    And ANNIKA does know, she is ANNIKA for SHIVAAY, and thats why, he is fuming over her saying, IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE TO ME!!.

    Over more, to keep KAPOOR’s in ILLUSION of this wedding, which he does not intending to happen at all, , it is necessary to keep continue with his drama with ANNIKA keeping ANNIKA also in dark and to keep her away from what ever he want to do for the fear of her safety.

    —to be continue

    1. SHEKHAR…..firstly i got bcz of this cvs crazy track… ur analysis maths chemistry all together… not able to understand anything….but nc analysis

    2. Archiya

      Good analysis… i had so many doubts, u cleared most of them

    3. Shiv

      Always it’s fun and interesting to read our great sso analyst shekar s comments !!!????????

  19. Krishnaa

    1)acid attack again
    2) necklace theft again in 2mrw or day after 2mrw epi
    3)again khanna and the security guards dont know how the attacks are happening
    4) people who come to attack oberoi mansion always enter the mansion with dolki people.
    5) IB doesnt look like IB without OmRu; no more dumb but entertaining talks of rudra, no more omkara’s shayari, no more AniRu similar conversation which somehow turns out to be logical.
    6) no more tia talking about universe ( maybe she will after robin returns- universe ne meri robin ko phir se zinda bhejdi”

    1. Shakaib

      6)lol..!! Universe ne mere robin ko wapas bhej diya..!! Hahaha.

    2. Lol!! I would like to see her universe avatar back too after Robin!
      But as you said all the key charms in IB are no longer visible!! The only think the show is running is by showing few shivika moments and instilling hope in audience for better episodes!

    3. universe ne wapas kiya robin ko yeah!!! ab ishqbaaz kiuniverse se door chalijao lady baba.

    4. Krishnaa

      yeah! 😀 😀 😀

      1. Universe ne meri Robin Ko phir se Zinda bhejdi.. lol…!!??

        IB is not the same old one, so true..!! Lost the charm, hope they ll buck up soon.

  20. EPI 20-2
    He had reached at the point of no return, and the man who never felt his heart to bit for any gal is now seeking her around him all the time and after placing him at over and above the family now, wished to sneak out from OM at midnight, is fighting with his tooth and nail with her MOM and TEJ.

    See, how the shrewd SSO is telling this !!!

    HE came near to her and said ‘ AB MAI OOSKE SAATH APNI SAARI JINDGI BITAUNGA….”, and holding her both flower filled hands completed his saying”…. JISKE SAATH KI MUJHE BITANI CHAHIYE!!!”

    SSO is fighting with rivals through his mind and fighting with ANNIKA through his heart!!
    In love also, few person just can not put aside their EGO aside, let we found them die for each other!!!

    So each acts of SSO making ANNIKA jealous is their personnel fight, and SSO is conveniently used it to reach to the core of conspirency.
    SSO is stubborn, committed and used treat any one with mind, but except ANNIKA. In mind game, he always found him at back sit, and he never found her affected for whatever his mind possess or what ever the backing he has like power, money, on the contrary, she made fun out of all these stuff and badly embarrassed him all the time. He got realized.

    ANNIKA is also STUBBORN, COMMITTED but she treat the people more with heart and less with mind, that is the point where she differ from SSO. She is STUBBORN, but only when she believe what does she believe, her heart is also agreed upon. Her stubbornness has flexible lungs around which SSO does not have. So why , these same flexibility provided her the SHOCK ABSORBER, which never allow ANNIKA to shattered and like PHOENIX, she can gathered her self to fight back.

    SSO just never can be flexible , and thats why he never had any shock absorber. He just can not fight back after regaing himself, and that’s why her saying, IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE TO ME, pain him most. She can manage, and can see her own husband marrying with other or any random gal, but he just can’t even imagine it.

    This can be experienced in epi on 21-2.

    ……………………… be continue

  21. epi-21-2
    So atlast, ROMI is the reason for spoling the equation




    It is obvious, SSO is not serious for wedding, and as I predicted, in my POV, ANNIKA would be emerged out as the WEDDING PLANNER of her own marriage.

    PINKY and Mrs.KAPOOR both are well aware the importance of ANNIKA in SSO life, and for both them, ANNIKA is a nuisance in wedding of SHITIA. SSO knew this fact, but not only ignored them, but by his acts insulted both in his own way.

    As said ago, the imaginary boy ROHIT had dragged out SHIVAAY, THE LOVER BOY, from the body of RUDE , STUBBORN and CRUEL SSO. I said above, the FARAK fight is totally a personnel game of SHIVIKA to shift our focus from the real fact, and that can be experienced by, how SHIVAAY he stopped PINKY from uttering against ANNIKA and stopped from blaming ANNIKA for ACID in MAHENDI.

    Mrs. KAPOOR is a fooloish lady who unnecessarily shifted her focus from SHITIA to plan against ANNIKA.

    It is to be noted, how much SSO is serious about his marriage with ANNIKA. On finding her kicked out TIA from his room, he never done anything which annoy ANNIKA as THE WIFE, and never intended to leave her . In present track, all what he is doing is only to make ANNIKA convince , HIM with TIA, affect her. Even he never seems to anxiet to enjoy his right as husband, for the reason, he wished to shattered all the clouds from over the SHIVIKA, and wishing to make realise ANNIKA, what does she mean for SHIVAAY.

    ———–to be continue

    1. Wow! If u down half an hr on IB and half an hr on TU written updates and comments, reading this SSo analyst comment needs another half an hr exclusively!!
      1. After a long time post schooling I have found myself enjoying read and re-reading equations! Thanks you for that
      2. Like you have mentioned it is totally true that Shivaay sides the intend this wedding and the farak drama is just a by product he is trying to gain out of this entire drama
      3. They bigger know WHO is WHO and what they are after.. and SSO not raising a flag on annikas ML drama and using it for his advantage.. this is a very sensible way of looking at it.. but since our CVs have a very strong allergy towards being sensible, we can be absolutely confident that story will not take such a meaningful turn!
      4. I liked the way you have mentioned about shock absorbers!!
      5. No wonder tia has this training of loosing focus on the problem and harm annika, the trait has passed on straight in genes!
      Three cheers to you for your analysis Sekhar!!

      1. Yes, the left many major and minor track unfinished to use those hanging track conveniently as and when they needed.
        The CVS are allergic not only to sensibility, but to logic too!??

    2. thnx shekhar!! dimaag ka kachra saaf ho gaya tumhare skeleton equation dekhkar. chemistry to achha hai ishqbazi ka. sso- nkk=shivaay lolz…..

    3. The new born investigator SSO had conveniently lost his all sense and failed even to make any guess work over the incident of MIIXING ACID WITH MEHENDI, otherwise he would have been shown sensing his would be MIL Mrs. KAPOOR as main culprit.

      It happens not first time, they made him DUMB and NONSENSE as and when they find it necessary to stretch the track, otherwise Mrs.KAPOOR might have been resting behind the JAIL BARS, but no, they are stretching this KAPOOR track as long as possible to make convince us , how these KAPOORs are clever, but in vain!

      DBO is the worst branch straining out from IB and foolishly making effort to convince viewers how OM is stronger than SSO, how GOURI is more stronger than ANNIKA ! GLASS weight is one kg, and car weight is 3T, and simply left the illogical and nonsense equation in air for comparision.

      It is the talent of ACTOR/ACTRESS who made the character strong, not the force lying behind his/her physical effort to react to a situation. COPY made the DBO worst as of now, and by speeding up the incidents only to keep the convenient situation with IB, they murdered the talent of KUNAL JAISINGH. If DBO was not at back to back of IB, many might have skipped it to avoid more nonsense to add to they have already from IB.

      ROBIN may come in front of OF during wedding on his own or by any from OF team, and will end Mrs.KAPOORs and TIA presence in OM. It is logical, if ANNIKA’s views will be considered, SWET will also be out of OM along with 2 kapoors.

      When in a challange, ANNIKA said’ YOUR MISSUNDERSTANDING WILL GET AWAY THIS TIME ” is the ultimatum to SSO, and he knows, how much she is serious and how much she is stubborn to prove it right, and get worried. This her saying is a VIRTUAL KNIFE on his neck threatening him, EITHER YOU DO IT or GO TO HELL!

      Unfortunately I forget, who had used this, but I want to appretiate that this by using, stealing his/her word, VIRTUAL KNIFE!


      1. I just love to read your analysis and comments.. I always look for your name first in comments and read them first.
        I wish CVS read this analysis and stick to it and show this logic on screen.. but they dont stick to the logic or their original plans of track I feel..
        And you clear many doubts for the people looking for logic.. I dont know if cvs really think of this logic but your comments convinces us by this logic 😀

  22. Good job done by prinku….. Nanad ho to aise….. Waiting for the next episode…..the chaaku drama.

    1. Yeah! Prinku is probably the sweetest ever nanad one can imagine!!

  23. Gayathri.visu

    In today epi I just loved Prinku… CVs please stop these nonsense. In front of world shitia are married, then why invitition?? I m eagerly waiting for kapoor’s exposed epi…. I just hope Rumi give that chip to Shivaay then she will be murdered…. Guys this ML is Aniru plan or not??

  24. This pinky and mrs.kapoor…..just testing viewers patience….and this pinky she is totally obessed with anika just like shivaye…..every time anika anika jup…..plsss shivaye use that plaster to keep ur mums mouth shut which u used for anika…..and again and again anika is becoming mrs.kapoors target then also this shivaye never doubts that shoorpanaki lady….commom shivaye….anika has only two enymies thats tia and mrs.kapoor….so very easily u can identify that all this attacks behind mrs.kapoor only….cvs plsss viewers ko ullu banana band karo….hamare sabar tootrahe he ab…..end this shitia marriage drama and nb track….

    1. Mouni

      lol true pinky is so obsessed with anika and she is super annoying , l hope she will stay quit and shamful after tia’s exposure
      sso is dealing with a lot of stress and the blackmailing and forced marriage , anika ML …
      lets hope anika will end this soon

    2. Shoorpanaki lady!! lol that’s true! Waiting her nose to be cut off now!! ?? shivay’ brain is controlled by a switch.. it was on while finding Romi with heels.. but not to find who mixed chemical in mehendi!!


    This show has become Mystry show more from ishaqbaaz..

  26. Hey Astha,mouni n archiya thank you so much for your replies… yea Astha full jet speed i was in…. waiting for today’s episode just hope they get robin ASAP

  27. Hi Arpita n lax hru….. a big hi to all fans here

    1. Hi Pinku
      Am good , how R u??

  28. Mouni

    well guys it seems that spoilers were true , romi will die , the new video shows them in the party and apparently romi falls and die
    but ; shivika was wearing different clothes and janvi and rudra were there so am guessing maybe this a promo ?? bcz shivika were standing together in the middle and tia in the corner with her mom , also swetlana is missing so she must be the killer

    1. Mouni

      am super confused , in another spoiler tia hugs the man in the pics as he comes in OM , and it says “ex husband” ?? l dont understand , did tia marry twice ?? but it seems she introduced him as just a friend
      ughhhhhhh guys am super annoyed , this does not seem to come to an end , no they show rumi accident and shivika getting ready for tia’s wedding but nothing about exposing her

      1. Ohhhh mauni….whats thisyar..i just cnt tolerate this more….they where simply dragging this nb’s track….hope atleast this time they will expose tia atleast…otherwise im gonna stop to watching this nb’s madness and craps….i just wish next weak trp gets down bcz this weak us full of this nb’s drama….if trp gets down then only this cvs will learn a lesson…otherwise they wont end this nb’s madness

      2. Mouni…!!
        Don’t worry, I guess things ll fall in place soon. Just saw a spoiler video in which Shivika is in the wedding wear. And the voice over says it’s Shivikas wedding, also Shivay is the one who ll expose things.

      3. Mouni

        shahabana , the spoilers are making me mad and confused , will rumi die before the wedding ?? and if so it means she will not help sso that’s why he will get ready for the final rituels right ?? and also why sso and anika only change clothes ?? while the others still the same from sangeet ?? l have no hope in this week episodes , 3 are left and all of them will sho this boring endless celeb
        my hope is that anika and / or rudra will stop it and robin comes in to save us all

      4. Mouni

        what lax ?? sso is the one who will expose things ?? but l really was thinking it will be anika , so does this means her ML is real ??? but you said sso will expose things but not necesserely tia ?? maybe he will confront mrs kapoor about her blackmailing ?? l truly want anika to be the one exposing tia with robin

      5. What’s going on yaar! The track is getting complicated without logic! How long are they planning to drag this..? Are these CVs planning to make us numb to this kind of a story line??

      6. mouni.. annika ne neck lace nahi churaya manliya maine. par jhanvi ki bindi churaliya… bechari janvi lolz….

    2. Sumi.SS

      Mouni…Cvs stupidity has never ends….nw a days track givng me more headache…lyk rudy mujhe bhi icu janey padega…worst track ever…frst pls clear us whoevr hv plan…most of the tym Annika and rudra behavng so normal and cool…in all iv surbhi mentioning annika as kalavathi…really????
      If cvs want to unfold all the mystery in one episode….i said it’s a worst creativity…day by day viwers wl loss their ur sake u r chnging char and then murder them.again they r alive..what nonsense all these..
      I thnk we hv to keep our patience until Monday….

      1. Mouni..!!
        I donno the voice over in the video said Shivay ll bring out the truth. I donno which truth they are talking about, now that there are hundreds of truths to come out.? Cannot believe voice overs also. Let’s wait till the episode is aired.

      2. In stupid India segments reporter said shivay and tia no shaadi ogi….kal Annika yeahng sey chali jayagi…..
        I can’t see Shivika separation… much of emotional scenes….????In Abp today segment shivaay get ready fr mrge… shivOmru leaves frm shivika room coming downstairs…Annika sprinkling rose pedal on their paths…..?????????????????

      3. Mouni

        true sumi , anika is showing her attitude as anika like when she is jealous and keeps looking at shitia but also they are not showing her getting emotional or crying and she even accepted tia’s baby , all this make me believe she has some plan

        lax l hope he will confront mrs kapoor but am wishing for anika to be the one exposing tia in front of them
        also will romi die before the wedding ?? how can they proceed with celebration when someone is killed in the house

    3. Mouni lax and sumi….dnt know which spoiler is true….but I too seen anika in bridel dress….we should wait and watch what happens next….I think next weak we will get answers for our questions….first of all this spoilers are more headache than episodes….so its best to avoid spoilers and let’s see what happens in upcoming episode. …but one good news is there gauri is entering om as a disguss of guy…. so let’s see I hope upcoming episodes are full on fun and watchable. really tired of this boring nbs drama. …I want my full on masthi ishqbaaz with all 6 wonderful leads….waiting to see them in one frame

      1. Mouni

        me too shahabana am thinking next week will give the answer and let’s hope they close this kapoor chapter or atleast tia

    4. Mouni..!!
      True, how can they go for a wedding when there is a murder in the house. I too thought abt it, may b Romi did not die she is hospitalized. Donno yaar. CVs are mad to open hundred new tracks without finishing off the old ones.

      1. Sumi.SS

        Yeah lax…I am also thinking the same.she may be admitted in hospital..if shivaay get the ship frm her or not??Annika ML is a real or fake ??wl tia expose or not???
        Soooo many questions….
        Yeah dr I am also waitng fr the day when all cuties share the screen togethr..but disgusting one is shernu said in iv she is entering OM to work under svetlana….kapoors track nvr going to end……

    5. Sumi.SS

      In today segment in jntrvew surbi said I lost my memory…feeling little jealous becz evryone said he is my husband…other than that nthng…I thnk she is tryng her level best to show ML is real…..but I am surely believing its fake..At last she said thr is lot of drama in wedding track….I dnt knw when cvs r gng to end our wait….

      1. Mouni

        its hard for me to believe its real ML , how about the call with gauri in the early days of ML ?? she was 100 % anika

      2. Mouni

        so gauri is coming working under swetlana as a boy ?? FTW ???
        so it means even if tia is exposed swetlana will stay but how anika is going to do ith her ML ?? will she continue to pretend to expose swetlana too ??

  29. they are driving us all crazy….. kannil ozicha oil ellam waste aakunnu thonunnu. shayad this time also Tia and her mom will escape , I think so. now I don’t even care if the exposure part is predictable, but just want to see tia getting exposed. …… after all we all are IB’s sincere fans….. how long will they let us bear all this tortures…. karthave please cvs nnu ini enkilum kurach nalla bhudhi kodukane…..

    1. Amen. karthav ninte prathana kekate

  30. Bhaiya, ur equations made me remember my school days and my maths & chemistry classes along with my teachers. our maths teacher daily used to ask us different equations on maths. if not answered he used to give us imposition and some time very spicy beat with chooral. ?. but now they are sweet memories……

  31. The spoilers r now cnfusng me don’t know where d story is headng to….. bt happy to see whole family together after a long tym except soumya even i tthink gauri will also enter OM in disguise saw she was gettng ready in some spoilers…… so xcept d drama prt it’ll be fun to watch them together…… also i had a vry bad thought in my mind tat as we saw romi’s accidnt in sangeet so tat means they hv tym before mrg n hv a feelng tat noone’s mrg will take place instead sso or annika will end up in jail……hope nothing lyk this happens……. actually i thought romi’s accident will be after mrg drama bt no they brought tat in b/ w mrg……also nt liking d fct tat they r simply killing romi instead of unveiling d truth

  32. i don’t known Hindi language.,but now i am a great fan of ishqbaaz and you shivika,rumya,om and gauri

  33. Sumi.SS

    Dears i thnk in BARC rating ishqbaaaz is slot leader 10 th positions..2.4
    DBO was 14th positions 2 and good rating I frst week itself….
    In hotstar gul mam only ruling frst three postions

    1. Sumi.SS

      Lax and sahabana check this..dr…I am not sure……..

    2. Sumi.SS

      Lax and sahabana check this..dr…I am not sure……..once u get confirm info pls share here dr….

      1. Sumi dear
        It’s true. Barc ratings- 2.4 for Ishqbaaaz n 2.0 for DBO. 2.0 is a huge opening. Even IB started only with 1.8. Ishqbaaz according to me did not ve something gr8 last week still managed 2.4 which is good. Hotstar ratings I donno where do u get it??

      2. Ishqbaaz in top6 with trp 2.4
        Rival shows kasam trp is 1.7 and wo apna sa trp 1.0
        And dbo trp is 2 and its in top9
        Rival show dil se dil thak trp 1.1
        Ishqbaaz and dbo rockz

    3. Sumi dr…..this trp is true….its by impression….
      But this trp includes like kapil sharma show also…
      And im hapoy for ishqbaaz and dbo….both are slot leaders with very huge trp than their rival shows….
      Kasam ki tho raitha pheladiya he ishqbaazne….
      Ishqbaaz dil bole oberoi and thanhaiya rockz

  34. HI Lax, i am doing god too, Shree.. nahi it seems romi’s murder blame will be on shivaay n he will be in jail…. n he is taking an off

    1. Pinku
      I donno how true is it?? According to spoiler videos Romi dies when Shivay is with others, so how come Shivay can be accused. Haan bhai serial hain kuch bhi ho saktha hain

  35. Guys
    IB makers ko patha hai shivika scenes ki wajah se unki trp badega.agar phir viewers NB gang aur tia ki truth expose karne ko request karengi tho ye log shivika moment, funny moments daalke viewers ko impress karengi.agar aisa hi chaltha rahegi na tho tia ko hame aur sehna padega.iss liye kehtha hu agar tia ko expose karna chaatha hai tho please IB ki trp kam karo.agar trp kam ho gaya tho ye math sochna show ki the end hogi.uske liye tho bahuth time hai.pehle aap logo ko patha hoga rumya wedding truth aur jhanvi ki accident bahuth saari drama ki wajah se bore hua tha.thab anika ki kalavathi character,naagin dance,pathi parmeshwer ye sab daalke interest banaya tha.ab aage bhi aise intersting track daalegi aur sab log tia NB gang ko boolkar enjoy karengi.tia ka truth ye log jaldhi expose karengi patha nahi.but aap log please trp kam karo IB ka.
    aap log sochthi hogi mujhe IB show pasand nahi hai but aisa nahi log jo hame ullu banake aur boring drama daalke boring kar rahi hai na usske liye samak sikhana chaathi hai.



  36. IB is so confusing….kuch samajh hi nahi aa raha ….aakhir proof kya karna chahte hai log……anika ki memory kab lautegi? Wo chhodo agar yeh sab anikaka plan nqhi hai toh uski memory gayi hi kyu hai ? Aur gayi bhi hai toh phir shivaaye kisi psychiatrist ko consult kyu nahi kar raha ?Atleastt pehle jab anika thik thi tab woh tia ko expose karne koshish toh kar rahithi ……….ab woh bas aise hi hai usse kisi baat se koi faraq nahi pad raha …….woh iss show ki hheroine hai yaar……aur yeh ib waale why they start new track without ending previous track …… many mysteries CID waale bi confuse ho jaaye ……aur logic ka toh antim sanskaar kar diya hai inn logone …..shitia ki shaadi toh pehle hi hogayi this na duniya ki nazro mein phir kya zaroorat thi iss drame ki …aur divorce toh tab dia jaata hai na jab marriage papers sign kiye gaye ho….aur daadi unohne shivika ko shaadi ka matlab samjha dia rumya ka kya unki bi toh shaadi hui hai

    I love this show bcz it was different from other shows but now…..

  37. Wow!? so many fans for this serial…. AMAZING!!! i’m a die hard fan too….? can i join u guyzz

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