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Ishqbaaz 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says you can break all glasses of this house, but don’t leave talking to me. Pinky comes and says Tia has locked herself in room, she is saying she will commit suicide. Shivaye rushes. Sometime before, Shivaye says I believe Anika. Anika looks surprised. Shivaye says if anyone points finger on Anika’s character, I will not bear this, this chapter is over, no one will take that man’s name, please have breakfast, come Anika. He makes Anika sit. Pinky cries and starts leaving. He stops her and asks her to understand. She says I understood everything, you are talking her language, you made me outsider for this girl. He says no, mother can be annoyed, upset, but never an outsider/stranger, I never said you are wrong, I just said Anika is right, please try to understand. She says when did you

change. He says please, for me, sit. He asks them to start having breakfast. Anika sees him. He makes her sit. She looks on.

Anika talks to someone and says yes, I started talking catering orders, I m leaving. Shivaye comes and asks where are you going. She says I m going on work. He says you will not go atleast till we talk. She says I don’t want to talk. He says you have to talk as I m saying. She goes. He stops his car in front of her. She asks why did you stop my way. He says I can do anything. She asks him to move off her way. He says I will drop you. She says move your car. He says I won’t. She says I have to go. He says I don’t care. She says you don’t know what I can do. He says I heard this, its my dialogue. She says I m saying for the last time, move your car. He says I m saying again, I will drop you. She goes and gets a bat. He looks on. She hits on the car’s windscreen and breaks it. He recalls the past’s similar moment. She goes away. Music plays….. She turns to see him. He smiles. She gets stunned and leaves.

Khanna stops her and says wait, go back towards car, I have to take closeup. Shivaye asks whats going on Khanna. Khanna says I m making your video, its the best one till now. Shivaye says what, you make our videos, why, wait, so you made video on marriage day and gave Omru. Khanna says yes, what could I do, how to refuse to Om and Rudra. Anika asks why do you make the videos. Khanna says whenever you two are infront of each other, something breaks, so I make video, it maybe of use, who gets chance to see someone giving attitude openly to Sir ji, I keep videos as evidence. Shivaye says so you spoiled all this. Anika asks what is your language.

Shivaye says its watch your language, stop using my words, Khanna started this, where did he go. She says he went, he knows no use to argue with you. He says I will see him. She asks whats his mistake. He says he exposed me infront of entire family. She says he supported truth, its not mistake. He says you broke my car glass and then you are taking his side. She says like I broke the glass, I wish I could shatter your ego. He says anyway you are talking to me. She says I m not, I have to go. He says you can’t go anywhere till you talk to me. She says I m going. He says show me. She asks are you threatening me. He says I m challenging. She says I m also challenging you, stop me.

He says don’t challenge me. She asks why, will you break my legs or lift me. He lifts her in arms and takes her inside the house. He says I told you not to challenge me. She says will you jump in well, will you do anything for challenge. He says yes, I will jump. She says put me down. Soumya calls him out. Shivaye sees everyone seeing them and smiling. He drops Anika down. He says my file is there and goes. Soumya goes to Anika and says you will also want some file, let me help you. Anika says he wanted file, I was not giving him. Jhanvi asks were you not giving file. Soumya teases Anika. Anika says I will give file and come. They laugh.

Anika goes to room and shuts door. Shivaye shows the file. They start laughing. She asks why are you laughing. He says even you were laughing, you are laughing. She says I m laughing because you are a joker. He says what, I m not a joker, I m Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She says who does not know to laugh. He says I heard that, do you think I don’t laugh, I was laughing here. She says you looked strange, you don’t have habit, you can’t even smile, you will look strange if you laugh once in many years, if you laugh every day, laugh will suit on face. He gives the bat and asks her to hit on hand. He says there are many glasses in this house, you can break all if you want, but don’t leave talking to me. O jaana…..plays…………..

He says you always say I can’t do it, today I will do it and show, I will apologize 100 times, I m sorry, I m sorry Anika…. I did mistake to doubt on you, it will not happen again, I promise. She says your phone is ringing. He throws phone and says I don’t care. She asks why do you throw things always. He asks why do you always break things, will you forgive me? She looks at him.

Pinky gets inside the room and says Shivaye, why are you not answering, Mrs. Kapoor called many times, Tia locked herself in room and saying she will commit suicide, go fast, it will be problem. Shivaye goes. He comes back to Anika and says you come with me. They leave.

They reach Tia’s house. Shivaye asks whats happening Mrs. Kapoor. She says Tia locked herself in room. He asks Tia to open the door. Anika shows the kerosene oil coming out of the door. He shouts Tia and breaks the door. Tia pours kerosene on herself. They see her. He asks what are you doing Tia. Tia says I want to kill myself. He asks her why are you doing this. She says all I wanted was to marry you, but you married someone else, my dream to marry you will never get completed, so I will ….. She lights match stick. They get worried. Tia drops it.

He shouts Tia. He holds it in hand and blows it off. He says just stop this nonsense Tia. Tia says I want to die. He asks whats the problem, I said we will marry. Mrs. Kapoor asks when will you marry. He says you know situation, we can’t marry till divorce happens. She says we don’t have time. He says Tia and I are not running away. She says we don’t have time, Tia is pregnant, she is going to become mum of your child, did you hear that. Shivaye and Anika get shocked.

Tia says Shivaye will kick you out of his life, not me. Anika says if I want, I will kick you out of this city, my eyes will be on you now. Anika goes to Shivaye and says Tia is lying to you, she is putting someone else’s child on your name, she is trapping you./strong>

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow, I loved today episode very much expect that lady baba’s drama..
    Best thing is Shivaye’s laughing, how cute he is I can’t take my eyes from him while he laughing.. Yet wt anika said is true, he laughs once in a year but it suits him very much than others..

  2. KHANNA!

    First fan of ANNIKA !

    He was the first who dared to admire ANNIKA infront of SSO during the BD part of SSO friend in which SSO intended to make her bow down after trapping her in the FIRED the % crores PAINTING!!!

    He send video of BREAKING of WINDSCREEN in initial episode to OMRU and made DADI, OM and RUDRA member of his ANNIKA’s FAN CLUB!

    For him, it was a shock to find a newly appointed gal in OM fighting with his RUDE and BIG BOSS SHREWED SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROY with tooth and nail. And when he found her at fist met at the door step of temple challanging his BIGBOSS for breaking queuee, and then in the way she broke his windscreen, he almost lost his sense!!

  3. Mouni

    well guys there is a segment where apparently tia brings food to sso and starts to speak badly about anika , he looked annoyed but it was like 10 sec segments so am not sure what is the situation really so am hoping writers will be clever and show that sso has some plan or atleast buying some time to find proof against tia , bcz its crazy that he dont remember sleeping with her and then accepting some paper she gives to him , he will look really stupid so plz plz let it be that he is investigating it with anika as a spoiler said that he will support anika this time against tia and they will join hands to find the truth as only sso has the resource to find the relationship with robin and tia , anika alone will have trouble to do it so lets hope for that

    1. As SSO atleast himself either confirmed that he is responsible the baby about which TIA talking or somewhat in dilemma, but never ever confirm that baby is his! This may lead him to start doubting over TIA, and this time atleast he just will not ignore ANNIKA’s views for TIA.

      Any way, eaven though atleast he is in DOUBTING zone, and he is in VISED between two, one side his now new born intense strong feelings for ANNIKA, GUILT ant other side his declaration of TIA as his wife to media. He knows what may be consequencies may be created by TIA , thats why, in my POV, he will try to BUY time in any way and during that time he will start to confirm his doubts over TIA with the help of ANNIKA, OM, RUDRA.

      Till now, TIA was getting the benefit of default TRUST over her, but now circuimstances has been vividly changed, and under infuence of new circuimstances, SSO may opt for otherwise.

      Eventhough ,it is better to wait for 1-2 epis to get aired.

      1. Mouni

        am hoping forthat shekhar , l would like to think that he is buying time so he and anika may get lucky , as tia is not using classic blackmail but she uses the media to force him indirectly to accept the pregncy and emotional blackmail too as in the video she faked pain so he takes care of her
        sso is not happy with this track as his relationship with anika became close to being a couple and even if he told tia that he will marry her he knows that he can not stay away from anika or divorce her and after the DNA test anika is the only one who still believe sso is innocent

  4. guy enyone tell me that what happen to omru . ???

    1. Helloo MP
      Leenesh and Kunal aka omru are suffering from both are distcharged but resting at home…so we have to wait some days to see omru in the show

  5. Hi guyz ……… I’m a great fan of IB ……… can I join u guyz ……….

    1. Mouni

      welcome dear

    2. Welcome to the ishqbaaz family shivika keep commenting dr

  6. Hi guyz ……… I’m a great fan of IB ……… can I join u guyz ……….
    BTW 2dyz ep waz worth watching expt the 1 of tat lady baba??

    here is the promo where tia brings media and make shivaay accept he is father of baby which makes shivaay feel enraged but anika tries to convince him to be back to his SSO form tia does not want anika to be around shivaay so she bring food i hope anika feeds sso in front of tia which will be exciting to watch hope tia’s track may not take long time

  8. OMG……Awesome words to describe the happiness Shivika fans felt…EPIC
    all moments described above by all the fans are spot on

    Same as what a lot of you guys are saying… Tia moment spoiled the last minutes but loved each and every Shivika moments.

    PLEASE CVs we fans realize that while OMRU are recuperating you had to bring Tia drama but plz keep it to a minimum….plz dont spoil Anika n Shivays characters…

    Plz now show Shivay as the shrewd businessman that he is where I’m hoping he is playing dumb to keep Tia quiet as he along with Anika tries to find Tias truth once and for all….

    Its especially heart breaking for fans to watch as he talks about divorce and says that he will marry Tia as he goes to save her, yes its crucial that he stops Tia from suicide but why give false hope that he will marry her after divorce and that too in front of Anika.. its like a slap on Anikas face.How much does a girl have to suffer..from their husband, in laws, society….how does the current story of Tias pregnancy justify another woman being in pain, discarded on whim of society, status and all that nonsense.

    Dont make shivay look stupid anymore….it takes two to tango therefore if he hasnt been intimate with Tia how can there be a baby…..plz show that he has BRAINS
    Otherwise all his talk about respect and good character will be all talk only AND DOUBLE STANDARD- eg Dev’s illegitamate status, Anika’s ONS as he thought.

    Honesty and trust should make a person stronger, here the storyline keeps making Anika weak. She is portrayed as being honest, hard working, of good character but also always suffering cos of others selfishness.

    AGAIN as gap feeler while OMRU are away, perfect time for GK to move Priyanka n Ranveer story forward while making Shivikas RL stronger, their nok jhok a treat for fans…dont they realise that they r only hurting the ratings of the show by doing stupid Tia storyline. they could have dragged Shivika moments of Anika being mad at Shivay for longer n him going out of his comfort zone to win her back multiple times, not just one apology n she melted?
    Plz excuse my frustration guys hope no one is offended by my comments…love Shivika, OMRU and Roumya…hope we get more of todays moments….THE BEST EPISODE SO FAR>>>>

  9. superb episode..shivika rockzzzzzzzzz…missing omru.

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