Ishqbaaz 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi asks where are those three. Shivaye says not three, four. Dadi sees Shivaye, Om, Rudra and Priyanka getting Ganpati and smiles. Priyanka says not four, five …… Some time before, Pinky says bahu’s dreams always broke in this house mummy ji….. Shivaye says mom…. Dadi says Pinky…. Pinky says sorry mummy ji, my tongue slips always, I did mistake. Om says no, just tell anything you have in your heart. Pinky says I don’t keep anything in heart, I want to tell one thing, I m not educated like Jhanvi, my mum used to say if girl is educated more, she gets on head and then she does not get proposal, I was in BA second year when Shakti came to see me, the dreams which I have seen, I left it, I had small dream to win everyone’s heart in Sasural, I accepted this Sasural, but this Sasural could

not accept me.

Dadi asks what are you saying…. Pinky says speaking my heart, no one tells anything on my face, just I misbehave with others. She cries and says but no one gave respect to me in this house, like everyone gave respect to Jhanvi, when there is any ceremony, you give responsibility to Jhanvi. Dadi says she is my elder bahu. Pinky says maybe, and also because she is educated and from good family, she talks well in English.

Dadi says my Lord knows I did not differentiate between you two. Pinky says maybe not intentionally, but unknowingly, Shakti differentiated, he does not take me to parties, being afraid that I talk and he can get insulted, he asks me to shut up always, even at home, my Shivaye…. he has never let our distance end, he says English so well, even I try to talk in english to match to his English, he never said I m talking well, he did not correct my mistake, he did not think I m trying, I was always comedian for everyone, my own son is ashamed of me, as his mom is not hi fi and does not have class, my Papa ji had a scooter, it had a stepney, sometimes I feel I m that stepney in this house. She cries and says I m with everyone, but I could not become part of this family. Dadi says you did not tell me anything till now.

Pinky says I m stupid, I did not know what to say, I fought with everyone to get attention. Dadi says if you felt I love Jhanvi more, I m sorry, you both bahus are my eyes, from today you both bahus are not equal to just each other, but equal to my sons, no woman is second class in this house. They all get emotional. Shivaye wipes his tear. Pinky hugs Dadi.

Dadi says Shivaye, Rudra and Omkara, when your wives come, you will give them equal rights, else I will beat you all. Om promises that he will make relation of equality. Rudra says I think my wife will treat me like second class, I get hurt when everyone calls me dumb. Shivaye says your elder brother is with you, none can hurt you. Dadi asks Shivaye to promise. He says I can’t promise, I can say I can think, my perception is different. Om asks him to think once. Dadi asks Tej to go and convince Jhanvi. Rudra says Mallika went and shaken our house while leaving, she taught Priyanka to speak up.

Tej asks Priyanka did I make you realize you are lesser than your brothers, if you feel so, I give you right to pull my ears. She smiles and hugs him. Rudra asks dad, shall I also hold your ear if I wish. Tej looks at him and laughs. Shivaye goes to Pinky and hugs her. They cry. Lafzon ka yeh rishta nai………..plays………….. Everyone smile. Shivaye says mom, you are world’s best the way you are. Pinky cries and says you made me emotional, will you make my mascara get off. He asks her to clean it. Dadi says Mallika got everyone close, its auspicious time, its Ganpati day tomorrow, he ended all problems. Rudra says Dadi, Dil bole Oberoi.

Its morning, Pinky greets Tej. He asks is all arrangements done. She says yes. Dadi asks where are those three. Shivaye says not three, four. Dadi sees Shivaye, Om, Rudra and Priyanka getting Ganpati and smiles. Priyanka says not four, five, fifth is eco friendly Ganpati. Dadi asks them to come. Pinky, Dadi and Tej smile. Shivaye, Om, Rudra take the idol and place it. They all greet Ganpati. Pinky asks Tej will he stand in puja single, or will he get Jhanvi, will he go and bring her. Tej says I m thinking, she will come. Dadi asks why did she not come till now. He asys she will come and goes to change clothes.

Pandit ji comes and asks them to come to prepare for Ganpati Isthapana. Anika calls Sahil and says sorry, Dadi asked me to stay back for Ganpati arrangements, I will come and take you to all pandals. Shivaye hears her. She goes to Dadi. She greets Ganpati and says its beautiful idol, did Omkara make this. Dadi says yes. Anika says he has great talent, tell me what work to do. Dadi asks her to go with Priyanka to kitchen and see work there, puja mahurat is passing. Anika goes with Priyanka.

Tej says Jhanvi does everything so soon, even fights, she could have atleast kept my clothes ready, its my fault, its because she takes care of me so much, else I would have not depend on her so much. Rudra, Shivaye and Om talk about eco friendly Ganpati, that it could not hurt nature. Om says who says devotion and common sense can go together. Rudra says if everything gets moden, what about tradition. Dadi says tradition also has to walk along, new times and tradition can go together. Anika agrees and gives examples of food, new pizza with left over toppings. She says Soumya said some word in English. Shivaye says fusion. Om and Rudra say fusion and tease Shivaye. Anika says Soumya and I made some Dhinchak item in old style.

Shivaye says you made something, that’s scary. Rudra asks did Soumya make it with you. Anika says yes. Rudra says then it would be good. Om asks are you not angry hearing her name, are you okay. Rudra says I get anger seeing her or hearing Sumo’s name. Soumya comes and argues with Rudra saying its nothing new that you are saying bad about me. Rudra says you also say good about me. Shivaye says he was praising her and now arguing with her. He asks them to calm down. Soumya says Rudra will say anything, Anika we will prepare surprise. Dadi asks what surprise.

Anika says Dadi just wait. Dadi says its 15mins for puja, I want everyone here. Anika says 15mins are enough and goes. Shivaye says why is she so excited. Om says its normal to be excited when someone gives surprise. Shivaye says she is not normal. Om smiles. Om gets some call. Tej says her phone is busy, she can talk to everyone, not me, fine, don’t talk, I will wear whatever I like. Om comes to his room while talking to Jhanvi. Tej says this is my room. Om says I got it, love you too, see you soon mom, take care. He gives clothes to Tej and says wear this, and shoes are in third drawer.

Tej says you were talking to Jhanvi, when will she come back. Om says Nani is unwell, she will come later, she had to stay there. Tej says now I have to take my wife’s updates from my son, what shall I do, she is not answering my calls. Om says you noticed you both still have a relation after all that you did, Nani is unwell and even then mom called me so that you don’t struggle for your clothes, you both stayed together for many years, mom does so much for you, I m sure you will find some way to convince her, make an effort. He leaves.

Anika asks Soumya did you give them right time, they did not come. Soumya says chill, they will come. The men get the dhol. Anika says let them come, we called the dhol men. Security officer asks the men to keep dhol there and check the men. Anika calls caterers. A dhol slides. Anika and Soumya stand away.

Anika walks towards the dhol, while its kept far. Gayatri cuts the dhol side layer with a knife and comes out. Anika looks at that side.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Tusi

    svy was romantically looking Anika…. today pinki’s word touches my heart…. Rudra and sumu so cute….. love for isqhbazz…

  2. Trisha

    Today episode remind my mom she want to learn how to use mobile then save phone no , typing msg ,then i have teach …..then people using smartphone , net she want to learn how to use net ..after that i have teach her how to use fb i make her fb id then i have teach her msg typing in fb everything what she want i teach her i never make fun of her …. i want ask u guys what u teach ur in these morden days….

    • Piyaliii


      |Registered Member

      Same….I am also teaching my mom all these things….
      I made her account of fb and also taught her how to send messages and all that….😊😊😊

  3. Loveduck5

    Awwwwww om was looking soo cute today, his smIle was soo cute, dude guys I guess he is the only person in this world who thinks like this, environment frendly, Senses relations in between ppl like tejvi, ridhima is the lucjiest to have him as a onscreen boyfrend, ishana is lucjy ti have him as a onscreen husband to be,,DIL BOLE OBEROI

  4. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Pinky’s dialogues were touching,,,,,,,Loved the family moment,,,,for the first tym they showed Shivaaye hugging his mom and talking normal wid her,,,,,

    and what Rudy said”My wife will treat me as second class” lets see how Soumya will treat him,,,,It was cute when he praised Somu,,,,I think he will fall for her first,,,,,,

  5. Liya


    |Registered Member

    Pinky who made all of us laugh have something in her to make us think…I like the way she said I kept on trying .. She never gives up..she is still trying to speak in nailed it pinky…tej &Oms part was also gud😊

  6. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    Amazing episode as always…Really loved the whole part…poor Pinky fighting with her complex…she really done a wonderful job in showing the emotions…it hurts a lot when our loved ignore us…Pinky shows the whole feelings in a wonderful way…loved her acting today…and ShivOmRu Prinyanka’s entry with Ganesh idol is amazing…all the 4 looks dashing in the white outfits…coming to Shivika’s part!!! Love them a lot…OmRu teases Shivaye…awww…and Rudy praises Sumo..!!! So good…think that he creates a soft corner for Sumo after he heard her convo with her mom…finally poor Anika always got in to trouble for Oberoi family…ISHQBAAZ ROCKSSSSSS….

  7. shain

    Plzz…writr …i dnt like shivika s jody….plzz make tia r another girl for shivay….uss anika ko nikalo….plzz gyz tell naaa…its our ishqees rqst…hena gys…when i see anika i got irritated…all ishqees rqsting to telly for remove dis anika…plzzzzzzz ..gyss u all jont wid me naa

    • salsa

      Hahaha very funny 😁😁😁 no one can replace her…….. she’s the best…… U should relax and enjoy her acting……

    • Nithu


      |Registered Member

      No ways Shain there are many Shivika’s fans than Shitia’s fans….in fact I’m one of the heart core fan for Shivika’s. .

    • shanu dilawer

      i think u r gon made anika is perfect for serial agar tum ko itne irritation hai tho uski jagha par tum tum cale jaao tum gaye na shivay cak kar kha ke gir jaye ga ye bol kar aj ki nayi wali anika ko kya hogya stupid…..!. shivika is best

      • jassy

        Mind your language…shain just say her opinion…she didnt ask your reply…so plzz dont show ur character here…😈

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      No yar im sorry I’m not with you …cuz I really like shivika ….I watch it for ShivOmRu and Shivika …and I don’t think they r gonna change ,…and Telly update sis not so official website the makers will read ..and Anika is so cute and pretty , y do. Hate her ….even her acting is good …there is nothing to be “irritated ” sorry if I hurt you ..but I think no one here wants SURBHI CHANDNA AKA ANIKA be changed…..

    • Trisha

      Sorry say i think u have not seen anika acting….. first of all i also fee that surbhi can’t do lead role opposite with Nakul but i was worng nd when i saw her 1st episode i luv it yarr …….Now i m think no one do like anika ….she such a cute,her expression ,her dialogue… i known sab ka alag alag najariya hota hai …. i think u only want to change shivika but her is so many shivika fan they would be angry with u….. i thinks u have watch anika funny scene nd shivika moment then tumari najariya badal jaya…i seriously telling u nd dont i angry with u ……..

    • Rosu 25

      Sorry shain…I can’t join wid u yaar…. I really like anika…..I can’t imagine any other girl for shivay…..shivika is the best……

  8. ishika

    So shivay cried fr his mom😍😊..pinky thng touched me… gyz I feel ppl say shivika stry is same like arnv Khushi bt I don’t feel so….look tdy also shivay ddnt promise to gv equal rights to hs wife…tjis diff. In Anika shivay reltnshp will somewt cz drama..tht WL b new cz his mentality is diff. Though we knw its NT all his fault rathr his dsfunctnl famly still their ego can b a mjr part of their reltnshp….
    Shivay starng at anika😍……n fusion😂😂

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      In starting even I felt like it was similar to arshi ( cuz both did job in the leads house and ASR and SSO both egoistic businessmans) …. …but now I feel their story is completely different …Khushi usually used to get a lil scared seeing Arnav’s anger but here Anika will show more anger in her eyes …and I think shivaye’s charector is a lil more better than ASR….

  9. salsa

    What an awesome episode….❤❤
    The way shivaay was looking to anika was 😻😻😻😻😻 Billu ji k dil mail to 💘💘💘 o my Marta hogai…… 😀😀😀😀😄

  10. Tridha ( Troyee )

    First of all thank u very much priya di for calling me sister. U r absolutely right. We all are sisters.
    About today’s episode pinky’s words touched my heart. She made me emotional. I felt very bad for her. But happy that everything ended beautifully.
    Shivomru were looking supppperb. OMG om’s smile killed me today. They were looking fabulous.
    About the precap I got a spoiler that says gayatry will be arrested again. This time she will try to blame tej for a murder of a girl. Don’t know it is true or not.
    So more drama to come. There will be some shivika scene during the visharjan I heard. Waiting for ishana.

  11. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    I must say Pinki almost made me cry there were some truth in what she said.
    I see the way Shivaay,Shakti,Tej ,Jhanvi and even Om speak to choti Maa…..not disrespectful but as she always use her words wrong.
    The writers nailed it today.

    I sometimes see that in the older generation.My mom is educated but she also don’t have that confidence in speaking English as its not my mother tongue.

  12. Roz


    |Registered Member

    I just love Anika,,,,,and I read the new spoiler which says that Tia will scold Anika and Shivaaye will support Anika,,,,,waiting for that moment

  13. saira

    It wud be so gud if Shiva brings sahil to oberoi mansion and then rudra gets jealous of soumya giving so much attention to sahil. Kiddish rudra sahil tiff would be fun

  14. saira

    Today pinky shivay and om tej combo was awesome. Family is getting sorted. This show is so gud as there is no bad member living in house itself who always plots against family by instigating one against the other. And no one is so weak or dumb to understand plottings by outer people. In all other TV shows main leads are shown too weak and dumb that they cannot even fight for their own rights and evil always wins over good. Hope this serial never changes.

  15. saira

    Hope there’s never a third person causing tiffs between two persons as it spreads so much of negativity. And if any such thing happens; it should be sorted within a day and not extend to weeks months and years like other serials. I don’t need to sight examples. Right ishquies 😉

  16. saira

    Show can also proceed like anika gets framed in gayatri’s evil play and this time for a change shivay proves her innocent and evil ploy of gayatri gets revealed and in the process omru gets to know of Tia’s foul play and anika exposes tia saving shivay from a big mishap as mentioned by spoilers. What say frnds?

  17. saira

    A little disappointed with ishkara track. Riddhma and om’s breakup is so far. He should come to know of her double sided nature and thus their relation should enter and not just her irritating behaviour should serve as a cause. Also atleast some part of ishkara conversation should hold true where on gets to know that everyone lies to get things done their way and atleast he shud remember ishana ones. He seems to have forgotten her completely. Missing ishana a lot :/

  18. saira

    I just can’t stop commenting. I just keep on thinking about it. Ishqbaaz is so addictive. Don’t know how I will get over it 🙂

  19. Devga


    |Registered Member

    AWWWW really hey mallika kya dhamal karke gayi ho thum….

    Pinky vry heart touching reality of ur life…… Dint expect her this emotional side….. Grt acting…. And U made me think tht people who always boast nd act stupid has a big reason behind It… Infact they r hiding a bigger bitter truth inside…. How sad wen she said my own son thinks awkward wit me tht i am not high class….. Lovd pinky’s part….

    Shivaay wow a painful look for ur mom’s emotional talks…..

    Rudy U too nailed It by saying tht U too feel bad wen some1 tease U but stil U r a grt sole coz U keep othrs happy al the tym…

    Prinku U go girl….. Grt character brave character…

    Om om om…. Ur name itself is a chant…. And ur thinkings are also very grt chants…. Actually i thought om got ishana’s cal…. But It was jhanvi’s …

    Hahahaha tej U shld understand a wife’s importance…. C jhanvi inspite of worried caled and at right tym became ur saviour so giv her equal importance…. U r nothing without her…. Just see this a small decision of dress for a function but U wer totally stressd omg…

    Shivaay feeeeliing haa….. Wat hapnd billu ji aaj kal nazre kahi aur keechi jaarahi hey ….. Kya baath hey….. FUSION HAA… Lol omrudy koi mauka nahi chodthey Shivaay ko chidaaney…

    Aww Rudy how sweet tharif kar raha tha sumo ka… And how childishly managed to fake a fight….

    Abey yaar iss gayathri ko tho katham karo ya phir issey pakdo…. Kithne baar hamla karegi… Aur kya issey utana ithna aasan hey kya…. Lol

  20. Piyaliii


    |Registered Member

    Hii everyone… are you all guys…..
    Yaad hu na main tum sab ko….😀😀😀
    Actually I am very busy these days so I can’t comment till tommorow and then I will comment…😊😊
    Episode was very niceeee….loved it….
    I want to see the episode but I have no time….but I enjoyed by reading only…….
    Hope you all are fine. ….
    All new isqhies welcome…..and keep commenting…☺☺😊😊😊😀😀

  21. saira

    Spoiler alert
    Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika’s (Surbhi Chandna) love story get new way during Ganpati Visarjan in Ishqbaaz

    Ganpati Visarjan track will bring a new twist in Shivaay and Anika’s complicated love story in Ishqbaaz.

    As per the track, Anika tries to lift Lord Ganesh statue but is failed to do it then Shivaay comes to help her which makes Tia angry.

    Shivaay and Anika share an eye lock where Shivaay follows Anika’s words as Ganpati Bappa Morya.

    Apart from this, Tia start taking selfie of Ganpati visarjan and her bracelet comes out from her bag.

    Anika tries to inform Tia but she cannot hear being engross in selfie .

    Anika then tries to kees it in her bag and Tia accuses her for stealing it.

    Anika is shocked with the accusation and tells her that she just tries to keep it inside because she did not hear her.

    Tia angry seieng Shivaay’s concern for Anika

    Tia continues blame Anika which makes Sivaay angry and he asks Tia to stop making drama as if Anika is telling for not stealing then why she is forcing her.

    Tia is angry seeing Shivaay supported Anika in front of all.

    What will result of this new twist in Anika and Shivaay’s love story?

  22. Luna

    Today we saw different side of Pinky. It’s true that the ppl who speak in English r respected more in society which is simply stupid. Knowing English does’nt makes a person better or more knowledgable. It’s just a language like any other language. And a person becomes classy with his modern thinking and mentality in true sense, not with status or English knowing skills. For me Shivaye is not classy bcoz he has many rigid ideologies.

  23. Luna

    The Shivaye and Pinky hug was awesome. And Billu was about to cry. Even Tej and Priyanku convo was great. Mallika had effected the Oberoi family more after her exit than in her presence.

  24. Luna

    Breaking News!!!!!!! Gul Khan has lost her calendar and she has forgotten that Ganesh Chaturthi was on 5th Sept. Not now. Next she will show Oberois celebrating Christmas in July.

  25. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Hello ishkes………
    Do u remember me????!!!!
    Mukta abiha Luna sat shaza haya priya Nikki liya yazhu Anusha shahabana Manik Mary sunehri samyukta dhruvvv Trisha roz rosu nivedita renima muku shivu dhruv Bhai….aaliya aditi tharu piyuuuuu……..
    Kaise ho Sab…mujhr bhul toh nahi gaye??????
    Did u forget me…
    I’ll be busy till 5th October…
    Soo enjoyy….I missed u these days…..
    Luv u..

  26. Luna

    I’m sick of seeing Gayatri and Roop stupid plans. They r completely useless and epic failures in the name villains, even bigger joke than the Oberois security. They need to take serious lessons from Niddhi and Shagun from YHM to learn how to be villaneous.

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      No no no …If they start taking lessons from them then…..first ishqbaaz will become a horror show ….then revenge show …then the love story of shivika , roumya and ishkara’s children will start after they take generous leaps 😜😜😜..Just kidding …….but I think something big they r gonna plan later …that will cause something big ..just a feeling….anyway it’s good na …if they are stupid ….!?😉

  27. Luna

    Where was Shakti when the Oberois were having an important discussion??? This guy always remains lapata, lol. He just walks here and there like a zombie and ppl don’t even know that he exists.

  28. Luna

    Is Anika the wedding planner of Shivaye or the manager of the Oberois??? Why she organises every other function in the house??? Are the so called rich Oberois so kanjoos????

  29. Luna

    I’m damn sure Tej had accidentally hired a bunch of psychos from a mental assylum instead of bodyguards who don’t even have an iota of common sense. All these security guards do is stand like a lamppost here and there. They r checking the men but not the drums and the drum is rolling and moving like a car as if it has a steering wheel and no one sees it??? Give me a break!!!!!

  30. akann

    Today’s episode was real good. Pinky got me all choked up. That woman can really act. Was also really mesmerized by Shivaay today. They way he cried while his mom was talking, when he stared at Anika and I really loved when he said that Anika is not normal ..”nothing is normal with her.”

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        I don’t think that will happen though ….but I’d love if he would bring sahil ….and sahil,can meet his love “saumya “😜😂😂…id love if Roudra would get jealous of Soumay and sahil …..I can imagine that 😜😂😂😁

  31. Luna

    I really can’t believe that men forget that where they keep their things but it’s always shown in television. I have never seen men like that in real life. I have few male friends and no one is like that. Maybe it only happens with married men as I have never seen a married couple closely.

  32. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys , priya di ..did u read the OS of ishkara by Shama ….u must read it …ur omkara’s bestie in it …….anyway how r u all !? ….awesome episode …..pinki’s words where really emotional even shivaye melted ….first time I saw him talking with is mom properly …felt really sad for pinki …she I wasn’t doing BA but still donno English !? ….today in tv I saw English magic add …I wish pinki would order it 😜Just kidding ….anyway loved the way shivaye looked at Anika 😍😍😍…..and that fusion 😁..OMRU as usual awesome, never leave a chance to pull shivaye’s leg 😜…..I hope Anika will save the Oberoi family this Time also…but if Anika see Gayitri also she donno her …,aye she know her through news ..and she shoul catch her but I don’t think that’s gonna hpnd….and waiting for Ishana to b back ….

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Ya I read it dear… I m n cloud 999999999999… Haha… I was reading from starting yr… Page Mei ishkara ff or os aajaye.. Aur Mei na padu.. Aisa ho hi nahi sakta..

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        That’s when she was talking with sahil and apologizing cuz she can’t take him to some place …..and shivaye was looking at her like this—–> 😍…….😁😜

  33. Diya

    Pinky and Shivaay’s moment was great! Rudra looked awesome. The way Shivaay stole wide eyed glances at Anika was lovely. I am getting a little tired if Anika always having to disappoint Sahil on festivals. As I have said before, writers should change her job profile to justify her being at Oberoi house all the time apparently doing nothing related to the wedding anymore. Gayatri rolling that drum while sitting inside it was too much! I mean seriously writers!! I think just like in Qubool hai, in some way, Anika’s mom died due to Tej.

  34. chithra shetty

    Wow! Nice rytn update by amena di.ur narrative is good u vl not miss one single point. Ty.iam a silent reader but today ur written update made me to comment.I like this new isqi family& all r treating one other as family members so iam also interested to join this family & coming to this serial omg no words to explain,this serial vl make me crazy,no sad things in this serial all positive thinks favorite is shivika . ND THREE BROTHER BONDS. nd dadi shail etc etc .nd good morning to all my new isqi family members. Stey blssd

  35. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hii guys… How r u all??

    Pinky part was sooo emotional…. I loved it.. And tej and prinku.. It’s so cute…… Om was stunned to see this phase of tej.. Haha..

    Guys don’t ask me whether I enjoyed the epi or not after ganesh Utsav… Bcoz I Was just looking at om.. I didn’t noticed what hpnd and wt not.. Omi looked so cute…. Cutie pie.. His smile… Uff… Hare yr om Ki eyes kudh laakhon baat bolti.. Omi in white.. I m dead.. He is stunning, dashing, cute.. And everything..

  36. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Om promised… Without hesitation.. He is a gentle men yr…ishu.. See na… Abhi tak love story shuru hi nahi hui.. Om toh tumhare liye vaada bhi Kar diya…. #OmkaraTheGentleMenEver…

  37. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Gd mrngzzz ishqiesss..
    hv a nyc day to all…
    Episode was so emotionalll.. 🙂 I really luvd Shivay nd pinkyzz scene it was so touchingggg.. In this epi she did a great job .. by expalainig her feelingzzz… In fact ,it’z a truth.. Me too felt that same .. All were treated Pinkyz as a second class women :(.. I luv Rudy .. His Cutiee talkzz i luvd it.. i’m so happy for ROUMYA .. Finally their r getting closer.. 🙂 Shivayz looks AnIKA…..
    iT was ROmantic…. 😀
    And precap WAs one of worst precap ever.. All r standing near the big nobody noticed that the Dhol is RollinG.. iLLOgicalll.. Omgggggg ..

  38. Rosu 25

    Hi…Good morning all🙋Have a great day😊😊
    First part of the episode was really too emotional…….stone Sing oberoi gets emotional….he was about to cry…..very emotional family moments😢… I also loved tej-prinku scenes……

  39. Sunehri


    |Registered Member

    Oh my god pinky was just amazing !?!? Shivaye and pinky rocked 😂 😂 😂 and all my friends fatarajo renima di mukti di priya di shahabana di haya di sujina di troyee di piyali dI abhiha di aliya di shivani di mukta di nikki di shama dI richu di szfz and all ishqies how r u doing! ?!?! I hope very good .. and guys I’m planning to write 1 ishqbaaz ff after 28th so do support me 🙂

    Keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri mehta ♡

  40. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Guys.. I can’t cmnt tdy.. My dadi is not well.. She is admitted in hospital. So we wanna go there.. Tdy is my holiday as tmr is my business maths xmz.. But don’t know I want to go to hospital.. Pls pray for my xmz.. Yr…. But ya I l try to cmnt if I get time..

    • renima ishqie

      Oh priya ishqie….sure i will pray ……and dear….take care off dadi….and don’t bother about examz……just go and write ……be confident……result will be gud 4 u……and yaar……my paper presentation is over and within half an hour i have 2 pack things as am going 2 bangalore for field visits…..Will try 2 comment…..see u dear….

  41. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    gud mrng mukta,disha,aliya,misri,priya,tharu,abiha,piyali,shaza,shahbana,haya,sat,sunheri,yazhu,aishwarya,nikki,luna,mary,dhruv ,richu,mukti,dhruv bhai,manik,renima di,zuha,tridha,mahiswat,pragya,samyukta,,pradishma,chetna ,ayeshu,fatarajo,riddhima,maya,soniya.have a nice day and keep smiling

  42. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    episode was nice as pinky spoke about her hidden is not a big deal if you don’t know english.shivika is awesome .when they are going to show ishkara

  43. Chetna

    Nice episode the concept of women’s rights are good .

    All ishqies I have a question as shivay said in the last episode every girl want a guy for her first quality is a well setteled man. so I want to know what you all feel.
    IF a well setteled men there is nothing wrong so please ishqies write truth.
    Have a nice day

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      I want a husband who have following qualities
      he should give me equality
      he should give me respect
      he should support me in decision
      he should love me
      he should trust me

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        No plan of marrying , never ever ….it’s like hell..if ur happy in your own parents house ..why simply will anyone want responsibilies, work and all .( I don’t think ur not happy with ur parents ) .I never even Understand how can ppl agree to marry …..just enjoy your life man …#YOLO 😄👍🏻

    • Rucha

      I am an M.B.B.S student and really want the guy to be intelligent well settled and rich.
      But even if he’s nt I would marry him if he is caring humble and a bit gud luking.😉



      |Registered Member



  44. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Good noon everyone! Roz d,renima di, shivani d, abiha di, sunehri, mukti d, chetna d,priya d, shaza d, aahana, varshini d, arbiya, maha,luna d, haya d how r u?
    Priya d hope ur grandma will get well soon.
    When om got jhanvi’s phone I thought it was ishana as he was looking shocked.
    Yesterday there was so many beautiful bonds. Dadi-pinky, shivay-pinky, tej-priyanka-rudra,tej-om & of course shiv-om-rudra.
    A spoiler says gayatri will get caught. And u all know the spoiler about tiya-shivay-anika.

  45. renima ishqie

    Gud mrng all ishqies… in rush as just now presentation is over and our team is going 4 a field visit……so i can’t comment here frequently for 5 days…..but i will try my level best 2 comment here…….And i just hope all my ishqies are fine and am also gud ishqies…..
    Ok…..coming 2 the episode….i must say…..Pinky……u are the star……Hats off!!!!! …..And i really respect ur talent as a performer and admire ur character for ur simplicity and straight forwardness……
    *I really loved om and pinky when om said ” choti maa aaj dil mein joh bhi hai bol dee jiye”
    and the way pinky replied “teri choti maa apne dil mein baat rakhne waalon mein se nahi …….
    mein jethani ji ki tarah educated nahi hoon naa…..meri mummy ji pata hai kya kehati thi ki ladki ko zyada padha do toh woh sir pe chad jaathi hai aur usko rishtey nahi milte”…..made me very emotional and also reminded me the character of sree devi as shashi from movie english-winglish…….Pinky…..absolutely what u said still exists in our indian conservative families. when girls express their wish 4 higher studies….the statement will be like” padh likhke kya collector banna hai tujhe ?”…….just people will put a question mark on a woman if she express her dream …..but current society is changing…..still……unfortunately some how it exists ….

    *And pinky when said ” chota sa sapna tha mera ki apne sasural mein sabki dil jeet lungi aur mein toh sasural ko apna liya mummy ji par yeh sasural mujhe nahi apna paayi ” and i feel how much painful for pinky to live in such a home where as she said ” kabhi-kabhi mujhe lagta hai ki mein iss ghar mein stepney hoon, sabke saath hoon par iss ghar ka hissa nahi ban payi”…..really touched my heart and i wonder how she always remain to be the star and centre of attraction for the whole family…as we know jhanvi’s imbalance of life, omkara’s pain and sso’s stubborness like fond off each character and we couldn’t realise pinky’s heart…..

    * I literally cried when pinky said about sso that “aur mera shivaay …uss ne toh mere aur uske beech ke dooriyon ko kabhi khatm nahi hone diya …..mein bhi koshish karti hoon…..mein english mein talks karti hoon…taaki uss ki english se apni english match kar sakoon……
    sab ke liye mein comedian hi bani rahi……mere apne bete ko mujh par sharm aati hai ki uss ki mom hifi nahi hai, class nahi hai “……..Just the simplicity and innocence of pinky was well- expressed in this statement…….very emotional scene and really sso who always conscious about his brothers, family security, a great wall for omkara….how he didn’t realised his mom’s situation ??? When she asks him to fix the date he always ignore it….its not a big deal for sso….but for pinky even the small happiness which she expected from her son like he will motivate his mom and he will try to spent time for his mom….how sso just missed all these ??

    * The most impressive moment for me was when SSO give a hug to pinky….and i loved sso so much when he said “meri mom jaisi bhi hai world’s best hai ” and the way pinky replied was so touching ” chal mujhe naa emotional kar diya, poora maskara utaar diya”…..SSO’s kanchi eyes were really filled with tears and it was enough for 2 prove that how much he cares for his mom and how much she is important for him……sso u are so lucky 2 have a mom like pinky
    * Tej- priyanka conversation was quite unexpected and it was nice 2 watch…

    * I feel the replies of the three oberoies as straight and honest when dadi asked them to give equal importance to their wives.
    *om ” mein waada karta hoon dadi rishtey banawoonga toh barabar kaa”{ amazing thinking and am glad that u will respect ur partner, a big round of applause from me}
    *sso ” dadi meri nazariya thoda alag hai mein waada nahi kar sakta par itna keh sakta hoon ki mein sochunga zarur” { appreciate sso for being so straight , practical and sincere -respect your courage for opening mind, admire you for ur bravery}
    *Rudra ” mujhe toh lagta hai ki meri wife mujhe second class hi treat karenge” {simple and humble answer from rudra without any ego or complex….really good trait of character,nice}

    So as dadi said “koi bhi aurat second class nahi hai”…..a good msg of the whole episode…..
    And i loved anika when she supported dadi’s thought of mixing modern thinking and tradition and the way she expressed confusion for the word “fusion” was so funny……
    Precap……seems 2 be interesting…..but security systems are utter failure

  46. Kiki

    Hi Friends….Pinky and Shivaay moment was heart touching. He was crying when Pinky speaking. I loved the pinku-tej moment. the way Shivaay looked Anika . I loved the way Om entered Tej’s room. I’m really waiting for Shivaay-Sahil meeting.

  47. Sonakshi

    Hi guys,……. Episode was Very heart touching and the best part was when omru were teasing shivaay………… I hope that mallikas words will have a good impact on shivaays heart

  48. aahana

    Hey tridha i am good…really very nice bonding of all….love of all…and how r u all tridha,renima di,mukta d,kushagra d,shivani d,haya d and all of u????

  49. mishri

    hi mukta,reni di,roz di,sat,luna,tridha di,richu di,haya,shivaani di,shaza,abiha,sunheri,kushagra,aahana nd all silly sisters… r u guys????????i almost cried wen shivaay cried…the acting of the cast was superb in dat scene…they looked ashamed and sad..pinky was d lady of the day..nd now iam sure wenever shivaay sees anika..hell remember mallikas words…..i loved the epi nd hate the precap.surely anika wont see gayatri ryt??????????duh..gayatri nd roop is annoying..i want the telly to go fast..hope thy dnt drag…..dil bole oberoi part was lovely……nd y z om diz rudeto tej?????cant he give tej a chance????tej was lyk a typical sill lover today…and dhruvv bhai ko kya hua???sum sister scene?was he serious??is he ok?

    • mishri

      sorry..piyali di nd priya di toooo?/how r u guyz?dishu di missng again???will nadi di nd aqua nd kat di ever cum back??????????whr z d older generation??????i meand old commenters??/

  50. Tridha ( Troyee )

    I m fine aahana . But badly missing ishana. I just can’t watch any episode without her. 😔😖😢😤😥😈
    But I can’t stay without watching ishqbaaz.😋😝😁
    Kushagra d please write a ff on ishkara. And sunehri where is your ff yaar??????
    I m being crazy for ishkara. If I got gul khan in front me then I won’t leave her😤😬😾👹💀

  51. Abiha

    Each n every part of this episode is my fvrt..pinky touched my heart ..tears were rolling down when m seeing pinky part..shivaye staring at anika..OmG than fusion..rumya n tej ..pinky n dadi..3 brothers..all are my fvrt loved it..

  52. Abiha r u..m fine..
    I was lil busy n when i got time i started to read ff ‘s..
    @Richu d i remember u..
    @sunheri…m fine sweety..
    @priya while i was reading ff in which shama d mentioned ur name i was thinking that what will b the reaction of u..n i read ur comment..i hoped the same..
    @renima d m replying u ..but don’t know why they r not posting when u see..they r posted when u close this page..😢😢😢if u see this then reply me i hv to say something..
    @i know u gone for some happy journey..reply me if u see..

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