Ishqbaaz 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye seeing Anika slipping and shouts Anika. He goes to hold her. She gets away. O jaana…..plays……… he asks her to be careful, she would fall. ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa comes and says Miss Anika, congrats, you got your job back after giving statement for Shivaye. Shivaye asks him to mind his language. Some time before, Ranveer says so Shivaye is marrying after Diwali. Shinde says yes. Ranveer says real fire crackers will be after Diwali, when all secrets of Oberoi family come out, but when family is rich, we need a ladder to see secrets. He looks at everyone’s pic and chooses one. He says found it, Shinde get all info about her, she is the ladder which will get me inside Oberoi mansion. He smiles seeing Priyanka’s pic.

Anika asks Sahil why is he saying about copy cover now, will

I get it from your inlaws, I will write note to teacher and make newspaper cover now, I will get book cover tomorrow. She sees Shivaye’s pic and article and folds paper. Sahil asks what happened, did you get shock. She says yes, type of. He plays tv. They see Shivaye’s news of taking over company. She switches off tv and says you are watching tv a lot, go and sleep. He asks what happened. She says just go and sleep. Sahil goes. She says its so much over my mind, I used to see Shivaye when I closed eyed, and now I see him everywhere, I will dump this paper first. She goes and gets shocked and nervous seeing Shivaye.

She asks are you air or a man, how do you come everywhere. He says I also came to ask this, how do I see you everywhere, what is this happening Anika. She says I don’t know, I m not doing anything. He asks then who is doing this. He looks in her eyes and walks towards her. She gets away. Music plays………. She says maybe you are doing this, I don’t do these things. He says this should not happen, this is not right. She says I m also saying same to same, this shouldn’t happen. He says even then this is happening. She reaches the end of the free space. He asks why are we doing this Anika and gets close. She says I don’t know, why are we doing this and yours…. He says marriage… She says yes. He says exactly, why are you thinking about me. Ishq hai aansun……plays…….. She says I don’t know why am I thinking. He says I know, and gets close leaning on her shoulder to say in her ears. She closes eyes. He says you…. And gets away…..She opens eyes and does not see him.

She gets stunned and looks around. She says what is happening with me, I m seeing Billu ji even in dream, this should not happen. Shivaye wakes up from sleep and shouts Anika. He says what the hell is wrong with me and holds his heart. His heart beats fast. He says I will stop love angel’s broadcast, she has put stupid theories in my mind, why am I thinking about Anika. He calls Tia and asks can we talk like this, actually I was not getting sleep, how was your day….

Its morning, Riddhima says now Shivaye and Tia are getting married, next number is ours. Om coughs. She says Om, I m joking, but we have to be serious, till when will you be commitment phobic. He says no, I believe in relations the most. She says in your mind maybe, but whatever you do, I feel you are commitment phobic, you don’t realize this, I don’t understand what you want from me and this relationship, when I m near, you have personal space issues and when I go away from you, you send I miss you message, what do I understand of this mixed signals, whats in your heart, what do you want from our relationship. He says I m trying to figure out, there is many problems and stress at home. She asks him to do it soon, as a good project is offered to her, I want to know, should I accept the offer or not, I want to know where do I stand in your life, think about it and let me know.

Om tells Shivaye and Rudra that Riddhima gave me ultimatum, I have to tell heer where is our relationship going. Rudra reminds Om getting stuck in traffic jam on his first date. Om says yes. Rudra says you reached home and relationship is still at first date. Shivaye says Rudra has a point, if you have still figuring out zone after 3 years, Riddhima will have problem, its natural. Om says I m trying to understand this relationship. Rudra says I will say what will happen, Om will get married and have lovely kids, who will go school and not do homework, teacher will ask them why they did not do homework, the kids will say we were trying to understand relationship all night sitting with Papa. Om asks him to shut up. Shivaye says I did not think such time will come when Rudra says two right points, if you take much time in taking decision, things will get complicated, look at me, I had to marry Tia last month but I pushed it, then… Om says Anika happened…. Shivaye asks how did Anika come in this conversation.

Om says not just conversation, she has come in your heart and mind, even if you try to run, you have to face this truth one day, I feel something happened between you and Anika, by which you got scared, you announced decision to marry Tia, be honest Shivaye, you are taking this decision as you are afraid to face your true feelings. Shivaye says come on, that’s not true. Om says if you try to act cool, Rudra and I know very well that Tia is not right for you, right Rudra? Shivaye asks Rudra what happened now, you were saying so much till now. Rudra says I was recalling what I have seen, something such which was infront off eyes but I could not believe. Om asks which Devi Devta did you see. Rudra recalls Rumi and says not Devta, Devi…. I m dating a Devi. Om and Shivaye ask what. Rudra nods.

Pinky talks to her Bua and asks her to get tickets, Shivaye’s marriage is after Diwali. She ends call and tells Shakti that she can’t believe Shivaye is getting marriage. ShiTia is uniting. He asks what did you say. She says Rudra told me about couple name, Shivaye Tia, ShiTia, Shakti and Pinky, Shinky, cute na? He says hmm.. She says you are saying hmm like Dilip Kumar, your son is getting married, show some happiness. He says I m happy, I feel Shivaye is not happy. She says he is businessman and would have happiness FD, next year when he has a baby, he will show happiness, I m his mother, I know he is happy. He asks how are you so confident. She says last time he was sad, I have seen him when he was marrying under pressure, this time he has got proposal himself, this time he will be happy, Tia is from nice family, rich and educated, so beautiful, is she less, let marriage happen, you think negative, think positive.

Shivaye asks what Devi. Om says you mean Devi Devi. Rudra says yes. Shivaye asks were people giving her bath by milk and roses. Om says they were taking blessings really? Rudra nods. Om laughs. Shivaye says anything can happen with your life Rudra. Om says Goddess and God, when Rudra has children, he won’t be their father. Shivaye says when Rudra does something wrong, everyone will say Oh God, what did you do Rudra. Shivaye and Om laugh. Rudra says where people make fun of my problem, I won’t stay, I will go college. Om says you are God, God does not college, they go temple. Shivaye says you are going college to meet Devi. Rudra gets annoyed and says think anything. Om laughs and asks shall I get Prasad sweets.

Shivaye says I got a call, and goes. He asks the man to prepare contract details. He sees Anika in living hall, doing lightning work check. Anika says this is lighting, I will check. He looks at her. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays………….. She checks lights. She sees him and turns. Shivaye looks at her and says beautiful, I mean contract papers should be beautiful. They see each other. She slips and he shouts Anika. He reaches her. She stops and does not fall on him. They have an eyelock. O jaana…….plays……………

He asks her to be careful, she would have fallen down. She asks him not to worry for her, she can manage herself. Ranveer walks in and says Miss Anika. Shivaye and Anika look at him. Ranveer says so Miss Anika, you joined job again. Shivaye asks someone to clear the lighting.

Rudra hides behind Chubby and says I wish Rumi did not come college today. He sees Rumi and says I think my prayers went in Lord’s spam mail. He hides. Chubby says why are you playing hide and seek. Rumi greets Chubby and goes. Rudra gets relieved and says did you see my acting to get scared, I will give you party, go and get snacks. Rumi comes to Rudra and greets him as Kishan Kanhaiyya. Rudra asks who. She says you, you are naughty to hide from me, my Divya Drishti will find you. He asks why. She says you are my Rudra Dev, we complete each other. He says Sampurn, wow. She says we both will run this world. He says yes. She says our names will be taken together Rudra Rumi. He says like Jatin Lalit, Vishal Shekhar, OmRu. She says no, like Radha Krishna, Shiv Parvati. He worries and makes crying face.

Shivaye goes to Ranveer and asks what are you doing here. Ranveer says I came being pulled by your love, you are rich man, maybe you forgot, but Gayatri’s murder case and police doubt on you did not get over. Shivaye says if you came on official investigation, talk to my lawyer first, if you came just like that then I don’t like strangers coming in my house. Ranveer says you got annoyed Mr. Oberoi. He congratulates Anika and says you gave statement for Shivaye and got job back. Shivaye says mind your tongue ACP, if you say a word to her, you will see what I can do. Ranveer says chill, why are you getting angry, I was just asking, I have to say, you are world’s best boss, else who gets angry for an ordinary employee. Shivaye says I don’t have time to waste, do you know way to exit or shall I say, Ranveer says I know, but I will come back even if you call me or not…..

Priyanka rushes to Om and says there is big problem. Om asks what happened, why are you worried. She shows him some drawing. Om gets shocked. She says whatever happened that night, someone has seen it, if this comes out, it will be big problem. He asks where did you get this painting. She says it was in our mailbox on my name, it means there is someone who knows truth. She gets too tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sarita chauhan

    Now wat???
    Its so confusing???unable to understand where the track is going
    I think anika should leave the oberoi mansion becoz she is hurting herself alot
    N then only shivaye will realize her importance
    Becoz i can’t see anika so helpless

  2. Archiya

    Gud tat anika is nt giving much importance to shivay,he deserves it.
    It was so nice to see bromance after a long time,was lookin just at om today, he is so cute.Om understands shivay so well.. he spoke so correctly.
    So finnaly om n ridhima r gonna breakup as om wont give in to ridhima ultimatum..
    An finally om past revelation is gng to start..with the painting.

  3. Vincy


    |Registered Member

    So much twist n turns are awaiting…. Bt I luv ishqbaaz …shiviya n Anika rocking… I’m missed u from last two episodes n poor rudra

    Star plus Pls promote ishqbaaz more than ur saas bahu serials….

  4. Diya

    Umm…what did ACP Randhawa come for to Oberoi mansion? To threaten Anika?
    Looks like Surbhi’s make up has been pumped up. Bronze, blush, shadow , lipstick. She looks good still.shivaay waking up at night saying Anika 👍ShivOm teasing Rudy, soooper 😹😹I did not realize how
    much I had gotten used to watching Om. 😍Was so happy to see him today. That too in such cute teasing scenes.
    Where the story is heading…no idea 😷

    • |Registered Member

      Now to om past secret and SHIVIKA separation according to promo that drawing is of that accident which had an eye witness I guess hopefully its Ishana just guessing

      • Diya

        Thank God Shivika separation. Desperately want to see Shivaay miserable without Anika. So the painting was about Om’s past. Interesting. I thought it was about Shivaay being near Gayatri’s dead body. Thanks for the update 🙂

  5. Samyukta

    Good morning guys how r u all have a good day sat,ahiba,mukta,ishqkum,dhruv Bhai,swasti,varshini,vanshika and all have a nice day but eagerly waiting for om past really

  6. Deeve

    Missed OM a lot. Loved the bromance. Eyes speak more than words @SHIVIKA. their expressions are awesome day by day..



    |Registered Member

    Now show is getting more confusing and question full.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    1. What did priyanka do which only Om knows??
    2. When will ishana return??
    3. Why did not rudra talk to soumya to know full truth of rumi?? Or why soumya do not tell him now??
    4. Till when shivaye and anika will hide their feelings?

  8. Maithlii Sinha

    Om and Anita might have some connection in the past…….it wld be like due to om’s mistake Anika became orphan or something like that…..

    Or maybe om did some accident in which Soumya’ brother was killed……

    Om has some connection with either of them……

  9. Priyali


    |Registered Member

    Man.. shivaay is an idiot. Dreaming about anika, seeing her 24/7 even when she’s not there. It’s so clear that he loves her but khoon khandan is all that matters to him. What an idiot.

  10. SenuThilini


    |Registered Member

    Finaly om came back. Bt i feel like om is in a trouble. May be he is trying yo save his sis. Looks like a big twist come ahead. I want to see more om scenes. Shivika is good. I love them. But need equal priority to our sweet om and ru. Love these 3 bros ❤❤❤

  11. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    If the parcel was send by acp then it must be related to gayatry’s murder. And if it was gayatry related then why prinku took it to om??
    And if the parcel was not send by acp then may be it was send by the girl who will be opposite om. May be om did an accident in the past and only prinku know about that. So the painting was about that incident that’s why om & prinku panicked. May be the girl who will be opposite om she is related to the dead person and she has come to take revenge. This is my guess because I don’t think om has killed gayatry ( as per some spoiler). He isn’t that type of person who kills anyone and try to hide that thing from othrs or enjoying his days without any regret for that person he killed.

    • S.D.

      Even i have a similar theory bt i think what if they don’t know that they are somehow related through that accident and instead help each other through the difficult situation…only to realise Om is the reason for this girl’s pain. Also if she’s related to Soumya or Anika that would mean the Obros have to really choose btwn their siblings and their soul mates. Maybe all these confusing storylines are finally gonna culminate in an interrelated mess….
      Just my theory though

    • Nithu


      |Registered Member

      I think that om might not have killed anika s parents…bcuz anika was an orphan since her childhood until sahils dad adopted her…then om is also a smalll kid…how can a small kid kill her parents

  12. Naija gal

    I am glad this precap is for Friday. Cant imagine if it was today and had to endure the suspense till Monday. Hope today’s precap is not too mysterious…

  13. S.D.

    Hey guys wassup? So i have a question, the website was unavailable for a few hours last night…was it because of the internet outage i’ve been reading abt all in the news?

    • Tridha


      |Registered Member

      Yup it was really unavailable. When I clicked it it was showing erron database connection. From 8:30 to 9:39 it was unavailable

    • Archiya

      Nice one.. anika looks gorgeous. . But I felt really bad fr tia.. poor gal. Shivay is dng injustice to all 3 of them

  14. shekhar

    I think there two groups behing OF, OBVIOUSLY one is GAYATRY+ROOP and 2nd one is that which framed DRIPPING OF BIRD BLOOD OVER HOROSCOPE. That 2nd group is do not want to harm OF physically, but it seems it is wishing to make them some lessons. It is very strange, why ANIKA seems making her way back to mansion one after another? It is not fit with the way her charector is framed so far. And I also see some possibility of a connection between ANIKA and SOUMYA, AND THAT YOU CAN FIND IN THE CONVERSATION MADE BETWEEN LOVE ANGEL AND SHIVAAY JUST BEFORE HE PROPOSED TIA AGAIN. There are some details described by SOUMYA about which only ANIKA and SHIVAAY KNEW, THEN BIG QUESTION IS, HOW SOUMYA CAME TO KNOW THE DETAILS OF THEIR LOVE MOMENTS IN THEIR INTIMATE OCCASSION LAST NIGHT?

    • aahana

      Its obvious shivaye would hv told her briefs kz there was scene change in its mid..dy wont always show word-to-word convo f any1 he also said k he share his prob wd his bros bt dy r not here now so lv angel says talkin to stranger can help sometimes . Wts ur prob? Dn d scene changed!!
      U can c it again if u want.

      • shekhar

        Sis, see epi again. Convo was parted in two epi. Shivaay clearly said, as his bros were not available, he is sharing his problem with you. If parted convo in 2nd epi is in continuation with first epi, not missining any talk, then my pont is rightly raised. There is no clarity whether convo is missing some talks or not.
        I M not challanging you, bt bfr we come to a comman soltion, see both parted convo

  15. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hello Ishqies…Good After noon…. Well Guys am irritated with Tia And Romi…especially Romi as Devi….Always when somu was saying Romi has a hidden secret I was expecting a lot…..But to see Romi as Devi and calling Rudy as her Rudra Dev and all….I don’t understand what’s wrong with cv’s……Earlier I Thought Only Tia was crazy with her Reikis ….But now Romi also ……
    Really i got irritated with these things… Ridhima also irritated with red jacket, pink cushions….But compared to Tia and Romi she is far far better…….
    But Shivika glance was awesome as usual…..And the track is nice to watch……
    Well..precap is really interesting…Am waiting for the next episode…….
    How are you all…..hardly just now got a break and that’s why commented here…..
    Hope all are fine……..

  16. Mrunal


    |Registered Member

    hi guys i am new here.
    i am a crazy TV lover
    love this show from bottom of my heart…….
    can u add me in Ur ishqbaaz family ???

  17. shekhar

    Is a slap to SHIVAAY’s split entity from a heart broken girl. He might have realised ANIKA can cop up any situation. To fight with life, to withstand against any disaster, she need not required anyone’s help. She will keep continue her life without him or anyone. She will not scared for him as he is feeling Scared for ANIKA evenafter engaged with ANIKA. She does nor required to call else one to forget him as he called to TIA in midnight hours to overcome her MEMORIES. She kept her heart, Mind reserved for SSO, not splitted like SSO, PHYSICALLY WITH TIA AND MENTALLY WITH ANIKA! I There is a tooth & nail fight is going on between a SSO’s Mind and heart, and NAKUL expressed this dilemma very nicely.

  18. Aarya


    |Registered Member

    Ohh god….ishqbzz is turned out to twistbazz nd suspensebazz😉😉
    Nd om nd prinku….wats new secret😕😱Anika u r doing good ….bt u r hurting urself…..shivaay…realise ur love bfr its too late….unspoken word r cause of heart break….. ( prsnl exprnc …so accept my advise😤😝)
    Om u r confused bcz…ishana is meant for u….not that ridhz…..
    Well …very good nd long update….
    Thanq amena

    • |Registered Member

      Agreed aarya …. Nice names suits IB totally and s om is made for ishu if CVS don’t poke in between please bring her back in positive role

  19. nithu

    And finally they show our Om… He understands his brother so well, yeah shivaye is not ready to accept the truth.. My poor rudy, don’t know how he is going to escape from this devi, his dialogues are so funny asusual Lord’s spam mail..
    I don’t understand, what they shown in precap..

  20. ayat

    hii guyzz, m i heard frm spoilers dt om nd Priyanka murdered gyatri nd d parcel contain dried leaves nd may b pics of gyatri dead body….bt dont knw.who is it… om said dt healways protect his sis nd all d blame he kept on himself….. m not sure abt dis news……
    about d episode neither shivaye nor anika are wrong…..they dont knw d feeling…they still r confused….nd want to knw whats ging on wid them..
    its natural feeling ….they care 4 each other now they also respect each other cuz love is not complete wid out trust nd respect…………

  21. Aarya


    |Registered Member

    Guys planning to write scnd part of my ff tere mere beech main kya hain… am soo confused….
    Isqies i need ur support….
    Shall i continue??

  22. Samy

    well I’m samayra sharma . I m a collage student . following this show since its starting and love it a lot. I was unaware of this site else I’d have joined it earlier. I’ll love to be a part of this family

  23. chithra

    Y so less comments? ? Where are those our old ib family members??? Missing? ?……
    Coming to episode…recent track is bit interesting ..finally my sweet brother om came on the screen..he was missed in two episode he he ib is incomplete without om ..smtym I wonder how can kunal jaisingh act so natural. His eyes face charms like anything .like our eyes nd face is da mirror of heart ..he looks like good frm the heart iam not only speaking abt om also abt kunal jaisingh ….he looks so humble honest down to the earth ..

    • Tridha


      |Registered Member

      U r absolutely right chithra kunal has very beautiful, innocent, deep eyes. His eyes speaks a lot. His smile is very cute and innocent. Some of my friends call him God Jesus. He is really a good person in real. That’s why the omkara character suits him a lot. I m a huge fan of kunal kulvushan jai singh. After ishkara I m watching ishqbaaz only for him

  24. Heetal

    Can anybody please tell me is ishana still a part of ishqbaaaz?as I saw the news of her return to show.plz

  25. Jaya

    Yesterday in the telugu ishqbaaz(prema yuddham) , they telecated ishkara confrontation episode…. Really feeling very sad realizing that is the last episode of ishana…. It will be very good if ishana come back…. Missing ishkara so much…. 😖😭

  26. anu16

    I’m Anu new to IB but not to TU…. I love to watch it n would like to be a part of Ur family… Anyways I just now saw a promo or maybe an ad on hot star showing shivika fighting, omkara drinking n driving n rudra n soumya wearing garlands! But I’m not able to locate it again…Can someone help?

  27. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Guys the spoiler I had given yesterday is coming absolutely true. Om got a parcel which was full of blood stained leaves. Even in the precap he will be seen pacifying prinku. Did he killed gayatry or not?

  28. Mayank Agrawal

    Todays episode update –

    guyz aaj ka episode mujhey kuch jyada samajh nhi aaya hai lekin, thoda confusion hai , anyways ACP randhawa mail box mei priyanka ke liye ek envelope rakh jaata hai while going from oberoi mansion and when priyanka sees that letter she gets scared and when shivay asks about scareness she lies to him and says its just exhibition entry letter i will give it to om . there is one scene of shivika normal …OMG om kills gayatri >? dont know but om gets very scared after sees that painting and he remembers past that while goint by car and rain comes due to tthat he cant cleary see the roadside due to that..but producers dont see that om hits some one by car but the lady comes infront of om car and seen closed ,he hits someone lady dont know who is she , om says to priyanka that i will talk to shivay ..after some time om gets the box which contains some clothes on which so much blood is there i mean some dry leaves and all that some sand …om again gets scared and remembers past again producers dont show it cleary that who is that lady ….meanwhile karwa chauth preparatons are going in oberoi mansion anika is doing all that……

    precap—- very confusion because priyanka cries and om says jo hua mere vajah se hu i will pay for it you dont panic shivay listens the conversation and asks about it ….

    guyz can you all know >? that kya om ne maara hai gayatri ko ya priyanka ne kya aa rha hai spoilers mei and news mei please tell me becz according to episode only om and priyanka know about murder..

    • Tridha


      |Registered Member

      It was really very confusing mayank vai. Even I m not understanding who killed whom?? Kisne kisko mara? To get some clue we have to wait for one day

  29. shekhar

    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Anika finds Tia with a guy at Oberio mansion and doubts as she has an affair.

    Anika tries to tell Shivaay about Tia but she gets faint and forgets it but she tries to recollect as what she saw.

    Anika decides to find Tia’s truth because she cannot see Billu ji in any problem so she starts following Tia.

    Anika gets some clue against Tia and reaches to Shivaay exposing Tia but Tia finds about Anika’s mission so she changes the all clue on time.

    Shivaay once again gets angry on Anika and accuse her for trying to break his and Tia’s alliance.

    Tia fails Anika plan exposing her

    Shivaay’s anger will hurt Anika a lot because she has feeling for him and wants to keep him safe.

    It will be interesting to see if Anika gets successful stopping Shivaay getting married to Tia.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.
    -probably to be happened

    • Diya

      😥😨😭😭😢🤕🤒 More insult of Anika! Ye ho kyaa rahaa hai. Kaash koi aisa show aaya where a girl keeps misunderstanding and the guy is actually nice.

      • SHEKHAR

        Atlast. i think so, GULKHAN might have prefer to remove TIA from the SSO life due to her (TIA) OWN reason. It is quiet possible to have such type of affairs of TIA with someone after looking at the conversation between TIA and ROBIN just before her POSTPONED mrj took place and looking at the incident of an INTRUDER in OM. But in my POV, if this is to be happen then GULKHAN MAM making an another mistake, but again it may happen as said by SSO in THANK YOU, ANIKA ceremony ” I was always thinking WRONG about ANIKA, but my wrong thinking can not stop her to do the RIGHT things!!”

      • SHEKHAR

        What SSO said in THANK YOU CEREMONEY for ANIKA is the highest level of the praise made by a EMPLOYER for his/her EMPLOYEE , and it is also his accute PAIN he was feeling for what he did there after !!!

  30. chithra

    No no om never do that …he may not involved in gaytri murder may be priyanka I dnt think but still if priyanka did means iam sure om vl take all blame over his head nd he may protect his sis there also lot of confusion

  31. manu

    Hiiiiiii guus fir se sorry bohot din baad comment kiya ek kam karti hu aapko reason bata deti hu yr I am very stressed now a days yr ab kahani bohot lambi starting se mahi ba sakti short mai batati hu actually a boy likes me aur ek saal bada hai mujhse matlab yrr lunch time chutti time bas dekhte hi reheta hai aur usske khuch friends meri bus mai jaate hai toh mai uske friends se baat karti hu thoda bohot toh iske friend ne bataya ki vo apne friend ko kal bol raha tha ki yrrr mai toh usse baat bhi nahi karta propose kaise karunga aur yr mai usse like nhi karta matlab karta hu matlab vo bohot beautiful dikhti hai iss liye like kar ta hu yrrrr gazab dikhti hai yrrrr I was so shocked listening this actually maine usse indirectly warn kiya hai matlab uske friwnd ko bola usse bolne ke liye ki agar usne jyada tang kiya toh mai mam se complain kar dungi toh vo bola yrrr mai kya karu koi soch samajh ke toh like kiya bas ho gaya what can I do aur roz lumch period mai mai apne friends ke sath garden jaati hu toh vo bhi dikhta hai apne friends ke sath toh aaj jab hum jaa tahe the vapas class mai toh maine sir ko bye bola sir ne toh nahi bola par mai chilla ke boli toh vo bhi suna aur isne bye bola mujhe pakka.nhi pta mujhe assa laga ki usne bola aurrrr chutti bus bhi side mai khadi thi.matlab pehele meri bus vir kisi aur then uski.toh yrrr asse ghurr raha tbha yrrr.aap log batao mai kya karu plz I know ki mai bohot bada comment but plz read it aur friend ho toh batana jarur agar.aap sab log sahi mai mujhe ishqbaaz family ka member maan te ho toh aap log read kar ke reply zarur karna mai bohot tensed pkz muje khuch suggest karo mere sath essa first time hua hai plzzz I am waiting

    • Aarya


      |Registered Member

      First of all….don’t b tensed yaar…relax…it happens sometimes or another in everyone s life…its quite natural….
      And i guess he has got a crush on u….i don’t think its a serious one…may b just an attraction… So dear don’t pay much attention… If u give then he vl b more confident..
      If he truely likes u he will talks to u frankly . moreover if u don’t lik then just ignore… If he disturbs …b bold nd warn him….if he is a nice guy..he wont disturb u nymore.

      • manu

        Yrrr thankyou sooo soooo muh aarya di u don’t know u have solved my such a big problem yrr I was so tensed thankyou now I am better an I wil do as u say thankyou so much yrr you took out the solition so easil and expalined everythind so nicely and simply thamkyou love u

    • Aarya


      |Registered Member

      Its ok my dear… happy …my suggestions helped u…..and am just lik ur di….so….b free to share….and always stay happy nd safe…..
      Love u too….
      If u don’t mind then plzz register….we all share a good bond in tu….

  32. chithra

    Oh sorry dea ur narrative in hindhi in English me its difficult to understand hindhi ..I can’t read it properly which is Hindi in English …anyways I hope anyof ib family member vl help you, vl gv u solution fr ur prblm..

    Don’t worry dea fr every prblm der vl be a solutions dnt take stress after two 3 days everything vl be fine ..God bls u

    • manu

      Thankyou chitra di yrrr so sweet of u don’t understand hindi but for me atleast u try and encourge me by ur last few lines but I think it will take time I wil not be ok in two three days. Because it all started in august last week almost 3 months have past….but thankyou so much

  33. arshi

    Missing ishana’s “ZULFI SINGH OBEROI” a lot… Why the hell did gul khan give us so many hopes !!!…??? I just love the song o saathiya…!!! It exactly fits ishkara… But its of no use now… She’s totally a crack…
    Now i guess RUMYA should be O MAHIYA…

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.