Ishqbaaz 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daksh asks will you marry me. Shivaye says don’t embarrass her, just stop it. Daksh says she will say if she has problem. Shivaye says she said no, no means no. Anika says no, my answer is not no, my answer is yes. Everyone get shocked. O jaana….plays………. Anika says I will marry you. Daksh makes her wear the ring. Shivaye looks at her. Sometime before, Shivaye sees Anika and walks to her. Tia comes and asks Shivaye where are you going. He says nowhere, just Anika… She asks are you finding Anika in our sangeet. He says I had to ask her about arrangements, to make sure all guests are well taken care of. He sees Anika gone. Pinky shouts come on Shivaye…..

Tej sings and dances with the family on Gallan Goodiyaan. Dadi, Pinky, Tia, Jhanvi, Shakti, Tej, Om, Shivaye

and Rudra dance together. Everyone clap. Shivaye looks at Anika. He goes to her. He says Anika…. Daksh comes and says just come Anika… He holds her hand and takes her to the dance floor. They dance on Teri galiyaan……. Shivaye dances with Tia, and sees Anika. Partners swap. Shivaye then dances with Anika. They have an eyelock. Daksh dances with Anika and holds her hand. The song ends. Daksh says I want to tell everyone, Anika is lovely, more than her name, you know what, I proposed her twice and did not get any reply, its said third time is lucky, so I m going to try my luck. He shows the ring and asks Anika will you marry me. Anika, Shivaye and everyone get shocked.

Shivaye asks why are you pressuring Anika, you know her answer. Daksh says one min Shivaye, its romantic moment between us, Anika I really love you, I want to live with you and keep you happy, will you marry me. Anika looks at Daksh. Shivaye says stop it, its done. Daksh asks what’s the problem. Shivaye says you are embarrassing her. Daksh says she will say if she has a problem. Shivaye says she said no, we know her answer, no means no. Anika says no. Shivaye says no, see. Anika thinks of Shivaye’s words and Tia’s words. She says my answer is not no, my answer is yes. Shivaye, Om, Rudra, Dadi, Soumya get shocked. Daksh smiles.

Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays………….. Anika sees Shivaye and turns to Daksh. She says I will marry you. Shivaye looks at her. Daksh asks for her hand. He holds her hand and makes her wear the ring. O jaana……plays…………… Everyone clap. Tia says Anika, I m glad you followed my advice, Daksh you chose good time to propose Anika, maybe universe wanted this, that you both take away the limelight in my sangeet, Anika always catches attention, I m just kidding, you both look good together. Daksh thanks her. Pinky says Daksh you have hidden it, Anika very naughty.

Dadi looks worried and says Anika, you would have thought well about your decision, many times heart does not agree to decisions made by mind, are you happy, are you sure what is between you and Daksh is equal. Anika nods. Pinky jokes. Dadi blesses Anika and hugs her. Daksh asks Om to see, my love story got completed. Om smiles and says no, its not completed yet, there is a story left, when heart comes on its own, that phase is left….. Daksh says I did not understand, I m sure its good, thanks. Om says meaning is for one who gets it, and looks at Anika. He says congrats. Daksh thanks him. Shivaye sees Anika and goes. Anika looks on.

Jhanvi says if Shivaye did not force you to come here, you would have never met Anika, you should be thankful to Shivaye, where is Shivaye. Daksh looks on. Shivaye stops Anika. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays……….. They see each other. He says congrats. She thanks him and goes. They turn to see each other at different times. She leaves. O jaana…..plays……….

Anika comes home and looks at the moon out of her window. She cries and thinks of Shivaye. She thinks of Daksh and whatever happened. O jaana….plays……… Sahil comes and holds her. She sees him and hugs. She cries miserably.

Shivaye says enough of work, go home. Anika says my work did not end. He says I said go home. She says I won’t go till my work ends. He holds her angrily and says I said go home. Anika says I will go when I finish my work. He throws her diary and says stop being stubborn.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. saira

    Epi was so good. In fact sooooooo good. Immense feeling. I just hope misunderstandings clear soon. I hope daksh is not negative and is doing everything to make shivaye confess his feelings for anika. But epi was full of feelings. Luv it to core after so many days. Now there should be no more misunderstandings only luv realization

    • Amalina


      |Registered Member

      yeah saira, i hope the same that daksh isn’t tia’s bf and that he understood anika’s love for shivaye so thats why he’s trying to make shivaye jealous! and reunite the lovers!!!!!!

  2. Archiya

    Applause for shivika… what an heartbreaking episode,felt bad for shivay even though he deserves it.. and more bad for anika coz she does not deserve it.
    Om shayri was so beautiful an so nicely explained anika n shivay feelings
    The dance of shivika was so awesome,their expressions superb
    Pls show some omru an anika scenes,its been so long.
    Saw one spoiler on utube, felt more bad seeing it.I dnt understand why these serials need to point a gals character as a misunderstanding… so even if shivika marry, shivay will never frget this misunderstanding of his.. so its again like IPKKND
    here is the link..

  3. ArShi

    I think Sivika’s marriage will be an accidental one. Tia and Daksh won’t accept it. Then Dadi will tell about the values of marriage, which will lead Rumya to understand their relationship. And then Rudra will reveal his secret before Shivay.

    • Trisha

      I don’t think daksh is tia husband i think it’s robin tias husband I don’t know why i feel like it robin tias husband In 1episode i dont which number but when rudy ask robin where is ur sister he tell who’s sister nd in Saturday episode he bcom sad to see tia

      • Lids

        I always felt that Roger was never happy with Tia marrying Shivaye because he was her boyfriend from the beginning. I’m guessing that if he isn’t her brother maybe his name isn’t “Roger” but something with the “D”. I think Tia and Daksh are working together to separate Anika and Shivaye during the wedding ceremony. Was I the only one that hated when Tia “hugged” Anika when Daksh proposed, acting so friendly. I wanted to slap that face so bad. Excellent episode. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

      • Bobbie

        Even I think it’s Robin and not Dakhsh . But I hope Sivaye and Annika get married and soon for my dadis sake



    |Registered Member

    Shivaye jealousy is on full height… i do not get shivaye do not want anika in his life due to his blood amd family name importance and anika is not ready due to missunderstandings but they both are not ready to see each other with other person, specially shivaye who is neither not ready to accept that he love anika nor want anyone to come in her life….

  5. akann

    Today’s episode was real good. I loved all the emotional Shivika moments. Nakul and Surbhi just nailed it. They were lovely today. Almost had me all emotional. I did wish their dance was longer. I can’t wait for them to be married. At this point, I actually don’t care how they get married but as far as they get together, I am a happy camper. But I do hope the creators come up with some new wedding drama rather than the same old bride swap or something.

  6. mouni

    nice ep , l knew she will say yes , shivaye looks so sad and tired , l think deeply he selfishly wanted anika to stay single for him while he is married to tia , but anika gave a huge slap to his ego and that’s good for him , its time for him to wake up and see the truth around him , the truth that he blocked by his pride , really hope he exposes tia by himself before the wedding and send her and her lover to jail for trying to harm anika and scam him , and tbh l dont think that now he has the courage or the will to continue with his wedding with tia , the tired look on his face proves it , maybe he will even force anika to break her engagement , it would be nice if he shows jaleousy and possesivness with anika in the next episodes

  7. Lax

    Unlike many other heroines, SurbhiC is too good when it’s comes to enacting funny scenes. But today with that emotional scene, she totally nailed it. OMG.. she is a brilliant actress no doubt. And the way she hugged Sahil, I almost had tears in my eyes.

  8. Vinayak

    A very emotional episode.Shivaay is very upset,because he truely loves Anika.
    Let us see what happens further.

  9. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Oh god…..dis tia is so irritating…..this daksh is not Tia’s bf….in one of sbs segment he told that his real motive would be something else…. I think so he is here to make shivika realise their love….and spoilers also reads that they are gonna confess each other after this marriage drama…..I think so there would be groom swap……too excited….

  10. Kimberly

    That blo*dy b*t*h Anika is trying to take the place of Tia…she doesn’t loves Shivaye…she’s only after his money and now he wants to make shivaye jealous by agreeing to marry daksh…and this shivaye is such a big fool….he’s cheating his fiance, both shivaye and anika are shameless.

    • SilentReader

      Yea,,,Shivaaye is cheating his fiance who z already married ,by not giving her a chance to do second mrg without giving divorce to her first hus



      |Registered Member

      Anika is not trying to take place of Tia.. its Tia who is already married and want Shivaye property…
      Actually Tia is cheating Shivaye.
      Anika said yes to Daksh due to her misunderstandings-
      1. She heard that shivaye think she is obssessed with him.
      2. Anika’s attack are only for getting Shivaye attention
      3. Tia gave her money and said payment for what she said that shivaye was with her during murder in night, and shivaye confirmed (though shivaye thought that tia’s mother more friends are coming so he gave money for that)

      So anika and shivaye are not shameless rather they are manipulated by tia

      • shahabana

        Shraddha bobbie and silent leader why u guyz are replaying that kimberleys stupid comment .
        U know what guyz kimberley is a attention seaker she goes to many written updates pages and always supports negative charecters and bashes leads .this is her favret hobby so plsss dnt reply to her comments if u guyz will reply her she will come everyday and start her bakbak.
        Im telling this because i have seen her comments on other shows now she came here so plsss dnt pay any attension to her



      |Registered Member

      I agree what you said… but if kimerly is supporting wrong person we should give kimerly right ans, so that kimerly get to know that when 1 person support wrong person there are atleast 5 person to support right person…
      And till the time they will not get ans this type of people will bad mouth right person

      • shahabana

        SHRADDHA u are also right but this kimberley is impossible persone i have seen her comments so many times thats why im saying this to its better to avoid her just look at her words which she uses .she intensionally doing this

  11. Trisha

    I can’t see the but i can imagine after reading these episodes These tia sperate btw anika nd shivaya why she want to married if she is already married???? 1:for money 2:for making oberio property own name 3:In mother force 4: I thinks her mother bcom ill nd don’t know her marriage secrete to make mother save nd happy she bcom ready for this married 5 :oberio sa badla what u think kya ho sakta hai…………..


    With lot of pain in his eyes he was looking at the door step where she was stood just a moment before

    SHIVAAY might have been thinking like

    “”His journey was started with ANIKA with his words


    and after getting many UPs and DOWNs

    ENDED with her words

    “THANK YOU” ‘”

    • Lijince

      Shekhar….what a thought!!! You related this situation to the point when they first met and the great SSO’s words to Anika….I don’t think anyone else could have thought about that!! Not even GK ma’am… 😀 😀

  13. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    Om’s Shaayari- jab dil apney pe aayegaa, Abhi to hissa baaki hai 😘

    Anika’s sobbing – 😢😥😪

    Surbhis acting – 💪👍👏👏

    Anika and Sahil hug – 😥

    Shivaay’s/Nakuul’s eyes expressions- 💔👏👏

  14. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    So I am not smart enough to understand the psychology behind this type of love- I won’t marry you Cos you are too low standard but don’t want anyone else to marry you Cos it makes me jealous? I am sure there is some intense type love logic behind it but it’s a tangent for my romantically challenged brain.

  15. Tahima


    |Registered Member

    hi everyone im an ishqbaazi from canada! i would just like to say my opinion on what should happen next for the shivika wedding. so on the day of the wedding shitia and daksh and anika should be getting married beside eachother. no bride swap or anything. then omru should come in exposing tia and daksh should also say at the same time he no longer wants to marry anika and he was rushing everything. anika will be filled with joy. Then after tia and her family leave with daksh and anika cheers up the oberio family. after that pinky and dadi should realize that shivaay loves anika cuz he will be staring at her. Then anika should say leave and say she will never return since there is no longer any wedding to plan. then the rest will fall in place

  16. Fama


    |Registered Member

    I am wondering why am feeling sad when Daksh proposed Anika I felt like murdering him at that moment. Am feeling really bad for Shivaay, and for Anika, I just hope she accept the proposal with an intention to exposed Daksh and Tia.

  17. RSA

    Hey I’m 4rm RSA and I’m conflicted I’m happy anika showed shivaay tht he is not gods gift to mankind!!but so so so sad to see tears in his eyes and omg anika crying is heartbreaking cos I hv watched a lot of indian serials most leading ladies are crybbies dnt knw hw to standup 4 thmselves but anika is 1 in a million!!!lOve love this serials

  18. sid

    I really think soo bride swap drama is not good bcoz if tia truth comes in front of shivaya it’s better than that &pls clear misunderstandings between shivka

  19. shahabana

    What an episode after long time full of emotional.nakul and surabhi are nailed it with their acting and exptession as shivika after long time superb episode.
    Last time shivaye proposed tia infront of anika this time anika accepted dakshs proposal infront of sso now this baagad billa will know the pain of heart breaking.shivaye deserves it then also i felt bad for him poor shivaye his eyes says everything but anika she also feeled immence pain its really tough to watch shivika like this in todays episode i loved them a core.
    Omkaras shayari superb daksh doesnt undertood it but waht om said 100% correct
    Shivika dance and family dance just awsome.
    And precape ohhh sso back with his form.
    In precape sso wants to keep anika away from daksh for her safety thats why he behaving like this.

  20. maya

    hiiiiiiii……………such an emotional episode……….
    Feel to slap tia.mizzzzzing all the romantic movements offff sivay and anika.plz yaar reveal the truth of tiaaa.

  21. Dini

    Feeling bad for SHIVIKA. But I heard that there will be bride swap in SHITIA’s marraiage. Plz don’t do that. I want SHIVIKA to marry with all respect and all the functions (HALDI, MEHENDI, SUNGEETH ETC). Then only it will be fun. Waiting for it.

  22. Chandini

    Nakul is killing with is eyes…what an acting😢I am happy that sahil is back.but now a days the show is tooo slow.not with the concept but with the shots..they r too slow dragging each and every epi with closeups.

  23. Rosu 25

    Really heart touching episode😰…..expected reply from anika………but I feel like crying after hearing yes from anika………..shivay almost cried….his teary eyes …..this really broke my heart even if he deserves it…..feel so bad for both shivika…..
    Sahil is back….I’m very happy to see him again…..bro sis hug was also very emotional…..o family dance, shivika dance, om dialogue everything was good….overall episode was good…..loved it…….

  24. Veda


    |Registered Member

    one thing is clear…DAKSH isn’t planted by DADI…then by whom..???..OM…??!!!???..becoz evryone was either happy or confused.. only OM didnt look at all SHOCKED… wen he should b coz he is well aware of SHIVAYE’s feelngs towards ANIKA….donno…just a wild guess.
    if it comes out dat DAKSH’s feelings is original nd his behaviour is nt scripted then it wl seem illogical..none bt a psycho can only behave like dis…. :/

    • Veda


      |Registered Member



      take a look over , if you get something !

      Om smiles and says…Nahi…”Abhi Mukammal nahi hua…abhi ye kissa baki hai…jab dil apni pe aayega…wo wala hissa baki hai…” He says this looking towards Shivika !!

      Rudra looks so hurt!

      Daksh says I didn’t get this but achcha hi hoga so thank u so much!

      Om looks towards Anika whos also watching him and he says…matlab to nikalne wale par hai and congratulates Daksh!!

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        OM’s eyes nd words hv said it all….he can understnd SHIVAYE more dan SHIVAYE himself can…nd dis time OM has successfully read ANIKA’s hrt too……bt I’m nt sure if its OM behind DAKSH…. wat do u think…????

      • SHEKHAR

        Looking at the DAKSH relation to whole OF, DAKSH just can not crash down to so low level that he can try to molest ANIKA in such a cheap way and spoil his own image in OF. Certainly he is doing so on the instruction, suggestion from some one from SHIYAAY’s close one, and in that close one, OM is one of them.
        Looking at above profile of DAKSH, and as I came to know from news around, HOW DAKSH CAN COMPELL ANIKA TO SPENT A NIGHT WITH HIM IN OM ITSELF?

        If he has bad intention for either ANIKA or SHIVAAY, then what leads him to do anything keeping SHIVAAY in knowledge. This comman sense of SSO is now FREEZED, and compell to believe everything is right what DAKSH is doing against or for ANIKA!

        He is on threshold, and could not fix his own state of his being. He is not in a position to think otherwise. SHITTING ideology is hault him to step on the way leading to ANIKA, and
        his feelingsm his possessiveness, his jealous forced him to move aroun and around ANIKA. He is now at the highest state of COMPLEXITY, and DAKSH is there only to make him more complex !!

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        U r absolutely rt Shekhar…SHIVAYE is on threshold…the extreme point isn’t so far now…just a lil poke is needed nd the poke will come from TIA fr sure…

    • shahabana

      Helooo vedha u are back happy to see u dr.
      And i dntknw whats dakshs intention is he is really good or bad i dnt care at all because of him shivika are coming more close im happy for that

      • Sumi.SS


        |Registered Member

        Yeah shahabana..i am also cnfused abt daksh role..but no cnctn bw tia and daksh..upto this becz of daksh only shivika lve track is mvngon.but In upcmng epi why daksh is creating misundrstng bw shivika in a major reason…I think frm this he may play negatv role ..

      • shahabana

        VEDA and SUMI im agree with u guyz sometimes i feels daksh is positive but sometimes i feels he is negetive only such a comfusing charecter is this daksh anyways its good for curiosity

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      @SAKU @SHAMA…. I’m fine sissys….I miss u guyyzzz… 😊😚. actually I’m a lil bit busy now a days wid my admisn,shifting nd mentally disturbed too as I’m going away frm my old UNIVERSITY.. old CLASSMATES nd PG MATES… 😞😞 Nd after all I had lost my interest to dis track so I stopped commenting…bt sometimes I mang to watch the epis on I jst couldn’t stop myself from commenting after watching tomorrow ‘s episode…It’s sooo emotional nd worth watching.. 😞😢..

      Hope to b able to watch Nd comnt regularly Nd to read da all pending epis of lovely FFs after da 1st wk of December …. 😊 bt promise I’l b in touch wid my lovely IB FAMILY nd comnt whenever I’l get some free time…love u guyyzzz… IB ROCKZZ.. 😘😘

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      SHAHABANA nd SUMI…I don’t think DAKSH is trying to create misunderstanding between SHIVIKA…he is trying is best to make the duo to read nd realize their unfold mind nd to tell da ultimate untold words….

  25. Vijji

    Loved the family dance and shivika dance. My heart broke seeing tears in Shivaay’s eyes. He is so possessive of Anika. he cannot see Anika with anyone else. He feels she is his’. Felt so sad for Anika and Shivaay. I am not sure if Daksh is good or bad but he knows Shivaay’s and Anika’s feelings very well. Waiting for the wedding. Looks like Daksh is going to do something tomorrow so Shivaay wants to send Anika home. He takes care of her a lot.


    Why TIA is a unavoidable EVIL for unison of SHIVIKA?

    One can give him pain, can defeat him, can break his ego, can break his heart, can break him in all the way, but you just can’t change SSO!, untill and unless you change his belief! What ever SSO today is only due to his belief.To change belief of someone is very tough

    ‘BLOOD, FAMILY , LINEAGE is one of his such belief .This his belief created a DEFAULT trust in SSO for TIA, which just say, TIA JUST CAN NOT CHEAT anyone including himself! ANIKA and OMRU has tried to expose TIA’s truth, in other words tried to change his BELIEF, DEFAULT TRUST, and that is without any proof, but failed .

    TIA , and only TIA can change easily his this belief , this default trust by her OWN KARMA(DEEDS) perferctly, so why , TIA is a unavoidable EVIL for unison of SHIVIKA.


    No, but DAKSH acts made him jealous, which made him anxiet, vulnerable, and he is fighting with his heart with TOOTH and NAILED, and when TIA’s TRUTH get exposed by herself or by else one with proof, this JEALOUS track may enhence speed to the process of breaking his belief, and there by to change SSO to committ his love for ANIKA! So DAKSH is only a CATALYST to make the process at speedily.

    So if SHIVIKA marriaje took place without changing his SHITTING BELIEF, then it will not be a happy unison .

    • Chandini

      You are right shekar belief is one thing which is hard to change and for our SSO he is tangled between his belief- family blood blah blah…and most importantly the fact that he loves anika from bottom of his heart and he has already connected his soul with hers.

    • mouni

      totaly agree with you , tia’s truth will make his world fall apart , l dont think its gonna be easy for him to get over it because of his ego and beliefs not because he has feelings for her , witch by the way dont exist , he has no feelings for tia , he didn’t try to be romantic or intimit with her , he didn’t flirt not even once with her but did all this with anika ( when they were drunk ) she even slept in his arms
      so l hope he will find something about tia that will make him doubt her strongly and l hope he will ask anika and his bros to help him find the proof of her guilt
      as for daksh , l see him more like an obssessive lover type , that want to be with anika no matter what

      • Vijji

        Sekhar, you are right about belief. It is hard to change ones belief.

        Mouni, you are right about Daksh. Even I started feeling that he is obsessed about Anika. Initially, I thought he is trying to make shivika realize their feelings. But now I started feeling he is trying to get Anika at any cost. I don’t think he is Tia’s husband but I feel he seems to be another evil person.

  27. Br

    Hi !TIa and shiv marriage function is going on. But here anika said yes to daksh is a very sad news to every one. Shiva is going marry tia but full concentration is only on anika.. but watch daskh and om faces they are calm . Daksh and om are watching. shiva only …..daksh motive is to realise his feelings about anika only. 1 priyanka and shiva are very close but she is absent for her bro’s marriage what happened to her?2 shivaind is telling tia blood and so so on……. but his heart is telling anika .. om ‘s conversation…so daksh is a friend indeed is a friend. Indeed…..of shiva ..

  28. MP

    hyy guys how r u all . super episode. but phir se shivay n anika me bichh misunderstanding hogi . fist time anika misunderstood shivay a now in upcoming episode he Wii misunderstaned anika . I don’t want this misunderstanding track . I watch video in U tube . ussme daksh anika ko paise de raha hai. n shivay ko lagta hai k vo anika ko raat ko apne pass rakhne k liye paise deta hai n anika he vo accepte ker liya . phir uska gussa anika pe nikal ta hai . our apne aap ko hurt karts hai .

  29. Lijince

    Loved Shivay’s and Anika’s acting yesterday……specially Shivay….that look of devastation and despair…..awesome Nakul!!

    Aww….my Sahil is back….and I really look forward to Sahil questioning Shivay for hurting his Anika didi….or taking revenge on Shivay in a childish way!!

    Om’s shayari was so apt for the situation….but now I feel that Om is also supporting Daksh to bring Shivika together…maybe unknown of Daksh’s plan….if not supporting atleast Om knew that Daksh was going to propose Anika….Daksh asked comments only from Om and not from Rudra…why??

    I don’t understand Shivay’s feelings exactly….if he is the person who listens only to his brains and not heart, then why can’t he accept Daksh’s feelings towards Anika….how come he is listening to his heart at that time and trying to stop Daksh from proposing to Anika….
    if it was in real life Shivay would have stopped Daksh telling him that Anika is a low profile girl, no surname, no blood lineage etc. and maybe insulted Anika also…but this is reel life…so Shivay can play the way GK ma’am wants…. 😀


      Its a nice observation, DAKSH ASKED COMMENTS ONLY FROM OM……” but you missed OM comments in form of SHAAYARI!!

      Thought coming from his minds stop him to committ his feelings, and wishes in his hearts push him close to ANIKA again and again!

      There is a tooth and nail fight is going on in between his heart wishes and his mind thoughts, which are contrasting to in nature, and this fight made him sit over the MOUNTAIN OF COMPLEXITY!

  30. Saku

    Not seen episode yet but after reading all ur comments looks like it was all emotional nd heart touching episode….
    So anika accepted daksh proposal it will b treat to watch seviourly jalkukada singh oberio….
    Guys now me too think daksh is not D…
    Daksh name nd d was just to confuse us…
    Now the point is if daksh is not D then who is it…???
    Many of here r thinking it’s robin nd I would also like to go wd them…for me also it’s robin….

    Hello ishqieess!!!…..
    @mukta ,shabu di,Veda di,Reni di,razna di,sahana di,aahana di,mishri di,Abiha di,shaza,Sat,bshama di,mukti di,samyukta, tridha,trisha,chetna di,nd all other members hw r u all???…hv a nice day..

    Missing ishqiees come back plzzzz…
    Comments r decreasing day by day…

    • Razna


      |Registered Member

      hii saku….hw ru iam fine. and srry for not commenting bcoz iam really fed up with this track…..and the next thing is its revision time..exams were coming… it little busy now…..

      • Saku

        Hello razna di…
        I m so happy to see u back…
        Nd no need to say sorry it’s ok dear..actually I also started commenting from yesterday only nd can understand ur situation also me too not liking this track but as mukta said we hv frndz here so we can comment for them right…
        Hope u will rock ur exams nd all the very best for it…
        Join us back😘

  31. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Really superbbb and vry emotional episode..woooowww nakul and surbhi’s acting was mindblowng..
    Om indirect lines to anika and shivay was nce..
    The narration of anika story day by day inspring me lotttt..
    A solitary young woman who is brave minded to struggle any cost of problem in the society…only her Aim is fulfilling his brthr needs..even she dnt hav a time to think about her own needs..she is also a enthusiastic worker..the superior characteristic of anika is helpfulness to others..she has enough strength to overcome her sorrow..fnaly SURBI CHADANA giving lyf to Anika by her amazing act..great wrk.

  32. Piyaliii


    |Registered Member

    Hey! …..commenting after a long time!!!…….😁😁😁
    Hope you all remember me!…ya bhul gaye mujeh. ..😅😅😅
    Sorry guys…but because of my exams I was not doing comments… are you all!…..
    About isqhbazz….I usually see it when I get time!😊😊😊……
    It is going good….😊…but this tia😡😡😡
    And I also read your comments…..
    Many new members joined….hello everyone!😊
    And specially….mukta,priya, abiha di,renima di,nikki di, nishu, astha, alka di, manik br, dhruvv, dhruvvv, shahabana di, Soniya, Chetana di, anusha, nivedha di, diya di, maya di, sat, sharmi, ridhima, maahiswt, aditi, maha, rosu di, richu di, haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di, tharu di, sunehri, tridha…..

    How are you all!…..???😊😊😊….hope you all are fine…..
    Have a nice day….😊😥

    • shahabana

      Hellooo piyali u are commenting after long time.
      Im fine dr hope u also fn and have a great day u too baby.
      Ofcourse episode superb and faintastic.
      Missed ur comments keep commenting dr

    • Mukta


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      Finally this girl is back….. seriously yar where were u all these days??? Tum toh aise gayab ho gayi thi jaise gadhe ke sar se seeng gayab hote hain!!!!! I’m good howz u??

    • Saku

      Welcome back di…
      Well u don’t know me as I joined a month ago nd u not commented since that tym…so let’s b frndz as I like to make new frndz so will u accept my request do reply nd yaa keep commenting..

      @mukku lol😂 well said😂😂

  33. TARA

    AWESOME episode…Shivika nailed it…LUV them more n more……
    Plz end Tia evilness, cant bear to see shivika in so much pain….at least clear misunderstanding btw them so love grows even more, how can Shivay think that Anika will sleep for money? and how can Anika think that Shivay will pay her monet to walk out from his life—Come on they r not stupid, no matter how much influence Tia or Daksh has…I thought thet undestood each other deeply, their talks n their silence…
    IB writers are confused it seems, contradicating all their stories n theories
    I too think DAksh is trying to bring shivika together…at least i hope so.
    I thought GK said no bride swap but all spoilers are pointing that way….

    Plz no more misunderstanding btw Shivay n Anika….its too painful to watch and defeats the characters they r playing…Anika is supposed to be independent and make up her own mind so why is she agreeing to marry Daksh under pressure…I expected far better…not the weak character she is playing….yes shes hurt, n feeling pain but that doesnt make a person weak and be treated like a doormat, the way Tia is treating her….
    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ CVS stop this n bring trust and honesty back in power of LOVE otherwise this show should not be titled as such…IB

  34. chithra

    Hello isqmembers… 😊😊😊😊hw u all..

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    Guys coming to ib I vl comment abt isqbaas only after shivika wedding😍😍😍 😊😊😊😊bcz i am big fan of shivika 😍😍😍… I want their unite soon😍😍…lv you all … Nd hope all are fine.. Exams guys so busy 😊😊😍😍…

    • Sumi.SS


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      Thnkq chithra..yeah lotzzz of new members..i am also one of the New membr..sumi frm tamilnadu..All the best fr ur examzz..

    • Saku

      Hello chithra di….
      I m gud…hwz u??…
      A big big bst of luck for ur exams rock it nd come back soon.. .
      I m waiting

  35. chithra

    One thing I want to share here abt yesturday’s episodes.. I juss loved 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 the way Anika hugged sahil😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊 it was so heart touching scene… Surabhi chandana nailed there
    😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊… I want to see again such cute scene

  36. Renimarenju


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    Hello my ishqies…….just am writing two lines for shivaay-anika ………as i didn’t watch the episode….don’t know how much it will express the actual feel….but an attempt…and forgive me also…..if u find any mistakes…..i read the updates now only….and felt some thing really touching has happned in IB….right ?????






  37. Veda


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    Guyyzzz….don’t miss today’s episode…A BANG is waiting fr us…DAKSH is a PSYCHO..the stalker….nothing else….he is obsessed with ANIKA…. I am laughing like hell reading my previous comnts about DAKSH…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Rudra is kidnapped by that RUMI….in short today is PSYCHOS’ day (RUMI nd DAKSH)… 😷😷😷😯😯😯….

    • shahabana

      S VEDA dr i have mentioned in previos episodes pages that the stalker is daksh only and sso will comfront about this

  38. Saku

    @RICHU di aap kaha gayab ho gaye???…sab log hai aur app hi chale gaye come back plzz.. .
    See many members r commenting..

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