Ishqbaaz 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye agrees to marry Tia

Ishqbaaz 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gauri asks Anika are you going somewhere. Anika says yes, I told about my interview. Gauri says I know you will crack it, what are you finding. Anika says my phone. Gauri says its in kitchen, I will get it. Anika goes to get it. Sahil’s mum comes and says explain your sister to shut up in front of me, she didn’t leave any snacks for me. Anika says I will fry pakodas for you. Sahil’s mum says she learnt some English and boasts a lot, I will tell her that your mum is someone’s mistress. Anika says if you tell anything to Gauri, I won’t leave you. Sahil’s mum says you have no courage, you can’t do this. Anika says don’t think my decency is my weakness, I m still khidkitod, I can do anything for family, don’t do this mistake to tell Gauri.

Shivaye hears Khanna and goes to ask what’s

going on. Khanna says they forcibly got in. Shivomru and Tia see police. Bhavya says Mr. Shivaye, I m ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathod, Sunil Tyagi has filed a complaint against you, you have to come with me. Rudra asks have you gone mad. She asks him not to talk in between. Om asks what did Shivaye say. She says it will be better if you ask your brother. She sees Shivaye and its a crime to threaten someone of death, you have to come Shivaye. Rudra says you can’t talk to him this way, you can’t even touch him. She says I handcuff people. Rudra says I will see. Shivaye calls commissioner and says Bhavya is here. He gives her the phone. She gets instructions. Om asks what did he say. She says he asked me to apologize to Shivaye. Rudra jokes. She says sorry.

Rudra asks her to say aloud. She says I m sorry Mr. Shivaye and goes. Rudra goes after her. Tia says its good it got solved here itself. Om says Shivaye knows how to handle such things. Anika talks on call and says I will reach on time. She keeps money in an envelope. Gauri asks what are you hiding. Anika says just papers. Gauri says I filled the forms. Anika asks the last date to pay fees. Gauri says maybe in 3 days. Anika thinks how will I pay her fees, I need a job. She says don’t take tension, I will pay the fees. She gets Nikhil’s call and leaves. Rudra stops Bhavya and says your entry was good, but exit wasn’t, I feel bad for you, this is Oberoi mansion, big ministers and commissioners come here, come when you become a commissioner, else I will get your transfer done. She says you have much pride about your family name, I will not leave you. He laughs and says this was not good. She says you can wait and watch what I do. She goes. He says I will see you and your attitude, why didn’t I get this line before.

Shivaye asks Dadi did you call me. She gives the money and says take this, you gave 50000rs to pandit for a one year late mahurat for your marriage, you should have told me, what would be my respect in his eyes, he would think I m compelling you. He says I didn’t wish to hurt you. She says you made pandit lie, won’t I feel hurt now. He says truth is, whatever happened with mom and dad, I don’t have any belief in marriage, they pretended to be happy, they fought so much and risked lives, they didn’t think for me and Priyanka, can we heal our wounds or not. Dadi says I know and understand your pain, you lost your parents, I lost my young son, Shakti didn’t go alone, he took away my hopes too, I just have a wish to see you happy, I want to see your marriage, so that I can be relieved that someone is there to look after you. He says if you want me to marry, I will marry. She says I have faith in you. She hugs him. She says I will ask pandit for mahurat, you meet pandit ji for the puja. She goes. He turns and sees Tia crying. Tia asks don’t you want to marry me Shivaye. Nikhil gives a rose to Anika.

She asks what was the need to spend on the rose. He says its for you, I plucked this from garden. She says I don’t like anyone stolen. He asks didn’t you eat stolen mangoes. She says no, I just plucked mangoes for Gauri and Sahil, there is nothing imp than truth in life. He says okay, no more lectures. She gives him money. He says sorry, I will return money when I get my new ATM card, I lost my cheque book too. She says don’t say sorry, I feel bad that I couldn’t help you more. He says its already enough, I will return all your money. Gauri comes and teases. Anika says I wanted to go temple so he came to pick me. Gauri asks when are you getting your parents to talk about marriage. He says I m waiting for right time. Gauri says right times comes when families meet. He says something wrong always happens, I promise they will come next week. She says I trust you completely. He goes to get scooter.

Shivaye says its not about you, I don’t have faith in marriage relation. She says I thought your thinking changed. He says I want to be honest with you, I m doing this for Dadi’s sake, we have friendship, there can’t be anything more. Tia says I m in love with you. He says then you shouldn’t marry me, I can’t love anyone. She says I can’t live without you, you are more than a friend for me, I m sure that you will also love me after marriage. He says I have to go temple, pandit ji called. Gauri says you will be getting married, I will snatch shoes, I m a Gundi, then your Bidaai will happen. Anika says I will always be here, I know it takes time for good time to come, Nikhil is struggling, he is a lawyer, he wants time and I want to give him time, marriage is imp.

Gauri asks what about love. Anika says I have no idea about love, you know Nikhil is my childhood friend, he belongs to a good family, he asked me for marriage and I said yes. Gauri says you mean you didn’t fall in love. Anika says don’t know what’s love. Gauri jokes and acts filmi. Anika says I know meaning of marriage, it means respect, a woman gets respected by society when she gets married, when a man gives her name. She thinks of Sahil’s mum’s words. She says living is not living without respect. Gauri asks why are you getting senti, I want you to be happy, the guy will be lucky, he will keep you as queen, you will have a big house, designer clothes and cars. Anika smiles.

Guard says you can’t go in, Sir is a VIP. Anika asks Shivaye if you are so rich, why don’t you make a personal temple for yourself. Shivaye opens eyes and turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    TRP of this week is 1.5 nd 12th in position…. It’s okk… I m waiting for coming trp means redux trp…
    Now coming to epi ,
    Finally our khidkitode Anika is backk… Missed her yr….
    Chachi ki toh bolti band ho gayi…
    Entry of BPR… She asked sry to Shivay… I thought she wouldn’t say sry to him , but……
    Ruvya tashan start….
    Chalo kisiki toh start hue… But today Rudy’s attitude towards Bhavya was something different nd interesting…. Something new… I mean at first Rudy was childish then rude , but now they have some attitude…. I like it…
    Nikhil , d new boy… Don’t know why but his 1st impression was not good for me…. He hve itne saare excuses for everything….
    Aniri ,
    But gouri is now SRK’s fan not SK’s…
    Lovely part of d epi….
    BTW i like Gouri’s new hair style…
    Shivika’s concept about marriage….
    He don’t want to marry becz of his past nd she want to marry becz acc to her husbands surname need in life….
    Both of there life suffering becz of there parents….
    One side Tia is positive , Omru nd dadi also want her as Shivay’s life partner nd other side Aniri want nikhil as Anika’s life partner… So now it will be interesting to see how Shivika will unite..,
    Precap – Hit nd miss between Shivika….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Banita

      Sry it’s 13th position overal…

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go Bani go!! Congrats dr for being first.. It’s been long time, Bani, since we had our wierd, quirky thoughts on ishqbaaz.. am missing our discussions on our strange thoughts?? u remember?

      1. Banita

        Thank U yr….
        Of course i remember… Ya it’s longg time that we discuss something like that… But koi nahi ab firse apna pitara khol dete hain… Hume rokega kon…

    3. Go banita congrats for being number 1.

    4. Oh banita dearshivaay looks really a killer guy and more stern than the old IB. I am liking shivaay’s new get up. I ca’t wait for tonight’s episode.

    5. JeevithaTK

      Hi banita dear,
      Hru. Me to waiting for this new ib Trp…. Shivay is rude dull want back our tadi wala sso back… Love you. TC.

    6. Pushpa

      hey bani….. hw r u….
      luv the new villain look shivaye….. i wonder why bhavya ? can always b another person but ok now rudy will be irritating her to max…….

  2. I feel this new ib is boring… Hope it will be interesting after shivika meet… Waiting for it…

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Boring uh? ?? Don’t worry dear, the redux has just started.. I hope you find ishqbaaz even more interesting and exciting in the upcoming episodes.. TC

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi sweta dear.
      Hope tht v get back the charm in ib which v r missing… Tc

  3. Dhwani_Naidu

    My serial love ishqbaaz is going really great!!! I get excited for every episode.. Dabangg Gauri is even more Dabangg.. Waiting for tomo

    1. JeevithaTK

      Hi Dhwani dear,
      Hru.. S dear I’m loving gouri character…. Love you.. Tc

  4. Pushpa

    Hi pkjs..
    IB getting interesting now… dun u guys think so….
    Todays episode we know 2 things..
    a. Tia is just a friend for shivaye
    b. Shivaye dun intent to marry Tia……. yeahhhhhhn
    c. But kismat will play its game & our shivika will meet..yes…yes..

    I simply luv shivaye this avatar..full of attitude..full of that dark evil look..the same powerful business man who buys anyone…. same happen yesterday…remember the journalist luv tht scene… dark singh oberoi…. forgot hw to smile hug his brothers even his dadi….

    Tia for gods sake cant u c…. cmon leave shivaye & let anika walk into his life and both will find their love together..and mihir theory khatam karlo…. oh my pkjs im waiting for this moment… hv a feeling thy will meet 27 june…. IB 2yrs anniversary …

    Anika u hv such a handsome good looking hunk shivaye here ..this bf of yrs…. i hate him..nikhil cant even stand beside shivaye..?.and how much lie he’s telling u…atm card lost cheque book also ghaib….2rp,chepde ladhka…..and u belive him…damn he is talking money frm u yaar…. think think anika…..

    V know now anika still taht khidikitod and happy 2c she gave back to her chachi…. devil evil women….

    So bhavya re enter to arrest shivaye….. cm bhavya This is Shivaye Singh oberoi not any mamully ordinery man …. c just 1 phone call u hv to ” say sorry sir ”

    ShivomRu u guys r showing attitude of yr status..prestige ….. class …im loving it..

    Precap….. history repeats…..Ishqbaaz starts..
    Gd nite gals
    C all of u tomo when shivika meets….

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hiii Pushpa sis!!! Yeah this track is soooooo exciting for me.. hope TRP increases.. Same thoughts akka about shivaay.. Ruvya’s tashan has started.. Now rikara and shivika are only left.. Sis, if not for temple meet, there will be an even more better, superb,different meet for shivika.. don’t worry.. We will wait for that.. TC

      1. Pushpa

        hey gal…… yes interesting….. i too want to c rudy tashan….. lets c what cvs hv for us….

    2. Banita

      Hlo diii….
      Yeh this redux IB is getting much more excitinggg…
      Yeh me also liking Obros attitude specially Omru’s becz my Shivay bhaiya toh already taadibaaz hain hi…
      TC dii

  5. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 4….
    Pagals..what happened to pkj???? One day 100+ and another day 30+ couldn’t happen.kahan gayab hogaye ho sab????????.

    Oh my god. .Cvs surprised me like anything
    @Tani dear its time for party..Cbs didn’t sopil anything from Annika..they made her mature, less talkative and calm type character and SC is totally nailing it…….first jhalli Anika now this calm annika..Om i am liking this strong Annika.she is in trouble but don’t let anyone about it.
    And they way she gave back to chachiiii I felt suklon in my eyes.
    Everybody wants only money from her.
    I understand Gouri is studying and she needed..but this NIKHIL idiot ?????He don’t love Annika at all…he is behind her money..Go and Die.nikhil…My Single Annia di is best…
    Chanchi need money, house owner need money….money……urghhh.

    So Shivika once again have diff POV about maariage. ..
    One side Sso don’t believe in marriage and love bcoz of his parents issue
    Other Side Annika is silent about love and Marriage is important for her bcoz of her parents
    Two diff pov is going to clash……I AM WAITING. BRING IT ON.

    These Obros are gone…They really need medicine from their would be partners.
    Rudy don’t make me hate you.plz Already i hated you in starting of DBO when you were soo much rude with also you are insulting this time with oberois fame..don’t do this.
    Omkara I am failing to understand his character. .

    OMG ..Tia love Sso….I am getting feeling she is gonna became negative after some months….when shivika will became close..
    Lets seee how fate will bring them together…
    Hope No MU will happen…i am tired of it.

    PRINKU IS COMING BACK????? i think this time she will be badass Prinkuand She is Sso’s sister…Totally feeling like reading ff..
    Waiting for tomorrow. ………….
    Gum ho ne wale members come back..

    1. Banita

      Yeh Arpu now a days all r busy (including me)…
      I also not getting good vibes from that nikhil…
      @Arpu I m okk with Omru’s attitude today… They r different now not d old Omru… Now Om’s thought will be like a businessman nd Rudy also now independent… I like it…

    2. Hey Arpu I am excited to see prinku and her get up but I don’t want them to change the actress to someone else or I will be disappointed

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpita dear,
      Hru. Really dear pinky is coming back too happy nd excited to her bold S like sindhu akka even I want old pinky only…. Even I’m feeling gadbad in this nikil.. Love u dear. Tc

  6. Dhwani_Naidu

    Shivaay and his killer tadi is back.. My bhabhi is so strong but soft… Waiting for my khidkitod bhabhi.. Tia baby is positive ???? Wat if swety and sumo also come back as positive chars.. it will be even more funnnnn!! Ishqbaaz now feels like a fan fiction enacted.. Am loving this!! I know tomo shivika won’t see each other… My wish is that Omkara should fall in love with Gauri at first sight, should win her heart and through rikara, Shivika should meet.. becoz shivika can’t meet in temple, MA had set it up like this.. Another possibility is that Tia can hire Anika and through her shivika could meet.. But tht is slightly similar to the original one.. I can’t stop thinking of the possibilities ???

    1. Banita

      Hlo Dhwani….
      Yeh me also loving this new track…
      nd i also want ki Om will fall in love with Gouri first nd propose her , but gouri mana krdegi nd then Om will start mission gouri maanao…
      Woww!!! It will be interesting…
      Lotss of Love yr…

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi Dhwani dear,
      Good Cing old anika back bit by bit…. The moment I saw tia just praying n deliberately waiting to c my cutie pie somu back with her cuteness…… It b good to c om falling for gouri super duper… Hope ur n my wish of Cing positive somu back fulfilled by CVS…. Actually I thought tht only me want to c somu back but there is one more who want to c somu back.. Love u dear. Tc

    3. It will be great. But first Gauri will fall for omkara. Because cvs in Ib redux they are only story repeating like shitia marriage and now Annika will work in oberoi mansion as a event management that’s why I strongly feel first gauri will fall for omkara like Ib season 1 and in Ib redux gauri believes in love but omkara maybe he is business or money minded I don’t think omkara will easily fall for her mark my word.

  7. I dont get good vibes frm nikhil dont no the reason.Im so excided fr tmrs episode shivikas first meet.

    1. Banita

      Yup @Hema… Same thought dr…

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi Hema dear,
      Hru….. Ya same feeling dear…. Tc

  8. Fans are so crazy even the story is not perfect also they will support the show because they are fans so sorry for saying this
    I am so sad to see this type of story even brothers don’t known whether their brother is happy or not and so many praising gauri one point recognise she don’t known how his sister is struggling even sahil is better than gauri he known everything about his didi and her dream
    As so many fans telling treat as new serial and enjoy so why not we accept tia and shivaay as perfect couple why we want shivaay and annika together. What about present story they will stay here only they will not return. And about trp as like serial is this type the trp will go to low level am not discourage fans because on same time on other channels will creating lots to addict the fans. This my point of view any one hurt so sorry

    1. Banita

      @Aditi , now i will say just one thing to U… Don’t to any conclusion so soon dr… It just started… There is much more suspence to unfold…

    2. Hmm. Actually earlier also I have comment that how ishqbaaz will continue after the end of Kalyani mill track.
      I was actually thinking that they will make one of oberois negative.Actually in other serials, CVS generally deteriorate character of some good person of serial and GODified the image of lead pair of serial.

      But actually I am thankful to CVS that instead of destroying character of any oberois brother they started Society enlightment track and now redux track. CVS of Ishqbaaz are trying something different instead of making negative characters.

      This track doesn’t seems boring to me. But yes I don’t want this track to run for 4 months. But this track will definitely run for 1 months ( my guess ).

      I think after the end of Kalyani mill track CVS are finding difficult for making another long track. So by introducing Society enlightment track and redux, CVS are just taking time to introduce another long and interesting track.
      I think that CVS can make a very interesting track from that accident by Omkara and prinku.

      Thanks to Arpita 6, Luthfa, Banita, dhawani and to those who replied to my previous comment.

  9. Hi …guys …..
    What happend to you all ,why so less comment ,,where are evryone …

    Today ….mujhe to sukkun mil gayi ,,anika ki khidkitodh avtar dekh kar ..thank you so much cvs ..mai is baat ko lekar kitna paresan thi ..but now my khidkitodh anu will remain khidkitodh always ..???i am so happy ..

    Bhavya pratap rathore ki entry bhi ho gayi ..wooww ..but rudy your this side is not acceptable ..ab shivay kaya kam tha ki tum bhi obroi’s khandan ki .,image ki use karna suru kar diya …

    Dadi emotoinally blackmail shivay ..and shivika’s opinion for marriage is really different ..Tia loves shivay ..yeh to mai phir bhi bileve karlu ,,but but but this Nikhil ,,kuch to jhol hai ,,yeh sala ek number ke chantumai hai ..mai to bilkul nahi manti ki yeh anika se payar karta hai ..pura juth bol kar hamari anika ki payse luth raha hai ….ek to anika ki paresani kam nahi hai ..uper sai yeh nikhil ka bhi jammedari ..woh bhi help ki nam pe …

    Same precap se to a66a hai ki precap hi na dikhaye ,,it’s good there is no precap ..Dhire dhire se i think i am getting intrested …in this seson 2, of ib …..
    Just we have to gave them time ..
    Kal anika ki first meet ho kar bhi nahi hogi …next week they will deffinately meet …not in the temple but somwhere else ……

    Ok my buddies ,,bye .love you all ..

    1. Banita

      Yeh Tania we should give some time to this new story before coming any conclusion…
      Nd i m okk with Rudra’s this attitude…

  10. Laya

    Hey ishqies ( that’s what we were hiding when ishqbaaz started ) nice to meet you guys I’m Laya I was there in the page till I guess mid 2016 yes super long …..anyways feels good to be back and my schools ending on July 4 ( sweet smell of vacation ) again really feels good to be back and I guess there is a redux now ….. hoping it’s good track I can’t handle this for like 3 months etc although happy with Anika as always and oh god Gauri is like oh my good we all love an devil-ish good sister thank god rudy didn’t change or I would go mad but I miss dumbell at times anyways ….Hey guys nice to meet you all (again) been so long I have come to the site….. anyways hie ??

    1. Not ishquiees anymore. I think Ishquiees was the past and the first group of this ishqbaaz page, which flourished in 2016 – 2017. Year 2017 saw decline in ishquiees and new group is formed PKJ.
      Currently there is no ishquiees, only PKJs.

      Ishquiees are like Indus Valley civilization which is now extinct.
      PKJs are like modern civilization. ??????.
      And laya you from ishquiees commenting in era of PKJs is like finding the evidence of Indus Valley civilization. ???

      Please take this comment as funny comparison. ??

  11. Laya

    Error : not hiding calling** sorry for grammatical mistakes btw

  12. Hiiii evryone
    How are you’ll??

    Hope you’ll enjoying this redux coz I know I am ? .. each episode brings in a lot of excitement and thoughts it keeps me engaged with each coming episode

    Loved the episode ? glad ” khidkitod ” snik os back missed her bold avatar but she’s nailing this one as well .. bhavya as ACP I think she did a good job ? then gauri was good as well I think I like all the characters so far besides not getting the feel of old dadi hopefully I het it soos dil what to say about nikhil actually is he really using her ? Or is he genuine ???

    Waiting eagerly for the upcoming episode nd of course shivika meeting ??????

    Take care ?

  13. Luthfa I’m doing great what about you? I couldn’t reply on the previous page but hope to doing well .. ?

    @jeevithaTK aww thank you so much ? my eid was awesome had cousins ove so was actually worth it ?

    @dhwani I’m okay what about you ? This vey kind of you to say ? and I missed you too ? but now I hope we compensate all the convos missed ??

    Anyways take care ❤

    1. JeevithaTK

      Hi OMAIRA dear,
      Hru. Happy tht u enjoyed ur eid well. Nd u can call me jeevi as u call always… Ya happy tht v r getting back our old anika back. Love u dear. Tc

  14. show bekaar hore ab. trp giregi bahut. ye redux part laane ki kya jarurat thi? see, ek tou itna bda oberoi mansion me family members bhi km hai. janvi, tej sakti pinky. dadi bhi change ho gayi hai. old wali dadi was cute and her voice .missing her. hope she recuperates soon. show dekhkr lg ra ki isme kuch missing hai sayad comedy like rudy and anika and pinky . bas sad part hi dikh ra. i think i should stop watching this serial. 1 week baad will watch. till then jo bhi boring part krna hai kro CVS. bye

    1. Same opinion

  15. Hello everyone PKj family. I am just loving this episode. I think some of you all think it is boring but I think it is going good. Be patient my dear family because they are showing the progression of each character this week. They are also introducing characters and it takes time to show differently characters and different forms in different setting. Let’s just enjoy and watch it as a new serial.

  16. Let’s be patient. I think they are introducing the characters slowly and it is a progressive introduction. All characters especially the three couples are shown in different setting. Only Ruvya has met but we have to wait for Rikara and shivika. The track is going good and I am liking it.

  17. I don’t like Nikhil. A very shady character and looks like he is money sucker from Anika. How many people will Anika look after? Sahil Gauri her chachi and now Nikhil. If Gauri comes to know of it she will get furious.

    Tomorrow the temple scene will be interesting. We are see taashan shivaay and khidkithod anika. Wow wow….. next week will be even better as shivika are going to be challenging one another. I am Glad to hear prinku is Shivaay’s Sister so she is going to be another female version of Shivaay. Is she going to be Anika’s Best Friend I wonder?

    Tia seems to be better here but not sure if she knows Shivaay and anika are always loggerehaads and she may feel insecure. Wait to be seen. Overall I like the way IB is going and I am watching a new serial. I think we have watched the couples together for very long so some can’t accept the fact that they are showing all of them in different setting.

  18. Hello banita dear Luthfa Arpu dear Ishita Tania sneha Little jeevi and shiny kadhambari dhawani omaira aayushand many others whom I may have missed out.Hope all of you are doing well. Can’t come on all the time as been busy but whenever I get time I try to leave the comments.

    1. JeevithaTK

      Hi sindhu akka.
      Hru. I’m fine. Now I’m getting interest… Missing the bond of Shivomru nd dadi agree tht they love each other but something is missing akka the feel which I used to get Cing then now I’m getting tht.. Hope tht they come back to normal characters back soon. V badly missing old dadi…. Hating sahil’s mom…. Y don’t know how many members should anika take care…. By akka I somu back…… Akka paka being patient to watch which v want c before tht I will become patient akka… Akka come Wen ur free comment nd reply…. Love u akka ur little sis jeevi.. Tc

  19. ShinyTirupathi

    Hello guys…. I was gayab for 1 week again…. some issues so couldn’t come how are you all?
    Bani,Arpu you both guys are amazing long comments likne ne ki training mujhe tho seeko na… love you guys..
    Luthafa dear I love your writing I wish you write out of this page too… love you…
    Ishitha dear Missed you….
    Sindhu di how r you….. I love your paras…..
    Dhwani after lond time I’m seeing you here welcome dear….
    Hello Omaira…..
    Puspha dear I love how you adore and love our Show and Shivaay..
    Hello to all….
    Ishqbaaaz is in Redux and I’m loving this freshness…. thanks to this AU which made me read Science articles limitless just to understand it…. waiting for the first meet of Shivika…
    This Shivaay is so Scary Man… Devil,Dark patha nahi is there anything more he is hiding… Nakuul killing it….
    Annika calm and composed wala… surbhi is doing great…
    Today epi waiting waiting…. See you guys….

    1. Hey shiny my dear little Sister how are you?
      Nice to read your comments and I am very happy you are now in good spirits and positive outlook. Keep doing this my dear.

      1. ShinyTirupathi

        Thank you di.. I’m fine… I’m more positive now….. Shiny has reborned new and is Shining like no other…. so supportive PKJ family I got… so ho gaya woh ho chuka hai… hamesha kuch hokar rahaega…. so I started to think of just my way to destination… I’m sure and hopefull this thorns will one day lead to some beautiful garden…..

  20. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys.. Hey all can’t come last 2 days bit busy.. Coming to IB was enable to shivay nd anika last two episodes for me they were looking like depression persons…. Tht maha arthi my favourite part now something is missing even in tht kitchen part … Pinky nd shakthi fb is too ?????? shocking.. Shivay soo rude nd nt normal Wen it is o’bro OMG anika soo weak….. Something missing for me….
    Thank god they showed bold anika….. I’m happy of gouri character…… Bit excited tomorrow when anika nd shivay going to meet….. Shocking tia feeling micmichi calling shivay has shivay baby…… Thanks they changed Precap.. Lots of love. TC guys..

  21. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Hit and miss precap…. Excited to see how they gonna meet….
    Episode is good..

  22. Guys can anyone of u plzz help me. I have missed most of the serial i think coz i cant understand anything. What all happened after the obros solved the murder mystery. Plzz help me

  23. hii everyone

  24. my Question is same as of Anaita plz someone tell me the reason why the trio are reacting like they are unaware of each other

  25. Sukaen

    i hope Saumya and Ishana also back again in IB… its my opinion only..

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