Ishqbaaz 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with some men breaking the house. Anika asks what are they doing. He asks is this house on your name legally. She says its on Sahil’s parents name, they adopted me, I m not Sahil’s real sister. He asks do you know Bua. She asks you know her. He says yes, your Bua sold us this house for 30 lakhs. She says you can’t do this. He asks her to meet new owner. She asks who. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She gets shocked. Some time before, Rudra says Om, this can’t happen. Om says relax, he did not do murder, he went for dinner. Rudra asks why did he go to meet Anika. Om says sometimes fates meet. Rudra says fates meet or they meet, why did Shivaye not tell me, he is keeping secrets. Om says even I feel the same. Rudra says when brother keeps secrets, then… it means something is happening

between Shivaye and Anika. Om says Shivaye can’t do this with Tia. Rudra asks why did he go and meet Anika then. Om says you said right. Rudra calls Manish and asks him does he have facetime in his mobile.

Anika argues with Shivaye and says you wastes two days from 72 hours, you have just 24 hours now, I open challenge you, you do anything, but you can’t make me bend. He says world changes in a day, just a moment is fine to change your world. She shows his style before he does his signature step. Music plays. Manish sends the live feed to Rudra and Om. Anika smiles and leaves. Rudra and Om see them live, by Manish’s help. Rudra says I would have heard them if I got this idea before. Om says spying is bad, did mum not teach you manners. Rudra says mum taught manners to me in childhood, I forgot, did you see Shivaye’s angry expressions, did you notice Shivaye is affected by Anika, even its if its hatred, they got a relation. Tia comes and asks what relation. Rudra jokes. Tia asks for Shivaye. They make excuse. She says no problem, I will talk to both of you till now. They smile.

Jhanvi comes to Pinky and asks Pinky what is she doing. Pinky asks her to come, and says much happened with Shivaye, so I tried to ward off evil sight from his pic, as he has no time. Jhanvi says I also do same, women can be different, but mothers can same, I could not become good wife, so I try to become good mum. Pinky asks her not to give up on her marriage, no divorce happened in Oberoi family, we can have cat fights, but we will support each other, no war can be won without fight, you have to fight.

Shivaye comes home and recalls Anika. Tia comes to him holding a candle. Rudra and Omkara come along. They all shock Shivaye. Shivaye asks whats happening. Rudra asks him to sit, your healing therapy is going to start, Tia feels your aura is disturbed and needs dry cleaning. Tia says wait Rudra. She goes to Shivaye, and asks him did he have dinner. Om says it seems he came from dinner, what does person want, pasta and wine, if anyone makes you angry, then whats the use, like someone from A… Shivaye says shut up.

Ishana cries the goons beating them. Her sister asks her to open the door. Ishana sits crying. Tia asks Shivaye to relax, and think what all happened during the day. Rudra says think who met you. Shivaye thinks of Anika. Tia asks Shivaye to think of his feelings, how did he feel, did you feel powerful, happy….. Shivaye thinks and gets angry. Tia says whatever happened today, sum it up, think everything, every feelings, capture it in one visual. He closes eyes and thinks of Anika’s challenge. He opens eyes. Om and Rudra are seen fallen asleep. Tia says its over, you are healed now, relax Shivaye, you will forget all the problems now. She leaves. Shivaye thinks of getting rid of his biggest problem.

Anika checks for food and says Bua ji did not leave any food. Bua is sleeping. Sahil says circus’ elephant would eat less than her, have food. Anika says I m not hungry. He asks are you in love, when I was in first love, I was not getting hungry. He tells her sweet love story. She laughs. He asks are you in love. She says no, and murmurs it will be fun if Shivaye’s front teeth break. Shivaye thinks of Anika’s words. He recalls Sundari bua, who is very greedy. He thinks I got your weakness Anika.

Its morning, Ishana sits somewhere. She recalls the incident and cries. Om happens to pass by. He sees her and comes to her. She turns away and hides the wound scar. He sits beside and asks does sit look nad. She asks what. He asks about the scar, is it hurting a lot. She says I got habitual to it, it troubles when… He says when it happens. She says you completed my words as if… He says as if I know you since long, I don’t know you, but I know pain since long, so maybe we got linked, my brothers joke on me that I talk philosophical and I m boring, I won’t bore you. She says your brothers say wrong, I mean you are not boring. He says I think you have many things to say, I m a good listener.

She says world is like local train, much crowd, everyone has to fight own battles, when we fight for loved ones, difference between right and wrong gets erased, we break other’s hearts to keep loved ones’ hearts, maybe for money, we can lie a lot, money makes someone powerful and someone helpless, some get money by lies and some by truth, there are many faces one on another, world just sees face, not heart. He says everyone see wounds, but no one sees pain. They see each other. He asks her to take care. He smiles seeing her and leaves.

Anika asks Sahil to learn to tie shoe lace. Sahil asks if I learn, whats the use of elder sister. She tells Bua that she iss going to drop Sahil to school. He asks what if Shivaye comes. She says he can just say, he can’t do anything. They get shocked seeing the men breaking their house. She sends Sahil inside and asks the men who gave them permission to break their wall. The man asks who is she. She says its my house. He asks is this house on your name legally. She says its on Sahil’s parents name, they adopted me, I m not Sahil’s real sister. He asks do you know Bua. She asks you know her. He says yes, she sold us this house for 30 lakhs. She says you can’t do this. He asks her to meet new owner. She asks who. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She recalls Shivaye’s words.

Anika calls Shivaye and says I want to meet you. Shivaye meets Anika and shows her a cheque.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ishkaara scene was very emotional. Both have faced a lot of pain in life.
    Precap is sad. I feel bad for anika.
    Now pinky will help janvi solve all her problems with tej. That was sweet.
    Om rudra and tia’s conversation with shivay was funny.
    Tia- aaj jo hua uske baare mein socho
    Rudra- jo mila uske baare mein bhi socho. Too good

  2. Omg … Ommmm ????

  3. I love ishkara

  4. Ishkara scenes were it

  5. Can anyone tell me real name of ishana

    1. vrushika mehta

  6. Ishkara part was awesome..loved it.both ishu and om are emotionally linked with each other.precap is interesting..can’t wait for tommorows episode.

  7. Wah…superb!! As always loved omkara and of course Ishkara!! What they shared with each other was for real…ishana wasn’t using her tricks this time,she was honest and Om saw her trueself!!
    Happy for them…it was too emotional and good!!
    Rudra and Soumya show them too yaar…More than half of d serial is about shivaay-anika and shivaay-tia…just coz kunals fans are more and they might complaint there are 2-3 min scenes of Ishkara…and rudra no scene at all WD Soumya!! This is unfair….Don’t make d serial a rashmi sharma one like swaragini where focus is always on swara!! Please show all three stories equally!!

  8. And guys can anyone clarify me with this…In ishqbaaz promos they were like…will ishana bcum the reason for the brothers split type of promo…is it so???
    Aisa much bhi nahi hai na 🙁

    1. That’s not Ishana in the promo. It’s Svethlana.

      1. its ur misunderstanding . I think u HV nt seen the new latest promo. it is shown clearly that ishana Will be the some kind of reason of the split of the brothers. u shud watch the latest promo it regularly comes in the middle of the any show on star plus during ad

    2. Really??????? I haven’t seen that new promo!!!!?????

  9. krystalkapoor

    Now i think after this rain shivay realise her pain and love begins btw shvay and anika. Hope that shivay realise his love before his u shivay and anila .

  10. Ishkara part was awesome.ishu and om simply nailed it.precap is interesting. Can’t wait for tommorows episode.

  11. WO wo
    Loved janvi-pinky part a lot
    Bt as always I just can’t tolerate this Shivaye

  12. OMG today’s epi was just awsome!!!! Specially Om & Rudra’s part with Lady Baba & how they fell asleep during her therapy session!!!!?????? And as usual Shivka rocked the show!!!!! Shiv is so gonna pay for all his deeds soon!!!! Om & Ishu’s scene was good too!!!! Rudra is the star of the show. He just steel the spot light every time he appears in the story!!!!! By the way guys, did u check the new spoilers?????? Anika is going to get the catering order of Shiv’s marriage & he’s gonna go ballistic!!!!! And Rudraeets in Saumya in the college but he’s gonna ignore her!!!!!!!

    1. *Rudra meets Saumya

      1. i agree kat…today show was just awesome….when they fell asleep i couldn’t stop laughing…and shivaay eyes …can’t get over them…can’t wait for rudra love story to get started….and Om is so cute…i didn’t really like ishana in the begining but now she will make a great pair with Om…can’t wait to see the upcoming episodes….

    2. I love rudra too such a drama king lolzz

  13. I never understand one thing main character Shivaye whatever don’t have any work to do beside harrasing a girl, they are portraying him as rich guy of India, does millionaire has this much time going after a mediocre girl, everything looks glamorous but no soul don’t see any spark between main character. It looks more like a movie, rich guys falling for poor girls. Even story writer picked up copy to copy scene where Rudra n OM is fooled by Ishana, exactly same scene was shot on Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachhan from movie Shaan. Story don’t look fresh its mixture of different movies scene. Hope it gets better otherwise TRP will go down.

  14. So wat Lara…itsk V ALL NJOY RYT??…OM???❤️❤️

  15. Wish sania& Barun sobiti played shivey& anika part it would have rocked

  16. Everyone sees the wound bt nt the pain..wah!!!wat a line sarji…ishksra part was d best 2dy and 2dyz jokes of the 3 was awsum…hey baby…..???..the best epi so far…i hope ani dsnt alap shivaay wdy…she lòoks so hurt nd angry….

  17. I couldnt watch the show yesterday because i fell to sleep early.but i will surely watch retelecast today.i luv anika very much.sahil is adorable.shivay…,very soon you have to pay for ur deeds.i think shivay ..tia marriage will not happen.dadi,om,rudra don’t like tia at all.they will like anika for shivay.both r matching.there is a saying that only poison canbe destroy by i think shivay and anika are just like two bombs.luv u anika ishqbaaz i like every positive characters.jhanvi too.

  18. Superb episode. Enjoyed janvi and pinky conversations. Ishkara scene is very emotional lovely couples. And always loved the scenes btwn shivika. Rudra is show stealer. In the upcmng episode rudra will meet saumya but he ignores her.

  19. Priya15

    Awesome episode …. Om was so cute.. Ishkara scene was so emotional.. They both were going through pain.. Vrunal nailed the scene.. I really love this om’s gesture.. Wow.. He came and made her say her pain so that she can feel better and then gone.. So sweet of u om.. Love u sooooooooo much… U r the best…. I m damn sure they r gonna rock their each scene like this… Especially when ishu said. LOG CHEHRA DEKHTE HAI PAR DIL NAHI DEKHTE.. wow So true lines.. Excited to see their love story.. Deep conversation of ishkara. Love u ishkara..

  20. I think surbhi chandana and nakul do a great job by playing anika and shivay roles.veena pls accept their characters.ur personal choices don’t suit here ok.sanya can’t do what surbhi does the beginning i also thought that the pair doesnt look perfect with eachother.but i guess it was not right at keep it up surbhi and nakul.luv u surbhi as anika .??

    1. Sorry if I might b offending some Co-ishqbaazians hea but why r people pulling down Nakuul Mehta n Surbhi Chandhna…Seriously they fit the bill perfectly!!! Can’t imagine ny oda actors potraying Shivaay n Anika’s character wid such perfection!!!!
      And Veena dea..Sanaya n Barun sobti already have dne smething similar so we shud try to keep our biases on one side n atleast give them a chance to prove themselves.Even i dislike vrushika mehta as Ishana but then she is a human..I can’t judge her in first go only..They all deserve a chance n we shud support them!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Sorry again..I din’t want to sound rude…Love u all!!!

      1. Nadiya shah totally agreed.

  21. Ahh…. After the end of a crazy dinner party, our defeated Shiv came to his room for some moment of peace, only to be awaken by his Lady Baba accompanied by the Rudkara with a freaky HEY BAAABY! lolz…

    The Lady Baba’s sham “healing therapy” bored our dear Rudkaras into deep sleep, only leaving our BAgad Billa more restless and obsessed than before. 😛

    Very much enjoyed the lighthearted conversation between Janvi and Pink, the Mothers universally cares and worries for their offspring…I must admit i got bit teary as I thought about my own mother 🙂

    Ok enough of the emotional tone… I love, love, absolutely, LOVE Javi’s fashion sense!!!! That graceful lady looked so HAUT in her night gown! The first thing that came to my mind when I saw her today was the Egyptian Pharaoh, Cleopetra! i must say Janvi is the best dressed among all the characters in Ishqbaaz. I really don’t understand how can that Tez be with his scary looking secretary when he has a QUEEN bee in his home.

    I have also enjoyed IshKara’s short encounter as well. I love how OM is able to of empathize with people around him, be it his dear OBROS or a stranger sitting on the steps. I really hope the writers will explore more with the ISHKARA, each of them have their own demon to fight, and in the process they can become each other’s strength.

  22. Shai

    First please change the name of the show. Its ishqbaaaz not ishbaaz, its with 3 a’s

  23. Shai

    I love tia and Rudra’s antics

  24. Sss

    omg ishkara loved them awesome they are.

  25. AnShi rocked n slayed as usual!!!! But IshKara made me cry!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Even Rudra n Tia r darlings!!! The way they entertain us wid their antics is 😀 😀 😀
    Eagerly waiting fr today’s episode… That rain scene!!!Anika in that white dress n Shivaay with water dripping down his face…oh i am drooling!!!! 😉 😉 😉

  26. ishika mazumdar

    Yes tdy s epi gonna b awsome rudra n soumya to b seen wthn one two epi..whn he wl ingnore her?…still I love shivika…i dnt like vrushika Mehta still the convo ws mnaged nicely by her n yes omkara too …….n I hope Anika don’t lose hr grip whle fightng wth Mr.jalkukri?…..

    1. Mr. Jalkukda!!!!!!!! ahahahah 😀 😀 😀 😀
      OH!!! rudra will hurt saumya 🙁

      1. Lol….tht jalkukri prt jst got me thre….? ya rudra I thnk will feel embrsng cz she I hlthy…so thtswhy I guess he WL avoid hr in public?

  27. pĺease anyone tell me is ishaana negative or positive?

  28. I didn’t lyk Anika in the begining,,,,bt now I just love the pair,,,,loved all the Anshi scenes shown this week,,,,,,,
    I also didn’t lyk ishana in the begining,,,,I was glad that om ignored her,,,,bt now I’m feeling bad for her,,,,Ishara/Ishkara moments were emotional and perfect meeting….
    Rudra as always sweet adorable cutiepie

  29. Guys is ishana gonna split the brothers????? I haven’t seen this new promo!!!???????

  30. Ishkaara u rock…..
    Superb acting by anika

  31. Love ishqbaaz! Its the only series I wait for the whole day but inspite of loving shivay-anika I want to see om and rudra equally actually three of the brothers are so dashing and different. At last a series that caught up my interest.

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