Ishqbaaz 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivika reveal their plan

Ishqbaaz 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye gets Anika out and hugs her. He says Veer is gone, open eyes, nothing can happen to you till I m alive, you don’t need to do acting. He cries. O jaana….plays…. His tear falls over her face. She opens eyes. He hugs her. He says don’t worry, I m sorry, are you okay. She coughs. She says I m fine. He says this happened because of me, Veer closed the coffin so tightly, he wasn’t going, I m sorry. She says this is not your mistake, when such things happen, few things go wrong. He says I can’t see you in trouble. Om says we were so worried. She says stop crying now. Rudra says you gave an award winning performance, Veer didn’t realize you are fooling him. Shivaye says shooting Anika and burying her here, Anika becoming fake Anika was our plan. Anika says Veer believes I m fake

Anika, it was very difficult, acting to die and becoming fake Anika. Shivaye says its your overacting. She says I almost lost my life while acting. Om says this is not the right place to fight, come on. They hug and smile.

Shivaye says this wouldn’t be possible without you three, thanks. Om asks will you thank us. Rudra says enemy has to face Omru first. Om says enemy will have to lose, because one for all and all for one. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays…..

Om says so much happened in Goa, you didn’t tell us, how did fake murder plan come in your mind. Rudra asks why did you make this dangerous plan. Anika says I forgot my phone and came back home, I saw Veer fine and going to meet someone, so I followed him. FB shows the moments. Anika says I got to know some Oberoi is helping Veer, he has seen me and tried to kill me, I have hit him and ran away, I called Shivaye and informed. Shivaye says when Anika told me about Veer, I asked him to come back to Oberoi mansion, when I came back home, I saw Veer adding something in water glass. FB shows Shivaye seeing Veer in mirror.

He dumps the water and acts to drink it. He says I pretended to drink the water, Veer thought I got affected by the spiked drink, he asked me to shoot Anika and I had to do this drama, but I messaged Anika and told this plan, I put an artificial bullet in the gun. Anika says its good my phone got fine and read Shivaye’s message. FB shows Anika reading Shivaye’s message…. we have to play a big game with Veer, he wants me to kill you, I will put fake bullet in gun, you just prepare yourself. She says I will do such acting that everyone believes it true. Shivaye says I shot Anika and pretended like I didn’t know anything, then Veer told me to bury Anika in lawn, Rudra called him from unknown number, when Veer went to answer the call, I got Anika out of coffin.

FB shows Shivaye saying sorry, are you fine. Anika says we will make Veer apologize. Shivaye says I have buried empty coffin when Veer came there, then you know what happened. Om says yes, we had to take Anika to safe place and explain policeman. FB shows Rudra saying Shivaye called press conference tomorrow. Om asks her to come now, Shivaye will explain everything. Shivaye says then I asked Anika to come in different avatar so that Veer gets confused. Anika says even Shivaye will be shocked seeing me. She smiles and says thats when I became Kumari rosie rani. They ask what. She says its my name, I mean the name of my character, you were stunned seeing my new drama, Veer believed my lie. Shivaye says our fight will get tough, Veer is going to use you against me, when he believes you are not Anika, I want you to win his trust so that we know who is the Oberoi connected to him. Omru ask him not to worry. They hold hands. She says one who messes with us will be shattered to pieces.

Its morning, Gauri asks Bhavya to see designs. Anika shows designs. Bhavya asks the man to show ear cuffs to Anika. Anika says I don’t want ear coughs. Bhavya says its ear jewelry. She says I don’t want it, I will give you a tight slap. Shivaye says she will get us in trouble by her overacting. Rudra says I m worried for Om’s underacting, where is Om. Anika says I just have one jewel, that’s my mangalsutra, its sign of my relation with my husband for the next seven births. Shivaye thinks what does she mean. Anika says my eyes are watering. Om gets Veer and says you were sitting in room alone, so I thought you should sit in hall with everyone. Veer says that’s very sweet of you. Om acts to be on call and goes. Shivaye signs Anika. Anika asks the man to show expensive and big designs, they are Oberois. Shivaye sends Rudra. Rudra asks Bhavya to come. Gauri goes along. Anika steals an earring. Veer sees her and gets shocked. He thinks wow, this girl is not only a liar, but a thief too, Anika would never do this. The man says there’s a diamond earring missing. Shivaye says don’t panic, earring would be nearby.

They all try to find it. Veer thinks this is the best way to end her game. Veer says we should move this sofa and see. Anika asks why, there is no earring here. She hits Gauri by her dance move. She asks why are you not agreeing. Shivaye asks what’s the problem. She says there is nothing here. He says we will check again. She asks why don’t you all trust me, you think I m thief, I have only stolen your heart, nothing else. Veer says see this. He doesn’t see the earring on sofa. He thinks where did earring go. Anika recalls hiding it. She asks are you all satisfied, you have hurt my heart by this accusation. She runs away. Veer thinks Shivaye is right, she is very clever, she proved me a liar, I will bring her truth out. He goes and sees Anika scolding someone.

The guy asks what shall I say. She asks is there a tall man seeing us, is he coming towards us. She shows earring and says I will sell this diamond necklace and pay your money, go now, don’t try to threaten me again. She asks him to threaten. The guy threatens to tell her truth and goes. Veer looks on. She leaves. Veer says who was this boy, what truth was he talking about, I have to find out. He follows Anika. Rudra says good, don’t forget lines next time. He pays the guy. Anika asks driver to drive fast. Om says don’t worry, I will drop you at right time at right place. She says you, sorry you had to do all this. He says you risked life for us. Shivaye calls her. She says I did my best, that actor didn’t say lines well, don’t know Veer believed or not. Om says he believed us, he is following us. Shivaye says great, we will execute our next plan. She says dangerous plan…. and smiles.

Veer asks Anika to see the stage, there’s going to be a big photo of Rudra and Bhavya, you have to loosen the screws, so that when three brothers are dancing there, then… She says that backdrop will fall on them. He says I want this to happen, tell me can you do this or not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivami

    Hai every one Starting h jana was so emotional ?? Again magic tears works And that kisses how many times he kissed her and the hug by obros so cute revealing shiviks plan choribaaaz anika was so cute

    1. Arpita6

      Congratulations Shivami dear..GSG..
      Yes magic tears worked..

    2. Go Shivami Go.Many many congratulations…..?.Shivaay loves Anika a lot and that’s his love for her that came out as caressing and hugging throughout☺☺☺☺☺☺

  2. Aashika

    Hey guys sorry I can’t comment about today’s episode because my papa does not allowed me to watch because of match????. I missed today’s episode. I will try Tomorrow after watching it

    1. Arpita6

      Don’t worry Aashika dear…watch the episode when you will get time… it is really awasome.

      1. Aashika

        I will surely watch it

    2. It’s absolutely ok dear.Do comment after watching the episode.Take care?

  3. fantastic four ka epi
    i loved rudy’s expressions when they hugged?
    nowadays i can’t control my laughter when that BGM for veer is played
    swag se swagat song upcoming

    1. Arpita6

      Maagi dear…yes waiting for Swag se sequence. .

    2. Maggi,
      I agree with you.Fantastic Four did wonder.Waiting for upcoming excitedly?

  4. Hiii everyone
    How are you’ll


    Super happy about shivika plan was confident looking forward to the track and plz do pray for me you guys thank youu ?

    Take care
    Miss you’ll ?

    1. Arpita6

      Omi dear…my prays are with you…don’t will rock in exam..and miss you too.

    2. Hi Omu,I am good dear.How are you?
      Yeah it was Shivika’s plan all along.Me too waiting for further story development and Veer’s OMM.I will pray for you and your absolute success,don’t worry.Thank you so much for your love.Take care.God bless you?

  5. Hello Ishqbaazis,

    Today’s episode as awesome. What a relief!!!! Well, Shivaay you did it again!!! You saved Anika with your falling tears. Shivika’s true Ishqbaazi brought Anika out of the jaws of death. Truly amazing! I love the part when Shivaay was kissing her on her head continuously. It was so realistic. It shows how much Shivaay must have been desperate that he was going to lose Anika. His heart nearly would have stopped. It shows how relief he was seeing her alive again.

    I liked it also when Anika wipes Rudra’s tears and Om’s. It is true Shivaay would not have managed this without OmRu. The fantastic four!!! Yes they truly are…. How much Omru cried for their Anika Bhabhi. They love her so dearly and treat like their own mother. More than Jhanvi. Now I am waiting for the new get up of ShivOmRu.

    Veer your counting days start from today’s episode. Veer has fallen in his own trap. I just am waiiting to see his face fall when everything is relieved.

    1. Arpita6

      Totally agree with you sindhu dear…each and every line is so true…i also want to see the face of Vanmanush. …..

    2. Sindhu di,
      AniShivOmRu are the inseparable part of one another’s life.They make a perfect team altogether.Shivaay loves Anika way too much to let anything happen to her.Veer has definitely fallen into his own trap.Let’s see what happens next.

  6. Arpita6

    Hiiì mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    @PUJA DEAR. Yeas i am.a complete Odian…and Banita too..u are also from.Odisha??????..
    Come to . episode.
    1.once again Episode tha karke dil main lagi…starting part was good..when i saw Shivaay with crying eyes and pleading her to come back, mere eyes main batter aagaya… .
    My Anishivomru..i always loved them and them…i l9ve also gouri…but bhaya as individual not couole..Old somu is best for me..

    2.i always wated a scene where Sso pouring kisses on Annika..and it happened..i think for 10 times h kissed on her forehead..with keep.saying sorry..Sso..don’t worry your Annika is khidkitod she can’t die i get it.Why they are not sending Anni to hospital.bcoz there is no need of any hospital. .Sso’tear is enough for her..
    But still at the end of this track i want anni to shot by Vanmanush and admit in hospital.

    4.Anishivomru is always a treat to watch..and one for all all for one..was sooo good..i am still confused is Rivya know about plans…i can’t understand

    5.And finally shivika revealed their plan..ok i found it as logical..they revealed it in a good way …….And Sso plz . don’t say Annika is doing over acting..whatever she is doing is not easy..
    And Annika di..Mera sar jaroor chakra gaya when i saw you in that getup…??.

    6.and what a drama of annika…8 Footer Vanmanush. really thinking Rosie rani is stealing are so foolish veer..don’t mess with shivika…you are gone.

    7.and Om waslooking handsome n punjaabi get up.i l9ve it.

    8 i knew Sso was irritated by annika’s choti and her language..?????????.i was laughing so hard seeing his expression.. ??????..And that Thumka..with ???.Gouri lagi shyad…and when she was going that BG music.. ???????????….
    Thnx Cvs for giving us such a wonderful episode.

    9 precap-waiting…waiting…waiting…..

    10 and is 1 year anniversary of ROKE NA RUKE NAINA sequence. …???.i fell in love with this song only bcoz of shivika…

    Ok byy.

    1. Hi Arpita,
      First part was very emotional yaar.But I must say Oberois have done PhD in planning.Don’t know what Veer is thinking.Me too want reboot of that song.Hope cvs are going to give us that in another way?

      1. Yes..sometimesxi think these gang should join in CID or RAW…plotting karne main inse chantomai aur koi nahi hosakta…????

    2. Arpita dear your are right.. I was also happy that they did not keep any suspense and revealed everything from the moment the bros went to temple and till Anika was running from that moron Veer. Everything was shown in FB and that is good so audience can see current track moving on well if not It becomes so many loopholes uncovered. Finally cos are listening to audience.

    3. Pushpa

      Hi dear…..i didnt manage to write my comment yesterday as my tab hangged….
      Wht a episode yaar…..shivAniomRu superb….and shivaye shivaye is he real orwhat………. wht an acting my god just superb??????????
      And anika rosi rani u r so damn funny…the way u ran frm the hall ??????splendid epi.

  7. Omm ????….
    Shivika your plan was DANGEROUS…..
    But anika’s overacting and om’s underacting ???? hilarious ..
    And that tear drop scene was damn sure ???? I knew it will happen actually everyone knew it ??? ….
    So today’s episode was totally funnybaaz daringbaaz n dangerousbaaz ?????
    Loved today’s episode ??????????? ….
    Thangabali ka papuubali bana diya ?????? ..
    Narbhi nailed the episode with leenesh and kunal #loveuobros
    Loveee ishqbaaaaz ???? ib rockssss ✌✌✌✌

    1. Pappubali?Hehehehehehe…..Just too good yaar.Oh,I can’t stop laughing????????

    2. Pappubali..??????.ohidkitod name yarr tha karke dil pe lagi.

  8. The funny part of Rudra. Shivaay sees Anika overacting and he is afraid that she will give the game away and Rudra says he is worried of Om’s underacting. What a name Kumari Rosie Rani!!! Where did she get such a name?

    What I don’t understand is where is Pinky Shakti, Tej and Jhanvi and Dadi? There is an important occasion in Oberoi family and rasams have to be fulfilled but I don’t see any elders around. What happened to all these people? I only see Bhavya and Gauri besides ShivOmRu and Anika and Veer At least cvs should show them and at least mention that they have gone to the temple or something. It is a bit weird that the 3 brothers and the bahus are looking into the wedding arrangements.

    1. Sindhu di,
      Don’t know what cvs are thinking about it.Elders are very important for such fuction in fact for everything but here we are not getting it.For example,I wanted a separate track for Pinky-Anika-Shivaay and their relationship but cvs are cvs.They are always behind some mystery and all.Hope they serve us something meaningful this time.

  9. Just want to say this track is going on so well and now it si Oberois versus Veer. Since Veer can have Svetlena, Tej , Sowmya and another oberoi. Shivaay can also have OmRu Anika to accomplish what he wants to find out. Now Veer is such a fool and a complete coward as he needs more reinforcement and wants Anika to do the dirty job in the precap. Disgusting Veer!!

    1. You are right..that 8 footer Vanmanosh is disgusting……dont know aur kya kya karwage ye hamari annika se..senior oberois gaye vaad main…..i don’t want anyone except DADI….(completely my pov)

    2. You are absolutely correct Sindhu di.Veer is depending on others instead of using his own brain.His this confidence in others will be his doom.Track is going in the right way.Let’s see what else is waiting.

  10. Such a paisa Vasool episode.. Full of entertainment.. Surbhi is really pataka.. ???
    Have to put black Tika to this fantastic four… ?What a wonderful bond they have..!!!??
    So, as we thought earlier, shivaay’s tear saved Annika..? He just showered her with kisses..??
    One thing I didn’t understand when anika said that she have to this fake drama to trap veer that time why rudra gave angry look to shivaay.. Is that I misunderstood? Did anyone notice that?
    Surbhi ummmmmaaaa.. What a splendid performance really deserve many awards this year as well.. Also Rudy’s dialogues in the grave was something weird.. I just felt.. Please don’t angry on me..
    Shivaay how can you say she is doing overactive.. She is just nailing that role to power of infinity.. ????
    So, even shivaay doesn’t know about Anika’s new look.. May be that’s why he gave a terror look when she came along with police officer..??
    Veer ka pappu banara game start oh gaya..
    Shiv&rudy dialogue behind the wall was too good.. “one is doing over acting & other one underacting” dialogues where so good.. Divi sir rocked it.. Sach me mummy ka Sam..
    I just wonder why still. Shivaay didn’t doubt about sowmya as he saw her with veer also eavesdrop their conversation right?
    So, who could be the oberoi trying to harm shivaay..?
    Precap was most shocking.. How she gonna to do veer’s task..
    Rudy’s Sangeet ka shooting started…

    1. Hi Kadhambari,
      Episode was so fabulous that perhaps I missed some part those you write.Don’t know when Shivaay will find out that Soumya is also involved.So many mysteries are going around and thank God that at least one got solved.Let’s see what Veer is going to do.

  11. An Epic Expedition Of A Nuptial Chain:

    Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi,do you know what your name reflect and symbolize?That name is the utmost example of power,power of love,love of Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi for you.And you have earned both Shivaay and his love for an object which adorns every married girl-Nuptial Chain.You know what,that NC you wear,has witnessed the journey of you,how you become a married woman from a single girl.In that way it also has covered a journey which is full of ups and downs just like your relationship with Shivaay.When for the first time you wore it,it was a mere ornament for some people but you believed in it in your heart.It gave you spirit to tackle countless enemies,to protect Shivaay.

    1. That NP has seen best and worst days of its own.It felt one of a proud moments when Shivaay declared you as his legally married wife in front of the whole world.Such a prestigious and happy day it was!Then it went through another heart numbing experience when Shivaay threw you out from his life because of your one made up story.That day along with you,your NP also went through immense pain though it couldn’t express but I am sure it felt like you.For some time you couldn’t wear it and it missed you adorning with its power.Then you and Shivaay got married again and it got
      its place back into your life.Your nuptial chain is a tale itself and it tells that how you fought for its true respect and at the same time your status and position as Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife.A journey which is equally famous just like your love story with Shivaay.You should be proud of it and I am sure you do feel proud…………………

      1. Luthfa you are definitely great!!! You explained the power of nuptial chain. Adding along to your comment Shivaay never realised the value of true nuptial chain in the beginning episodes that he nearly wanted to remove the NC if Dadi did not stop. Later Anika is the one who taught him the importance of NP. Shivaay valued the NC so much and always is very proud that he was the one who tied the NC around Anika. He is a pati and also proud that he adorned her sindoor so she solely belongs only to SSO cos of NC.

      2. made me that Mangalsutra always have a important part of shivika’s life..She apways respected that MS….since forced marriage…although she was upset with Sso but she kept MS in her neck..
        And we also should proud of has also a great journey with shivika..may be its shape is chng.but it’s importance is always same high..

      3. Sindhu di,
        You are right.Shivaay didn’t want to accept and refuse to believe in the power of NC.But Anika made him aware of its power and Dadi also.And di,I am an analyser of meagre quality.It’s your kindness that you found me great.There’s nothing about greatness in me.But thank you so much for your love.God bless you di?

      4. Hi Arpita,
        MS is not only an ornamental object.It’s one of the greatest feelings that provides with-feeling of being someone else’s forever.To be with someone and that chain bears its testimony.One should respect its value and power in one’s life.Because it’s an rare opportunity when one consider it a blessing not the otherwise or some obligation to wear it.MS should reflect the love between husband and wife.So,it’s really a very big aspect of a girl’s life which only marriage can bring.

      5. ItsmePrabha

        Darling..the way you explained about Nuptial chain is extremely commendable..such mujhe bohoth emotional kardiya tune..Love you..God bless you..

      6. Prabha,
        Awwwwww…..I made you emotional?I am so sorry Sweetheart.But I hope you won’t mind to be positively emotional.Thank you soooooooooo….much for your love.God bless you?

  12. Iam far away from home for about 2month i only read updates coz hot star is not available in my country. But i really enjoy all your comments it adds aroma to the written update. Thanks to all daily commentators especially arpita di luv u all???

    1. Umaaty dear…..awwwwww you are soo sweet..just by reading Updates you enjoying IB then if you will watch it then definitely you will love it…
      Love you too dear….
      Keep loving us…?????????

    2. Hi Ummaty,
      Welcome to PKJ family.That’s really very sweet and kind of you.Do comment as well whenever you can.Take care.God bless you?

  13. i did not see this in quite a while and when i did i almost die of laughter,i just love Anika’s acting hehehe the way she walks and talk was to die for you go girl totally enjoy these couple of episodes for yesterday and today.

    1. Yes dear,episodes are really going good.Hope that it lasts like that?

  14. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing episode… I am very happy that anishiomru doing omm of vanmanush…
    Luthfa dear your writing style is amazing… I am loved it nuptial chain.. You described the whole in your writing…..

    1. Hi Nikita,
      You are right.AniShivOmRu are just awesome to the power of infinity.Loved them a lot as well as the episode.Thank you so much for your such sweet love dear.Thank you sooooo…much.God bless you?

  15. Aashika

    Hello pkjs. Good morning to all. Finally I watch in hotstar. First part is emotional and as usual shivaay’s tear save anika. Love the sad song of nazdeek hai dil ke. Omru are best devar. So finally they reveal their plan. # suit pehna hua bhalu# ?????? ek aur name mil gaya veer ko. Kiya khidkitod plan banaya hai anishivomru ne. Kumari Rosie Rani what a name chooses by anika. Ab to veer ki tai tai phish hone wali hai. So shivaay is scared of anika’s overacting and rudra is scared for Om’s underacting. I must say kiya pappu banaya hai veer ka. Om become Punjabi again. Precap is scary. Don’t know what will anika do. At last in today’s episode I love that part when shivaay give numerous kisses to anika. He is so scared to lose his love of life.

    1. Hello Aashika,
      I agree with you.First part was really very emotional and Shivaay was in so much fear of losing his Anika.AniShivOmRu were just awesomely perfect.That 8 feet Vaanmanush can’t stand a chance in front of them.Let’s see what happens today?

  16. OmRu,brothers of Shivaay,brothers-in-law of Anika as well as Shivika’s personal and official Cupid.They have played still playing a very important role in the life of Shivika.Shivika become Shivika in front of their eyes and only they have witnessed the growth of their relationship from a small plant to a bulk tree.Whatever the status of Shivika today,its half credit goes to OmRu.Shivika set on a journey along with OmRu and they sailed together be it fine or rough weather.Today they all are standing like a beautiful rainbow where if one colour goes missing then it turns out to be incomplete.All colours of rainbow complement each other so AniShivOmRu.They are the part and parcel of one another’s life.The love story of Shivika is awesome as well as the story of AniShivOmRu.The story of AniShivOmRu is a unique story which define the perfect blending of relationships,relations by blood and by heart.They got connected through heart and that’s the real beauty and speciality of their relationship………………….

    1. agree with you so much Luthfa. every word on AniShivOmRu
      the AnishivOmru relationship is very beautiful. loved that scene – it was so lovely.
      Omru have been apart of the shivika journey. and they bloom together. and that what makes IB.
      they rock IB.
      and are a great example for us all. In perfect love there is no misunderstanding.
      and this shivika and OmRu have proved in their love for each other

      1. Hi Christie,
        Relationships are not bound to any limitation like blood or anything.Relation of heart which is absolutely selfless we saw in them.That’s why they have set an example before us.They love one another unconditionally and that’s the essence and truth of their relationship.

    2. ItsmePrabha

      Mere chaar anmol fantastic four..the way they hugged today..Mummy kasam mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye IB se… baas jab tak IB chalthi rahe tab tak AniShivOmRu aise hi saath mein rahe..

      1. Agree with you totally????

  17. Hlw my lovely Gpkj.yesterday episode was just too much.shivaay’s concern for his love his life his jeene ki wajah his annika???.I am now wondering on that forehead kiss.luthfa Di aka lights apki charan kahan he?????. love you di.i need your blessings and good wishes for my future

  18. Very beautiful moment of shivika & omru together. Lovely. Splendid.
    was so emotional and touching. after a real long time – we got to view such an amazing scene.

    only hope is that again anika does not get into trouble with the wicked veer. and quickly shivika and omru put an end to his nonsense and that too permanently.

    it will be sad we will not get to see the romantic moments of shivika and their togetherness during ruvya wedding celebrations. going to miss it

    but dont know why that at every function – there is some issue and shivika dont get a chance to be together and celebrate. except for their own wedding – at every celebration they were really romantic and together. actually after that we have not seen any emotional scenes from them except for the laal ishq.

    Even holi is around the corner. hope they are able to make their holi more special like last year.

    Dont know how shivika and omru going to battle this out with Veer. atleast we know that the battle is on both sides.
    Looking forward to the mystery unfold and our Ishqbaazis do it again together in their ishqbaazi style.

    1. Hello Christie,
      I hope that we are going to get some solid romance of Shivika.You are right.All this while they were busy solving problems and cvs should focus on their romance.Holi is on the way and I am waiting for it like you.Just wish that cvs don’t ruin it.Veer has trapped himself in his own game.Let’s see what he is going to do.

  19. Hi all… feeling what all Shivika and AniShivOmRu fans are feeling… Proud to be their fan?
    ABSOULTELY LOVED todays episode..
    Each and every scene……???
    Special mention to Shivays kisses…OMG so natural n heartfelt ?
    Im sure all Shivika lovers felt his pain at the thought of losing Anika?
    Awesome Foursome… their bonding and love.
    Luthfa so well written their love n RL.
    During the four of them hugging, Shivay while hugging Anika actually raised his face towards Om so that he could give him a kiss……Awwww such heart touching and tender moments?
    And Anika wiping Rudys and Oms tears….such cute bonding n love?

    No other show has such moment’s…love AniShivOmRu always and forever.????????

    1. Hi Zara,how are you?
      You are right.They are just amazing and complement one another just perfectly.I am really very proud to be an Obro fan.Yesterday’s episode was a treat for us all.Looking forward to it today also.Thank you so much for your love dear.Take care?

    How r u i missed all of u guys
    this week one by one blasting episodes with rosie rani amazing acting and comic timing
    finally obros are on mission with their lovely supporting system annika
    what a plan …loved it totally.
    waiting for more plans with their master minds..
    congratulations for all TRP RATING IS 1.9 WOW this week we again rocked
    pl watch IB on tv guys .

    1. Hi Chaithu,
      I am good dear.How are you?That’s really very great news.Thank God trp has increased this time.Hope cvs are going to maintain this through proper execution of story.Take care?

  21. Hi PUJA,
    That’s really very kind of you that you have asked for my blessing.I am honoured.What blessing I can give you?Just want to say that-believe in yourself and listen to your heart.Don’t change yourself for others.Be your own adventure and have fun from it.God bless you?

  22. ItsmePrabha

    Hola buddies..
    aaj sirf choti si comment hi..
    AniShivOmRu…Love you guys..the way they hugged each other and the way how anudi wiped ru’s tears and the way how ru kissed shiv and shiv kissed om ..they are best ..haaye yeh scene toh dil pe double thaa karke lagi hai..
    and billu…yakeen hi nahi hota ki tum woh SSO hai jisse ek choti si sorry bolne mein balti bhar bhar ke michmichi machti thi..par aaj tune kaise anudi ko unlimited kisses shower kiya na and also unlimited sorry’s bola na..i was like awwwwwwwwwwww……….*imagine karlo ki mein bas aisi hi bolthi rah gayi*
    aur hamari Khidkithod Fantastic Four is on a mission ..and chahe opposite mein kitna bhi bada dushman ho choor choor ho jayega…
    the jewellery scene is amazing.. yeh overacting ki acting sirf anudi hi kar sakthi hai..i was like ROFL..
    abb woh suit pehnne wala baalu, Rosie Rani pe bharosa kar baita hai…Yeh 8 foot vanmanush ko apni khud ki tie tie phiss karne mein itni uthawlapan kyun..whatever i am loving it..
    precap is interesting and IB trp is 1.9..4th in star plus..slot leader.. top 15 over all..buss aisa hi chalthe jaye..aur trp 2.5 ya 3.0 ho jaye..
    Lub you guys..Take Care..Buh bye..
    aur agar kisiki exams ya exams ki preparations chal rahi ho tho unn sab ko All the best of good luck..

    1. Prabha,
      It’s absolutely fine and I will manage with this small amount of sweetness.You are right.They all are one another’s life.Najar na lage.Thu Thu Thu…in Kumari Rosie Rani’s style.Hehehehehehe……..???????

  23. Shekhar

    So now, riding over emotional ship, CVS are creating the situation, out of tears, agony and what not, in which soft hearted persons are being drown in the unnecessary flow of emotions, and being weird and out of character, both SHIVIKA are trying hard to go back in the time slot of before jul-2017,

    ———————to be continue

  24. hi luthfa
    iam fine dear
    TRP that is the one good news iam seen today in IG really happy for that
    like this cvs maintain the track with twists and with out boring we will be more happy
    hope they will maintain the story line in proper way with out confusion and dragging.

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