Ishqbaaz 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye walks to Anika and forwards hand to Tia. Tia holds his hand. He takes the glass from Tia and drops it. Anika says I think everything is slipping off your hands too. Some time before, Rumi comes and gives phone to Mrs. Kapoor. Mrs. Kapoor gets relieved and thanks her. Rumi goes. Mrs. Kapoor checks phone. Shivaye comes to her and keeps phone back. Pinky asks her to meet aunty. Mrs. Kapoor says this is not my phone. Tia says mom, your phone is here. Mrs. Kapoor says how did I not see it. She sees Shivaye far and goes to Pinky. She asks shall I call pandit. Pinky says I was about to say it. Shivaye thinks where did Mrs. Kapoor hide that video.

He gets a call. Rumi says I know what you are finding, I can help you. He asks who are you. She says your well wisher, don’t worry, you will get

what you want. He asks who are you, why do you want to help me. She says you should think of work, not name. He says you think I will believe any stranger, I can’t trust you. She says fine, I will prove my loyalty, then I m sure you will trust me.

Anika comes to room before Shivaye and starts acting. She tries to make Shivaye jealous by her lovey dovey talk with some Rohit. He asks what’s happening. She ends call. He says I m asking something. She says nothing. He asks to whom were you talking. She says Rohit. He asks who is Rohit. She says I don’t know, I lost memory, he said he likes me and we know each other, I had missed calls and called back, Rohit said he is my good friend, he reminded me many things, I felt glad to talk to him, we used to go and have chaat, we danced on Ainvayi song in his sister’s marriage. She laughs and says Rohit is mad, did you say anything. He asks where does he stay. She says I will ask, wait. He takes her phone and drops it. He asks how did you dance on Ainvayi ainvayi, this way… He breaks the phone by stepping on it. She says I can see you are getting affected. He says oh, so you want me to get affected. She says no, I don’t care, why are you angry on Rohit. He asks does anyone talk at night, if you don’t remember anything, how do you know he is saying right. She says why are you thinking of me and Rohit, you are going to marry Tia, it should not make any difference to you. He says yes. She says fine then, we both don’t care. They turn to either sides.

Pinky comes there. She says we should talk, I can see Anika arguing, she is wedding planner, ask her to see work, its mehendi tomorrow. He asks is mehendi tomorrow, wow its my and Tia’s mehendi. He gets angry. Anika goes. He says its my mehendi, I m very excited. Pinky asks what’s happening I will never accept Anika as my bahu. He says I don’t want to hear anything about Anika. She says fine, but I won’t be quiet, there should be no hurdle in your and Tia’s marriage because of her.

Its morning, Pinky asks dholki women to sing mehendi song. Rumi looks on. Shivaye walks to Anika and forwards hand. Tia holds his hand. Anika looks at them. She goes. Pinky sees Anika and asks why do you stare so much, have this, go and give this to Shivaye and Tia, once they get mehendi applied, they can’t have anything. Anika takes thandai. Tia asks him to take it. He says I don’t want. Tia says she is giving by love, take it, fine I will take it, we will share. She drinks and passes her glass to Shivaye. He takes the glass and then drops it. He says oh it fell. Anika says seeing you, I feel everything is slipping off your hands too. O jaana….plays……. He says I have to go and leaves. Pinky looks on and says this girl looks wedding crasher, last time also, everything went wrong because of her, I m worried anything can happen again. Mrs. Kapoor looks on and says its true, Anika can create hurdle, so I have to send Anika away.

Anika asks Priyanka to give rose petals to everyone, we will shower this on Tia and Shivaye. Dadi asks Pinky about mehendi designers. Pinky says Tia and Shivaye will just have some mehendi applied, Priyanka call Tia for rasam. Shivaye sees Anika and holds Tia’s hand. Everyone shower rose petals on him. Anika signs him about rose petal on his kurta. He imagines romantic moment with Anika. Tu jo nazron ke saamne….plays…….He holds her close. They have an eyelock. He kisses her. His dream ends.

Tia says Shivaye, its beautiful right. Shivaye sees Anika and says beautiful. He goes and sits with Tia. Anika turns to go. He stops and sees him. She signs him about rose petal. She goes to him and removes the rose petal from his collar. He holds her hand and signs what. She shows another rose petal and goes away.

Mrs. Kapoor adds chemical in mehendi. She says the mehendi looks dry. Pinky asks Anika to add clove oil and mix with hands.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today episode is awesome ,narbhi rocks

  2. Hiì ishqbaazians? ??? How are you all guys Pinku Mouni Archiya Lax Shabaana Lijji And lovely commenters? ???
    Aaj ke episode ko dekh kar mujhe dadi ki baat yaad aa rahi he. Unho ne kahatha ki Jab bilu ishqbaaz banega toh dubke ishq karega. Woh aab suchmuch such ho raha he.Matlab Shivay Singh Oberoi Romantic Sapna dejh raha he????????? woh bhi khade khade?????????? mere liye toh ye expection se kuch jyada he.But it was so romantic ????????????? Pinky aur Chudail saas ko chode sab accha tha .Shivika you nailed it.
    Annika bhi Shivay ko jala rahi he.And Sso became jealous.
    Kya yarr this is not fair. Jaise phone gift fek ke annika ko diya tha waise hi tod diya.But woh phone wala scene was really amazing??.
    Aur koi mujhe batayega ki shivika ka woh song kounsi movie ka he.but woh gana dono ke liye perfect tha.????
    Precap-I hate you chudail ????????????????????????? pehele toh annika ka fayada utha rahi he aur usse chot pahucha ne ki koshish bhi kar rahi he.But Sso he toh don’t worry. Bacchalenge apni Bili ko.???
    And pinku dear maine previous page pe reply di he .Aur DBO ke page main bhi.

    1. Roke na ruke naina frm movie Badrinath ki dulahaniya (aliya bhat nd varun dhawan)

    2. Archiya

      Hey Arpita
      M gud.. How r u dng
      Khade khade… lolzzz.. an dont worry he will get her many more phones of apple:)

    3. Arpita..!!
      LAX bhaiya is fine..!!

  3. Mouni

    Thanks for the update , l was afraid they will drag the celebrations but it went fast thank god ,then comes the last part with green outfit and hopefully we will get our wish

    Today’s ep was for sso , for the first time we saw he has emotions and he even dreamed about anika and what a dream , so passionate , l like that shivika’s relationship is very intense , its not typically romantic , its not sweet or cute but pure fire of passion and anika today made him jealous and it really was hilarious but then his pride and ego returned but l feel bad for the OM they spent a lot for the celebration but sso has no intention of marrying tia even if there was no plan he would probably find some solid excuse to delay the wedding

    Am a bit disappointed that sso didn’t find mms and that rumi didn’t say much today , hoped she will say about the DNA tests are fake , but tomorrow she will help shivika for sure and probably she will give the mms to sso and then he will stop the wedding or as most of us hope anika will be the one crashing the wedding as pinky said

    In the new spoilers after the party lots of pinky scenes and am hating this , she is treating anika badly in front of sso and others , l anderstand that anika respects her as his mom but this is too much , pinky becomes aggressive and insulting and she don’t even call her by her name , l hope that by the end of the week she will know the truth about her beloved bahu tia , but even then l don’t see her accepting anika , she may be regretful and thankful to her but seeing her as bahu is still early even sso is not able to admit his feeling

    1. Mouni

      guys there is a spoiler saying that finally anika will bring robin and also the article is showing a pic with robin with someone looks like rudra , l think its a new pic bcz the never show robin with someone other than tia and they were outside so maybe rudra free robin and hide him ?? lets hope so guys

      1. Let’s totally hope so mouni.. but isn’t Rudra at his friends wedding now?

      2. mouni!! finally good news. robin is free. tumhare muh mein ghee sakkar. mithai khud banake khalena. lolz…..

      3. Archiya

        mithai khud bana ke kha lena??? lolzzzz
        ghee sakkar is mithai only

      4. Arey Mouni…..Rudra khud airplane hijack mein phas gaye hain……how will he end up rescuing Robin?? These makers forget the fact that they are telling a different story in DBO…..a few days back in some videos it was shown that Shivaye comes and rescues Om from Kali Thakur’s attack at railway station….maybe it is in the forthcoming episodes of DBO….but I can’t understand how Shivaye will reach Bareily amidst his wedding rituals……as Nakul said SSO tho Superman hain…..kuch bhi kar saktha hain!!

      5. Mouni

        well liji my theory is that rudra helps robin before he goes away in the plane and the actor who plays robin talked about a scene with rudra before this trip comes up

    2. Archiya

      Loved this line of yours “l like that shivika’s relationship is very intense , its not typically romantic , its not sweet or cute but pure fire of passion ” so totally agree with it:)

      1. Mouni

        lol sometimes l get poetic

  4. Aww!!!how romantic dream it was!!!wish to be true

  5. Dream sequence wow


    love- hate-dhoka and Jealous episode…????????? but show is dragging toooooo much… going tooooo slow….

  7. Awesome.
    Oh my mata shivaye was dreaming…

  8. sso on mission. Still didn’t get that video today. now getting support from rumi. sso was jealous of a person we can call rohit- the unexsisted soutan of shivaay .
    khule ankhon mein sapna dekh raha tha. oh my maata!!! annika tune kya kar diya mere shivaay bete ko.
    jab bhi shivaay husky voice mein kehta hai- BEAUTIFUL…. my heart skips some bits.
    jealousy drama failed sso. check!!! khud jal gaya rohit se.
    annika kar kya rahi hai?? she is not planning to expose tia. plz annika kuch to karo.

    1. From the way things are shown.. doesn’t look like anika has a plan.. bas wo jalan me faske kadi hai bechari..!

      1. dadi ne to kaha tha na maa apni jagah patni apni. plz.. annika apni jagah mat chodo tia ke liye. jab sso ke dil mein tumhari jagah bann gaya hai.
        agar aisa hai to kalavati banne ka kya koi matlab nahi????

    2. Archiya

      The unexsisted soutan of shivaay.. lolzzz… do they call even guys as soutan???
      “jab bhi shivaay husky voice mein kehta hai- BEAUTIFUL…. my heart skips some bits”… same for me but my heart skips some beats 🙂 not bits.. lolzzzz

      1. bade bade ishqbaazi mein aise chhoti choti galti hota rehta hai archu….

  9. Archiya

    iB is just not progressing these days..
    Lots of shivika moments today, but I liked only the one where Anika was trying to make Shivay jealous with rohith.may b bcoz I was badly waiting for Shivay to get jealous rather than the dialogues were just superb .. But who the hell is rohith anways??? So many characters are already there.. Some they even sidelined an others they moved to a spin off.. Why do they need new chars? I just hope he is an dummy one to make Shivay jealous ..but Shivay would have known who is he, how can he just allow Anika to talk to anyone.. Anyways I enjoyed the scene.. So won’t put logic
    I m happy that the dream sequence was of Shivay n not Anika. .. But I did not feel the shivika magic in that.. Even though I watched it at 10 today
    The petal removing scene was too short, by the time I could feel the scene it got over:-(
    The glass dropping scene an Anika dialogue after that… Shivay seemed in a trance all the while

    1. Mouni

      true archy that IB is not moving but atleast the celebrations are not dragging and hopefully by friday will have what we wish

      1. Archiya

        Am hoping the same Mouni,just for shivika scenes m watching.. else wld have left it for some while

    2. Don’t worry Archi…..when all this Tia and Mrs. Kapoor drama ends up and Pinky mom is ready to accept Anika as bahu (which is not going to happen very soon….) I think the makers will introduce Rohit, his sis Aarti and even his jeeju and no doubt Sundari Bua will testify that…..they might also claim that Anika is already engaged to Rohit…….we should be ready to expect anything from IB CVs…..ughhh!!!

      1. Archiya

        Ha ha ,.. lozzz. might surely happen Lijince.. but i m really hoping they dont do that

    3. archiya…. ye sach tha ki shivaay sapna dekh raha tha. omg yakin hi nahi ho raha hai. mein bhi sapna to nahi dekh rahi hoon???
      someone plz kiss me. i don’t want to get pinched. ha ha….

      1. Yeah Astha.. I think this pushed all of us into a trans mode.. the thing is even if it was real it wudn have been so good I feel.. the fact that shivay day dream abt annika is more romantic than he actually doing it!! Or atleast that is how I felt!!

      2. Archiya

        KISSS???? Sorry i am “STRAIGHT” lolzzzzzz

    4. Archi.. I think annika just made up Rohit!!

      1. Archiya

        m hoping so too.. i really dont want any more chars intro

      2. ACtually archu if that character is just gonna contribute to nok jhok and isn’t villainous.. I don mind ? I wanna see Shivaay in full on Helius mode.. last time with Daksh it was too serious.. I want jelousy with a lighter touch!

      3. Helius – jealous.. damn you autocorrect!

    5. Archu…!!
      There is no Rohit. Annika managed to get there thru window just seconds before Shivay came to the bedroom. Its just Annikas drama. So no Rohit although I wish there was one considering in all the upcoming videos Shivay is inducing jealousy in Annika whereas I want it the other way around.

    6. archi… maine kab kaha ki tum bingo tedhe medhe ho. tum straight ho yaar.
      -blushing astha

      1. Archiya

        ha ha lolzzzzzzzz

  10. I didn’t like anika’s outfit… tia’s was d worst..loved shivika’s scene,shivaye dream n jealousy….pls change anika’s outfit she was really beautiful In red… n those roses on their hair ..uggggh ??

    1. Tu jo nazron saamne kal hoga nahi
      Tujhke dekhe bin main mar na jaaun kaheen
      ( now that you will not be there in front of me tomorrow
      I hope I don’t die without seeing you)
      Tujhko bhool jaaun kaise maanein na manaaun kaise? Tu bata..
      ( how do I forgot you they don’t listen to me
      How do I make them listen ? Tell me…)
      Roke na ruke naina…
      Tere ore hai inhein to rehna ..
      Roke na ruke naina….
      ( the eye’s didn’t stop even on trying to stop
      They have to look in to your direction
      The eyes don’t stop on trying to…)

      1. True Naina…..the first time I saw it, I didn’t feel anything special about it!! But after seeing yesterday’s Shivika romancing in that song, I have been listening to it whenever I get a chance!! I feel the song is apt for Shivika rather than Varun-Alia!! No offence meant Varun-Alia fans!!

      2. Archiya

        Thanks Tanvi for putting the lyrics here.. i had heard the song before also.. but the magic happened only when i saw it for shivika.. i so totally love it.

    2. Guess what, Varun Dhawan himself has tweeted (retweeted actually) about the song being used in the episode. So sweet of him.

  11. Knew it tat it’ll be a dream seq Bt me happy today tat its shivaye’s dream abt anika as they hv always shown Annika dreamng abt sso Bt it was shivaye today……. really luved it n also d way they portrayed tat n also NM’s lip syncng……i lyked d song also heard it first tym n it was awesome…….. Sso was so jealous today hearng rohit d way he broke d phone Haha luved it sso was actng so cute tat tym n after hearng abt mehendi ……..pinky also undrstood today wat her son is actually tryng to do n all his antics to make annika jealous….. Once again its proved today how sso is deeply in luv with annika…….i mst say mrs kapoor is much more intelligent than sso bt now romi is with him……today anika was lukng prettier after a long tym I’ll always be surbhi’s admirer bt really sometimes no actually most of d tym her hairs or clothes r so disastrous
    P.s today i missed omru it would hv been fun to watch them attendng d mrg……. anyways they all r busy in their lives 😛

    1. Shree
      Nakuuls acting was best as jealous SSO. His lip-sync is almost perfect everytime. And Pinky could really make out what Shivay was going thru.

  12. Gosh!! He is truely smitten.. she has just managed to swipe him off his heels.. Shivaay is way more deeper into anika than the other way around!! He has fallen so much in love with her, he himself wudn believe that he just had a dream sequence with her!! Quite some shivika today!! But no progress in NB exposure.. I hope we are in the last lap of the entire NB saga.. can’t take it more man.. just leave shivika alone ok..!
    Based on spoilers, we still have the mehendi scene where he saves annika, then we have that headache massage wala scene.. and I think bas aur zyada nahi hain.. may be they don want spoiler videos leaked on the exposure part.. may be they do not wanna kill the suspense.. or atleast I sincerely hope so…

    1. And laxxxx!! Ur dream came almost close to true!! Though Rohit was virtual, we could witness jeleousy in Shivaay! May. E the CVs are reading what we wish for here.. keep wishing lax.. let’s see if it turns true!!

      1. anu , annika was talking with rohit. is he any spy helping annika in locating dushyant??

      2. I don think so Astha.. I just assumed there is no Rohit.. I guess annika just made they up to make shivay envious.. but we never know..!

    2. Archiya

      completely agree on this “Shivaay is way more deeper into anika than the other way around!!”
      An abt Rohith we never know 🙂 CVS can have any convo just like u put the other day
      CV1: shivay is making anika jealous, but audience wants the other way round
      CV2: no prob,lets get some guy who talks only on phone..

      Once all kapoors drama is over
      CV2: not getting a good storyline.. lets just get rohith in anika life an start their wedding rituals.. TRP will sore high ..

      1. Anu..!!
        I donno but I will totally enjoy a jealous Shivay. I can binge watch his gestures. But am sure CVs are in no mood to do that.

        Also Anu we are not done with the rasams, there is Sangeet coming up n there also I think Jor shor ka jealousy. If spoilers are to b believed, it seems Annika may confess her feelings that too out of jealousy.. aaagh..?? that’s the last thing I want..!!

      2. Lol archu! Quite possible this could happen ??

  13. nice episode…

  14. Hey guys which movie’s song was tat??

    1. I think it is from this new Varun Dhawan movie “Badrinath ki Dulhan”

      1. Sorry I think its Badri ki Dulhaniya….

    2. Badrinath ki dulhania

    3. Ok….thanks guys

  15. Krishnaa

    i loved the jealousy part of shivaaye!! 🙂 and he hummed sarcastically when pinky said mahendi!!! 😀

  16. Wah wah….kya baat hain GK ma’am…..sirf 2 epi mein 2 rasams khatam!! Maybe she has taken all the decorations for rent and has to return it this week…. 😛 😛

    Today was too much of Shivika…..for me the best moments were
    i) when Pinky says its your mehndi tomorrow and Shivaye turns pale and repeats “kal??’ and then he looks at Anika who is standing without any expression and then he mumbles something……I felt it very funny!! Just the way a 17-yr old behaves in such situation…. 😀 😀
    ii) Anika’s imaginary convo with Rohit and thereafter her expressions when she explains it to Shivaye……she looked damn pretty in that shot!! And then Shivaye’s reaction……Anika ki ML ki chakkar mein SSO ne bhool gaya ki phone kaise thodtha hain!! Aiyyo aiyyo…..
    iii) When Anika repeats Shivaye’s words “lagta hain aap ke haath se bhi sab phisal rahe hain…..”

    And after so many epis today Pinky moms was funny……”wedding planner kam aur wedding crasher zyada lagta hain…..” 😀 😀 😀 Ek kaam karne ke liye Prinku kitne baar U turn lega yaar??? But, Subha looked like a doll today… pretty!! And thank God, Shivaye was dreaming….not Anika….it would have been a heartbreak otherwise!!

    I don’t understand after all where has Mrs. K hidden this video clip…..I think its in that bangle box…Shivaye checked the bangles but not the box!! Hmmmm……aisa hi hoga…..SSO can’t do such intelligent thinking in one day……no way!! 😛 😛 😉 😀

    1. Liji i too thinking sameyar….where the hell is this mrs.kapoor hide that vedio clip….i dnt know why they where dragging this…im just fed up of this mrs.kapoor and her cheapdi daughters

    2. Archiya

      Decor on rent.. lolzzzzzzz an yes prinku looked the most beautifull.. just like a doll
      Intelligent thinking in one day.. lolzzz.. if CV’s want he can do that in no time ..
      An abt the video clip.. they are showing like there is only one copy which is in her phone.. but i feel something was there in those bangles only, which fell in the box wen he kept it down..
      Too much over thinking these days..

    3. Yaar.. I missed to mention abt the mumbling thing! That was like super cute! Few things like these the CVs write well but when it comes to solving the mystery/knots in plot.. unke dimaag hibernate mode pe chal jaatha hai…!!

  17. Hai ishqes…..finally i am in.after a long time…….i miss u all guys………omg is this our sso,i can’t believe this ke shivay and romantic dream that be himself with anika really its awesomeand super shock………………

  18. I thought they’re going to bringing robin back to the show. Who’s helping robin to excape form kapoor’s captive. It’s like they just wants to drag drag drag…….,,,,,,,, episodes are getting boring day by day. Kapoor’s family ka face mahndi wala kar dana chahiya. Aslo pinky’s too! So she could stop insulting anilk.

  19. Plz introduce rohit character in show and on the day of shitia’s wedding make rohit and annika to dance on aevai aevai lotgaya song to make shivay jealous

  20. Our SSO can dream too 🙂 nice nice.. 🙂
    Annika and Rohit tele convo was so funny and Shivaay taking phone and breaking immediately was cute.. but I thought he understood that no one is talking other side and Annika is faking.. I didnt expect him to show his jealousy side so easily..

    When Annika was signing him for the flower petal and removing it.. his heart seemed to skip a beat.. he was just awesome in that scene..

  21. Wow what a great romantic episode………feeling like I am at seven heaven after seeing the episode….. Bahut din baad itna accha episode dekhne ko mila..

  22. Gayathri.visu

    Wow!! Mr. SSO becomes jealous singh oberoi….. I just loved that scene. And the dream sequence, I didn’t expect this….. In today Shivika are just nailed it… Precap!!! I hate that Mrs. Kapoor very much……

  23. The episode just knocked my socks off. I know story wise there was no progression but I felt there was progress in Shivays character. I was dying to see this version of SSO, SSO who is truly, deeply n madly in love with Annika. We got to see all possible shades of romantic Shivay today – Jealous/Possessive, enviable, loyal, passionate, attention seeking and many more.

    Jealous SSO, was my favourite among all. For me this is one of the best versions of SSO. ‘kaun Rohit’, ‘showing hook step of ainvey song when Annika said about the song’, ‘Rohit Ko fark padega’ ‘kal mehandi hain’ was all really cute. Ab makers jaldi Rohit Ko Lao. Funny triangle love of Rohit- Shivay- Kalavathi ll be so entertaining to watch (@Anu weren’t we discussing about this the other day)

    Now SSO wanted Annika to be jealous but not at the cost of compromising his loyalty towards her. thats so sweet.
    It gives me Sukoon to think that SSO has such romantic dreams. Wish Annika also gets to know about it soon. Happy that CVs did not make it Annikas dream considering she is the one who has totally fallen for him.

    Annika, btw why did u take the rose petal, let it be. I know u did not want to deprive us of a single Shivika moment. But Shivay’s expression here was confusing me. Was he expecting Annika to say something, the way he was looking at her lips, I was thinking that or was he enjoying the fact that Annika came close to him, took care of him n all that. I did not quite understand from his expressions.

    Having said all this, I know SSOs ego n stupid ideology are eclipsing his own love.

    Annika was so funny during the Shivika convo about Rohit. Also I know Pinky was intolerable as usual but I found some of her dialogues n gestures cute today ‘wedding crasher’ lol..!!

    Annikas cape/jacket n lehanga individually was fine but together felt so mismatched .I liked the stencil design on the jacket though. And don’t even get me started on Tia’s outfit ???. Thank our stars she did not give Annika what Tia was wearing today. The designer would ve had to go thru all heights of trolling if at all the outfits were reversed. (In Malayalam we say, ellarum koode Designer ine pongalaa ittene)

    Anyway want regular dose of such episodes, at least once in a month.

    P.S.- What did Shivay say when Annika said yeh Rohit pagal hain? It was not audible to me. In response to what he said Annika said kuch kaha aapne.

    1. Mouni

      me too lax , l liked possessive sso is super cute , he was like a kid and when they become a couple no one can talk to her lol he will be her bodyguard
      pinky is annoying but not evil and that gives me hope about her
      btw some ppl in insta still talking about sso taking a break in march and link it to romi’s murder and swetlana accusing him of it ?? but if they do it it means they were exposed and want to take revenge from sso right ?? hope so

      1. Yesterday saw in insta first a spoiler sayng sso will be jailed n after tat there was a spoiler sayng they’ll blame annika n she will be jailed n sso will try hard to take her out…….so no need to blv on these spoilers untill any video comes……

      2. Mouni..!
        Jealous SSO is cute. After Daksh’s incident I don’t think he wants to take a risk in that area. So he is overprotective Singh Oberoi.

        About the rumours even if Nakuul takes a break in March, We ve one more week in Feb and I think that should b more than enuf for Kapoors to b exposed if the makers want to. Don’t u think so.? Also Nakuul usually manages to do all the scenes before he goes off for a vacay, so I think that should not be the basis to assume that he goes to jail. But still let’s see.

    2. Yeah lax.. the moment I saw Rohit I was reminded of our convo!! If Rohit is real.. mann it’s gonna be mast.. who ever that Rohit is.. SSo will burn him alive yaar! Wish story takes a lighter turn after this NB drama.. enough of Kapoors yaar! So done with them.. shivika moments is the only consolation that we have!!

      1. Anu..!!
        Totally second you here.. Wohoooo…!!

    3. Archiya

      wen anika was removin the petal, he must still be dreaming.. just that his dream must gone much forward(blush blush).. thats why that trance look..

      1. Archu…!!

      2. Sumi.SS


    4. Lachu…..designer is having problems only with gals’ outfits…..look at the boys’ outfits…..all looking so stylish and awesome!! I felt Tia’s outfit was inspired from the dressing of ‘Adivasi’ women….or from the “bath towel wrap” style…..not sure of which one!! Ingane aanu munnottu povunnathenkil aa kochinu ee aduthu thanne 8nte pani kittum……ithoru onnonnara pongala thanne vendi varum!! Hmmmmm……. 😀 😀

      1. Liji “adivasi women dress or bath towel wrap” hahaha lol… doubt its exactly looks like that only….and u are right this designer has ptoblems with girls only….i really like shivayes dressing styles….and guess what in the upcoming episode we will get to see priyanka and swetlanas circuswali dress….poor girls i dnt know whats wrong they did with that designer….

      2. Liji
        Ha Ha..!! Adivasi n bath towel wrap.. lol …!! Bilkul sahi pakde..!!

      3. adivashi women style. shayad change kiye bina washroom se agayi thi. shivvu in pink… bilkul pinky ka beta. annika thoda toh dhang ke kapde pehno apni pati ke shaadi mein.

  24. Ohhhh i loved yesterday episode….i know track is dragging but i enjoyed shivika….i loved shivayes jelousy and posessiveness towords anika….he is really behaving like a teenager……he cnt see his love anika is talking with anyone else….i loved the way he dropped the phone and crushed it….actually the rohith is anikas creation only to make sso jelousy….if this rohith really comes to anikas life….then sso will burn him…im getting crazy bcz of shivayes this changing nature….
    In future i want someone to come for anika like NK came in iss pyarko kya namdo…i dnt want a phsycho like daksh in shivika life….but want a NK….i want to see shivaye as jelousy more….
    And shivaye is dreaming about his moment with anika….not bad sso….really i never expected we will get to see our shivaye like this….he is totally madly fallen for anika….
    And about nb’s….ohhh i just dnt want to talk about them….hope atleast end of this weak all this mess going to end….
    Abd i too read in spoiler that nakul is going on vaction so there will be a track like sso gets arrested….dntknow its true or not….its a written spoiler only….
    And about anikas dress….ohhh plsss someone should set that designer shivanis brain….dnt know whats wrong with her….she gives anything to where actors….

    1. Yeah.. abt the dress shahabana.. I don like it either.. the thing is now atleast for the next 2/3 episode we are going to see her with the same costume.. I saw scenes where Shivaay has changed to a simpler white Kurtha but this lady is still wearing this floral gown.. looks a little gaudy to my eyes!

    2. Archiya

      Same views on anika dres,,, she is so pretty.. dont knw why these kind of dresses..
      An i want them to start another different kind of track for shivika.. i feel the jealousy track is kind of done wit daksh.. just my view

    3. Archu and anu…. know what guyz many fans are requesting to give good dresses to anika….but that designer shivani….what to say….she is realwali sso guyz….her overcomfident and atitude…..plsss gul mam bachalo apne actorsko this shivaniki stupid designingse…

  25. Anika will bring robin on shivaya nd tia marriage …then tia will expose nd pinky will accept anika as her daughter in law but shivaya will angry with anika i know this will happen in future episode shivaya will angry with anika ruthana manana scene ……
    Abut today scene anika want to marry shitia ….moreover she dosent want to come between pinky nd shivaya ….
    Shivaya =He want video clip,He dosent want to leave anika in that state,,he fell jelous anika talking with another guy,he dont want to leave her why he dont want to leave her ,he dont known??He just want to stay with her he can’t say with anika his ego come infront he can’t show that intense love feeling for anika u know taddibaaz shivaya first he want to hear frm anika that she don’t to leave him but she also show her taddi ,ego they just trying to avoide each other ,making each other jealous,they both want to hear with each -other they don’t want to leave her /him They having ego that who will say first shivaya or anika such a uhhh jodi …?
    Tia =she just want to revenge frm oberios but she deeply love her husband she bcome lonely with him she always time think abut robin nd crying i just hate her mom how can she use her daughter feeling to take revenge frm enemy sometime i feel tia is nice person she bcom like this due to her mom…..

  26. Hi arpita ty for mentioning my name so swet of u….. hi mouni lax n archiya….. super episode jaldi robin ko lao

    1. hi pinku… i too replied to you on previous page of IB and DBO.

    2. Hello Pinku..!! How R u doing??

    3. Archiya

      hey Pinku.. ur name is really pinku???? i tght it was ur pen name

  27. Guys dont u think this show now a days goes worst ,
    suru suru se lag raha tha ye ib thoda hatke hai sab show se but ab to ye srl b typcl hindi srl jais hi hai,.. Too much drama . Mujhe to ab ye shivika momnts bht funny lag rah hai…

  28. Yes arpita… true…

  29. Heyloo guys u ppl heard the news? Nakul mehta is going for a short vacation,hence CVS has planned to send him jail 😛 swetlana n mrs kapoor will kill romi n tht wud be on shivaay n he will be jailed…

  30. Hi Astha , is it i didnt check Astha… thank u so much for your reply…

  31. He he yaha pe mere naam ki koi he??? ????Soo sweet.
    Btw ye Cvs kar kya rahe he. Imean mujhe lagatha ki agar annika ML ka drama kar rahi he toh woh nafratbazz ki sari such samne layegi. But mujhe aise kuch nazar nahi aa raha.
    Aur agar ye log jealously ki track la rahe he to com se com toda confess toh banti he.Matlab pura bolne ki jarurat nahi he bcoz kyoki bina confession ki love stry is amazing.But thoda toh banti he.
    Par ye log kar kya rahe he??????? Abb robin ko jinda dikhayenge thats really good. But ye romi ko kyun marna chahte he Cvs.
    Fir se ek murder ka drama hoga (Agar Spolier such nikla toh) ek murder ka mystery toh pichle 5 mahine se solve kar nahi pa rahe he ye log????????
    Ye log toh kuch bhi kisiko bhi marwa sakte he aur junda bhi
    .Kal ko toh ye log gayatri ko jinda le ayenge aur woh Acp ranveer ko uska beta bana denge aur ashok ko uska Baap ??????????????? Bhaut sara raita faila hua he .Aur raita mat failao. Balki raite ko samtne ki plan ke baare main Socho.

    1. Arpita

      Yaa Arpita…
      its me lol!!!!!!

  32. awesome episode .every sequence was nice specially shivika.

    1. Archiya

      Hey Priya.. how r u .. your not commenting these days

  33. Mouni

    so guys now comes spoilers on the green outfit , they are dancing and anika seems to have a man dancing with her and sso is dancing with tia but looking at them
    also he seems to secretly remove tia’s necklace ?? probably bcz romi told him so as she is there disguised as a man
    so the wedding is still not ending , it will take the whole week am sure , this is torture and if robin is gonna come its surly next week ughhhhhh come on

    1. Mouni

      and dont make me start on pinky , she blames anika for the necklace theft and sso manages to save the day , this week they gave her too much scenes and in every one she is insulting anika , let’s hope after tia is exposed she will be quit and truly regretful

      1. Even I was hoping this would end by this week.. but doesn’t look so!! Quite some wait yaar.. they have to stop this.. the story line is like Dragging in upper case bold italics underlined!!

    2. Ooooo no. Just saw spoiler of ShiTia dancing. Not liking it. I think they are taking this jealous too far. Don’t like Shivaay dancing with Tia this way. Spoiler spoiled my mood totally.

      1. Mouni

        me too , but l think he was trying to take off the necklace

    3. Anu..!!
      Upper case bold italics underlined..!! Lol??

  34. Sumi.SS

    Omg !!!!!! They r completely changing the track….what nonsense….other than tia exposure they r dragng the show in a diff direction..what is the need of makng romi against kapoor…if she died befre sayng anythng to shivaay upto now this is the worst track in ishqbaaaz..all media spoiling our fun,surprise and yestrday epi shivika scenes in their room only not uploaded..whole mehandi cermony and upcmng sangeet cermony track also uploaded in India forums and all media channels..
    MsorMrs shivani I can digest all ur fasion disaster outfits…..but now a days shitia r wel colour coordinated than shivika…At frst apney pura ishqbaaaz ladies ki look ko oh my matha karthiya..pls not again shivika look…..i hate shitia?????

    1. Mouni

      they are dragging it to take the whole week in this shitia’s 3 wedding ,they made romi not a kapoor sister just to drag this week , and now she is asking him to steal tia’s necklace for her , why ?? am truly fed up with these celebration and with pinky , both are getting me depressed and l dont understand why pinky said that the green outfit is the last one ?? this nightmare does not seem to end , the makers can’t let go of tia , for me this is the only reason but we are almost 220 ep , she needs to be exposed no villain stay that long
      also how come actors dont know what will happend ?? surbi said its still mystery and anything can happend anytime ??

      1. Sumi.SS

        Frankly speakng ,instead of nakuul,navina mam only needs a month her marriage..I wsh Cvs shld let her free fr next months… life time celbratn cvs r not allowing her fr preparation also..for god sake,pls anyone bring dhusyanth to OM

      2. Mouni

        true sumi plz makers let her go , for our mental health and plz end this celebrations already and bring robin

    2. God sumi! Romi not saying anything and dying would be worst!! Hope CVS don take that direction..!

      1. Sumi.SS

        Yeah Anu…I am also hoping the same..if this drama ends wth romi murder or anyother track wthout tia exposure..i can’t see a one more shitia wedding track in future….

    3. Yahhh im also just fed up of this nb track and shivanis stupid fashion sence….i think both cvs and shivani are forgotting to take their tablets….thats why they where giving ajeeb designes and tracks for actors….

      1. Guys…!!
        With gr8 difficulty IB got a TRP of 2.4. This ll b the first serial where wedding week ll eat the TRP. God khatam hi nahi hothe inki nautanki. CVs pls don’t test our patience.

      2. Shabs..!!
        Forgot to take tablets…!! Lol…!!??

      3. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dr……becz of this hell shitia mrge track ishqbaaaz losing its charm…..

      4. Mouni

        good news for trp , seems ppl enjoy shitia’s wedding celebrations
        the trp will explode the ep where robin comes in OM ( hopefully this year and not in 2020 ) am starting to lose hope guys

  35. Hi all…im a silent reader. does anyone know why r they not showing priyanka CAP tracker. That was little interesting.

  36. Man!! There is one more round of spoilers.. again another set of overly vivid outfits! Another set of drama scenes with pinky yelling at anika.. may be she is being blamed for stealing a necklace.. gosh ye kya abhi bhi 1970s wale necklace stealing ideas pe pade hai.. my dream is Kapoors exposure is fading slowly.. probably like Shivaay we shud also just starting dreaming while watching IB.!!

    1. Mouni

      lol , true we should start dreaming , they are dragging this to make us wait even more with this never ending celeb drama , but they must give us the most dramatic exposure of the history of serials , kapoors must be devastated and pinky with them but till now there is nothing to support that , all spoilers are about party and drama and pinky

    2. I too have the same thoughts Anu….this revelation of NB sisters are not going to end soon….maybe Tia’s track might take a break……but looking at the spoilers I feel Mrs. K and Swet are going to continue in the show after RoTia’s exit!! If they kill Romi, that might end up Shivaye or Anika in jail which I think will reduce the chances of Shivika’s union in the near future!! Otherwise, the mystery of this illegitimate birth of Oberoi son has to be solved!! I donno how long the CVs are going to fool us with these unsolved mysteries

      1. Sumi.SS

        Dear u may be right….if cvs want to end this track it won’t take more tym….simply romi can say evrthng to shivaay abt tia and robin,rotilana gang…kapoor revenge..but she is demanding tia’s necklace fr giving om video…..what rubbish…..this is the very worst and borng track….
        Liji dear I thnk mystery of illegitimate child track wl open in DBO only aftr the entry of dadi sister…In dbo Iv the actor who plays dadi sis role said smthng abt this illegitimate track…

      2. Mouni

        this is too much , romi could simply helped sso by telling him about the fake tests and the video even without talking about robin it will be enough to end tia’s track but they are purposely dragging so that boring celebrations continue for the whole week and maybe the next week too

  37. Hi guys

    Agar anika ko achi dress pe dekhna chaathi hai tho designer shivani se request karna hoga.i don’t know shivani ko koi insta account hai ya nahi.but I think iss main comment karne se acha hai shivani se bolna.lohri ki dhin anika ki dress dekh kar tho gul khan se request kiya tha kuch logo ne anika ko achi dress dene ko.lekhin gul khan wo request seriously nahi liya hoga.warna yesterday episode main tho anika ki dress aise nahi hotha.but guys ye surbhi chandan apni designer se keh sakthi hai na anika ko achi kapde dene ko.
    DBO main gauri aur soumya ki designer bhi IB ki same designer hai kya.i think ab thak soumya aur gauri ki dress acha hai aaj thak unki kapde bore nahi hua hai.i don’t know kabhi hua tha ya nahi.agar shivani hi soumya aur gauri ki dress designer hai tho anika ki dressing aise kyu hai?

    Guys kya soumya ki dressing,make up,hair style kabhi boring tha IB main aur DBO main?
    Gauri ki dressing kaise hai DBO main?
    Shivani anika,gauri,sumya ke liye dress design kar rahi hai?

  38. Phyarra Phoenix

    Hey Ishqbaazians. I have a doubt regarding Rumi as her story is not adding up. Recently it has been revealed that Rumi is not a Kapoor sister and is just working with Tia n Svetlana to avenge her brother Robin
    In the past episodes,when we all believe her to one of the sisters (during the childhood flashback), Rumi revealed that she became close to Rudra n tortured him for revenge against Oberois.
    But when Rumi was torturing Rudra in her devi avatar, Robin was very much alive. So, if Rumi is with the Kapoor sisters only to avenge her brother, then why was she tormenting Rudra when her brother was still alive.

  39. Phyarra Phoenix

    Hey again. My doubts now is regarding Soumya. As we all are aware Soumya and Rumi are childhood besties. They grew up together. Being best friends means knowing everything about each other. In that case, shouldn’t Soumya be aware of Robin and Tia. Which means Soumya is aware the fact that Tia is married to Robin.
    She might have even been at their wedding.

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