Ishqbaaz 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Anika to wake up, you can’t leave me, I want to hear your nonsense, say something, Bagad Billa, Billu, SSO, say something…. He hugs her and shouts Anika. Sometime before, Shivaye gets shocked seeing Anika inside the glass chamber. He shouts Anika. Anika and Daksh see him. Shivaye runs to her. Daksh says Shivaye, the more close to go to her, water flow will get faster. Shivaye shouts stop it Daksh. Daksh says go for it Shivaye. He gets angry seeing Shivaye and asks him to shout more, what else can you do. Shivaye hits on the glass.

Daksh says I told you, I will get upset when you go close to her, I will hurt her more. Shivaye says your fight is with me, leave her, okay Daksh I will come away, just stop the water. Daksh says no I can’t do this, I m so sorry, you know why,

I m having fun seeing you dancing on my fingers and seeing Anika dying, I m loving it. Shivaye kicks him. He beats up Daksh. Daksh falls away and laughs showing Anika. Anika struggles in water. Shivaye rushes to Anika and hits the glass. Anika and Shivaye holds the glass, touching each other’s hands. Anika sees him and sinks. Shivaye sees her sinking and gets shocked. He runs and gets a rod. He breaks the glass by hitting on it. Anika falls out down. O jaana……plays………. Shivaye sees her.

Daksh laughs and says Anika is gone, Anika is dead. Shivaye gets shocked and says how did you touch Anika, you touched my wife, you touched Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s wife. He beats Daksh. Anika moves. Shivaye sees her and runs to her. Jaane nahi denge tujhe…..plays……….He holds her in arms. Shivaye asks Anika to wake up, you can’t leave me, I want to hear your nonsense, say something, Bagad Billa, Billu, SSO, say something, Kanji eyed, anything. He hugs her and shouts Anika. He recalls their argument. He thinks of Anika’s words and cries. His tear falls over her face. Anika says Shivaye…. He hears her and looks at her. She opens eyes. He gets a big relief and hugs her.

At Oberoi mansion, Shivaye sits looking at Anika, while she is sleeping in their room. She wakes up and holds her head. He asks are you fine and holds her. He recalls his words. He says doctor prescribed these medicines, take these. She takes pillow. He says just stop, you are not well, sleep here, I will sleep outside. She says I don’t need your help. She says listen to me Anika. She goes. She sleeps outside. He comes to her and recalls her words.

Its morning, Shivaye says whatever happened yesterday… I have to talk. She says I m going to change. He asks why are you not talking. She asks did you talk, before having cheap opinion about me, did you ask me once if its true, Daksh said and you believed, I m a liar, I m characterless, I can do anything for money, he said and you believed. He says no, I felt… She says you felt Daksh is from rich family, he can’t be wrong, he can’t lie, so who is liar, Anika. She cries and says I m middle class, middle class people are such, did you not doubt on me, you have forced your doubt on me. He says it was misunderstanding.

She says your misunderstanding ruined my respect, character means a lot to me, you raised finger at my character. He says but I can explain. She says you let it be Shivaye, you have said a lot to me, its enough, you made me fall in my eyes, respect and self esteem, that were my assets, you snatched self esteem before and now you snatched my respect too. She cries. He looks at her. He says we can talk, talk to me, calm down, Anika listen to me. He holds her and asks what’s your problem, stop crying, talk to me, else how will problem get solved. She gets hurt. He leaves her hand. She says I don’t want to talk to you. She leaves. He says how will she not talk to me, I will not get peace till her annoyance is gone, she has to talk to me.

Jhanvi asks Anika to sit for breakfast. Pinky gets up and says my hunger died. Priyanka asks any problem. Pinky says problem is in front of me. Anika asks why are you saying this, did I make any mistake. Pinky says no, did you ever do mistake, we did mistake to get you in this house. Tej and Shakti come and look on. Pinky says your deeds are infront of us now. Jhanvi asks Pinky to let it go. Pinky says Shivaye is my only son, and such bad character bahu, I m scared thinking she is my bahu. Shakti says enough Pinky, you are saying anything to Anika. Anika cries.

Pinky says I m just saying, anyone else would have kicked her out, Anika play this sati savitri drama anywhere else, Daksh told us everything, you have no shame, anyone else would have left home, you are seeing in my eyes. Shakti says its good Maa is not here, she is in Tirupati, Omru went to take her. Pinky says it would be good that she saw this girl’s drama. She asks Anika will she stand here even now or leave from house. Anika cries and turns to leave. Shivaye comes there and sees her crying.

Shivaye holds her hand and takes her. He says Anika will not go anywhere. Pinky says Shivaye, let her go, you don’t know anything about her, Daksh has…. He says Daksh is a liar fallen man, he is a psychopath, you don’t know what he did, he tracked Anika 24 by 7, he was obsessed with Anika, he kidnapped Anika and tried to kill her. They all get shocked. Tej asks what are you saying, Daksh is your childhood friend. Shivaye says he was childhood friend, every relation has a line, he saw Anika badly and crossed the line, it was my mistake, he told bad about Anika and I believed him, that chapter is closed now, he is in jail now where he belongs.

Pinky says what will Daksh get by lying to us, its Anika’s drama, Daksh told us about her. Shivaye says you believe Daksh and not your son. Pinky says I don’t believe this girl’s words. Shivaye says but I believe Anika. Anika looks at him.

Anika breaks Shivaye’s car glass. Shivaye asks her to break this house’s all glasses, but don’t leave talking to me. Pinky says Shivaye, Tia locked herself in room, she is saying she will commit suicide. Shivaye asks Tia to open the door. They all see Tia pouring kerosene on her and lighting the matchstick.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. tia

    Tanks amena di for this super fast update, so Tia’s drama bigins ,emotional shivay , l think pinky wil now get and support Tia to get into Shiva’s life .

  2. Kehkasha


    |Registered Member

    O lady Baba ur drama started again. Hope that you are just a guest for few days in the show asa ur truth come out plz spare the universe 🌌

    Episode was amazing. I am spellbound. Don’t know how to express.
    But waiting for omru to return and rock the show. At least now toh there must be someone opposite to om . I mean it’s high time
    Anyways IB rocked👌

    • shahabana

      If u are not liking the sereal just stop to watching it bcz no one is forcing u too watch it….im saying this bcz im concerned about u…bcz u are saying u are getting tortured after watching it…so im requesting u tooo dnt watch the show…otherwise u will be sick

    • Mona146


      |Registered Member

      it is indeed a torture for the people who feel the pain for the roles and story. Dont make harsh statements like no common sense and all. Not everyone can enjoy serials where people suffer like anything.

  3. nimi

    Awesome story bilkul alag Hai ekta kapoor k serial s ekta k serial m to ek kidnapping ka scene 1month chalta hai.really disgusting

  4. Ridhima

    Common Tia you can do it … Just kill yourself … I am waiting for this … Again I cannot tolerate your drama … Mudilla DA sami …

    • Ammu

      Hey a tamilian and i am not only obsessed with ishqbaaz but i literally have learnt some hindi throught this serial 😂😂 just thought of saying hai to my fellow ishqbaaz fans.. ‘hai’ 😄

    • susan

      Ridhima. I was shouting do it, do it. Just do it. You will save us a lot of trouble. Just let the matchstick fall. It is so easy.

  5. Ananda ya

    Hi, I was always a silent reader! But im thinking to start writing comments and express my opinion!

    My review for today’s episode:
    I know that whatever shivaye said about Anika and his accusation was wrong, but I feel like Anika should forgive him and start accepting each other! It makes me so sad seeing Sso sad though!

    I heard many spoilers saying that Tia will try to separating shivaye and Anika by “pregnancy drama” (I hope the spoilers aren’t true)

  6. NABANITA626


    |Registered Member

    Pinkeys characture is so bad………..😠😈
    Ji kar raha tha jake ek thappar lagau use……
    Today shivay and annika nailed the episode…when shivay was telling annika to say something,I wish then to jump……..the scene is so awesome……….
    But missing omru badly.hope kunal and leenesh get well soon……

    In one word Shivika rokz………..💃💟💘💑👍👌

  7. Sanchi


    |Registered Member

    But wait how the hell is Universe ki mata gonna convince Shivay of her pregnancy?
    And that stupid bagad billa, he was angry at Anika for ONS then fhat the wuck did he do with Tia now if he agrees that the baby is his?
    If we listen to spoilers then they tell that to prevent media circus he is gonna be mum about it. Come on man! Aisi bhi kya majboori jo koi bhi kahe ki I am pregnant with your child and you are gonna nod in positive.
    I just hope this is the end for Tia.

  8. |Registered Member

    Omg!!!!…no words to describe today’s episode….it was amazing except last 5min of PINKY lecture…just irritating yacckkk.. .gud to see caring shivaye….nd if I m not wrong today’s dress of shivaye nd anika r same as in 1st episode they were introduced in…..
    I m very excited for tomorrow episode….1st takkar scene of shivika recreated…waiting to watch it again….

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Hi saku dr..hw r u ??
      Just avoid pinky scenes Dr vry annoyng..the spoil ur mood..becz upcmng we hav lot of scenes of pinky and tia..
      Guyzzz gul mam again prved..our ishqbaaz is diff frm others..they dnt dragd the kidnapng track lyk othr serials..not only fast that is super fast..
      I hope tia track wl not be borng..eagrly waitng fr our OmRu track..

  9. anshi

    hello.. m a silent reader.. Hope u won’t mind if I join this sweet family. Today’s epi ws nice. I hate PINKy.. She is fickle-minded.. And tht TIA as well.. Crazy Person..

    • |Registered Member

      Y will we mind..??..infact we feel happy if anyone joins us….welcome nd keep commenting…short intro plz…

    • Shivikafan

      Hey guys I am as well a silent reader but a GREAT FAN OF ISHQBAAZ!!!!!!And Tia’s drama is like OMG what the……………but anyways according to me the two GREAT FOOLS,STUPIDS AND VILLIANS of this show are Pinky and Tia.And the name is so damn lame,PINKSMOMS!!!so danm idiotic!and I wish this Tia gets exposed!!and guys I even saw in one of the spoilers that ANIKA IS GONNA EXPOSE TIA!!!!!!Well I am new to the commenting family but I’m gonna get used to………and guys I’m missing omru……..they’ve got dengue……….hope they get well soon and rock the show………so thanks for the amazing update and once again I’m so happy to join the commenting family……bye guys😊😊

  10. Mary

    Oh stop this tia drama.It is not at all required.No one likes to see her drama i guess.Yeh anika aur shivaye ki story hai is a show of their family ..isme tia kahan se aati hai. And har show me dusri ladki hona zaroori hai kya.Bored with this permanent tia track..its like qubool hai zoya tanveer story.

  11. Dark Blue

    I think that Anika should ignore Shivaay often so that she gets his love and falls for him more. Now Tia is creating a big drama, Shivaay and Anika will get isolated and separated and their confession of love and discussion of both relationship will fall low as Tia will ruin Anika and get her revenge for Anika as she thinks that Anika is the murderer of her husband Robin’s death. Tia is the murderer and is finding hard to blame it so her only scapegoat is Anika just because Anika wanted to find out who she was talking to, she only wants to protect Shivaye and his family as always. Plus, she is the murder of her husband as she pushed him away, leaving him to fall and bump his head on the metal rod and die drowning in the water.

  12. Soha


    |Registered Member

    OMG superb episode surbhi mam and nakul rocked today the best part was when shivay said how dear he touched his wife so cute and i just dont want to see pinky as evil saas yaar😕 about the precap it was awesome when anika will break shivay’s car yaad taza kr diya anika ne old episodes ki yaar and about this shit lady baba she is so annoying aur tia ka drama shuru ho gaya hain i just want lady baba to be out of shivika’s life soon and how shivay supported anika awww it was nice

  13. Shivika

    Oh my Mata..This pinky does not even know even know what is right and wrong..It’s good that Dadi is not there, and these pple belong to Oberoi family. Hey Omru went to Tirupati it seems along with Dadi 😃😃 yes, I think they really have to go once they are recovered. I think Anika wears this dress just to break glasses. 😉
    No more Tia nonsense please..Can’t take it. We want Om gf to come soon n rumya story to move soon and all three couples nok jok scenes should start..Sorry not three..It’s four including priveer.

  14. Soha


    |Registered Member

    And missing omru and rudy ke jokes aur bakwas shayari hahaha just loved them and i wish that they soon get welled and back to there show

  15. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    wht a lovely episode.. bt why are they in a fast track mode..
    shivay so easily found n rescued anika.. the expressions n acting were bang on.. bt shivay shld have suffered a little before findin anika.. why the hurry.. i tght the after rescuing scenes wil happen on thurs or fri..
    anyways today there were lots of wow moments
    –shivay an anika touched theiir palms together wen anika was in tat tank,their eyes spoke volumes,its liked they bth were confessing how much they love each other,
    –shivay helplessness to save anika so well portrayed
    — shivay thght anika was dead,and was hitting daksh sayin how dare u touch shivay singh oberoi wife(as soon as ONS cleared.. he accepted her as his wife.. hw mean)
    — shivay was askin anika to wake up.. i liked it tat he was crying.. the heartbeat of shivika in teh backgrnd,,an anika said shivay
    — anika just gt up frm his bed ignored him, shivay also comes an sits near her
    — anika literally broke down an was cryin so badly.. i cried along wit her.. she is an fab actor
    — shivay finally said he trusts anika infrnt of pinky(bt m sure now pinky will b totally against her)
    — i jst lve it tat anika is nt talkin to shivay

    i kinda liked the kidnapping set where sparks were flyin,Daksh wht an phsyopath acting..hats off.But how come no one in OM saw shivay bringin anika back, and wher is sahil.. did he not want to see his sis

    finally the precap… again why the hurry.. they shld have shown some nok jhok of shivika bfre startin tia track again..

      • Lax

        Archu..!! Even I thot Tia’s drama ll b next week. They are on a fast track mode I guess cause they want to start with other tracks. But I donno, now cause OmRu are not well, they may again slow it down. In any case I want this Tia thing to b over asap.

      • Archiya


        |Registered Member

        Hey Lax dear.. hw r u?
        An ya I m glad the MU gt cleared, as this is IB an here MU dnt stay fr long n tats why we ĺike IB.even I m waiting fr tia track to b over bt as u said omru r nt thr.. so they might drag a bit.
        I wanted shivay to repent some more bfre he found anika.. it was all too sooon.. anyways loved tfe epi

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Yeah Archiya I am also very shcked and surprsed when he said anika as his wyf..
      He loves her lot..and by heart he thnks she is only fr him..aftr MU he hurtd lot and not ready to accept her as wyf frm his knwng abt all the truth he accepts anika as his wyf frm his bottom of the heart..we can’t cmpln him..he also nevr expect this betrayal frm his best childhood frnd.
      Haaaaa..but it’s take more tym to him to accept anika as wyf by his Brain,among brthrs,fmly and of his main tag line-he is not only think and follow his heart but also think&follow his brain..

  16. Amelia

    The spoilers just take the hell of the viewers. Like can’t they show some shivika moments or rudra soumya or om……… Like something is really going on the wrong track….. And yes please remove tia from this show. She is making it worse than it could have been l..😡😡😡

  17. pari sharma

    Mind blowing episode. Now Shivaay will realize his mistakes. What he had done with Anika was absolutely shameless. I hope their misunderstandings gone away soon.

  18. indera sanichara

    Tai light that matchstick on yourself, you deserved to die. No one will miss you from the viewers ok.



    |Registered Member

    So finally SSO (sadu singh oberio) is becoming loving/caring singh oberio…😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    But i hate pinki foolishness, she is believing daksh even now.. 😥😥😥😥😥 toooooo much mad she is

  20. Lax

    Hello from seventh heaven, that’s where am after today’s episode. Nothing more to say, loved Shivikas scenes so much. Such intense scenes are really necessary at times. Nakuul’s eyes are so expressive. I could probably make out all the feelings SSO was going thru today from his eyes.
    But I ve something to confess. I expected Shivay to kiss Annika when he got to know that she was alive. Ya, I know that was little too much to expect. Woh din bhi aayenge hopefully.
    So I guess its pretty much clear that Billuji has feelings for Annika, just his ego and khoon,khandaan thing is not letting him accept it. Waiting for that episode where he ll go all out.

    Waise jo mazaa episode dekh ke mili, precap ne nichod li.. Hate u Tia. Give them 2 episodes to romance yaar. C’mon CVs..!! Once this Tia thing gets cleared, they may sideline Shivikas story and concentrate on Om’s.

    P.S- Daksh is in jail. So he can come back later in the story. I think CVs ve purposely kept that door open.

    • Neeti


      |Registered Member

      Actually many expected that, even news was made abt this saying he will kiss (yaar at least cheek ya hair pehi kar dete😢) bt maybe Gul mam don’t want it to be happen soon🙁… maybe u r ri8 Daksh may enter later but about the Tia thing; i was like marza😂 but it will not happen i know😖🙁🙁🙁…
      Ya, Nakuul was so good! Even Surbhi mam (as she shoot the scene just after getting well from illness)
      Om’s story have to get importance, all his bros r married, soon even Prinku will get married, everyone’s story is on track leaving him alone so itna to banta hai😉…..
      Even Gul mam confirmed that Shiv will never accept a girl without lineage, it means either Ani will change his thinking or Ani must belong to any high profile family or maybe both. I think Shiv will slip into poor state cz frm the beginning it seems like this only cz Svetlana said “jab in tino m se koi banvas jayega” bt now Svetlana is out so it’s really difficult to think…- Neeti

    • Ishqfan

      Exactly even I was expecting a forehead kiss once he knows she is alive.. anyways that can be saved for future

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      Hey Lax,
      Same to same expectation tat shivay will kiss anika.. wen anika woke up I was like kiss her ,kiss her u foool…atleast on the forehead.. bt it did nt happen.. anyways will wait

    • Lijince

      Yes, Lax….even I was expecting Shivaye to kiss Anika on her forehead….after such a tensed situation and Anika calling Shivaye….he should have kissed her in relief….that was very disappointing…..I think as Nakul said Shivaye’s character is emotionally challenged….he doesn’t know how to react in such situations.

      Even when Anika broke down in front of him, he stood looking at her even though his expression said that he was feeling bad…..then, he holds her tightly and asks her to calm down…..I mean really?? You are talking to a girl who has gone through hell for the past 24 hrs and you expect her to stay calm….when he said “Anika stay calm….how will we solve the problem if we don’t talk?” I wanted Anika to say….”bhaad main jaye aap aur aapke problem….” I think Nakul will be finding it more difficult to portray Shivaye. As always Anika nailed the whole act….I hope she gets the best actress award for this show!!

      And, as you said, why this hurry?? I was expecting Pinky insulting Anika scene today… worries… today we get to watch Anika breaking glass of Shivaye’s car….Shivaye carrying her in his arms and dropping her in the hall…..I think we have to learn to ignore Tia! (Grrrr….)
      And, I think Anika will somehow prove that Shivaye is not responsible for Tia’s pregnancy….atleast this time Shivaye will trust her and not oppose her!

      Anyways very happy that out of the uncountable mysteries, atleast one is solved…..

      • Lax

        Lijince..!! I too was shocked when he asked ” what’s the problem ” ..?? I mean seriously..!!!
        I heard that IV where Nakuul said Shivay is emotionally challenged. I feel his emotions come out when nobody is watching him.
        Enthaanelum ee paceil serial poyaal Adipoli..!!

  21. shilpa

    An emotional episode. Though the precap is not so good. Its high time to end the character of Tia and her stupid drama

  22. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    It was an emotional ride. Love u shivika.❤❤❤ Nakuul and surbhi nailed the episode. His tears were made me speechless. Today only I realized that I can’t see Shivaay in pain. Missing omru a lot. Please come back with a bang. Get well soon.

    • Vijji

      True. me too. I cannot see Shivaay sad or I cannot get angry on him. He shows anger and at the same time he cares so much of Anika.

  23. Har

    I have been a silent reader from so long never commented.
    Thanks guys for super fast detailed written updates, I dont get to watch serial as I am at work during this time( I am in USA), so I read the updates first.

    I am also big fan of Shivika!

  24. ella

    reading the precap makes me think anika should get the matches and volunteer to tia to light it….lol….crazy thinking I got since this girl always spoil this teo couple

  25. Neesha

    If tia and Shivay don’t have any kind of physical relationship then how tia should come and say she is pregnant with shivays child and hot Shivay is accepting this. At the time of Dev how he reacted and what happened now now he is accepting such rubbish things. If only case tia Blackmail him to go to the media then the same is acceptable. If this time also Anika fails to proove tia is guilty then it would be too much. I think this unnecessary track is added in the story line. May be omru are on leave because of their health issues storyline should go on that’s why this track is added. Please end this tia part early. And I think that glass broken shot was old only they will show it as new that’s why clothes of the both the star same.

    • susan

      I have noticed that the clothes are the same but Shivay’s handkerchief is a different color. The part visible in his suit’s pocket. So maybe that are mixing the scenes. Old and new.

  26. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    what an ep , loved to see the emotionnel sso and the fact that he accepts anika as his wife is also a huge devloppment l think we will see many romance from now on
    tia wants to create a desperet situation for sso to trap him with her pregncy lie but as spoiler says anika will not fall for it neither sso and anika tells him that she will expose tia and he supports her this time
    the question is now that tia’s truth is shown to sso , is it suffisant to make her out of his life ?? or will she use the fact that she is the ” known wife of sso ” to force him to give her what she wants ?? tia and her family are in hurry to get the money from the OF that they will blackmail them or else the OF will live a huge scandal and as the spoiler says sso will be worried about defamation from tia and buisness troubles so that can make him surrender to her for a while l think but with anika’s help he can overcome tia’s decieve

    • Ishqfan

      I hope they make tia accusation somewhat realistic .. how can she say it is his baby without being intimate… she is not such a stupid.. or I think they will show like shivaay had pain killers and when he was not in his sense, they were intimate.. in reality, though nothing happened she could lie they were intimate.. then shivaay could go little confused.. else it wil be stupid on tias part .. or she is openly challenging shivaay.. ? We need to wait and watch

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        well she may use that night when rudra mixed the punch with alcohol its the only night that they weren’t in their senses so that maybe the OF will believe it but not sso and anika that’s why he will not believe it easly and will be tensed as the spoiler says

  27. Tahima

    OMG todays episode was just amazing. But i knew TIA wouldn’t be gone for long. I hope she is gone by the end of the year but i doubt it. Anyway i think DAKSH might return cuz idk i dont feel like he is gone. We will see

  28. HaZna

    Today’s episode was heart touching…..after a lot of tensions accusations … was like a satisfying episode…..felt relaxed and satisfied…. Shivika nailed it… clear the misunderstanding and to save anika from daksh…. today’s episode is fully justifying and heart thriving ….what to say….in anika’s words…”KIDKI THOD EPISODE OF KIDKI THOD COUPLE SHIVIKA”””

  29. Neeti


    |Registered Member

    Omg! Today’s epi was a dhamaka! Shivaay called Annika his wife! Mere bibi ko hat kaise lagaya! Tune SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI ki BIBI ko hat kaise lagaya (or something this type, meri yaddast kamjor hai na, mai bhul gayi😜)… wow!!! Mr.SSO! You claim her your wife then why don’t you announce this to media, huh! I am sure you will never be able to (with whom am I talking yaar, there is no one named SSO here not even Nakuul is here😛)… Annika keep it up, I luv you yaar.
    Today, I even cried and even laughed. Cried at the whole epi, laughed at the end when Tia was doing drama of burning herself. I was like “jala de jala de, tu khudko jala de, mar jAa, nautanki sala! Nd SSO tu usse bachane nahi jayega tuhi phansega” but it will never happen so became sad again so mostly I was sad.
    Yeah! The first epi tashan! Nd tomorrow Shiv is gonna carry Ani in his arms nd watching his family, he will leave her to fall😂… darpok, ASR se kuch nahi sikha😂… the convo must be amazing, I wanna hear it but in the segments they didn’t make it clear. 😭😭😭from tomorrow I won’t be able to watch ib for few days, even on insta they will upload only precap nd highlight before time nd the full epi will be in the morning, even in hotstar it needs premium membership 😢😭😭 I am so unlucky!

    • Lijince

      Same here Neeti….I won’t be able to watch from this Saturday to next Saturday….got to attend a 1 week training program….don’t know if I will be able to watch atleast repeat telecasts….I think Starplus should upload the episodes in Youtube like Sony….we have to satisfy with TUs! I just pray that they lag the story next week…. 😀 😀 😀

  30. niharika

    I also want to join with u ishqbazians…..

    SSO -aise kaise bath nahi karege……I like this today.#shivika.

  31. Sharmi

    Cheapdi tia if u want to die go and die in your house why attempting suicide in OM.
    Tia’s pregnancy track will be such a boring track.

  32. shahabana

    Ohhhhh what an episode…my old shivika is back…sso is becoming caring and loving towards his wife… Love shivika a lotz….daksh reallyy phsychopath….pinky ohhhh no she wont change…most dumb lady is pinky…how foolish she is beleving on daksh….
    Todays episode is faintastic….precape half good but half horriable…that idiot tia is back with her drama…hate this tia the core…hope they wont drag this tias pregnency track more
    Finally shivika rocks and missed omru…get well soon omru and come back soon

  33. Ruhana

    Always a silent reader, but today I must say something…please stop this Tia nonsense…this serial was supposed to offer the viewers some different content, please, please don’t make it a SaaS sautan sazish prototype again…come on we have seen such pregnancy tracks in many other shows…and the same lectures on Sindoor and mangalsutra..miss omru like hell…very good acting by Shivaay, Anika, as well as Daksh, but the background score could have been less dramatic (personal opinion)…I think the makers should focus more on the complexities and inner battles of the characters instead of going the same old mainstream way..

    • shahabana

      Ruhana i respects ur openion not only u many are upset with this tia oregnency drama…but dntworry dr they wont drag this track much bcz its ishqbaaz…in inshqbaaz they ends tracks as soon as possible…this pregnency track is a reality check for sso’s blind trust and end of the tia drama…so just wait and watch…

      • NABANITA626


        |Registered Member

        Exactly.And what I like best that annika fully believed in Sso,so she will fight with tia for s hivays innocence.
        Agar yeh aur koi saas bahu drama serial hota,to pakka anika Tia KI bato me believe karti,aur us baby ke khatir shivaye ko divorce Dena chati.

  34. Aqua

    On this day 12/21/16, for the very first time, SSO has declared Anika as his wife, and a partner whom he cannot live without, to himself (and us the viewers).
    I thought his realization, was the biggest moment in SSO life to listen to his own beating heart over his brain.

    I know everyone have already given great detailed analysis of the latest episode, but i just wanted to share how important this day was for SSO.

    Simply, a very well acted episode by both Surbhi, KAran and of course Nakuul.
    Nakuu’s “AniKaa” scream touched my heart, and the tear that fell was oh so beautiful, and the background music was perfect for the moment. This has to be my favorite scene of all time in Ishqbaaz.

    I have been waiting for him, to realize that he loves her for such a long time, i just wished GK has extended to few for episodes.

    I will not comment on Pinky as she is suffering from bipolar disorder 😛
    Anyway, very excited about the track of Shitia pregnancy…. I am sure this track will bring SHivika closer, because Anika will disprove Tia. and I have a feeling SSO’s prejudice to wards middle-class will end with exposure of Tia.

    • shahabana

      Yaaa i tooo happy to see sso like this Aqua….yesterday both shivika and daksh nailed the episode
      Im too eager for shitia pregnency track bcz it will bring shivika closer and it will be a reality check for sso

    • Lax

      Aqua.. Even if Daksh’s n Tias drama comes to an end, I don’t think Shivay’s belief ll completely vanish. Yes definitely he may loosen up a bit. I ve heard that Annika’s background ll remain the reason of core conflict between them.

  35. Bhavana

    In order to bring out the fact that Shivay now starts trusting Anika they need someone from OF to oppose their relationship. so the CVs made Pinky a scapegot. though i am personally not liking Pinky speaking those words to Anika, i feel this is needed for the story coz not only Shivay there are other people @ OF who think middle class are capable to stopping low to any extent for money [Tej, Pinky, Shakthi — to an extent], So this will be a blow to all of them when the truth comes out.
    And Comming to Tia pregnancy track – i think it will now be easy for Anika to prove to Shivay that what piece Tia is and again blow him on his Khoon,Khandan idealogy

  36. Sophie

    Hi guys…
    Today’s episode was amazing..
    Just wanted to say, I don’t want to be a part of this page anymore
    I have reasons for this decision , but don’t want to say them…as some people might get offended…
    I want to thank all the people who welcomed me and interacted with me..had a lot of fun here guys
    I hope I see some of your comments on other pages of TU..
    Bye guys..
    PS: never stop watching Ishqbaaz…because it is the best show in the world, Love ShivIka..Shivaay is the best…

  37. Nafisa

    What an ep. Really like the way of Shivaay’s shouting to Daksh say how dare you to touch my wife. Ooo. That’s mean he also accept Anika as his wife. Precape was superb. Tia please burn yourself and get out of the show I can’t bear you and your dramas anymore. Shivaay cried for Anika the scean was fantastic.

  38. Shivikafan

    Hey guys I am a silent reader and I often don’t comment but I am starting this and I hope you guys don’t mind if I join you guys…..and I’ve got a news that Anika is gonna expose Tia!and I also heard that Anika gets injured while saving Shivaay from Tia’s baby plan!i also saw in one of the news that pinky and dadi send shivika on a honeymoon!!!so thanks for this amazing update and I am very happy to join u guys😊😊😊

  39. Mona146


    |Registered Member

    Guys i just dont get it. Robin died in a public area and there is no police case filed and no invetigation. Everything vanished so smoothly and tia alone did his last rights. Where is robin’s family? Did anyone see Tia’s dad? IS he alive or dead? He never appeared on show and her mom never applied sindoor. What the hell?

    • nithu

      Yeah u r right dr, I too had tiz doubt..
      Yes, itz seems illogical and also from starting itself tia’s part is not shown clearly..

  40. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Hiii guyzz..Hw r u all???this is one of the best emotional episodes of shivika..I am really enjoyed this track than mrge track..
    Omg fr frst tym watchng I realy shcked just pinch myself…this is becz of the fast mvng track..super fast yaarrr…wht a sudden chnge of bagad billa..watchng 2nd tym i am really enjyed evry sec of the scenes..i am also expect kis scenes..but i nvr expect the scenes shivay said shivay Singh oberoi ki BIWI..superrrrbbb bgm..specially makng the emotional scenes r mindblwng.. shivay’s tears falng over anika’s cheek wooww..
    Ok nw it’s the tym to watch SSO version 2..
    Hoping fr more shivika moments than shitia moments..aftr watchng recent upcmng videos shivay wl not agree wth tia’s pregnt accusation..Anika also stands fr shivay and help him..but evil tia has more plan guyz..she agrees her pregncy infrnt of media..and test also pstve..evn also shivay not accceptng..i thnk along wth this anika and sahil plans smthng funny to chill dwn shivaay..but dnt knw what thy r gng to do..i am expctng shivay to expose tia..upto this they shwd SSO and anika as so dumb so pls not moree..guyz tia drama gng to happn fr sme days nearly 2 or 3 intrvw navina mam said they hv shotng fr 31st i thnk more tia track.. OmRu also not we hav to enjoy shivika cute moments..

    • Lax

      Sumi dear..!! I responded to your message in last page. But bcoz I got busy, I was late to reply. Sorry..!!
      And yes I saw these videos in Insta too. I think coz OmRu is not there, Saahil is supporting Annika.

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      l think tia is really pregnant with robin’s child and sso knows that he is not the father and anika too , but for now its hard to prove it since they need to wait for the birth for tests also tia made her prgncy public by talking to the media which is the biggest problem for sso , as he will have either to accept it even if he knows the truth or deny it publicly and have a risk of exposing his marriage with anika or to be shown in the media as the big tycoon that his wife cheated on him , either ways he will suffer

      • Sumi.SS


        |Registered Member

        Yeah mouni..i agree.. robin death makes this track so complicated..2day sbs segmnt shows that fnaly shivay also accept tia and child..we knw so many tym Anika challenges tia..but faild all the tym..not more again..but this tym in which way anika gng to expse tia??
        Frst tym I am also thnk that tia wl blackmail shivaay..but that’s not so easy..she is always shwng her good side to him..tia and her mom mainly aims his money only..if tia get exposed by anyone aftr if she stays in OM fr society..this may same as othr serial..i hope gul mam hv diff idea..end this tia track soon..becz ishqbaaz hv more mysteries to solve.. all r not yet open..

  41. anshi

    hiii… to everyone. Every thing ws alryt bt now this TIA’S track.. Ufff dusgusting. Sometimes I hate sso. Can’t he simply say tht he loves Anika??? Ego a jati h na beech me. Well a great thanks to tht IDIOTIC Daksh. Coz only bcz of him they r 2gthr. And can sm1 plz tell me the meaning of OF??? Please

  42. lakshmii

    wow………today’s episode especially starting 14minutes show was fantastic…………i love billu’s slang very much……… u anika……………billu dialouges with daks were awesome……….excellent episode ever………….

    • Lax

      Hey.. !! I ve heard it’s the highest ever of IB. 2.5 (barc). Not sure. It’s a little early to confirm. Got it from Insta.

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Yeah dears it’s not yet cnfrmed..but all pages r postng this tym ishqbaaz get incrsd in trp..I saw some post ishqbaaz ovrcme sathiya and yhm..I hope this infrmatn cme true.

  43. Vani

    Haaaaash!!!!!!!! Now atleast this Daksh chapter and his tortures on Anika are over. But now😣😭😭😭😭 tia will play her disgusting game. Hope everything is fine

  44. shekhar

    Ha ha ha………….

    you suffered a lot,


    its my turn!

    What an EKTA KHICHADI recipy served by MAKERS!

    SHIVIKA borns to suffer only, either one minimum!


    Now, ANNIKA will carry all the burden over her shoulders, and again oblige SSO and OF!

    I see, there is a solution, that is TIA’s track will be terminated by her own mother, Mrs.Kapoor, and will try to save her business interest!

  45. navi

    Hello people.. I am commenting after a very long time. . I actually stopped watching this serial bcoz I felt they were dragging it. But yesterday’s episode forced me to watch it. It was awesome. But if they drag this pregnancy drama then I will again get bored. Hope tia gets exposed soon. .

    Hope leenesh and kunal get well soon. I have heard that sana is paired opposite om. Let them at least give a proper storyline to om’s love life at least this time. .

  46. shahabana

    Guyz trp is out
    Ishqbaaz trp is 2.6
    Kadam trp 1.9
    This weak also ishqbaaz slot leader
    Ishqbaaz is in 7th position this weak with trp 2.6
    Yhm and sathiya trp are 2.8

  47. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hai ishqies……
    fatarajo,lijince,devga,mouni,veda,tridha,trisha,archiya,dhruvv,vinnu,harshan,asmitha……..and other ishqies………HOW ARE U ALL ?

    What an episode……..Feel and concern of shivaay towards anika…..just stealed the show…….
    sso’s expressive eyes……..omg …..full fledged with tears…….inspite of his egoism, atitude …..for the first time he admitted that anika is his wife…….Thanks sso….really you have listen your heart today……The way he holded her and asked her to say something “billu, bagad billa, sso”…….Oh!!!! it was the impressive emotional moment forever in the shivika track…….That moment is still striking in my mind….and am just getting emotional when i watched it…..on screen…..And am glad that sso speak for his wife infront of his mom,……Good job…..sso……and am sure that when shivika track will go with expressive love for each other…..certainly sso will stand with anika…….but am getting irritated with tia….why the cv’s are taking too much time for tia’ exposure …….don’t drag that one… with this tia ishqbaaz will be filled with negative reikis only…..And about pinky….well…..she blindly believes daksh….doesn’t matter…….when dadi will come she will convince pinky,…..and most probably she will not misbehave with anika…….And guys….am glad that yesterday anika’s bold avathar enthusiasm were in full form…..”KHUDDARI TOH AAP NE PEHALE SE CHEEN LI SHIVAAY….ABH MERI IZZAD BHI MUJHSE CHEEN LI”…..The best dialogue of Anika after that ‘open challenge episode’… i felt……
    And well done anika that you explained sso’s egoism which hurt people’s emotion……….
    Now really “barf thodega” hahaha……and “raita bhi failega”

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.