Ishqbaaz 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ragini conspires to turn Shivay’s lie into reality

Ishqbaaz 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks did you say anything. Shivaye says no, did you say anything. She says no. Shivaye sees Ragini disconnecting call and thinks why did she end call seeing me. He checks and says honeymoon package, she knows marriage won’t happen, is she mad, it means Anika did all that…. Some time before, Shivaye holds the ring and gets sad thinking about Ragini’s words. Ragini comes there and says thank you so much, you surprised me, I don’t know how to react, you made my life, seriously, marriage in two days, it feels like a dream. Shivaye says I owe you an apology, I didn’t mean that, I was just a reaction in anger, that Anika… She gets shocked and says Anika… He says its my mistake, I did wrong with you, I m sorry, you know there can’t be anything in between us, I had to provoke

Anika, you know Anika, sorry Ragini, Anika and I are such. She says I understand. He says thanks, sorry I involved you in my personal life again. She says no problem.

He asks will you do me a favor. She says sure, what can be better, I m ready to help. He asks will you act as my fiancee in front of Anika, I want to show Anika that we are really getting married. She says come on Shivaye, you are my friend, order me, don’t request, I will help you. He says that’s so sweet of you, thanks and hugs her. She goes. She slaps herself in anger and shouts fool….. She cries and throws anger around. Vikram says sorry for that. She says you heard everything. He says yes, you would be feeling bad, I can understand, you are mad after Shivaye, he feels nothing for you, that’s really sad, he wants you to act as his fiancee, that’s unfair. She says I don’t need your sympathy, keep it to yourself, Shivaye will marry me, I will turn this drama into reality, none can stop me from becoming Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi, not even Shivaye.

Its morning, Om and Gauri hear dhol sound and go out to see. Gauri says why all these decorations. Pinky says for mehendi. Gauri asks mehendi today? Pinky says yes, did Shivaye not tell you, he is marrying Ragini in two days, he never gives me time to do arrangements, go and get ready, I called Ragini here, I have sent her mehendi dress. Shakti and Dadi come. Shakti asks what’s happening. Pinky says congrats, its mehendi arrangements, Shivaye and Anika’s mehendi is happening. Dadi says thank God, they got sense, they will marry and unite. Pinky says no, they are marrying separately with Vikram and Ragini. She goes to check lights. Gauri says everything will be fine. Dadi says I don’t think so. Shakti says Shivaye has gone mad, what’s the need to drag this drama, he made marriage a joke.

Gauri says he is doing this as he loves Anika a lot, they will unite, don’t worry, we have to try that they marry each other. Om goes to Shivaye. Shivaye asks what do you want to say. Om says you are wrong, matter reaches mehendi, you should end this. Shivaye says I was cancelling marriage but…. He recalls Ragini’s words and says if Anika is stubborn, I m not less stubborn, this will stop when she tells me truth. Om says fine, but why this new angle, marriage with Ragini, its not a joke. Shivaye asks will you give lecture on marriage, you are confused about marriage, you are explaining me the meaning.

Om says yes, Gauri and I couldn’t understand each other and our relation, but you know what, I understand one thing well, you and Anika are still perfect for each other, you guys can’t live without each other, stop it, don’t push Anika so much that she gets away, this time if you guys get away, you can never get back, I m sure you don’t want to lose Anika. Shivaye says I agree, but till I know entire truth, why our relation broke, this relation can’t form again, she is not ready to say truth. Om says she would have said if she could. Shivaye says then you tell me, I will stop all this. Om recalls promising Anika. Shivaye says I got your answer, with no other option, then stand and watch this. Om asks can you do this. Shivaye says even Anika thinks so, this time she will back off and tell me entire truth. Om recalls the truth and says she won’t move back. Shivaye says then why shall I back out. He leaves.

Anika walks downstairs and stops seeing Shivaye. Shivaye too walks there. Anika asks did you say anything. Shivaye says no, did you say anything. She says no. They walk down. He says you look great, I mean you look ready for mehendi. She says Gauri made me ready, even you look good. He says thanks. They walk few steps down. He says marriage is in two days. She says yes, marriage is in two days. They come downstairs and try to talk. Pinky calls him out to come fast, Ragini is waiting. Shivaye signs Anika to go. He looks on.

Anika sits for mehendi. Shivaye looks on. Pinky says mehendi girl will come, I told her to write Vikram’s name in Anika’s hand and Shivaye’s name in Ragini’s hand such a way that the night passes in finding the name, nice joke right. She pats Vikram. Shivaye recalls old moment. Om asks Gauri what happened. She says nothing, why does this happen that people made for each other have to go through a lot to unite, lovers always unite, Lord always has a better plan, I m sure Lord will not let them get separated. The mehendi girl comes. Pinky asks her to apply mehendi to her bahu first, apply to Ragini first. Ragini says its okay, Anika should get mehendi applied first, she will feel awkward to do rasam in front of her ex husband, let her finish then I can do this. Dadi says if you worried for this, you would have not got Shivaye’s mehendi sitting beside her.

Pinky asks Dadi not to taunt Ragini. Gauri collides with the girl and makes mehendi fall down. They all get shocked seeing mehendi fallen on Ragini’s face. The girl gets away. Ragini asks what the hell. Gauri says sorry. Ragini asks can’t you see and walk. Gauri says I did mistake, anyone can do mistake, you also did when I was applying makeup to Anika. Anika and Om smile. Ragini thinks I know you did this intentionally, I wish to…. Gauri thinks I know what you wish to do, just say or do something, then I will slap you to the wall. Pinky asks Ragin to go and clean face, Anika will get mehendi applied till then. The girl says I have to mix mehendi again. Gauri says its fine, take your time. Pinky says I m in hurry, go and mix it fast. Anika sees Shivaye. Ragini stares at Gauri. Gauri shows attitude and goes. Om says there is still time, stop this madness.

Gauri says my plan worked, rasam got postponed, I will inform Rudra. Anika comes and says you did that intentionally. Gauri asks what else could I do. Anika says if Shivaye had problem, he would have done something, he was silently watching. Gauri says no, he was breaking within, he couldn’t do anything. Anika says he should do something, but you guys are trying, the way he is standing and seeing mehendi silently, marriage will happen. Gauri asks don’t you trust your love. Anika says I trust so I came far doing this drama. Gauri says poor Ragini, but it should have been cow dung instead mehendi. Anika asks her not too laugh. Gauri says Sanskari bahus…. They laugh. Om comes. Anika sees him and goes. Om asks Gauri why did she do this, can she change anyone’s decision. Gauri says I can try to make things right, I m trying to help them. He says you maybe feeling bad, we can’t do anything, just Shivaye and Anika can change this situation as they have to keep the relation. Gauri says relation is kept when two people want to, one sided relation is never kept. Saathiya…..plays…..Gauri says Shivaye and Anika’s relation is not one sided, they love each other, I m just showing them the way. She goes.

Ragini checks places for honeymoon. She calls someone and books honeymoon package by Mrs. Ragini Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s name. She sees Shivaye coming and ends call. She hides the tab. He thinks why did she end call seeing me. He asks what are you doing here in my room. She says I love your room, I love your bed, I was just kidding, Pinky said I can use your room, I hope you don’t mind. He says that’s fine, I came to help if you are doing okay, sorry you had to bear all this because of me, mehendi function… She says these rasams are nothing, I can do anything for you. He asks why, we are just friends. She says no, we are more than friends, you are my special friend. He says that’s really sweet of you, I assure you this won’t happen for long, marriage won’t happen, I will end drama today. She asks today? He says ya today, mom was calling you, you should go and see her. She goes. He gets the tab and checks. He says honeymoon package, she knows marriage won’t happen, is she mad. He recalls Anika’s words about Ragini and says it means Anika …….

Rudra and Bhavya see Sultan. She signs Rudra. Bajrangi welcomes Sultan. He asks the girls to greet and take Sultan’s blessings. Girls take blessings. Sultan gives them gifts. The man asks about fourth bride. Bajrangi calls out Lachi to come and take blessings. Bhavya goes to Sultan and stares. Chini says my Lachi is shy. Sultan holds her hand and gives her the gift. Chini takes her.

Jhanvi cries and says I think we should inform police. Tej asks are you mad, we are prime suspects. He goes out and says its stormy outside, its a chance to dump the body. She gets shocked seeing a lady at the door. Rudra asks Bhavya what were you doing. She asks would I take Sultan’s blessings, I have hidden my face, and controlled my anger, you held Bajrangi’s hand, you got saved when Sultan came, its good none saw us. He says its miracle. She recalls her parents’ death and says its same man, I forgot my mission and duty and couldn’t control my anger, this won’t happen again, I have to strong, I have to find about Sultan’s men and weapons, this time he shouldn’t get saved. She goes. He says what type of girl is she, anyways she is cute.

Tej stops Jhanvi. The lady turns out to be blind and calls out Naren. She goes to basement and holds Naren. She checks him and gets hand on knife. She shouts. Tej leaves with Jhanvi. Bhavya sees Rudra sleeping. She goes and sees Sultan sleeping. She thinks there is just one guard here, his trunk may have weapons, I have to check it.

She hides and tries to check. Rudra comes and asks her to come, don’t worry, its me. She asks are you mad, what are you doing here. She says I m a cop, I m doing my duty, go, I will check box and come. He says I won’t go. She says why, I have to work. He refuses. She pushes him. He falls on Sultan’s bed. Sultan keeps his hand on Rudra. Rudra and Bhavya get shocked.

Anika asks all these functions necessary. Shivaye says tell me if you don’t want this, you are getting second thoughts. She says I m not getting any thoughts, I m fine. He holds her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aastha_Reddy

    What is she planning..”HONEY MOON”!!!! my foot!!! ????? on her head.
    Only Gouri is the saving ship.

    1. LAX

      GAG..!! ???
      Silence is golden they say..!!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        They says or you are saying Lax.
        Speech is silver they add before…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Thank you…

    2. Nivedita

      So true Astha-?-. I too wanted to be silent. But I missed my PKJ’S of commented a bit..?

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Same condition for my heart too…Ek normal shaadj nahi kar sakte kya!!! I too was missing pkj for weekend and jumped in. It doesn’t means I love Cvs… I am angry on them…

    3. Banita

      Aasthu di in silent mode….. Cvs Ye kya kr dia….!!!!!!!
      Di i m just waiting for d day when our Shivaay B Naigini ki OMM kr dege….

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Bunny…I am waiting ki kab..Cvs hamare Shivaay bhaiyya ke chop karna band karenge… I don’t care about Nagini a little bit too…

    4. Pushpa

      GAG…i felt like hitting her head too..yuckini real comedy piece yaar.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pushpa…I always feels laugh at that Ragini or to hate her…for me she is not a piece to enjoy at all… I almost closes my eyes… in my family too no one likes her a bit even. She truly irritates me perhaps due to her obsession for Shivaay bhaiyya.

      2. Pushpa

        u r right …always like to stick to shivaye tht really irritating….

    5. AnuluvsIB

      GAG! Congo gal!! ?

      Add one more hammer from my end too! But today I felt was better than last week asthu gaaru..
      Gauri truly is doing her job well… if not for her we wud have seen mehendi! ?

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Anu… we saw the Mehendi girl..but in a wrong place..Yukini ki toh oh ky maatha hogayi. But sincerely I am not getting where cvs are leading us…I was afraid of this reaction from Pinky..which mother will sit silent when her son’s ex-wife is marrying!!(let it be real or fake or tadi).
        They are saying Shivika will run away…but isn’t an eloped marriage an insult to Annika and her swear on water that day to Pinky!? Some where I feels like Shivaay is saying correct-” how can they start their relationship back when Annika is not saying truth to him??” , he is saying fact there but then his useless ego that followed my conclusion-” This all have not happened if Shivaay could have trusted Annika enough to share Omkara’s fake truth to her… but he never said even after receiving a huge support during Tia drama, to Annika”.
        Gul only knows what is in her brain…

    6. Swathi..

      go Astha go

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Going Swathi…thank you.

    7. Astha di….same pinch….me too feeling lyk hitting her head with hammer???…. Only thng gud abt the epi was gauri??? jst luvd her

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Same pinch Aayushi….Hugs you.

    8. Ranilya

      Asthu meri tharaf se bhi ek hammer le lo
      Yes Gowri is sailing bthis ship… otherwise kab ka doob gaya hotha

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Thank you Rani for the astra dan…(weapon donation). Gouri ke bina yeh Ishqbaaz ka titanic toh kabka doob chuka hota.

    9. Piyuu

      Go Aastha Go

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Piyuu..Sochti hoon yaar ki sach mein chala jaaun par mujhse hota nahi hai…phir wapas aajati hoon…nahi reh sakti pkj se door..

    10. AnuluvsIB

      Good point on the eloped marriage not giving ani her due respect.. but when she is back, we can expect that she will receive what she deserves…
      Yes cvs cid have definitely handled the entire track in a better way… but given that things have taken this direction.. looks like this is the best we can get Aasthu..

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Matlab we have to adjust once again for their marriage. The great wall of SSO eloped from his own marriage with his own wife is so weird right!!! Ansh aur Shivika ko yeh dono kya kahani sunayenge apne love story and marriage ke baare mein…-” Beta ek bahut badi tadibaazi lambi kahani hai….bla bla bla…”.

    11. Nivedita

      Totally Astha– too very upset with current plot progress. And stupid fillers..

  2. AnuluvsIB

    Glad that sso cleared it out with yuckini yet again…
    And the way she was slapping herself yaar ?? Aditi is good man! Though I hate her.. am gonna miss her… she comes in my list of favourite villains next to Daksh!
    She was made a Pappu yet again! And the way tangabali was rubbing on it ?? I really wanna ship them pls! He is the one enjoying the shaadi fiasco the max!! Nothing to lose.. if u gain, u gonna get an awesome wife annika.. who wud say no!

    All this is ok coz yuckini is a phsycho.. what if she was a genuine friend? how can sso play with a gals feelings this way.. that’s too insensitive..!!

    Om n sso convo! Such scenes are KJs strength! Love his probing eyes! Only person that sso will be generally be guilty to face is Om!

    The entire walking down the stair sequence din give me any feel.. tooooo slooooww.. it was just a yawn moment for me…
    But it gave me a chance to admire the decors! Set looked beautiful as always!

    Am I absolutely ignorant abt fashion? Or did some one else not like anis dress? And what was with SSOs Kurtha pulled on to one side? It was actually a nice Kurtha! It din need a Shivani shirali touch!! Felt anis lipstick was also overdone.. hurt my eye..

    Gauri Kumari Sharma! Am falling in luv with you more day by day! ? the way she trolled yuckini! ?? the way she walked away from the place ?? a whistle podu moment!!
    I loved Om’s and thangabali’s reaction to the mehendi on yuckini face thing! ? yet again, can we please ship vikini?!

    And AniRi convo in Rikaras room… awwww ??? please make Gauri as Chutki and bring in that anis past track pls.. it’s would be a very nice track!
    But poor Gauri… am waiting for the day Om’s gonna beg her on the knees!

    So sso does doubt yuckini? Can’t trust.. she might come up with some silly explanation and sso will believe her as always..

    Precap ?? pls stop all this and just hug each other guys! ?

    P.S – saw the band wala picts.. so are we expecting shaadi this week?

    1. LAX

      I liked Additi today especially the way she was controlling her frustration. But she is not consistent I feel. Ya forgot to add VAT was totally enjoying it. No Vikini, come on. He deserves a good girl not this psycho. And Ya who would say no to Annika. Shivay is one lucky man.
      I would ve felt bad if Yuckini was a genuine friend. Tho yeh kuch zyaada hotha. But even now am sure she ll take the badla. Not sure how. Yuckini, we can give u an idea. Do something so that Annika ends up in hospital bed. ✋
      KJ nailed the ShivKara scenes.
      I loved the stair case scene as well. It was too slow I agree but loved it as a whole.
      Shivays side pinned Kurtha was an eyesore, nothing great about Annikas outfit also. Though lips were overdone I loved her make up. She looked beautiful. Loved Gauris costume the most.
      AniRi scene was good. I am liking Obbahus (minus Bhavya of course ?) more that Obbros these days.

      P.S.- My reply comment to you is longer than my original comment. Donno, whenever I see the show I am so into it that I miss half the points when it comes to noting down.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Agreed lax.. VAT deserves a better gal.. but the comical side of yuckini makes me want to ship them together..
        Yeah lax, her badla will be the truth revelation right.. OMRu is gonna discuss abt the Kasam and the truth without closing doors.. she will overhear as usual and break the truth…
        Ani in hospital bed is something even am hoping comes along with the truth as a package.. a wounded ani will be a good distraction for sso from the truth too..

        Yeah lax… ani did look very beautiful.. actually, only coz it’s surbhi all the tacky outfits still seem tolerable.. if it was someone else it wud have been worse!

        Glad that am honoured to receive a longer reply from my jaan! ??

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Anu….We all are also undergoing the situation Shivaay Singh Oberoi is going repeatedly. We love the story, Ishqbaaz, characters and lastly Cvs but we don’t trust them…. We don’t trust them simply. this is truthful truth and truth is one.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        True aasthu gaaru.. we don trust them.. coz they keep breaking our hopes now n then too.. like how they spoilt the shivika shaadi cancellation decision..
        they show us 100 episodes of agony.. one episode of revelation.. and start with new villainbaazi all over again..
        But having said all that, we can never give up on IB..!

    3. Nivedita

      Yeah I shoot Vatini too especially cause both the actors are absolutely adorable currently.

      I just wish Nagini hadn’t been shown super psycho in the begining..that just makes me feel a bit sorry for VAT if they end up together . and liji just discussed this today..Ani looked super crappy..

      I think a) they wanted Ani to look distraught
      B) ss wants to reuse her left over ipk3 stuff here
      C) she either doesn’t know how to style Ani or Ani doesn’t listen to her…or both
      D) she wants the IPK3 style of jhalli saree look to pick up..hence repeating it again here..
      Both Gauri and Yuckini looked better than Ani today.
      Ani’s lipstick was garish..
      Only thing I loved on Ani was Ani’s blouse..??

      GKS/ GOSO is absolutely a delight to watch..I watched IB on TV today solely cause of Shrenu! ,????

      Sso’s tinted hair kind of matched his orangish redfish kurta. ?

      Yeah I think Shaadi is this week..

      vATOm look was were
      Nagini reactions..

      I agree she is my favourite villain of IB .cause they kept her looks 70% classy and sometimes only tacky. ..and I loved all her comedy expressions..Aditi should do comedy roles next.

      1. Nivedita

        *ship not shoot..??????

      2. Nivedita

        *reddish kurta..this auto correct is hilarious today. ..

        I loved Nox slightly Today…

      3. AnuluvsIB

        If u hadn’t mentioned ur typos I wudn have actually noticed!

        True VAT does deserve a better gal.. even lax was saying the same thing.. but the immature funny yuckini makes her cute and we feel like shipping them…

        Hmmm… Reuse/workload I feel is the primary reason.. coz many a times.. I feel ani herself sometimes is not so comfortable.. but can’t say..

        Lol?? the Kurtha did match his hair??

    4. Agreed….Actors in negative role have done a brilliant job be it Daksh,Mrs Kapoor,Reyana,Aditi Gupta,Amrapali Sinha,Anjali Mukhi,Rahul Dev,Mahesh Thakur nd Nikita Anand..List continues to Having Bole,Krissnan Bareto..

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Yeah Neha.. absolutely… even though Anjali Mukhi, krissnan bareto all came in for just few episodes.. they were quite good!

    5. Labiba

      Yaa di gouri such a cutie pie….just looooooooooove her…?????

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Yeah Labiba!! She is just ???

    6. Banita

      Yehh Anu Vitini sence was Superbb….
      I like all d cast of ib either positive or nagetive….. They all give their best…
      Nd i think saadi will happen last of Aug…

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Hey Banita! U registered? U hadn’t earlier right??

    7. Pushpa

      hey anu..hw r u? ..u feel bad for yuckini anu..she blunder shivaye life no mercy fer her yaar..she deserve all the humiliation ……me too didnt like shivaye kurta folder at the side..sometime this designers need to seek asst….zebra crossing is fine but a string tied ..i dun get that..yes shivika just need to hug each other as hw they use to&this will melt their heart..

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Naa push.. not feeling bad for yuckini.. she is a phsycho so she deserves all this.. but just mentioned that it doesn’t justify sso using a gal for his benefits..
        But of course u wudn see it that way… u r ssos armour!!
        And the dress man! Tired mentioning them!

    8. Swathi..

      Anu di agree with everypoint of urs. and I have same question to SSO how can he play with a girl feeling??
      I want Gouri to be Annika’s chutki & I posted one meme on Annika’s chutki too.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        I saw ur Chutki meme Swathi ? It was hilarious as always!! ?

    9. Anu di….u r ryt that thangabali is d ine enjoying d most…nthng to lose nd a beautiful wife to gain
      Nd yeah i also saw that band baaja pics…hope to see shaadi this week

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Looong wait for shivika shaadi Aayushi.. hope we don wait any longer!

    10. Piyuu

      ragini made a pappu again…nagini slaping scene was superb.vikini no man he deserve a good sso conversation was good..
      shivaani ne ye kurta ka omm kardi.actually nice kurta tha par kya karu shivaani ki fashion thanga mudiyila .
      gouri is awesome yaar….aniri scene was good.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Ya piyu.. Vat definitely deserves a good gal!! True.. wish yuckini wasn’t this phsycho.. am so tempted to ship them!!

  3. Shabana

    Sooo much of dragging mainly in that steps they both took so much time staring at each other but it was lovely
    Ragini ki chop ????????????????????????????
    Thanks Ragini Ur honey moon plan made my Shivaay from dumb to smart ??????
    Every episode ending will be either with ruvya it tejvi I hate that part
    Precap ?? ????????
    Commenting here makes me feel soo happy ????
    Good night pkj
    And happy birthday Astha di’ s ASR

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shabana… oh thank you.. thank you. Its not my Advay but Pushmeen Di’s Barun Sobti’s birth day.. But where are the gifts…. Hamari shaadi mein jaroor aana. Advay deserve it when my Darling Advay is performing all rituals sincerely. ?????????

    2. LAX

      Oh ya today was ASRs birthday.

    3. Pushpa

      shab..i read yr ff…owsm dear i wished our IB ends the same way too..

  4. woww the episode was nice especially second time shivaay made ragini’s pappu haha and shivaay came to know nagini’s truth wow
    I liked gauri and nagini today
    omkara tried to explain shivaye and he’s not understanding he says he doesn’t want to lose anika and doing this
    shivaay and anika’s awkwardness was cute on the stairs
    precap excited for it

    love u shivika

  5. Nivedita

    Too favs:
    1) Gauri- she looked great despite the antrangi clothes..and her doing chop of Nagini..??????
    2) Rikara scenes were there yippee..??
    3) Shivika on the steps were great..but the way the whole situation has unfolded it’s just not got the same intensity and charm of Shitia wedding …and the reminder of that didn’t really add to anything much.
    4) glad dadi and Shakti ji said something today..if only they would say this to SSO..

    1) Ani’s clothes just didn’t work..nagini looked better.
    2) SSO figuring our nagini..wish he had wisened up faster.
    3) ShivOm I still don’t get why he doesn’t say anything except of course the irritating plot…and few days back in only pulled Rudy with him to tell the truth to SSO..that intention of his is forgotten now…??

    Everything else crapbaaz!

    PS: I love VAT .and vatini scenes .their love story will b better than current Shivika Rikara plot.
    PPS: all extra clothes and jewellery from IPK3 are being recycled ..I commend them for being so environment friendly by recycling.

    1. Nivedita

      *Few days back* Om only pulled Rudy

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      lol Nivedita….recycle…reuse…
      environmental friendly ha ha ha…

      1. Nivedita

        Well I kid and don’t kid in the same breath .about recycling and repurposing things..

    3. LAX

      1. Oh I ve the reverse opinion. I liked Gauris costume it was much better than Annikas n Yuckinis. But somehow did not find her as beautiful as Annika. I felt something missing in her look.
      3. Again, I differ. I hated the staircase scene in Shitia wedding where Annika was doing Dasi job however good their eyelock was.

      2. I donno why makers felt like showing Shivay intelligent all of a sudden. I mean the one who cannot connect truckload of dots just got it with what cannot be even called a clue. I totally felt Yuckinis exposure meh if this is that.

      Vatini..!! Lol..!!
      Episode was that bad ??

      1. Nivedita

        If 50% has Bhavya and bad TejVi mystery and the other 1/2 has bad’s not for me..

        Only redeemable person was Gauri..and her cuteness..Rest all is repeat.. of past Shivika, ShivOm scenes..

        I do think the episodes are moving towards better ones.. certainly better than last week.

    4. Banita

      Also like Vitini…..
      Recycled clothes nd jewlery….. From starting of ipkknd 3 i feel like both shows costum almost same…. Bt i think Chandini’s costum better then Anika’s….

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah I had liked Chandni’s sarees but not the blouse or jewelry in the initial ipk3 days

    5. Pushpa

      nivi..they are being environmental friendly…from the earring (i hate it)
      Om should have just tell the truth …end this whole soap drama..of course cvs dun like it that way….it was like there is no emotion at all walking down the staircase..many things could hv said..cancel i dun want to go thru..ok shivaye i’ll tell the truth and console him when he shattered listening to the truth..he’ll sure come out of it..better now then later….

      1. Nivedita

        Totally agree word for word Pu!

    6. Nivedita…recycling nd reuse lol??
      Gauri was luking gud….better than Anika nd Ragini

      1. Nivedita

        Yup Aayushi! ?

    7. AnuluvsIB

      U have titled the three points as Meh??? that quite tickled me?

      I don like the staircase scene either.. found it too slow… I some how din like shitia staircase scene either.. but yes.. I did enjoy few rasam there better.. we had some better moments.. like roke na ruke and Enna Sona…

      Even if dadi n Shakthi tell sso he is not gonna listen nivi… I wished they taunted Pinky rather than just lament abt sso..

      VAT n Vatini.. loving them! Like u said wish yuckini wasn’t such a phsycho.. so that we can ship her with Vat guilt free!

      1. Nivedita

        Anu Ur wish of dadi taunting dinky came true today..??

        Yup today what do u say on VAT?
        Thank u ..on the meh..?

        Seriously I found it slow as well..I did like some aspects though.

        Shitia I hated at loved the stair walk at the same time..and felt the heartache for Ani at that time…

      2. Nivedita

        *and lovex

  6. Its just 10:38 nd u have posted Amena Di…
    1.Finally d most awaited scenes….Mehendi,Ragini chop,Shivaay back….Our clever nd smart SSO s back…
    2.Cvs can do anything they want…When Shivay got so many leads,he did not believe but today he saw things….I mean Ragini could have booked honeymoon suite for her frndz…
    3.Anyways,I m glad that CVs have not forgotten that Rikara relationship s also in a huge mess…..Today Gauri tripping d mehendi girl reminded me of Rudra tripping Mrs Kapoor and d sindoor had fallen on Tia`s face…
    4.Rikara relationship now reminds me of initial phase of Shivika relationship…Anika had good bond with with Om Ru…while Shivaay had his own set of beliefs..Now Gauri has good relationship with Shiv Ru but OMkara s confused…
    5.Like Om always tried to make Shivaay understand,really want to c Shivaay talking some sense to OMkara…
    6.Want good track for Rikara…
    7.Ruvya track s funny as well as sensitive…It has typical Rudra touch…After Shivika,Harneet s busy writing good plots for Ruvya since Bhavya was Gul`s idea…
    8.Tejvi dragged…But seeing d old women ,I felt like it was Shwetlana with some mask on…?????
    9.Poor Dadi….For a min even I felt Shivika ll get married

    1. Nivedita

      2) exactly my thoughts Neha! ???? SSO is always such a Dumbo..and only audience flak..makes them put such stupid..scenes together. To make SSO less pappu.

      4) true
      6) agree
      7, 8) skipped
      9) aww dadi..??

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Neha… I think nagini made the booking as mrs.ragini shivay Singh Oberoi..

      But again yeah.. when he had quite some leads he don trust them but when he saw this all of a sudden his brain cells sparked up!

  7. Really enjoying the episode to core…Gauri saying “cow dung must be thrown on raginis face” was hilarious…Haha… Waiting eagerly for shivika shaadi….Thank you amend did for quick update….

  8. Anitaaa3

    Hey Guys..I am not watching IB on Tv so I cant say their expressions….Tired if Fark padta game..If thet continue like this after marraige also..I am not able to read the WU also…Freakingly tired. ..I am curious how V changes into S in Anika’s hand during Mehendi.. Moreover I ma frustated

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Ani… today’s was better than last week and I keep hearing tonight will be much better.. may be u shud start considering…

      1. Anitaaa3

        I cant watch as I hve 12th exams in some days

  9. Pushpa

    Nothing much today…
    same bhavya and sultan i thought she would hv murdered him by now..same tejhanvi drama….same drama in OM4mehdi….

    But just wt to say something abt few scns…
    A. Gd 2c shivaye yuckini ko pappu !!!!! OMG yuckini u still cant get it dumb buddho …getting ready wt honeymoon package… u can nvr b wt shivaye but jt sirf anika..shivaye said tht agn….anika&shivaye r like tht their unconditional love r shown in their tadi&ego…ooooo slap slap slap even harder dunggu…u just looked so stupid…yes u r mad..

    B. The staircase convo ws superb…anika looked so beautiful.. ignorance is not the answer buddy tht kills love…change yr thought stop the wedding….and Hw could u anika…u hurt shivaye again..why didnt u hold his hand when he put out his hand..tht wht he does all the time….gauri sharma u r superb…so yuckini mehndhi place change frm palm2face art…. wow well i think face mehndi will suit her well….pinky go2hell…

    C. And last bt not least…why om didnt tell the truth to shivaye whn he asked…..he hv all the rights om…his feeling his life his love 4anija all ws shaterred whn anika left..he shld know the truth..but of course cvs wts to draggggg it agn….damn this cvs…… finally shivaye knew its yuckini plan… …..good …so shivaye now put yr act 2gether as smart singh oberoi and find out the truth and marry anika fast….v r waiting & end this dragging drama….

    Precap….nothing promising…..
    gd nite gals…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa…. Your dil is saying still..Ishabaaz!!! I am better focusing on my own wedding with my Advay. Warna my tadibaaz Shivaay bhaiyya baar baar Shaadi karte rahenge aur mujhe bina shaadi ke old banna padega. However I am little afraid of Shivaay bhaiyya’s reaction to my love for Advay, as Advay is Shivaay bhaiyya’s friend and much elder to me still…at least my Advay is performing all rituals of marriage daringly in front of all.

      1. Pushpa

        i am astha stlll wt shivaye….have fun dear with advay…but soon you’ll see shivaye also performing the rituals….hoping so much ashta but this cvs hv their own plot…i just hate them for what they have done to my shivaye…

      2. Hehe Astha di….ur luv fr ASR?? btw when is ur wedding with advay….shaadi m zarur bulana?

    2. LAX

      I was confused. Why exactly did Shivay show his hands to Annika. He was just telling her to proceed first right??

      1. Pushpa

        mmm….i got to watch again..i thought he wanted to hold her hand….

    3. Nivedita

      B) but SSO was pointing at Ani to go ahead for the wedding. At first Ani and we thought..he is giving his hand. But he wasn’t..?
      C) same question..few days back Om wanted to go tell SSO
      .but not today?? ??

      1. Pushpa

        nivi…so he wasnt…not to hold her hand? if he wanted her go lead i sure his hand will be shown other way…but lets watch again later…yeah om should hv just said it and end the whole thing….

      2. Nivedita

        Pu its possible it was a 1/2 hearted attempt..he wants to ask her to hold his hand, but he won’t make that move..
        And Ani wants to hold, but she won’t hold because of the way he looked at her to go on..

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Push? Y precap nothing promising… the moment still seems nice…
      The summary says sso exposed yuckini today push.. so am sure u will enjoy today’s episode!

  10. Misha_Mikul

    Hi Deariezzz?? How are you all??? ??
    Today’s epi was a great starter of this week???
    More like a medicine to all the past epis’ wounds???
    Feeling Relaxed!??


    I hoped that Shivaay will think about the proposal and make everything right!?
    He didn’t break my faith..Thank you!??
    His words about Annika to Ragini were just AWWW??

    If there has any award for “Best BUTA of the Year”, it isn’t perfectly suit for anyone than Nagini!????
    She has done Record Break by getting pappu consecutively yaar!!!! ????

    Shivaay apologized her for the fake proposal!?? Her Face???
    Best Part- She slapped herself being blo*dy mad???

    Must appreciate the designer of the set??OMG! It was incredibly Beautiful!??
    I mesmerized with the decoration! ??
    But the outfits!!!!!?? What was the designer trying to show through the (don’t what to name it) outfits??
    AniRi looked Gorgeous and ShivOm looked Handsome as always?? but I couldn’t control laughing on their outfits especially of Men’s outfits.. SSO’s kurta?? Om’s outfit was like blanket and Vikram’s was like a mat???

    Most Loved Moments??
    ❤ Shivaay was thinking about Annika seeing the ring??
    ❤ ShivOm convo!! Shivaay slayed in blue suit.. My concentration was more on checking him out than what were they talking about???
    Om – If she goes away this time then you will lose her forever..I’m sure you don’t want to lose Annika babhi..
    Shiv – I agree, I don’t wanna lose her?? Aww
    Shivaay’s point was right! He was so adamant on learning the truth because he doesn’t want their relationship to break again due to the same truth!!?? Let’s see… ?
    ❤ ShivIka were together coming down the stairs!!! Both were looking cute??and Their short short convo??
    Shiv- tum achi lag rahi ho ?
    Ani – aap bhi bohot achi lag rah ho ?
    Shiv – aah! Thanks ??
    Shivaay gave hand for Annika, she didn’t take and just leave!?? Ouch! Shivaay’s heart????
    how could she when you didn’t show trust on her??
    ❤ my Cutie Gauri’s chantumai slip!?? She did OMM to Nagini’s face??Lol???
    Om laughed!?? I wished Rudi also should have been there so fun would be double as he is great in teasing Nagini!?? hehexx?
    ❤ AniRi(Best) ??
    Gauri – It would be much better if it was dung instead mehendi?? Agree!?
    Ani – enough, stop laughing??
    Gauri – Haan!(stop laughing) we’re sanskaari bahus??
    LMAO! they laughed hard then???
    ❤ Shivaay started learning about Nagini psycho side!!! ??
    Shiv – She knows that this marriage won’t happen then why did she…. pagal hai kya yeh?????? Best!!Haha??
    Fuhh!Finally!!? my baby has learnt tht Nagini is a mad buffalo?? Now he will start his investigation??

    Skipped RuVya and TejVi’s scenes.. not enough of time! rushed to watch Kadhala Kadhala..
    Don’t know what was going on their story whether it was good or bad…!

    precap – Shivaay’s touch…???? Oh God! ???? dying to watch!! ?

    hope for more such beautiful scenes after this??

    Good Night Ishqbaaazians? Huggies? Tc!!

    1. Banita

      Heyy!!! Misha
      “BUTA” means!!!!!!!!!!
      Ib’s Set decoration it’s always FANTASTIC GRAND…..

      Shivaay didnt give his hand he shows Anika go first….

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Owh Banita.. I thought he gave hand! Hehexx..It’s ok?
        BUTA means Pappu lor..that’s in our Malaysian language??

    2. Pushpa

      yes misha he said…” he and anika is like that ” i hv so much faith in him ..this yuckini pappu everytime but never learn her lesson…he really really always looks good in blue damn s*xy with his eyes..i too thought he gave his hand misha…but does it look like he’s asking her to go first? other fans feels this way…i have to watch again..finally shivaye knew its all yuckini so hope to c his smart cap once again….

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah Pushpa! after black, he slays in blue..Damn Hot???
        Yeah.. after Anika leave, Shivaay looked hurt..that’s why I thought he gave hand for her!!
        Ragini has no self-respect at all!! she keeps getting pappu but doesn’t regret! She expects more i think! Today we’ll know how is SSO gonna handle that psycho!

  11. Nandhana

    Episode was not too bad..but I’m sure something big twist is going to happen..I hope pinky drama ends..atlast Shivay understood nagini and they showed sultan too..but not much interested in ruvya part..boring like anything..
    Enjoyed the mehendi drama and Shivay made nagini pappu again..??????????????
    I wished that gauri slapped her to wall and break her head..????
    Hats off gauri Kumari Sharma you are doing what we couldn’t do..????
    Nagini don’t worry you can never become mrs.sso..thats only our Anika..
    Om convo nice..but still feel that dragging long..that’s a Matter of seconds to talk and clear..but there will be no by day excitement could the marriage happen.. waiting for all the three there anyone excited like me????????
    Anyways ???? for Shivay realizing about nagini..and for the upcoming marriage of shivika..loved the part omri convo..gauri is right only a relationship can be maintained if two people think..gauri rockzzzzzz.. looking cute????????
    Tejvilana comments ????just a misplaced song in a movie that’s a super hit..????
    Precap: something promising..but ego speaks a lot..but anyways we all know only shivika will marry..
    Guys one last thing where is this Samar???why was his character created..???no use of that..may be his character will be in use hereafter..hope so..
    Anyways always IB rocks however it may be..never ever we hate IB..
    Dil bole ISHQBAAZ ?????????????

    1. Just hope,Malhotra siblings r never shown after Shivika reunion….They won’t b needed after this….Instead of giving SS to Ragini,Samar nd Vikram,Gul shd give good plots to Rikara nd Priveer…..

  12. LAX

    Hey I back after a few days. So how are we PKJians?? All prepped up for Shivikas wedding.

    Shivay ka bathi jala itna late.?? U should be ashamed of yourself Shivay. Not happy with that.

    Shivikas synchro walk down the stairs was good to see. They were in a trance especially Shivay. I did not get why Shivay was showing his hand at the end of that sequence. Did he mean ‘after you’ ?

    However wrong Om is when he advices Shivay I like it. The way he was saying firmly, liked it.

    Coming to the costumes, why was Annika n Yuckini wearing the same saree. One had blue n other had black stripes, still pattern was the same right? I liked Gauris costume the most, had that handloom look. Annika looked beautiful as usual.

    Yuckinis exposure was so pheeka. I hope there is more to it.

    Sultan bhai looks like Shakthi Kapoor.
    TejVi ghost drama ???

    Precap- It’s a different version of Shivika.

    P.S.- Set Decoration is the only thing IB can boast these days. The set decorators never fail to impress us. Hats off..!! I wish storyline was half as good as the set work.

    P.P.S- Is it too much to ask for Shivikas exclusive Shaadi Promo? We are almost there now.

    1. LAX

      Forgot to add, Shivays Kurta folds were an eyesore. Loved Oms kurtha though.

      1. Nivedita miss .with folding kurta.

        Om’s was 50-59 for me .loved the color palette of VAT’s kurta the most..

        Yup Gauri’s was the best look today.

        I liked the synchro walk.. ..but not as much as I usually do.
        That raised hand looked like after you..I don’t think he was giving his hand to hold..though initially I did think it was that.

        I don’t think om was wrong..but it would be best if he told the truth to shiv instead.
        SSO’s words to do on his marriage is true too..but doesn’t mean his comment to SSO is wrong.

      2. Pushpa

        i didnt like it too…

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Lax principalji..welcome back to your institution with a big big hug. ?????????

      1. LAX

        Thank You Darling. Big Hug to you too..!! ????

    3. Banita

      Heyy!!! Lax….
      Today Gouri’s look like most….
      Shivaay showing his hand to say after u….. Many hve confusion for this….

    4. Pushpa

      its ???? to me too now that most telling he might be askign her to lead …fro me i thought he wants to walk with her holding hands….

    5. Hey lax…wlcum back….i also thought first that he was giving his hand to hold…bt i think he was gesturing ‘after you’…
      Nd the set decoration was d mosr beautiful thng of the episode…seriously luved it

    6. Piyuu

      hi lax
      i liked gouri costume yesterday….

    7. AnuluvsIB

      Welcome back lax! Lol yeah.. ur actual comments seem shorter but than ur reply to mine..
      sso shud indeed be ashamed of himself.. no doubts.. though the revelation was ppeekha.. like I told u I was dying to see some kinda silver lining.. so I din bother..
      revelation being like this was acceptable but sso shud realise he don trust ani this time too and I wanna see a proper focussed redemption.. which I doubt we wud get..!

      No lax.. it’s their shadi I wanna it to be shivika centric too.. I don mind If they show rikara.. but no ruvya or sultan… given that all 4 of them are there on wedding, I think sultan drama ends before shaadi.. let’s see!

  13. Safa

    AniRi conversation superbb ??
    Nagini ???
    Precap ❤️❤️?

  14. Chinu

    Dragging only ragini part was so funny . Is shivika going to run from marriage

  15. Hi pkj Family ,
    Good start with week episode
    Shivika looking good and the beautiful set decorations and the best photography it’s so royal
    Gouri super yar nagini ko chop kardiya
    I too loved the VAT and nagini scene best upcoming love story
    Shivaay mind is in working mode good waiting for wedding Day

  16. Zainab

    Jai hind after a long time. I came here just to request you all to read my OS on RiKara. Please read and comment.

    Hope you like it!!

  17. Today’s episode was good i enjoyed it. My favourite part, Gauri’s OMM on Nagini face, still LMAO and then her attitude and signature move so much like Om’s signature move. My girl has attitude. Wonder if Om can handle all of that. Hmmmm.
    Despite what i don’t believe Om will ever disclose a promise made, its against his philosophy. so i don’t expect him to reveal the truth to Shivaay. I may be wrong and therefore, I stand corrected.
    And Gauri’s: “relation is kept when two people want to, one sided relation is never kept.” message for Om I believe. interesting.
    Question: since almost everyone is experiencing jealousy in Ishqbaaz, who will like to see a very jealous Gauri. What do you think will be her reaction(s)? Interesting to see.

  18. Sejsmiles

    Best cast
    Best set designer
    Best cinematography
    Worse dress designer

    1. AnuluvsIB

      U missed out on worst writer(when it comes to drama)

      1. Sejsmiles

        Lol true.. Dragging like rubberrrrr banddddddddd

  19. Guys take a chill because now our SSO (smart singh oberoi) is back in action even i felt that ragini expousre will be with damaka but cvs made it very simple i think cvs are in a hurry but the biggest relief nkw sso knows ragini intenions not just ragini even i felt shivay had a plan for proposing ragini for marriage but cvs made everyone confused i saw in insta that all oberoi are in band banja wala look What is shivay upto? Whats its plan? How is he going to put an end to all this drama? only cvs knows but all this is giving me hopes that soon we fan will get our kidikthod SSO back and drawazzathod SHIVIKA back lets hope for best in upcoming episodes
    A humble request to cvs please stop showing ruvya and tejivi for 20 minutes ina episode because we fans are not intersted we fans want rikara show them 20 minutes or for 1 hour we fans see them happily but please stop ruvya or tejvi track we fans like rudra but not with bhavya we fan like him with Shivom and Aniri
    I just watched ipkknd i thought that our shivay is king in blackmailing but after seeing friday episode of ipkknd i thought that ASR is baap of SSO because our shivay just blackmailed anika to get married but our advay made whole chandini family house arrest now i agree that our ASR is a best friend of SSO because both them have same qualities and attitude

    1. Pushpa

      hey abhishek hw r u….u went missing?
      me too yaar waiting im sure shivaye have laid his plan but what? cvs have to show something today frm shivaye finding out abt yuckini…

  20. Banita

    Today epi was Nycc…..
    I think no one is in bashing mode to shivaay B nd Cvs….

    Shivaay B ne phir se Nagini ki pappu banadia…..
    Shivom convo both nailed d sence….
    Shivika when came down d stair….

    After a lng time Pinky’s Funny Abtarbefore d mahendi wali arrive….

    Gouri Kumari Sharma TOH KAMAL KI CHIDAIYA NIKLI….. Nagini ki puri OMM kr di…. Btw Mehendi girne ke bad Ragini puri Nagini lag rahi thi…..
    Gouri-Nagini Tashan….

    Aniri Obohus convo it’s totally Hilarious…

    Finally humare Shivaay B ke dimag main kuch toh ghusa…..
    Now i m just waiting when Shivaay will marry Anika in full SSO Style….

    At last when Sultan keep his hand on Rudra that time Rudy boy’s expression…. I like this part…

    Tejvi totally ignored…..

    Now d costum Gouri’s dress much better then Ani’s….

    1. Banita

      Heyy!!! Any one know when Remo chorigraph one song for each serial in BBB….

      1. AnuluvsIB

        I still don understand.. is Remo gonna come? I thought he will but looks like he choreographed only for the promo…
        The BKB promo was also not very evident.. they just came like that and went… hardly few mins…

    2. Banita

      I also think same Anu

  21. Swathi..

    hi ishquies & pkj family
    just read written update now okay it was a fake proposal for nagini ??? and yeah atleast now SSO should realise Annika was saying truth about Ragini/nagini. I just love Gouri. now OmRuGou is the biggest shivika shipper.. please start shivika shaadi drama soon & unite our shivika.
    bye pkj TC
    @Astha go Astha go… GAG….

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Sso realising anis said the truth.. I have mentioned this on lax reply too.. this is something that makers never show properly Swathi..
      I hope they show atleast now!

  22. Hai guys,today eppisode was good .i liked gauri the most making chop of nagini.the attitude wow!!!!!!!!.

  23. Hey every1…gd mrng… . Commenting today as slept a little early last nyt
    Episode was nyc….liked ani”s makeup n straight hair look bt her dress was not gud…luved gauri ???

    Ragini making pappu of herslf .lol..?? it was funny

    Finally shivay k dimag ki batti jali….bt cant believe CVs…they can show anythng in d next episode

    Btw….did any1 saw SURBHI’s performance in BIG ZEE AWARDS witg vivek dahiya….. She was luking amazing bt donno why i didn lyked her pairing wid vivek
    Anywayss lets wait fr todays epi…

    1. LAX

      Didn’t see the performance as such. But saw it in bits n parts in Insta. Her expressions are superb. Dance not bad too. But she is scared of lifts I feel.

    2. AnuluvsIB

      I saw the Vivek Dahiya performance on insta yaar.. she was so adorable??
      And she has improved quite a lot from her SPA performance I feel

  24. I hate Pinky more than every single other villain in this series. And I love Gauri even more now. I hope they start giving her and Om more scenes. Anika and Shivaye are getting boring.

  25. Ranilya

    Gowri the saviour again….. Shrenu was good today like last week…. n was looking good too
    Loved the way she pushed her hair back n walked off in front of nagini…H

    liked ShiOm convo…. Always the arrow hits bullseye!!

    AniRi…. Awesome…. loved their talks n laughs…. absolute sisters!

    Ragini—- OMG!! she slapped herself!! that was too good… i mean Aditi’s acting….
    Vikram— Lolz… jale pe namak chidana isse kehthe hain…. wow loved his dialogues n expressions…

    Shivay… the dumb singh Oberoi!!! finally his skull cracked open n his brain hatched!!

    But that Nagini revelation scene was so peeka…. Just by seeing honeymoon booking Shivay understood Anika was telling right abt nagini…. All these days why he dint get doubt on yuckini or a little bit of faith in Anika’s words???

    Just to wind up with wedding n satisfy fans they came with this glowing bulb over Shivay’s head is it?

    Anika’s make up was good… hair too ok… but whats with her saree?????
    And Shivay’s kurta!! What was the need to pull it to the right?? And that cotton kurtha dint seem to b one for a wedding ritual at all!! it was like a daily wear one!

    Shivani is running out of Ideas is it??? overworked???
    Why is she using IPKKND3 style here??
    Either designs need a change or the designer!

    Production house cant afford new clothes n jewelry to the cast is it?? These days they r using all clothes in mix n match…. and jewelry too borrowed from other shows???
    Table cloths, drapes n what not? tying a piece of cloth as a waist band!!!!!!
    Is this style??
    The uniqueness of the jewels to its character is also lost…
    Its like watching a circus!!

    Pls provide some clothes n jewelry that are soothing to the eyes…. U can atleast give Anika her old tops from the first 150 episodes (though they might b a little loose fitting now)

    1. Pushpa

      tht ws owsm rani…when she walked out frnt yuckini…
      i would hv slapped her harder till can c my 5finger prints…
      no not dumb at all rani…..his brain was jam due to all the shivika MU….now he’s back on track..i think so after dragging so long cvs thought of putting and end to it….ask shivani to consult our friends her at TU

      1. Ranilya

        Shivay ki chamchi…. Yeah.. finally they r putting an end to it

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Circus lol..meri family ko tum kaise keh sakti ho circus. Mere Shivaay bhaiyya is the clown then….

      1. Ranilya

        Circus nahi tho aur kya hain yeh Asthu

    3. LAX

      Was telling Nivi, how can they show Shivay intelligent all of a sudden. Wasn’t he the one who could not connect truckload of dots.? For that matter this cannot be even called a hint. I totally felt Yuckinis exposure meh if this is that. This is the problem with CVs they show 3-4 episodes of Shivay hurting Annika coz of MU n then they rush thru such exposure scenes. I was not happy with the way Tia was exposed either if u ask me.

      1. Ranilya

        Yes Lax that time too last time too (Tia) they changed the track in the nth moment n gave credit to Shivay!!

    4. Piyuu

      gouri walked out scene was superb

      1. Ranilya

        yes Piyuu… loved Gowri

    5. Totally agree with your every word today Ranu..???

      Seriously my thoughts too.. i wouldn’t mind repeat clothes, and jewellery as long as they aren’t an assault to our eyes and senses..

      I totally feel sorry for Shivani for her increased work load. Please hire a new assistant and go on a mini vacation to get better ideas for all..

      I too want Ani’s old tops and chudidar kurtas .. i miss those so much..I think those chudidars can be altered na..and maybe thise tops as well..

      Sso ka bulb — seriously thought that was fan service too..that’s why reveal on such a silly point.. and here if a little bit more fbs were shown i would have been a bit more convinced..
      This is Nivi…

      1. Ranilya

        Give me a high five dear…..
        Fan service!! lol…
        Yes they atleast could have shown a few more fbs…

        As for Anika’s dresses yes they can surely b altered

    6. AnuluvsIB

      Skull cracked open and his brain latched??
      Line of the day ranu!!! Line of the day ?

      Am glad they already showed sso recalling Amos words on nagini ranu.. I now want him to apologise upfront to ani for this!

      And the clothes… don even get me started.. atleast of the rituals are over and we see them in casual clothing I hope it will be better!

      1. Ranilya

        You can imagine my irritation Anu….. when these lines come out it indicates the graph of irritation is on its peak….

        Shivay n apologising…. too much expectation

    7. Banita

      Agree with u in costum part….. Shivani atleast try sme good cloth only gouri looks good all r just………….
      Set decoration of ib always Amazinggg bt their costum…. It didnt match with it a little…..

      1. Ranilya

        Yes Banita, if only they spend a lil more on costume, actually they need not spend at all….. i feel they need to hire a new designer n keep the present for IPKKND3 only

  26. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Excited for bbb.. Ranilya dii… Love your comment…. Episode is good…. And the stairs conversation is lovely…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      I felt like they were still under the effect of 15th August slow march parade. Crap emotions. i hate love stories.

    2. Ranilya

      thanks Nikita

  27. stop this stupid show…………………

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