Ishqbaaz 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika comes and stands behind the golden frame. Shivaye looks at her. O jaana…..plays…….. He says she is beautiful, she is looking good. Tia looks on. Some time before, Shivaye asks what the hell is Dhanteras. His employee Mishra on video call says Sir, I told you about Dhanteras, when new utensils are bought…. Shivaye says who told you will get double bonus. The man says you said, and you called me cute. Shivaye asks did I say. The man says yes, and you said. Shivaye says you are not cute, you won’t get double bonus and 3 days leave, go back and work. He ends call. Anika comes and he senses her. Khoya khoya rehta hai…..plays…….. Anika knocks the door. Shivaye says yes…. She comes to him and asks what’s the date.

He says Anika, whatever happened last night… She says please,

you don’t need to say anything. He says even then, I don’t anyone of us to have confusion. She says all my confusion got away, I have no time to waste, tell me wedding date fast, I have do much planning of your marriage. He says look…. She says look, tell me date, Pinky wants to rehearse for sangeet, I have to call choreographer, lightman will come, I have to give cards for printing, I will get dates written if you say, else what will I get printed. Shivaye holds her hand and says Anika. She looks at his hand. He says I told you few things yesterday night, I just wanted you to know that I was not in senses.

She says I told you, you don’t need to say anything. He says even then I want to say, those things…. She says those things had no meaning, I just heard human says truth in drunken state, but I forgot you are not human, you are different, you are Shivaye Singh Oberoi, we are ordinary cheap people, you are rich, you have great blood, you would not know blood group, you said right, this line of blood, family and lineage was there and will always be there between you and us. She asks him to say date fast, she has work. He says after two weeks from Diwali. She goes.

Jhanvi asks Shivaye are you sure, you took right decision, whats the hurry, you have your life, take your time. He says I took time, its late decision. She says sometimes, decisions happen right when its taken quick, and sometimes decisions get wrong even after thinking for years. He says you think I m doing mistake. She says don’t know, I don’t think this is happening right, I said what I felt, whatever I said now, think about it, okay. She leaves.

Shivaye goes towards corridor and sees Anika coming from the other side. He recalls love angel’s words. Anika and Shivaye see each other and walk towards…… Music plays……….. She asks herself to not see him and keep walking. He thinks the same. They both stop when their hands get tangled by her bracelet getting stuck to his coat button. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………. They see each other. He removes her bracelet and thinks shall I say something. She thinks if I say something then…. They look at each other and turn. They walk the other way and stand behind the wall………

Shivaye tries to look for her and does not see her. Anika looks for him and does not see him. She thinks whats happening. He thinks stupid love angel has put stupid ideas in my mind, it means nothing……..

Rumi and Rudra are in college campus. She asks whats the problem with Tia. Rudra says nothing, actually I feel if something wrong is going to happen. Rumi says you want me to do their breakup. He says you don’t know Shivaye, once he decides, he does it. She says Rudy baby, if I want, I can get their breakup done, because I have powers. He laughs and asks are you any superhero or Goddess. She says yes. He asks yes? Then why will you use your powers for me. She says because you are special, not like me, but you are special, so I did breakup with Ranbir.

He asks that 3rd year Ranbir? She says no, Ranbir Kapoor. He laughs and says you know Katrina has done breakup with Ranbir for my sake, it was her bad luck to get stuck in traffic and I got you. She says if you have problem with Tia, tell me, I will make everything fine. He says fine Mata. She blesses him and asks him to come home in evening if he has to talk more about it, now she has to go. He says you would be going to meet your devotees. She says yes and leaves. Rudra says she is a nice girl, I was so sad, she talks such weird things and makes me smile.

Tia says Shivaye, there are many functions and events, my outfits are not final, I m giving stress to universe and universe is giving me stress pimples, you help me in deciding the outfits, our outfits have to be color coordinated. He asks can we do this later. She says no, please just 5 mins. He says please Tia, I don’t have time. She calls Anika. He stops and turns to see Anika. He gets stunned by Anika’s beautiful looks. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………. Anika stands behind the golden frame and comes infront. He looks at her.

Tia says nice na? Even Sonam Kapoor has worn this outfit, lovely right, look at the color and fabric, Anika please turn around. Anika turns and shows the outfit’s backless side. Tia says Shivaye baby…. He says ya… She says I think this border is not looking good, I could feel it, that this outfit is good, but not too good, Anika please wear some other outfit. Shivaye says no, Anika stops and looks at him. Shivaye says she is beautiful. Tia asks what. Shivaye says I mean this dress is beautiful. Tia asks really, you like it. He says she looks good, you asked me to help in choosing dress, I helped, I like her, I mean I like the dress, its good. Tia says well, if you like it, I love it, Anika final this dress for cocktail party and this one for mehendi, please wear this and come, hold it. Anika gets hesitant.

Shivaye says Tia, why are you making Anika do this. Tia says no model was arranged on short notice. He says this is not Anika’s work. She says I know, I want to see how these dresses look. He says Tia, this is good, amazing, its final. He selects 2-3 dresses. Tia gets a call and goes. Shivaye says Tia does not understand anything. Anika says but you understand everything…… She leaves. Shivaye looks on.

Soumya comes college and meets Rumi. She says I want to talk something imp, Rudra is very sweet and innocent till idiot level, he does not know your truth, it might harm him, please leave him alone. Rumi says Rudra has come in my Sharan/shelter, he is special. Soumya asks what. Rumi says yes, he called me Mata. Soumya says no, it would be confusion, are you sure he said Mata or Mat aa/don’t come… Rumi says he knows I m Devi and my powers, you also come in my shelter, whatever you want will happen by my blessings. She blesses Soumya and leaves. Soumya says psycho, how to save Rudra from this psycho.

Rudra goes to meet Rumi at her house and greets a man, saying I m Rudra, Rumi’s friend, she called me. The man says come, Rumi is having bath. Rudra says its fine uncle, I will wait. The man says no, come, go for bath. Rudra asks what, family’s sense of humor is good. Rudra goes and gets shocked seeing Rumi lying in bathtub with milk petals, with so many female devotees around her. Rudra recalls Rumi’s words.

Shivaye thinks of Anika. Rudra comes home recalling Rumi, and what she said. FB shows Rumi saying I m Devi, and Rudra is my Dev, we will get complete when we unite, we will make temple of Rumi Rudra name. She asks her devotees to go and do aarti of Rudra dev as they do aarti of her. The girls greet Rudra. He looks on shocked. FB ends. Shivaye and Rudra see each other.

Anika comes home. She closes eyes and sees Shivaye. Music plays…… She opens eyes and worries. Sahil comes and asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks when you close eyes, do you just see Billu ji. She gets tearful eyes and says its big problem Sahil. He hugs her. She says what’s happening, I always knew that Billu ji and Tia are getting married, now when its happening, why am I feeling so strange.

Randhawa says so Shivaye is marrying after Diwali. Inspector says yes. Randhawa says real fire crackers will be after Diwali, when all secrets of Oberoi family come out, but when family is rich, we need a ladder to see secrets. He looks at everyone’s pic and chooses one. He says found it, get all info about her, she is the ladder.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Asper precap, Now he is ACP RANDHAWA , FRAMED as an honest officer, came down to ride over the SOCIAL STATUS, BLOOD HISTORY, BLOOD LINEAGE, and whatever it may be and whose mouth never get watered seeing GOLD COINS . He is going to dig out all the MUDS lying in so called most PRESTIGIOUS family of country , and when he will show the real faces of OBEROY family, it will be proved a HAVOC for their member even.

    I am in doubt, why ANIKA is so much DEVOTEE to OBEROY family, and why she is framed as COMMITTED to SHIVAAY to the extent that she come back to OBEROY HOUSE after getting almost KICKED OUT from each time ? If it is for LOVE, than it is totally aginst the image of ANIKA portrayed so far who never allowed any one to impress her with his/her STATUS ? It may happen that GULKHAN mam , after giving few FB there of, represent DIFFERENT ANIKA with some motives which are now exposed till now..

    1. read as’……….. which are not exposed till now”


      I think and feel this they have done it so that team can saving show in trp chart.. as show is good and unique as compared to all saas bahu drama shows but its week in concept.. as many things are not clear and uncessarily added.. and all time they are behind one topic which they divert and shows new one without clearly previous one..

    3. Mishri

      Motives and anika???u got 2 be kiddng…anika is dat type “”no matter how strong m still human””..i thnk thy already have shown enough of her feelings about y shez dng diz…no motives..humanity i guess…and point 2.she cant afford to lose oberois..she need the money…obviously “another job” dsnt wait 4 u wen u quit 1..!!!

      1. may be you are right, but for director add suspense to the story, after giving some FB she can convert any charector from a normal to the abnormal. You go through the conversation made between ANGEL and SHIVAAY, which was parted in two different epi, and if it mantained a continuity, then tell me HOW SOUMYA COULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DESCRIBE the intimat moments passed between SHIVAAY and ANIKA which was only between both them only?

  2. Tridha

    It has been 2 episodes without om . missing him very badly. I think they will start his story next week.
    Upcoming karwachauth function and shivay want to stay close anika as she was looking very beautiful but tia & pinky is disturbing him.

  3. Can anyone please tell about barc trp of ishqbaaz, this week?

    1. neha trp of ishqbaaz week 41 is on 8

  4. I totally agree as I was thinking about a new hot hero to make sso jealous.

  5. Monique_D

    They are killing us .
    Captivating the audience since scene 1.
    Last night Surbhi slayed it!
    Flaunt it!!!
    But that Tia thought,so Help me God, Anika isn’t you Mannequin.

    Next FF update

  6. Like thr way anika gave back to shivay.. an pulled her hand frm his.her dialogues were very well written.. aapka toh blood grp bhi pata nahi chala hoga na lolzz
    Shivay was so cutely lookin frm behind thr pillar wit those ganji eyes of his
    Now tat rudy knows abt rumi,hopefully he will understand beauty is nt always wht u see it to b.
    Many of u r saying here tat anika shld b frm a rich family.. I dnt want her to b as then it will again b the same marriage n business. Shivay shld like anika fr wht she is now.even though nt rich she is of his takkar..
    N m badly waiting fr a handsome guy to enter fr anika
    Missing om badly.. where is he

    1. Also,was that shivay heart beating wen he saw anika in tat dress? Which was nt suiting hher much

      1. Mishri

        His hearbeat was for her yaaaar..not 4 d dress…

  7. Disha

    SSO biggest stupid in world he won’t understand his own feelings Anika nd Shivaye both hiding there feeling
    I don’t want jealous and sad anika
    when will shivaye realize
    Psycho romi Poor rudra

  8. I think randhawa is going to use priyanka has a ladder omg
    Guys i am writing an ff so please read it i wish that you guys will like it

  9. Hello guys how r you??? Yaar no new girl for om please and shivaye please confesss ur love to anika please ???

  10. Tulasi

    Kadoos bagad biillaaaa…kuch samajtha hi nahi…??…pata nahi kab samaj ayega usee….its soo sad to see anika like tht… she looked gorgeous in tht dress…..? But d best part is RUDRA DEV….romi devi is mindblowng?……finally got to know wat is romi…..n missed om a lott….not shown evn in a single scene?…..n cumng to mr.sso…..khud ko hurt kar raha hain…n saath mein anika ko bhiii….

  11. episode is nice.anika was looking very pretty.tiA is irritating me now .it seems that gul khan would make om disappear from show and would give execuse that track was not working .bagad billa ka kuch nhi ho sakta .gul khan don’t try to sideline om

    1. ??????????? omg then my worst dream will come true don’t say this otherwise I will stop watching IB only which is really difficult for me but if no ishkara or om so I am quitting but after some wait…..

      1. m sorry to say she can do anything

      2. nice dp from where did you get??

    2. Tridha

      Tia was doing karwachauth puja. At the nick of the time anika faints, shivay run towards her leaving tia. He gives her water, lifts her up.

      1. Mishri

        No matter how many tyms thy show this scene in any dramas…i still fall 4 it…its an awwww scene?????

    3. Mishri

      ??yh..dat guy is missing fot d last 2 epis…and fans?????!!i wont commnt on watz gonna happen if om leaves…???..thy r already annyd…

  12. I think it’s Mr.oberois sister Roop or tia’s mother bcoz prinku is silent and anika will not do so………pls shivaaay come to ur senses man don’t marry that tia …always universal lady ….poor Rudy ?

  13. Mayank Agrawal

    Todays Episode Update –

    ACP randhawa talks to his juniour about oberois and says that apki baar diwali pe aatishbaazi hogi jabh oberois ke raaj aayenge bahar, and he shows a photo of priyanka and says ki ye karegi meri help and phonchayegi manjil tak ,Anika dreams of shivay and shivay have also a normal dream of anika . they both thought why this is happened, meeting of om and ridhima is shown at art gallery where ridhima questions om that decide fast about our relationship because you have taken so much time for our relationship please think about it fastly . om rudra shivay conversation is there where they discuss about romis true and om and shivay are making fun of rudra by saying ” DEV “. where as rudra is like little upset..
    Meanwhile ACP randhawa visits oberoi mansion where he says to shivay shivay singh oberoi abhi gayatri murder case ki investigation khatam nhi hui hai , shivay says just dont waste my time talk to my lawyer, ACP randhawa says to anika , – to mrs anika aapne apni job vapis paa he le aakhir apne boss ke liye gawahi deke, at the same time after hearing this shivay shouted loudly to ACP randhawa that not dare to utter a word more to anika otherwise mere se bura koi nhi hoga, and just go out from my house because i dont like strangers to visit my house..
    randhawa says abh to mai jaa rha hu lekin wapis jaruru aaunga..

    PRECAP – priyanka is very scared and comes to om and says bhaiya bhot badi problem ho gayi hai ye dekho she gives some document to OM om says ye photo kaha se aayi priyanka says ki hummare mail box mei koi daalgaya hai ye photo iska matlabh koi sach jaanta hai bhaiya agar sach bahar aagaya to bhot problem ho jayegi and priyanka are looking very upset…

    1. Tridha

      About the precap I heard a spoiler that is- acp send a parcel to prinku which will have a picture of gayatri’s dead body. Prinku will panic and she will run to om. The question is why om????? Om will also panic. And he will get another parcel with blood stained dry leaves which was found near gayatry’s body. All this will break down om and he will be seen pacifying prinku that if the truth come out only he will be in trouble not prinku. Om will also try to talk to shivay but he won’t be able to do so.
      That means om killed gayatry. What do u think guys?????

      1. Mayank Agrawal

        tridha precap mei om ne kaha tha ki ye painting kaha se mili he talks about painting not photograph ….???? and if gayatris dead body picture is there then also why to om and priyanka gets scared and if om killed gayatri then also by only photograph there is nothing to get om scared no other proof na …

      2. No I guess CVS and gul khan mam can do anything …. And I know that om can’t kill gayatri but it is true that in past he did but tried hard to save her but I guess she dies .
        And I feel if that person who died was a stranger to omkara so why he started consuming alcohol and drugs anyone knows about it ???

  14. Tridha

    Today’s episode- acp targets prinku, shivay dreams about anika, anika dreams about shivay ( a very intimate shivika scene). And finally om is back. And again ridhkara- ridhima gives him a ultimatum to decide where she stands in his life. And then bromance. The 3 talks about their life. Then acp comes and drama starts.

  15. Whose photo was that which priyanka showed it to om . Will there will be another new plz entry .

  16. Sometimes a person prefer to face with SWORD than to face one words! When RIGHT WORDS slipped out from a RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME and RIGHT PLACE to the RIGHT PERSON, it attains the heat of VOLCA, EDGE of SWORD and PIERCING power of niddle and he just can not stand on his own. This is how ANIKA tear down SHIVAAY from head to TOE and leave him in almost all alone with his all GUILT. Today’s SURBHI’s acting just can not be decsribed in words. you can experienced only by seeing and hearing! Its realy a AMAZING to see how she delicately and softly SPLIT the person named SHIVAAY!
    CONVERSATION between OM and SHIVAAY is nice to enjoy, and how quickly he reached to the reason lying behind sudden decission of SHIVAAY to marry TIA is just at the expectation level of his fans! VIEWERS are talking about SHIVAAY only due to ANIKA , but they talks about OM only due to his cuteness in his talks, attitude and gentleness!

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