Ishqbaaz 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Oberois get to see Aryan

Ishqbaaz 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says the dance will start in some time, Gauri we have to divert them so that we can find Aryan. ShivOmru dance on Shava Shava…… Anika, Gauri and Bhavya dance with them. Veer smiles. Shivaye signs Rudra. Shakti, Pinky, Tej and Jhanvi dance with them. Veer thinks this happiness won’t last long. Rudra goes to Soumya. He asks why are you standing alone here, come for dance. She asks will you dance with me. He asks aren’t you my best friend. She says I m. He says if a best friend isn’t happy for another, how are we best friends then. She says okay. He asks shall we dance. She says lets go. He says we are going to dance, not for shopping, your bag… keep it. She keeps her bag. They dance. Shivaye sees them and goes to get her bag. Veer comes in between and asks where are you going.

Shivaye says maybe you forgot this is my house, I don’t need permission to go anywhere in my house. Veer says I really like your sense of humour.

Shivaye says I like your sense of dressing. Veer says thanks. Shivaye says I hope you are really enjoying the party. Veer says yes, but the real fun will start when this ball opens up, there must be a big surprise for Rudra and Bhavya, after all this is your brother’s wedding function, I m sure this ball has many gifts for them. Shivaye says gifts will be ordinary, special gift for Rudra will be a grand wedding, regarding this ball, till this opens up, Tanya why don’t you dance with Veer, enjoy the party. He thinks Soumya and Veer are occupied, this is the chance to check her phone.

He takes her bag. He asks someone to unlock the phone. Khanna says don’t worry, this is city’s best hacker. The guy gives the phone and goes. Shivaye checks and says what, entire history is deleted, how shall I know Soumya’s plan now. He gets a call. Dinesh/Tailor asks Soumya can I come to pick payment. Shivaye says I m her assistant, which payment.

Dinesh says she got a bridal lahenga made for her marriage. Shivaye asks marriage. Dinesh says strange, you are her assistant and don’t know about her marriage, she is becoming bahu of Oberoi family, I have designed her bridal outfit. Shivaye thinks of Veer and Tej’s words. He says so this is her real plan, she wants to marry Rudra and become bahu of Oberoi family, he is marrying Bhavya, how will Soumya marry him, how is Veer helping him. Anika says I m worried for Aryan. Gauri says he maybe in trouble. Roop asks when will the ball open. Veer asks her to have patience. Aryan wakes up. Veer says I think the kid got awake, the drama is about to begin. Shivaye sees Soumya and thinks I have understood you want to marry Rudra, but I need to know how you will do this. Pinky asks when are we starting gift ceremony, we want to know what’s hidden in the ball. Shivaye says okay we shall start it. Anika sees Aryan and shows to Gauri and Bhavya. They get shocked.

Jhanvi says ceremony is going to start. Veer says Shivaye wants to give a surprise to everyone. Pinky says we all know of it, ball will open and gifts will fall out, right. Shivaye calls out Khanna. Anika says no.. Pinky asks why not. Anika says I think gifts can break after falling down. Pinky says no, they are bubble wrapped, Shivaye begin now. Veer says enough of dance, its time for action now. He goes and pulls down the switch. The ball opens up. Gifts and flowers fall down. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get shocked and cry. They run to hold Aryan. Everyone looks on. Aryan falls down. Everyone gets shocked.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya hold him and hug. Aryan cries. Veer smiles. Pinky asks whose child is it, who is he, how did he fall from there. Anika says you are fine, everything is fine, don’t cry. They console him. Shivaye says Aryan….He says he is Ahluwalia’s son, you dropped him right, how did he come here. Pinky asks how did he go inside this ball. He asks Anika what’s the matter. Soumya smiles and thinks what I planned is done, now what I have dreamt will happen. She imagines everyone asking whose child is Aryan. Media asks Shivaye about Rudra’s child. Shivaye asks Rudra to marry Soumya, the child is his responsibility now. Bhavya leaves and cries. She smiles thinking of her marriage with Rudra. Om says speak up, whose child is this, what is he doing here Gauri. Rudra asks Bhavya to answer. Anika says he is Aryan, he is living with us since two days. Pinky says two days, we don’t even know. Tej says you didn’t tell us. Shakti asks whose child is he, who are his parents, his parents can file a police case against us. Shivaye says so you were hiding this from us, but why, what made you hide him, tell the entire matter.

Anika says we needed some time to find out about him. Aryan calls out dad….. Shivaye asks who is your dad…. he said the same thing in kitchen that day. Om says the question is still the same, who is his dad. Rudra asks Aryan who is his dad. Aryan says Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra…. They get shocked. Pinky asks what is he saying. Gauri says we didn’t understand and were hiding him to know his parents. Anika says someone has sent him, this is a huge conspiracy, someone is trying to ruin Shivomru’s name. Veer thinks I thought there will be much action and then solid reaction, I have to do something. He signs a man. The man calls someone. Veer thinks reporters will do my work. Reporters come there. Soumya smiles. Khanna stops media. Shivaye asks what’s going on. Khanna says media came in without permission. Tej asks who called them here. Shivaye says we didn’t invite them here.

Reporter says obviously, why would you call us when you know you don’t have answers to our questions. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Reporter says about the scandal that happened in our family. Shivaye says this is family function, I don’t have to reply your ridiculous questions, so just leave. Reporter says we won’t leave without getting our answers. Shivaye asks Khanna to send them. Khanna asks them to leave. Reporters run to Aryan. Shivaye shouts okay stop, before I call the police, leave from here. Reporter says you can’t hide the truth, the entire world knows that Oberoi family has an illegitimate child. Shivaye says enough, if you say anything against my family, I will not leave you. Reporter asks will this cover up your brother’s doing, no…. Tej asks who are you talking about. Reporter says your younger son, Rudra. They get shocked.

Reporters ask Rudra about his illegitimate child, he married Soumya but didn’t regard it real, today he is marrying Bhavya, will he give his name to the child, answer them. Shivaye gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    Hi all…did u guys enjoyed the epi???
    Gd episode & so much of suspence 2days episode…
    Shivaye have planned very well on getting to know soumya plan …but attac pattac aryan falls down..but still not too late shivaye will handle the reporters well in 2moro episode…he is the great wall of all…..
    So shaava shaaav ws great..i just love shivaye moves he dance perfectly….
    Urgggg why they showing roop…hate her…
    Soumya.. sorry i hate u too…
    Dance svn ws owsm….frm the old oberoi to the youngest shssva shaava ws owsm…

    1. Yes pushpa I love the shava shava dance. Amazing and agree it was great dancing

    2. Go Pusi Go..GPG..
      Btw i knew will definitely drool.over your shivaye. And i really love it…
      Keep loving shivaye???

      1. Pushpa

        shivaye is my love

    3. Go Pushpa di Go.Many many congratulations with lots of love…..?
      I agree with you.Shivaay is a very good dancer and he is going to make everything ok.Me too loved shava shava.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  2. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Guys..i can’t even tell yiu how much happy i am…….
    When I made this plan actually i didn’t expect these much responses from all of really jeans a lot to me
    @All New PKJIANS …Thank You soooooooo much for coming and sharing yiur experience. I really enjoyed watching all comments. ..and love to see these positivity.
    I am sry i can’t respond to all.bcoz of study clg etc…but i read all comments. .and i love it.
    @OLD PKJIANS sooooooo much for coming here..yiu guys keep my request and commented here…love you all.sooooo much.
    @current PKJIANS. …thank yiu soooo much for supporting this…hope qe will enjoy more like this… .

    And this is not end here..those who can’t comment or want to comment you can do it.bcoz we are celebrating whole week..
    So you guys can come here..
    And also can use the tag #ibhits500……
    Come to episode.
    Seriously if TRP will drop i will not blame audience at all . Cvs are really dragging this plot like anything..i mean it’s high time yarr.1 month passed as annika turned Kumari Rosie Rani.hogaya stop ot and give us the main plot kalyani mill.secret….
    @Annika di..plz don’t follow the foot path of Sso.share things with him..
    @Sso aaj sirf itna bol sakti hun ki Aap bahut hot lag rahe the.
    @Omru you too.
    @Vanmanush finally aap kuch karne ke kabil bane..warna ap toh sirf pullar ke piche khade hokar lambi lambi fekte he..??????..
    @Sso aapne bachapnmain chori karne ka training liya tha kya?? Kafi Andha kanoon ki necklace kabhi somu ka purse..Kabhi chup chup ke Annika ka phone dekhna ( during separation time)…
    PHD ki he kya aap??????????????..
    And Obahus showed l9ve for arayan. .for me.actually it was heartwarming.

    Precap- waiting for OMM of Veer..
    This is getting soo much irritating.
    Plz Cvs..don’t ruin our IB and don’t waste cast hard work..simple request to you Cvs..
    Hope TRP stable ho..warna show ki OMM hojayegi..
    But yiu guys.keep supporting IB.
    If yiu don’t like then just tuned to starplus at 10 pm.and have your dinner..but it on Tv..and hotstar. .
    Love you soooooo much all of you

    1. Arpita how are youu ..?
      All the long comments was only possible bcoz if you and your idea which was khidkitod ? and I’ve missed commenting on this page but yesterday I had to come for you

      Take care

      1. Hiii Omi I am.totally Fine .you came yesterday and shared your experience..i am soo hapoy.keep commenting like this.

    2. Hey arpu good effort on your IB hits. Yes agre that the bahus should tell their husbands. At least they could have confided in pinky and maybe she could help. You know pinky is also another person who knows schemes of lies

      1. Yes sindhu di..but now this plot is dragging unnecessarily….hope it will.end soon.

    3. Hi Arpita,
      Cheers to us PKJians,old+new.I am very happy that everyone came and celebrated 500 episodes.I couldn’t reply all of them because of personal works.Celebration will go on entire week.I myself have so much to write.Let’s see how things are going to shape.And I agree with you on the episodic analysis.Hope cvs ko akal a jay.Take care?

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Arpu ..Love you soo much meri cheapdi for this khidkithod aur gharjodh idea of commenting..kal mein nahi karpaayi par aaj karoongi..jee bhar ke karoongi..well coming to SSO’s choraoing skills..he is trained in everything babe??..

  3. Pui

    Heya ys…
    I was free so thought of coming here…
    Missed u guys so badly !
    Arpita di, luthfa di , Sindhu Di, banita di, shanaya and the others who I forgot to mention. Sorry !
    I have been watching Ishqbbaz whenever I got a chance.
    I m really pissed off with this Aryan waala track.
    Like seriously, The VPC who would not make a single mistake in his plan, thinks that he can get somu married to rudy by showing a atleast 5 year kid to be a child of e wedlock which hasnt even completed 1 year !
    Lagta hai plan banane ke time akal tel lene gayi thi. ???
    Veer being roop’s son was expected.
    Also I have started disliking Anika’s Rosie Rani waali walk.
    Staying along with Rudra, all youngsters have come dumbells.
    After the bhaang fiasco, anyone could have easily checked the cctv and sab pata chal jaata but nahi, itni buddhi kaun lagayega ??
    I dont want to write any furthur as my keyboard is behaving crazy…
    Good night guys !

    1. Pui

      Congratulations to all Ishqbaazians! #ibhits500

    2. Pui how are you ?
      I just hope this track ends soon ???

      1. Pui

        Hi dear ! I m fine thank u ?
        Same here…

      2. Me too it’s boring now since last year

    3. Yes agree pui. I don’ t like Rosie Rani walk and her hair is getting irritated. With a beautiful designer dress and with that dumb hair braid, oh my goodness. Enough is enough

      1. Pui

        Hi di ! I totally agree that with such beautiful dresses, Anika’s that silly braid spoils the whole beauty of hers.
        Waiting for end of rosie rani but seems like it is not going to end soon….

    4. He Pui..I missed you are you????
      And yes Aryan is cute but this is something dragging….hogayi yarr aab hame hamari khidkitod annika wapas chahiye..

      1. Pui

        Hi Arpita Di ! I missed u three ❤
        I m fine. How r u ?
        Ditto thoughts.

    5. Hello Pui,
      I am good dear.Thank you.Hope you are also doing great.Now what to say about this blunder of cvs.In Holi they have consumed bhang and lost their thinking ability and logic at the same time.Don’t know what they are doing or going to do with Aryan.Recycling of illegitimacy.Now target is Rudra.Very very bad execution of the plot.Let’s see what else is waiting for us.And all the very best for your ongoing and upcoming exams.Take care.God bless you?

      1. Pui

        HEY DI ! I m doing well abhi tak toh !
        I m waiting from past two weeks. With the intelligence level, the pace of the show has also gone down.
        Lets see!

    6. ItsmePrabha

      Hai Pui..kaisi hai tu..?Missed you..sirf veer ki hi nahi saari ki saari oberoi pariwar walonki akal tel lene gayi hai…well all the best of good luck for your exams..

      1. Pui

        Hi Di !
        Main bilkul 1st class hoon. Aap apna batao ! I missed u too…
        I m sick of this akal-less plot and actions of everyone.
        Thank u so much for ur wishes ?

  4. It’s is a such mixed emotion episode.. It was really heart pricking when ABC fell from that ball.. Shivomru was totally shocked when Aryan said them as his father..
    Sumo & veer dream was too nice but it never gonna happen… It was totally painful to see her as negative..
    Precap: I’m feeling so pity for Rudy.. Last time also media questions him he doesn’t know what to answer n saw his bro.. I hope shivaay will clear this mess Tom..

    1. Kadhambari di..i was really shocked when they showed those dreams…my mouth was turning O Shape ..?????

    2. Hi Di,
      Hope that Shivaay will make everything alright.Me too got worried for Aryan.To see Soumya in negative role is really heart breaking.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  5. #ibhits500
    Oh Soumya,why do you want to be a bahu of the Oberois?You want your revenge to complete right?There are many more ways to reach you destination but that one,is not ok at all.You have stayed with the Oberois and know how they act and react on everything.Still let me remind you again.In that OM bahus are endangered species.Every girl who has become a bahu of the Oberois has lost a great deal of things.For example:self-respect,self-esteem,true indentity,aspirations,ambitions of own etc.The list can go on.

    1. The women folk of that house always suffer from a special disease and that is identity crisis though unintentionally.Reason behind it is their marriages.The marriages of the Oberois are so complicated that no-one can understand who is real wife or bahu and who is not.As Oberois keep on handling outside and second woman in their life along with their wives.A very common senario.Their marital status is even more dangerous. For them one is real inside family,one is for media and another one for themselves who they consider their wife with or without marriage.See,a huge brain exploding matter.

      1. So,why do you want to enter into this mess?I am giving you an advice of free fund,take it.Don’t ever try to be a bahu of the Oberois deliberately.It will be proved your worst nightmare.And it’s true even for taking revenge.There is one way through which one can be a happy Oberoi bahu.One needs sheer luck to help her.Otherwise,like some company’s billboards”Conditions Apply” will be written in one corner of the marriage certificate to be a perfectly happy daughter-in-law of the Oberois……………………………..

      2. This is so true ..?
        Missed reading your comments ? finally get to read them ?

      3. Yeehh…you perfectly nailed it Luthfa..yes Obahus lost their own identity and became weak……
        Hope this track will end soon.

      4. Soooooo….Sweet of you Omu.Love you?

      5. Thank you so much for the compliment.That’s the sad truth of their life.Hope this will change gradually?

    2. Totally agreed luftha dear Sister. It is true. Everyone face some sort of brunt when they marry oberoi men.

      1. Sindhu di,
        Oberoi men are programmed to behave like that with their wives after marriage.History of them is telling everything?

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Darling.. as usual you rocked know when ever i think that ab problems khatam hone jaa rahe hai now atleast they should show anudi pursuing her career as caterer or something independently..but cvs bring another problem for the leads..not only anudi even gauri too ..i seriously miss khidkithod annika and dabang gauri…well oberoi khandan ki yeh jo riwaaz hai ham thodi na badal sakthe hai..Love you ..God bless you..

  6. Hiiioi everyone

    Finally I can comment now ☺☺☺☺???
    WAS shocked and extremely happy with the comments wooowwwww thank youu sooo much @arpita6 all this was possible bcoz of you and thank you to all those that took time to comment ❤❤❤❤

    Really looking forward to today’s episode I just hope the raaz myserty gets solved now like come on before my school started this was the topic and even now after I finish it’s still there …

    Take care ❤

    1. Hi omaira hope your exams went well

    2. He Omi..not for me but for all of you who supported this idea…..
      Yes looking forward for progression in story.

    3. Hi Omu,
      Yeah that’s like a new record for new PKJians.Hope every missing member will back.Anyway,you are right.This mystery is now getting on nerves.Take care.Love you?

  7. Hi guys, wow 224 comments on yesterday wow i after joining pkj this is the highest comment. Really enjoy a lot which i cant express after reading every1 journey in this ib. still i hv to read the comments. For this i hv to thank Arpita dear the wonderfull plan tq dear from bottom of my heart. happy to c our old pkj coming back. i wish ur contuine here back.. n welcome to all new members.

    N my spl thanks to vijay tv ( tamil) becoz so far i hv read the comment many us( no hindi persons) hv started regularly after it telecasted in tamil tq vijay tv for dubing ib…
    happy to c Dhawani, omira,jeni all other those who came inspite of there exams. even chavi n harika akka.
    tq onces again to Arpita dear for making the day so beatifulll tq dear.lots of love . tc

    last bt nt least ” cograts for being 1st yesterday.

    1. Jeevi same here it’s the highest number of comments after I’ve joined I think …? ?? not sure about the days I’ve missed

      I think from now I can be regular except for days when I get a looottt of homework but I will try ?

    2. He Jeevi..bas karo yarr aur thank you mat bolo..
      And i am saying thank you to all for supporting our GPKJ..
      Yesterday it was really looking like GPKJ..
      Yes after soo many days comment was 230+

    3. Hi Jeevi,
      Me too was so happy to see all of them.Though one third came to join still I was happy that they came at least.Thanks to Arpita darling.Hoping to meet all of them one day in future.Take care?

  8. Coming to episiod. I alway become happy while shivaye dancing. i just c falling in his expressions during his dance no 1 can beat him in his dance. u were looking soo super shivaye anna. even gouri was looking cute. hoo now a days this chamki is spoiling my anika’s beautiful looks she was nice in the dress bt this chamki spoiled it. plz change it atleast during the function time. even somu was looking cute in tht white dress. rumya dance part was good.. shivaye back in jasoos mood. i think shivaye anna is good in robbing mobiles. during shivaye n tia function ( Mrs.kapoor’s phone). n anika ka phone …..cvs plz change this bua n her voice now a days than veer she is irritating a lot. How much anika love n care childrens was clearly seen today specially wen tht ballon was about to open…. loved to c her caring wale expressions..
    1 question to obros n family u all hv time to invite guest n dancers to function bt no time to invite r call u the one n only sister n daughter of oberoi family….feeling baddd…….n where is dadi. function without dadi o nooo….
    Y i dont know guys wen the baloon open i automatically changed the channel….wish tht aryan didnt get any hartss… hope this track ends soon..cvs end this…tc

    1. Yes jeevi dear I am also wondering what happened to dadi

    2. I am.missing Dadi too..dont know what happened to her…Is she leaved show.???? Nooooo.
      After Vanvas track she vanished..hope she wil come back soon.
      Yes KKR choti is now not needed.
      And somebody olz kill this bua…really she is very annoying. ✂✂✂✂???????????????????????⛏⛏⛏⛏⛏??????????????.FOR BHUTNI BUA..

    3. Hi Jeevi,
      Shivaay and his dance moves are equally famous like his tadi.Chamki is really ruining the charm of Anika’s look.Me too missing Dadi so much.Cvs have forgotten Prinku totally.Anika loves little children a lot.Have seen her worries clearly.Waiting for today’s episode?

  9. One thing I don’t understand is, that Aryan looks 6-7 years of age, did Rudra and Soumya know each other that long ago and even if they did they were just friends, right?

    1. That is what jasdip everyone is wondering how can Aryan be rudra’s Son. Ridiculous logic

    2. Jasdip.. dear..Cvs confusiya gaye he…dimaag ghum.gaya he in logo ka.

    3. That’s the magic of cvs that they presented Aryan as 1 year old kid of Rumya though he looks 5-6 years old?????????

  10. Banita

    I m overwalmed after read all of ur journey with ib… I m super happy for it yaar… Still in celebration mood…
    Now coming to epi,
    1st i want to say CHAMKI , u r my fav in KRR’s costume becz u r perfact with it , but in Anika’s costume… I dont like it… It whould be good if there is Anika’s long hair instad of CHAMKI…
    Epi was ok ok…
    Finally Veer’s plan worked…
    Dance sequance was also ok type… I didnt feel connected to that dance…
    Precap – Hope Obros will face d situation cleverly…
    GD NT PKJ…

    1. Agreed banita. I am tired of Chamki. Just too much of Rosie Rani. Enough is enough

      1. Banita

        Yehh Sindhu dr….
        CVS now just dragging dragging nd dragging d plot… KMM ki toh koi aata paata hi nahi hain….

    2. Oooohooo so finally Meri Bani ko chamki se irritate hone lagi..ok jokes apart but yes choti is really annoying.

      1. Banita

        Nahi Arpu mujhe Chamki se koi problem nahi hain , but ase wastern dress ke saath bahat hi ajeeb dikhta hain…. CHAMKI Krr ki costume ke saath hi fit hain…

    3. Hi Bani,
      Yeah celebration will go on in full swing as entire week is dedicated to it.Veer has got himself busy with actions finally.Chamki is perfect for KRR but not for Anika.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

      1. Banita

        Yeh Luthfa chamki is fit for KRR only…. Finally veer ka koi plan kaam kia hain dekhte hain kitni kamyab hota hain wo….
        Of course dr celebration is for whole week…

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Bunny..Chamki’s POV after reading your comment be like..”haaye mein lut gayi mein barbaad ho gayi..meri banita mujhse irritate ho gayi..hey bhagvaan yeh din dekhne se pehle mujhe maar kyun nahi diya..”..well jokes apart even i want my khidkithod anudi back with her loose hair…Love you..

      1. Banita

        Prabha…. Hahaha….
        Okk my pov to chamki , Arre meri pyaari chamki tune toh mujhe emotional kr dia… Ab meri ankhose batter beh raha hain… Koi toh pochlo yaar meri batter wale aansun ko… Chamkiiiiiiii…. Hahaha… LOL…
        Love u too dr… Bahat saara…

  11. AshPri

    Hai to all,
    Today I totally enjoyed their dance performance… Nice song & nice steps…. But veer ki plan vaje sub kuch finish hogaya…. I like d way of Obahu’s care on ABC Aryan…
    Their expression was marvelous….. Shiv shocked to c Aryan…
    Somu is soooooon stupid…. How did she expect Obro’s vl Believe tat Aryan is rudra’s son….. Fake DANA reports Wala track already seen in shivvay & Tia track….. Very boring…. Come wit new Ideas….
    Plz close this veer track as soon as possible….. Proceed to ANIRI sissy family bonding… V all r waiting to see their reaction after knowing their sis truth…

    1. Yes Ashpri Cvs should come with New Ideas..
      Actually we all are fed up.with this..want progression in story..

    2. Hi Ashpri,
      I agree with you totally.That was very bad move on Soumya’s part.Even in fake way that will not be applicable.Don’t know what cvs are thinking about this blunder.Anyway,take care?

  12. Hello everyone, love all PkJ family for coming yesterday and increasing the comments to 223. It was phenemonal success. I almost took two hours to read all the comments and I have not finished reading still as I also had to work. But I must all of your comments were awesome and so touching. I can see how much each of you love IB wholesouled. I can’t leave individual messages and thank everyone as there were just too many comments but I loved all of your comments whoever left the comments.

    Special thanks to Arpu dear again for this brilliant idea to pen down our thoughts on IB. You are a marvel. Your comments were great.

    Luftha yes you can address my as Sister and I have already adopted you as my little Sister awhile back so now I have you and jeevi. Your comments were great too.

    Yes banita dear I took note of each track and remembered and sometimes rewatch them and that is why I still remember the old episodes and they are close to my heart. To see their progression in the show is amazing.

    1. Sindhu dear….Yiu are welcome and thank yiu to al of yiu who support my ideas..and yes Comments are 230+……..
      As Bani said still in celebration mood.

    2. Sindhu di,
      Awwwwwwwww…..You are so sweet di.Love you a lot.Lots of hugs from my side.God bless you?

    3. Banita

      Sindhu dr…
      Yeh me also not finise read everyone’s comment till now… But it really nycc to read all comments… Yeh progression of d show is Superbb specially Shivika’s…

  13. Coming to today’s episode, oh my what timing that the Obahus ran to hold Aryan from falling regardless of whether Shivomru will see or not. Their only aim is to save the child from getting hurt. It shows the Bahus motherly instinct and I think the senior bahus have to learn from the junior bahus.

    Now what happens to dadi. Is she acting or not? She has disappreared for very long.

    Wow what a dance!!!! Shava shava dance. They should have used the wide angle lens to focus on the three couples dance. It seemed disconnected. There were too many people in the b/g and a little confused on which to watch. The dance steps were nice and shivika and Rikara dance were great.

    It was a twist. I thought they would not open the ball but did not realise Aryan will drop from there. Anika should have told shivaay and now they have to find out this way and it is now more embarrassing for Oberoi family. I am not sure whether shivaay will be angry with Anika for not telling the truth earlier. That is the problem. Sometimes Anika thinks she can solve the matter on her own and then it became now worse with media walla being there. If she had told shivaay he would have prevented this as he has reinforcements. It was due to their carelessness that now Aryan has come out into the open.

    Hopefully the bahus learn a lesson that sometimes they need their husbands help when situation is very sticky.

    1. Yes Sometimes Annika’s plan goes wrong..
      awrong..actually both Shivika have a prblm.that they didn’t share prblms with each other but they expect from each othet to share their prblms..
      I want progression of them.regarding this..
      Hope Sso.will not shout at Annika..

    2. Sindhu di,
      That’s the problem of the Oberois.They never share anything with anyone even their respective husband and wife.When problem comes in front of everyone they blame one another for hiding it from rest of the other.Hope that Shivaay is going to make everything alright.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  14. Hiiiii everyone
    Shava shava dance was awesome .
    Somuya she is so horrible
    veer planned worked after a long time
    It was ok episode for me .

    1. Hi Jeni,
      Yeah episode was ok type but loved the concern of the Obahus and those dance moves of Shivaay.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  15. #ibhits500
    I still remember I was jumping wd joy when the first promo was on air…like every kunalian I started watching it only for him….nd i was not at all disappointed cz his character was totally diff frm usual hero…no fight no extra action..his calm smile nd shayaris were just out off world…..
    I was never a fan of ADITYA DIWAAN…also I didn’t knw name of nakul that time (p.s:- nakulians don’t kill me for this?????)
    But shivaye Singh Oberoi was a totally diff character…..this made him popular even kids knw who is THE NAKUL MEHTA…
    with every episode I discovered new shade of nakul …with each nd every episode his acting was getting more touching…nd he proved that he is not less than anyone… offenese he got best actor award in every award function…
    Coming to anika.. .I still remember in 1 week after the show started she was getting negative response from all side…some where not happy as the pair…but as story unfolded everyone were flat on them nd now #shivika is most loved nd brand Jodi.. ..
    Leenesh….his character was the most loved during initial days….his nd anika s plans oh gosh it was just laughter riots….
    Soumya I m very disappointed the way cvs ruined our Rumya…but it’s k…i liked their cute nok jhok.. .this made rumya the CUTEST JODI onscreen….
    Coming to Gauri.. .
    Well there was no one who was the most happiest wd her entry….afterall we kunalian got lead after almost 6 months??….her character was also diff….as I m a RiKara fan I did watched dbo….she played all characters very well….nd I m glad that i m a RiKara fan..nd a shrenal shipper .. . (P.s:- I knw he is officially of Bharti one.. but my heart …?)
    All the characters r most loved ones..nd every Jodi has a huge huge fandom….nd i m thankful to go for giving this show…
    Well I m a very very old member of this section…i also got many friends vs of ib nd telly updates….some r in contact nd some just vanished nd never came back….i hope they all r doing well…
    Abiha di..mishri di..chetna di..richu di..mukti di..veda di..shaza..mukta …renima di..nd many more.. .I don’t remember all names…bcz some r still in contact….i hope u r fine…nd of u see my msg then plz reply…i miss uh u all.. .love uhhh….
    Thank u?…
    Sorry for typos…

    1. Hello Saku dear,
      Welcome back to PKJ family.I am missing the absent and missing members a lot.Hope to meet them all one day.And congratulations to you for IB’s completion of 500 episodes.Take care?

  16. agreed that anika wore chamki to fool veer that she is a “DIFFERENT” person and not anika. but at least the other oberois can tell her to change her hairstyle. dont they feel it rubbish that a oberoi bahu has such a hairstyle… doesnt anybody feel odd about it at all… please… the writers should be lot lot more practical at least in such minute things….

  17. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is ok but it seems like cvs is dragging the plot… Please end up this rudra wedding track….
    Keep commenting and keep watching ishqbaaz dearies…

    1. Banita

      Yeh Nikku, now cvs just dragging it too much…. Hope they resume d kmm soon…

  18. Same track as Tia without any information why should Tia track will come and most irritating is media kuch bhi ho oberois mein turatha a jatha hai aur raestha phala jatha hai

  19. Same track as Tia without any information why should Tia track will come and most irritating is media kuch bhi ho oberois mein turatha a jatha hai aur raestha phala jatha hai ????

  20. hello pkj
    i saw in the tv info which says shiv will claim aryan as his son with ani’s support,then veera nd soumya will make a game changing plan

  21. ItsmePrabha

    Hello Meri Poorane aur naye aur daily comment karne wali PKJ waasiyon….
    I lub you all to the power of Tiffany..seriously man 238 comments are like OMG nahi nahi OMM..
    i am so happy actually Overwhelmed seeing all your love towards the show… chal ab meri baari..
    Firstly i started watching this show on the very first day itself..kyunki i have seen all the previous shows of leads i mean ..shivika,ishkara,rumya.. and to be honest nakuul and leenesh were the main reason i started to watch this show..My fav. character is no wonder Shivaay par i myself connect with anudi and rudy*point to be noted it is rudy not rudra singh oberoi*..kyunki woh donno meri tarah hai intelligent,smart,innocent bachon jaise,sache dilke..OK OK mein yaha khudh ki tareef kuch zyada kar rahi hoon..
    and now chahe kabhi kabhar ib humme kitni gandi track bhi diye na..i cant stop watching it…well the reasons are it gave me alot of memories like shivika’s blush lessons,dard hua,fark pada,aur bhi bohoth kuch..sabse zyada mujhe mera chitchor dariyal diya Ideal husband..aur bohoth saari obros moments…rumya’s cute antics aur unki bohoth saaari moments..cvs ke liye woh fake ho sakthe hai lekin mere liye they are my most lovable memories..rikara se zyada chulkara ka moments pasand hai mujhe..par i loved rikara’s confessions the most..i mean direct wali..agar indirect dekha jaaye tho shivaay’s video confession was ,is,and will be the best Forever for me….i couldn’t connect with Ishkara.. par i have always thought agar gul mam ne teek se kiya hoga toh Ishkara’s story would be an amazing one..i mean usme scope zyada hai..the asli mixture of truth and lies wali baath would have justified..well ab toh mein apni cute chirayya se khush hoon..and i can never connect with bhavya..i mean as a character bhavya is introduced as a strong woman agar aise chala hua hoga toh sayed mein usko pasand karthi par as usual cvs ne uski character ki bhi OMM kar diya and woh joh todi hope thi it disappeared into thin air..well kuch bhi hai i love my IB..
    and ek aur wajah jiski wajah se mein ib ko itni pasand karthi hoon aur woh aap log hai..coz of this IB page i met many wonderful souls like..Harika akka,Nilu darling*nilash*,Luthfa darling,Arpita,Bunny, Dhwani,Pui,Shivya,Phani kiran akka*FF writer*,Riana,Chavi and Many more..sorry main anudi ki tarah badam nahi khati toh meri memory thodi weak hai..iss liye sab ki naam nahi likh paayi..par I love you all seriously..and like Nikita dear met Zaveesha..i also want to meet you all..
    and Finally even if this show ends, it will always be my most fav. show..Love you ishqbaaz..
    bohoth saari baatein karna chathi thi par pata nahi lafz hi nahi mil rahi hai..
    and Last but not the least Love you Arpu meri cheapdi for this idea…???? here are some kisses to you..

    1. Nikita_jai29

      I also want to meet you too dear

  22. ItsmePrabha

    well coming to epi ..everything is ok ok types..loved shava shava song..par bohoth ho gaya nach baliye want seriousness in the story..loved the motherly concern of obahus and bhavya for Aryan…and disgusting media uff….and that choti rumya secne is amazing..well waiting for todays epi..Lub you all..
    and All the best of good luck to all those preparing for exams and writing exams,,
    Buh bye..Take care..

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  24. OMG!!! its been a while since i have seen so many comments amazing,sorry for butting in though.

  25. How can cvs show aryan be son of rudra and saumya .. aryan atleast 5-6 years ka hoga .. aur ib mein koi leap bhi nhi aya .. toh rudra aur saumya ki shaadi ko 5-6 saal kab hue ?????? Plz koi mujhe logic smjhado

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