Ishqbaaz 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Daksh kidnaps Payal

Ishqbaaz 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye comes to Anika’s house. Sahil’s mum welcomes him. He looks at the house’s conditions. She asks are you finding Anika, she isn’t here. He says I didn’t come to meet her, but you, I want to know about her, family, her clan, everything. She asks what did she do now. He says tell me about her. She says I feel ashamed to tell about her, she is my brother-in-law’s daughter, I m her aunt, but I looked after her like a mum, her mum is someone’s mistress, she eloped with a rich man when Gauri and Anika were young, I know the hardships, how I worked hard and raised them, what did I get in return, disgrace, she ruined my reputation, she wants to trap a rich man and spend a life of leisure, she is more concerned about her boss than her work, so we had to live your house, no one respects and cares

for me, both the sisters just do as their wish. He says this is Anika’s salary, tell her that she must not be seen around my sister. He leaves. He says how could I make a big mistake in judging someone, why did I believe her every time, everything was a lie, why didn’t you listen to your heart, not mind, she is not different than other girls. He sees Anika with Daksh.

Anika says Payal is pregnant with your child, she is upset as you are avoiding her, you are doing wrong with your child, Priyanka and Payal, its not too late, you can set everything right, just tell the truth to Priyanka and break the marriage, accept Payal. Daksh laughs and asks why do I you think I will do this. She says you have to do this, else you can’t imagine what Shivaye will do. He says you can’t even imagine what I can do to you. She says I don’t care for myself, I care for Priyanka, Payal and that child, I give you 24 hours to set things right, else you will lose everything. She goes. Shivaye looks on from far.

He says I made her out of the house, she came here to meet Daksh, if she does anything to stop the marriage, I won’t leave her. Maid cleans the room and gets letter. Priyanka is on call and asks someone to come urgently, as her mehendi artist didn’t turn up. She says she didn’t agree, she said she can’t leave the puja at her home, how will my ceremony happen, I wish Anika was here, she would have managed everything. Omru ask her to relax. Shivaye says everything will happen, the best mehendi artist will apply mehendi to you. Tia comes with mehendi artists. Tia says we got your mehendi blessed by Guru, as Shivaye wanted this. Shivaye says how did you think your marriage ceremony will be incomplete when I m here, you don’t need any wedding planner now, as I m your wedding planner now. Priyanka thanks him. Maid says I got this from your room. Rudra says leave this, else this mehendi artist will go. She says I want to see who has sent this letter. Rudra says let me read it for you, its in Hindi, Priyanka I…. Om takes the letter and says you won’t be able to read it. Daksh gets some gifts. Omru help him. Priyanka asks Shivaye to read it. Shivaye gets a call and asks Tia to read it. Priyanka says give it to me, I will read it. The girl asks Priyanka to apply mehendi first.

Shivaye says Daksh, I saw you meeting Anika today. Daksh recalls her words. Shivaye asks what was she telling you now. Daksh says she isn’t able to handle rejection, she is asking me to break marriage and marry her, she said she will lie to Priyanka about my illegitimate affair, she is linking me with Payal, she is trying to break Priyanka’s marriage, can you believe this, she will try to make Priyanka against me. Shivaye says she tried, she came here yesterday but I have kicked her out, she won’t meet Priyanka, she won’t come between you two. Anika says why didn’t Priyanka call me, maybe she didn’t get the letter. Payal calls her and says Daksh isn’t answering, I m scared, if he marries Priyanka, my life will be ruined. Anika says so I asked you to tell the truth to Priyanka, when she breaks the marriage, Daksh will come to you, if you are ready to tell her the truth, I will come. Payal says okay, come, I m ready to come with you. Tia slaps Daksh and asks do you know the consequences if everyone knows Payal is pregnant with your child, not just your and Priyanka’s marriage, but Shivaye and my wedding will also get called off, its imp for us, we are bankrupt, we want Oberois’ money.

Daksh says I know I did a mistake, trust me, I will manage everything. She asks how, Anika will tell everything about you. He says she tried, but Shivaye kicked her out, I have instigated him against Anika. She says but Priyanka will listen, if Anika reaches Priyanka, that letter was sent by Anika….. we have to stop Priyanka. She runs downstairs and takes the letter from Priyanka. She says you will ruin your mehendi, did you apply clove oil. Priyanka says not yet. Tia asks the girl to apply clove oil to her mehendi. She gives the letter to Daksh and says Anika is not going to give up soon, she will try to break the marriage till it happens, if Anika meets Payal, we can’t do anything. He puts letter in pocket. Letter falls down. Gauri and Sahil’s mum attend guests. Anika gets ready. Gauri asks where are you going. Anika says I have some imp work. Gauri asks is it imp than shagun. Sahil’s mum asks can’t you stay at home, its your shagun today. Anika says I have some work. Sahil’s mum says what will I tell your inlaws if they come before you. Anika goes. Payal calls her and asks where are you. Anika says I m on the way, near your house. Payal says come soon, I m stressed. Daksh comes. Daksh pushes her.

Anika asks are you fine. He hurts Payal and pushes her again. Payal asks him to leave her. Anika pays the auto driver and runs to her house. Payal picks her phone and runs upstairs. Daksh catches her. He ties up Payal. He sees Anika and thinks she is such a trouble, she reached even here. He goes. Anika gets in and calls out Payal. She sees the house state and checks for her. She goes to check back door. She sees Daksh leaving in a van.

Anika says where did he hide Payal. Daksh asks men to take antique almirah carefully. Anika says the tempo didn’t stop on the way, where did Payal go then. She sees Payal’s cloth hanging out of the cupboard and says she is inside, I hope she is safe, I have to get her out of it, but how…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arpita6

    Hii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 25..
    Congrats today is silver jubilee. …of redux 25 days..ok not 25 years..?????..
    @Ishu.stop calling me Di yar I am.too 18 years old.
    Come tp episode -.

    .kya likhu????? Today I want to beat Chachi..seriously yarr how could she say such things..
    Want to kill Daksh…and this Chanchi idiots. .
    Sso you are gonna regret badly for not trsusting Annika…
    And Annika today you made a wrong should not tell Daksh about that…
    And Tia ooohooo.aagayi apni aukat pe…huuhhhh…..
    And …..

    Kuch nahi..
    Chapter end.
    Now 2 days gonna eat my mind.. I am notable to figure out what isgoung to happen.who will win ..who will loose who will suffer ..who will be hapy..
    So many questions. .
    Ok….but Pagals..lets do some pagalpanti…
    giive your crazy wild imagination regarding thtrack. ..I mean this D chanchi tia prinku sso annika..
    Totally for fun what way we can make this funny as we can.


    1. Go Arpu Go !
      Congo on being no .one .
      Aaj to aapne baazi mar li.
      badhiya hai.

      and first of all I am sorry yaar
      mene jb pehle comment ka reply kiya tha tb di nhi kha tha, but second time reply krne pr mujhe pata hi nhi chala kb mene di likh diya sorry but next time aisa nhi hoga
      pinky promise

      really , chachi is so mean
      is chachi ki to chutney banane ka man kr raha hai.

      love u sweetheart……..
      have a nice weekend……..

      1. Hiii Ishu..first of all stop being so formal yar.jab delho har baat ke liye sorry…ab sorry bolna band kar pagli…..
        Thank you too have a nice weekend..

    2. Congrats Arpu dear. Wow you are number 1 today

      1. Thnx Sindhu di…???

    3. Hey Arpu I have already given some crazy idea on my comments below. Don’t worry Arpu dear. Anika will somehow record Daksh’s confession. I am sure something good will happen. Next week will be a Dabang week for all of us as a lot of loopholes will be covered.

      I have only one wish that Iacter solving everything I want anika to walk out of the Oberoi Mansion with her head held high up with dignity that she saved an innocent girl from the clutches of a womanizer and a greedy man and also Oberois reputation and I want Shivaay to see that and regret very much that he wronged the wrong person. The flashback of the hurtful words should ring in his mind so that he does not generalised that all women are the same as Sakthi’s Mistress.

      1. Btw Arpu the letter fell off from Daksh pocket right I think maybe Omru will pick up and they will find out the truth. I hope Omru gets Khanna to bring the footage so they can help Anika to prove daksh is a rogue. Not sure that will happen but if it happpens it is good as cvs are using Omru to the core.

      2. Sindhu di..our all hopes is going to die..
        Bcoz a big storm is going to happen…..????..
        Even now only one thing I want that after MU clear she should come out from OM…
        And completely ignore Sso…that is the last hope we can expect..

  2. Pushpa

    Hi guys…
    Well ok …. not bashing towards shivaye please… because all points are showing to anika…. dahks is marrying his sister so he believes him…. shivaye dun really know anika well just tht feeling he hv ….. so shivaye to not believe anika is natural…
    Yeah chachi dakhs &tia …… if im there sure ⛏?⛏⛏⛏??till death..
    What a disturbance tonread the letter….2rps family Tia same to same issue marrying Shivaye for money…. is there no any other reasons ….. so i saw the letter fall outvof dakhs pocket….. whose hand it will land????? Shivaye? Or priyanka…. lets c if priyanka read the letter find anika & hand in hand expose dakhs….or shivaye will end the drama……like the game is not over until shivaye says so…. lets play along and watch after all its our #ishqbaaaz letz enjoy plah along wth the storyline….

    Chaci hv to bad mouth anika to shivaye…. shivaye sees anika wt dakhs same2same Hw he saw anika in dakhs roomin old IB..cmon shivaye think a little…. and when asked dakhs once again lie to shivaye ….

    Everytime dakhs is winning…. hw? Cant wait eagerly so long…. please dakhs story khatam kartho ..

    Wht dakhs kidnap payal…. so same again like hw anika found dusyant she will find payal and at the edge of dakhs tying the mangalsutra to priyanka payal will come & expose dakhs…..

    I think monday anika will enter OM wt her new avatar….. gkna be so excitjng & entertaining…. lets wait & watch…gd nite gals

    1. Hii Pushpa di .
      How are you?
      yes dii I also think on monday Annika will enter in Oberoi mansion in totaly different avtar.
      good night to u too .

    2. Pushpa it is true bad guys are winning now but anika will come with a bang and after that hue and cry dies off I want Anika to leave not looking at Shivaay but I want Shivaay to really feel for her with great regrets and I want him to go after her desperately and I don’t want anika to forgive him that easily. SSO has to learn his lesson too.

    3. Pu di..we are trying hard to not get angry on Sso.but somehow his words are very much rude..and if in upcoming he wil do something that is unbearable then He is definitely gonna one can stop it..
      Lets see.

  3. SSO is such a dumb!! Why he always believe in everything said by someone?? Why can’t he think first before badmouthing anyone?? I understand that he loves his sister very much… But that doesn’t mean he can talk bad about anyone’s upbringing… If a girl is saying a lot about a guy, there must be truth inside it… At least, he should personally investigate it… But, the stupid Singh Oberoi won’t do that and will straight away jump into conclusion that Annika is money minded person… Didn’t he saw her struggling with her life?? Please, man… The previous ib too show the same as this… That time it was Tia, now it’s Daksh… The blame goes to Annika that she is running behind his money… Don’t they have any different track??

    1. Hello Swetha.
      I agree with u Shivaye should investigate about Annika and I think he did so , he investigated about Annika but from wrong person .

    2. See that dear SSO has already have a preconceived idea about women and now he also thinks Anika is no better after hearing from her Chachi who said anika was trying to flirt with her old boss. He knows it is not true but Shivaay chooses to believe what he wants to believe.

    3. Swetha.this is actually Sso problem that he always trust on wrong people..
      It is very hard to hate him or bash him bcoz after seeing his sweet version….but his words..are definately so much rude….Main prblm is that..and this Chanchi..she has no right to call herself as women.

  4. Hello guys thanks a lot that daksh and his sister tia are so mean they want to marry shivay and priyanka just for money but i knew it befor as im pretty sure that the kapoors will be exposed cuz as i am thinking anika will find payal and she will let her confess her relashionship with daksh and that will prove the truth of anika ‘s words

    1. Imane I a. getting feeling that it is going to be stretch..bcoz now prinku in hospital..
      Or if D will exposed then also.gonna nothing chng..bcoz Tia will play hercard I am sure..

  5. Im pretty sure that anika will win this game

    1. Ya ……Imane, you are absolutely right Annika wil definately expose Daksh and will win the game.

  6. Luthfa

    A girl is fighting for two other girl’s right and respect when her own respect is at stake.It’s an old saying that tells-Happiness of a home depends on a girl.On the other hand it’s also very much true that the same girl can be the reason of breaking someone’s house and worst,her’s as well.These are two different points but applied for one person.Here Anika is trying to save Priyanka and her life but Shivaay Singh Oberoi is considering her that type of girl who comes in between a couple uninvited and breaks them apart and their relation.Somehow he is not at fault because of the dark experience he has as to his parent’s relationship.To him,every girl who wants to trap a guy for her own benefits is way too much culprit in his eyes.What happened with his parents were unfortunate but that doesn’t mean he would measure everyone in the same light.He knows nothing regarding Anika but formed a quick opinion on the basis of his self-gathered information.The reality is,he is far,far away from the truth.His misconceptions are deep rooted and he can’t help it.And most importantly,he is hurt in his heart that Anika did something which he never imagined she could.The feelings of his own heart betrayed him and he is not able to accept that.He is heartbroken because Anika broke his heart and he himself let that happen and this is pricking him every now and then.He made a wrong choice and that’s his mistake.He is blaming no one but himself for believing Anika forgetting his principles in the matter of girls and their nature.Whatever it is,one thing is sure and that is-Shivaay Singh Oberoi is going to regret big time for his act of questioning Anika’s character………………………………

    1. Hello Luthafa di …..
      How are you ?
      and where were you?

      agree di……Shivaye should not judge everyone in the same light…….he should understand , ki jis tarah hamare haath ki paancho fingers ek jaisi nhi hoti theek usi tarah
      all mens and womens are not same.

      and Nice analysis di.
      Take care
      love u
      have a great weekend

    2. Luthfa Luthfa my dear me dear you are back. Love you ? my dear and your beautiful penned words. Amazing ya!!!! You are right she is proving daksh wrong and not even bothered about her own wedding becasue an innocent girl’s life should not be destroyed. The worse is she is even trying to help Payal who told untruth about her initially and now that very person is calling anika for help.

      Yes Shivaay’s misconception is getting bolder and humongous and every angle that he sees Anika now is always he is at fault has Daksh has instigated Shivaay to the core. Oh you are right Lu Shivaay is going to regret big big BIG time and very very remorseful after that. He said he thought she was different and not like other girls and yes she really is different but all are untruths about her being learnt by SSO.

      Nice analysis dear

    3. This is not new..dear it always happens.last time in D matter he said KABHI SOCHA NAHI THA KI SAHI HONE PAR BHI ITNA DARD HOTA HE..
      He always see what he wants and hurt otjer and later regret and hurt himself and his heart as well as his mind..
      Sso kabhi nahi sudhrenge..(face palm)

  7. Did anyone hear that Shivaay was spying on daksh ? Daksh was about to kill payal’s baby but he saw Shivaay beforehand and acted smarter and turned situation in his favor and accused Anika for calling him here. This way Shivaay’s misunderstanding for Anika heightens. By God ki kasam, my head hurts. ?.lgta hai koi chance ni dikh raha ki Shivika ka ek saath hone ka. Bahut lmba khichayega ye abhi tou mysterious lady track bhi baaki hai. No hope ab. Abhi 10 days tk daksh aese hi brainwash krta rahega Shivaay ka. Mujhe ab Ye rista Kya kehlata hai serial pasand aa ra. Tou I think Mera yaha last comment hoga. Main pak chuki hun. Goodbye Juniors. 🙂

    1. Shivi….if you want to leave the show then we can’t force to watch it..
      But I am sure When MU will be cleared ( ek na ek din toh hoga hi) will love it.
      Hope once again you wil start to watch ishqbaaz.
      Lots of love.

      1. It’s Shivi Di* . I am 6 yrs older to you Arpita 🙂 yeah but will watch once the understanding between the two of them gets cleared. I don’t like the show where one person gets blamed time to time for no reason. At first, it was new but now the same siyapa begins and my head hurts after watching it. Anyway, i wrote it angrily but won’t quit watching the show but until Kapoors get exposed, I won’t watch.

  8. thought that may be next week daksh ka shayed kuch hoga…paar bol raha hai ki kuch time aur lagega…
    itna lamba ku drag kar rahi hai iss daksh wala drama…
    audience bore ho rahi hai jiske lye trp kaam ho rahi hai…makers bakwas dekhaigi aur audience agar bore hone ki kye na dekhe aur trp kam ho to audience ki galti…
    sirf ek baat acha tha tia ki asliyat samne aya…
    I hope tia Aur daksh se saath saath pura kapoors expose ho..I just hope prianka aur daksh ki shadi na ho jai….aur shivika ki koi forced marriage na ho. mujhe shivay ko suffered dekha hai wo bhi bohoti buri tara….

    1. Hiii are actually right .in this is arround only D and prinku….
      And i don’t think who.kapoors wil be exposed soon
      After next’s next week D can be exposed.but not Kapoors..
      Lets see.
      Even I am too scared about trp…….
      And i don’t think Trp will be good.
      Lets see.
      Hope toh nahi chod sakte .

  9. Hiii everyone .
    How are u all ?
    Hope all r fine.

    Today’s episode-
    Chachi u should be in your limits .
    We all know how much you love and care for Annika and Gauri .
    U are really so mean.
    Initially I thought She is saying so on Daksh saying but I was wrong.
    Chachi kisi aur k kehne pr nhi khud se itna muh chala rhi thi .

    and I wish , Along with seeing Shivaye could hear Annika and Daksh’s conversation.

    and Seriously, Rudy,
    u were unable to read letter just bcoz it was written in hindi.

    jb Tia stairs se ucchal – ucchal kr letter lene k liye aa rhi thi na at that time i was thinking ki kash ye stairs se muh k bhal gir jaye.
    but afsos aisa kuch hua nhi ……
    both bhai – behen are two ruppees cheapde.

    waiting for monday …..
    love u all.

    1. Ishita you are right dear. You know Ishita what I don’t understand is whatever anika does they can see it from cctv footage but daksh and Tia having conversation no one see it or hears or even attempt to see the cctv footage.

      1. Yes di u are right each and every time it happens.
        Do u remember?
        when from CCTV footage Shivaye got to know about Rings , at that time also it happened and I thought the same u are thinking.

    2. Wow..Ishu same thoughts about tia……
      ??? too want.
      And this rudy….kuch bhi matlab..
      Bhai behen Chachi Nikhil all are arghhhhhh…..
      Aab Sso ..kya karun inka????….

  10. Unbelievable!!!!! Now it is my turn to say. Unbelievable SSO!!!! How can you say Anika is shameless to meet Daksh? Why can’t Shivaay wonder what is daksh doing here and even if daksh said to Shivaay that anika is not able to handle rejection, why Shivaay never questioned daksh no matter what he was not suppose to go and meet her. Shivaay why did you suspect Anika to the core??? Look at how destiny plays in their lives.

    I knew Tia read the letter. Oh my goodness both brother and Sister are completely bankrupt. ? LOL. Shivaay should have demanded that they pay something for Priyanka.

    Poor. Anika is trying so hard to prove daksh is a rogue. She will save Payal and truth will come out. So I am waiting for Anika in a new get up as a mehendi lady to save Payal.

    Honestly I did not expect Shivaay to bribe Anika’s aunt and of all the person he asked Anika’s Chachi what happened to Anika’s Mother.

    I only hope Anika will not forgive Shivaay that easily and she will go ahead with the marriage with Nikhil and that is when I want Shivaay to get desperate and I think it may be a forced marriage once again. Oh I hope not man please….. I want Shivaay to get desperate and try all means to get to woo Anika back. Rather than SSO getting an easy way out.

    1. Really Sindhu di . ………..
      sometimes Shivaye doesn’t use his brain and does and belives what other’s are saying to him
      me too don’t want force marriage and I want Annika will not forgive him so easily .
      I want her to show some tantrums.
      But let’s see what will happen next.
      Till then tak care .
      Happy weekend to u too.

    2. Sindhu di…Sso says one sorry and our Annika became a puddle…
      This time want a dhit annika..really..
      Sab toh dimag kha rahe he..aabSso bhi…
      Bas bhi karo Sso..
      Upbringing is bad…..
      You can do anything for money….
      Now I am waiting what will Sso gonna use cheap words for Annika.

  11. Well I was thinking that Shivaay has beclouded his thinking capacity with Priyanka’s blind sisterly love that he failed to see the danger lurking around her. He trusts Daksh for the sole reason that Priyanka trusts Daksh. Shivaay is not wrong in this as he was entrusted to look after Priyanka when she was just so little and he showered her with all the love as Mother and Father. How parents are so overprotective with their children and trust their own children first then others so Shivaay here trusts that Priyanka is happy with daksh. Though there maybe some thoughts of disclarity in daksh’s version the fact that priyanka is smiling and happy being with D dispels all shivaay’s confusion and he chose to believe Daksh who has convinced him so perfectly.

    Shivaay has a choice to believe Daksh or to find out more about Anika but chose the former as D is the wedding groom. Anika has a choice of closing this entire chapter, minding her own business and getting ready for her wedding or digging deeper into the truth and prove that lie is the whole truth to the Oberois and Anika lovingly chose the latter. Simply it involves an innocent woman’s life who is entering into her next phase of married life. If Shivaay has parents, they would have checked the background of the grim before even committing but Shivaay does not know this and he thinks his sister’s happiness is where his happiness is. Tia and himself once again are marrying for a deal.

    Have a good weekend my lovely PKJ family. My love to Luthfa dear Arpu dear banita kadhambari Ishita Sneha Tania aayush Zara pushpa beauty shiny dear jeevi shivya and many many more…..

    1. Hii Di….I am not that much disappoint about Sso’s trust issue……bcoz he is always like that.
      But his words are hurting me like anything ???????it is feel like this.????????…
      Happy weekend to you too.

  12. Arpita6

    Ok chalo…I don’t want to say this…but I think our all hopes are dying…….
    Bcoz Now Prinku is in hospital..???????????????????????????????..
    It means Annika is gonna suffer more and more and more and more……
    I am totaly pissed off.
    But guys. dont even think to stop watching..
    Ek hi pyara show he hamara..ddekhlo..
    Baad main maja aayega.
    Abhi ye sab jhelna padega…

    1. Priyanka is in hospital it means usne letter padh liya

      1. No Ishu….
        ???itni asani se kahan ???????..
        D couldn’t come to weeding at right time..or should I say he didn’t came…
        And prinku goes to find him and met with accident and once again D put all the blame on Annika..
        ???aab aur suffer karna baki he hamara..
        Tayar hoja.
        Agar aae ja kar accha Shivika svene dekhna he toh ( After clear MU period ki baat kar rahi hun) is going to very tough to watch.

  13. Hii r u????
    Missed u all

    1. He Sneha.missed you too dear..
      How are you??

  14. Hi dears,
    HS like shivaay to always badmouth about anika alot.. After the revelation he will regret to the core.. But who bear the pain “Anika”.
    Next week also Anika’s plan ti ti phis..
    Priyanka will hospitalized no idea why.. But marriage will be stopped for being and the blame will go to Anika..
    I have a feeling that next month or so only daksh will expose.. One month we have to see crying Anika and shivaay’s anger..

    1. Hiii di?????..
      Ek month.. bashing ki flood aajayegi. ???..

  15. ?????..upcoming is soo confusing that i am not able to assume anything..
    I read a comment on twitter and cant stop laughing..that person is acrually right
    Har koi kisi na kisike peeche pada hua.he
    Priinku D ke peeche
    D Annika ke peeche.
    Annika D ke peeche
    Payal D ke peeche.
    Sso Annika ke peeche.
    Tia Sso ke money ke peeche
    Chachi paiso ke peeche…..
    Kappors Oberois ke peche..????? aur koi baki he….!!!????
    D in weeding Attire
    Annika in weding attire
    Prinku in Hospital attire
    New khbbar
    Nikhil in wedding attire..???????????aur koun kiski attire main mere ko samajh nahi aaraha…
    Shivika ki saadi ke liye aur weddings jaroori nahi he Cvs…
    Kaafi he.
    Tpday outdoor I mean temple shootung is going on…
    Kon kise sadi karega.
    Kissa SHADDI BAZ ka.
    Overally We are confused souls……
    Kya banadiya ishqbaaz ne hamko..
    ??????????let me laugh……
    But still I will watch.
    And guys..get ready to witness another wedding or may be force wedding.
    Waiting for next week….
    And more than next next week..
    When MU will clear….
    Tab tak chain ke sasein lo..
    Popcorn khao and 10 pm pe starplus par omnday to friday dekho..
    Love you..pagsls..

  16. sooo…again shivika forced marriage….
    aur kitna dekhenge hum…makers bakwas dekhate rehe aur jab audience na dekhne k lye trp decrease hota hai to galti audience ki…
    thik hai aab jab aapni marji se shivika ki forced marriage kara rahi ho to please makers daksh kamina ko bhi expose kaara do jaldi…

  17. “Jo dard dilo ko pyara ho, wo dard dilo mein hi rehta hai,
    Keemat hai us aansu ki, jo aankhon mein hi rehta hai”

  18. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Well the current episodes are not giving any new experience same as the previous tracks where all the villain allianced and our female protagonist fights for the good… Fed up with it.. Please cvs bring some thing new

  19. really surprising writer’s were left with no stories because of which repeated the track bullshit

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