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Ishqbaaz 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khanna asking Anika to use the snow spray for happy moment. She nods and sprays, while Khanna pushes him. The spray ignites huge fire which burns the painting. The lady screams. Shivaye smiles, while Anika gets shocked. Khanna says sorry. Shivaye says you burnt painting worth 5 crores, how will you pay its price. Some time before, Anika apologizes to Shivaye. He asks her to get habitual. Sartaj asks him did he take anything.

Shivaye says no one served me. Sartaj asks Anika to serve Shivaye. Anika asks Shivaye what will he have. He says I would like to have red wine. She says just drink blood. He asks what did you say. She jokes and asks him to take it himself. He insists. She says fine, I will give, you are not asking for my kidney. He asks for a glass of champagne too. She

says you deal with shame and pain, have this. He asks for a glass of tomato juice with black pepper, no actually… She says you should just leave it if you don’t understand. She gives him a glass of water. He looks at the glass and recalls how she threw water on his face. She asks him to have it. He leaves. She says mad wild cat.

Om and Rudra go to Shivaye’s room and do not see him. Rudra says Shivaye did not come from office, and his phone is not reachable. Om says he maybe in office. Rudra calls Shivaye’s office and talks to Sarah. He flirts and asks do you still snore like this. Om says atleast spare Shivaye’s secretary. Rudra asks Sarah whats her plan. Om takes phone and asks Sarah about Shivaye. He ends call and tells Rudra that Shivaye left two hours before, call him. Rudra calls again and could not connect.

Anika says pasta got burnt and worries. Khanna asks her to serve dinner. She says everything is set. Khanna calls Shivaye and says Anika is heating food, she is making her broken slipper right, but she is good at heart. Shivaye asks what shall I do, just do your work. Anika wishes no one eats this pasta. Om and Rudra make videocall to Shivaye. Shivaye says I will talk later. Rudra says you are in party, with Tia. Shivaye says shut up, I m with no one. They see Anika behind Shivaye. Rudra says you are with Anika. Shivaye denies and ends call. Om and Rudra think whats happening.

The guests like the food. She says when I serve water, people find it tasty too. Shivaye asks for pasta. She murmurs pasta burnt. Khanna gets some box. Anika asks Shivaye to have aloo puri, then he will learn to smile. He says give me the damn pasta. She says have it then, and serves him. She says if you are true Oberoi, you won’t leave a single pasta in plate. He eats the burnt pasta and looks at her. She says actually, pasta came from foreign and does not know your greatness, so it burnt, if it knew its going in your stomach, it would have not dared to burn. Sartaj asks how is pasta. Shivaye says fantastic and eats. Anika smiles.

Roop is leaving. Pinky asks Roop to check if she left any of her belonging, I think you kept extra things, we have one thing, your respect. She laughs. Roop smiles and says like you helped me, I will also help you with interest. She leaves.

Anika makes the cake ready. She goes to get sparkling candles. Khanna gets a candle and keeps there. Shivaye’s friend Sartaj says I will gift my beautiful wife a painting worth 5 crores. Anika says 5 crores painters can come in 5 crores. Shivaye says some people don’t know how many zeroes are there in 5 crores. Sartaj asks shall we cut the cake. She says I will get the cake. She gets the cake and lights the candle. Shivaye looks at her. Music plays……….

Shivaye smiles seeing the candles near the painting. The curtain is raised, and painting is revealed. Everyone clap. Shivaye signs Khanna. Khanna asks Anika to use the snow spray for happy moment. She nods and sprays, while Khanna pushes him. The spray ignites huge fire which burns the painting. The lady screams. Shivaye smiles, while Anika gets shocked. Khanna says sorry. Shivaye says you burnt painting worth 5 crores, how will you pay its price. The lady cries and says my painting burnt. Anika says sorry, I was just spraying snow and I burnt the painting, I will make this painting fine by calling a painter who works in my lane. Shivaye asks what. Anika asks him to be quiet. She tells Sartaj that the painter will make two paintings for him, my younger brother got grade A when that painter made drawings for him.

The lady asks what, I will die of shock by hearing this. Shivaye says I will explain her, let me handle this. He holds Anika’s hand and takes her. Ishana tells her friend that Omkara is her mission. She talks to her. They hear some sound and go out.

Shivaye asks Anika does she know how many zeroes are there in 5 crores. She says yes, why won’t I know, am I donkey, five zeroes. He says seven zeroes, Sartaj did not do anything because of me, you can go to jail. She asks do you get commissioner from jail. He says you belong there, accept your defeat, if you are ready to get sold, I m ready to buy you. She reminds him that there is no price tag on her. Ishana sees some goons troubling her dad to recover money and sends her friend inside the room. She tells goons that they gave 50 lakhs and will give 1.5 crores too. The goon says 3 crores, 2 crores principal and 1 crore interest, ask your dad. She looks at her dad and cries. She asks them to leave. The goon says if you don’t return soon, I will take you and your sister.

Her dad breaks bottle on goon’s head and scolds him for threatening him in his house. Ishana tries to stop her dad. Goon beats Ishana and her dad, and threatens them to pay money, else he will sell this house and them too. Ishana holds her wound and cries.

Sartaj tells Anika that he will cut money from her payment. Anika asks how, painting is worth 5 crores and payment is 5000rs. Shivaye says this girl is not helpless. Sartaj says that painting is not real, its duplicate, the painting was worth 50000rs, one more zero to your payment, but you made good aloo puri, so you got forgiven. He asks Shivaye to calm down and goes. Anika teases Shivaye and acts to call fire engine to blow off the fire, as Shivaye’s ego is burning. He looks at her.


Anika open challenges Shivaye to do anything, but he can’t win. The men come to break the house, and tell Anika that Bua sold the house in 30 lakhs. Anika calls Shivaye and says I want to meet you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Priya15

    Omg.. So sad for ishu… Guys she is not wrong but she is doing this to save her dad and her house…. Can’t see her crying…. Wt say am I ryt???

    1. Sriranjani

      Its not ryt coz if she wants money she have to work and not to steal others money

  2. Shivaay ka sara planning kharab ho gaya…. Sartaj was also smart to tag a painting of 50000 as 5 crores…
    Aaj ka episode yeh dikhaya ki jo bura kaam nahi karta uske saath bura nahi hota hai …. Anika be strong n confident like this always…….ishqbaaz rocksss….

  3. Ohhhhhh whts happng,i just enjoyed todays episode. Lve the nokjok btwn shivaye and anika. Lve the total cast. Really felt bad for both ishana and anika. Poor grls.

  4. Terrific episode

  5. I just cant tolerate this shovaye?

  6. Sriranjani

    Very Bad Shivayy…You will repent for this ??

  7. ishika mazumdar

    Anika ws awsome n shivaye too…? I ws laughng like hell…aftr watchng th nxt episode also I don’t think anika will apologze whn she WL meet him?….though we can see tht shivaye s shwng fake ego evn if he pretends to hurt her…he ws nt doing so…lol he saved her during pasta time?

    1. 😀 😀 😀 😀 What dialogues man,what dialogues!!!! Anika killed it today 🙂 🙂

      “bAS khoon hi pina tum”,
      “aap 4 bajgaye lekin party abhi baqi types hain aur main 4 bajgaye lekin aarti abhi baqi hai types houn” 3:)
      champagne deti houn, kaun sa meri kidney mangrahey ho”

  8. Amrita

    OMG What an episode

  9. Loveleen

    kya yr they nvr frgt to shw anika nny singl day bt r nt shwing oder heroines….i agree tht thy shwd ishaana tdy bt i hv nt seen soumya since long aftr her entry….no growth in omm n rudras love stry

  10. Nice episode

  11. Hey friends
    Yesterday someone compared Ths shows characters similar to boys over flowers
    But how can u forget the hindi version of boys over flowers I.e kaisi yeh yaariyan
    Hmm missing the days of kaisi yeh yaariyan
    Specially MANAN
    After kyy, found ishqbaaz n Krpkab as charming stories

  12. I laughed so much today. I was almost crying lolzzzzz Anika rocked today, she was ready to attack Shiv Like a warrior with her verbal taunt that even the great SHivey S. Oboery cannot match, hehehehe

    The funniest part was our egomaniac, Shiv ate whole plate full of burnt pasta to prove that he IS A REAL OBEROY lolzzzzz Anika is so smart 😛

    I felt bad for Ishana today. I really want to see Rudra and SOumo soon.

    BTW guys, have you notice one thing, Anika fits in so well with his brothers, and now his friends…. isnt that every person’s dream to have their significant other to blend in with their dear family and friends :)… silly shiv still failing to see how she is perfect for him, but not to worry that day is will come very soon when this bagar billa will turn into a Ishqbaaz 🙂

    1. Dude,,,U just gave wrds to my thoughts!!! I mean the way she made Shivaay eat that burnt pasta was down right hilarious .:D 😀 😀 AnShi’s chemistry, their nok jhok. their each n every scenes is a treat to sore eyes <3 Just luv them to the moon n back!!!!
      Anikaa gels so well wid om n rudra..:) 🙂 I love everything about Ishqbaaz!!!
      But really felt sad fr Ishana 🙁 n plz wana c rudra n his gal..Its high tym nw !!!

      1. aww Nadiya sweetie, thanks a lot for your comment. BTW i forgot to mention the most important thing from the last epi….

        Our Billa was awestricken by our dear Anika’s beauty as she lit the candle….what an adorable OO oo jaaaana moment! 😛

    2. Hey Aqua!!!!!!! You have given words to my thoughts too!!!!!! Shiv was awestruck by her beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That monment was so romantic!!!! And their fights!!!!!!!!! It was hilarious!!!!! Silly Shiv is so gonna pay for his arrogant attitude soon!!!!!????

      1. AquA..I shud b the one saying thank you..Thoroughly enjoy ur cmments n observations( n ur fangirling fr AnShi) <3 <3 <3 .
        I second u on this!!!The most important highlight of yesterday's episode …Shivaay was mesmerised by Anika 😉 when she was lighting the candle…She luked so innocent n beautiful <3 <3 <3
        HHMM i feel Shivaay will fall frst in luv wid Anika(though he has already fallen but is unaware :D) HEHE
        Seriously expect Anika not to b charmed by Shivay's wooing..He shud learn a lesson first!!! He hurled abuses n insults at HER 🙁 She shud give him a tough time in pataoing her 😀 😀

      2. Thanks co-ishqbaazians.
        I hope Anika will not give into Shiv so easily. He has to beg.

        I’m a suckered for strong female characters. ?
        And so far all the female leads r very strong in their will to survive.

        Honestly, I want few episodes where Anika will be teaming up with Om and rudra to pull Shiv’s leg. ??????

  13. cutipieee.....

    Nice story going …..and pls updade all episodes oof isqbaaz……bcoz I love this serial……..

  14. God!!!!problems everywhere!!!

  15. Anika nobdy can do ur job like uuu.u do ur role amazingly.i like ur nokjok scenes with shivay .so cute pair.matching 100 percent.

  16. Anika was fab. Bechara shivay. I guess Anika will slap him instead of asking sorry. .

    Felt bad for ishaana. Even she is helpless because of her drunkard father. Bechari

  17. Superb episode. Poor ishana . feeling sad for her.want to see more ishkara scenes.

  18. Ishana Bagaitkar

    Ye Vrushika ko mera hi naam mila tha kya….?? Please uska naam badldo ya phir Anika ko Ishana kardo…

  19. Bhagyashree Shelar

    Nice episode anika superb.

  20. Gyz I read a spoiler whre it stated tht Shiva I gonna be her house…n will thn enjy her defeat…nd gv her a blank check saying tht now she understand wat I her price of self respect….nd went bck by saying tht nobdy can defeat him…? I hope this spoiler isn’t true plz fr god sake?…

    1. Break her house*

      1. It’s true Ishika. I saw the segment of this scene. Shiv comes there so proudly and poor Anika is standing in the middle of the road, drenched by rain. Shiv throws the blank cheque on her face!!!!!!!!???

      2. Ya… I saw it too. Anika was crying but I must say she looked so pretty in the simple white suit.?
        Shiv looked handsome too.

  21. Love this serial its toooo good.
    Anika’s dialogue delivery is awesome!!

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