Ishqbaaz 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika passes Shivaye’s test

Ishqbaaz 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Veer wait at the dining table. Everyone waits for Anika. Anika comes. They get excited to have food prepared by Anika. Shivaye says even I m excited to see what she made. Anika keeps the dishes. She stops Shivaye and says I m nervous. He asks why, I have to see what it is and how its made, everybody will know this is not…. He sees the dish. They all shout Aloo puri. Rudra says this can just be made by Anika. Anika asks Shivaye to taste it and say. She feeds him. Shivaye thinks. Veer says quite unbelievable, how did she pass the test. Shivaye says I m sure someone told her, next test won’t fail.

Shivaye stops Anika and says I have a surprise for you, your brother is here to meet you, Sahil. She says Sahil, where is he. She sees some kids. Shivaye says Sahil’s friends wanted

to meet you, so he got them along. She asks Sahil to hug her. Shivaye says you are not Anika, if you were Anika, you would have run to him. She says so what, I would have gone. She goes and thinks who is Sahil. Veer looks on. Anika slips and hugs Sahil. Sahil asks how are you. She smiles and says yes, I m fine, I have made your fav aloo puri, come and have it, be careful. Veer says Shivaye, I thought you are not used to losing, I feel you are a weak player. Shivaye angrily throws a vase. Veer says I really feel this girl is Anika. Shivaye says she has done research on Anika, she isn’t Anika, I will test in such a way that her research won’t work, we will take her fingerprint test, that will be full and final. Anika prays and says since I met with an accident, my husband is not accepting me as his wife, end our distance, else I will cry. Shivaye comes and says yes, its time to get close, my lovely Anika. She says these days Lord takes action on 4G speed. She asks him to take aarti. He asks where are you going. He holds her close and hugs. He says I did mistake, I should accept you are Anika, same face, eyes, nose, lips…, hands…. He gets a slide and takes her fingerprint. He says got it, just because you made aloo puri and identified Sahil, it doesn’t mean you are my Anika, this fingerprints will prove you are not Anika, truth will be out in two hours. He asks Khanna to do what he said. Khanna goes. Shivaye says don’t even try, you are not my Anika.

Anika says two hours are over, what will happen now. Khanna gets report. Shivaye says entire truth will be out now. She says listen to me once. He says humans can lie, but science can’t. He plays pendrive. He says this is Anika’s fingerprint and that is this girl’s fingerprint, now I will prove this girl is not Anika. They see match found on screen. Veer says fingerprints matched, well tried, this girl is Anika. Anika asks how much will you test my love and hurt my heart, I remember a song in such a situation. She sings kitne bhi karle sitam…..She says I m your wife and goes. Shivaye says this girl is very clever. Veer says this girl is Anika. Shivaye says no, she changed the report, she isn’t Anika, I m throw her out.

Veer says you can’t prove anything in anger, prove her lie if you are sure of this. They see Anika talking to Gauri and Bhavya. Anika says I will just go and see my younger brother. She goes. Shivaye says this girl is trying to fool my family, I want to bring her truth out before Rudra’s marriage. Veer thinks I don’t want her to be Anika, since Anika knows a lot. Shivaye says how do I dig the truth. Veer asks what did you say, dig, well done, we need to dig Anika’s grave, if there is Anika’s body in coffin, it will be proved this girl is not Anika. Shivaye say we will do this tonight.

Shivaye and Veer dig the grave. Shivaye opens the coffin. They see Anika. Veer says it means Anika is really dead, thank God, I mean we cleared our doubt, that girl is fooling us. Shivaye says I m sure that policeman and lab incharge are with her, I have to find her motives, will you help me, get her details from that constable. Veer says sure. Shivaye says then go. Veer asks right now. Shivaye says of course, what happened, why aren’t you going. Veer says I think we must first seal this coffin and grave. Shivaye says I will manage, you just go. Veer asks how will you do this alone, its more imp, I will help you. Veer covers the coffin lid and puts soil. Shivaye gets restless and cries. Veer says Shivaye, what happened. Shivaye says we are burying my wife, its painful. Veer says I know, so I wanted to stay back and help you, be strong, we have to do this before anyone comes, come on. Shivaye too puts the soil. Veer says Shivaye, its done, I will go now, I will get the answers for all your questions. He goes.

Shivaye shouts Anika and throws away his coat. He digs the soil. Hame chod kar tum kahan….plays… Omru come and dig the grave. Shivaye gets Anika out of the coffin.

Shivaye asks Anika to open eyes, Veer isn’t here, no need to act. He hugs her and shouts Anika. They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivami

    haii everone ? mujhe pehela yeh batana he ki kya walking style ha anika di ka loved it ♥️♥️ testbaazi sso. 1. favourite dish test 2. sahil identification test 3. finger identification test sabhi me anika di jith gayi 4. test so shocking wo thanghabali ko kya zaroorat da woh karne kiliya shivaay kahana jane keliya phir be unonona asa kiya that scene when sso looked shockingly when thanghu fills up the grave and that dialogue meri bheevi ona ,?? that shouting ANIkAaaaa and start to dig later omru joins so painful scene it was and the promo ?? and this time also may be shivaay tears bring back anika ♥️♥️ so this means that everything was pre planned shivomruani waiting for next episode where saare mystery opens good night everone

    1. Arpita6

      Shivami dear..Congrats. .GSG..yes Sso’s tear will bring back.annika..waiting for upcoming…

      1. Shivami

        Magical tears of SSO will bring back anika

    2. Congrats Shivami for being number one commentator.

      1. Shivami

        Thank u sindhu

    3. Aashika

      Go shivami go. Congrats for being first

    4. Go Shivami Go.Many many congratulations…..?.Hope that Anika will regain her consciousness soon.Or else Shivaay is going to suffer terribly.Let’s see what happens.

    5. ItsmePrabha

      So Shivami Go..

  2. Pushpa

    Waqt aagya hai hum inn dooriyo ko kum karde meri pyari annika”
    “Waah matlb bhagwanji bhi 4g ki spees se action lete hai ..humen apni prathna khatm nhi ki thi unhone THAA KAR ke action le liya”
    Sorry i took this frm tweet..owsm sentence…. couldnt catch wht she ws telling….god she and her ‘ S ‘ on her words…

    So anika aloo puri ws delicious…so this testtth also she pass…next sahil at home…..she accidently slipped and hugged sahil….thusnshe is lucky…also passed the testthh..

    So lastly finger print…mmm for this shivaye hv to romancs to get tht done……wahi chehra…wahi naak…..wahi hoonth…wahi haath… it is anika,…here shivaye voice ???gotnthe finger print but bad luck tht also matches…

    Of all the entertainment we hd inhad to cry at lazt…..when shivaye stare at veer asking him to leave and he’ll take c of anika body….wow shivaye @nakuulmehta u yr dard yr pain yr expression ….believe me no one can do it as PERFECT as shivaye..
    When Shiv OmRu started digging damn this sad song….i cried yaar terrible.. … shivaye magicals tear drop will save annika….yes as long as shivaye is alive nomone can harm anika….???????waiting 4tomoro..

    Its tearsbaaz gals…..
    Rosie u made me happybaaz….
    Gd nite gals….

    1. Arpita6

      Pusi dear..Give a hug to.yiur shivaye…he needs it..

    2. Hi Pu di,
      Your Shivaay just don’t leave any chance to romance his wife.Hehehehehe….Romance in Test! Don’t worry di,Shivaay will save Anika at any cost.Let’s see what happens?

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ……
    First part.
    I couldn’t stop laughing. Once again episode Tha karke dil pe lagi…
    And that aloopuri..ook i was hungry at that time..aand i felt those aloo puri was yummy…
    Now i dinner…lo.Annika ne mere se diner bhi karwali..????..
    Ok But Cvs i am.saying Thank.You….for bringing can’t even i imgine just a glimpase of Sahil make me sooo happy…. ..
    Love you sahil..
    Ok Shivaay broke that vase bcoz of anger on veer.Veer SSO IS THE BIGGEST PLAYER. .and he never lost in any can be Dard hua or farak pada game..????..
    Jokes apart.but i really felt that Sso got irritated by annika’s choti..Chandu di you nailed it.
    Godji.. in 4G speed .kassh mwri bhi sunte..
    And Sso..that pose reminded me of DARD HUA GAME……can i get a reboot of this scene with shivika..ok i am becoming chepdi…not fair arpita..??…
    And kitna dramebaaz he ye shivika…Ek Namaskar mera bhi le lo.

    Last oart was soooo emotional.
    So officially now no secret. .i am . genuinely happy for this..this drama wil different from last year drama..i love it.
    Noks bhaiya you nailed it..the way you portrayed Sso’s fear of losing annika…That anger , pain , helplessness..every emotion were on its high level..i really love it.
    And when they played..HAME CHOD KAR ……i cried…??????…not only for Sso vut also For Omru..Anika is soo important. .all there were crying and fear was clearly visible in their eyes…..
    Precap – Yes this will be the condition of Shivaay.if something happens to.h8s life h8s love..
    Waiting for tomorrow desperately. .
    Now they will show how Shivika excuted their fool Veer..
    It is going interesting.
    Plz support our show.and watch it on Tv..

    1. Hi Arpita,
      Episode was very emotional as well as funny.I loved that part when Anika’s plait hit Shivaay.Rest was very emotional.ShivOmRu were just awesome.Waiting for today’s episode.

    2. ItsmePrabha

      Arpu…hum cheapde hai toh cheapde thoughts aayenge..control math karo yaar..waise shivika ko meri taraf se shaashtaang pranam bhi karlena..and uss end part ke baare baath hi math karo na..aankhon se baater behjayenge phirse..

  4. Banita

    Heyyyy PKJ….
    Meri tabyat thik nahi hain isliye kal comment nahi kr pai… Nd today my comment will be small one…
    I like this new Anika…. Uski chal… Uski new language… Pati dev… Uski CHAMKI…. Eveything is Nycc… I don’t like d costume , but Anika take it beautifully… I m loving this track…
    Today finally…. Finally…. Sahil is backkkk…. Thodi time ke liye hi sahi , but I m happy to see him after a long time… I wish to see some more moment of Sahil….
    PLR… Now I will 100% kill him… Only becz of him Anika is in this stage…
    Last part of today epi was Emotional… Shivomru’s emotional reaction … Specially Shivaay’s reaction with HUME CHOD KE TUM KANHA… song… This sense was….
    Precap- Again we r going to see MAGIC OF SHIVIKA’S TEAR….
    Gd Nt PKJ….

    1. Banita

      BTW Shivomru’s new look is interesting… Specially Rudy’s look , I like it more….

    2. Banita….deha ra jatna ne….take care….Medicine kha..and rest ne….
      Yes..Annika’s accent is not so.good but chandu di is carrying it so perfectly.

    3. Hi Bani,
      Oh take care of yourself dear.God bless you with fast recovery.That PLR’s days are numbered.Shivika are going to do his OMM.Don’t worry,everything will be fine.God bless you?

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Take care Bunny..Rest well..wishing you speedy recovery..God bless you..

  5. Aashika

    Hloo pkjs. Today’s episode is full suspens. In starting all the scene is full of comedy. I love that part when they dig the coffin and that psycho get biggest shock of life by seeing anika there. So SSO is trying to send veer but he is too smart. Today I see the pain in SSO eyes when veer is again sealing the coffin because SSO know that his life is alive. In the last part I am on verge of crying????. Love the part when SSO said anika and start digging again and that song perfectly match with situation. So omru also part of the plan and they are helping their bro and bhabhi. Now the game begin Mr 8 feet ka vanmanus. You are gone now. I hope shivaay ke tears anika ko bacha lenge like always…..

    1. Hello Aashika,
      Yeah episode was full of suspense.Shivaay was romancing Anika aka Kumari Rosie Rani.Veer is surely gone no doubt.Let’s see what is going to happen next.

  6. Hello everyone, today’s episode for me was with a lot of mixed towards the end. I am not anticipating to watch tomorrow’s episode at all.

    First, I would like to say that Shivaay ate from Anika’s hand when she fed him and that was nice. Second, Shivaay came into the room and was romantic with her. I missed those shivika’s romance though it was just short.

    Third nice to see Sahil and Anika’s reunion. It has been such a long time.

    When Veer told Shivaay that they have to seal the coffin, you could see Shivaay’s enraged look and he was so annoyed with Veer. I think he could have taken a chungkul and hit on Veer. I really wished Shivaay did that to Veer. When Veer left, the desperateness in Shivaay and calling out for Anika. Omru came and helped as well. The Lafzon song was so sad. I am not sure what is going to happen tomorrow. I really really hope Shivaay’s tears will save Anika again. It has to. No Anika means no Shivaay. I really hope Anika will be fine tomorrow. She has to wake up. I don’t know how many minutes she was buried alive. It seems like it was taking forever.

    She was completely unconscious. The cvs have tantalized us viewers and put us in a fix on what to expect tomorrow. I don’t even want to guess.

    1. Hi Sindhu di,
      Di,I must say you are very emotional and sensitive.Don’t worry di,Anika will be just fine.As long as Shivaay is alive,nothing can happen to Anika.Waiting for today’s episode.

  7. Hi everyone..
    On today’s episode first part was like wowww yaar kinne bade actors ho aaaap dono ?????????? can’t stop my laughter still laughing ???? but the precap I was like no no no ….
    Don’t do this CVS I’ll killl u ??????…….
    And anika was seriously so hilarious ?????????

    1. Hi Mahi,
      Yesterday’s episode was a rollercoaster ride.Shivika made us very emotional and happy at the same time.Waiting for today’s episode.Let’s see what happens.

  8. Please tell me that nothing will happen to Anika. She is only momentarily unconscious. I want to kill this Veer guy. I really wish I could strangle him. Veer is really a hardcore villian. He is worse than Dhaskh. Actually Anika play acting for this role is quite dangerous for her. No one can expect what is Veer’s next move. He also thinks ahead. Shivaay was trying his best for Veer to accept that it was not Anika but he did not buy that. In the end they had to dig the grave but he did not expect Veer to try to seal it tight. Poor Shivaay he can’t do anything at that time as he needs to control if not I am sure he would have whacked Veer. They still need to find the other oberoi who is a traitor. All the efforts would be wasted.

    1. Yarr.nothing will happen to annika..she is totally fine..just wait and
      Its all about SHIVIKA MASTER PLAN..

    2. Sindhu di,
      Nothing will happen to Anika.Have faith in love.Anika has to survive and come back to Shivaay no matter what.

  9. emotional precap(nakuul bhaiyya ur fabulous)
    i think annika will wake up after shivaay’s tear falls on her face

    1. Hi Maggi,
      I am hoping for something different this time.But tear drop will also do.

  10. Hello everyone,Thank God from yesterday IB is getting back to charmnes..
    Surbhi is really good.. She is just nailing the character.. Though her health is not good even though she is just killing it superbly..
    No other serial or trp should have eye on our khidki tod IB.. Thu thu thu.. Same like our Kumari Rosie rani did to our shivaay..
    Good she passed all the test..
    Oh my God.. The anger shown in his blue eyes Damm perfect.. He controlled all his anger, pain.. He is just watching veer sealing his jeena Ka vaja under 6feet.. Thank God his support system came for help.. Really the song Hum chod khar tum khahan song made us cry.. This fantastic four is so good.. Love them..
    while he shoot Annika on valentine’s day his eyes where moist, because even in dreams he didn’t think that he will shoot her for act.. On that day, he just controlled his tears so on tomorrow episode his saved tears will save his life from death bed..
    So, then in coming week will see shivomru also in New avatar as Jim jaffa aur jaggi..
    Good night sweet dreams to all the dear ones..

    1. Hi Kadhambari,
      Agree with you totally.You have pointed all things just perfectly.That Veer is very smart.Don’t know what he is going to plan.AniShivOmRu have to maintain caution.Let’s see what happens today.

  11. Perhaps you don’t know Veer Pratap Chauhan that one wins or loses when he or she participates in any kind of competition.What are you considering some game actually not a game but a Lybirinth.The one whom you are taking as your ally on the surface,is creating such a path that is covered by purple velvet of confusion and illusion which will lead you towards it.I hope you know what happens when one gets stuck in it.Probably you are thinking that Shivaay is conducting tests to find out whether Anika is real or not but let me tell you,instead Shivaay is taking the test of your intelligence of understanding the happenings served before you.He has made you his experimental object to examine the quality of your oh so sharp brain.

    1. You have experimented quite a lot things on Anika and now Anika is indirectly started experimenting on you through Shivaay.And I am giving you an advice of free fund,will cost you nothing and that is-Don’t ever try to test the power and patience of true Love.Fire is another name of true Love.The one who comes to it with a faulty heart,turns to ashes in no time.And the one who possesses a true heart emerges out like pure Gold after burning in it.You have everything but a pure heart.So,be ready,you are going to burn down soon…………………

      1. Luthfa your words are true to itself and it is not for long to see Veer’s ending. Power and patience of true love is very strong and unbreakable. With Omru in the background the 5 will succeed in their mission.

        Nothing can stir the Oberoi. Anika will return and she will torture Veer in her own way for sealing her death. Anika will take vengeance on Veer while Shivaay digs the secret of the other Oberoi.

        Oh my god.what a powerful line..hats iff to you dear..amazing..i love it.

      3. Sindhu di,
        As long as Shivika and ShivOmRu are together,nothing can go wrong.Waiting for Veer’s OMM done by fantastic four.Hoping for the best.

      4. Awwwww….Thank you so much for the compliment Arpita darling.Love you?

    2. ItsmePrabha

      Darling ..Again you rocked it..”Fire is another name of true Love.The one who comes to it with a faulty heart,turns to ashes in no time.And the one who possesses a true heart emerges out like pure Gold after burning in it.You have everything but a pure heart.So,be ready,you are going to burn down soon”..such an impactful words..Love you darling..God bless you..
      I am fine …how about you?? even i missed having these kinda convos with you all yaar..
      and ha you asked about my niece na..she doing absolutely well..thanks for the love and concern darling..

      1. Prabha,
        I am good Sweetheart.Thank you very much.Very glad to know about your niece.God bless her.And thank you sooooooooooooo…..much for your love.I am touched the way you write.Thank you once again.Love you?

    3. Zaveesha

      Luthfa dearest Again u nailed it …
      Super awesome….

      1. Thank you so very much for your such sweet love Zaveesha dear.Love you.God bless you?

  12. Riana

    Aur kitna tadape ki ani….????
    Pardon her cvs pardon her…hamesha mitti ke niche dufnaa dete ho…???
    Loveddddddddd this episode ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Finally Shivika are together…glad that they didnt dragged it ???
    Best part is OmRu know about all these…
    Btw i saw that Anika’s disguise name is KUMARI ROSIE RANI !! ?????
    Waiting to see rosie more and more….???

    1. Hehehehehe….Yeah,me too waiting for KRR??

  13. I dont know how many of you are happy by seeing today episode by i am not happy cvs did tie tie piss of my expectation and my mood what was the need for cvs to open out suspense so early evveryone knew that this was anika and it was shivika plan why did cvs gave up suspense so early now i am not intersted in this track anymore the trp was high in anika memory loss because cvs had kept the suspense for long so fans were eagerly waiting to see whats come up next but in this track there is no such thing to hook on cvs could have waited until veer gang exposure and then could have open this suspense seriously cvs should learn to keep good suspense for long but yhe truth is i am dissapointed about today episode

    1. Hi abhishek I agree cvs should have held the suspense for long. I suppose they may have their reason why they revealed early in the episode. We probably will know this week why cvs closed the suspense very quickly. Don’t forget that veer is going to reveal Sowmya and Rudra wedding. That is their last trump card if all else fails. Also, Veer track has been going on for more than 2 months with Veer wining and now they have to show justice prevailing so they probably not holding the suspense. Audience will know that the 5 are in this together and going to bring Veer to the torture stake. I have a feeling Abhishek that they want to end Veer’s track so they can move on to KYM track and Anika Gauri track of their parentage

    2. Abhisek dear..sdear..same track can’t be repNa..some new chsnge also is not bad…now game will played by face to face..not chori chupke.
      Don’t worry..this good..interesting things are coming…

    3. the suspense is for veer and soumya and all who are with them, which they have yet to know.
      the suspense is not for the audience. infact there is so much for mystery in all this. we yet need to know what is veer plan. he wanted anika to be killed bcas she got only to know his true identity and his plan to destroy shivay. but why destroy shivay?? he is not a business rivilary of veer either. so yet to know the obsessive evil veer plan and how and what is he going to do to destroy the oberoi.
      atleast in the little, thru anika – omru and shivay have got to know that svetlana and veer are together, since svetlana took the blame of komal on her, when veer revealed it was his plan.
      shivay got to know that soumya is with veer after he heard their conversation.
      we got to know who is the other oberoi who wants the destruction of shivay.
      like that there may be so many business rivals of shivay. and he knows how to deal with them. here these are attacking family too.

      and IB just cannot show evil veer and his plans and his victory. we have to see shivika and omru bounce back and save their families.
      but in all this we are missing out on the romance, although the fun is back with ANika’s hilarious walk and talk. she is extremely funny.

      loving IB and looking forward each day to see how shivika and omru are working towards ending the evil veer. its now nearly 3 months with him

  14. frnds..i saw you all are very stressed about Annika..relax..JAB TAK SHIVAY ZINDA HE NA..ANNIKA BHI ZINDA HE….
    And Today hotstar synopsis is
    ANNIKA REGAIN CONSCIOUSNESS……..(aur bhi he i don’t remember)..
    So don’t worry..just wait and watch..
    Love you.

  15. Hello everyone,good morning.
    Wishing each and everyone a very happy”International Mother Language Day”.Mother language is very special for every person and people of our Country gave up their life to protect our mother tongue on this day in 1952.We are celebrating this day with much love and respect.All langauge is very special and close to one’s heart.Long live every language and those through which people express their feelings and emotions…….

    1. ItsmePrabha

      Wow..aaj mein ne ek nayi baath seeki..and ha Happy International Mother Language Day to you too..

    2. Zaveesha

      Yeah Happy International Mother Language to u too..we Always totally relate to our mother language…
      Although we use English as a common language but people shouldn’t forget their mother tongue…
      I read about Bangladesh struggle for their language in newspaper weekend article…

  16. Good morning to all my Gpkj family members.yesterdays episode was too good.annika feeding shivaay awww….a sigh of relief…no annika’s twin sister.she is our khidkitod annika.luthfa Di I mean lights di again you nailed it????. arpita di please tell me are you an idea ????

    1. Hi PUJA,
      Yes,cvs have spared us the twin Anika tension.Shivika as well as ShivOmRu were awesome yesterday.Awwww….Thank you so very much for your love dear.God bless you?

  17. Sorry typing mistake it’s odia

  18. Loved the episode yesterday. Hope anika is well and veer has not seen them

    i am happy that IB team is not keeping the suspense for the audience and the fans.
    the suspense is for veer and soumya and all who are with them, which they have yet to know.

    infact there is so much for mystery in all this. we yet need to know what is veer plan. he wanted anika to be killed bcas she got only to know his true identity and his plan to destroy shivay. but why destroy shivay?? he is not a business rivilary of veer either. so yet to know veer plan and how and what is he going to do to destroy the oberois

    atleast in the little, thru anika – omru and shivay have got to know that svetlana and veer are together, since svetlana took the blame of komal on her, when veer revealed it was his plan.
    shivay got to know that soumya is with veer after he heard their conversation.
    we got to know there is another oberoi who wants the destruction of shivay.

    like that there may be so many business rivals of shivay. and he knows how to deal with them. here these are attacking family too.

    but in all this we are missing out on the romance, although the fun is back with ANika’s hilarious walk and talk. she is extremely funny.

    loving the show and really looking forward each day to see how shivika and omru are working towards ending the evil veer. its now nearly 3 months with him.

    but now we can see the battle between the two. earlier it was One sided with only veer attacking and shivika were his victims grooping in the dark not knowing who is their enemy. thankfully they got to know who partly their enemy is. and they can fight back. but why and all the other questions are still in the dark …… and with neither of us knowing it.

    shivika and omru will surely bring the oberois victory.

    1. Hi Christie,
      Don’t worry dear.Romance will come back as Anika’s identity is revealed now.Me too want Shivika to win defeating Veer and other evils.And about mystery,I agree with you totally.Don’t know what cvs are thinking.

  19. ItsmePrabha

    Hola buddies..sab kaise hai..?
    aaj ka epi ke wajah se mere aankhon se baater behgayi..pehle haste haste..phir shivomruani ki scene ki wajah se..
    Chandu di .. I lub are amazing..
    Noxy..tumhari yeh acting skills ki tareef karoon tho kya karoon…you are impeccable,invincible..tumsa koi hai hi nahi..I lub you to the power of infinity..
    KJ and Lee…tum donno ne woh last part mein jo acting kiya hai na..Mummy kasam i just loved it like anything..the desperation to know if annika is ok and the fear of loosing your sisterly portrayed those things very brilliantly..
    Lub you all like anything..
    abb mein epi ki baath karoongi..
    kya khidkithod epi hai..matlab woh aloo puri..jisse dekhthe hi meri mooh mein paani aa gayi..par waha rudy ne ek baath sahi kaha woh yeh ki jali hui puri sirf anudi hi bana sakthi hai..akhir khar di kiski hai *raising my imaginary collar*..
    phir chote babuwa mera matlab sahil ko pehchan ki test..ushme bhi paash ho gayi hai Rosie..Aaru bacha so happy to see you again..hope tumhara aur SSO ka koi Men to Men wali scenes ho jaye toh bohath acha lagegi mujhe..
    aur maan na padega..yeh jo cheapda,CC,Chantomai singh oberoi hai na..bas mauka doondtha rehta hai anudi se romance karneka…aur yeh finger print test…mereko ek doubt aa rahi hai..toh TV pe pendrive rakh ke remote se operate karne se FP test ho jayegi..yaar science aur kitni mauth maregi…
    teek hai yeh sab sochungi toh mein pagal ho jaongi..
    phir anudi isme bhi paash ho gayi hai..yayy anudi kisi bhi tesht mein phail nahi hothi hai..waise waha uski gaana..”shivaay tera kasam” waah..kya gayi hai anudi ne..
    and then comes the saddest part of the epi… God the anger shivaay held in his eyes when MCK is burying anudi Mummy kasam on point hai..and MCK ke jaane ke baad joh kuch bhi hua na uski wajah se meri halath bohath karab ho gayi hai..and the song hume chod kar added more to it..and i cried bhalti bhar bhar ke….the way they dug the grave OMG..teenon ki aankhon mein woh darr dikhi hai..woh bhi bhalti bhar bhar ke..
    Precap is scary..par why fear when billu’s magical tears are here…
    sooo excited for todays epi..kyunki hamari Fantastic Four is on a Mission..
    Lub you guys..Take Care..Buh bye..
    aur agar kisiki exams ya exams ki preparations chal rahi ho tho unn sab ko All the best of good luck..

    1. Prabha,

      1. Sorry Sweetheart,mistakenly got posted like that.Hope you can understand?

  20. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode… But cvs has revealed the secret… It is hilarious to see the anika breads irritating shivaay… Lovely analysis luthfa dear

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Yeah episode was quite good and it’s hilarious to watch Anika’s plait is irritating Shivaay deliberately.Waiting for today’s episode.And thank you so much for your love dear.God bless you?

  21. Prabha,
    Hehehehe……You are just awesome Sweetheart.Me too always wondered about that personal lab of the the Oberois.They run any scientific and medical test on their own.Perhaps taking inspiration from Savetlana and co.Agree with you on the sad part.But yeah why fear when Shivaay is here?Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  22. For My Dost,
    I am so glad and happy that you got the news of my result Dost.And thank you sooooooooo…..soooooooo…..sooooooo….much for your love and confidence in me.I Love You Dost.Hope you are doing absolutely fine and your exams also going really great.All the very best for the upcoming exams.Take care.God bless you?

    1. soooooo…much cut ho gayi.Sorry Dost?

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