Ishqbaaz 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I will spend my entire life with whom I should. He thinks I m sure I will get Daima’s phone, I have to get Mrs. Kapoor’s phone, that video is in her mobile. He gets her phone. Some time before, Shivaye holding Anika close. He moves her away and says thanks for the tips, now I know how to hold my would be wife. He goes. She gets angry and throws cushions. He comes back and asks did you feel bad, you don’t care right. She says yes, I don’t care. He nods like her and says even I don’t care, good. He goes.

Mrs. Kapoor says surprise was good, but it flopped. Shivaye asks why. She laughs and says I m saying about other surprise. I know you are smart businessman and does not trust anyone in deals, when its about family and mum in law, you should trust, when I said I will give

video, I will give. He asks did you not laugh saying about trust. She says I had laugh on you and your stupid doings, you want that video right, take it. He sees the video, where his man is seen checking her house. She says you actually think I will keep imp thing anywhere, when I know you will try best to get that video before marriage, if you are clever, I m your mum in law, don’t forget that, I don’t keep video from me, if you want to try, you are welcome, go ahead, good luck. She goes. He says it means she has that video. He recalls her words and says the video is in her phone, I have to get it.

Mrs. Kapoor tells Shwetlan that Shivaye will try best to get video. Shwetlana says don’t worry, Tia is there to monitor his movements. Mrs. Kapoor says she is always thinking about Robin. Shwetlana says yes, she is falling weak, when she knows she has killed Robin herself. Mrs. Kapoor says don’t say this, if anyone hears this…. Shwetlana says don’t worry, I came home to take Tia’s things, no one is here. Rumi hears that and gets shocked.

Pinky is excited and asks Priyanka about the dress. She compliments Shakti. She asks Shakti about dholki guys. He says they have come, they are at security checks, see. Rumi comes there along with other women. She thinks Mrs. Kapoor lied to me and used me, they forgot who I m, they know playing games, so I know to turn the game around, now this game will turn.

Anika sees Shivaye and Tia getting pics clicked. He sees Anika and holds Tia to show her. Anika turns and drops flowers. He says everything is slipping off your hands and picks the flowers. He asks her to be careful and gives the flowers. He says why do I feel you are getting affected. She asks about what. He says me and Tia. She says never, I m thinking Tia is looking so pretty, and you are looking…. He says thanks. She says you are lucky that you got Tia. He says I m lucky to get a girl like Tia, even when I m already marriage, I will spend my entire life with the one I should. He takes a rose from her and goes. He fixes rose in Tia’s hair. She goes. Priyanka asks Anika to come. Anika says I will keep flowers in vase.

Tej goes to Shwetlana and says you did not do this right, i was divorcing my wife and fought with family, you cheated me for my son. She says come on Tej, we know you can just talk, you never had courage to marry me. He says this time I was serious, so I gave divorce papers to Jhanvi, I was getting engaged to you.

She says the one who do not have to do anything just make plans like you, one who has to do something, they do it, like Omkara, he will marry me, which you could not do, learn something from your son. She goes.

Shivaye sees Mrs. Kapoor busy with guests. He thinks Mrs. Kapoor’s phone has Daima’s video. I want her phone any way. He sees her holding the phone. She keeps her phone on table. He sees that. He goes to take her phone. Mrs. Kapoor takes her phone. Pinky asks Shivaye to come for rasam. Shivaye and Tia get seated. Anika sees them. Shivaye messages her and asks do you think this is romantic. She recalls their moment.

He says Tia, there is something in your eye and blows. Tia smiles. He holds Tia. He messages Anika and asks did you feel anything. She turns and says he is acting as if he does not care. Dadi says but you care, if you do, why don’t you say, go and tell him that you can’t see all this being his wife. Anika says no, its happening right, for Shivaye and family, and about me, I don’t care. Dadi says it does. Anika says it will affect me if you all get sad or if Tia’s child does not get rights, if Pinky and Shivaye get distance between them. Dadi asks can you stay away from Shivaye. Anika sees Shivaye.

Shivaye sees Mrs. Kapoor. He thinks my doubt was right, that video is in her mobile, I have to get it. Pinky says gift ceremony is over, now I will put gold coins in Tia’s dupatta, so that our coming bahu brings prosperity. She asks Mrs. Kapoor to come. Shivaye changes the bowls. Pinky pits the gold coins in Tia’s dupatta. Ms. Kapoor picks the coins and some bees get on her hand Her phone drops. She asks what’s this. Shivaye recalls applying honey to the bowl. He scolds the servant. She asks Tia to look after her phone and goes to wash hands. Tia talks to guests. Shivaye goes to Anika. He asks her to come along. She asks where are you taking me.

He says this marriage is happening because of Anika, I want Anika to do this rasam, Anika put coins. Anika puts the coins. Shivaye picks the phone and goes. He checks for Daima’s video. Mrs. Kapoor comes back and looks for her phone. She asks Tia. Tia says its here. Mrs. Kapoor says its not here. Tia says Shivaye was here, I got busy in rasam. Mrs. Kapoor worries.

Shivaye answers call. Rumi says I know what you are finding. He asks who are you. She says your well wisher. He asks you think I will believe any stranger. She says fine, I will prove my loyalty first, I m sure you will trust me then.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hey stop this dragging and bring dusant soon and stop the wedding

  2. Hlw everyone! !!!!! Aaj wahkai Shivay ne kuch kar dikhaya he. aaj woh fir se SSO bangaya. I mean smart singh oberoi. Annika ko jalane ke saath Video bhi le liya. Good job. Go Sso go.
    But aaj mujhe Sso pe gussa h aa raha he.Kal bada pyaar aa raha tha Annika par.aaj bigad diya mood.???????????????????

  3. But annika ka cusoin fekna was really emotional. ???Koi agar acche se notice karega toh woh badi muskil se apni assu chupane ki koshish kar rahi thi. Esiliye woh fark nahi padta sirf jubban se bol rahi thi.Waise naa bolke haan main saar hilana was really good.

  4. They wont show TOMORROW na thrn how will u get to know abt it???

  5. Misspoetess

    Sooo damn smart Shivaaye

  6. Maithlii Sinha

    I think robin and rumi are brother and sister…..mrs. Kapoor had told rumi that Oberois killed robin that’s why she helped them but now wen she came to know the truth she will help the oberois……just my thinking!! ?

    1. That makes sense, but they are dragging this story too much with so many hypothetical cases I hate to see Mrs Kapoor she looks so odd, is she woman.

    2. Yes it is true…robin and rumi are siblings…it is confirmed

    3. Mona146

      I dont want her to die after transformation.

  7. Mouni

    l liked really sso today , he was working on many fronts , he improved as spy and for the first time he plotted good against mrs kapoor , he learned from anika lol and the way he was making her jealous was sweet esp that sms scene , l never thought to see him like that , and tomorrow we will see him flirting like a teenager
    today anika was so calm that she must be boiling inside , that convinces me that she has a plan bcz before she refused to accept tia’s baby and now she is preparing for the wedding ?? that fishy and the fact she is passive about it confirm my doubts
    so the spoilers were true , romi is robin’s sister and they lied to her so am sure she came to help sso expose tia and her mom , am hoping she will tell him that DNA tests were fake , that will relieve sso and helps him take down the kapoors but other spoilers saying swetlana will know about romi and kill her ?? am not sure its true but swetlana is crazy so she can do it
    also am truly hoping anika will bring robin to the wedding and make him expose all the plans of the kapoors so that pinky and the others will know the danger they were living with and hopefully she will know anika’s value

    1. Mouni.. yeah with romi now on this side, they can reveal that the DNA reports were false.. correct.. I wanna see pinkys face.. she shud feel ashamed to even ask for an apology to anika!

      1. Mouni

        hope so , sso must know

    2. Mouni i want pinky to get some shock treatment from her tia….how tej got from swetlana….then this pinky will learn some lesson

      1. shahabana … me to want that disgusted look of pinky towards tia heera bahu….

      2. Archiya

        Tai heeera bahu.. lolzzzz

      3. Archiya

        True even i want to see the same, just like Tej got the shock.. same way

      4. Mouni

        l want pinky to have a dramatic shock like the drama she did with anika when sso got shot , l want her to slap tia and trow her out of OM herself

  8. badi dayan to kafi smart nikli. sso ke upar najar rakha hai. but still i hope that speaker-poster-annika fall ke baare mein use kuch nahi pata. so sso is still a winner. romi finally come to help shivaay.
    shivaay… kal to annika ko burger banagaya apne our poster ke beech. aaj khud jalebi bann gaya.
    i was always confused what is my fav. insect . after today i hope its honey bee. well played sso..i hope he will throw mrs. kapoor’s
    mobile also… and her big fat black mailing bheja.

    1. Kal annika ko burger banaya.. aaj khud jilebi ban Gaya.. lol ??? that’s hilarious

    2. Archiya

      i go the burger part… but whts this jalebi??

      1. jalebi ki tarah ghum raha hai na annika- om-tia- mrs. kapoor ke beech hamara shivvu…

      2. Archiya

        hee heeee… lolzzz..

  9. Whole world knew that shitia were married. Then why they r celebrating these functions.seriously no precap again ??

    1. Archiya

      my exact thghts abt the shitia wedding

  10. My heart wept for annika today! The way she threw the cushion.. I just wanted to hug her and console.. bechari..! Aur ye Shivaay tho full on masti kar raha hain with her emotions.. but chalo teekh hain.. he is trying his best to get that video.. the track towards exposure seems to have started to gain pace.. hopefully we will get to see the witches out soon! I am still worried abt how track is gonna proceed post this.. are we gonna see angry SSo again due to fake ML drama.. or is it even fake..? Gosh my heads gonna burst!
    Poor dadi is still trying.. not ready to give up.. I think the only soul who is so desperate to see them together.. as much as we fans do.. is dadi..!
    And Tej seemed like a Faltoo singh Oberoi today… Pappu banaa di swetlana ne.. though she is a witch I am feeling so happy seeing Tej at this state!! Take it and go you wife cheating whatever!!

    1. Anu actually i laughed a lotz for tej swets conversation….actually tej used to scold and insult omkara a lotz….but now look tejs beloved mistress swetlana is asking him to learn somthing from his son….this is a biggest insult for tej singh oberoi between this swet is flying high like om will come and marry her….really swet…just wait our omkara will bring his dulhaniya along with ur 100 crores…

      1. Yeah shahabana.. the reaction of Tej when Omkara is back with 100cr and a new dulhan.. it’s gonna be epic to watch!! ?

      2. i too love this new found father-in-law and daughter-in-law relation of tej- svetlana. kya kamaal hua hai!!!
        tej to kisiko muh chhupane ka laayak nahi raha…. i mean muh dikhaneka.

      3. Yeah I too wait for that epi.. But we will c that in DBO..

    2. Anu..!!
      The way Annika threw the cushion, she has an SSO inside her or may be it’s his influence. Throwing the cushion n few seconds post that Annika was looking like that villian who lost the game. It’s a different Annika we got to see which I loved.

  11. HEY Guys i gott share somthing with u….recently when i opened my fb page i got to read somthing which is seriously annoying and utter rubbishhh…and know u will feel the same if ur a SURBHI fan ..some blo*dy jelous people created a fb page titled ‘i hate ugly surbh chandna’ and posting photos of her with nasty and bad comments dont know who are those stupid , jelous ppl…and it has 50 liks too its shared in ishqbaaz page dont know if they reported it it shud get blocked can do such cheap things that too with a girl

    1. yes yaar i too came across that page. so irritating and annoying. .. really gussa aagaya… how he/she dared to call surbhi as ugly ….etc… this is extreme of their jealousy … but we know how beautiful she is and how good her acting is…… those people definitely should get some vedikett 8 nte pani……. and some were supporting that admin disgusting ….God I couldn’t control my anger……hope they’ll get some gyaan some day….

    2. By lukng at d account i jst understood one thing tat they r so obsessed by SC tat they wasted a lot of tym in searching her pics troll on them then making as n account….really there r many such pics which i hvn’t seen till now 😀 😛 by lukng tat was seriously laughing at their obsessiveness n they r callng themselves haters 😀 😀 means i will nvr care abt someone whom i hate to d core n searching abt tat person is lyk ugghhh

      1. Archiya

        Valid point…
        ROS,Aksa an Shree
        so basically its just an hype thing to gain attention
        I had a look at the page.. i must say it has some amazing pics of Surbi… an i love her as always..

  12. So officially wedding week has started. Guess it ll b eventful and by the end of it hopefully Kapoors are shown their right place. But I still ve the same question to ask? For the world ShiTia is already married, then why the hell, whole world is invited for the functions??

    And am guessing Daimas video is no joke. Till now I was thinking there is no such video. Waise maanna padega, Mrs.Kapoor bahut chaalu cheez hain. I am sure she ll ve more than one copy of the video.
    Romi knows the truth now. But I doubt how much she ll b of help to Shivay. Shivay was a totally busy man today.

    Prinku looked like a doll, just wish her make up was toned down a bit. Tia looked beautiful too. Loved Annikas hair n make up.

    It’s not clear if Shivay managed to delete the video. We ll ve to wait till tomorrow to see that.

    Btw every time Shivay was telling about his future wife, he was somehow hinting it was Annika. I donno if she got it. Btw loved the way Shivika were nodding their head. Also loved the Shivay was holding Annika when he said chalo mere saath. It seemed so casual, like usually how you see among couples.

    P.S.- I donno if it’s for the costume but Surbhi looked a little bulky today.

    1. Mouni

      true lax , when he was saying wife he meant anika for sure , and in the start when he said ” now l know how to hold my wife ” lol it was for anika and she didn’t get the hint
      l think sso will delet it bcz the spoiler says” sso successful mission ”
      but am curious , in the phone swetlana didn’t seem to know that robin maybe still alive ?? or she knows and they dont show it to ” surprise ” us
      they didn’t drag the celebration this time , if they continue maybe another 2 ep and hopefully the end of the kapoor track but am sure they will not show this in spoilers now , all they are showing for 3 days is mehendi celebration

      1. Mouni..!!
        Cant believe the spoilers. We ll ve to wait n see today’s episode to see if SSO has deleted the video.

    2. Its d costume i guess bcz she really luks so slimin some of her well fitted dresses remember naagin dance then after tat in pink dress also in upcoming mehendi ceremony……don’t understand why they r gving her such loose fitting clothes where she luks fatty bt in actual she hs lost a lot

      1. Shree
        Ya U R right. She was looking slim in the naagin dance. So it’s the outfit yesterday.

    3. Shitia wedding is turning out to be more of shivika than expected.. yeah he is clearly hinting that annika is his wife.. and yeah nodding head was so cute!! I wanted to mention that too but forgot..

      1. Anu..!!
        Yes, Shivika moments are the only good thing about ShiTias wedding. But like I said yesterday, we fans deserve proper hassle free Shivika wedding later.

    4. Lax dr its not first time but shivaye always takes anika with him like a typical husbend…chalo mere sath…i really likes when he takes her along with full right….im really want to see anika taking shivaye like this like a typical wife….hum our hamare crazy thinkings…

      1. Shabs..!!
        Love to see all the typical wife husband things happening to Shivika.

    5. Sumi.SS

      Lax dear….other than this did u noticed spoilers??while mehandi ceremony Tia writes T in shivaay hand but last prinku falls on her so T chnged to A…dadi wl say sme good notes abt that..but pinky says “whatevr but in Invitation cards Tia name only written”…
      Dear my anothrone doubt,romi follwng rudra frm the starting of the show..I mean befre robin’s death..I thnk she knew it that shivika wl kil her brthr in she started her plots so earlier..
      So many illogical twists and turns..
      Yeah dr she tried and controlled lot to maintain her wait fr the show…by her designer all her hardwrk went to vain fr one episode…

      1. Sumi..!!
        Where were you last two days??
        Ya it’s illogical why Romi was behaving so crazy with Rumya from the beginning when Robin died just couple of days ago. Donno what’s going on in CVs head. May b Romi’s Devi roop is real. I donno, I don’t want to try guessing only.

      2. Archiya

        where were u.. missed u

      3. Sumi.SS

        My dear Archu and lax, really very sry for missing the comments sections.
        Last 2 days really obsessed wth food..busy wth preparation of sweets and spicy food….

      4. Archiya

        when r v getting to taste some ???

      5. Sumi.SS

        Lax,Archu Evrythng fr u grls…just pack ur thngs and come TN….
        Lax I am waitng fr the day to read ur serious wth humourous writing wrk…

    6. Lachu….my primary work today was reading your comments for the earlier 3 days!! Chakkare nee ENTHINA padikkunnathu? Ithu Innocent chodhicha mathiri alla ktto….njan serious aayittu chodhichatha……you should try writing scripts for comedy plays or short-films!! You are quite good with the language also!! Actually, you should join with Shekhar and try out some serious writing….your humour and Shekhar’s point-to-point logical reasoning will definitely result in something new!!

      And did you notice Swet’s neck-piece in Mehndi function….this time she wants to look like a Tibetan I think!! 😀 😀 😀

      1. Sumi..!!
        Making sweets for what?? ShiTias wedding.. Nooooooo..!! Just kidding..!!
        Just think of us when you are eating all that sweets.

      2. Liji..!!
        Serious writing??????? Ithellaam ungalkke konjam overalle?? Enthokke kelkanam Bhagavane.
        Anyway thanx for thinking so? But writing professionally calls for definitely more creativity n better language. Once am confident about that, I ll start thinking about it seriously. And first copy of my work ll b sent to all of you here. Ha Ha..??

  13. Whoa……that was a Zor ka Jhatka lekin Romance se which Anika got today!! More than Anika am feeling bad for Shivaye……I agree he is hurting Anika to make her feel jealous and all, but on the contrary, he must be the one getting more hurt!! But the makers will never show us that part of Shivaye I think!!

    And the rest of the epi was as expected…..but again, didn’t expect Shivaye to have such intelligent thoughts in between all these rasams and making Anika jealous gestures!! Like every man says, sab ladki ki galthi hain….jab saath hote hain tho dimaag bandh ho jate hain and the moment the girl is out of your life guys start to think so smart…..dekho kitni jaldi yaad aagayi ki video recording phone main hogi……ye hota hain No-1 Businessman of the Year ka lakshan!! But I liked Mrs. Kapoors’ dialogue….”if you are Shivaye Singh Oberoi I am ur MIL……” SSO…..don’t underestimate the power of a chudail woman!!

    Galzzzzzzzzz…….have you noticed?? Mrs. Kapoor and Tia have put up some weight I feel…..I don’t know if its with the new hairstyle and zig-zag/zebra design/snake design kind of blouses that Mrs. K is wearing!! But, Tia has definitely put on some weight….that green dress in the prev. epi….remember in the promo that used to come earlier, she looked slim in that green dress!! Now, she looks changed for me….I donno maybe its because of the michmichi I feel seeing her!!

    And why the hell did Shivaye make Anika do the rasam?? If it was for stealing the phone, he could have made Dadi aur Prinku do it……ek rasam karne se kya fark padega Anika ko?? Ugggh….

    Btw, am not very much liking Anika’s outfits for the rasams…yes, the pastel color was good….but not matching with the whole combo! But Shivaye was totally dashing in that off-white checkered kurta and that designer shawl…..haye main mar jawaan!! Hrithik Roshan se kuch kam nahin tha SSO!! Same in that Pink kurta for the Mehndi rasam… cute and charming na!! But, though Anika’s outfit looked pretty, it was not matching with Shivaye’s….those flowers on her blouse and skirt would have looked better if they were in shades of pink…what say??

    And like me how many of you want to see Shivaye perform the ‘Naagin’ dance for real in the show?? That was so cooool…..muuaaaah!!

    1. Hey u r back..! I think the reason Shivaay made annika to the rasam is coz tia will be more distracted if she does it.. and hence easy to steal the mobile.. I feel so..

    2. Heyy liji u are back dr…..
      And i tooo want to see nakuls nagin dance…i want to see nakuls a performace in show….he is a very good dancer….
      And yaaa tia put some weight….i think naveena is getting married soon…so she would have eated much sweets in happiness….anyways naveena is looking very pretty….
      And liji s our shivaye is looking very dashing and cute….he is lady killer…and in mehandi dress ohhh marjawa…im not seen any guy is looking this much cute in a pink color kurtha….our sso is something different….

    3. Sumi.SS

      Hi liji dear..i hope nw u and ur daughter r fne…ryt….take rest….haha I thnk shivaay was typical husband and behvng lyk a newly married Man..nevr leaves her wyf for a sec…always thnkng and keeping eye on her… so that other than her she forgot dadi,prinku evryone…
      Yeah dr….frm the start to now all his outfit was perfect…..even I can’t say a single shivaay outfit which I dnt lyk…evrythng suits him verymuch….specially his all occasion outfits gave him a perfect and dashing look..he is always follows shivaani outfits in offscreen too…

    4. Sumi.SS

      Hi liji dear..i hope nw u and ur daughter r fne…ryt….take rest….haha I thnk shivaay was typical husband and behvng lyk a newly married Man..nevr leaves her wyf for a sec…always thnkng and keeping eye on her… so that other than her he forgot dadi,prinku evryone…
      Yeah dr….frm the start to now all his outfit was perfect…..even I can’t say a single shivaay outfit which I dnt lyk…evrythng suits him verymuch….specially his all occasion outfits gave him a perfect and dashing look..he is always follows shivaani outfits in offscreen too…

    5. Renimarenju

      Naagin…….dance…….i want paani dance……for shivika……because paani plays a vital role in their story… both of them should enter the pool and should perform naagin dance by spreading paani on each other’s face…….its my wish……

      1. Reniiiii…..”Paani” dance huh?? But Naagin song will not match if Shivika is dancing in paani… should be “Tip tip barsa paani” or something like that!! 😛 😛 😉 😀 😀 What say??

      2. Renimarenju

        Uhh,….but anika will feel michmichi naa………while dancing tip tip barsa paani…….

      3. Archiya

        Tip Tip barsa is a good idea,.. my TV will get burnt

      4. Hmmm i too want tip tip barsa pani dance of shivaye…..and i really want to see a full on sizzling romantic dance of shivika in pool…it will be a treat for ib fans….

      5. Renimarenju

        lijince, shahabana,lax,sumi,archiya,anu….have u watched the latest promo of shivika……probably that scene will be telecasted today ……anika is busy in phone call…..she takes name of rohit……aur batao……kya baat hai… make our sso for feeling jealous….when sso will move closer to her she cuts the phone and pretends nothing has happened…..shivaay will be fuming in jealousy only….he will steal her phone ans will break it…….another spoiler tia will find robin and will hug him infront of oberois….

    6. Anu, Shabu, Sumi…..s dears am back!! I have submitted my leave letter in previous page…. 😀 😀

      Sumi….both of us are almost fine now!! The cold effect still exists….but otherwise OK!!
      And Shivaye was not behaving like a newly married man…..he’s behaving like a teenager who has just fallen in love! Showing gestures to make Anika jealous and then texting her asking if this looks romantic and all…..only by looks SSO is a grown-up now!! By heart he is a 17-yr old!!

      1. Tc Liji..! And yeah the texting part was just like 17yr old.. quite immature but equally cute!!

      2. Sumi.SS

        Ohh good dr…So lotzz of romance coming in our ways frm 17 yr old Shivaay….

      3. No doubt guyz shivaye is behaving like a teenage lover boy only….and liji 17yrs old shivaye lol…..and what to do guyz the great sso always busy in buesiness carrier only….bichaara now only got time to romance…but im loving this teenager shivaye….he is soooo cute and chweeet….

    7. Archiya

      Lijince dear,
      where were u from so many days.. missed u
      But the makers will never show us that part of Shivaye I think!!– true they show only for anika:(
      AN nagin dance i sure want .. but shivay shld dance only for anika.. and of course for us 🙂

      1. Vannallo Vanamala..!!
        Njan pathrathil ‘kaanmaanilla’ idaam enn okke vachirikuayirunnu..!!

      2. Archiya

        Take care of urself n ur cutie…

      3. Renimarenju

        “kaanmaanila”… reminded me dileep’s dialogue from thilakkam movie….when kavya says…..”unniyettane kaanmilathayapol kodutha parasyam aanu” and dileep replies… “njanum maanum tamil endha bandham” ……haa…haa…haa…..

  14. But in the flashback they had shown that Mrs Kapoor has three daughters while she was mourning the loss of her husband, So how did Romi become the siste of Robin now?

    1. this is bcoz now they will show soumya as mrs. kapoor’s 3rd daughter.its ridiculous as dadi has introduced soumya in oberoi mansion as her friend’s granddaughter then how come she doesnt know about any other person n her friend’s family.they will now turn soumya into grey chracter.i will definetly stop watching show if they bring any other lead against rudra just as i only watch this show for rumya

  15. Shivaay apne sso avatar m…… Maza aagya….. Kitne pyar se Anika ko jealous feel Kara diya……

  16. Gayathri.visu

    In front of world Shitia are married couple. Then why the hell they performing all rituals with guests??? I just loved Shivaay when he nodded his head like anika…..! I hate that Mrs. Kapoor more than Tia… I didn’t expect this type of Shivaay, one side he is making Anika jealous & other side he tries his level best to get that video…. CVs stop this dragging & bring dushyant soon!

  17. Amalina

    Go Rumi! Go and expose those kapoors! I really like it when villains that are partners in crime, fight and then spill out each other’s secrets!!??? I just hope that the kapoors don’t kill Rumi.

  18. Finally sso got some brain….its really late now…then also its k finally this baagad billa got some sences so he is findind that vedio of daaimas recording….actually now this sso feels that everything is going from his hand like anika is leaving him and he have to marry tia and mrs.kappors blackmail….so now he thinks its imp find out that vedio…
    And loved shivaye is yesterdays episode….like he is doing multitasks together….he have to find vedio and he have to make anika jelouse….loved how anika throwed that cusions in anger….plsss billu zyada math sathao apne billi ko….
    And i too not liked anikas outfit….ohh that designer shivani….i dnt know why she gives dull colors to anika…..she looks pretty in dark colors….
    K we will see what happens next

    1. Yeah dear.. finally SSo got his brains back.. but it is all so sudden… it is as if his brain had a switch with dumbo mode on till date.. which turned into SSo mode since yesterday!!

    2. Ya Shabu….that outfit did not look that good on Anika…..but its not the colour!! Its the outfit itself…..any other kind of outfit like a gown or something in the same colour would have looked better I think!! Look at Prinku’s Mehendi dress….the blouse design looked same as of Anika’s….I loved Prinku’s dress among all of them!!
      And how come Dadi, Prinku and Tej are so happily dancing when Janvi is missing in all functions?? Tej Singh Oberoi didn’t feel any embarrassment in attending a family function where he has to face his ex-girlfriend cum bahu?? Very strange…..

      1. Yeah right ex gal friend cum bahu..! Din use them in same sentence so far..sounds sooo Ewww!

      2. Liji actually the designer shivani is very good but she always gives stupid one for sc….such a partiality…..
        And liji about this tej such a besharam this man….loved ex grlfrnd com bahu lol….


    Enjoying Jealous and love… but show is dragging…


      Again without rudra and om he is marrying Tia.. it means again twist in marriage

  20. Pragati sharma

    Hii everyone . Mein kabhi – kabhi comments karti ho. Ap me se kisi ne Jodha Akbar dekha tha Kya?
    Because jab Mene acp ko dekha to mujhe Laga meine ise Kahi dekha hai. Now I got it acp was seen in Jodha Akbar as Salim’s brother .

  21. Hi arpita archiya mouni n lax…. hru all… loving ishwlqbaaz ….

    1. Archiya

      hey Pinku… hwz u

  22. Hi all ishqbaaz fans…. hey asta r u from hyderabad am also from hyderabad…. pinku reddy is my name

  23. Renimarenju

    Hey my sweet pretty lovely ishqies, my beloved 200 + buddies……….Gud mrng guys……. Have a gud day 2 all……How r u guys ?????

    Finally sso and anika ko fark padta hai……..i just loved it……….Now sso is trying his maximum to make anika realize the fact that how much she is important for him…….She lives in his heart ……..And their untold ishqbaazi….. is really making worth watch only…………am enjoying their………dashing……….possessive…….jealous………..expressive…….challenging……feel of ishq grabs each and every viewer’s attention now…….And thanks 4 ishqbaaz team 4 offering this different style of ishq through ishqbaaz only………Finally sso is trying his level best 2 grab that video……And am sure once he will get it…..then certainly NB’S mask will also be revealed……
    Mrs. Kappor is cunning…..but shivaay is clever…….And yesterday’s episode brought back our clever conscious smart shivaay again…….And the episode was balanced with ishq, suspense, challenge …….Apart from shivika …….another capturing scene was the convo between tej and swethlana……..Actually swethlana did a great job……I really liked the way she replied tej…… While tej plays with everyone’s emotions it was necessary 4 him to suffer a bit…..And swethlana’s statement ……”kuch seekho apne bete omkara se”…….I felt it as a slap on tej’s face…….and for the first time from my heart i liked swethlana a lot………I will not blame her completely…….as she is taking revenge only……And that statement justified her character very well………..The cute moment of the episode was shivaay’s msg 2 anika…….”kuch feel hua”…….. and the way anika turned behind and said ” yeh toh aise kar rahe hain….jaise inhen koi fark nahi padta ” Loved the dadi-anika conversation which was pretty gud 2 watch…..especially …….. when dadi asked anika ” billu ke bina reh pawogi ?” Actually now neither shivaay and nor anika are able 2 live without each other…….Their eyes are conveying what they feel 4 each other…….literally…….And both are expressing it really in a beautiful way that we can’t take eyes from them………Hats off 2 nakul and surbhi……because they present the scene in quite natural way and we are connecting that feel 2 our heart ……….Really praiseworthy…….
    But am missing omru a lot……And am missing priveer track also…….But romi’s entry in om……was really unexpected……..And am looking forward 4 tia’s exposure……..







    1. Renimarenju

      Bye ishqies… mein hun…..just got a break and commented here……only…..

      1. Hii dear your shayari is awesome and new name of Mr and Mrs Sso is so good…..

    2. Archiya

      Lovely Shayari Reni

    3. Sumi.SS

      It’s awesome….reji di

  24. Archiya

    which kind of marriage happens first an then the rasams are done?? Isnt Shitia married for the world already??? SO why these rasams.. I m slowly getting bored with this track, the ML an kalavati were so good, by the time v started enjoyin that track they changed it to this..
    If Tia was genuinely interested in Shivay an he was flirting with her i wld have hated him.. but good its just TIT for TAT between Shitia
    Whts wrong with ANika designer.. why cant they give her a simple nice lehenga.. Tia looked so much more beautifull than her.. SHivay looks handsome as ever.. but i really miss the obro moments with rudy teasing shivay an om giving his shayari abt love
    how come SHivay got so much of brains all of a sudden..
    I m still very surprised how come mrs.kapooor does not have mutiple copies of the video.. just one that too in her phone.. strange..

    Loved the scene where both nod as YES and says mujhe koi fark nahi padta..
    SO this time all are ROSE co-ordinated.. with red roses in their hair
    Liked the convo between Tej and Shwet..Hope they are gng to show a proper redemption atleast for janvi.. i want Tej to beg her to take him back
    Though Shvet is a vamp, i really like her style an attitude.. an the clothes they give her do complete justice to her

    1. Archu.. Shivaay sudden brains looks unconvincing to me too.. shitia rituals tho I totally gave up.. and having no copies of Om’s video is epitome of stupidity.. but what to do after all this is our IB.. we just have to embrace it despite these loop holes!!
      Actually abhi yahaan ithna holes hai ki IB looks like a fishing net now!

      1. Archiya

        fishing net .. lolzzzzzzzz…. sabka sense of humor superb hota jaa raha hai:)

      2. Sumi.SS

        Haha agree Anu…archu ryt now a days thr is no humours track in ishqbaaaz..but lot of track gng on in TU page….evryone bahuth chant nikli…..

      3. Archiya

        Rite Sumi, more than actual IB i enjoyyy reading TU page

    2. Archu..!!
      It was understandable that Tia was looking beautiful than Annika coz it’s her function. But I donno, why guests are invited to ShiTias wedding. First marriage then rasam.. lol..!!
      But just a possibility may be the whole world is made to believe this wedding is happening again coz last time it happened in short notice n they had to do it rasam free sambar free. This time just to do the rasams they are getting married. Eeewww How weird that sounds.

      1. Sumi.SS

        Haha….lax…U girl nailed it one line..rasam free sambar free…omg..????

      2. Archiya

        lolzzzzz…. rasam freee and sambar free.. u nailed it gal

    3. Sumi.SS

      Archu true yaar…missing Obro moment very badly…..brothers nok-jhok evrythng….dear In DBO rumya track strated…both omri and rumya r ruling the show by their nok-jhoks..dear if u hv tym watch dbo along wth ishqbaaaz….
      Nthng wl happen fr Annika design…her designer not ready to accept or hear a one req…aftr a lot of complaints also entire crew was suprtng her in Annika’s look even SC also..shivani showng her over confident in Annika’s outfits…

      1. Sumi..!!
        Everyone bahuth chant Nikli..!! Lol..!!? Aur aap bhi..!!

      2. Archiya

        Sumi ,
        watching IB itself is getting difficult these days dear, so much of home an ofc work.. m getting so tired.. no time to watch TV :(:( but will try watching DBO sometime this week.. just for u:):)

      3. Sumi im agree shivani is very over comfident about anikas outfits….fans are requesting this much then also she never cares….did u see sumi shivani gave very good outfits for surabhi jyothi in tanhaiya….but not for sc….

      4. Sumi.SS

        Archu dr…thnkq…take rest..but watch aftr the stratng of rumya track k…I am also watchng dbo frm last Saturday only…om is in his tadi only….
        Shahabana dr…yeah dr I watched ishqbaazfanpage edit fr cmparng 2surbi look…now shivaani succesfully started her experiment on prinku look also..
        Lax dear..u know na we both r crazy fan of Surbhi chanadna…

    4. Aarchu and anu….now sso started to think smartly all sudden bcz of anikas company….look both are effected by each other very much….sso is moving all plans smartly like anika abd here anika is throwing cushions in anger…ab pathi pathniki aadath ek doosrepar bahuthee asar padrahahe…

  25. I am just irretated by the episod…… maine sochatha anika plan karke tia ka vanda phoregi par meri dimak ka to dahi jamgeaya ..phirse shitia sadhi…”ore baba era amake pagol kore debe’ are kitni bar karbaoge sadi..ab to baks do. missing omru yar…om has totaly change l miss my old om..dont know what the makers want to do…l like swet’s rpl. to tej ..tej is such a shameless guy..l mean itni a66i biwi hone ke bad v kisi aurke pi6e ghum raha he..pata nehi iske akal kab thikane ayeaga…god isko thora sadbuddhi do.shivay apni biwi ko itna tang mat karo oo bahot a66i hay tum jante ho na a66e logo ko dukh nehi dete.

  26. Sumi.SS

    Now days other than shivika track i dnt hv that much interest in shivaay and Romi track….cvs r showng smthng unwanted and unexpected twists…k fr god sake end this nafrathbaaz track and so called shitia wedng again and again….we can’t tolerate again nafrathbaaaz win..very boring….
    Shivaay’s upgrading only hooked me to now a days epi….I am just enjoyng shivika farak nahi padtha romance..
    Hate all the spoilers…what’s wth all ABP,news18,Indiatv,E24,tellybytes,
    complete Bollywood,NZ,etc etc…..they r uploaded all the upcmg 1week epi…..even nvr miss a single shivika scenes……ruined all the suspenses….I thnk I hv to delete all my acc….but it’s very tough one fr me.
    Hoping fr sme interesting end for all this track….not again nafrathbaaaz win….and waitng fr shitia revealation track…..

  27. I saw many intervew of ibs actor ..sachhi batau mujhe navina bahut sweet lagti hey par tia is irretating.??Ar mujhe swetlana v a66i lagi l mean mujhe laga ki oo real life me shant hai mujhe asa laga …par nakul surv bahot mastibaj hai ….l like them or kunal bahut state forwrad hai islia l am in love with him or linesh neha sweeet ….mujhe tej as a actor mane unke film dekhe …par ib me unko a66i actingkarne k space nehi mil rehivhay….

  28. Mouni

    oh plz , these never ending celebration are getting to my nerves , come on , now they are showing new pics , and it seems sangeet , does this mean we will have all this week watching shitia trying to get married to the 3rd time ??? aghhhhhh plz spare us this boring track already
    if it was shivika’s wedding it ok but SHITIA ughhhhh
    they better give us the best villain exposure of drama history after all this trouble , and done by anika too not sso , we deserve it after this never ending torture
    am telling you tia will be exposed in the preview of saturday’s ep if we are lucky

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah…mouni…I thnk not only me..Archu and U many of the ppl also mentiond now a days track as “boring”…..sangeet was already done na in white and pink outfits evryone was danced even dadi also….I dnt knw what fuctn next in new green outfits..In Iv pinky said that(green outfits) wl be last one of all rituals…thankgod….
      Aftr watchng 2day segments Cvs r overloading our cutiess farah track also….
      I am dyng fr tia exposure track….

      1. Mouni

        sumi so pinky said that the green will be the last ?? so goooood , finally it will be over
        they want to make us accept this 3rd wedding by many shivika scenes , atleast its better than nothing but am soo waiting for some hint about tia’s exposure , we didn’t see anika doing something that tells us that , hopefully they will sho she was planning
        let’s hope by friday tia will be exposed

    2. Mouni…!!
      Ya am bearing all the stupid ShiTia rasams only to see Kapoors exposed at the end. But I ve my doubts, in all the spoilers videos it’s shown as Shivay dying to make Annika jealous. Also he has taken it as a challenge now. In one of the IVs it was not very clear but I think Surbhi said she ll ve to agree at the end. May b SSO calls off the wedding after that. No I dont want that, I want Kapoors to b exposed at any cost.

      1. Sumi.SS

        Lax dear….nw only I watched surbhi iv in ABP…yeah dr she said at the end she is gng to say and said meri chap koney wali hey and said lets see…omg!!!I am hoping fr the best..not a heart broken again…and not a win for nafrathbaaz too..
        Read one article in India forums they reported ekta kapoor banned all media in her shows…becz of hvng low trp…I thnk ryt it may be…becz of this all medias put a tent in ishqbaaaz…uploadng all the upcmng segments…..

      2. Mouni

        me too lax l have my doubts now , all l see is celebrations and sso trying to make her jealous and that is scarring me , am afraid that sso will cancel the wedding in the last min bcz he deleted the video and nothing changes , tia and swetlana will still be there , plz let’s hope they dont do that , its almost 220 ep , tia lasted too much let anika bring robin and expose this evil family already , am fed up with pinky and her stupid wedding preparation
        l hope surbi meant that after tia exposed she will agree , but seeing the mood in IB now l dont think we will see them couple soon esp if ML is fake , sso will be super mad at her

      3. Mouni

        sumi , l think all of the media are putting the same segments , l dont think they will give them the important segments , only some shivika’s moments as l noticed and these segments belongs to only 1 ep not the whole week and that what makes me hopeful that they didn’t show us some important scenes like tia’s exposure , lets hope for that

      4. Oh pls! I cannot bear nb any more.. as u said we want hassle free shivika yaar… u leave the 2 alone.. they are quite self sufficient to creat problems amidst themselves.. that nok jhok is quite sufficient to keep up the spirit of their relationship.. don need these witches anymore!!

    3. Mouni sumi i too just fed up of this shitia wedding drama….im not bored with anyone….i just hates when i sees pinkys happiness thats to for her chachundari bahu tia….its really now enough

      1. Mouni

        me too , l hate seeing pinky with her annoying attitude , mostly l want the kapoors exposed bcz of her , she is just too much and needs to learn a lesson

      2. Mouni, Sumi..!!
        Donno what’s happening. Something remarkable has to happen in the Kapoor front. Other things are still fine.

        @Sumi, I don’t think banning media in the set is true. Today only I saw YHM spoiler. Spoilers are one way to keep viewers interested. But true too much spoils fun.

  29. Hi Archiya, so true.. i agree with all your comments, firstly surbhi’s wardrobe.. o god i really wanna know whose her designer.. Disastrous dresses she is wearing these days. I also doubt if she has only one copy of it :P…. yea tej must realise n beg janvi… shvetlana is very gud…

  30. Hi

    IB main shitia wedding ki prepration dekh kar na gussa aur thoda darr aa raha ha man main.shivay tia ki wedding prepration ke liye kithna paisa bar baath kar rahi ye IB makers.main tho ye socha tha shivay aur anik dhubara marrige karengi aur wo bhi happily.but ye sab arrangements dekh kar darr lagtha hai shivika ki happy marrige dekhna dream rahengi.aap log sochiye.ithna decoration zaroorath kya hai shivay tia ki shaadi hai na shivay anika ka thodi na hai Jo ithna decorate kar rahi hai.waise aap logo ko lagtha hai iss sab ki baath tia ko expose karengi.meri samajh nahi aara ha hai.shitia wedding track kyu laaya hai ye log.waise IB makers ko patha hai ki shitia wedding se koi happy nahi iss liye wo log shivika romantic scenes daal ke apna trp badaayegi.aur ib fans shivika ki romantic scenes pe ko jaayengi.phir agar tia Mrs kapoor swetlana pinky anika ko insult karna ye saari scenes dekhengi tho request karne lagegi.tia aur Mrs kapoor,swetlana ko expose karo pinky ki saamne.thab IB makers shivika scene daalengi aur ib fans request karna banth kar ke scene pe ko jaayengi.agar yahi repeat karengi na tho tia jaldhi expose nahi hoga.agar memory loss anika ka drama hai tia ko expose karne ka tho. I hope wo uski poori truth sabkhi saamne aaye.Kaas karke pinky ki saamne.
    Waise main bahuth kuch socha tha IB and DBO ki couples ke liye

    *Shivay anika ko propose karna.
    *Shivika ki second happy love marrige.
    *poori oberoi family ki blessings ki saath shaadi karna.
    *engagement,mehandi,haldi,sangeeth ye saari function aur iss ki saath shivika ka romance obro moments obro family moments.obroi family ki dressings ye sab dekhne mile.
    main hamesha chaatha hu jaise ye three o bros hamesha saath hothi hai. waise ye log saath main shaadi kare. Apni love lady ki saath.wo bhi happy wala marrige.

    Aaj kal tho serial pe ek baar nahi 2,3 baar shaadi hothi hai.main theen baar nahi bass ek baar in theen o bros happily shaadi karke dekhna chaathi hu.shivika ka marrige arshi (arnav-kushi) ki jaise force marrige tha.baath main wo dhono happily marrige kiya.i know shyam arshi ki shaadi thodna chaatha tha phirbhi un dhono shaadi ki wo bhi happy love marrige.tho main iss hope pe thi ek dhin shivika bhi aise shaadi karengi.lekhin ab dekho shitia wedding prepration.i know shitia wedding nahi hoga but in logo ne tho aise prepration kiya hai ki shaadi shitia ka nahi shivika ka ho.mujhe in ki ye prepration pe gussa ara ha hai.simple karne jaga aise kiya hai jaise shaadi show ki lead couple ki ho.

    Ab main tia ko sabke saamne expose karthe hua dekhna chaatha hu.shivika ki romance tho aage jaake bhi milengi but tia ko expose jaldi nahi hoga na tho pinky anika ko insult karthe hue aur tia ki anika ki against plans dekhna padega.acha hoga agar IB makers shivika ki romantic scenes banane ki wajah ye soche ki kaise tia ki expose kare.phir uski baath shivika ki romance bhi aaram se dekhengi.


  31. Hi Archiya, am doing good, hru wats going on at your end…

    1. Archiya

      Totally busy with a lot of things.. But fne..

  32. Thank u shrenu for the spoiler.. but i wish anika stops the marriage by getting dushyant,.. cnt see shivay marrying tia

  33. Worst show ever seen

  34. I just dont understand how people like such kind of pathetic show. Ishqbaaz m ek dum bakwas drama hota h. Is serial m and sas bahu serial m koi difference ni hai. Dono m drama. And people like it. How amazing. Bas farq itna sa hai ki ishqbaaz m high budget drama hota hai. Fashion show bna rakha hai. Sare charecters apne clothes ka presentation karte rehte hai. Shivaye singh oberoi toh 35-40 yrs ka buddha lagta hai and anika toh bacchi lagti hai uske samne. Sso hs 0 acting skills. Only anika, tej and omkara( sirf ishqbaaz wala not dbo) ko hi acting aati hai.

  35. I have only watched this show for ishkara. Jisko bhi in pagal producers ne nikal diya.

  36. Sorry for my comment but what i hv commented are my thoughts over this show same as you all have you view point. I dont feel it to be a nice show. So that all i want to say.

  37. Sry pinku dear.foe late comment. I am fine. How are you?????
    Yarr abhi aur dhamaka hone wala he.Ab bagad bili apne bilu ko darayegi.woh bhi cchaku se. ??????dono chaku singh oberoi ban jayenge??

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