Ishqbaaz 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I m coming Anika, nothing will happen to you, my life will go before anything happens to you. Water fills in the glass enclosure. Shivaye is on the way. Daksh smiles. Sometime before, Daksh says I had many dreams, with just you and me. He combs her hair. She cries. He says you got Shivaye in between and broke my dreams, my heart too. Shivaye rushes to Soumya and recalls her words. He asks servant about Soumya. Servant says maybe she is in Om’s room. Soumya talks to her mum and says I m fine, even Reyaan is fine. Shivaye comes and says I have to talk to you, before my marriage, you said servant to send tea to Anika in Daksh’s room, how did you know Anika is in Daksh’s room. She says yes, I was with her some time back. He asks what do you mean. She says I was scared a night before,

Daksh called Anika on knowing that, we were in his room. He asks you slept with Anika in Daksh’s room that night. She says yes, Anika could not sleep, I was scared, she was talking to me all night to make me feel better. He asks was Anika with you, all night. She says yes. He gets shocked.

Daksh hurts Anika and says I still love you, today I will make you ready, you are so beautiful, I will beautify you. She cries. Shivaye thinks of Anika. Nazdeek hai dil ke…… plays…. He thinks of their arguments and her words. He hears Sahil crying and goes to him. He asks why are you crying. Sahil says Anika is not bad, she is the best. Shivaye says yes, she is very nice. Sahil asks why does everyone call her bad. Shivaye says we have eyes and don’t know seeing and identifying people, we all are fools. Sahil says even you. Shivaye says I m the biggest fool of this world, where is Anika. Sahil says don’t know, if anything happens to her. Shivaye hugs him and says no, nothing will happen to her, I will get her back. Sahil asks pinky promise. Shivaye recalls Anika and makes pinky promise. Sahil says if she is in danger, will you fight with danger to save her, tell me. Shivaye hugs him and says even if sword gets raised on me, I don’t regret, if Anika gets a scratch, just one of of us will remain.

Daksh does makeup to Anika. He says Anika such a beautiful face, if this face is not mine, then…. its none’s, so Anika you have to die today. She gets shocked. He nods. She says listen to me once Daksh, I have a younger brother, he has no one. He asks why did you not think this before before cheating me, before taking seven rounds with Shivaye, I told you, if you do mistake, you will be punished, like Shah jahan made Tajmahal for Mumtaz, my last gift to you Anika is this. She gets shocked seeing the glass chamber. He says you will not forget me after death too. She cries.

Shivaye comes to Anika’s home and calls her out. He steps on phone and picks it. He says why is the phone broken. Daksh calls him and asks do you remember me. Shivaye says how can I forget you. Daksh says I m such person. Shivaye says just come to the point. Daksh asks are you stressed, sit on couch behind you, and rest. Shivaye sees couch. Daksh says think of Anika’s house as yours. Shivaye asks how do you know I m in her house.

Daksh sees him on screen and says come on Shivaye, I know everything. Shivaye gets shocked. Daksh says technology is great, we can stalk anyone and keep an eye, I like it, to keep love close, anger is bad, you both are very much stubborn, I tried hard to separate you two, I tried to create misunderstandings that you hate her, I said all that to break you two, but you married her, you did not get away from Anika, so now Anika has to get away from everyone. Anika cries. Daksh holds her and says Anika will die because of you. Shivaye says if you touch Anika then.. Daksh asks what will you do, you don’t even know where we are, till you know, everything will end here, and my lovely Anika too.

He says you underestimated Daksh Khurana. You all made fun of my love, Anika chose you instead me, and you chose Anika instead friend, you will get punished, Anika will die, you will be guilt all life that she died because of you. Shivaye says shut up Daksh, if Anika gets a scratch, I will not leave you, where is she. Daksh hurts Anika and scolds Shivaye. He asks them to say final good byes to each other. He says Anika can see you, you can’t see Anika, so give last greeting to her. Shivaye sees the doll. Daksh removes tape from Anika’s mouth. She frees her hands and pushes him. She runs to the screen and shouts Shivaye. She touches his face and cries.

Shivaye says I m coming Anika, nothing will happen to you, my life will go before anything happens to you, and my life can’t go easily. Daksh says time is up Shivaye. Shivaye says no, where are you Anika. Anika shouts old textile mill. Daksh ends call. He gets angry and drags her. Shivaye says old textile mill, I m coming Anika. He runs. Daksh takes Anika to the glass chamber. Shivaye is on the way. Anika hits on the glass and cries. Daksh takes remote and starts water flow. Daksh laughs seeing her. Water fills in the chamber. Anika cries. Shivaye is still on the way and worried.

Shivaye hits the chamber with the rod and breaks glass. Anika falls out. Shivaye holds her and says no, you can’t leave me, get up, I want to hear your nonsense, say something Bagad Billa, Billu, SSO, just say something. He hugs her and shouts Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shab khan

    Omg I can’t see this soft side of shivaay I just left teary eyed when he shouted Anika.. can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  2. Sanchi


    |Registered Member

    Kya yar ye psychopath toh make up artist nikla😂😂😂
    Well jokes apart brilliant performance by Daksh and Anika.. I have no sympathy for Shivay, he got what he deserved. Tomorrow’s recap and Shivay’s pain, mind blowing.
    Kal hoga Daksh ka chinta ta tha!

  3. Aarosh

    shivaye and his thoughts are completely broken down now he will completely change himself for sure today’s episode is highly emotional that precap made me shed tears hats off IB home romantic track will start soon

  4. Raj

    Luks like its a clear mix of Ipkknd n qubool hai!! We can even take a copy of Ipkknd but pls no more of qubool hai!

  5. Cynthia


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys can I join u…
    Good thing Shivay realised that Anika wasn’t at fault.

    Pinky… u r too much. If sum1 says that u r mother in law a.k.a mummyji was a mafia. Then I think it will take a sec to believe that.

    Daksh is such a psycho. Why the writers bring psycho characters first Romi then D;aksh. My mom/mum calls him Dakshon, lol.

    Question: Why Soumya is staying in oberoi mansion for that long, I mean she might have her own house, or she can stay at her mother’s house (makes her house) and also she is a guest but she is staying for too long.

  6. simmy

    awwww loving the precap and shivaye feeling are proving he wants to spend the rest of his life wiv anika 😘😘😘👌😍😍❤️

    • NABANITA626


      |Registered Member

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      Sekhane tumi ki name account khulte chao,lekho tarpor tomar mail address r pass word dao.tarpor sri format full up hoe Gale,tu tomar mail adress e account activate korar jonno link die ekta mail pathabe….then you are a registered member…..
      By the way really happy to meet you… ☺



    |Registered Member

    ” I want to hear your nonsense, say something Bagad Billa, Billu, SSO, just say something………….”
    amazing precap….just loved it…
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. Nafisa

    So dangerous episode. Hats of to you Anika. And I think after this incident Now Mr.Sso will realize his felling for Anika. Their acting is soooooooo good. And Anika you are. Oh! So dangerous scean but she did it perfectly. So good. But without OMRU this serial fells so lonely. I hope Kunal and Leenesh recovers soon and come back. Best wishes for them.

  9. Dark Blue

    Awwww now Shivaye actually confessed his love for Anika, I wonder if Anika is alive. Very good acting all 3 of you: Shivaye, Anika and Daksh. Please I want everyone to know the truth of Daksh kidnapping Anika including Pinky who doubted on Anika. There has to be a lot of romance included and in a spoiler, it said that Anika will still not forgive Shivaay and he will beg her for forgiveness, hope to see a nice show of love in the air/ romance. I hope Tia doesn’t get in the way by making excuses.

  10. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    What an emotional precap!! I can see here for the first time intense romance in ishqbaaz!! Nakul n anika are too phenomenal!!!luv them❤️

  11. Akshatha

    The precap is so touchy, loved the way SHIVAAY expressed his fear of losing u SHIVAAY..shivaay and sahil bonding was also gr8..

  12. Catherine

    Oh so cute now only I can see real shivaaye after saving anika she will avoid shivaaye and their nok jhok will start again so happy to see that.

  13. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved the episode Loved Sahil and Shivaye’s talks and the best part of the episode was the precap it just beyond words 🙂

  14. Kehkasha


    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone am new here but I am a big ib fan like u all. I won’t ask u all that should I join u all or not coz I know that you will surely make me friend of yours. So am directly entering TU😉

    Coming to the episode it was awesome as always but heartily waiting for the upcoming track 😊

  15. Lax

    Precap- mwah mwah mwah.. Yipee …!! Am sooooo happy..!! Best precap of IB till date..!! Seriously, for the first time am happy seeing somebody this helpless..!! Sorry, just could not help but feel that way. Am sure Nakuul ll nail the episode tomo.

    Finally that episode we were waiting for days. Can’t say how happy I am..!! I was not this happy even for Shivikas wedding. Guilty SSO was a treat to watch. But it was too short. I felt the episode was small, may b bcoz l didn’t want it to end. Karan Khannas acting esp. when Annika was inside the chamber was really nice. There were no dialogues then, just instrumental music playing, but Annikas helplessness, Dakshs sadism and Shivays agony was wonderfully shown.
    Also loved ShiSa scene today

    P.S- For me, from now, it’s not “main aa raha hoon Simran” it’s “main aa raha hoon Annika”. He.. He..!!

  16. Abc

    Nice episode heart touching… but really sad coz kunal and lee are in hospital praying that they get well soon.. even missing them.. just dont understand how both got unwell together both of them are dengue positive… i wish they get well soon.. and precape just made me cry…😢😭 i really love this people..

  17. Trisha

    Hlo guys how r u ???today’s episode was so sacry nd emotional finally shivaya got to know the truth
    one bad news 😢😥abut omru (kunal nd leenesh) they both r suffer from dangue….. Omru i pray to god for u get well soon 😇so u guys u also pray to god nd give them well wishes so they bcome fit nd fine healthy soon so we can see the omru fun back into our favorite show isqhbaaz gud night Guy 😴

  18. anika

    Loved the episode… u shivika but after those hard words to anika shivay really deserved more……but still he is cho cute…..and anika we got the same name….

  19. Aarosh

    Precap made me remember the line of title song of ishqbaaaz “TU HAI MERE JEENE KI VAJAA….”very heart touching

  20. Nafisa

    I love the precape very very very much. Just wonderful Shivaay’s shout make clear that he loves Anika. I just hope that Pinky knows the truth fast. One thing more why the director has fired Ishanna from the show? Anyone know the answer?

    • Sharmi

      Ishana itself moved from the show it seems.. And it’s good for her.. There is nothing good for her in this show as Ishana character. They showed her like local indecent girl. She might felt that it doesn’t suit her.

  21. Chandini


    |Registered Member

    Nakuul and surbhi killed it today….oh man even though I am still angry on sso for not believing in anika but still I am not able to see him cry…..awesome precap and the o jaana music played in the background is wonderful….sahil and Shivaay I love their combo….karan is acting like a real psyco. I think I have to stop it here otherwise I will write my own version of today’s episode her….
    But one thing is missing it’s omru😭😭
    Miss them to the core.

  22. Sharmi

    Brilliant acting by daksh and Anika.. They nailed it.. Shivay’s acting skill has been shown in precap.. No words to say they were very awesome in today’s episode.
    And omg shivay and sahil scene were excellent and emotional too. I’m impressed. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow 😍

  23. Laya


    |Registered Member

    Surbhi is such a dedicated actor oh my god for 2-3hours she was in that box and also had a fever people . Overjoyed for tomm emotional episode and precap nailed it. Thanks amena di your awesome



    |Registered Member

    I had stopped watching and reading the show due to its dragging and never ending mystries…😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
    But today I read in spoilers and on fb about returning of daksh and saving of anika and even om and rudra surffering from dengue; get well soon you both, i again watched today and it was just awsome😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.

    It was so aforable to watch back the show and scenes nailed-
    1. Shivaye shayri
    2. Anika and shivaye conversation throw video

    But plzzzz can anyone tell me the following ques.-
    1. How anika got kidnapped?
    2. How did shivaye become caring?
    3. How come sahil in oberio mension?
    4. Why sahil said that everyone hate anika??
    Plzzzzx clarify my ques. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      • shahabana

        Sharaddha tias hubby is not daksh but tias hubby is robin…but robin died accedentally by tias hand…no one knows about tia and robins truth…now tia is become more dangerous…tia wowed to make anikas life miserable for her beloved hubbys death

      • shahabana

        Shraddha no need to say thanks its my plessure dr
        And i have to say u are missed so many good episodes in ib
        U know what dr that omkara prinku acpis accedent mistury is revealed….that accedent is done bympriyanka not by om…the lady who is victim of that accedent is acps sister…she is in coma….so now acp want to take revange from priyanka so he is pressurising her to marry him



        |Registered Member

        Actually shahabana, i left the show due to it was dragging too much without any untold mystry.. but now i am back as now a days team is focusing on one mystry (though feeling sad as OM and Rudra are not well) but atleast mysrty is solving, like daksh drama ended….
        And I knew that Om was saving Priyanka since this mystry started as this much rich and modern family have sacred daughter is hard to believe..

    • iamsofianeak

      Daksh make a come back and when she comes to know about his truth , she runs to oberoi mansion but he kiddnaped her ! 2. Shivaye minduerstand Anika that she slept with daksh for money but he the Mund is cleared now so he gets worried for Anika:) 3. soumya comes to Om with sahil when shivaye was about to divorce her but he saw sahil he feels guilty and let’s him stay at om 🙂 ! 4.Bc he heared pinky-jhanvy conversation about anika’s charcter…



        |Registered Member

        It was dragging according to me due to following-
        1. Unfolded mystry of Om and Priyanka
        2. Unended story of gayetri murder mystry
        3. Rudra-Soumya marriage mystry
        4. Tia-and her D hubby mystry jo shyad daksh tha
        5. Daksh ka pschyo look
        6. Anika-shivaye incomplete story

        All this was only dragging and making me bore.. but after knowing yesterday tellyupdate i was back.. but seeing episode i think only daksh ka pschyo look hi samne aaya hai

    • DaSha

      Hello Shraddha Sharma,

      Here are the answers:

      1) episode 161. Daksh kidnaps Anika

      2) episode 154, Shivay cares about Anika when she had nightmare, 155 Shivay makes Anika stay in OM cause he feels bad about threatening Sakhil, 157 Anika protects Shivay misbehave with her in front the OF, Shivay hear it and melts, 158 Shivay cares about Anika, covers her with a blanket and turns on the light cause she is afraid of darkness, he sends Sakhil to best school in the city, 162 Shivay figured out ONS MU

      Actually he was always caring about Anika. He could not stand when ACP was asking his questions and doubting on her motives, he always rushes to save her when she faints (gas attack, KC, hot room), he was crying when she got engaged, he could not bear ONS misunderstanding and even preponed his marriage because of it and so on, so on…

      Even in my favorite episode 144 when he was threatening to kill Sakhil if Anika refuse to marry him, Shivay was super scared she could get injured, he was running after her to save from the blast. It’s all explained in 107 when he says: “Sometimes I’m so angry with you, but if someone else is rude to you I want to kill that person. And after I was angry with you, I turn to be angry with myself because I was angry with you…”

      3) episode 155-156, Shivay comes to know that Sakhil is handicapped, he feels guilty and makes Sahil stay in OM with Anika.

      4) episode 161. Sakhil heard what Daksh and Pinki told about Anika

  25. Shivika

    OMG, what an epi..I still think there is more time for shivaye to propose Anika..It will not start that soon..As Shivaye has feelings for Anika but his thought process about blood line, family back ground has still not changed. Let’s see hope for the best..I wish down the line when Shivaye tries to find out about chutki , it should come to know that Anika belongs to very rich family than shivaye..


    So now the main villain of SHIVIKA has fallen down!!!

    DAKSH????? !!!!!

    No, BIG NO!!!!


    NO, again BIG NO!!!!

    SHIVIKA’s VILLAIN is SSO’s biased BELIEFs!!

    His beliefs had gave the birth of DEFAULT TRUST for the people belong to GOOD FAMILY, NAME, BLOOD. SSO never is capable of going through the man around him in his rist perspective, and that his inability leads him to disastreous empirical formula to estimate and judge the people. Empirical equation does have exception, over which he never though on and made him biased.

    He thinks biased and keep continue with biased thinking and right from the first day ANIKA was being victim of his biased beliefs and thinking and TIA, DAKSH loke people keep taking the benefits of his this biased beliefs.

    ANNIKA got succesed tto break all his shield around SSO being and and gave the exposure a entity SHIVAAY lying within SSO beings, but she failed to break the shield of his biased beliefs and thinking due to which SSO could not take ANNIKA in her right perspective. He was keep continue to hurt ANNIKA with his biased beliefs and thinking. His biased thinking was even stopping him to look at her present act in the back ground of her any good work, good deeds for him and his family, and thats why he could not think of her good deeds while hurting her for any deeds which he believe was wrong.

    The universal fact that,

    you have to use IRON to cut the IRON easily, samely BIASED BELIEFS SHIELD only can be tear down by the beneficier of BIASED BELIEF!

    In front of we now it is DAKSH, who is beneficier of SSO’s biased beliefs and thinking , and a GGOD, GENTLEMAN, NEVER LYING as SSO’s belief, when emerged out as TRUE CULPRIT of inking the image of ANNIKA through his DAD SHAKTI, and then SOUMYA, and when he crashed down to the ground hitting his knee over the floor hard, it was difficuilt to ascertain whether his crashing was due to his wrongly torture over ANNIKA or on seeing his beliefs has been shaken from its base and then shattered?

    DAKSH is only a beginning of the JOURNEY of SHIVAAY, TIA is next to take the lead of his journey! and there may be few more to take the driver seat of SHIVAAY JOURNEY!!!]

    It is rightly said, who does not learn by talks, will learn after getting KICK AFTER KICK!!!


      read”… in his rist…………………………….”as “…. in his right …’
      read”….leads him to distreous………..” as “…. leads him to follow distreous……’
      read”….he never though……………………as “….he never thought…..’
      read”….TIA, DAKSH loke people……….” as “……TIA, DAKSH like people….”
      read”….got succesed tto………………….” as “… successed to…..”
      read”….exposure a entity………………./” as “…..exposure to an entity…….”
      read “…and a GGOD , GENTLEMAN…/” as “…..and a GOOD, GENTLE MAN……”

  27. nidha

    Hii…malayalee friends..kakku n lijince ..don’t know if there is another malayalees…anyway …hello everyone,how are u guyzz
    Some times I feel shivika is a carbon copy of arshi….its the same …anika did job in oberai family and had funny fight with shivaay in the same manner Khushi did job in raizada family and had funny fight with Arnav…and dhaksh is just like shyam of ipkknd
    But in ipkknd Arnav was kidnapped by shyam and Khushi came to rescue ,here Anika get kidnapped by dhaksh and shivay is going to rescue her
    Whenever I see shivaay with Bluetooth headset and attending calls ,i see a reflection of Arnav …
    Arnav forced Khushi for marriage by blackmailing that he will broke akash-payal here shivaay forced Anika for marriage by blackmailing that he will kill sahil….
    Lavanya was supposed to marry Arnav like Tia was supposed to marry shivay..but the difference is that ..lavanya left Arnav realizing that asr loves Khushi,but here devil Tia is stick to shivaay
    Everything is same in arshi and shivika
    I am huge fan of ashi..after the she ended i miss them a lot…but now shivika reminds me arshi

    • Lijince

      Hi Nidha….I agree….Shivaye reminds of Arnav….but I think attitudes were different…..Arnav was less arrogant than Shivaye….I feel so….pakshe storyline kure okke similar aanu…Arnav could do anything for his sister….Shivaye can do anything for his bros….like you said in both the girls are from middle-class….both have a passion for cooking…..and both the lovestories started with hatred…..Gul ma’am doesn’t want to change some elements I think…


    please correct as follow

    exposure a entity….. – exposure to an entity…..

  29. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    too much emotion for 1ep
    must say that daksh acting was on top he showed a real psycho in his character
    atleast sso today ended his MU and we hopfully will see a new side of his personality , the emotionnel side
    the turn of the events made me think that when tia comes with the prgncy lie sso will not believe her so she may use blackmail and threats against him to force him to separate from anika

  30. Rt

    Luvvv 2 dayzzz epi 😍😍😍😍😍 …..osummmm😘😘😘 bt wat abt d spoiler in which tia tells tat she is pregnant😭😭plzzz Gul Mam don’t bring kumkum Bagyas trac int it….. v all just luv ishqbazzz plzzz………………..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  31. Venkat

    The sadistic Daksh must be away from anika as teenagers will imitate daksh as and his s*xual sadistic advances on anika are really not warranted,he must not touch anika for the show point of view

  32. Anu

    I just love today’s episode yar.😘..surbhi and nakul just killed it…sorry yar I am not able to text you guys all these days because of my exams…

  33. Lijince

    Hey….is the Precap for real??? I mean….Shivaye crying and telling Anika to call him all that names…Awwww…….I watched the episode in today’s 6 am slot….cudn’t believe that Shivaye is actually crying…..can’t wait for today’s epi!! Gul ma’am please show us more of such scenes….SSO crying for one time won’t be enough to compensate Anika crying several times….

    OmRu you people should have been there to witness the moment….Get well soon!!

  34. Revathi

    Luv u shivika. Both r awesm. I m excited to watch today’s episode. Especially the dialogue “bagad billa, billu, SSO” from SSO.

  35. Navz


    |Registered Member

    Anika and sso are always awesome and now I have to mention abt daksh god he killed it for the first time I am loving a negative character but his acting hatsoff to him

  36. |Registered Member

    Episode was heart touching….Daksh’s acting was fabulous…nd thank God MU cleared…
    Suffer shivaye suffer…u deserve this for ur cheap mentality…nd it’s just starting dude just wait nd watch…whatever u hv done wd anika , priyanka is gonna pay price for dat…the fall of great wall of shivaye started….thank God anika didn’t slap u bcz ur guilt is shivering u from inside it is giving u more pain than a slap can give….
    Precap: cry baby cry..but let me tell u she is alive…but u will hv to wait to listen those words from her…amazing precap…
    OmRu come back soon nd get well soon…
    Waiting for priveer story hope is progress soon…..bit not at all interested in that pregnancy track…

    @SHEKHAR bhai…u r joke come true here…..abt tia pregnancy😂..

  37. |Registered Member

    Hello my dear ishqies…
    @shabu di,Abiha di,samyukta,mukta,chetna di,renima di,priya29,Nafisa,shivika,archiya di,dasha di,Veda di,sumi di,aahana di,piyali,shaza,Shivani di,richu di,mishri di, shama di,chandini di,Angel,Sophie di…
    Hw’ s u all???…all gud…

    • shahabana

      Hellooo sakshi dr
      Im really fn baby…how r u ?
      Dntworry dr this tias truth will be out soon…Mreenal mam comfirmed this…
      And u are right shivaye deserves this…but poor anika how much pain she will bear…im feeling very bad for her..pinky always insults her..sso also behaves very harshly with anika…now this daksh he is a fullyyy phsycho…anika is bearing so much pain bcz of sso…but u know what watching precape i just felt bad for sso too…i dntknow how much i hates sso then also i feels bad when he cries…im waiting for todays episode

  38. Suranjana


    |Registered Member

    Episode was just awesome as always. Hi to all Ishqbaaz family members. I am Suranjana. I was a silent reader. Can I join you guys?

  39. Dini

    What a episode????? Shivaay u deserve this. But miss u Omru.
    I heard that both of them r suffering from Dengue. Get well soon guys. Miss u badly.

  40. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    Did anyone notice this.. shivay dialogue “tumse kuh hone se pehlr shivay singh oberoi ki jaan jayegi,aur meri jaan itni aasnai se nahi jayegi”
    He always uses this dialogue for his brothers whom he loves a lot.this dailogue basically conveys tat shivay loves anika a lot
    Anika n daksh n shivay u totally nailed the last few episodes
    Hve been waiting fr this precap n upcomin episodes frm so long.. cant wait fr tonite

  41. Tanya

    Hey I am also a bengali by the way a good episode but hope no more misunderstanding between shivika some sweetness from shivaye


    Any way, every one praising the acting of nakul in this epi, but I am little bit hesitating to praise a lot! He unnecessarily repeat the dialouge of OM, which looks me less effective and more dramatic. CVs would have one new dialouge over his tounge.
    During with SAHIL CONVO, he jumped over the question, WHERE IS ANNIKA, a little bit early, convo must had to prolonged enough to justify his all of sudden concern for ANNIKA and his attention to SCARED sahil to whom he was totally avoiding just few minuites back. Transition from AVOIDING/IGNORING zone should be justificably smooth, otherwise it emerged as dramatic.

    ANNIKA, first time realised, how much she loved SHIVAAY and how much she trust SHIVAAY when she placed her hands over the face of SHIVAAY with tears and a smiley at the corner of her lip in her probable few moments of life. Her expression were so natural and so cute, she almost awake the sensibility of viewers. That few moments were her last moments of her life ( probably), and she perfectly expressed her love for SHIVAAY in a very natural way!!!

    • chithra

      Exactly bro… Even I noticed ur point….i too saw the way how she placed hand over his face nd the way she called SSO..surabhi really nailed over there.. . . I felt SSO dialogues are little bit looked dramatic but v can’t blame nakul its cv’s problem they would have given better dialogues to him…

  43. Dream

    I do not understand hindi that much but the series has made me cry and scream everyday. I just love the character so much. Eversince I watched this series i started to understand few words and after reading the tellyupdate I understand more about the series. I just love it

  44. Lijince

    I also felt the same thing Shekhar…..Shivaye’s acting was a bit over the top in Sahil convo and when he says that he is coming to rescue Anika… didn’t look like a person regretting his words and actions…..his dialogue with Sahil that he is the biggest fool was not matching with what he said and did after that…..
    And yes, as always Anika nailed it…..she is gifted!

    • Shekhar

      Yaa, particilatly in this epi, he was over acting. His reversal from IGNORING TO CARING zone was so abrupt that it sucked out all his naturality. Actually, since last3-4 epis he is acting being out of his well defined character frame. The way he ignored SAHIL, ANNIKA just before ONS MU clearance, was pinching me when CV’s forced him to show intense concern for first SAAHIL and then ANNIKA. Repeatstion of one good dialouge lose its charm as soon ad it comes out from other character. It seems to me, NAKUL had lost the pace with character oddly and untimingly. CY’s should provide him enough transition period .

  45. Chashmish

    I found its one thrilling episode…but I would have preferred if Anika could have just saved herself..because the glass tank was uncovered on the top. When the water was full Anika could have just swim her way till the top (I assume Anika knows swimming because whenever she fell down or thrown inside a swimming pool, she managed to come out by her own) and just jump herself out of the tank…Shivaay could just focus upon hitting Daksh…Maybe Shivaay could get impressed more seeing her bravery on saving herself…Maybe instead of all these emotional drama it could have proceeded with their nok jhoks (something fun to watch)…Its something new and different rather than repetitive scenes that I watched from the past two serial…

    Its not bad episode…I wished that it could shown in a new way.

    • Lijince

      Chashmish….according to the spoiler video I saw in Youtube, the tank is covered on top and Anika tries to pushing it but fails… not sure if the top stays open throughout….
      And there’s no tension created if Anika saves herself….u knw our Indian concept….always the hero comes to rescue the heroine….

      • Chashmish

        Lijince…I though I saw in the was open as the water was coming from the top (Maybe my eyes was wrong)…I agree with you since this is a hero centric plot so yeah.. the hero should rescue the heroin regardless how strong the heroin might be…

  46. Shekhar

    Pregnency track is on the way!
    I think its a end of TIA’s presence in OM.
    We had seen the way MALLIKA dumped SHIVAAY , if MALLIKA did find something serious in that relationship, she would not had dumped SHIVAAY.

    Same way, we never found SHIVAAY comfortable with TIA so far as any close intimacy is concerned, infact for him, TIA was a deal, nothing more.

    During whole serial, we as a viewers or any character in serial, SSO never found as ROAD SIDE ROMEO to anyone. Evenafter getting married, let it be a forced one, never even attempted to make ANNIKA close to him, but let her allow to be away from him.

    So, there is no point remain to discuss, whether he had close intimacy with TIA or any other gal even. The character SSO may be dumb, rude, rough but never can have any relationship outside of marriage.

    By dragging SSO as a cause of her baby, TIA cleared out the way of ANNIKA in SSO life as well as in OF. She simply will be kicked out by SSO and OF, later or sooner.

    • Lijince

      Yes Shekhar…..unless the CVs come with some stupid ideas……I doubt if Anika will believe Tia’s lie as she knows Tia’s truth… maybe when confronting Tia, Tia might hold Anika responsible for her husband’s death to which in return she might agree to the family that Shivaye is not responsible for her pregnancy…..and Anika will go to jail for Robin’s death…..
      As you said, Tia has very little scope to poison Shivika relationship….but OF can’t get rid of Tia that easily… the world knows Tia as Shivaye’s wife, Tia has all the chances to damage OF name and reputation! But as Shivaye will not allow any black mark on OF name, Tia might blackmail him to divorce Anika or a share in OF property…..

      Gul ma’am can create mystery of any kind….that’s her speciality!!

      • SHEKHAR

        TIA will not refer his husband name, she herself killed, let it be accident, but she killed her, and she illegally made funeral exposure of which may put herself in police custody. Over more, HE WAS NOT HER BROTHER ROBIN, BUT HIS HUSBAND DUSHYANT naturally will be revealed during investigation and the lead that OF wish, can easily be availed by TIA that TIA simply will not wishing for.

        ROBIN aka DUSHYANT will never be referred either by TIA or her MOTHER, otherwise whay will be remain to prove that TIA is a fraud and gold digger and also the murder of her own HUSBAND?

    • shahabana

      U are right shekhar may sso is rude stupid and dumb but he is not the one to make a physical relationship with a girl without marriage…when sso point fingured about anikas chatecter many are told in this tu page that sso had a living relationship with mallika then why he is questioning about anikas charecter….but truth is sso and mallika had a boyfrnd grlfrnd relationship not a living relationship…if u want anyone proof u can check in the previos episodes where mallika is sharing why she dumped sso…she told she always used to call him and message him..but sso doesnt…if they where in a living relationship then there is no need to call amd message everyday…mallika clarified she loved sso but sso not
      If sso loved anyone thats only anika

      • SHEKHAR

        yes , RIGHT SHAHABANA MAM! There was no any serious relationship with any gal including MALLIKA, and except ANNIKA! But so called serious relationship also not with ANNIKA even eventhough having all the opportunity with both!, what ever itwas and it is, is only a STRONG FEELINGS and UNDERSTANDING upto some extent!, thats all!!

  47. Piya

    Hello guys, yu can watch ishqbaaz in hotstar @ 6:00pm itself.
    Coming to the precap, what a lovely one.
    I wish shivaay shd confess his love.

    • shahabana

      Helooo piya
      u can watch episode on hotstar but plss dnt ask everyone to watch it on hotstar bcz it will effect trp badly
      Only 10pm gives trp to show…if trp will decrease channel with end the show
      So guyz watch ib 10pm itself if u guyz have time

  48. Ananya

    After a power-packed performance in ‘Krishnadasi’, which ended in October this year, Sana Amin Sheikh, who played the protagonist in it, is back in action. The actress, we hear, has been approached to play a pivotal role in Star Plus’ ‘Ishqbaaz’. If the deal materialises, she will be introduced as the heroine opposite Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh)…

  49. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hello Ishqies…..mukta.aqua,nadiya,disha,priya,shahabana,shaza,kiki,niki,nithu,priya29,piya,
    diyaa,divyaa,mishri,devga………..and other ishqies………HOW ARE U GUYS…….


  50. nithu

    Finally SSO comes to know the truth, we seen his hatred for anika alot, now wants to see his love for her, precap was awesome, no words to say just dying to see that episode, nakul(our bagad billu) asusal rocked, but today I liked dakash performance more than shivika..

  51. nithu

    I heard omru suffers in fever, is it true? I too miss them. Hope they get well very soon and will back to Ib.

  52. 123

    this is becoming kumkum bhagya remake. The emotion is not up to the mark. Shivay’s love for Anika is not up to the mark. We expected so much intense and deep love from him.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.