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Ishqbaaz 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika are on breakfast date planned by Om and Rudra. Shivaye and Anika feel odd. They drink water. She says everything got normal and we are not fighting, shall we talk about marriage. Shivaye spits water in shock. Some time before, Shivaye says we will not leave you alone, we will not move from here. Shivaye and Rudra sit with Om. Om asks will you both sit like this, I don’t want to talk, what shall I talk. Rudra says about Ishana. Om says this maybe small thing for you and Shivaye, its big thing for me, I can’t trust anyone easily now.

Sahil asks Anika what happened. Anika says I don’t know, Bua did not change, I can’t leave you alone every day. He says I can take care, don’t worry, Bua won’t do anything, don’t kiss me, tell me what happened at work. She says he was

smiling. He asks does work smile. She says will work smile, I mean Shivaye smiled. He asks why do you always talk about SSO in every answer, tell me does he look good when he smiles. She recalls Shivaye and smiles. He says so much time to say no. She says its not necessary to say no. He says you like him. She says my slipper’s smile is more cute, stop it.

Om says I felt her problem and pain genuine, I was wrong about her. Shivaye says I understand. Om says I don’t want to talk about her, she taught me, honesty and truth are such colors which get off in first rain, why am I talking about her, I don’t want to, she could say truth and ask money from me, but she tried to make me and Riddhima breakup, I don’t know what she wants, if you think I m much affected by this… Rudra says no, continue. Om says I will think before helping anyone, she did wrong. Sahil asks Anika to let Shivaye live, someone has to take boy’s side, everyone takes girl’s side, they think boys start fight, its not necessary, who started fight between you and Shivaye.

Anika recalls Shivaye and her fights. Sahil asks her to say. She says I felt SSO started all fights, but now if I seeing video cassette rewind, I feel it was all my mistakes. He says it means all curses for SSO was free fund, it was your mistake. He asks her not to act smart, I don’t want to talk. Om says I don’t want to talk, truth and lie are two corner of river. Rudra and Shivaye hold their heads. Rudra jokes. Shivaye says you were saying something, I know you won’t tell about Ishana. Om says yes, I don’t want to talk, eat and drink. Rudra sees the food finished. Om asks who has eaten this. Rudra says I won’t talk. Shivaye says I m glad you spoke up. Om asks did I eat this. Rudra says yes and spoke about Ishana since 2 hours saying you won’t say anything, think of my ears. Shivaye says I m there with you. Om thanks Shivaye.

Rudra says thank me too. Om thanks him. Shivaye says I know you are sensitive Om, anger clouds judgment, just let this go. Om asks is this Shivaye’s advice, who never forgives anyone, who breaks more phones than work. Shivaye says I don’t keep anger inside me, I make person out of my life despite being angry. Om asks why did you not make Anika out. Shivaye says she is different, what happens with her does not happen with anyone else. Om asks Shivaye to understand this. Rudra asks Shivaye to understand this feelings, is this anger to cover up feelings, is it about Anika that he is hiding. Shivaye says I don’t want to talk and goes.

Its morning, Om and Rudra make food. Shivaye comes and says you guys are making breakfast without me. Rudra says we are making right, as smoke alarm rung just twice, there is just youngsters at home and you. Shivaye asks am I not young. Rudra gives reasons. Riddhima, Soumya come and greet them. Shivaye says we will have breakfast together. Anika comes. Om says we will dine together as Shivaye said. Shivaye reads newspaper. Rudra asks Shivaye to sit at pool side, we will prepare everything and get there. Shivaye asks pool side with Anika. Rudra says don’t worry, she won’t push you in pool, I did all setting with her, go. Anika and Shviaye go. Soumya and Rudra get glad.

Shivaye and Anika see the decorations. Anika thinks rich people are strange, they have money to keep double bed and have put just chairs here. Shivaye thinks these decorations are so awkward. He says why did they not come till now. Anika says I m also thinking the same. Om thanks Riddhima and Soumya to support them to bring Shivaye and Anika together, a normal conversation can end their misunderstandings. Soumya says relationship should not be forced, it should be organic. Rudra says organic, will we add pesticides in relationship. Soumya calls him dumb and says we should give them time. Rudra starts about his story. Soumya asks why do you always start your matter. Riddhima says its about Shivaye and Anika, right. Rudra says yes.

Anika says its your house, you sit atleast. Shivaye sits and asks her to sit. She sits. They look around and feel awkward. She says its strange, when we don’t have to fight, SSS starts. He asks what. She says Sannata sound service, I mean we don’t know what to say. He says yes, I did not read paper today. She says so what, its same news every day. She tells him news. Riddhima says this idea is good and likes the snacks. Om says this is Shivaye’s recipe. Soumya asks Rudra why don’t you eat this. Rudra says I just have protein shake, you won’t understand this sacrifice to become hot, sumo. She taunts back and calls him cry baby.

Anika asks do you read English paper. Shivaye says business newspaper. They both hold the water jug. Their hands touch and they see each other. Music plays………. They ask each other to have it. He pushes jug and water falls a bit. She says either of us have to leave it, else water will fall. He leaves the jug. She fills water in glass and gives him. He gets tensed and says no, don’t throw water on me again. She says I should say this to you.

Shivaye takes water in a glass. He gives the glass to her and she gets back. They both take glasses and drink water. Om and Rudra get the food. Shivaye and Anika say you both took much time. Om says you guys are here since 5mins. Anika asks just 5mins. Rudra says when quarreling persons don’t fight, time goes slow. Om says we will go. Shivaye asks them to stay back. Om says we are fed up of your fights, just break the ice, you both have a normal conversation. Om and Rudra leave. Anika says they are crazy to ask us to break ice, and did not give any ice. Shivaye says it’s a phrase, they meant we should sort our issues. She says why don’t you guys talk straight. Shivaye asks shall I serve food and serves food to her. He says they worked hard, I think we must…. She says yes, we should also… Shivaye takes water. She says everything got normal, and we are not fighting, shall we talk about marriage. Shivaye spits water and looks at her.

Shivaye says I think when two people decide to marry, planning and all is not needed, they should marry right away, I mean marriage should be normal, no need of all guests, but my brothers should be present, just bride is missing, if she comes, I will marry right away. Mallika walks in.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. itz just a sweet episode… shivika rocks… I completely enjoyed it, eventhough I like their(shivika ) fights and quarrels lot , it was very pleasant to watch both of them without any fights and their awkward moment.. when rudra says shivaye to sit at pool side, i also ask like shivaye, pool side with anika… and I love their first date yet it was not planned by them and also they don’t know about it…
    And also i felt very sad for om…

    1. NadiyaShah32

      Shivika’s first date was more cute than romantic but Njoyed every bit of it???
      Hope Ishana nOm resolve their differences
      Want to c all of dem to together,falling in love!!!

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Shivika scenes were ????today oh my mata ? Malika’s entry ????

  3. Hey……Good Afternoon friends!!!!!! How r u all??

    1. Good Afternoon!!
      I’m good
      How are you doing???

      1. NadiyaShah32

        Disha..Dea how r u 🙂
        long time!!!

    2. Good afternoon mukta di

  4. Thankew @ASMITA!!!!!! Ur comments clear my small doubts always!!!!! As today, I was thinking how Om ate the food and u made it clear to me!!!!!! Thankew very much!!!!!!!

  5. Hey where is Renima di today????
    And Kat di, Nadiya di, Aqua di, Mishri, Nelka di????? All r busy today…….

    1. NadiyaShah32

      Hello guyz..How r u all!!!
      Mukta baby Was busy ..Just got a breather fr half n hour:(
      How r u doing!!!

      1. Even I’m very tired today!!!!!!

    2. Hai mukta ishqie, very busy today……now i got a break…….how areyou dear????

  6. Asmita...

    Has anybody noticed Shivay’s facial expression while Anika offers him water….. he was hell scared and moved back too… it was hilarious…

    1. anika also scared when sivaye served water

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      I feel Shivika share amazing Chemistry in water ???????? like that pool romance and water fight ???? Shivika is the hydro chemistry couple of ishqbaaz ??? ? ???

  7. Hi mukta. Ashmiita…… been long time… are u alll….and shivvikka…….u r cute…..???

    1. Hii Pragya!!!! Howz u??? I’m good and ya comment here daily!!!!!! BTW sorry yar, actually I remain busy from 7 am to 5 pm so I didn’t get time to comment on ur ff!!!!!!! But it was awesome!!!!!!! If I don’t comment there, then please don’t mind!!!!!! I love ur ff very much especially coz it’s on SHIVIKA!!!!!!!!

    2. Asmita...

      Hi Pragya… I m fine… You say

  8. In the show anika is poor,, bt she wears so adorable clothes & jewelleries…?? as well as ishana ?
    Sometimes Anika looks more rich than tia by look ??

  9. shivay -mujhe farak nai padta
    om-mujhe bat nai karni
    rudra-in progressprogress.signature dialogues by om and shivay
    signature names by three lead
    anika-zalim singh oberoi
    stone singh oberoi
    bagad billa
    mobile singh oberoi
    kanji ankh wale
    ishana-zulfi singh oberoi
    saumya-cry baby oberoi
    protein shake
    duffer oberoi
    I hope u all like it

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I Think Gul Khan should have named this show naamkaren instead of ishqbaaz ???? then there would have been two naamkarens in star plus ??

      1. true .so many names of sso

      2. Asmita...

        Seriously Jo…. You are absolutely correct…

    2. ishqbaaz mad lover

      you forgot calculator singh oberoi

  10. Hiii…mukta,priya di, renima di, haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di.,…’s you all…..
    Episode was very niceeeee…
    But as my exams are coming I have to study also…???

    1. Best of luck for ur exams ??

    2. NadiyaShah32

      Best of luck Piyali!!!:):) 🙂

    3. Best of luck dear!!!!!! Rock the exams!!!!!!

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      Hey,, I’m GOOd.. u should focus in ur studies.. ,then I WILL B HAPPY 😀
      may GOD bless u dear.. ALL THE BEST 🙂

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      Hi piyu.. Even I m n 11th dear… So no di….

    8. Thanks to you all….and it’s ok priya….I will call you only priya

  11. Good afternoon mukta

    1. Good Evening Dear!!!!! How r u??

  12. Sorry friends I didn’t get time for replying u all!!!!!! And again I’ve a class so bbye!!!!!! Cu at night!!!!!!!!!! Love uhh all??

  13. Helloooo gd evng all of my sweet ishqbaazians, hw z u all of guyz, coming to the episode i just loved it, i loved shivikas awakward date verymuch, shivika are just awsome guyz, and omkara he is sooo cuteyar yesterday he is full of anger and today he is sooooo cute he is now talking only about ishana love ishkara also verymuch and what to tell about rumya they where the cutest couple of ishqbaaz.
    Shivika hot couple
    Ishana intence couple
    Rumya cute couple
    Love the ishqbaaz a lotz guyz
    Love u my cute ishqbaazians to

    1. NadiyaShah32

      Shahabhana!!! How r u dea 🙂
      U desribed each couple so aptly…?????

      1. Im very fn naadhiya dr

  14. So utube thre is a video its cnfrmd mallika wl hv a get bond wth Anika n Om rudra mallika Anika will make fun of shivay..whn mallika wl tell how he was….so though its a cameo fr few episodes shivika will come close rathr as Said in spoiler…mallika has a postv chractr n she WL explain tht evn we had a past we r jst frnds to shivays mom
    Thank god I’m relieved??

    1. Thnq thnq thnq thnq sooooo much ..???for This superb , fabulous, fantastic, awesome news ..I was so tensed thinking if she will create problems .,.???..ur awesome…u made my day I’m more excited for Malikas entry..

    2. NadiyaShah32

      Oh Ishika how r u N LORD bless u cz nw I am also relieved!!!???
      Don’t want any ex, vx?? to create ill will or misunderstandings between our SHIVIKA✌️???
      THeY r PERFECTO!!!????

    3. Cool. Let’s happy dance happy happy dance. HAPPY ME!!!

    4. Surbhi chandna also confirmed that unki(mallika and anika) ki baneygi in the show. Mazaa aayegaaa…. yayay 😀

    5. Ohhhh thnk u so much for ur spoiler about malika dr now im relieved she is not a negetive

    6. Haya123

      wOW./…. thnxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ISKIKAA… u really… made me sooooooooo HAPPY AND peace !

  15. Good evening all ishkies.Aap logon ne ek baat notice Ki Billuji paani nahi pee rahe the jab tak Anika ne paani nahi piya.Wow Mallika Ki entry kya mod leke aayegi Shivika ke zindagi Mein.?

    1. NadiyaShah32

      He was afraid, She might again start a water war !!!

  16. @Mukta.Hi I’m good.How are you??

    1. Good evening di!!!!! I’m also good!!!!!!!

  17. Hey everybody I want to be the part of ishqbaaz family ?

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      So then don’t ask..Just comment yaar

    2. Sure . Welcome. ??

    3. U r already a part of our family dear!!!!!!

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      welcomeeeeeeee… DEAR 🙂

  18. NadiyaShah32

    Actually everyone n everything about this show is BANG ON!!!They all r better than the best and Best than the rest(other shows)
    I mean I love Shivika the most but Ishkara n Roumya tracks shud b equally interesting fr me..
    So its wnderful how we all, though fandoms of diff. couples, appreciate n love Our non favs too!!???
    Such Bonhomie guyz..Love u all My darling Ishqies!!!????
    We all rock!!!????

    1. Ofcourse dr ishkbaaz is best and love all the couples

  19. Hey guys . I watched episode before reading update. Episode was awesome. I felt update is inadequate

  20. RANdomfANCreationz

    Did anyone realize that Anika was laughing when Shivaye spit out water ???

    1. Yes, I noticed the same. 😀
      Actually Surbhi was laughing….

  21. @SAIMA Hii sweetie!!!! Howz u??? Myself Mukta, student of B.Sc. first year, from Rajasthan!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jab Anika ne kaha Ki Kisi ek ko haath hatana hoga jug se to Billu ji ka Mann hi nahi kar raha tha apna haath hatane ko?

  23. @Piyali all the best for your exams dear?

  24. Ishqbaz kuch alag tha… story, characters, and direction of course. BUT I feel serial realistic NAHI raha!!!!!! 🙁
    First,,, Janamastmi night Anika ka Oberio banglow sA jaanaaa, aaanaaa phr jaaanaaa. Second,,, IF Mallikaa ki entry aisii hoogi!!! Without security code kaisi enter kraygi???? Filmy, dramatic and stylish entry but logically? Unacceptable! DIRECTOR PLEASE GOOD DIRECTION CONTINUE RAKHIYEA.

    P.s. Mallika Oberios house Shivay ki bua k kehne par aayii hain.. I guess. Mallika security code btayegi and bua Oberios house aayegii And Oberios bahar jayege….!!!!! LOL.

    Luv my hottie/s*xy/funny Rudra. :*

    1. Ik…but still if she wouldn’t come that day then ..shivaye wouldn’t start caring for Anika and all na so it’s good only..anyway it’s juzt a serial yaar so chill and enjoy ??

  25. Thanks Ishika you relieved me dear.

  26. Hi Everyone???Im Sanjana..n i luvvv Shivika??❤❤Can i join u Ishqbaazians???

    1. welcome sanjana
      in family
      feel free for comment

      1. Thanks a lot disha??

      2. U Guyz can call me sanju??











    1. Its awesome
      Pani ne bana di jodi

    2. nice di

  28. I love O Jaana song of Shivika.I’M a big fan of Shivika.Ishkbaaz is the No.1 serial of star plus.Gulkhan is the best director.I watch only ishkbaaz and no other serials.Please it’s a humble request from my side that don’t spoil Shivikas love story.

  29. Again 2 work…….no time……2 comment……ishqies…….sorry……

    1. Why are you saying sorry di
      We know you are very busy in work

  30. Where is aliya ishqie, priya ishqie, aditya ishqie……missing u trishqies……

  31. Haya123

    GD eveningzzz … MY sweet FRNdss.. Hv a rocking evening … 😀
    I wish SHIVIKA, ISHKARA , ROUMYA alwyzz b HAPPy..

  32. Priya15

    Guys ek baat notice ki aap logon ne..

    Shivaay used to say “mujhe koi pharak nahi padtha (Anika ki)” but always used to speak abt her… And omru used to laugh…

    Tdy Om said “mujhe uske baare baat nahi karna”.. But he was speaking the whole dialogue abt her only not abt any other thing.. Haha…. And that rushi moment.. Haha..

    This Bros r so unique.. Jo nahi karna chahte hai vahi karte hai..

    1. yes I noticed this
      2 hours Ishana ke baare me baat karne baad
      He said “Mujhe uske baare me baat nahi karni” lol

  33. Asmita...

    @mukta…thnks dear… Why dont u get urself registered ?

  34. Asmita...

    @mukta…thnks dear… Why dont u get urself registered ???

  35. this is first show in which girls are shown strong.hatsoff to cvs and gul khan for giving importance to ladies .

  36. I love this serial it like 80%ipkknd..

    Hope it will not go the story line as Anoka and ishanaa to become sister shivay doughty two sisters planned to trick..

    Then contract marriage.. Pls not this track give Anika a bf and make shivay realize his love..

  37. But shivaye’s marriage is already fixed with someone else na??and what’s the relation between Soumya and obrroi family?I’m new to this serial and getting confused.. Can anyone give me a brief

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