Ishqbaaz 1st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 1st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I wish I could prove Tej and Shakti innocent, inshort I need a miracle. Anika says where did I see this poster. She recalls the video and understands. She says Tej uncle and Shakti uncle can be proved innocent, I have to tell this to Billu ji. Some time before, Anika says my house has come. He says yes and stops car. He says Anika, I have to tell you something. She looks at him. He says I will see you tomorrow. She says yes, we will meet tomorrow. He says come I will drop you. She says no, I will go. He says no, okay fine I will wait here. She says I said I will go, you leave. He says you go, I will wait here till you go inside home. She gets down the car. Khoya khoya rehta hai…..plays…………..

He looks at her. She leaves. Jhanvi asks Pinky to see this necklace, are you okay.

Pinky says I have a strong thought, I spoke to Shakti too, he got angry and I got scared. Jhanvi asks what. Pinky says I have seen that girl for sure. Jhanvi asks which girl. Pinky says that CD girl.

Anika is lost in thoughts and holds a spoon in her mouth. Sahil sees her and asks how is steel’s taste. She asks what. He says you have kept steel spoon in mouth since long time, you would have known taste by now. She asks him to have food silently. He says I m silent, why is your mood bad. She says you said my mood is bad, did I say or did you read in paper, I m just tired. He says I have a way to get your tiredness away. She says you finish food first. He goes.

Jhanvi asks how is this possible, that girl died 5 years ago. Pinky says maybe I have seen her 5 years before, not her ghost, don’t know where did I see her. Jhanvi says its not possible Pinky, Tej and Shakti are claiming that they did not see that girl, if police knows this, they will use this against them. Pinky says yes, but her face comes infront of eyes. Jhanvi asks her to forget this and focus on Shivay and Tia’s marriage. Pinky agrees. Jhanvi shows the necklace.

Sahil gets CD and tells Anika about the horror movie. She says we have seen this last month. He says we remember the dialogues too. They say the dialogues and laugh. He plays the Cd.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra sit at the pool side. Rudra says you are doing this last time, we can’t do this tomorrow. Om asks why, is pool getting dry. Rudra says very funny Om, Shivaye is getting married and he will get Dhaniya paraye. Om says Paraya Dhan. Shivaye says stop it, marriage is happening, I will be brother even then. Om says yes, but someone else will have right on you too. Rudra says more than us. Om says then we can’t sit like this at night. Rudra says yes, married people are in hurry to go to rooms. Om says seriously Shivaye, our midnight cooking adventures and hanging out in your room will end.

Rudra says Soumya took my room, Tia is coming to your room and I have become refugee, we used to share everything before, every secret, now you will share everything with Tia. Shivaye says stop it, nothing will change. Rudra asks really, I thought I will have to shift my belongings, its good you are giving other room to Tia, I love you Bhaiya. Om says don’t be silly all the time Rudra, after marrying, she is coming to her husband’s house, not hostel. Shivaye says maybe one or two things will change. Om says many things will change, we have to be ready for it. Rudra says whatever, this thing should not change. They hold hands and say one for all, all for one.

Anika and Sahil watch the movie. Sahil asks why do ghosts wear white clothes. She says be quiet, my fav. Scene is coming, 31 chudails will come on Amavasya night. Sahil says not Amavasya, its Poornima, and not Chudails, its Bhootnis, when all Bhootnis come wearing white clothes, third left one wears off white, I have noticed it last time. Anika says wah, you are a great spy, watch silently.

Om asks Shivaye to have some rest, we will go. Rudra says marriage is tomorrow, I can sleep with Bhaiya today. Om says you should get habitual from today for whats going to happen tomorrow. Rudra says one who has younger brothers should not marry, this system is wrong. Shivaye says Rudra, if you want… Om says its okay Shivaye, Rudra has to get habitual. Rudra says bye Paraya Dhan and leaves with Om.

Anika says Sahil movie was good, and sees Sahil slept. She makes him sleep properly. She sees another movie ad of Fukat Raja, which got famous within one month time of the release. She sees that and switches off the tv. She lies to sleep. Shivaye thinks why am I worried, the way my and Tia’s marriage is happening, or by marriage itself….I don’t know how to react, I wish I did not need Tia’s parents vote for takeover, I wish I could prove Tej and Shakti’s innocence, in short I need a miracle, but I don’t believe in miracles, I feel like there is something which I m missing, but what is that, which can prove Tej and Shakti’s innocence. Anika gets restless in sleep and wakes up.

She gets up and looks at the tv. She says what was this… and switches the tv on to check. She sees the movie and then that ad. She says where did I see this poster, I feel its important. She recalls that girl in CD video and the poster was behind her. She says Oh bete ki, its such thing, Tej and Shakti can be proved innocent by this, I have to inform Billu ji. She smiles.

Its morning, Pinky praises Shivaye and applies black dot, while singing Tenu kala tika jachta hai…. She says Tia is lucky to get Hrithik. He says come on mom. She says Shivaye, you don’t let me praise you, before your marriage, its my son’s marriage. She pats on his face. He says mom, this is embarrassing, please. She says you feel everything embarrassing, I have so many wishes, I will take baraat in 7 horses chariot, doing Naagin dance in baraat, atleast let me shower love, tell me one thing, are you happy with this marriage. He asks why are you asking this. She says because you are getting married, I know you just speak heart out to Omru, even your mom has right on your secrets, tell me, are you not taking this marriage decision in business pressure. He turns away. She asks what shall I understand by this silence.

He holds her hand and asks her to understand the meaning by which she gets happiness. She says my son is very clever, I know you very well, that you think of other’s happiness first and then yours, its your marriage decision, you have to keep your happiness first, you know how is marriage without love, it passes while doing adjustments. He says like yours and dad’s. She gets sad. He says I m sorry mom, I did not mean that. She says you got nervousness for marriage. He says ya maybe, don’t worry mom, Tia and I have good understanding, so you know… She asks are you saying truth Shivaye…

Om and Rudra walk in. Rudra sings Dulhe ka sehra…. Pinky laughs. Shivaye asks whats happening. Rudra says oho, sorry, I forgot you are not wearing sehra, I prepared other song. He sings Chote Chote bhaiyon ke bade bhaiya… Om stops Rudra and says Shivaye, I m sorry to inform you, hearing your marriage news, Rudra lost his mind. Rudra says so funny, you said like filmi doctors. Om says Rudra planned many things, he was coming in your honeymoon too, I stopped him, let him sing.

Pinky says even I planned many things, haldi, mehendi… Rudra says cocktail party, bachelor party… She pulls his ear and says you always think of this, naughty, I know what happens in these parties. Rudra says focus, we have to cover up for ladies sangeet. Pinky and Rudra dance. Shivaye says Rudra… Rudra stops and says I told you I will be ready in one day, I m ready to share you with Lady Baba, Mr Paraya Dhan. He kisses Shivaye and goes to hug. Shivaye stops him. They laugh. Rudra says take brother’s blessings, hope you get happy family. Om says wah. Shivaye says Om, do something of him. Om smiles and signs nothing can happen of him.

Anika looks for her clothes and says I have to tell Billu ji about CD soon, what to wear, where is my jeans. Sahil says Dhobi took the clothes. She asks what shall I wear, all problem is when I m in hurry. He asks whats the matter. She says I have to reach Oberoi mansion before mansion any way, I have to tell imp thing to Billu ji. He asks her to take a deep breath. She does and says what next. He asks her to take right turn. She says there is nothing on right. He says this side. She says its left. He says its right for me. She says fine, what now. He asks her to take the flower box and open it. She sees the dress. He asks her to wear the dress gifted by Omru. She says no Sahil, its heavy. She says wear it bindaas. She agrees.

Pinky says I have to discuss imp matters, Rudra won’t go to Shivaye’s room after 7-8pm. Rudra asks why. Pinky says if you are there, then my Kanji eyes grandchildren dream will be just a dream. Rudra says oho, who will move hair like this, they will call I m dashing, you know what will they say seeing Om, what is long hair creature doing in this house. Pinky and Rudra laugh. Shivaye asks if you both are done, shall we leave, marriage has to happen. Pinky says Shivaye is so eager, even Shakti was so eager, he made horse run and came to me, baraatis were dancing behind, then my mummy did his aarti too, Shivaye is restless to make Tia Mrs. Oberoi. Shivaye looks on.

Shivaye sits in mandap. Priyanka and Jhanvi get Tia. Tia sits with him. Everyone smile. Soumya asks Rudra to smile. Om walks in worried and looks at Shivaye…. Shivaye takes the garlands in hand and turns to Tia. Om looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Tiara

    Will Ishqbaaz be telecasted tomorrow or it shall be directly telecasted on Monday ?? Someone tell if known

  2. Chubby

    Nce episode..well done Anika n in precap d way om Luks at mandap I think he knows d truth dat tia is gayathri daughter..abiha I dnt say thanx again ok n all r sistr n brothers to me here..
    Pandu am also frm AP Kurnool..wt abt u..

  3. Tusi

    episode was good but I am eagerly wating to see when the marriage is stopped… Again Shail Rocks
    .. Shail is so cute… I wish I have a brother like shahil…

  4. Lila


    |Registered Member

    Omggg the precap is making me nervous!!!! BtW guys I don’t get why gul made O saathiya song for Ishkara when she wasn’t going to make them a couple.

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Ikr ..I even started dreaming about how the song would be on them 😞😡..I don’t want her to use that song for any other couple exempt she forgot Ishana she should forget that song also😏

  5. salsa

    O for God shakes at least give us some glimpse of anika in that cute dress, 😍😍😍
    Guys have u all noticed anikas dress ,it is so matching with our shivays dress. Dress coordination, 😄😄😊😊😍

  6. Abhi

    Dont drag too much…bt still awesome to watch..hope dey wil reveal tia’s truth soon..😊love u billuji♥

  7. Mayank Agrawal

    shaadi hogi kya dosto >? and what a fantastic mind logic gul puts and shows her creativity on poster scene of movie…good,,,on the way to increasing TRP….

  8. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Today oberoi bromance moment was good.
    Rudra: chote chote bhayo ke bare vaiya,
    Aj banenge kisiki saiyaan (so funny, I was just laughing like a mad)
    Guys don’t feel bad but I found everyone’s dress so funny today. I mean everyone was looking good. But there dress was not good at all. In a marriage ceremony they should have given some good costumes. But I hope they won’t show this type of funny costumes in shivika marriage. Though om was looking good. His smile, aakh marna- mar dala yaar. Killed it.
    I m happy no ridhkara today.
    About the precap I think om is gonna stop the marriage. May be anika have told him about the cd.

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      U r ryt!!!thy kinda look as a loyal ishqbaazian i would say..ITS UNIQUE!!..shivaays shawl..rudras blazer colour..jhanvis makeup..pinkys hairstyle was thoda alag..i mean verrry different..i wish anika looks the best thr!!!thy r not revealng her pic in anysites…!!i wanna c her..hope she looks good

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      And i dnt want om to stop d marriage…anika should do it..shivaay and evry1 will thnk shez gonna confess bt she has to show d cd!!!!i want evry1 to c her dress and be impressed too…u knw dhinchak entry!!!!!????😉😉😉😉😍😍😍..oh plzzz i wish so

    • |Registered Member

      yea,,,,,,It was smthng different,,,,,even Tia,,,,what kind of wedding dress is that….bt loved Om and Rudra……still weird kinda dress….

  9. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Guyzzzzzzzz don’t u think this is wrong whats happening!!!!!!!
    Bcoz a boy should confess his luv first…..
    This time anika will do it…don’t u think shivaye cannot hear his soul…
    Its saying anikaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would be more happy if shivaye would have confessed!!!😞

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Dont say shit say shitia!!its the same anyway😂😂😂..and yh monday!!!i hav never waited 4 mondays all my lyf lyk 2dy!!!

  10. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Now-a -days om is behaving like rudra. Rudra ki tarah funny jokes &funny shayries.
    I don’t understand om shivay ko vaiya keu nehi bolta. He is elder than him. Then why not vaiya?

  11. Sunehri


    |Registered Member

    Well for the first time I guess they have shown pinky and shivaye scene .. OmRuShi scenes were bit emotional (for me) …… and I guess anika got some clue to prove shakti and tej innocent 🙂 .. and the precap was the worse (for me it was worse) tia’s look was not good -_- and the episode was bit dragging

    And guys … The way gul khan replied to her ishqbaaz fans was not good 🙁 I was disappointed 🙁 it would have been gr8 if they didn’t end ishaana’s role .. Some funny scenes are also missing 🙁

    And how r u guys !?!? Fatarajo renima di dhruv bhaiya mukta di aliya di shivani di mukti di priya di shahabana di haya di sujina di troyee di piyali dI abhiha di richu di szfz mishri di roz di shama di sat and all ishqies how r u !?!? I hope gr8 .. and guys whoever read my ff intro .. I’ve be posting my ff from 5th October .. becoz now I’m in Mumbai for my competition and luckily I won silver medal .. so I’ve be home on 3rd .. hope u all will like my ff and support me 🙂

    Anyways keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri mehta ♡

  12. Abiha

    So finally anika got the clue to stop marriage …..rudra sooo funny….in next when om is shocked at the same time anika will come but for that hav to wait 48 hours ….OMG…

  13. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Hey ishkes Congo…….I was just st reading the last comments!!!!
    Many sweet ppl joined here…
    I welcome all!!!!!💝💖👌👏🙌
    Keep commenting!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shivu haya!!!sweeties where r u ?????
    Missing u

    Mukta abiha shaza haya priya mayank kiki mishri Manik Mary sunehri samyukta yazhu disha shahbana piyaliii!!!!!!!
    Plzzz who have not signed the petition its my humble request to bring vrushika back!!!!
    Dhruv muktiii!!!
    Plsz comment all!!!!

  14. Shazia

    Shivay won’t marry tia bcs anika will show him the CD which is a prove of tej and shaktis innocence and thus the marriage is stopped

    • Richu


      |Registered Member

      Sahil is truly a cutie pie!!!!!
      Omggggg he lokssss sooi cuteeeee….
      His debut was in badi door she aaye hai I think??

  15. Sunehri


    |Registered Member

    Precap is shocking and very dissapointing .. I wish after anika enters and says about that clue to mr.bagar billa .. he will stop the wedding and start investigating the case

  16. Chubby

    Nce episode..sahil n Anika bonding is luks shockingly in precap means he kws d truth of tia dat she’s gayathri daughter I think..n abiha ur my sistr..all r sistrs n brothers to me here..pandu am frm Kurnool wt abt u yaar

  17. Liya


    |Registered Member

    Rudra is the show stealer😎😎😎 ….Our cry baby is actually a smile baby who can make all of us laugh😍😍😍….Waiting for this marriage to break😀😀 and hope writers bring ishuu back😭😭

  18. S.P

    Hi evry1..i lovd todays episode..i lov sahil n chubby change my nme to sp bcoz tu is NT shwing my cmnt..abiha I wont say thanx again ur my sister dear..n Pandu am frm nytt all

  19. afra

    hi all… hw r u?today episode was nice bt not much as yestrdays..hmm..I knew story has to go on I wish if shivay said “sry if I hurtd u tdy ” instead of “I will c u tmrw”.I love sahil ..he z so cute ..and I think still shivay Nd anika jst feel some kind of special attachment,wich z really special many more scenes r awaitd where the real feeling of love amid shivay Nd anika arise ..and I always wonder why there z no scenes between sahil and oberoi members ..I hve a doubt tht whether shivay know tht sahil is havn disability?why shivay is not attempting to know more abt anika tht he should regret for hz words abt her .again have to wait till Monday ..for the entry of anika ..rudra is really rockn …

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Me too afra!!!i mean atlst 4 d wedding sahil should be thr ryt??nly bro of employee…and shivaay still has to pay 4 callin him disable ryt??

  20. |Registered Member

    Hi mishri n sat art forgot ur name howru,??
    Hey abiha dear I m fine u??
    Helo disha it’s u in ur dp?if so then nice looking…..
    Anywz guys gn rozu mukta muku Sat dishu piyu priya abihu mukta shazu manik. Dhruv mayank n allll it’s never ending list guys n time is tickling. Very busy sRyan if I forgot anyone…meri bhawnay smj lo..:-P

    Hey shivu how r u?? N where r u?? Reply ok… see u soon..

    • Piyaliii


      |Registered Member

      Hii dhruvv…’s you?
      I am fine here…..
      And disha di’s dp is of that actress which works in the serial hmari bahu rajnikant…..😉😉😉😉

      • |Registered Member

        Ohhhhj piyuuu hehe ab meko to bata nahi yar kon si serials n actressrs….sab same hi dikti na….hehe
        I mfine dear stds kaise chal rahe hai,?mbbs karna hai na

    • Disha


      |Registered Member

      right piyu my dp ridhima pandit actress of bhrk and dhruvv bhai sari acress same nahi dikhti anyways
      how r u

  21. rv

    Shivay marriage wont happen as anika would com n halt the marriage at the middle as she will be gettiing proof

  22. Mukta

    So emotional episode…… ShivOmRu scenes were so heart touching!!!!!!! Loved the episode to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God Annika got that clue but as in precap, I think Om will stop the marriage. Don’t know what’s gonna happen but can’t wait till Monday!!!!!!! This wait will surely kill me!!!!!!!!

  23. mary

    Seriously….ending ishaanas track was very bad..nd then v don’t like om and riddhimas chemistry.I thought she is temporary and finally it vl b ishana..but no..they already removed her..nd after vrushika-Shantanu…vrushika-kunal vud hav been very good.

  24. Mukta

    Aaj toh main saatve aasmaan pe hoon!!!!!!! I got a reply from Surbhi Chandna on Twitter……. she is really veryyyyy kind n sweet!!!!!!!! Main to unki Jabra Fan ho gayi!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Neha

    hello ishqbaaz family, i m new here….can i join u al?

    epi was good, though i cudnt watch it cz of mah approching exams…
    can any1bplz tell me hoe is robin related to Tia, i mean who is robin??

  26. Sweetu

    The convo between anika an sahil is so nice.. and same with oberois bros.. lovely bondings between the siblings
    How cme a mom cant understand tat her is nt hppy..
    An for sure the marriage wont happen…anika in her lovely dress wil cme n tel abt the cd.. an shivay will start investigation on tat.. as it is more imp to him.. an then thy go to commisiioner who thinks tat nt enugh proof.. an then shivay an anika will start investigation together. .

  27. shekhar

    Poster seen by ANIKA is the proof of BIG oberoys innocency, and if we look at the conversation with her mother PUNKY and then SIVIYAS’s thought process after departing from all, then this proof may give a reason to shivay for calling off his mrh, but the way through which OM is reaching to MANDAP in ange and shock, is simply leads me to think that OM has got something else other than to POSTER proof enough to convince shiyay to call off SHITIYA MRJ. POSTER is the proof of innocency of TEJ, SHAKTI but not proof of TIA’ s guilty.Therefor, OM might have got a another proof other than POSTER to prove TIA’s guilty.
    Another point is PINKY’s doubt that she had seen the girl shown in CD. So director is making the space for ANIKA for future blockage by PINKY!

  28. shekhar

    Few ones are presuming ANIKA will break this mrj by producing the POSTER PROOF, but so far as the ANIKA ‘s character is going on so far, she is not supposed to do anything with bad intention even for TIA to break SHITIYA unison. Everything shall be happen in its own way. Director can not afford any manipulation in her character which will tinted her image. She may be the cause root of revealation, but that is without any prejudice.

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      If anika breks the marriage thn…pinky nd tia will be annoyed with her..tia will tell dat she stopped it purposefully nd pinky will surely take it to head..nd we will have 2 villains 4 shivika love story

      • SHEKHAR

        So why, ANIKA will not be the reason for BREAK UP which can lead her CLEAN and NEAT charector get inked which is upto! ANIKA’s work is to SAVE the TEJ and SHAKTI, not to make SPACE for her in SSO life.

  29. Rubaiya


    |Registered Member

    Anika and shivaye do look great and r d best couple i have ever found in any tv serial but i was seriously disappointed by Shivaye’s soo called ‘ClASS MATTERS’ speech. It really hurt me.

  30. ZARA

    This episode lacked Shivika, Shakti or Tias family. what sort of wedding was it supposed to be. Im sorry even the bride did not look like a bride- the beautiful henna covered hands and feet, payal, bangles, waist chain, nice bindiya and hair adornments, veil, beautiful lehenger or saree, that shy but beautiful atitude of brides, the special eye lock/look BTW bride n groom.
    OMG i wanted Anika to be present before arrival of the bride so that Shivika witnessed the reality that if they dont communicate to each other, they will lose each other for life… BTW what sort of wedding planner gets to the venue after the groom is in mandap? it seems all wrong’

    It should NOT be Anika who stops the wedding. Shivaye hasnt given her any indication how he feels so really she has no right to interfere, and she needs to win his heart with love not at others expense, therefore we r back to square one- whether the wedding happens or not, will Shivay ever say ILU to Anika cos he’ll have the family and lineage issues always unless Anika is shown in equal light of intellect, education, lineage, family background and so on..
    If theres no wedding how will Anika remain in the picture? or in Oberoi mansion?
    SOOOO Disappointed with todays episode. Gul needs to bring the magic back to avoid low ratings which is SHIVIKA SCENES at each episode otherwise its incomplete.
    AND we have to wait until Monday to see what happens 🙁

      • SHEKHAR

        Not anyone else but TIA’s SINs will be revealed infront of all by one other than ANIKA(here may be OM, he might get something against TIA which will lead SHIYAY to call off this MRJ. And then after ANIKA may provide POSTER proof to SHIVAY which he badly need, lack of which he was forced to make this UNISON!

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      But di!!dont u thnk if shivaay prpoposes aftr anika linage nd all comes out it will make shivaay look bad..lyk he loves her bt marries only becoz her linagage suits him…bt i agree with u..anika shouldnt stop it..a spoiler(probably fake)says dat he will get restless coz anika wont be thr in his wedding so hell go in search..its silly bt i wish it happens…😊😊

  31. Rosu 25

    Hi… good morning all….
    What is going to happen next???who will stop the marriage???? Anika or Om??? No idea…..have to wait till Monday…long waiting…😖

    • Abiha

      Good morning d….i didn’t watch the episode so can’t say about om’s expressions….lets see what happens…may b om stop marriage n then anika come n say about that poster…..

  32. Samyukta

    Hi guys commenting after long time.but eagerly waiting for Monday episode. Hi mukta di,dishadi,vanshika,devga,dhruv bhai, and all have a nice day and happy Gandhi jayanti

  33. nikki

    Hai all ishqiues good morning have a nice day .

    Comming to epi anika thu tho badi chant nickle ab thak yaad tha thuje yaar and sahil is too awesome.
    Rudy “chote chote bhai yonki bade bhaiya aj banenge kisi ke saiya”…. Was awesome yaar bahuth cool dood rudy is haina guys .

    Anyways aur 2days thak intazaar karna padega yaar itstoo hard per anika akar shadi rok degi muje shivay ki expressiins ko dekha hoga jab anika ka ko us kapadom me dekhengi tho woh tho bus delhthe hi reh jayega i think.

    All new members have a very nice day plz introduce ur self yaar thank hame yeh patha chale ki apko kya bolaye.

    • Abiha

      Good morning d…..have a nice day….n yeah waiting is soooooo much difficult for me in each n every matter… its matter of ishqbaaz…

  34. Dhruvvv


    |Registered Member

    Hi gudmrng ppl howru????
    I am commenting after long as was busy with exmss….hope u all remember me…
    Abt epi I dnt watxh after ishus exit…anywz no need to give them trps…
    Mukti richu sat zara mukta renima di maya tridha mishri piyali priya sunheri mayank samyukta shahabana haya n many many many nnew entires..haha have nice day!!!!

  35. |Registered Member

    Rudra was looking superbbbbb today,,,,,,,and loved Om too,,,,,,OmRu and Rudra-Pinky part was really funny,,….LOL Rudra planned to go with Shivaaye on his honeymoon trip,,,,,,,He z unbelievable,,,,,
    I’m excited to see Anika in that gifted dress,,,,,,,bt have to wait till monday 🙁

  36. Diya

    OMG I love ishqbaaz it’s the best show on star plus and I am the biggest fan of OMKARA I hope that shivaay and Tia’s wedding stop

    • Richu


      |Registered Member

      Dedi Hume azadi bina khadag bina dhaal
      Sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamal
      Raghupati raghav raja ram

      Do listen to this song today…epiccc my fav….
      Gud mrng
      Hello neha welcome sweetie……
      Samyukta dhruvvv commenting after a long time!!!
      Mukti kaha hai dhruv!!ishana wali baat sunkar she didn’t comment I think…
      Anyways mukta abiha mishri disha shaza Luna sat mayank kiki mishri Manik Mary sunehri samyukta yazhu roz rosu etc etc…😓 soo many ishkessssssz!!!!!
      Shivani haya muku priya really missing u!!!
      Comeback soon

  37. trisha

    shivaya jo chahata tah wahi hora hai useki shaddhi ma uske bhai , fmly ur bride ek mandapno media no guest no dhol baja

  38. Abiha

    @heyyy hibajasmine …..most welcome yr…..i ‘ll call u hiba….n yeah plz give short intro….plz…m of 17yrs…

  39. Veda

    Hi guyz..may I join u all..??..I nvr ms a singl episd of IB pr fir v Im a silnt readr hr fr lng bfr jst to read all da cmnts….U guyzz r jst awsm ya.. 🙂 🙂 :* lv to c a numbr of crazy IB fans hr…. meine avi avi ek promo dekha k 7th octobr ko ek maha episd ane wala hey..jahan 3 vai milke CD raaz ka khulasa nw my questn is, to iss 1 wk kya hone wala hey..??..Im badly wantng sm SHIVIKA momnts r8 nw bt kya CD k tentn k bichh aisa kuchh hoga..??… 🙁 🙁 raazz nikl ne k chakkar mn hi pura hapta kat jayega lgta hy…wat eva… nw jst egr to knw ki shaadi rukte kyase hey…sm dramatic momnts r yt to cm fr sure…lets c… 🙂


    Amalgation of TIA’s TRUTH, PINKYl’s doubt over GIRL in CD , and ANIKA’s POSTER proof may be resulted in call off the SHITIYA marriage !

    Director has enough space to put anyone in front for revealation of TIA’s TRUTH. POSTER proof is already there and sofar as PINKY’s doubt , it is a question of time only when and where she saw that girl!

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Ur reasons makes sense..i wish thy use these..if anythng will look farfetched lyk…ur previous commnts tooo..wah..wah..arre u should direct a show 1 day!!!u have brains actually…and 4 all 3 instances u have given sumthng big should happen dude..lyk a scene…the tym is not enough 4 tias truth..pinky is far more happy thn worried..and anika poster thng is not enough…

      • shekhar

        Poster proof is enough to postpone the mrj, but got breakup REVEALATION of TIA’s truth is necessary. Once the TIA will be exposed no oberoy will stand for TIA and space for ANIKA will arise in SSO life. And me is satisfied as a viewer and with commenting here!😃

  41. Rufina

    I didn’t watch the epi so don’t know om’s expression. .i hope om broke this marriage n it should not be anika..This is my imagination..anika says the poster thing to shivaay n pinky says her doubt that she has seen her before.n it can be like she has some bajan or some way the other connected with shakti..shivika to start their investigation. .gayathri n roop planning against shivika from finding the truth..kind of accident..n shiva a saving anika..anika saying thank you..then some nhok jhok..n some romance between shivika..They get some clue n say to police..Police says a nila is a family member. .We will come for investigation anika staying in oberoi mansion n sahil too stays there..n sahil n oberoi bro’s bonding..i will be happy if this happens..

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Hey …ur so creative …I suggest u to start a ff on ishqbaaz ..ur imagination is 👌🏻😄..I too want tart to happend ..btw have u written any ff on any serial …just curious 😉😄..?

  42. Rufina

    Just imagine if ishaana comes n call off the marriage. .It would be super duper. .but I know it’s not happen..#want ishkara #want ishaani #don want Riddima

    • Tridha


      |Registered Member

      Hey rufina. Agar aisa hota to mai pagal ho jati. Kash aisa hota. Vrushika come back yaar. Missing my drama queen a lot.

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        Same her ..if she would come and stop I’d go nuts ….even if she attend they wedding I will gain of happiness but that’s probably not gonna happend 😢😞

  43. Kiki

    Good Afternoon friends… I really loved the Sahil-Anika, Obro moments. Obro’s conversation made me little emotional. Anika has turned as a detective. I think in precap Om is shocked because he knew that Shivaay is not happy with this marriage.

    • Veda

      hi Kiki…evn mujhe v aisa hi lg raha hy ki precap mein it seems like OM ko kuchh pata chal gaya hey,which is shockng bt bat aisa nhi hey…30th octobr precap mein dikhaya gaya tha ki thr was a prsnl cnvrsatn betwn OM nd SHIVAYE… mujhe lg rha hy ki us cnvrsatn ki waqt Om ko mehsus hoga ki Shivaye isn’t happy..isliye wo Shivaye ko rok ne k kaushis krega sayed….bt all we cn do is to guess,rest is in CVs’ hand..age age dekha jayega kya hta hey…

      • Kiki


        |Registered Member

        Hi veda. Im from Srilanka. I don’t know Hindi. But I guessed what are you trying to say. No worries…

    • Veda

      ooppss..sry @kiki I did nt knw dat….nd sry again coz da previous cmnt was nt fr u..donno how it came to ur reply box.. 🙁

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Me toooo..but he looks far moooore shocked..lyk almost serious..somethng fishy….bt rudra looks lyk”nooooo plzz..not ladybaba!!”..m sure om has sumthn

  44. Veda

    @Piyali u welcm sisyy.. 🙂

    @Tridha nooooooo dr…plz aisa mat bolo….IB bandh nhi ho sakta… 🙁 🙁 avi to baht kuchh hona baki hey…accrdng to Harnt singh’s tweet OM’S lv trck is coming soon….aur acrdng to da vry 1st promo da main issue of IB is da “WARISH ” matr..I rly wnt to c who is going to b da nxt chairmn of Oberoi group nd how…expectng sm twist n trns there…pr kuchh v ho jaye yaarr SIHVOMRU k bichh darar nhi ana chahiye…bs… 🙁 🙁
    pr after knwing da ISHANA matr I jst cnt trst da productn house..wo kuchh v kr sakte hey…. 🙁 🙁

    P.S- Im a bong grl nd nt dat gd abt hindi.. :p so sm sentce may make no sense at all..don mind.. :p

  45. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys, all the ishqies, how are you all, good morning to everybody
    Hey guys please check out my news episode
    And coming to the episode, really shivaay’s miracle will be ambika. Oh annika please come fast and stop that shitia marriage. It was like I hate shitia to the core. Oh annika, I want to see you in that dress. Shivaay should be awestruck seeing her beauty. And really wanting to see that scene

    • nikki

      Hai sat how r u .
      I too want to see anika in that dress and when shivay will see it he cant take his eyes out of anika i think what do u say

  46. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Hello Veda welcome dear😘😘
    Rufina u r very constructive haan….
    I would be wonder struck with this entry on ishana!!!!

    Gud afternoon guyzzz!!!!!

  47. Anusha

    Hii mukta di abiha di richu di
    I had commented here do u remember me? My exams are going so I cannot comment.I’m very sad about shivaye tia wedding

    • Mukta

      Hii Anusha……. of course we remember uhh……. missed uhh very much yarr……. when r ur exams goona end??? BTW howz ur exams going?? I know u must be rocking them……. BEST OF LUCK for the remaining papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. nikki

    Good after noon all ishqiues how r u all anyway still many hours we have to wait yaar kaise kategi yeh wakth.

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Trust me!!she looks amazing!!!!better thn d oberoi ladies 4 once…sorry offnce…bt anika looks lyk..whoaaah…😍😍😍

  49. Mukti


    |Registered Member

    Hiii guyyss…..
    Heyy richu babyy howru????u were asking abt me to dhruv na….are actually I was little sad for ishana but now I am completely fine dear…

    Hey mayank bhai howru???
    U didnt reply me yr stil angry????plz reply..

    Hey tridha troey I m not hurtdear I was little busyso couldn’t reply u…howru doll????

    Hii priya satyyy where were u??
    Mishri renimaa di abiha dear piyuu dishhu mayank maya zara zuha dhruv dhruv shivu manik nikki rufina roz rosu sunanda veda trisha samyukta shekhar n all ishqius howru???!
    Happy navratri to alll….

    Hey dhruv shivu is busy in navratri….she will come soon… By the way dhruv2 nice dp bro…dhruv 1 dp is hot!!!!!coollll..hahaha

    • Piyaliii


      |Registered Member

      Happy navratri di…..
      I love navratri because of dandiya….but this time it is raining here and that’s why I can not go for dancing….
      Anyways. ….I will go from tommorow…😀😀😀😀😊😊😊
      You too love dancing?

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Cool dp di…ur d one hu made him change d dp to zayn before arent u???😉nd di WHERE WERE U???k di anyway m gud…kp commnting..dont get lost any1.plzzzz

  50. shahabana

    Helloo gd evng ishqees and happy gandhi jayanthi to guyz. And episode is really emotional and i really liked all parts like shivomru emotional and funny talks and pinki-rudy conversation and shivaye pinky conversation abd ofcourse anika-sahil conversation and rudyyy he is such a cutee amazing charecter i loved the episode very much and im waiting for precape and waiting to see anika in omru gifted dress and today there is no episode so waiting for tomarrow and love u ishqbaaz

  51. maya

    Rudra is ‘Bachcha’ .. He is very cute n funny.
    I love OMs smile ‘big smile’ *-* :-*

    Shivaay isn’t happy. 🙁

    OMs expression & his eyes, the way he is walking toward Mandap & that ‘sanata’ in the background!! *micmichi*

  52. shahabana

    Druvv commenting after long time welcome back dr and welcome to the ishqbaaz family all new ishqees

  53. Shaza


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    Hey guys , how r u all …I know must not be good ryt ? as no ishqbaaz today 😜..just kidding …seriously how r u all ? 😉

  54. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    About to the episode …I’d say Rudra was awesome 😂😂😂…alway bring smile on our face 😁….and shivaye was upset though …anyway the way Om walked seems like he have also gotta prove amd something that is gonna stop the marriage …and in the precap I was waiting to see Anika in the dress given by OMRU sure she will be looking georgeous 😘😍….have to wait till tomorrow 😔…..idk how to wait …it’s like my day is incomplete without watching ishqbaaz 😉

  55. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    As per the lates news of ishqbaaz and SBS’s…..idk about marraige …but Anika will tell about the movie poster to Shivaye ..he will directly to and tell this to the commissioner..but he will say that this is not enough to prove that tej and shakti are completely innocent 😡..and shivaye fumes at the commissioner…it’s said that shivika together will find the location and prove tej and shakti innocent along with OMRU…btw where is Soumya ..she is not seen these days ..don’t tell me she is also out 😏

    • Veda

      dont worry dr…she is in precap… 😀 bt surprised to c none of Tia’s fmly membr there…. :/
      nd donno y mujhe lag rha hey ki Tej aur Shakti k tirak yatra k pechhe kuchh motive hey…..dey r nt dat innocent…

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        Ikr …they are not responsible for the CD ….but they have done some kind of Kand 😜…..cuz tej was talking about some Raaz ….

      • Rimjhim

        I am a new member . Really loved all of ur comments and thought of joining in . Can all of my dees anyone tell me is there any new episode of ishqbaaz today. Where’s update?

    • |Registered Member

      Haha dnt worry dear,,,,,Soumya z there,,,,,saw her in the precap,,,Nd she was looking too cute,,,,,and btw,,,does that means ShiTiya mrg is postponed,,,,,I want them to break the alliance

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Anika looks superb in the outfit omru gave her!!!😍😍😍😍..far better than the oberois… all of thm make my day..she looks pretty!!!

  56. Aahana

    There s a spoiler which says anika tells the poster thing to om as she cant get in touch wd shivaye directly during d wedding n dn om will walk in and stop d wedding and tell shivaye abt it. Dt is d reason for om s stern look in d precap.
    Btw hey guys I was a silent reader here and how r u all and can I b d member of ur ishqbaaz family?

  57. Mayank Agrawal

    Hello guys how are you all >? kya guess kar rhe ho abh aage ? kitna acha hota ki ye serial jaisi duniya practically bhi possible hoti pehle bekar hote hai phir log ache ban jaate hai ekdum se but guys hakikat to yeh hai ki practically hummari life mei vhot si problem hoti hai jo kabhi khatam hoti he nhi hai ek ke baad ek..kaash aisa hota life bhi drammatic hoti !!!


      yes, problem take place in everyones life, and every one tries to solve it, some one solve their problem honestly like ANIKA , some one solve it using all types of dishonesty like ISHANA. I know, I am HURTING many ISHANA’s fan, but before reacting my comment please look at the WAYS through which she is being solved her problems and then look at ISHANA’s ways to solver her problem!


      All the reasons forcing SHIVAY to marry TIA will be removed in the progressive epi’s, and then I think, SILENT PHASE OF SHIVIKA love will get end, and a new love phase may take place!

  58. Rufina

    @shaza I have never written a ff…but I wish to write a ff but I am commenting in 2g. .i can’t summit anything..i can’t even see ur dp’s..One thing I can do is comment..that’s what I am doing..

  59. Rufina

    Guys did u all see star tv at 4.30 today..They telecast ishqbaaz. .It was a short reply of shivika. .from the first..i watched it..It was awesome. .remembered everything. .but from tomorrow will miss ishqbaaz. .

  60. Rufina

    When star tv said that there is going to be serials telecast on Saturday n Sunday too..i thought that Ohh on weekends too…but now when there is no update of ishqbaaz on Sunday I feel like “why not Sunday? ??”

  61. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hey my ISHQIES…… as my ishqies really need ishkara amidst of work schedule i have started writing an ishkara ff- but unable 2 make it long… not getting time ….ok about episode……i can’t see “shitia” marriage on screen!!!! Reiki…..weds sso….omru….do something…….To spot out any dialogue…..actually i didn’t felt any dialogue like that….but today am expecting a power pact dialogue of omru, shivika and beautiful romance of shivika on screen…..
    By the way how r u all ??? Happy Gandhi Jayanthi And Happy Navrathri

    For this episode…….Just want 2 say….FOR SHIVAAY FANS…..









  62. Renimarenju


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    Shahabana, Mukta, Mukti, nivi,devga, nadiya,abia,aahana,tharu,himagiri,krits,meena,sujina, shaza,kiki,nikki,sat,kat,jazz,nelka,navi,priya,aqua,disha,rose,roz,nivi,luna,enasanjida, sunanda….
    dhruvv,shivu,pawan,maanik,mayank….how r u ishqies

  63. Abiha

    @Happy islamic new year to all muslim frnds……….

    @n happy navratri to alll hindu friends ….

  64. MP

    Sorry not only sisters n brothers . Even friends too. Kyun ki yaha kafi log same age kai hai. So Happy ISLAMIC new year too all

  65. Rubina


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    Hey guys I am Rubina i am 15 years old I love to make friends can I join with u all I am a silent reader of all your comment

  66. aahana

    Yeah i came b4 wd d same name but then got buzy wd college stuff. Didnt get time to comment. But i read all of u ppls’ comments. Btw m 17. So u gys just tell me who all r di here for me 😊

  67. Mishri


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    Is moderation ji upset with poor me???thy dnt show most of my commnts and if thy do it takes hours…is evrythng ok ji??should i do ssumthng??

  68. Abiha

    First of all a bigggggg sorrry to all of u bcz i was sooooo busy today….n i didn’t replied to all ….i replied to few….any way i was busy bcz tmrw my father is coming back to home after one n half year yr…..for some projects n all he is staying in Saudi Arab…from one n half years….n these projects extended extended n ……m sooooooo happppy today ….n yeah may n tmrw also i’ll not b able to reply….

  69. Priya15


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    Hi everyone.. I m sooo sry.. For not cmntng…i was not feeling well….

    @MISHRI DI..s gul called her fans hooligans… At that time when fans requested abt ishkara..mean bfore malika track…

    @ROZ di..s i m the one who said gul is not serious abt ishana character.. And di i think i was ryt…as the rslt is shown by gul herself…

    And guys.. Now i m back…

  70. Abiha

    @#shaza ,richu d , mukti d n dhruvv bhai m fit n fine ….n soooooo happy ….

    @#veda d ….most welcome in our family….

    @#neha ,Aahana n afra most welcome just give a short intro so i can decide should i call u d or not….

    @afra u know my class fellow was afra she is soo sweet n cute u reminded me her sweetness…

    @dhruvvv bhai u forgot me….anyways how’s ur examsss….n of which class…??

    @yeah anusha surely i remember u yrrr…how r u ..? All ok…?

    @Tridha dear my name is abiha… mistake samyukta n mukta wrote ahiba instead of abiha ….so don’t confuse …

    @sunheri m fit n fine…….n sorry for late congratxxxxxc yr …..

    @piyu sweety all the best for ur competition….sooo many best wishes for u….

    @mukta hows ur examss yrr….

    @renima d did u saw my reply or not…it below ur comment in which u mentioned namess…

  71. Abiha

    Mukta,renima d,mukti d,disha,nikki d,shahabana d,nevidha d ,shaza,sat d,roz d,shivani d,haya d ,priya,piyuuu,rosu d,richu d,mishri,aliya , nazneen d,tridha,sunheri,dhruvv bhai, manik bhai ,dhruvv bhai ,mayank bhai,S.p d,tharu d,luna d,zuha,M.P,Rufina,hiba,Rubina,vedha d,neha,Aahana,Anusha,samyukta……..sorry if i forgot anyone…..

    @i was busy in preparations so now m sooooo tired ….so Good night to all of u ….have sweet dreamssss…..

    • Piyaliii


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      Yup di…..
      Good night…..and I am also busy these day for a project hence…..I too reply comment at night. …..😊😊

  72. Shikha

    I lubh ishqbaaz … n lubh ew omru… ew looks so cute .n gorgeous dear😘😘😘😘😘.. waiting to saw de episodes of 2nd oct … coz m in hostel.., n i saw de ishqbaaz on hotstar ….

  73. Rimjhim

    Dear all my dees
    I am a new member . I really loved all of ur comments and thought of joining in. Can any of my dees tell me if there is a new of ishqbaaz today. Where’s update ? Dying……

  74. Rufina

    @Tridha n shaza..i am a registered member guys….but I will login my account only when my sissy comes..i am commenting in 2g. page won’t load fully…

  75. Abiha

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    Have a nice n cheerful day….!!!!
    How r u…??
    Today m soooooooooo happppy…😃😄😊😊😊……
    Enjoy ur day…

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    Helloo gd morning guyz have a nc day and happy navarathri to all my ishquees enjoy the festival

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    Hey. How r u all?? Hey shahabana Sorry for let comments. Actually M is the capital of my name. P is the capital of my surname. Simpel …..

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    Hai my pretty ishqies…Mukta, aqua,devga,mishri,piyali,tridha,trisha,kiki,shaza,haya,nikki, nadiya,disha,priya,piyali,roz,rosu,rose,shivu,nivi,mayank,maanik,vedha,abiha,aahana,nazneen,mary,tharu,himagiri,luna,enasanjida,maahiswit,hency,pawan,dhruvv,pragya,pradishma,afra, neha,nihaarika,shivika fan,aliya,lijitha,diya,liya,arya,shahabana,nelka,navi,nithu,vinnu,harshan
    fatarajo,maya,rimjhim….How r u all ??

    We are the one who always stand for each other

    We are the one who always express and share lot of things here

    We are not fond of face as we believe in heart since we are ishqies

    Miles or kilometeres can make distance but ishqies can’t keep distance

    Love to be an ishqie and proud to be a member of this ishqbaaz family

    I will comment @ break…afternoon… @ office…see u guys

  79. Rubina


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    Hey shaza you are most welcome to call me ruby actually I also love pet name
    I want to know all your ages whom I can call di

  80. Mukta

    Good Morning Ishqies……. how r u all???? I’m not not fine…. missing #Ishqbaaz n #Shivika badly!!!!!!!!! Anyways how r u all?????

    HAPPY ISLAMIC NEW YEAR to all the Muslim Ishqies out here!!!!!!!!!

    @RENIMA DI ur lines are just speechless….. u r awesome di……. and really sorry for replying so late!!!!!!! I’m good di and how r u??? May be busy in work…. di at least relax for sometime….. aap kitna kaam karte ho yar and phir bhi Ishqies ke liye time nikal lete ho…… Hats off to u!!!!!!!!!

    @RIMJHIM dear….. most welcome to our family!!!!!!!!! Just keep commenting!!!!!! And ya there was no Ishqbaaz yesterday due to telecast of #Dishoom!!!!! And now Ishqbaaz will only air from Mon to Sat!!!!!!!!!!

    @AAHANA dear…… u r whole heatedly welcomed to our Ishqbaaz family!!!!!!!

    @SAMYUKTA Where were u all these days???? Missed uhh…… anyways how r u???

    @VEDA sweetie……. welcome to the Ishqbaaz family!!!!!!! Thanx for the promo info!!!!!!!!! And now break ur silence and keep commenting!!!!!!!!

    @RUFINA dear Ishaana toh nahi aayegi shaadi rukwane!!!!! Don’t know how will the marriage called off??? Hope Annika kuch miracle kar de!!!!!!!!!

    @MISHRI u said right….. Annika is simply gorgeous, better than all Oberoi ladies (Sorry, no offence guys) and #SurbhiChandna is so kind hearted!!!!!!!!!!!

    @MUKTI u forgot me……. but no problem….. it happens!!!!!!! Anyways how r u???

    @SHAZA dear…. u said it right…… I’m not fine!!!!! How can I be, without #Ishqbaaz and #Shivika????

    @AHIBA dear….. first of all Happy Islamic New Year to uhh!!!!!!!! Secondly, u r misunderstood…… I’m not having any exams!!!!!!!! Anyways how r u?????

  81. shahabana

    Hellooo abiha ur father is coming after one and half year enjoy ur day dr and priya u are back so happy to see u dr

  82. Chetna

    Hello guys. I am feeling so bad bcoz they replace vrushika and even not ready with another girl. I don’t know what they really wanted to do. …anyways 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳.
    Good afternoon and have a nice day .
    Plzzzzźzzz if anyone of get any news so plz tell me.

  83. Chetna

    I feel and saw that many members stop commenting. I can understand I also want to stop. But I have to open it bcoz I love read your comments.

  84. Priya15


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    Did anybody watched new promo???

    If so then give me written Update.. As I missed it.. I just saw three Bros hand in hand… As I was interestingly hearing Kaun tujhe song so I didn’t pay attention.. So pls give me the written update of it frns…

    But om was looking cute in the poster of that promo… Luving…


  85. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Can I pls know who is kashmirairani???

    Somebody in insta requesting Gul to put her opp om??

    Trust me guys… Even Gul got some sense to get back vrushy also.. These people in social sites never let her do… Ha jaanti hun Gul hi voh nahi karegi.. That’s not surprise.. Bcoz Gul ki fans Gul ki Tarah hi honge…

    Pls say Me who is kashmirairani???

  86. Nivedha

    Hi all ishqbaaazians
    How are u all..
    hope ALL r fine and healthy
    Missed ur comments a lot bcuz I was lil busy

  87. Nivedha

    Welcome all new ishqbaaazians
    The family is growing bigger…
    Wat happened to ISHKARA TRACK do anyone have any update about the track ..please do tell me

  88. miffed

    This is the limit tellyupdate ! Why do we have the fan fiction in the beginning of tellyupdates? Had to go to the third page to get to the actual telecast episode written update. Why can’t you put the ff episodes somewhere else. The same thing is happening for edkv and krpkab too. It’s very irritating. We are here for the actual episodes and not the ff’s.

    • Sat


      |Registered Member

      Just click the filter bitten and you will find written episodes and go for it.
      Sorry to say but, people have many ideas which they want to express and come out. They come out with their excellent literary skills telling about how they want the real Epi’s to be. Yoir words really hurt them including me. And telly updates gave us full right to express our views through fan fiction. Really sorry if these words hurt you

  89. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Guys anika will tell everything to om & om to shivay. Shivay will break the marriage. Anika will see that. Anika will tell everything to everyone. There will be some omru moments. Tia will try to make shivay agree for marrying her.
    And whoever wanted to see anika in saree a bad news is for them anika didn’t wore a Saree

  90. nikki

    What anika is not wearing saree its ok but finally shadi nahi hogi thats what matter hai na.thans tridha for updates abhi me epi dekhne ke liya bahuth uthavli ho rahi hoon

    Good evening to all ishquies. And abhi 1ganta hai baaki hai yaar kaise khategi have to see .

    Abiha finally thum apni papa ko dhekhrahi hoon shayad dekh bhi chuke honge per this is most happiest moment in ur life isse sambalke rakhena her kisi ki kismath me aise nahi hotha kuch log aise bhi hai jo apni papa ko kabhi bhi nahi dekhpayenge .bye…….

  91. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Renima di, I just read ur ff’s. It’s amazing. I didn’t comment there because I I read it now. And I think u are not there now so I m commenting here. Thank you for writing it on ishkara. Priya di is right we ishkara fans needed it. Gul khan ko tumse kuch idea leni chahiye. She could have continued the ishkara story just like ur ff. But don’t know what is in her mind.
    And it doesn’t matter that ur ff r short. It’s like ” chota pathaka bada dhamaka” type. U r going great.

  92. aahana

    Hey guys how are u all?
    I just cant wait to read d update of todays episode. Mre exams h so my dad wont allow to to watch tv now.😑😑
    And thx @priyali n @rufina for calling me di😊
    M frm chandigarh. Where are u ppl from?

  93. aahana

    There r soo many comments here dt i had to search my previous comments. First i thot these moderation ppl didnt uplod my comments.
    Btw who writes this update?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.