Ishqbaaz 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika denies the divorce

Ishqbaaz 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says you didn’t sleep last night, if you can’t sleep in room, you can take sleeping pills and sleep here. Shivaye says I m not a kid. Khanna comes and says there is a package for you. Roop says this is called an amazing gift. Bhavya says guess what’s inside. Priyanka asks who has sent it. Anika says Shivaye has sent this. Shiv aye says I should have given this yesterday, its better late than never. Anika checks the gift and sees box inside the main box.

Roop says its just papers. Anika checks the papers and cries. She says no one else can do this, divorce papers on Karwachauth day, only Shivaye can do this, I didn’t like this gift. Roop says divorce…. Shivaye goes and thinks sorry, I m making you cry just for your happiness. He sees Anika happily talking to Anika. She laughs

and says Shivaye has come, I will talk to you later. She asks Shivaye will he wear this suit. He says I have given you divorce papers. She says yes, its your daily drama, you married me forcibly, refused to accept me, and then gave me divorce papers, you accepted me and now you got divorce papers after five years again. She asks him to take sleeping pill and sleep for some time. He says you are taking divorce lightly. She says just take this. He throws the water glass. He asks her to sign the divorce papers. He holds her hand and says I m not done yet. She says you are trying to make me away, you are hurting me and yourself also, what do you want. She signs the papers and asks him to take it. She asks are you happy now. She says but I m not happy. She tears the papers in anger and dips it in water jug.

She says papers are made from tree, don’t waste papers, give some rest to your lawyers, your wife is with you. She goes. Khanna says car is ready. Shivaye says then climb it on my head, go. Khanna goes. Shivaye says what shall I do. Rudra asks why are you dying for marriage, I have even lost in betting, I didn’t refuse to give money. He transfers money. He sees transaction failed. He worries. He goes to Om and asks is there any problem with bank server, I didn’t get bank transfer done. Om says I just made a transfer. Shivaye says no use to call the bank, I have checked all accounts, I got to know you are spending too much money, you will get monthly allowance. Rudra says I was young before, now I m married, I have responsibility. Shivaye says don’t worry for Bhavya, control your expenses, I spoilt you, I will reform you, we are getting late for meeting, come. Rudra refuses. Shivaye says this is your problem.

He says you don’t need to come to office till you grow up. He goes. Rudra gets angry. Shivaye is on call. He says I tried everything, there is no option now, you have to help me, you told me that I can call you whenever you need help. Om comes and asks whom are you talking to, any ways I shouldn’t ask. Shivaye says you changed. Om asks whose fault is it. Shivaye says of course, mine. They leave for office. Roop comes to Rudra and says Shivaye told you on your face today, he will never let you grow up. Rudra says how dare he say this, he forgot his deeds. Roop says you are here to remind his deeds. Rudra asks what do you mean. She reminds how Shivaye was when he came from jail, make him the same, then your way will be clear. He asks how. She asks him to have almonds, sharpen mind, remind him that he is Tej’s murderer, do this so that he feels he is mad, then Shivaye will go hospital and you will sit on the chair of the owner of Oberoi empire.

Shivaye says what happened to lights. He checks the door. He tries to open windows. He recalls the jail time. He worries. He tries to get water. He thinks why am I finding difficult to breath. Lights come. Om comes and asks are you fine. Shivaye says yes, I dropped the jug by mistake. Roop sees Gauri and Bhavya on phones. She thinks why did they go to guest room this way. Anika also goes to guest room. Roop says even she went, I think they are doing something, their plan won’t succeed.

Gauri says yes, Om has seen it, Shivaye got a panick attack. Anika says I told Shivaye to meet doctor. Bhavya suggests a doctor. Anika calls the doctor and says I wanted to talk to you about my husband. Shivaye comes home. Anika says you came so late, I was waiting. He asks why, is it Karwachauth today. She says I m your wife, you go and freshen up, I will serve dinner. She asks Bhavya to make him have food. Shivaye thanks Bhavya. Bhavya insists. Bhavya thanks food. Anika recalls doctor asking her to add medicines in food and feed Shivaye. Anika adds medicine in food and asks Bhavya to feed food to Shivaye.

Shivaye likes the food. He says thanks for marrying my useless brother, the food is tasty, I m done, I will go and sleep now. He goes to his room. Anika comes and asks him to sleep. He says I don’t feel sleepy. He asks her to just go. He sleeps.She cries and removes his shoes. She says you are pretending to be fine, and I m not letting you do what you want, what shall I do, I can’t live without you, even you can’t live without me, I gave you sleeping pills without your knowledge, but itw as necessary, what could I do. O jaana…plays….

Shivaye wakes up and says I was sleeping, I slept peacefully after many years, what’s this. Anika and Shivaye have a moment.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    TRP of this week is 1.5 nd as expected out of 20…
    Sry if anyone replay me in last epi , i was a little busy that’s why couldn’t replay… I will replay back here today..
    Now coming to epi…
    Prinku talked to Anika… Finally they gave her some line after many days…
    Shivay bhaiya’s karvachauth gift,
    Honestly I just hate it when someone give this type of boxa wala gift…. Ek ke baad ek bs kholte raho…
    Poor divorce paper…
    Anika made it’s chuchumber…
    Rudyy.. Betting… Seriously…!!!!
    Harneet what u hve done with our Rudy…!!!!
    Nd badam ki dibiya phirse tapak padi…!!!
    “O jaana” new version with last scene was nyccc….
    BTW I like Anikas this new style sarree…
    Precap –
    Can’t waitttttt….
    Ab kl ki 10pm jaldi aajaaaa…

    1. Banita

      BTW today I like d sleeping beauty….!!
      Anyone else agree with me..!!?

    2. Go Bani Go!!!Congrats for being first dr and also agree with you .I liked our sleeping beauty today ani was totally impressive .giving shivaye sleeping pills was totally a good idea .

      1. Banita

        R u my Riddhi dii..!!???
        If not then sry for it dr…
        Thank U….
        Yeh from last two days Anika was totally in khidkitode andaj…

    3. Sindhudi

      Hey banita dear Congrats for being number 1 my dear. I am sure you slept soundly just like Shivaay did.

      1. Banita

        Hlooo Sindhu diii…
        Thank U dii…
        Dii i always find a way to sleep nd eat only… My two fav dreamy thing… LOL..

    4. Sindhudi

      Trp is Low again banita. Aren’t people watching on Tv anymore? Are they getting frustrated with the plot? Now there are moments of Rikara and Ruvya but trp is Low. When there were no Rikara moments people always say they keep showing Shivika. Rikara fans get fed up. Now they show Rikara moment so why Rikara fans are not watching on TV. Very hard to please people.

      1. Banita

        Yeh di again it’s low…
        As U said it’s really hard to please people…. I think many r don’t like d plot of Obros separation….
        Nd about Rikara nd Ruvya… I don’t think there is any more Rikara fans left to fight or to watch d show…

  2. Banita

    From last page ,
    @Arpu , Chup reh… Don’t U dare to say like this to my bhaiya… BTW tere divorce paper ki tukde tukde hone ki iccha toh puri ho gayi aj… LOL..
    @Jahanara , WELCOME BACKKK TO PKJ my dr @Aju… Ab tu budhi ho jayegi toh main tereko #Auntyji bulalun..!!!
    @Prabha , Arre sacchi wali slap ke baare meinbnahi bol rahi thi yrrr… Mereko mere bhaiya se bahut pyaar hain…

    1. Jahanara

      #Auntyji Nahi Dadi bhulao 😂😂 Dadi ki Rabbit bacchi

      1. Banita

        So sweet of U #Dadiji…
        Love U bahuttt jayda…

  3. Luthfa

    Nice episode.Anika is in full form.Here comes the analysis-
    1.So as expected,divorce papers came as a KC gift.Just few minutes ago Shivaay was emphasizing that he is not a kid.But looking at his harkat,it proves him to be a kid who loves to skip his homework,his duty because of his self-invented reason here,it’s Anika.
    2.Anika’s reactions were also expected.But the difference is,few people actually can tell that the gift that has been presented to them,they don’t like it.It needs courage to tell as it can offend the presenter.But Anika did the right thing in rejecting her KC gift then and there.
    3.When wife is four fold stubborn than her two fold stubborn husband,matter turns really exciting between them.No one is ready to give up.One thing which irritates me like anything is Shivaay’s continuous talking about Anika’s happiness being away from him.Does he tell that deliberately or unknowingly?I want to know.Loved Anika’s fierce expression before signing the papers-Tigress personified.And divorce papers Jaal Samadhi no,Jug Samadhi leliya!Big LOL!!!
    4.Mr.Junior Oberoi is hitting by Karma every now and then.As you sow,so shall you reap.Planning and plotting is going on from different group,simultaneously.One for good reason,other for bad among AniRiYa group,BuRu group,Shivaay+yet to know group.Interesting.By the way,when did Khanna become the driver of the Oberois?
    5.A hungry man is an angry man,had heard in one of the lectures in college.This hunger is a symbol to tell anything of one’s mind which he needs.Not necessary it will be food.It can be entertainment,peace,love,happiness,attention, care etc.Depends on person’s hunger.Shivaay is hungry for what?Any guess?

    Precap:Five years long pending sleep got covered.Thanks to sleeping pill induced lentil and a wife’s love for her husband.Tedha hain par mera hain attitude ki jai ho!

    1. Another lovely, awesome, fabulous and comprehensive analysis just as expected.

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Ridhimma dear,how are you?
        Awwwww….Thank you sooooooooo….very much for your love dear.Love you😊😊😊😊

    2. Sindhudi

      Hi luftha dear how are you? Nice one dear. Shivaay has so much of ego Lu and she said that he is arrogant kadus Shivaay. He wants his way. He thinks Anika’s happiness is for her to be away from him but it is not true. He will not be happy and anika will be crestfallen. Next when Anika signed on the divorce papers, did you see shivaay’s reaction. He was shocked for a moment that she really signed and he had this expression that she is gone for good and he has lost her but in split second she tore the paper away. Shivaay na is playing hard to get.

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Sindhu di,
        I am good di.Thank you so much.Hope your are doing great😊
        Yes di,I did notice.Shivaay was in shock when Anika agreed and signed the divorce papers and when she asked whether he was happy or not,he faked with a straight face!This is how Shivaay is going since Redux started till today.Always concealing his feelings saying all is for Anika’s happiness.

      2. Luthfa

        Just hope that he gets his senses back on time.He is too much adamant and stubborn of a kind.Anyway,thank you sooooooooo…very much for your love.Lots of love😊😊😊😊

  4. Wow episode was dharwasa thod.. Annika rocked shivaay shocked..
    While see that big gift box her face was glowing like anything but our stupid singh oberoi vanished her happiness by his routine gift divorce..
    You really think leaving you she will be happy..
    She will be broken into pieces.. How could you say that I will take care for your financial problems… Do you think she is behind you for your property..??
    While Annika signs the divorce papers shivaay’s face was Damm watchable.. Thothe vudgayee.. 😁😁😁
    Poor Khanna got scolding..
    I think shivaay in the phone speaking to his Nani.. She will be introducing twinkle in shivaay’s life.. I mean the new entries..
    Rudy can’t say anything about him.. As shivaay said we also. hope Rudy will reform back..
    Anika’s saree looks so cute.. I need that kind of saree.. Nowadays I’m fond of sarees I mean new patterns..
    Finally our shivaay slept peacefully after so many years.. Thanks to the girl gang.. I hope Bua doesn’t spoil anything..
    I wonder what anika would have wrote in shivaay’s hand.. Their couple name shivika or something.. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow 10pm..
    I heard that ishqbaaz gonna be telecast for 6days to finish this track soon..
    TRP 1.5…
    I don’t think even next week trp gonna fall due to Diwali.. Anyways, until & unless if they didn’t show Annika is weak or they gonna make her cry even more then big bye.. From yesterday’s episodes feel like to Slap SSO..
    He thinks he is protecting her but in real he is hurting her even more as he is hurting self as well..
    Coming to Om he hate shivaay but his care towards shivaay showing his maturity..

    1. Also agree with you shivaye thinks he is protecting her but he is really hurting her and om is showing more maturity than that useless rudra though they are not even equal in age…

    2. Sindhudi

      Hi kadhambari how is your prince? Yes I feel Rudy is somehow involved in some kind of gambling addiction. Either that or he has another woman in his life. A Mistress. Well like Tej like Rudra.

  5. Vidyakrish

    Wow Annika was cute when she dig the divorce paper in water wow I can’t wait for tommorow episode om was good to care shivaay I see old om with full of care.

  6. Vidyakrish

    I have doubt that Rudy illegally connected with a girl? because he deliver dialogue like why you dying for marriage that’s why asking I think some mystery is connected with rudy. Who finds that ? Don’t know

    1. Yup.. If then he done like that then he is like his father Tej..

    2. I don’t really think so but we shall see what cvs stored for us

  7. Divorce papers as gift???sounds senseless but seems interesting to watch. I guess the show will become interesting once again becauseShivaye will soon understand Anika’s feelings towards him. One fact about IB is that once you start watching,.you can hardly stop. I’ve tried many times to stop watching it but I couldn’t but there’s still something I always do anytime redux annoys me I watch our initial lovely IBon mbc bollywood (though its in arabic)especially if I didn’t watch that particular episode. Back to the main topic even though I enjoyed today’s episode but I was angry with rudra, does he think he is now grown up just because he is married? He was, is and would still be his brothers’ smallest and useless brother. hope this is understood.

  8. IB now 6 days a week is the show going to end by November?
    I’m getting tensed😨😰😢😥😭😓because they are going to telecast for Monday to Saturday and finish IB by end of November it’s just my guess. I pray this shouldn’t happen and end this redux soon.
    I watch only IB.

    1. Sindhudi

      Oh Shivika are you sure that it is going to end. Please don’t say that. I keep thinking the redux will end after all this clarification and go back to original. I will be depressed if IB ends. This is the only serial I watch

      1. I’m just guessing because they are going to cast for 6days a week. Let’s us pray it doesn’t end so soon

    2. Banita

      Heyy Shivika…
      Yeh i also saw that IB is going to telecast for 6days… But i don’t know either only IB or all SP shows r going to telecast for 6 days… Sacchi mein i don’t want IB to go off-air…

  9. Nice episode…shivay ka divorce paper to anika ne pani me baha😂😂😂😂
    Itna asan nahi hai sso khidkitodh anika se chutkara pana …sadhi kiya hai nivana to parega😎😎😎…

    Precap ___ I am waiting .. waiting.. waiting..😍😍😍 sorry ki ..I can’t give reply to any one.. actually I am a little bit busy… Sorry OK…

    Byeeeee….pkjians 😘😘😘😘

  10. I have a question also… can anyone plz tell whom shivay called at the car …I can’t understand..who it would be…🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. Sindhudi

      Dear Tania he called the nani who will be bringing a girl Twinkle and try to woo Shivaay and get him married to Twinkle so that Anika will leave the house. It is part of Shivaay’s plan to drive Anika out.

  11. Sindhudi

    Wow episode is getting better. I just love it. Now a new girl will make entry with the nani and let’s see how Anika handles her.

    Shivaay you are the only Husband who will give divorce papers for your Wife on Karwachauth sadly. I am Glad Anika took it so well. Really khidkithod anika. I wish she does not give up and fall weak. I really hope she will have the support of Om Bhavya and Gauri to help her along. Good thing Om called and informed Gauri about shivaay’s panic attack if not Anika would not know how to solve their sleeping problems.

    As for Roop I hope to burn her alive in Almonds and pistachios. Great way of destroying a family. Amazing she found who is the weakling and targeting Rudra. Rudra is really a fool!! Grow up man! Just like his Father Tej.

    I wonder when will the bros know the truth that Tej wanted kill his own sons.

    I loved how Anika lovingly made dinner for Shivaay and made bhavya give the food knowing her Husband will not eat it. She removed his suit and shoes and was crying all the way. Oh what a great biwi!

    Shivaay you are suffering and you letting anika suffer with all this torture of not wanting to stay with you. This is not right. Please don’t keep hurting Anika. You are hurting yourself and your Anika. How much can she be patient? She has been so faithful to you all these five years and you will never get such Wife in your life. Treasure what you have.

  12. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good.. Happy Diwali dear ishqies

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