Ishqbaaz 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Gauri gets kidnapped

Ishqbaaz 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Om and Rudra to come with him. They leave in the chopper and reach Gauri. Om says don’t say anything, maybe you don’t like this, forgive me. He applies tape to her mouth. Rudra says congrats, we came to kidnap you. Om lifts Gauri. Some time before, Ajay says you all were fooling me, you thought you will snatch Gauri from me, you will ruin my respect and I will just see, I will kill you. He pushes Om on the ground. Shivaye says you have pushed my brother. Om says no Shivaye. Ajay catches Om and scolds him. He slaps Om. Shivaye shouts. Om signs Shivaye to stop. Gauri looks on and cries recalling her words to Om.

Ajay beats Om. Shivaye and Rudra turn away and close eyes. Gauri cries. Saathiya…..plays….. Gauri says Bade bhaiya, beat them. Shivaye stops Ajay and catches

his neck to give a hit on his head. Shivaye and Rudra defend. Om falls in Gauri’s feet. Gauri makes Om swear to beat them. Om beats Ajay. ShivOmRu fight and knock Ajay and his men down. Gauri sees Richa and signs her.

Shivaye asks Om to go and get his wife. Gauri comes to Om. She says I can’t go back. They get shocked. Gauri says you all came till here and did much for me, I m grateful, I can’t go back, I made Om free of marriage, if I can’t be his wife, how can I be bahu of that house, my marriage is happening with Ajay now, you all please leave. Saathiya…..plays….

At Oberoi mansion, Shivaye asks Rudra did you leave Om alone. Rudra says yes, he asked me to leave him alone. Shivaye asks him to come. They enter room and see darkness. Rudra switches on the lights. They see Om. Shivaye asks what happened. Om says I was tired, I thought to rest. Shivaye says fine, we will stay here, have some hot milk. Om says I don’t want anything, guys relax, I m fine, its not necessary that every story ends as we want. He looks weak. He says I m okay. Shivaye says I can see you are not okay, I will just come. He goes and calls. He Khanna to make chopper ready.

Ajay asks what, Richa and Mukesh got married, its time for our marriage. Gauri says mahurat is not good, they have gone, what’s the problem now. He says but they got married. She says mahurat was good for them, according to my kundli, marriage can happen just tomorrow. Her mum says its matter of one day. Ajay says fine, we will marry tomorrow, if anyone makes an excuse or acts smart, it won’t be good. He leaves. Gauri signs Richa and sends her.

Anika asks Shivaye what meeting does he have at night. He says its videoconference. She says you can do it from home. He says my files are in office, I have to go. She says I will make food ready. He says I will have it there. She says Om also didn’t eat food, maybe he will eat along with you. He says Om is sleeping, he needs rest. She says how did you let him sleep in hungry state, how are you leaving him alone and going for work. He says we were busy in Bareilly, there is work pressure, Rudra is with Om, Om is fine, he had hot chocolate, you have food and rest, I will come back before you wake up in morning. He looks for phone.

Gauri’s mum asks her what will she do now, she should have gone with Om. Gauri asks how, it was about Richa’s happiness, Lord will show some way, I have complete belief. Anika says you are really going for meeting right, I think you are hiding something. Shivaye asks what do you mean. She says I feel so. He says its nothing like that. She says its such, so you are not meeting my eyes. He says I have many things going in mind. She says fine, go anywhere you want. He says sorry you got annoyed. He hugs her and says I will come back soon, I have to go. He leaves.

Shivaye comes to Om and Rudra, and says alright guys come on, we have to leave. Om asks where are we going. Shivaye says come with me. Shivaye drives them. Rudra asks where are we going. Shivaye says Om’s destination. Rudra asks poetry festival at night. Shivaye says we tried to convince Gauri. Rudra says even then, no use. Rudra jokes on his words. Om says its not time to joke. Shivaye says we are going to get Dulhan. Rudra says its not my age to marry and you got married. Shivaye says we are going to get Om’s Dulhan Gauri. Rudra says don’t say we are going to kidnap her. Shivaye says fine, but we are going to do it. Om asks what. Rudra asks will we have any normal marriage, you are asking Om to make Gauri run and marry, like you married Anika. Shivaye says history repeats itself. Om asks are you serious. Shivaye says yes, I m an Oberoi, and Oberois never quit. Rudra dances on Pyaar tumhe kis mod pe….. They smile. Rudra kisses them. He gets excited. They all hold hands. Om signs Rudra to sit quiet.

Ajay talks to his friends. Gauri hears him. Ajay says I will celebrate suhaagraat with Gauri tonight, then who is Gauri to me, I won’t marry her. Gauri says come close and dare to touch me, I will not leave you. Ajay drinks. Gauri goes to her room. She says I should inform Om. She calls Om and doesn’t connect. She says I should have not sent Om back, I need him, what to do. She prays to Lord.

ShivOmRu board the chopper and fly to Bareilly. Gauri drops the cloth down the window and says I will run away, once I reach my husband, Ajay can’t do anything, Lord just make me meet Om once. Ajay drinks and comes towards her room. Gauri worries and says maybe Ajay came, I will hit him to the wall. ShivOmRu break the door. She gets surprised.

She says you all…Om says don’t say anything, maybe you don’t like this, forgive me. He applies tape to her mouth. He says you would be thinking I did big mistake by coming here. She thinks you did mistake by leaving from here. Om says I know I m taking you home against will. She thinks I m dying to go home. Om says I can’t leave you, you are my wife, sorry I can’t leave. She thinks he got mad, he is doing right thing for the first time and saying sorry, how to explain I want to come with him. Om starts shayari. Rudra says its simple thing to say, congrats, we came to kidnap you. Shivaye says hurry up guys, come on. Om lifts Gauri and says sorry, I have no other way. She gets hit by the wall. She faints. Om says she got hurt. Shivaye says we will first leave from here. They see Ajay and his friends. They all kick the baddies away. Ajay faints. ShivOmRu walk ahead.

Bhavya says I also feel something is wrong, Shivaye is hiding something. Anika says these three brothers are cooking something. Bhavya asks from where shall we start. They say Omkara… and smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dhwani_Naidu

    Even today’s epi ended too quickly for me.. Wanted more ya.. Missing 1 hr ib today ??
    Shivaay bhaiya can’t lie to anika bhabhi.. She is finding it out!! Why not say her the truth bhaiya.. She wudnt say no to ur plan.. No ruvya till now thank God..
    Rudy u r just impossible!! Am laughing uncontrollably ??? and my mom is giving me weird looks.. U r going to kidnap and that’s a serious thing and u r making serious fun.. Ranagalathulayum kilukilupu kekuthu unaku…
    Gauri kidnapping scene is damn hilarious ?????.. Om tries to say shayari and Rudy stops him ‘yeh kya insaan hai, bhabhi we are going to kidnap u’.. Omg!! ???? I was laughing hysterically at his antics.. I have tears now becoz of laughing.. Precap: Mrs.Sso and the ex Acp have smelled the fishiness and gonna investigate om!! Waiting for tomo.. It’s 10.30 so soon ya ? Missing 1 hr ib.. I want more..

    1. Pushpa

      hey gal hw r u..
      yeah the epi ws so good till didnt realise it ended so fast..owsm epi..rudy was superb..

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hi pushpa!! Am fine ?? How r u..

    2. Nila

      ??Go dhwani Go???
      Ya Shivaay lied to anni but its OK bcoz it leads to good scenes in upcoming ??
      Ha ha Rudy very cuteeee? & Bechari gauri ha ha ??? …

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thank you nila ?? Aduthu nalla scenes varuthuna OK than.. But shivaay shudnt break his promise..

    3. Aniru

      Go Dhwani Go..congrats. Hatric day

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thanks a lot aniru.. ??

    4. Dear Dhwani
      Congrats For First Comment????
      A Big Thanks To CVS For Not Giving RuVya Scene Yesterday Episode? Mera Bhi Same Situation Hai Jab Ishqbaaz Ka Kuch Funny Scene Dektha Hu Tho My Mother Bhi Mujhse Poochtha Hai Paagal Hai Bina Baath Ki Has Rahi Hai Ab Unko Kon Samjhayengi Main Kyu Has Raha Hu????.1Hour Episode TV Pe Dekhna Iss Hard And One Hour Episode Ko Ye Ishqbaaz Team Teekh Se Handle Nahi Kartha.Vilan baazi Kuch Zyada Hotha Hai.Night 10pm To 11 Pm TV Pe IB Dekhna Is Not Easy For Every One.I Think 1 Hour IB Is Good Decision ?
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Haha.. Same situation.. High five chechi.. I do agree tht 1 hr IB wasn’t handled well but when I get to see really entertaining epis like this I badly just want more.. That’s why I said I missed 1 hr epi..

  2. Nila

    ?? Hai pkj family??

    Bechara yethukupa adivangura ???? Om u deserves this u forget my Riddhi na isliye ? ha ha dialogues copyright to Riddhi??

    Shivomru fighting scene after gauri’s words looks like Tamil movie?? ……..

    Shivika after a long time normal baath kar rahe hai ?? Shivaay??????

    Om Sleeping in home left the wife alone there kaise yaar???
    I want to say one thing aap ka Baal thoda long hogaya….
    I think u need liltle hair cut??

    Rudy aaj bhoot cute ? bhaiya meri umar nahi hai shaadi ke liye lol????? ng poetry festival?? … & Rudy abt shaadi style of oberois???
    avangale Avanga serial la kalachupanga (doing self teasing abt their serial)??…
    Chopper scene????

    dabang gauri ?? splz dialogue?? ….
    ha ha ?? maubharak bhabi??hit her head in door step Ayioo?Omkara u need some practice in lifting wife.. plz get some tips from ur bhaiya …..konjam vittu iruntha avale vanthu irupa pavam?(already she is dying to go back home)

    Precap:Om ah avanga yeppo vo truthkara va break up panitanga so no use???

    ( Long ago he did breakup with truthkara)

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii nila… Yeah om’s hair has grown a little bit… His hair length is more than mine.. Konjam mudi vachute ennala manage panna mudila.. While fighting with Ajay and goons avan mudi munnadi vanthute irunchu.. He needs a cut..

      1. Nila

        Ha ha???
        ama hair ah manage panurathu romba difficult thaan☺

    2. Banita

      Hlo Nila di….
      Yeh same pinch me also thought d same thing from last week….. Om ka baal thoda jayda hi baada ho gaya hain…..

      1. Nila

        Hey bani how r u? Long time No chatting !
        Same to same thought ??

    3. Pushpa

      venilla nila…great epi yaar..
      rudy was hilarious….entertaining totally..hey om looked greta in his hair liek seeing the old om an dthe old oberois…chopper scn i really wants tht life man…..seriously full of power..

      1. Nila

        Busy bee Puspha?
        kaam ko corner pe rakdho aaraam ki zaroorat hai aap ko …
        Haan ?? semma full of brothers yesterday???

    4. Dear Nila
      Correct Nia Omkara Ko Apni Wife Ko Lifting Karne Main Practice Chaahiye.Gauri Ki Head Wall Pe Takaraya Tho My Reaction Is? Poor Gauri? I Hope Shrenu Ko Hurt Na Hua Ho.Real Lag Raha Tha Wo Scene
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Nila

        Hii uf how r u dear?
        Yaa ?
        Yep it looks real nice acting na?

  3. Pushpa

    Full of oberoi bhais…
    ShivOmRu have nailed it today frm the beginning to end of episode…its like watching our early IB episodes…owsm..
    They are really great souls great insaan great brothers….
    So gauri hv a plan ……
    Ouch….thts hurts om get bashing and ShivRu cant do anything just look…no they cant even cant c om getting hit…this part ws a little of course oberoi nvr quit so thy fight…bt leave as per gauri req.. cute& sweet of hubby hugs wifey..and their convo…yes anika u r right shivaye hidding the truth…bt u pls find out……guys is tht a new VO 4 anika…..her voice sounds different….
    ShivOmRu car scn was super duper owsm & fabulous wt tht song…..And the scn getting into chopper….wow what a class mr shivaye singh oberoi……gauri here v come…..
    i too want2be tht powerful person as shivaye….
    Kiddapping plan and they kidnap gauri….
    Precap….anika u feeling muchimichi abt shivaye…….me too yaar….put on yr thinking cap gal time2investigate….
    Gd nite gals

    Sorry couldn reply comments yesterday…
    My tab hanged!!!!!!

    1. Wow di, you want to be like Shivaay? Go ahead and fulfil your dream.
      And thanks di for the information.Mine is @loveluthfa

    2. Dear Pushpa
      I Bros Ka Yesterday Episode Main ShiOmRu Ne Jo Dress Pehne Tha.Wo IB Ki First Time Un Logone Pehna Hai Phir O Bros Bonding Ye Sab Old IB Ki Feel Diya Hai.Infact I Think Omkara Full On Old Omkara Bangaya Hai.
      ShivIka Hug Is Always My Favourite?????????
      Anika Ka Sound Mujhe New Nahi Laga Shayad Main Zyada Focus Nahi Kiya Hoga.But Omkara Ko Ajay Beat Karne Ki Scene Pe Omkara Gauri Ki Pass Gira Our Thab Gauri Omkara Ko “Omkaraji Aapko Hamari Kasam Hai Maariye In Sabko”.Wo Dialogue Mujhe Gauri(Shrenu) Ka Nahi Lagrahatha.
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    They are back…Obros are back..the full of Attitude Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Old type Shayar Om with open hair and his old shirt too and the cutest funny Rudy boy..They are back for Ishqbaaz…
    Gouri and her self talk ha ha ha…

    1. Banita

      Yeh di,
      Obros back….
      Obro moment back….
      Now just waiting 4 our pkj back…. Pata nahi yeh wish KB puri hoga???????

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Bunny…These days when flats are booked are dreaming of “ek ghar banaunga”…may be your wish will be granted on Summer holidays.

    2. Pushpa

      yes the old oberois r back Aastha .. and u too
      om hair superb …rudy was entertaining and shivaye full of power luved it..

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pushpa…Mere bhaiyyos hai hi itna cute pehle se and yesterday cuteness overflowed..Ishqbaazi overloaded. in simple words we are here to entertain you audience type in Rudy language….Ab toh bass Swetlana aunty ko miss karne lagi hoon main???!!!
        And I am not back…because I was here only…

    3. Dear Aasthu
      Correct IB First O Bros Are Back???Specially Om.Because Some Time Hame Shivay Main Old SSO And Rudra Main Old Funny Rudy Boy Ko Dekhne Ka Chance Miltha Hai.Old Omkara Kahi Kho Gaya Tha But Yesterday Episode Main Om Full Old Om Lagrahatha.Specially Yesterday Episode Main ShiOmRu Ne Wo Dress Pehna Tha Jo First IB Main Pehnethe So Old O Obros Ki Saath Old IB Ka Bhi Feel Aagayi Yesterday Episode Main.Mere Liye Good Think Ye Hai Ki Yesterday Episode Main RuVya Scene Nahi Tha?
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  5. Pui

    Today’s epi..?
    Obros should have taken Anika along ! She is a great chantomind in all these matters…
    I feel that this track is being dragged a bit ?
    *No offense to any fans
    Gawd ! Anika can make a team with anyone…be it Rudra, Bhavya, Gauri or Saumya..lets see what they do ?

    1. Pushpa

      pu hw r u…it was a super duper track not enough of everything yaar…

      1. Pui

        Hey dear..i m fine, what about you ??
        This Bareilly track is eating Kalyani Mills track !
        Offc, others have diff opinions.. This track is also good but it gets boring in between..dont mind me plz

    2. Dear Pui
      Anika Hothi Tho Full On Fun Entertainment Pack Hotha Yesterday Episode.Specially AniRu Babhi Devar Bond And Their Funny Actions Is Worth Watching?.
      Ye Track Jaisa Bhi Ho But Feel Relax And We Get Entertainment? So Enjoy And Keep Watch IB On TV You Know Star Plus Is Very Greedy For High TRP So Keep Watch IB.And Keep Comment In PKJ
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Pui

        Hey Di ! How r u ? I agree. Anika can bring entertainment anywhere with that weird-cum-awsm dictionary of hers….Aniru are the best !! ?? Yes sure, keep watching IB…

  6. Hiii guys…. Today’s episode was awesome…. Rudy was star today followed by Gauri ( in the second half)….

    Lets start the comment with :

    1. Ajay ???????????????….. how dare u idiot slap and punch MY OMKARA….
    Come I will give u some with bonus offer OF CHAMELIS AND ANDAA… here I go….. ????????? (ShivOmRu’s punches) ????????????( me and my pkj girl gang’s chamelis) ????????????????????

    2. I like this Anika more …mature and caring for Om and her family…. ???

    3. Shivaay was in full mood for GAURI BHAGOO MISSION ( already experienced with his own wife )….??????

    4. Shiv: jab seedhi ungli se ghee na nikle toh…
    Ru: Chammach ka istemaal kar lena chahiye…( what logic Ru???…. Impressed)… LOL?????
    Shiv : ungli thedi kar leni chahiye…
    Ru: Hum raat ko ghee lene jaa rahe hai…. LOL….???

    5. Waise well said by rudy The Obro can never marry without any jhamela….

    6. Obro moment …. Rudy… over excited…??????

    7.Gauri: Aisa kaan ke niche bajaoongi ki Saat pushto tak kaan mein seetiyan bajengi?????… BAJA DO GAURI… THAT CHEAPO AJAY HAS HURT UR OM A LOT….

    8.Then comes the RUN AWAY BRIDE… expert in running away from the marriage no matter how worst the situation is… DON’T WORRY GAURI UR BADE BHAIYAA IS COMING FOR UR RESCUE along with UR PATI. ….

    BOTH ShivRi are expert in running away…. the bro(shiv) is expert in planning to making the bride run away whereas the sis(gauri) is expert in herself running away from the marriage… WHAT A COMBO OF BRO-SIS….??????

    9.Gauri fisting her hand: Shankarji ki kasam… THE OVER ENTHU CHIRRAIYA….. Loved her expressions…???

    10. Omkara saying Gauri ur my wife and I see can’t see u becoming someone else’s..haaye…..
    But kaash Feelings ke saath kaha hota… full comedy bana diya iss scene ko….
    Gauri’s monologue on every dialogue of Omkara was so cute…☺☺☺☺
    Loved the way gauri said to Omkara :- “Humare jatadhaari hippie ” ????. (she addressed Omkara like this after such along time )

    10. RUDRA’S reaction when Omakar was trying a shayari…. ???? Like seriously who says shayari when u are here to kidnap a bride and can’t say her a one line sentence … WELL DONE RUDY … U SAVED THE NICK TIME…



    Precap:- Don’t know but bhavya irked me….???

    Thanks @nikitajai and @renima di for ur best wishes…. and also sry for not replying to u guys?
    @renima di and @arpita get well soon….. TAKE CARE….



    1. Pushpa

      my darling maahi…hw is all?
      true rudy stole the show today..full of entertainment from him..running with thebride ha ha ha ha always…

    2. Nikita_jai29

      Hii dii.. Episode is good.. CVS are experts in converting the dramatic scene in to the comic one..

    3. Dear Maahi
      Omkara Ki Dushmano Omkara Se Panga Lene Se Pehle Maahi Ka Saamna Karna Hoga Tum Logo Ko.Phir Maahi Tum Sabka Aisa Haal Karengi Ki Omkara Ki Saath Bura Karne Ki Baare Main Sapne Main Bhi Nahi Sochega.CORRECT MAAHI??
      2.Anika Is Always Caring For Her Family? Iss Liye Tho Wo Meri Sweet Heart Anika Hai??????
      3.True Shivay Is Very Excitement And Confidence For Gauri Bagaoo Mission?
      7.Yesterday Dabangg Gauri Ka BGM Sunne Ka Chance Mila Wo Bhi Bahuth Days Ki Baath Aur Uska Dabangg Side And Dialogues Bhi Suna??
      8.I Think Gauri Zyada Expert Hai Baagne Main
      10.Jattadari Hippie Tho Last DBO Main Hi Suna Hoga.Wo Tho Bahuth Days Nahi Bahuth Months Ki Baath Sun Rahi Hai
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  7. Logesh.M

    This was the fantastic Khidhkithod episode ?????Thank god..Shivu became Saviour?????????Poor rudy…Got slap????his baby wala expressions after getting slap?????????Rudy is representing our fandom yaar..Like us he is saying that “Will oberois never have normal marriage”????Ajay?????????if i meet u someday i will surely kill u for beating my Om…?????How dare u touch my om????????Anika – Shivu convo????How much anika care for her devars?????Whole kidnap scene was hillarious..????Gauri called Him “Jatadhaari Hippie”..After a long time…How much i missed this????Thank u cv’s….Brave Gauri,Her expressions while hearing the convo of that three cheapdas..And her dialogue “Ek jhaamp…”?????????Dont mess with dabbang Gauri????She is a brave girl…What kind of friend this Richa is?????She cares only for her…!!!!!Gauri getting hit in door???????Hillarious….Precap: Jassoos mode on : Ani and Bhavi…?????Gauri u looked cute in this dress????????byeeee ishquies…Good night????

    1. Pushpa

      hi logesh…sorry yaar didnt really had time2reply …tht was a yes khidhikitod episode the oberoi brothers r back will fullpack…lets enjoy the upcoming episodes…

      1. Logesh.M

        Yeah pushpa???Ishqbaaz is regaining its grace slowly…If the same pattern (very less villainbaaz & high romancebaaz)continues It will create even more fans???????????Love Ishqbaaz??????????????????

    2. Dear Logesh
      Rudy Ka Expression Is Really Cute??
      Gauri Ka Head Wall Pe Hit Hua Tho My Expression ? Poor My Gauri?
      Gauri Is Looking Beautiful And Cute Always?
      Your Comment Is Cute And Simpl ? Keep Watch IB On TV Keep Comment On PKJ?
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  8. Wah Obros Wah!

    Kidnapping hi karni thi to pehle nahi kar skate the?Itna ghuma phirake karne ki kya jarurat thi? You will never be able to understand someone’s standpoint. Gauri was ready to go to her home but you all were ready with your own plans.
    Anyway, I will not complain much because I am happy today after watching the episode except that kidnapping fiasco.I loved the moments and those are-

    1.When Shivaay apologised to Ani instantly after getting angry unnecessarily.

    2.When Rudra told that Shivaay married Ani by eloping and that smile on his face,just awwww!So sweet Shivaay.But when?

    3.Om and his shayri,anywhere and anytime.Loved Rudar’s reaction.Same was mine.

    4.The bonding of the Obros.In this post modern era,relationships are facing terrible time.Though it’s a fiction but it gives me so much feel when I see three brother’s togetherness.

    5.Gauri and her reaction.She was like what is happening?And Rudra congratulated Gauri on her kidnapping!

    1. Pushpa

      luthfa…u hv tweet acct..whts yr account?
      dun hv to say shivika scn r always bliss to watch and tht quick hug oh my thts heaven to c he does it so naturally…shivaye is superb…

    2. Dear Luthfa
      1.I Also Loved That Moment When Shivay Apologies Anika.And Their Hug Also??
      3.Om Tho Aaj Kal Kuch Zyada Hi ShayariKara Hogayi Rudy Ka Reaction Is Funny??
      4.After IshKara RuMya Story End I Stil Watch IB Because Of ShiOmRu Bond And ShivIka OmRi.Main Reason Is ShiOmRu Brother Bond.I Never Ever Seen ShiOmRu Brother Bond Like In Any Serial.Infact Kuch Serials Main Tho Brothers Ki Beech Bonding Bhi Dikhathe Hai Phir Twist Ke Liye Unko India Pak Ki Tarah Fight Karthe Dekha Hai Aur Separate Hothe Bhi Dekha Hai.IB Main ShivIka OmRi Couples Ki Beech MU And Problem Hothe Tho Hame Acha Nahi Lagta Agar Hum Ye Sochengi Ki O Bros Ki Beech Aisa MU Separation Nahi Hua Hai Tho Wo Ek Good And Special Think Hai IB Ki.
      I Really Hope Future Main Twist And Turn Ke Liye CVS O Bros Ki Beech Kabhi Problem Na Create Kare Warna Jo Show Ka Uniqueness Hai Wo Chala Jaayega
      Your Comment Is Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Thank you so much UF.

  9. Banita

    Today epi was Rikaralious Funny Superb epi….
    Obros as always Amazinggg….. Obrois never quit chahe dulhan ko kidnap krke bhagana hi kun na pade…..
    Rudy boy????? Hilarious??????
    -Oberois humesha bhaga kr hi shaadi kun karte????????
    Pyaar me…..??????? That song with Rudy’s maasti wala dance???? Love it yr…. Again maasti wala Obro moment?????? It remind me our old ib and Obro moment….
    Dabang Gouri Chidayiya came back to her mood???????
    Gouri prepared to run away????
    Obros Darwajatode entry???
    Om told Sorry
    Gouri – Humara pati peheli baar kuch saahi kerne jaa raha hain usme vi Sorry?????????? Common Om ur chidayiya already bhagne wali thi – my POV that time…..
    When Om told sayari that time Rudy ” Mubarakho bhabhi hum apko kidnap karne aaye hain????????????????????????????????????
    Gouri got hit by wall and faint?????
    Precap. Aniya in Jagga Jasus mood and their first target is Om……
    Gd n8 pkj……

    1. Pushpa

      bani…gd day
      oberois r always amazing…and thy r back and its like watching the early episodes…but rudy stole the show…

      1. Banita

        Heyy Pus di…..
        Obro moment is heart of d show….. And yeh Rudy stole that sence….
        Hope we will get more Obro moment in future….

    2. Dear Banita
      O Bros Ka Darwaza Thod Entry?? Gauri Tho Shock Hogayi?
      Gauri Ka Head Wall Pe Hit Hothe Dekh Kar Main Shock Hua? Hope Zorse Na Lagi Ho.Mujhe Wo Wall Hit Scene Real Laga?
      Your Comment Is Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Banita

        Hlo UF di….
        Gouri ka head hit wala sence mujhe Funny laga , kun ki ase thodi na hota hain ki head wall pe just hit hua nd banda behos ho jayega….
        Btw how r u????
        Nyc to see ur replay in my comment…..

  10. Misha_Mikul

    Hayeeee…. Today’s epi was fabulous ??
    Obros Rock!!
    The love bonding they have between! ??

    Loved the way Shivaay was controlling his anger for Om sake, and boiled up once Gauri asked him to beat that Ajay buffalo ??
    I kept shouting and whistling for Shivaay’s stunt!! Phewww ???

    Shivaay was damn Hawwt handsome in that kurta which I missed much!! ????

    Shivika short and sweet moment, hug!! ??
    Loved the way Shivaay went after Annika when he annoyed her, and she leave!! ??
    So cute ??

    OBro car moment!!
    Aww I felt the old Ib vibes there!! ??
    Om’s red-black shirt, Rudi’s sleeveless jacket and Shivaay’s black suit ???
    Rudi was so cute and funny, always cheers the viewers up???
    The way he danced, Shivaay tolerated him , Om stopped him with his cute slap ????

    That Richa was so selfish ???

    Obros kidnapped Gauri ??
    Gauri is back to OM!!

    Why did they stop AniRi track!!? ?
    They resumed Kalyani mill track but stopped again in middle!! ?
    And made fans jumped in excitement for AniRi track and it’s too stopped!! ?
    Now ShivOmRu are going to Goa with no point, and a new lady is gonna enter the show!! ??
    A big WHY???? ?????

    1. Aayushi_kul

      New lady???? Goa???? Whats this misha…my head is spinning now wid this coming headache( hope it wld be fun not again a villian) ?

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yep Ayushi ? I’ve read a spoiler, is written that hot girls to lure Obros in Goa!! I didn’t believe but when saw SC’s insta story two new ladies were there in OM ??
        And have watched seg also, OBros enjoy with a girl, how rubbish! Are Shivaay and Om that sort??? Rudi is accepted when it’s about flirting with girls!! I’m just done with CVs stupidity ??

    2. Pushpa

      hi misha…wht r u saying….new entry…not again?????? and this time who?
      but i must say shivaye style was on power….rudy was hilarious and om looking great in the hair….

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Pushpa!! Yeah new entry wo bhi two ladies ??
        Why CVs always bring intolerable entries where there are many raaz yet to unfold ..
        Can’t they focus on that? why this Goa trip and new entries!! ???

    3. Dhwani_Naidu

      Another new entry?? But why? Already, we have this abhay, tanya and pinky.. Tolerating these 3 itself is difficult.. Have to see if the new lady is here to create new MUs or not..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yaaa… Have u watched today’s seg!! I stopped in middle.. It was really irritating even though the track is brought as comedy!! Don’t know what’s going to happen, feeling unfaithful for good epi!!

    4. Dear Misha
      Aap Apni Shivay Ke Liye Whistle Maar Rahe Thi Waah???
      CVS Sabko Old IB De Diya Infact Old IB Ka Feel De Diya.O Bros Ko Old IB Dress Tho Old IB Ki Feel Dene Main Full Help Hua??
      I Knew It Yaar Jiss Track Ke Liye Hum Excite Hothe Hai Ham Dekhna Chaathe Hai Wo Ye Log Dikhathe Nahi Infact Wo Dikhathe Hai Jo Hame Iritatte Kartha Hu.TRP Low Hone Main Fans BP High Hotha Hai But IB Team Ko KOI FARAK NAHI PADTHA TRP LOW HONE SE?
      Your Comment Is Very Nice??????

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Thank u babe ?
        Ya we are always worried for trp, CVs koi farak nahi padtha, that’s why without thinking, they came up with a senseless track!! ?

    5. Dhwani_Naidu

      Yeah misha I did watch ib spoilers.. Obros were dancing with an other girl.. And yes, it was irritating to watch shivaay and om dance with an other woman.. Is that a comedy track??!!

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah dear.. It’s a comedy track!! But it doesn’t look funny just gives me headache!!
        Cvs logic- can ruin any character and make them do dirty things for a comedy track!! Doesn’t make sense ??
        There is limit!! ?

  11. Aayushi_kul

    Heyaaa pkj members….how r u all???. ..back here aftr one week….
    Todays epi was full on obros epi… Full attitude m SSO….free hairs nd old shirr m OSO nd as usual comic antiqs of RSO….old ib vali feeling aa rhi thi…nd i was so happy today bcoz i watched old ib on star utsav @9pm nd then on new on star plus?????

    I really want to know one thng…how these people travel frm mumbai to bareily…bareily to mumbai nd again mumbai to bareily so soon…i mean itna fast ???????

    Shivika’ hug…small bt sweet???

    When rudy said ‘bhaiya abhi to suraj ni nikla hm kese nikle’?? nd his funny antiqs in car???….nd fnally when he stopped om nd said ‘esi sitiuation m bhi ise poetry yaad aa rhi h ????? me n my mom were laughing hystrically??
    Precap- hmm anika in her detective mode??
    Gud nytttt ishqies

    1. Pushpa

      hey aayushi ..they r on chopper…the rest of the show was so much of fun…..seriously rudy was so funny…

    2. Dear Aayushi
      Iam Fine Thoda Health Problem Ki Karan Feel Tired But Iam Fine.What About You
      Aap Aur Aapki Mom Saath Main IB Dekhthe Hai Good? Main Apni Maa Se IB Ki Story Kabhi Share Karthi Hu But Wo Dekthi Nahi.
      Your Comment Is Very Nice?????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  12. Aniru

    After so many days I could see the glimpse of old Ishqbaaz. ShivOmRu bonding, Shivika, Rikara, Rudi’s comedy & oneliners. None of the moments were boring.. All three in their characters. I loved Gauri’s mind talk to Om’s dialoges. Om got charged up in the car once Shivaay announced they are going to kidnap Gauri. Obros need brothers push to start their journey of love. Manufacturing defect of heart-brain connection.

    Obahus push the husbands away. Once land in trouble, first they try to reach husbands. Annika from Vikram’s, and Gauri to escape from Ajay

    Shivaay hiding the kidnap plan with Annika. He will not stop becoming raazbaaz and Annika will not stop becoming Jasoosbaaz. He should have known his wife by now, nothing can be hidden from her. Mein tumse kuch nahi chupaaunga. Toilet jayega to bhi bataunga. Pinky promises are to break. If promises are to be break, why to promise?

    1. Pushpa

      true ani…dun promise if you can keep it….typical of shivaye singh oberoi…but he was in full power yesterday….love him…

      1. Aniru

        True Pushpa. I have a request to makers that do not joke about pinky promise. That’s such a sweet gestures used by innocent kids.

    2. Aniru

      Now I hope Daksh, Swetu cone back. Abhay is also Okay instead of Daksh

    3. Pushpa

      wht u say is true pinky promise is shivika signature dun murder it…..

    4. Dear AniRu
      Mujhe Patha Hai ShivIka Ka Promise Tho Sirf Ek Impressive Dialogue Main Hi Rukthe Hai.Aaj Shivay Tho Aage Anika Bhi Aisa Karengi.Please Writer’s ShivIka Se Promise Full Fill Nahi Karana Chaathi Tho Aise Promise Ka Dialogue Baazi Karne Ki Zaroorath Nahi?But Ab Baath Uthna Serious Nahi Ki Anika Se Agar Baath Chupayengi Ya Nahi Chupayengi Tho Problem Ho.I Hope Inki Ye Baath Chupaneki Habit Future Main Inki Life Main Problems Create Na Kare
      Your Comment Is Very Interesting??????

      1. Aniru

        Thank you UF. I am not saying that husband wife should share everything. That’s not possible in real life. At least me. But there is no point to promise if you can’t keep promise.

  13. Hiii pkj??????????????????????????
    Again a fabulos epi love u obrossssssss tdy thy are the stars missed these obros for 568990yearsss i cant control my happiness whn watching them love of my life shivomru tdy rudy baby ur such a pagal man telling abt bros style of shaaadi trpsss shayri thoughts of fandom giving comments abt yr own serial i cant i want rudra ??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤bhavya i gonna shoot u?????shivika hug babies?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? rikara i dono what too cmnt cry or happy haha the way sso idea and replicate by omkar even dng shayari thr rudy semma kalai?????????????rudy ur not bachelor boy married soumya this month one year back ???????????gauri pavam????????bechari solla vandha tha molusa solla vidama om thokitu poitan tht hit on gauri i cant stop laughing rudy fun on car driving kissing shivom he is just me i want too give thtjt for my sake rudy gave tht????????????????????????????om bal was grown more is visible after removed pagdi cut it babe hahaha can u prefer wat shampoo ur using????????
    Jassos obahus aniya go grlss go
    Upcoming im dead pool romance obrosss shivani rikara ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤oh no obros to arrive goa rudys masterplan?????????????????i love u rudy shivaay take one day rest???❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Pushpa

      hi meenamma…hws life..
      the oberoi brother r back …fantastic the epi was so entertatining …..your emoji speaks it all…

      1. Nila

        Hi Puspha she not the same meenu
        She is Meena our new pkj member?my cutest friend Meena …
        I am just here to clear ur confusion ?

      2. Hi I puspa di u called me meenama it reminded me Chennai express??????? ya the epi was good especially obross

    2. Nila

      Hii Meena how r u ?
      Innum register member agalaya !
      Semma episode la OM oda hair ya nanum atha mention pani irukean good we all noticing very well?..
      Pavam pa Gauri
      Rumya ‘s marriage haan same month?

      1. Hiiii nilu so swt of u my dr frnd y same to same thoughtss yaar tq for clearing to puspa ya i cant register tu shows error???????

    3. Dear Meena
      You Miss O Bro Scenes 568990 Year’s?? Itna Year Kaise Hua IB Start Hoke??
      Your Comment Is Mind Blowing??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  14. UF,

    Sorry yaar, couldn’t reply to you because of my personal things.I am kumbhkaran the second but have to wake up early now!

    Anyway,about Shivika’s babies, yes I do want to see them as parents and to set an example in OF as junior Oberois suffered a lot because of their respective parents. And I want to watch how Shivaay will handle a pregnant Anika and her pregnancy tantrums. Her cravings, mood swings, morning sickness etc. typical for soon to be parents. Shivika as father and mother will be a huge treat to watch.

    To be honest, I want to see them as parents for some specific reasons. If Shivika became parents before Rikara and vise versa then the batton of heir will change hands. Pinky and Tej will indulge in their power grabing game through their grandchildren instead of Shivomru.Though Shivika, Rikara and even Ruvya will not participate in this game, Pinky and Tej will continue their planning and plotting to become all in all in OM and in OE.Jhanvi and Shakti can join if they want! I thought about it in the initial episodes of IB during Maha Aarti.How Pinky and Tej were behind Shivomru and all three brothers made tie tie phis of their plan. I am waiting to watch those things to happen if cvs can make up to it(finger crossed )

    1. Dear Luthfa
      It’s Absolutely Fine I Know Every One Have Their Busy Life So Relax???
      Iam Happy You Share About Your Thoughts On My Question? After Reading Your Comment My Excitement Level High? I Really Love Your Thoughts About ShivIka Parents? ShivIka As Parents It’s A Beautiful Think And Worth Watching Part On IB??
      Again Thank You For Share Your Beautiful Comment On ShivIka Parents Topic??
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  15. Forgot to mention :
    Congratulations Shivaay, once again you broke your promise. I am so proud of you. Was expecting that and guess what, I am not even surprised!

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Yeah he is breaking his vows..?

  16. The Obros moment!!!! Great!!!!! Loved the episode. I am not upset that Shivaay was not honest with Anika for not telling her where he was going because I think he wanted to do this together with his bros and not to involve his wife. This is kidnapping and men’s job. At least the bros were together in this.

    As for Gauri she should have just told Om the truth that Richa is pregnant and so she has to pretend to say yes to Ajay. Om may have devised a plan. All this kidnapping would be unnecessary. Well alls well that ends well. Shivaay is the only one who can come up with. He can never see any of his brother in this state. He will go at any cost to help his bros. That is Shivaay!!!!! Way to go man….

    Rudra was as usual very funny. It is a nice change to see just the bros together. When they are together it always end up being funny.

    Now with half hour IB, it is going good. I Don’t understand cvs when they had 1 hour why can”t they develop the plot like this. Now I wish we can have more Ishqbaaz as it is getting so interesting. When they had 1 hour slot they brought in the unnecessary plot which became a drag.

    1. Dear Sindhu
      Shivay Aaj Apna Baath Share Karne Ka Promise Thoda Kal Anika Bhi Karengi.But ShivIka Ka Ye Baath Share Na Karne Ka Problem Future Main Inki Life Pe Koi Problem Create Na Kare
      Mere Liye TV Pe Half Hour IB Family Se Chupke Dekhna Kissi Adventure Mission Se Kam Nahi Thi?.IB 1 Hour Hone Ki Baath Ek Episode Bhi TV Pe Dekhne Ka Chance Nahi Mila Hai.Half Hour IB Karane Ka Decision I Think Is Good.Because Half Hour IB Maker’s Achi Tarah Se Use Nahi Kiya.Jab Vilanbaazi Track Hoga Tho Kuch Zyada Hi Iritatte Hotha Hai And 1 Hour Main Tho 2 Vilan Hothe Thi.I Hope Aage Jaake Vilanbaazi Track Se Audience Ko Bore Na Kare.
      Your Comment Is Very Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  17. Arpita6

    @Luthfa dear, yaa now i am fine..and i will come here..but now you are regular soo i am very happy for you..and i really love your comments.

    @Maahi tumhara gussa !!ph my God…i am sure ajay tumhare samne aaya toh tum uski band bajadeti…???…thnx for wishes.

    @Renimarenju dear,i really feel relax after reading your comments and your khidkitod advise ..protein shake…???..i love it yarr…

    Coming to episode. ..
    —i love three obros…….today i saw old glimpase of ishqbaaz.
    And Sathiya song for Shivkara..???..ok jokes apart…but i was really sad when i saw shivaay , rudra..they were just helpless.then gouri herself told “Mariye”..and fir CHAL MAAR..yahi song mere dimag main chal rahi thi..?????..i love it..

    Shivaay bahut accha kuch bhi situation ho tum annika pe gussa hoge..and one advise for you plz don’t make any promise to annika.. i know annika will not agree to your plan (according to segment)but still you could say to her but no..why yiu will say !!! You are Sso.leave it…
    Precap-once again jasoosi jasoosi game start
    …..why they are still hiding gouri…..????????????????? ( a big question for me)
    Ok guys take care…and i am not able to reply bcoz of busy schedule …from morning 9 am to evening 5 pm..full busy.then come home,and once again study home works..presentation work in computer blah blah blah……shanti se baithne ki waqt nahi mil raha… ishqbaaz is like a stress reduce medicine for me and also PKJ….
    So i will try to no no no i will come here and will try to reply all of your comments. .
    —now my bak bak khatam byy..–have a good day.
    @LUTHFA dear, mere taraf se bhi Shivaay ko thank you bol dena…
    @MISHA MIKUL my head is spinning after seeing pinky ponky and that two ladies..?????????

    1. Pushpa

      typical Shivaye Singh Oberoi na arpi……..
      so u feelignbetter now….will pray for yr recovery gal…OMG u looks busier thn me..take it is such dun presure too much…tc & luv u

      Thanks a lot that you like my comment.You will recover soon don’t worry.And of course I will thank Shivaay on be half of you!Shivaay,thank you once again(from Arpita)

    3. Dear Arpita
      Half Hour Episode Hai Ya Aap Busy Hai But Aapka Episode Ki Baare Main Comment Short Laga Mujhe?
      O Saathiya Song For ShivKara Main Ye Comment Insta Pe Dekha Wo Tho Om Ko Beat Kartha Hua Dekha Kar Gauri Ki Sad Expression And Helpess Situation Ke Liye Thana.But O Saathiya ShivKara Ke Liye Comment Read Karke Tho Mujhe Hasi Aayi???
      ShivIka Se Kisi Promise Vow Dialogue Baazi Karne Ki Zaroorath Nahi Hai Ye Advice Tho IB Writers Ko Dena Chaahiye.Only Impressive Dialogue Baazi Pe Hogi Unka Promise Tho Mujhe Pehle Patha Tha?
      Gauri Ko AniVya Se Kyun Hide Kar Rahi Hai Iska Question Ka Answer Bhi Writers De Sakthe Hai
      Ithna Busy Life Arpita? IB Aapka Stress Reduce Medicine Hai That Is Very Good Think.I Think Only IB Main Hi Aise Positive Track Dikahtha Hai After Iritatte Vilanbaazi Ki Track Ki Baath.Warna Another Show Pe Ek Ki Baath Ek Drama Aise Chaltha Rahtha Hai.So Don’t Take Stress Relax And Take Care Of Your Health?
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Your Comment Is Very Nice Arpita??????

  18. we want 1hr episode waiting forward

  19. Go DHWANI GO.Third time right?Congratulations…

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Yeah luthfa third time.. Thanks a lot luthfa for commenting gg every time ????

  20. Mishra I think they did not suspend katana mills story or even Anika and Gauri sibling story. I guess they are developing the Ishqbaaz of Shivika and Rikara and that is why they will go to Goa for some romantic moments. I believe in the cause of it Shivaay will chance upon Anika’s belongings which they had before when he was digging her past and then it will daunt on him that he has seen this picture at Gauri’s place. I think Shivaay sort of forgot that he had seen this picture before among Anika’s belongings.

    As for kalyana mills, Avinash will return for sure. He had caused misunderstanding between Ruvya and Rikara especially. They will develop it slowly. With half and hour I think they want tripping to go up so they are focusing on couples’ Ishqbaazi. Let us enjoy that for now.

  21. Semma Episode

  22. Great episode
    rudy was hilarious….entertaining
    OBRO’S are dashing and cute car sequence and song wow its so good
    rudy antics & dialogues are so entertaining….
    gouri kidnapping.. her inner voice oh god its hilarious … hits gouri to wall oh no omkara u have to practice yaar learn tips from ur brother…

    have nice day to all of u

    1. Dear Chaithu
      Have A Nice Day To You?
      Your Comment Is Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  23. Aniru

    Shivika relationship from start hurt, make up, forgive, promise of give all happiness. again he hurt her, again make up and circle continues. How long will it? I wish one day Anika’s piled up volcano burst and if IB extents another 50 episodes we may be able to see that.

    1. IB 50 aur episodes ke liye continue nahi hoga kya……??

      1. Aniru

        Zaroor hoga. It was a realistic approach to consider the future

  24. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good… Rudy part is awesome… Love you Rudy….

    1. Dear Niki
      Your Comment Is Always Short And Cute??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Nikita_jai29

        Thanks uff… You and your comments is also awesome and lovely dear…

  25. Shivomrulicious episode… What more to say.. Shivika short and sweet hug is awww.. ???.. Rikara are funny actually.. As always rudy is awesome and greart .. Nostalgic feeling seeing obros.. Pracap annika di is back on her detectivebaaz…

    1. Dear Prabha
      Your Comment Is Mind Blowing??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. thanks for the compliment dear… and you too take care and stay safe…..

  26. Dear Friends
    So Ishqbaaz Team Hame Old IB Ka Feel Diya Ham Sabka Old IB Ko Dekhne Ka Wish Full Fill Kiya?
    Iam Telling You Guys ShivIka OmRi Romantic Scenes Ki Bina O Bros Kaafi Hai Hame Entertainment Karne Ki IB Ka TRP High Karane.Jo Log Sirf ShivIka OmRi Ke Liye IB Dekthe Hai Na Unko Main Advice Detha Hu Kabhi Yesterday Wala Episode Bhi Dekhlo.I Think Yesterday Episode Family Ki Saath Dekhne Laayak Episode Tha.O Bros Ne Yesterday Episode Pe Apni Charming Bond Se Sabko Entertainment Karaya.Not Only ShivIka OmRi Couples Infact O Bros Bhi Kaafi Hai IB Ki TRP High Karane.Jo Log RuVya Bhavya Ki Karan IB Ka Yesterday Episode TV Pe Dekhna Miss Kiya Ho Ya IB Dekhna Stop Kiya Ho Wo Log Tho Bahuth Kuch Miss Kiya Hai.Meri Home Pe TV Nahi Warna Main Tho Kaise Bhi Karke IB TV Pe Dektha.O Bros Ka Old Dress Bhi Old IB Feel Ko Complete Kiya.ShivIka Scene ShivIka Hug All Is Very Nice
    ?? but Shivay Anika Pe Gussa Kartha Dekh Kar Acha Nahi Laga? But Anika Jaise Usse Avoid Karke Chala Gaya Shivay Uski Peecehe Jaake Manaya That Is Aww Moment??
    OmRi Scene With ShivRu Specialy Ru Is Also Nice??????Gauri Self Talk On Omkara Talk???Rudy Ka Dialogue Ithni Si Baath Ke Liye Bhi Shayari ? Omkara Ki Andhar Ka Shayari Khoot Phoot Ke Bahar Aa Raha Hai Rudy ISS Liye WO Control Nahi Kar Paa Raha
    Khudko ?
    Gauri Ka Head Wall Pe Hit Kiya? I Hope Shrenu Ko Hurt Na Hua Ho Wall Duplicate Ho I Feel That Hit Scene Is Real Sach Main Usse Laga Ho.
    Sorry To Say But Bhavya Ka Face Screen Pe Focus Kartha Dekh Kar My Expression Is? Ajeeb Lag Raha Hai.Make Up Ya Expression Hoga Uska Face Aise Lagne Ka Reason.But I Feel Ajeeb?
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  27. Dear Friends
    IB TRP Is Out 1.8 Slot Leader Hai.But Half Hour Episode Ka TRP 2.0 Hona Chaahiye?2.0 Na Hone Ka Reason Ek Tho Main Bolunga Bhavya And RuVya.Phir Baaki Reason ShivIka Ka Proposal Jaisa Fans Accept Kiya Waise Nahi Mila Tho Uski Karan Kuch Log Nahi Dekha Hai.But I Think Bhavya And RuVya Hai Reason.
    IB Ki Segment Dekha ShiOmRu Ek Ladki Ki Saath Enjoy Kar Raha Hai.Rudy Ko Chodo Wo Khudko Bachelor Boltha Hai Tho Chalega But ShiOm I Really Upset With Their Behave Usse Zyada Upset Hai CVS Se Jo Married ShiOm Ko Aise Dikha Raha Hai.Chaahe Drunk State Ho Jobi Ho But Un Dhono Ka Harkath Anika Gauri Ko Cheat Karne Ki Jaisa Hai
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Aniru

      Dont worry UF. After insecurities, they are showing trust. In every relationship trust is very important. Trust in spouse to share everything. Trust in spouse to understand their issues/situations. I think CVs are showing that track. Lets enjoy. However, its always very difficult to watch CVs ruining Shivaay & Om’s characters.

      1. Shekhar

        Question of trust over spouse and to share everything with spouse is totally a different issue. One may have unconditional trust over partner, but it does not mean to share everything. Every man and woman always have some secrets which they never wish to share with selective people, let that selective be partner, few selective secret do have there which he / she never share with any damn including partner. Pl. Do not relate SHARING &TRUST, both have different plane of existence, different horizon and different perspective. SECRETS are always relative, and as soon as it cross breeded with trust, unnecessarily we we pollute the charm of trust.

      2. Aniru

        Thank you Shekhar for differentiating Trust and sharing. I did not notice that. However I felt the watching Shivaay hiding small secrets from Annika and the spoilers, I mixed the same. I also agree that every women and men have secrets which they many not share with their better halves. My point on sharing everything in the above sentence is like I share/communicate whats happening or whats going on in my life, it may not necessarily a secret, to those people who I trust that they will listen to me, advise me, stood by me in any situation.

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Exactly chechi.. Even I don’t know if I will be watching tht epi or not.. After watching tht spoiler am really upset with shivom.. Don’t know what CVS have for us.. But if it’s for some gud thing like what aniru mentioned then I will surely watch it..

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