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Ishqbaaz 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says since I announced marriage, you went on some other track. She says because I started noticing things after that. He says this is not calling noticing, its called doubting, you are doing this because…. She asks because? He says because. She says there is nothing between us, atleast not from my side. He says not from my side too.

Sometime before, Rumi knocks door and asks Rudra to come out. He looks around. He says yes, I m coming by moving rose petals, how to come out without clothes. She says your clothes are outside, you have towel inside, wrap it and come. He asks who comes out wearing towel. He sees the window. He jumps out of the window.

Pinky talks to Tia on video call. Tia shows the dress. Pinky asks is this backless blouse, even I wanted to wear this, Gobi parathas

made me fat, I like all that, stand up and show how do you look. Jhanvi calls Tia gorgeous. Tia shows the dress. Pinky asks how will this earring match with it. Jhanvi says its mummy ji’s jewelry. Tia takes round and loses balance. Someone holds her. Anika looks on and sees a hand. Anika asks Tia is aunty there. Tia says no, mom is not here, I m all alone. Anika sees two juice glasses and thinks does she drink juice in two glasses, I thought I saw a hand, maybe I was wrong. Jhanvi and Pinky show jewelry. Anika sees someone touching Tia and opening her neck string. Tia holds it. Pinky asks Tia to be careful. Jhanvi says the quality is bad, how did button open on own. Pinky says it looked like someone opened string, it will be wardrobe malnutrition if this happens in reception. Jhanvi says wardrobe malfunction. Pinky says same. Jhanvi says Tia reject this, we will hire another designer. Anika thinks what is happening, why do I feel there is someone behind Tia,

Soumya says Rudra got too late, I hope everything is fine, I have to talk to Shivaye. Rudra walks in her room with an upset face. He starts crying. She asks what happened. He says Rumi and covers himself with another towel. He says you can’t think what happened with me yesterday, it was not my life, it was very bad dream, I m feeling so dirty, I don’t want to become any Devta. He cries and tells her what all happened. Soumya cries and holds him. He holds her hand and cries. He hugs her. They both cry.

Priyanka and Om are on the way. She says I know its tough for you to hide truth, you stopped me that day, but today, I know you can’t lie and you are living with a lie, you are burning every moment with it, don’t do this. He says stop it, no one has proof against us, two years ago….. a girl came under my car.

Ranveer says not just two years, even it its two decades, blood stains don’t fade down, maybe Shivaye is not involved in Gayatri murder case, but it does not mean that Oberois has no stain of anyone’s murder, Omkara did a crime, his sleeve has an innocent girl’s murder, entire Oberoi family has to bear the punishment, Oberoi family is a metal chain, weakest link is Omkara, once that link breaks, it won’t be late to break the chain. Om says its two years, now nothing will happen.

FB shows Om and Priyanka being on the way and talking. He asks what gift you want, its your 18th birthday. She says just a small gift. He asks her to say. FB ends. Om drives to the same bridge and says its same bridge where that accident happened. FB shows the girl getting hit by Om’s car and falling down the bridge. Om and Priyanka look on. FB ends. Om says I looked for her a lot, but did not get her. Priyanka says you changed a lot after that night, you were strongest in three brothers, but by that guilt, you had to take drugs’ support. Om says don’t know who was that girl. Shinde says we could not know who was that girl, why are you interested in this case. Ranveer says there is a reason, for which I will get Om punished.

Rudra wakes up and is much tensed. Soumya gets food for him. She sees him and rushes. She asks him to relax, you are in your house, you are safe, Rumi can’t do anything here…..Shivaye, Om and even I m here, everything is alright. She asks him to have soup. He says I don’t want to. She signs him to have it and feeds him soup. She cries. He looks at her. He asks what happened to you, why are you crying. She says I feel very bad, I should have told you about Rumi before, I tried, you did not listen, you felt I m jealous of Rumi’s figures. He says I m badly caught up Soumya, she is big psycho, she took my phone and locked me in a room, she got after me asking me to marry her, I m very scared. She worries.

Anika looks for her phone and gets some form in her purse. She says spa form in my bag. She reads couple massage and its on Tia’s name. She recalls paper slipping in her bag. She says it means Tia was with someone in spa, and thinks Tia did something, but what. Shivaye comes talking on phone. Anika walks towards him. He signs her to stop. She says sorry. He says that’s how I would like it. He ends call and asks Anika to get focus when she comes to Oberoi mansion, you are lost these days, what’s going on. She says just like that. He asks about work. She says its like Sursa’s mouth, it does not end. He asks whose mouth. She says Sursa, it was shown in Ramayana. He says its fine. She says wait, I need to ….. He stops and asks shall I drop you home. Music plays….. He thinks why did I say so. She thinks if Billu ji drops me, I can get chance to tell him about Tia. He thinks just say no Anika. She thinks no he can take it wrong, I will say no. He says I will drop you home. They react heh…. She says fine and walks ahead. He sas what was I thinking that I said I will drop you, control Shivaye. He goes.

Jhanvi asks Tej why does he look stressed. He says Shivaye’s stocks are touching sky after he did takeover of Saraswati steels, after marrying Tia, Shivaye’s stocks will be costlier than gold. She says its good thing, we should be happy and proud. He says I would feel proud if our son did this. She says Shivaye is also like our son. He says I love him, but lets be practical.

Om recalls Ranveer’s words. He thinks of the accident and gets tensed. Tej says there is difference between son and being like son, I worked hard and gave more contribution than Shakti in getting Oberoi empire till here, unfortunately, there is no one to take my legacy ahead, I have two sons and even then I got alone, its foolishness to expect from Rudra, but Om is sensible, but I regret he is not at all interested in business. She says Tej, everyone can’t be a businessman, he is an artist and we should respect that.

Tej says it does not mean that he will run from his duty, its his duty to manage Oberoi empire, I regret he does not realize this, where is he now. Om takes the injection from drawer and is about to inject drugs. Tej and Jhanvi come there. Tej calls out Om, The injection drops. Tej asks what are you doing with your life. Om says you both here, everything fine? Tej says nothing is fine, you think you are doing right, you are ruining your future, you think we will see all this. Jhanvi says come on Tej. Tej says let me finish Jhanvi, there is limit of tolerance and wait, its enough, I m going to start a new airline company, I want Om to manage it. Om says you know I m not interested in business. Tej says I m not asking your opinion, I m telling you, I m going to start this airline company and you will manage it. He goes. Jhanvi asks Om not to worry and kisses on his forehead. She asks him to take care and leaves.

Shivaye and Anika reach near home and walk. She says thanks, you would be getting late. He says yes, I should go now, good morning. She looks at him. He sees sky and says good night. She says good night, I m going. She stops and says Billu ji….. don’t know you want to listen to this or not, or I want to say this or not, if I don’t say I will get Michmichi so I m saying, Tia is hiding something from you. He says oh Anika don’t start this again. She says last time I had big chop. He asks what’s that language, you are doubting on Tia, I got embarrassed because of you all and does not want it to happen again. She says I m not asking you to talk to her, just listen to me, today on videocall….

He says just stop it, since I announced marriage, you went on some other track. She says because I started noticing things after that. He says this is not calling noticing, its called doubting, I know the reason, you are doing this because…. She asks because? He says because……of it….. She asks what. He says you know…. She asks what…. He says what’s between us. She asks what, oh, you started again, you mean to say, you feel I ….. I m doing this as I m jealous of Tia and want to separate you both. He says I feel so by your doings. She asks do you think you are Hrithik Roshan. She says there is nothing between us, atleast not from my side. He says not from my side too. They both turn face away.

Anika asks Tia to tell designer from alternate blouse, one whose button can’t open. Tia says leave designer, tell me what do you want to say. Tia gets a call and goes. Tia says I told you not to call me when I m in Oberoi mansion, are you mad… Anika gets up and Tia’s purse falls. Anika gets a pendant from the box. She sees T & D. She says T for Tia, but Billu ji is not by D. She thinks to find secret of T&D.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fama

    Shivika moment was awesome like always
    At least Rudra got rid of pyshco romi today. Rumya moment was the best today

  2. Heyy mukta ,saku, tridha,richu d n shahabana d ….
    Shahabana d belated wishes of ur birthday sorry d i didn’t wished u on that day….
    Mukta yŕrr i can’t tell u how much i missed u n all my frnds here….
    Ok now i’ll tell u that why i was not here from sooo many days….
    @once i told na that m having eye infection so don’t know how but after washing my face i think due to facewash moved into eyes or don’t know how itching started…n after few hours its full of redness ,swelling,n alllll…..N my mom strictly warned me not to use mobile ….i also took leave from clg…but after 4 days clg started but my mom didn’t allowed me to use mobile ….even not tv…..n after almost 9_10 days now m allowed to use mobile only for sometime…..but tv not now bcz mama said u have to use mobile even after watching so just use mobile no tv…????……i really missed u alll n also ishqbaaz…but read atleast update n after all ok i’ll watch the privious episodes…

    1. Thanks for the wishes abiha missed u baby.
      Plss take care of urself dr health is more important than anything

  3. And seriousely guyz u all are blaming sso for not taking care of his brothers and he is in busy with anika
    I think u guyz are not understanding the charecter of sso if u undertood u where not blamed him. U know what guyz for sso his family is more than anything he always take care of each members of the family. U guyz remember when the time of raksha bandhan his brothers blamed him without knowing the truth then also he never told a single words against them now he is with anika thats not mean he dnt care for his family. Now only he started to feel for a girl first time and he never got a feeling like this before so he is doing like this. And sso doesn’t knw om is going through in verymuch trauma when he will know about this he definitely feel guilty for not understanding his brothers problem and u guyz noticed when prinku tolded om that tell everything to sso that time om replied that if shivaye will know everything then he will takrle all blames on himself and first time he is doing something for himself so dnt disturb him. So guyz chill everything will be fine obros will make everything better.
    And i know some are unhappy with this tragedy track of omkara but personally im happy bcz we can see now oms story also im sure it will be interesting

    1. U r absolutely correct dr… I completely agree with you..

  4. Chemistry b/w sowmya nd rudra is Superrrrr

  5. Nansshivika

    Rumya scene is great they acted perfectly by I didn’t like the reason of tat scene I mean rumi is so irritating character and rudra stuck in that is so stupid and crying for that is more stupid but the way rudra cried and soumya expressed is great. I wish it would be for some other reason. Om is fab. Anika shivay awesome but obro moments are not there and its totally spoiling the hiding the thing for prinku in past is not om thing. For om girl entry the past they are showing is not om type.
    But whatever be the scene story all acted to peaks.
    May it rudra innocence soumya caringness om depression priyanka nervousness anika crazyness shivays change in behaviour
    All rocks but story is off track
    They are creating so.much stupidity and obro moments ….. Where are those moments??? What u all feel?? If I hurt anyone saying stupid track of om past and rumi one I am sorry . but its pov

    1. Diyaa

      I completely agree with you. And has Dadi gone for some pilgrimage? Nowhere to be seen anymore!!

  6. Hi everyone
    It almost took half an hour to go through all ur comments
    It is obvious that shivay won’t marry tia as if not now but before his marriage anika will definitely expose tia
    N coming to om
    After reading last episode update I just thought that might be prinku’s small wish would be driving n then this accident would occur and om would feel himself guilty as prinku was just a kid but he himself being responsible wouldn’t have allowed prinku

  7. Tridha

    Awesome bromance in the upcoming episodes.
    Rudra is sad and shivomru dances on cheekni chameli to cheer him up. Wow I m eagerly waiting for that. It will be fun to watch. One thing is confusing that om is so tensed then how can he dance . But he can do anything for his brothers.

  8. Kiki

    Hi friends…
    Episode was good. Shivika is too cute. I really loved Shivaay’s cute expressions. I couldn’t see Om in this condition. Kunal is rocking as Om. Really love his acting skill. Rumya’s story is getting intense day by day. I watched an upcoming video that Obros are dancing for Chikni Chameli song. I’m really waiting for that scene as I’m terribly missing their bromance.

  9. Tridha

    Today- om is tensed and he needs ridhima. He takes drugs and become senseless. Shivru comes there and sees him. shivay saw the injection there. Rumi comes to oberoi mansion and meets rudy, ridra says he is goingto greece. Ranveer meets prinku, prinku was going to fall but he holds her. Pinky falls on floor in front of rumi. Romi gives her blessings. Pinky thinks she is a devi. Soumya was talking over phone. Rudra was staring at her. Soumya says what happened to u? Rudr thinks now she is looking normal somu, donno what happens to me sometime. Anika got the necklace. And thinks what means by d. Shivay talks to om and says share ur feelings with ur brothers talk to me whenever u wish. Om makes a call and says ridhima plz come back I need u, I miss u. Shivay comes there nd asks what happened, om says I m ok, shivay says don’t lie.
    Precap- rumi knocks a window glass of a car. Rudra opens that he gets shocked as romi was dressed as a bride

  10. Aww so much mystery n it is confusing…day shot show 1 problem after another not all at once…n I want dat arrogant billu back….. Don make viewers confuse n irritated….

  11. nandhini karthikeyan

    Why don’t you post the written update atleast after the 30 minutes of the telecasting time? Please do the needful.

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