Ishqbaaz 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika move on

Ishqbaaz 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks doctor to check Pinky, will she be alright. Om says we are Pinky’s sons. Doctor says her condition is critical, I can tell about her once operation is done, please complete the formalities. Pinky is taken in OT. Shivaye says nothing will happen to you, I will make everything okay, why is it happening Om. Om holds him. Chanda asks what if Shivaye looks for you and comes here. Anika says he won’t come, everything is over between us, there was nothing between us. Shivaye gets sad recalling doctor and Gauri’s words. Doctor says sorry, but patient slipped in coma, her survival chances are less. Gauri says after police arrested Tej and Shakti, Pinky left after them saying she has to talk to you about Anika. He thinks about Anika.

Anika says Shivaye used to hide everything from me, I felt

its his habit, whenever he had to choose between me and family, he always chose his family, I felt he will choose me some day, but I was wrong. Shivaye comes to Pinky and cries. He says I had told her to wait for me, I had asked her to trust me, I would make everything fine, I was even trying it for her, so that she doesn’t get hurt, so that I could prove the blames on her dad wrong, so that she could take her dad’s name with pride, Roop blackmailed me, I agreed to Roop for her dad, what did she do, she has sent Tej and Shakti to jail, instead of trusting me, she broke my trust, all this is happening because of Anika, she is responsible for your condition. Anika says Shivaye can give his life for family or take someone’s life, I m an outsider, he can leave me for his family’s sake. Shivaye says if she didn’t take evidence to police, Tej and Shakti would have not got arrested, you would have not met with this accident, why did she do this, till I get answers, I will not sit quiet. She says Shivaye has seen my love and anger, not my annoyance. Shivaye says Anika has seen my love, anger, arrogance, now she will see my hatred. She says I will never forgive him, I won’t see him, I want to forget him. He says I promise you mum, Anika will see my hatred.

Bhavya gets Pooja to guest room and asks her to stay here. She gives some clothes. She goes. Roop calls Pooja. She asks did you manage to enter the house, now you will do what I say, I want Shivaye at any cost. Pooja says I understood. Roop ends call. Pooja throws away the phone and dresses, along with her long ghunghat. She says Roop would be thinking she is using me, but actually I was using her to come in this house, Roop wants Shivaye, but I also want Shivaye, if Shivaye is your target, he is my goal, I had to get rid of Anika, younger sister has rights on everything that belongs to elder sister, Roop got me here as fake Chutki, but I will claim real rights on my fake brother in law. She breaks Shivaye and Anika’s pic frame and crushes the glass.

After few days, Shivaye checks time. Anika gets ready. He is on call and asks how long will it take, come now, I can’t wait more. Anika says I m coming, have some patience. He says I can’t wait. He says I have been hearing this since many days, I think I have to come now. He goes. She smiles and goes. He says finally…… Om disconnects the call. Shivaye sees Omru getting Tej and Shakti home. Anika asks Sahil what’s this new style to call on phone, can’t you call me out from room. Sahil says you ask me not to shout, I had to talk on phone to talk in low tone. Anika says you have an answer for everything. He says I m amazing. She says yes, whose brother are you. He says yours. They hug.

Shivaye hugs Tej and Shakti. He says I missed you both a lot. Shakti says we missed you too, we got to know importance of family after staying in jail. Tej says thanks Shivaye, let me speak today, we got released today because of your efforts. Shivaye says sorry, I couldn’t come to pick you. Rudra says its good, if you have done this, dad would have said we can’t do anything. Gauri welcomes them in her style by doing aarti.

Shivaye says welcome will happen in Dadi’s style. Dhol artists come and play dhol. Everyone dances. Shivaye sees them and goes. Omru see him. Om says he is going from where he couldn’t move on. Shivaye comes to Pinky’s room. He says Tej and Shakti came back home, you also come back. Chanda gives food to Anika for journey. She asks Anika not to say long dialogues and take care. Anika says take care of each other, everything will be fine. She goes. Shivaye says I get angry when I see you in this state, whoever is responsible for your state, I will make the person pay for this. Omru come to him. Shivaye says take care of mom, I m going to meet a neruosurgeon. Om says we will meet him. Rudra says you are meeting doctors and lawyers since many days, you need a chance. Om says Shivaye has to go for a fashion show. Rudra says you forgot you bought a T20 team, there is a launch party, you have to introduce players there. Shivaye says I will send CEO. Om says no, you will go, we four will also come. Shivaye agrees. Anika says I know Sahil’s leg is hurt, he doesn’t complain. She recalls doctor’s words.

He asks her to arrange 3 lakhs for Sahil’s operation. Anika says I need money for his operation. Chanda says leave it on Lord, just focus on job assignment. Anika says I didn’t think I have to go Mumbai again. Chanda says it will be fun to watch cricketers and models doing ramp walk. Anika says I have to make my job in that event company permanent, so that I can take loan for Sahil’s operation. Chanda says all the best, go now. Anika hugs and thanks her. She leaves. Pooja asks Shivaye to listen. He goes. Gauri thinks I pity this girl, when Anika left before, Shivaye forgot to live his life, he will be such disheartened till Anika comes, where is Anika.

Anika reaches the place. She says don’t think much, I do have many memories with this city, but I have to look ahead for Sahil’s sake, I have to do work well to get Sahil’s treatment done, I m afraid my past can spoil things. Shivaye says I want to know where is she, find her, I want an answer Khanna. He ends call and says what do I do, until I find out where she is, I can’t settle scores with her.

Anika says its first day at work, will I go meet boss this way. She cleans her face while watching her reflection in car window glass. Shivaye is inside the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    So they got separated now hit n miss cases will occur

    1. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations on being first..?
      This hit and miss is very normal after separation.Real fun will begin when they will come face to face.Let’s see?

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks luthfa and yeah real fun will begin after they met

    2. Go AAYUSH GO ,,congo on being first ,just hope ki sab kuch acha hi ho

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks tania yeah even i hope sab acha ho

    3. Hiii Aayush..
      Hit and miss is very common. Lets see.

  2. Oh god ! ?
    Finally understood 2 things from Gul mam’s dictionary:
    1. Separation means the couple should have atleast signed the divorce papers. If it’s not signed / filed its not SEPARATION.
    2. Leap means minimum one month gap. Few days later.. is not LEAP .
    So as per her – NO SEPARATION OR NO LEAP!!???

    Friends correct me , if am wrong..
    Anika beleived what she saw and moved away from sso. And wants to prove her dad’s innonce.
    And sso also believed what he saw ( police complaint footage ) and wants revenge.
    So both are wrong.
    But sso is more wrong bcz after knowing abt roop.. everything.. he still hates anika and still thinks Anika made the complaint. Wow sso wow ??
    They forgot all their long long talks abt ishq.. trust.. relationship etc.. WITHIN FEW DAYS.. he hates her.. !!?????

    And yeah, TADIBAAZ SSO IS BACK ???

    The thing is no one has trust towards anika.. Omru considered them as parents. Sakthi considered her as daughter… But now!?? No one is sad.. no feelings.. Nothing..???

    Ok now Anika will work for the event company where they are planning for shivaay company’s event… So anika wil work for / under shivaay. (My assumption) Back to first few episodes of ishqbaaz.. i wish this shouldn’t be the story..

    But… Shivaay asked to find some lady.. is it roop or is it anika?

    Or all these are their plan… ?? ?
    Ok im thinking too much..????

    I saw posts in insta.. wait for thursday, friday episodes… Etc. Dono whats going to happen

    Precap!! Shivika’s sensometer deactivated????
    Too much of thoughts.. ok bye good nyt

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      Gul Khan is very smart.She got us puzzled as we are obsessive Shivika fans.We tend to panic over smallest issue so she came up with that trick.If Gul is right then it’s a plan of Shivika including OmRu and other.Or else separation,leap everything has happened already.I think there is more to this story.I am reminding of Tia track.Whatever it is,I am ready to watch with all my excitement.Let’s see what is going to happen next.

      1. Yea Luthfa di!
        It can be planned one also… As like tia track ?

        Ok..Now they will meet in the event..
        Anika in that off shoulder dress and shivaay in suit.. its going to be funnnnn!!?????

    2. Hi @dhanu,,i also feel ki shivay is more wrong ,really after knowing roop bua he should more investigate about this matter but ab kaya kare shivay jis tarah se boroken hua hai use tab kush nahi sujha hoga ,
      and i think shivay was odered khanna to find anika as he said use uska hisab bara bar karna hai ,,

    3. Sso is not only wrong even though they both are. Anika is also at fault. She knows how much cheap roop can be. She’s seen roop’s avatar before her marriage. She still believed roop and fell for her trap. So sso is not more wrong. Anika is wrong too.

    4. ?????????Dhanu sri..
      I am atill confused about Gul Mam dictionary…
      Don’t know aab kya raita failayenge
      Ok jo bhi he..dekhenge.. aur kya…. ha ha ha
      Even i am also thinking too much as it can be their plan…
      May be

    5. Dhanu,I am laughing like a maniac after reading ur cmnt….i agrree with u


    I know pinky aunty had gone into coma and today episode was somewhat relief for eyes as no more bua scenes now thats a good thing lets see how story unfolds now

    1. Luthfa

      I agree with you.Let’s see how the story unfolds further.

    2. Aayush dear..pinky oinky rahe na rahe i don’t care.
      Just hope she will clear All MU soon
      But this bua ko jhelna is hell difficult yarr

  4. Vidyakrish

    Prehap is super I think shivaay is the boss for Anika. The same story from first

    1. Luthfa

      Let’s wait and watch?

    2. Your Comment I like today’s episode and I think from this that further story will something interesting

      And If sso will anika’s boss then it will more interesting

      Tooooo much exiting for today’s episode

    3. Vidya..
      Nothing is impossible in IB.
      And also this is going to happen
      And we will see hate chemistry…??

      1. Yeah..i am also waiting fore that

  5. Deeyaana

    Separation track everywhere……. No pity to the viewers…. And how stupidly they part ways…. And our dear fake chutki is still after leap…. Shivaye shows as if he hates Anika but gives panaah to her sisy…???? So confusing all these serials….. Exactly can’t say anything but this ep was 4/10… In my view….. But Ishqbaaz makers did a huge mistake by separating Shivika……. I just hate the separation tracks. ( And its going on in most of the serials I like )

    1. AAYUSH

      Thats true separation tracks are worst

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Deeyaana,
      Welcome to PKJ family.Yeah,separation is inevitable part of serials.And today’s episode was not that bad.4/10 is looking like rather harsh judgement.I am ready to give the episode 7/10.Anyway,take care?

      1. Deeyaana

        Thank you Luftha 🙂

    3. Hlw dear ….yaa separation track is really difficult to bear only Cvs know why they took this step.
      May be in future i mean near future we will get our answers.

  6. Pushpa

    History repeats…
    Our billu & billi character in rewind mode…
    Kam se kam this new track SSO looking even more hot&s*xy wt the old hair style and anika new stunning look…
    I think tomoro v will c our shivika tadibaaz …
    Is this wht our cv wants… shivika hv gone thru this stages long time now….
    Finally our great wall of SSO brought tej shakti bck & tht celebration…??
    Tht phone convo,… sounds so real… actually i got tricked its our shivika….
    Chandam her shoulder to cry best ffnd….so sahil leg got infection and anika hv 2return to mumbai 4job…and shivika 2nd round journey starts….
    Ok this khail will only khatam….once pinky comes out of coma…please someone wake her up so thiz stupid track will end…
    Whrs tthis evryone is shivay’svillain… this new entry how dare she steps on our shivika photo…damn….i dun like her… gul maam wht evr it is she must not even get near to shivaye….
    I heard u SSO..please ask anika too why she didnt confront u b4 taking any steps….but she didnt … and anika this time shivaye choose u not his family anx all this saiyapaa hzppens….

    Ļfeel so sorry 4shivaye..but i know mere shivaya u will make it ok….
    Its all tadibazzz.. nafratbaazzz….ishqbaazzzz hv gone wt the wind….may our shivika find their lost love asap and make us happy..
    Ok gals gd nite

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Shivaay in black is the death of me.He looks superbly handsome in blue and black in fact in every colour he put in.Cvs love to show Shivaay tangled with two women always.This new one is a psycho for sure.Don’t worry di.Your Shivaay will learn to balance between family and Anika this time.Take care?

    2. Wow..Pu di so yiur drooling season is back.
      Ok i missed you.
      Now drool over Sso
      Thodi tension toh kam hogi
      @Lu …Sso is black and blue is death for you.
      Sso..pura pkj ko bigad diya aapne..???????

  7. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. …
    Thank you soo much for overwhelming response from yiu guys..
    And 180+ comments nice yarr.
    Come to . episode
    Another funny episode. ..
    Sso…really.??????most funiest thing of world

    You told most funiest words.
    Annika is responsible for pinky pinky condition. ?????.
    For the 8th time Sso is blaming faaltu ka blam on annika..
    Ik so from now on.
    1.If Sso’s phone wil break then blame will go to Annika.
    2 If Sso’s jarr will be kept without water blame will go to Annika.
    3 If sso wil catch a cold blame wil on Anika.
    4.If Sso hair wil turn white blame will go to Annika.
    5if Sso will go through constipation Then also blame will go to Annika ?????????. .–
    Aab Annika Sso ki nafrat dekhegi..ok dikhao hame kya?????????.

    I want to forget Sso….ok bhul jao…don’t even think about him..i am repeating don’t ( Supressing my laughter ???)..

    ???last time during separation i thought Annika was talking with pinky ponky. …and this time i thought both shivika are talking to each other. .

    ????????Funniest part is when Tejkii entered hoe and welcome by dhoki and aarti… i was laughing like mad. ?????These people are welcoming them as if they win NOBEL ,OSCAR,and blah blah prize…?????????..

    Biggest chop of all of us..????no leap lapse..BAS KUCH DINO BAAD..????god hold me..?????now lets see what is the meaning of SEPARATION in Gul Mam language. ..
    So Congratulations PAGALS…ghungat wali ne ghungat uthali…Inke chere darsan karlo.????welcoming you ( i don’t want to take the name of girl)..with rotten tomatoes , chappals…get ready for yiur grand CHARCHA..
    Atithi debi bhaba..?????????….

    Sso and his girls Gang.
    Oh each 4 months Sso needs girl…yarr khud ki itni khidkitod beautiful wife…usko sambhal lo…
    1 Tia- Chepdi – Andha kanoonShivvay baby
    2.Ragini- Nagini -Shivu
    3.Tanya-Dhaniya -Shivaaay
    4 Ghoongat wali ladki.-nakli jiju
    PKJ help me to keep a khidkitod name for this girl.
    Aur koi he ????????.
    Trust me- If i had enough time i can wrote a very good Os featuring Sso and this gril grop.kasam se bada maja aata.?????????

    Pinky ponky – after Om…God….Aap please apni kumbhkaran nind se uthjao…plz……And clear all these. ???????..Sry…BEHOSH BETAL JI..???..
    Teri uthne ka wait he..utha ja. Ponky…
    Sso…………………. ( NOTHING)

    OK honest confession i am.kinda dissapointed in very much part from Omru, OM basiyon, Sso.
    But leave it i don’t want to talk sbout it

    Annika sahil moment was good..
    Gave old IB vives..

    Precap– ok Annika is soo me..i do it..honestly Car ki window se khud ka chera main dekhti hin.
    Someone else????
    Dil Hua……… ( confused hun.mera dil kya hua ????????soch ke bataungi).
    Thnx for liking my ride i wil try to do funny .

    1. Omg ,arpu you are just superb ,”’ love you yrr????it was so funny to read your comment i can’t stop my laughing ,,ha ha ha ,and you said right shivay anika ko nafrat dikhaye ,aur chane anika shivay ko vul jaye usse hame keya ,????seriously we just don’t care right ,,ha ha ha ,very funny

      1. Ha ha ha thank you Tani…
        Keep.smiling like this..
        I will love to make you laugh….
        Love you.

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehehehe…..Bas kar paagli aab.Has has ke mujhe hiccups aane lage.OMG,kya kya iljaam lagaya hain Shivaay par tumne.Constipation?Hehehehe…..Too good yaar.I am agree on your every point.OmRu and OM nibashi have disappointed us.What else they can do.By the way,is nayi third party ki naamkaran karlo kuch.Whoever she is,giving fully psycho,professional psycho vibes.Very good and awesome analysis darling.Keep distributing smilies like this.God bless you?

      1. Ok lu..hiccups..thoda pani pe ko..yiu will feel better (ghanta better Shivika kisi ko better hone dete hi nahi???)..
        Aab kya karu Sso ne aisa aisa blame Annika pe lagayenge..tho kaisa hoga..
        I am trying to keeping my self clam.
        So doing this pagal panti.
        Chalo aisi hi hasti raho
        Love you too

      2. Luthfa

        Right darling??????????

    3. Yes yaar..after that few days back..while seeing them talking i thought it was their khidkithod darwazathod plan..nd i was not just happy but euphoric…butttttt

      1. Buttttt puri hopes ki tie tie fiss hogayi.????
        Kya kare yarr shivika he hi asi.

  8. Hi Pkjians…so I am back after long time …missed u all a lot…
    So now Pinky will be the saviour of Shivika relationship. ..jaldi se uth jao…
    But I really wanna see my Shivikas tashan after a long time…..
    BTW Ani di ko hamesha apni buri b at pe Chandu ki yaadon kyun ati hai…that’s not fair…
    Atlast just wanna kill this stupid Pooja and Roop….
    Aaj ka lecture yahi samaapt. ..
    Gud nyt Pkjians???

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah only pinky can clwar misunderstanding between shivika hope she comes from coma soon and shivaay realize his mistake he didnt trusted anika and expected from her to trust him

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sonia,
      Welcome back to PKJ family.How are you?
      Everyone wants Pinky to wake up from her coma and break the truth to Shivaay.Don’t know what will happen next.Let’s wait and watch.Take care?

    3. Sonia dear.
      Lectute khatam really????..??soo funny
      And aab ye Pinky ponky ka wait karo.

  9. Riana

    That pooja is a *****
    I just hate this NakliChutkii ???
    Nautanki kahi ki !..
    This is not the ultimate…Leap is coming very soon and anika’s new look is RAVISHING & GORGE ! ???
    Guyz do check on my wall if u want to see her new look…
    Waiting eagerly for shivaay’s new look…??
    Anywayz it will be interesting if Shivaay-Anika had an equal instead of watching anika has a poor and shivaay as a strong…i want to see the Opposite !!…
    Sources says that Shivaay will be cold minded after leap whereas anika will turn ultramodern and chic…??????????????
    Also waiting for OmRuGauVya’s new looks ???
    Hope these new leap brings new things and new khidkitod romance !!!…???
    Instead of that same flashback copy romance

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Riana,
      Post-leap looks of Shivika are already out.Shivaay is looking very handsome as always and Anika is looking super cool.And whoever is that second woman,got enlisted her name in the hatred list of Shivika fandom permanently.Waiting for Shivika’s tashan filled khidkitode romance.Take care?

    2. Riana aur kiska new loooks chahiye tumhe.
      Sso pe both Pu di and lu dead ho chuke he
      Aab kahan pahunchege ye dono?????????
      Gouri got a new cloth ,Om tied Bun,Ru toh waisa ka waisa..
      No new look.
      Itna kafi he..
      Aab ye Shivika tasanbaazi..chalegi..

  10. Luthfa

    “Khich gayi lakir dilo ke beech,Dard ke age nahi kuch aur,Payaar ke zajbaat,wade,kasme tutke bhikre seese ki tara,Gayal huye dil sambhalta nahi,bas hain ek yaado ka sahara……”
    Is it even possible to forget that person who is the reason of one’s very existence?Sometimes human heart behaves in the most strangest way.Where answer is yes,it turns out to be no.Heart is the biggest gambler of whole universe.It loves to play gamble with its own emotions.At the end,winner or loser is the same one,heart.Anika so easily said she would forget Shivaay.From now on Shivaay would watch her wrath.But where is Shivaay?To show something to someone,that person’s presence is required.Here Shivaay is not available but in Anika’s heart.In that heart which belongs to Shivaay,where one and only Shivaay lives.Anika is preparing to fight against her own heart,not Shivaay or anything.Hatred,a very big emotion to waste on someone who is not eligible for any emotion of heart.Shivaay declared that he would only hate Anika,nothing more or less.Is it that easy?Till Shivaay Singh Oberoi is alive,his heart will only beat for Anika,is a statement,uttered by none other than Shivaay Singh Oberoi himself.Will he go back on his own words?It’s heart,which expresses every emotion,be it hatred.The heart of Shivaay knows how to love,not hate.All those are white lie when he says he can hate his Anika who taught him how to love.It’s a matter of heart not any business deal that can be sealed after coming to an agreement.Love loves to take twisted way to reach the expected person.Everyone can lie to themselves but not to their heart.This battle of mind and heart is a famous one and is going on from time immemorial.In that battle the winner was,is and will be heart.Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Anika Vardhan Trivedi are doing drama of forgetting this ultimate rule of Ishqbaazi………………………………………..

    1. Nice analysis luftha. Even if shivika are doing drama they are doing it well. I still feel strongly that there is some drama in this that only shivika Omru and Gauri and Bhavya know. Gauri too has not much reaction that anika has gone. She usually jumps to her defence and speaks for her but this time she is just very monotony. So some plan here and I am eager to watch future episides

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Yeah may be there is a plan on the roll.Gauri and other members of OF are looking so relaxed.Don’t know whether they are involved any plan or not but defenitely smothing is fishy.Anyway,let’s see what happen next.Thank you so much for the compliment.God bless you?

    2. ???? dono ek bahana chahiye .Sso ko gussa nikalne ke liye koi toh chahiye na aur annika khud ko sambhal ne ke liye Sso ko bhulegi.
      Then both know they will fail miserably in yhis trial.
      Bit still they want to do it..
      Karne do.
      Hame kya????hum dekhnge and enjoy karenge.
      Vote karenge apni fev ko jitayenge,pagalpanti karenge …….aur bhi bahut kuch karenge.
      Shivika ko jo karna he karne do..
      Btw khidkitod analysis lu..keep it up.

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehehe….You are right.Let us enjoy and let Shivika do what they want,whatever they want.Thank you so much for the compliment.God bless you?

  11. Hi IB Fandom,
    Me back to this page after long back..missed you all guys so much.. Jeevi, Sindhu, Banita, Luthfa, arpita how are you guys..?
    If I missed anybody name sorry..
    All my works got over.. Shifted to new home with new hope and happy beginning.. The climate in bangalore is too cool.. Everyday it’s raining..
    Coming to episode after long time I watched IB fully.. But with bakwas track.. How selfish oberoi’s.. They don’t deserve Annika..
    Shivaay: The great wall only for his family.. Not for Annika.. By seeing your mom condition you are blaming her.. It’s all happening only because of you and your way of hiding things..
    Though it’s a misunderstanding Anika assumed her father died because of oberoi’s eventhough she didn’t take any revenge.. That’s our anika.. Not like you using her like dishwasher..
    Omru: another stupid guys.. They just said heavy dialogue like bhabi you are like mother bla bla.. You guys didn’t even bother to know about her condition.. After she thought that fake marriage was real.. How could you guys be chameleon.. This track makes me feel like Kapoor sisters are far better..
    Gauri and bhavya.. Don’t know what to say..
    Pooja you want shivaay right.. Better marry him and torture to hell.. Anika you deserve guy who loves you more than himself..
    I’m just thinking why Anika must suffer always?
    Shivaay did so many mistakes in his life.. Did Anika took any revenge?
    Shivaay did forced marriage.. Did she took any revenge? She supported him..
    His mother did a ridiculous job(separation track) did she took any revenge? Or ever said a word to shivaay no of times distrusted her..
    Did she took any revenge? He spoiled her life..
    Still she performed all her duties..
    During separation track shivaay hated anika a lot did she revealed the truth.. As it not her Fault!! It was his mother fault.. Did she ever pointed finger on his family.. A big NO!!!
    Shivaay questioned her character.. Did you guys remember..
    When piya track came.. Dinky aunty played the video did she ever questioned his character!! A big NO!!
    Anika always loved shivaay more than herself.. Shivaay can say even he loved her a lot.. But selfless love is our lovely khidki tod Annika..
    One does love won’t take revenge..
    He even forget Roop.. He want to take revenge from Anika.. Why shivaay because Roop is your Bua and an oberoi from your family so you forgive her? Same goes to Tej he did so many things with you but you didn’t take any revenge from him.. I Think still you are in pride of Naam khoond khandan…
    I just gonna stop watch IB regularly . Sorry guys I may come in between sometimes just to read comments…. I wish no one should get a hubby like shivaay in real life..

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Kadhambari di,
      How are you?Very glad to know that you shifted well and everything went good.
      Plz di,calm down.Don’t raise your BP because of a serial.It’s not worth it.Those points you have mentioned are totally justified for on going situation.But makers doing all those to increase the trp,nothing else.This second girl in Shivaay’s life after separation is just hell irritating.Anyway,once again,I am saying don’t bother yourself with the incidents of serial.Let it do whatever it wants and watch it for entertainment.Take care di.Lots of love?

    2. Hi kadhambari

      How are you? Glad your shifting has gone well.
      Don’t worry. Think positive. There must be some sort of plan of shivika which we don’t know. Let’s wait patiently and continue watching

    3. Hii di..after 12+ days yiu are here.
      Welcome back..
      And glad to hear
      about your new house..naye ghar main pehele pehele aake rehena is toooo much fun…
      Chalo maje se raho.
      Air ye Sso ka prblm he inka kuvh nahin ho sakta.
      But sad to hear that you will not watch it regularly..
      I don’t know if you wil watch it or not but hope shivika tasahan baazi apko pasand aaye.
      Love you sooooo much di.

    4. I totally agree with u akka……….shivaye and his family never deserve anika….shivaye wants to take revenge on anika bcoz she is responsible for his mother’s condition(he thought)……then what about anika,she thought oberoi’s are responsible for her father’s death.(even though she didn’t do anything)……but our great sso wants revenge……..????????….. namma anika eppavume namma anika tha…..none can’t beat her character…

  12. Riana

    Well i have an amazing couple name for everyone who hate pooja and roop

    POOJA + ROOP = POOP ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. ?????????Riana superb.
      asuperb.aab iss POOP gang ki tie tie fiss hona baki he..
      Aab olz ek kam kardo..ISS Ghungat wali ladki ke liye koi name rakhlo.
      I am unable to kep a name for her PKJ PLZ HELP NA…

      1. Riana

        @Arpu… Pooja = Durhoja ????? hows it ?

      2. Durhoja.????????????thank you soooo much yarr. From now on i will use this word.
        Love you..????

    2. Raina ?????????? nice combination……

    3. Luthfa

      Superb yaar.Just perfect.Now keep an apt name for that psycho number 2 also??????????????????????

  13. Hi guys ,,today i really feel that i am watching ib ,i mean past few days how they just drag this but today i think now they took up their spread again so i am so happy for this ok coming to the epi ,,actually i am very confuse that we can’t say it separation though sivika are not with each other and we can’t say its a leap though they have “kuch din baa ” anyway kuch bhi ho achahi hoga to i should leave this matter ,
    Pinky goes in coma ,aur expect bhi kaya kar sakte hai ,ehi to hona tha ,but ha guys i have to tell something that was in real life pinky ( i just forgot her real name ) is pregnent so she needs rest that’s why the story go like this ,ok now anika ,anika you look khidkitodh beautiful today ,,anika and sahil scean was quite funny and cute also ,i just love sahil ,,???
    and finally shivay’s fake biwi apne mu se ghungat to uthai and revealed her agenda ,good ab tum bhi kiyu piche rahogi a jao sivika ki life mai baisebhi dusmano ki kami nahi hai ,,and why only sivika is the terget of everyone there were tow more brothers also so why always shivika ko ek problem ka ek problem jhelni parti hai ??? Why why ,,
    and what about rikara plz cvs give them some space also to spend some time with each other abhi to sivika ki romance dekh ne se rahi to rikara ko to chance do ,,pata nahi kitne din ho gaya hai sathiya song sune hue ib mai ..
    Precap -i don’t think shivay anika ko us time dekhe ga but kal ki epi mai to sivika ki meet ho jana chahiye ,aur i am just wait for seeing their reaction after see each other ,,ok guys good night ,and take care ,,,

    1. Tania kal toh shivika’s hit and miss hoga..i am sure ya NIKITA ji is on maternity leave..
      Hope she shoot MU clear part..
      Don’t know when she will back..
      Me too missing sathiya song..actually that song is good
      Ye Annika and sahil were just like first episodes type…me too love it.
      Now don’t know how Shivika wil behave with each other…tadi tasahan ke saath aur kya milage.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Yeah episode moved ahead and we got relief.I think Shivika are going to meet on Friday or next week.Pinky is a very crucial part of this ongoing track.Hope makers have thought something about it.Let’s see.Take care?

  14. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Can’t stop myself to commenting aftet watching d epi…
    Shivika ne dimag ka gangaram kr dia…
    Gul… This is call leap… I wanted a separation track not a leap… NOT EVEN FOR ONE DAY…. 5min mein pura dimag kharap kr dia… From now i will never say that i believe on Gulneet….
    Hhhuuuuuuhhhh…. Bahat hi jayda upset ho gayi aj after watching d epi… Bahat hi jayda gussa aaraha hain…
    Okk relax Banita relax…
    Calm down…
    Okk now i will not say what’s happening now… I will say what will happen…
    1) Anika didnt wear MS just like last time leap track…. So may be there will be Shivika wedding again after there MU get clear…
    Me – Yeeehhh…!!!! Okk Banita jayda khus maat ho jaa…
    2) From now we will get to see Shivika’s tashan….
    Me – Tashan toh thik hain , but long separation nahi chaliye….
    3) Last time Shivay MU Anika that she moved on nd enggesed…. So this time may be Anika will MU Shivay becz of that girl….
    Me – Itna MU kaam hain kya jo aur palna hain..,
    4) That girl is in OM as fake chutki… So at d end Aniri’s past will disclose….
    Me – I m waiting 4 that only… But that time DWB’s face will be worth to watch when she will know that girl double cross her… It will be interesting…
    5) Pinky in coma…
    Me – Pinky ab uth vi jao aur kitna sone wali ho… I dont want a long separation… So get up soon…
    From today’s epi…
    Sahil , mera cutipai tumhara jesa koi ho vi nahi sakta….
    Gouri , don’t feel pity on her becz she is here to take ur place only….
    Precap – Shivika’s lukka chuppi will start… Just hope tashan vi start ho jaye becz i dont want a long separation between them…
    GN PKJ…

    1. ?????yiu are angry..and i am laughing like mad after reading your comment…
      Shant toh ja meri Bani.
      Sso ki aadat he hi ausi.
      And i don’t understand what was that KUCH DINO BAAD ???????.
      Leap,lapse,jump,long jump,high jump..what was that??????…
      Yes don’t want a long separation.
      One more wedding nooooooooo.i will die…
      Yiu are getting happy
      I don’t want any marriage track for anyone except rikara.
      Kaffi shadi shadi game hogayi shivika ki.
      No more shaddi.
      Ok love you Bani..

      1. Hlo Arpu…..
        Shivika ki shaadi ho toh no problem…
        Rikara ki shaadi toh mein dbo ke time se chahti Hun….. I don’t think CVS rikara ke shaadi karane Wale Hain…. Agar rikara ki shaadi hogi na then I will be happiest one…..
        Nd not only SSO dr now Anika also at fault…. Toh meri gussa dono ke liye hai…..
        Love you too dr…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Don’t make your blood boil because of Gul’s words.It’s yet to reveal whether that was a plan or not.And the way things are shaping,me too is anticipating another marriage of Shivaay with that new girl or another marriage of Shivika.Anything is possible.You plz don’t think about those leap,separation whatever.Stay clam and enjoy the track.Take care?

      1. Lu I know whatever will happen will be interesting…. Nd I m waiting for that only…. Ab gussa toh thoda aajata hain na…. But now I m f9….

  15. Hello everyone, I still feel that this is all shivika Omru plan. Somehow it is this way. A leap can never happen within few days. In his dialogue when he was standing and looking at Pinky he said Anika shivaay has to answer to this which is his mum’s state. Now if someone hates someone to the core, that person would not want any memories of him or her or not even mention that person’s name. But both of them kept mentioning each other’s name either in mind voice or verbally.

    Shivaay may have realised Roop has some plan to send this Pooja. Maybe Gul is right. No separation and no leap. Unfortunately they did not realise that Pinky would meet with an accident. So it all maybe a plan. Gul is so confident when she twittered and said fans will enjoy it very much. There is not much sadness or great reaction from Omru. They use to always talk about their bhabi and suddenly they do not have any feeling that anika has left and the bros are. It making so much effort to locate her which they would have done just like the previous three months separation.

    Or really shivika both hate each other for real. Cvs are trying to bring old moments again from older episodes. Perhaps cvs do not know what else to develop. These are the only 2 possibilities I can think of. After watching this old episode of pinky can trust Anika whine she hated so much can we think less of shivaay and Anika. We are talking about shivika whose love has been time tested again and again. So yes I think there must be some plan.

    Let’s wait and watch and I will excitedly watch with this in mind.

    1. Sindhu di..even i am also feeling its a plan..
      Very well plan
      But we all know NEVER TRUST ON SHIVIKA..????????.they are such a paltibaaz….
      Lets see for future

    2. Hi sorry there was a typo error. What I meant to say is when we watched the old episode, Pinky hated Anika to the core and went to great length to separate shivika but Pinky herself now wanted to clarify to shivaay that it is all Roop’s doing. If Pinky who never liked anika can support Anika can we think less of Shivaay who knows Anika in out and Anika knows Shivaay in our. Maybe cvs do not want us to assume that this is all part of shivika’s plan but they want us to think that this is real. I believe there must be some plan here.

    3. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Yes you are right.Something is missing and it has to come to light.What Shivaay is actually thinking about Anika will be cleared soon.We just need some patience to watch it unfold.It’s a pure trp track and supposed to bring good trp.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  16. Ok mil gaya…

    1waiting for pinky ponky get up
    2 waiting for shivika tasahan
    3 waitinn for Bua and that ladki OMM..
    So dil hua

    And you know what SHIVIKA are a big politician
    They both make promise very big big.
    But it came out as dhenchu…?????.
    Letsse koun dhenchu hone wali he

  17. Luthfa

    The thing is,blue is my favourite colour and I love black also.Whenever Shivaay wears blue and black he looks very handsome.To be honest almost in every colour.But these two colour have distinction and always capture my eyes,that’s it?

    1. Very true he looks good in black and blue but even in white too forced marriage episode, an episode before dargah meet(white blazer)

      1. Luthfa

        You are right.That’s why I wrote almost in all colour.But blue and black are my topmost favourite?

  18. Hi pkj,galati anika ki bhi hai, jab sso ne use kaha tha ki” aagar koi tuhme kuch bhi dekhe ya kuch bhi bataye us par vishwas karane se phele mujhse baat karna” tooo annika ko sso se bast karni chaiye thi. Aagar hum kisi se payar karte hai to uski baat par trust karo agar koi doubt to apni misunderstanding clear karo. Apne baat uske aage rakho aur usko bhi suno. Shivay ki bhi galti hai usne kase soch layi anika yeh sab kar sakti hai. But jayad gslati anni ki hai agar wo shivay baat karti to itna badha ratia nai phelta

    1. Simrat dear..
      Welcome to pkj..
      Both are right acc to their the same time both are wrong..
      Waiting for that how will they solve their issue.
      Lets see

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Simrat,
      Welcome to PKJ family.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love?
      You see,both Shivika are victim of situation and personal false misunderstanding.It’s not who is right or who is wrong but what is the real truth.This truth they have to find out.Until it happens,nothing can sort out.Let’s see.Take care?

    3. WELCOME TO PKJ dr…..
      KEEP COMMENTING….Yeah I agree with u…. Both r at fault this time…. Kisi ek Ko bolna thik nahi…. I know SSO ki purani list lambi hain , bt uske wajahse uski saari galti nahi hain na….
      Both r 30% fault nd DWB is 70% fault…..

  19. Nikita_jai29

    Again story revolves around the misunderstanding between shivika… Cvs bring something new…

    1. Niki just hope this MU will clear soon.

    2. Luthfa

      Hope so dear?

  20. hloooo
    @luthfa I am fine dr…ok just concentrate on ur studies nd post the ff later..i will wait yaar
    @sindhu thanks dear for ur reply..i am absolutely fine

    1. Sorry guys i got late to comment actually there was network problem . So good afternoon everyone how are you all. Now talking about IB ‘OH GOD WHAT TO SAY , Harr koi SHIVAY ko pasand krta h. pehle vo joker Ragni kam thi kya jo ab yeh doosri pooja bhi aa gayi Anika or Shivay ki life main rayta phelane. Pooja let me clear misunderstanding if Shivay is your destiny then Anika is Shivay’s destiny. So nobody can break shivika . pls pinky recover soon and tell SHIVAY that anika is innocent. pehli barr to kuch aacha kr .

    2. Luthfa

      Many many thanks and gratitude Sneha dear.I will try to post it as soon as possible.Lots of love?

  21. Hi guys got late to comment . good afternoon all of you and about episode it was really bad . cvs show something nice.

  22. Vidyakrish

    Shivaay propose to new lady in mu. I see in insta.

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