Ishqbaaz 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu gets exposed

Ishqbaaz 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Bhavya look on. Bhavya activates the cam. Anika is with Abhimanyu. Everyone watches them on the big screen. Abhimanyu says I will give you a chance in my film, you will have to do something for you. Anika asks what. He says nothing much, you just have to please me, I will make you a star. He holds her hand and says we both will be happy. The people talk about Abhimanyu talking about someone, its casting couch…. Abhimanyu asks Anika to come close. Anika slaps him. He asks how dare you slap me, I will make sure you never become a heroine, your career is over. He gets angry. Media clicks his pics. Abhimanyu asks them to stop it. Shivaye comes there. He drags Abhimanyu and throws him on the ground. He says meet him, the superstar Abhimanyu Raheja, who is seen protecting his heroine in movies,

but in real life, he never misses a chance of getting his way with any girl. Omru look on. Abhimanyu says its a lie, this is projected in a wrong way, I didn’t give this girl a chance, so she is framing me. Anika says no, that’s not true, you will be in a film now, when you will be beaten up by slippers, this film will run on every news channel, the name of the film will be Ek Tha Kamina. She removes her wig and eye lens.

She says you ruined lives of many girls, today we will watch your destruction, we had to do this so that we can bring his truth out, so that no other innocent girl falls prey to this cheap man’s lust. Rudra signs to ask Bhavya. Abhimanyu says this is a lie, Shivaye has planned this, to publicize his mobile brand, its the truth, you all know me right, I have become a star from a struggling actor, by my hard work, did any one speak ill about me, I met them today and they claim to know me well, what a surprise. Shivaye claps and says you didn’t say such a great monologue even in your films, you are right, we met you for the first time and don’t know you, but your colleagues know you well, lets hear it from them. Some girls come. Shivaye says they are background dancers, they have done many films with Abhimanyu. The girl says he tried to misbehave with me on the sets. Another girl says he raped me on the pretext of giving me a break. Many girls speak against him. Abhimanyu gets shocked.

Gauri sits in darkness and cries. Shivaye comes to her. She says you… He switches on the lights. He says if you stay quiet, he will win and you will lose, I know you are not one of those to give up, if you don’t speak up today, you can never speak up. He takes Gauri out to everyone. Anika says I know you didn’t wish this to come out, but many times, decency becomes a weakness, we are decent, not we are not weak, so just the way these girls showed courage, we want you to show the courage. Om looks on shocked. He goes to Gauri and asks what happened. She cries and hugs him. She says this man….Om says I understood, its not your fault. He catches hold of Abhimanyu and asks how dare you touch my wife, I m going to kill you. Shivaye and Rudra stop Om.

Shivaye says we all want to punish him, he has to understand that girls aren’t weak, they don’t need anyone else to answer, Gauri will give him an answer. Om says Shivaye is right, that’s it, not anymore, Gauri tell everyone what this devil did with you, Abhimanyu wears a mask of goodness, remove it. Anika says enough is enough. Gauri says Abhimanyu tried to misbehave with me too, that painting has the print of my palm, that’s proof of my struggle. Abhimanyu says its nonsense, she came to me and asked me to tell Roshni to buy Om’s painting, and in exchange, she would…. you know, but I refused, that is why she is framing me. She shouts enough and slaps him. She says not anymore, I was quiet, I thought it would defame my family, I was wrong, respect gets down when a woman tolerates torture. She scolds him. She says Lord gave me a husband like Om and such a good family who is supporting me, but the women who doesn’t have supportive families, I m scared to think what they go through, devils like you torture us and then our silence troubles us.

She cries. Shivaye says Gauri is my sister, this house’s bahu, and today, I m proud of her, I salute her bravery, even yours…. the world is changing, times are changing, but sadly, our thinking hasn’t changed, even today, when someone misbehaves with a woman, the victim is blamed, she might have instigated the man, what clothes did she wear, girls must not roam around in the night, these are the things said by the society, when there is a theft, no one says why did you carry a lot of money before going out, no, because all allegations are for the girls, we teach the girls to stay caged, we should teach the boys to learn manners to behave with women, you must have heard about the campaign, its an international movement against heinous crimes of s*xual harassment, last year, this campaign compelled the society to face such topics, women are not safe at any place in any country, such incidents happen, women stay quiet, why, because the society doesn’t allow them to speak up, often to retain the family’s pride and their own honor, like you all broke your silence, today Abhimanyu has finally been exposed, the world knows Abhimanyu is a disgusting man. Reporter asks Abhimanyu would he still say he is innocent, is he ashamed of his doing.

Abhimanyu says its rubbish, I m a respected and decent man, they are framing me. Roshni shouts enough. They all get shocked. She says stop it Abhimanyu, how much will you lie, I m tired of covering up your crimes. He says tell me its a prank. She says don’t touch me, I hate you, I have been quiet for my family’s respect, I thought you will finally return to me, I would be called your wife, but I was wrong, I should have broken my silence, many lives would have got saved. He says we shall go home and talk. She says there is a difference between home and hotel room, you will never understand such a thing. He says you are crossing your limits, don’t forget you are my wife. She says you had forgotten this, from now, I don’t need to remember this, its over. She returns his ring. She says all the allegations against Abhimanyu are true. He asks what are you saying. She shouts enough, not anymore. She slaps him and goes. He runs after her.

Om says forgive me, because you are my responsibility. She says I should apologize, you lost the deal because of me. He says you really think I care for the deal, nothing is imp to me than you, I can sacrifice many deals for your sake. He hugs her. Shivaye says this isn’t over yet.

Shivaye screams….He shouts out to Khanna, Omru, Anika… They all hear him and run for his protection.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    What an episode. Abhimany raheja ka khel khatam. Anika ne sahi title diya ” EK THA KAMINA”. SHIVAY and GAURI scene were really nice. Om reaction after knowing what happened with gauri i wish he would have slapped that abhimanyu at least. Finally Gauri slapped him and this is what he deserved.
    Shivaay every point about society was correct.
    How shamelessly abhimany was blaming shivaay ki mobile promotion k liye kiya hai but shivaay full proof plan k saath aata hai uske sare co dancers ko le aaya bechara raheja ??.
    So happy with what roshni did today finally she also took a stand against that monster and showed his real face to the world agar pehle aisa kar deti toh kitte ladkiyo ki life bach jati but better late than never and what a slap but roshni t the so called superstar. But how shameless a person can be usey abhi bhi apni mistake realize nahi hui. Rikara scene was nice.
    Precap creates suspense y must be shivaay shouting what he must have seen any idea anyone??.

    1. Arpita6

      Hiii Aaayush dear..
      Congrats. ….
      Sso is shouting by seeing a dog in dinning table..????it will be hilarious.

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks arpita yeah it will be hilarious for sure??

    2. Go Aayush Bhaiya Go.
      Congo on being first.

      Agree with each and every point of your’s .

      I see Bhaiya ,aajkal aap bhi lambe comment Karne Lage ho .
      I am just kidding Bhaiya don’t take it seriously.
      But it’s good .
      Keep it up Bhaiya.
      And sorryif I heart you.
      Choti behen samajh Kar maaf kar Dena.

      Take care .
      Good night .

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks ishu and oh common dont be so formal bhaiya bhi bol rahi ho aur sorry bhi and for what reason. Decide karlo pehle either u call me bhaiya or call sorry. Aur haan jab kabhi free hota hu toh kardeta hu long comment u also take care.good night.

    3. Ya because of dog shivaay is shouting ??????? I have seen in u tube

    4. Rithu17

      He sees a dog.. that’s why he’s shouting??..uska naam billu hai he’ll obviously be scared of dogs??

      1. AAYUSH

        If thats the case rithu then it will be so much fun ??

    5. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations on being first again…?
      Yeah Gauri did break her silence so was Roshni.Abhimanyu type people actually never bend actually.But I am happy that he was exposed and Roshni did it.And Shivaay got scared because of a dog.This is upcoming.Take care.Happy weekend?

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks luthfa

    6. Banita

      Yeh me too like Shivri part…
      @Ritu , bilu scared of dog… Hahaha… Epic…

      1. AAYUSH

        ThankS banita

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Why crime like rape cases increase day by day??
    1) There r some people stay in our society for whom girl is a toy nd their self respect is key of d toy… Nd they can play with that toy using d key…
    People like “ABHIMANYU RAHEJA”….
    2) Some people spread d fear in society to protect their rapiest brother / father / son / husband… Becz culprit is a star / man… In this way they encourage d culprit for the crime…
    People like “ROSHNI RAHEJA”
    3) Some people stay quit thinking about their family’s reputation after molested also… It’s not that they don’t want d culprit to get punishment… It’s just d fear of society doesn’t let them to come forward against this crime…
    People like “GOURI” nd “DADI”….
    4) There r many people who just there to bed mouthing… According to them there must be that girls fault… She only first encouraged that boy , to do all these with her…. They don’t spare a small thing to humiliate to bad mouthing to questioned about d character of d girl… Victim blamed in most not d rapiest becz he is a boy / famous star… They r d same one who show their sympathy on d victim after all thing cleared…
    It’s our so called “SOCIETY”
    5) Nd at last there r only few people left who fight against it…. But they r only few… There ratio is very low compare to others…
    People like “SHIVAAY” ,”ANIKA” ,”BHAVYA”….
    What shivika nd bhavya did it’s not simple to do in real life specially when in opposite u have to face a powerful person… Becz in real life all r not Oberois or any fiction character of television…
    But if this few people come forward then people like gouri , other victim girls nd dadi also come out of their fear fight for their rite….
    If Roshni like people stop supporting them then this crime at least thoda toh kaam hoga…
    Here , Is Abhimanyu is d only culprit?
    Isn’t people like roshni is equally fault in this??
    Isn’t people like dadi nd gauri have fault in this??
    Not only girls , boys also victim s*xually harrashment… Few years before i read from a news artical a boy of 9 year was d victim of s*xually harashment…
    #ME TOO is one of d major issue in world wide…
    P S – In this whole part Shrenu nailed it… Hats of U… Nd whole team also did an amazing job… Bow down to all of u…
    Precap – Hahaha… Mummmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Banita

      Nd forget to say ,
      Gouri nd Roshni’s slap was superbb… Specially Gouri’s slap… It was CASHMATODE ( After that slap Abimanyu’s glass was nowhere na)
      Nd to be honest i expected to see a more angry Om…

      1. Hii Banita di.
        Yes you are right people like Shivaye,Annika and Bhavya are very few
        but we have to increase their number.
        Because agar humne aisa nhi kiya to aise crimes will never stop .
        Di Mene to Roshni ka slap dekha hi nhi .
        I think I missed it .
        But its OK Gauri’s slap was mind blowing .
        Chashma tod .

      2. Banita

        Hlo Ishu…
        There number will increase… Agar sbki soch badal jaye toh ase logon ki number vi increase ho jayega…
        Yeh may be u missed roshni’s slap…
        BTW HRU??

    2. Hiii Bani…agree with you each and every point…..
      Sso or oberois are fictional yet powerful person in society though it is fictonal ….
      So people who have not so much status or power they always brcame silent before everyone…
      Bani..aaj toh hekicopter shot hi mardi tune
      Yes Gouri slap was chasmatod…
      Even I also wanted more ange from om..

      1. Banita

        Yeh Arpu in real life normally low or medium status people stay quit nd Oberois jese rich people ke saath kuch nahi hota…
        Haan helicopter speed toh tha hi isliye itna saare mistake hain…

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Absolutely agree with you.Whatever happens,it’s a girl who will be accused of everything.And society is always there to torture a girl mentally.Justice after facing anything wrong is like crying in wilderness.Those who don’t have any support just go on with their unbearable pain throughout their life.People like Abhimanyu can go to extreme length because we girls let them take the opportunity to silence us.Anyway,very nice analysis.Loved it.Take care?

      1. Banita

        Hlo Lu…
        Yeh we let them take d oppertunity… Many victim stay silent becz lack of support nd fear of society…
        Thank U Lu…
        U too TC…

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals.
    Aur nahi aab aur nahi..
    Abhimanyu Raheja..
    Tera toh satak gaya Bheja..
    Bade maaje se khaya tune thappad.
    Aab tu gali gali main bechega papad.??????
    Yeh Superstar toh gaya.papad h8 bechega
    Producer Sso
    Director Annika..
    Loved to see Gouri’s courage. .
    Yes I agree Track was based on #metoo but that all saying Mujhe bhi..muhhe bhi..was kinda found awakward don’t know why

    Om i wanted to see that rage on your eyes. Those red anger eyes .I found it.But I wanted more anger from you. ……
    May Be You guys can disagree with me but real om whom i usef to like most among three was gone before 14th feb 2017…..
    I am really missing that om…..
    Yeh But Om’s Shayri is always on top …no doubt.
    But somehow I want that om to be back..

    ??????Chal maar..te te te…Is perfect song for Mr Abhimanyu Raheja. ….??ffirst Annika.
    Then Roshni
    Then Gouri….
    Aur sab milke marte…toh aur accha hota.he deserve to be punished…..stupid…

    Loved Sso words.

    Rikara hug was really needed and yeh it was good loved Om’s dialogue. deal is imp than you..loved it.

    Annika as always you were looking bomb with open hair…aag lagadi..

    Shrenu this week you perfectly nailed your role…. ..big clap for you..

    Precap -???????Sso on dinning table scared from.a dog…????waiting for next..
    P.S-I am a animal lover…
    Ok byy…

    1. Riana

      @Arpu… Papad shayari was epic ! ?????????

      1. too found it good.?????.
        Tgank you.

    2. Hi Arpita di .
      Abhimanyu Raheja …..
      Tera to satak gaya bheja.
      Badhiya hai di ,bahut badhiya hai.
      I have to say this your sense if humor is as khidkitod as you are.

      Me too find that MUJHE BHI irritating .
      Itni Baar mujhe bhi bola na ki mujhe bhi ajeeb laga.

      I also wanted to see more anger from Om’s side.
      OK bye Di
      Love you to the moon.

      1. Ha ha ha Ishu……
        Chalo mere ko bi mera sense of humour acche lagne laga he..ha ha ha..
        Angrykara is good.but he never showed Anger to anyone for gouri shake..I want more angrykara…hi hi hi.
        Love you too my star..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Hehehe…..Superb short poem.Everything went so smoothly.Performances were power packed but Om was little dull thanks to cvs.The message of #MeToo is finally delivered.Even I have noticed it.Anyway,I want to ask you something.IB is going to complete 2 years so have you any plan to celebrate it in PKJ like we celebrated 500 episode?Do share your thought.Take care.Happy weekend?

    4. Banita

      Ishrat..!!! Ishrat..!!!!
      Itna accha sayri sun kr toh wo Abimanyu vi pagal ho jayega… Hahaha….
      Yeah I also felt irritate in MUJHE VI wala part… Nd Haan funny vi…
      Mere….. I m one of them who………………………..

  4. Rithu17

    Rikara rocked today’s epi…And Shrenu nailed her act…Absolutely nailed it.. wonderful performance..that slap and her reached the audience very well.. Fantastic work team #ib??

    1. Yes Rithu..shrenu gave 100% to her role in this week.
      Whole cast did khidkitod job….

    2. Luthfa

      Yeah IB is rocking.More power to every person related to it?

  5. Hi Ayush,
    Congo for commenting episode was too good with nice social message.. Shivaay is shouting because of a dog has our Tadi Bazz SSO is afraid of dogs.. ????

  6. Episode is good and shivaay dialogues and expression is fabulous as per episode one confusion that we are salute for gauri or family support in this episode also shivaay is main person for nayi soch I think shivaay is brand ambassador for nayi soch and fans want rikara and ruvya scenes but this serial is highlighted by shiv omru brother Hood and Shivika takarbazi

    1. One thing I agree since last few days Sso is representing Nayi Soch…

    2. Banita

      @Aditi , @Arpu….
      I think CVS planning to win SP NAYI SOCH AWARD… I don’t know if it’s only for female..? Or for male also… But epis dekh kr toh ase hi lag raha hain…

  7. Coming to episode.. Each & every dialog were so apt.. In our society if any anything happens they will point out on girls.. You must have instigated him.. Wow bakwas mindset shit..Today shivaay proved how brother should treat his sister when she is down traumatic stage.. Kudos to you.. I hope in real life too nakuul would/should be supportive to his sister prachi in her strength & weakness..
    Finally Gauri grap all her strength to outburst her innermost fear & anger on that creepy creature.. Poor Om didn’t even know what’s happening there.. The fire in his eyes where so true.. I wish Om would have given one nice pitai.. No problem our Gauri gave him a tight slap..
    What a mastermind that creepy creature he is how nicely he is changing the plate.. Finally his wife gave statement of him.. If you have done this before many girl life wouldn’t have ruined.. But, you where busy in protecting your family respect..

    I used to watch IB with my son.. Today he got angry has I didn’t give him what he asked.. He asked chocolate instead of breakfast he got angry and throwed his mobile in SSO style.. And his mobile ko Oh my Mata ogayi.. I mean screen got broken.. Anyways, his mobile is working..
    He have a separate mobile to watch rhymes..
    Precap: next week it gonna be laughter episode.. SSO is attacked by a dog.. So, he is standing on top of dinning table with his weapon frying pan..
    Also, if you guys noticed even in this stage he called his phela pyar Khanna & then only Anika&omru..
    Also, there gonna be scene with Anika’s chameli Tashan with shivaay in Oberoi mansion.. She gonna call Lall uncle from her chawl to oberoi mansion and gonna show her bargaining skill to SSO.. And also we gonna see bhavya rejoining to her job..
    Rikara fans we gonna see Gauri being pampered with love Om and everyone to make her comfort & to make her out of that trauma.. Surely many families wouldn’t be that supportive.. I hope ppl mindset change at least now..

    1. Hii kadhambari Di .
      So your son is walking on the path of SSO .
      It’s good for you because he will respect you and your family like Shivaye does.
      And how is he now ?
      I read in your previous comment he is suffering from cold.
      And di your prince charming is how many years old?

      1. Yeah ishitha,
        I even want my son to respect family members & mostly respect women.. Ppl generally say if you have a girl kid you have to be very careful but for me if we grew up boy kid in good manners then the girls will be safe..
        Yup, still he have cold.. Here it’s daily raining so, the climate is cold.. He is 3 year old..

    2. Kadambari di..???Prince ne phone ki Oh My mata kardi…ha ha ha ..Sso ka bada follower lag raha he…
      Bacche toh jid karte he…
      that creepy creature us like RASI JALGAYI OAR BAL NAHI GAYA???even I wanted more anger from om….
      Yeh next week is gonna good..waiting for episode..

    3. Wow kadhambari Di .
      Hats of to your thinking .
      If people will start thinking like you then all the crimes related to molestation will get vanished one day.
      And all the girls will be safe.
      And I am sure your son will posses all the good qualities,and he will become gentle men who will know how to respect women .
      And at that day is not so far when you feel proud to be known as his mother.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      Yes,Shivaay is so supportive like always for everything.If couldn’t take the initiative then this matter could have gone unnoticed like many cases.Just hope in real life people also start thinking like Shivaay.So Suhas is breaking phone like Shivaay.He must be looked very cute while doing it.By the way,take care of him di.Lots of love to him.Happy weekend?

    5. Banita

      Hlo diii…..
      Suhas ne phone break kr dia..!!!
      Sabas Suhas Sabas…!! Keep it up baccha…
      Yup dii after al apna pehela pyaar Ko thodi na koi bhul sakta hain… LOL….

  8. Luthfa

    Dear Roshni(cvs),
    Thank you so much for proving my gut feelings right.I had a hidden hope in my heart that You would speak up against Abhimanyu Raheja and you did finally.Better late than never.This movement #MeToo is not only for victims to speak up and come forward with their story rather it encourages every other also who witnesses such things happening around his or her.Breaking the silence is not at all a easy task that even for these type of cases.You have raised your voice and saved many girl from further harassment at the hands of Abhimanyu along with you.Not only Gauri and all those girls who accused Abhimanyu were his victims but you as well.You too shared a major portion of the atrocities done by him.You have continuously seen his vicious acts day after day and suffered equally like every other girl.This society takes away the voice of protest not only of unmarried girl but married girl’s as well.The pain and helplessness of being in a torturous and abusive relationship knows no bound.But society compels us girls to go through this hell for their so called customs and tradition.You were also bound by the reputation of family like Gauri was for some time.Gauri broke her silence so were you and the culprit got exposed eventually.You have taken a bold step by deciding to punish your monster like husband who were doing everything under your very nose.And I would tell,because of your womanly weakness he got the courage to do what he wanted.Girls are not weak and I will advise you not to let your identity weaken your heart and snatch away the fighting spirit with which every girl born.Women and Weakness may come with same letter but not necessary that they have to be weak and vulnerable.If you could tell NO to your husband beforehand,you could have spared of the undue suffering.Girls should know when to draw the line of limit so that Abhimanyu like people won’t be able to cross the limit.I am very happy and proud of both Gauri and Roshni.Go Girls Go.#WomenTheWinner.

    1. Hello Luthfa di .
      You are 101percent right .
      It requires lots of courage to go against such crimes .
      And both Gauri and Roshni have that courage.
      Aur hum sab ko itna courageous hona chahiye.
      Go Girls Go .

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Ishita,
        Yes off course.Nari Shakti Jindabad?

    2. Ph on…
      Pura khidkitod shot haan..I love it.
      Chalo.Cvs ne tumhari muraad toh puri kardi..

      1. Luthfa

        Yes Darling,I am khidkitode happy.And thank you soooooo….much for your love.Love you?

    3. Yes luftha today’s episode we saw women’s power!!!! The point here is also when women come boldly to confess what happened to them, society should sympathise and wrong the right instead of pointing the finger that she is being tarnished. That painting where the red mark splashed on shows symbolically women’s purity but it has been blemished by such animalistic behaviour men in society. People should focus on the wrong doer and not the victim. Sometimes in society they will punish the wrongdoer but people still have this habit of gossiping about the victim making statements such as perhaps she could have initiated it etc etc. That must also stop. The focus should only be on the wrongdoer and not on the victim.

      Yours was nice analysis Luftha dear

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        I agree with you.People have to leave the mentality of accusing the victim for every other thing.They need to focus on the culprit and ensure his apt punishment.Thank you sooooooo…..much for your love di.Love you?

    4. Banita

      Totally agree with u @Lu…
      I also wanted to see Roshni to speak up… Nd I m happy that she again didn’t support her husband….
      Nycc comment dr….
      Nd Happy Weekend to u too…

  9. Vidya Saraswathi

    Wow gauri action was super. Anika u r so cute ??

    1. Yeh right…

    2. Luthfa


  10. Riana

    Always in love #IB
    Tons of social massages (casting couch, marital affair, rape, sxual harassment, molestation) really superb job done by cvs !!!
    Rikara were awesome today ! ???
    Shivika were khidkitod as always…???
    But Bhavya didnt said anything not even rudy…quite surprised…
    But anywayz, finally #Aurnahiabaurnahi…
    Finally Roshni showed that she is a human not a toy stuff !…
    Gauri slapping abhimanyu was epic !!! ????…That rubbish creature deserve more than this ???????
    Precap – Bagad billa toh kutte se hi darega naa ???????????????????????????????????????

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Riana,
      How are you?Yeah,IB is in the mode of giving social messages.Yesterday’s episode was well executed.But I missed Dadi a lot.She should have presented there.And Shivaay is fearing a dog.Let’s see what social message cvs offer through this.Last line is??????

  11. Riana

    Btw i am missing one thing guyz…???
    Ib’s ICONIC – Kuch Der Pehele / Some time before ?????…It use to give an ib feel

    1. ??????Riana…
      Yes woh bagad billa bilu he…toh dogs se toh darega hi….??
      Even I am missing Kuch samay pehele….
      It used to gave ib feels..
      But Cvs………………..

    2. Luthfa

      Same feelings??

    3. Banita

      Hlo Riana….
      Yeah me also missing “kuch samay pehele”…
      Ab toh add se pehle aage kya dikhayega jo de raha tha wo vi gaya… Dabar Aamal replaced it….

  12. Mimi ? Rikara = LOVE

    ??????Am sorry Omkara for misjudge u in last Episode I should wait and watch but any person can’t control his angry ??…Woha this Episode fulled my wish the way Omkara consoling Gauri ??and about to beat that cheap man ??but Shivaay stop him✋? ..Seeing Gauri being able to speak up what Abhimanyu done to her ?? … also slap him that more like Gauri I know ??? …And finally when Omkara say what I want him to say from the first Episode Gauri was in Danger that he is sorry ..And that nothing is MUCH important than Gauri in his life ❤️ Rikara I can’t stop loving u both …U are the goal of truth love …RIKARA=LOVE? …Thanks Gul mam and writer for this track u wrote it perfectly ???? , First time to feel like Rikara have important in the show hopefully always ??

    1. Banita

      Hlo Mimi….
      It’s f9 dr… It’s good that now u r not angry on Om… Me also like Rikara part…
      BTW I like d way u wrote after ur name according to ur comment….

  13. Hey guys plz someone tell me in today’s episode last scene why shivay said the story is not over yet ?

    1. Even I am too confused.. more confused that if Sso said it or somebody else…..
      Lets wait for the episode.

    2. Luthfa

      Don’t know dear.Have to wait for it?

  14. Hello Everyone .
    I hope all are doing well.

    So finally # Me too track ended with serious message.
    Today’s episode was great .
    But guys, whatever happened with Gauri and other girls in the show,is happening with many innocent girls in real life too and that is very disgusting .

    From today’s episode not only men but we girls too can learn many things .
    1- we girls should not be quiet ,if anything like that happens with us .
    2- and don’t consider yourself weak bcoz we are not.

    Gauri was right ,she is very fortunate that her family supports her.
    Because in many of the cases Girl’s family don’t support her.
    How selfish it is !
    I mean for such type of family their reputation is so important ,that their daughter’s /daughter in law’s self respect do not matter for them .
    They do not care about it.
    I can’t believe it ,but I have to believe bcoz this is the reality of Girl’s life.

    Abhimanyu Raheja ,Mene apni zindagi mein ,
    I mean Ishqbaaz ki history mein tumhare jaise villian nhi dekha .
    Matlab yaar saare evidence tumhare against hai phir bhi banda manne ko tayaar nhi hai.
    Do chate khane k baad bhi farak nhi pata tumhe that proofed ki tum kitne nalayak ho.
    Tum se acchi to bua thi kam se kam apne gunah apne muh se qubool Kar leti thi.

    Finally ,Mrs. Roshni Raheja wife of the superstar Abhimanyu Raheja ,you exposed your husband .

    Shivaye was absolutely right ,we have to change our way of thinking about these issues.
    Because people always comment on girl’s fashion sense.
    Who are they to teach us what to wear or what not?
    I think such type of people are not aware that these shameless incident are happening not only with the one who wears skirt ,but also with the small child who does not have her own fashion sense .
    On this I remember –
    “Is it really my fault?”, asked skirt .
    “No ,it happens with me too”,replied burkha .
    The Diaper in the corner could not even speak.

    I just hope ki CVS Jo message convey karna chahte the wo usme successfull huye ho.

    OK bye .
    Goodnight .
    Stay happy and stay safe.

    1. Ishu….right………..
      Hope ye message koi badlab na ho..kuch na ho cum se cum girls ko courage toh de sake…
      Lets see..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Nice bashing of Abhimanyu.And if everyone thinks like Shivaay and supports the victim,such things won’t occur frequently.Let’s hope for a healthy surrounding for girls.Take care.Happy weekend?

    3. Banita

      Totally agree with you Ishu….
      Ek taraf logo bolte hain beti , Bihu humari ghar ki ijjat hain nd dusri taraf apni ghar ki ijjat ke baare mein soch ke ase chiz ko supress kr dete… I don’t understand logic of this….
      Very good comment Ishu…??

  15. Banita di good news finally your comment is under moderation show ho Raha hai .
    Aankhein? taras gayi thi ye dekhna k liye.
    I am di happy.

    1. Banita

      Finally meri behen khus ho gayi…
      Yeh toh sacchi mein good news hain…

  16. Hello PKJ family enjoy your Long weekend. Nice episode. The slap from Gauri was fantastic! Wow even Roshni slapped him. What a shameless figure!! A good lesson for all women who are victims. I hope after this serial women will come forward to openly declare that they have been victims before and bring about justice for the women. Really really hope such s*xual harrassment will decrease especially in India.

    1. Hi Sindhu Di .
      How are you ?
      And sorry ,I was not able to reply you yesterday.
      You also enjoy your weekend di .
      Take care .
      Love you .

      1. No problem Ishita dear. Enjoy your weekend dear

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Episode depicted the women power through Anika,Gauri and Roshni.Hope people at least start to come forward in the protest of such crimes.And happy weekend to you too di.Enjoy wholeheartedly.Lots of love?

    3. Banita

      Hlo diii……
      There are many awareness about this topic is going on world wide… Many victims r came forward nd many r still quite….
      Nd about ?..?????????

  17. Btw on Monday the. Dog is actually very cute. I saw the picture and it is a beagle I think. So sweet little thing

    1. Luthfa

      I don’t know much about dog.Let’s see?

  18. Really khidkitodh wala epi ,,loved it ,but i just read the wriitten update ,i can’t watch it on tv because of bad weather….kal puri din aur raat barish hui hai ,finally aj morning ko ruka hai ,,so i wil surely gonna watch it at repeat telecast ,
    Ib is really very different from others ,,i hope log kich bakwas serial chorke ib dekhna suru kare ,hame kitna kuch sikhne ko milta hai ,
    And i hope IB ki diye hue social massege society ki soch ko thora sa bhi badalenge ,to bat ban jayegi ,,
    Next track is surely very fun to watch ….
    Ok happy wekkend to my all lovely dears,,,love you all.???

    1. Yes Tania Ishqbaaz is really very good one to watch but everyone has their own choices we can do nothing in this .
      But yes I can promise you, I will never leave watching Ishqbaaz .

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Same here dear.Rains and all day and night.Do watch whenever you have the scope.If who watch IB starts implementing the message IB has offered,will be fantastic.Let’s hope for the best.Take care.Happy weekend?

    3. Banita

      Yeh Tania….
      Epi was khidkitode…. Hope it will happen….
      In my place no rain… Not a drop also…

  19. Nikita_jai29

    It is one of the best episode for me….
    Precap is hilarious..
    Good job by whole Ib team..
    I pray their message may gets a place in our girls and boys…

  20. Nikita_jai29

    Mind and in the society

  21. Sherya

    hey hii guys …… today rikara scene is just awesome and Om’s reaction is also too good ……i like yesterday episode and watched it many times …. shivika is rocking and i like Anika’s title “Ek Tha Kamina” hahahaha ……
    Congratulations Aayush bhaiya …….. and i am last i know….but i am happy with it ….. congrats me for this….just kiding

  22. And again a stupid and useless episode wasted 30 mins of my precious time.I don’t know what is soo special about this.I miss priyanka and ranveer jodi.For me they where the best couple????????So happy to know that kunal and his girlfriend got engaged. YAAAAA??

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