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The Episode starts with Pinky coming to kitchen. She tells Shivaye about his GF Tia landing from London. Shivaye says I will meet her tomorrow. Pinky says fine, meet her. Rudra tells about Tia, Lady Baba, she talks so spiritual. Shivaye asks him to talk with respect about Tia. Rudra asks do you love her. Shivaye asks do you two have any doubt. Rudra asks did you chat or talk to her since 3am at night, did you talk to each other with love. Om asks did you both look into your eyes for few hours. Shivaye asks why, we just talk, we don’t know what problem you guys have with her, she has looks, class and bloodline. Om says you know if person has no good family, its no human for Shivaye. Shivaye says yes, she is beautiful, well travelled and educated. Om says we know Shivaye does not love Tia, he loves 15 crores

business deal between two families. Shivaye says yes, love is a deal, true love is nothing. Om says I really hope Shivaye that you have true love in your life. Rudra says I hope it happens before your marriage, else it will raise complications. They lok at Rudra.

Dadi gets Ashok’s belongings. She gets a phone and calls back on a number. The phone rings at home. Dadi says it means someone from this house spoke to that man. She recalls her son’s swearing by keeping hands on Ramayan. She says my sons lied to me, I regret that they lied by keeping hands on Ramayan.

Anika gets a bad dream of her younger sister taken away from her. Anika wakes up and shouts Chutki. She sees the darkness around. Sahil makes her rest in lap and pacifies her.

Anika and Shivaye are on the way and on calls. She stops seeing the road barrier. Shivaye asks did landslide occur. Her slipper breaks and she sits on the road. Shivaye sees her after getting close and applies the breaks. His car turns round and she gets back, when she was too close to his car. He gets down his car and says you… she says atleast you identified me today, you acted like you don’t know when you met me in maha aarti. He asks did you get my car to get under and die. She says why, I will die in middle class way. He asks did you just get my car. She asks whats special in it. He says its worth 2 crores, do you know zeroes in one crores. She says yes and counts. She says seven, you are fool, if anyone gives me 2 crores, I will run taxi business, and make it 6 crores, I m not saying anything as you are Priyanka’s brother else…. He asks else… She asks why does he scare like a ghost.

Om and Rudra spend some brotherly time. Dadi comes there and smiles. She thinks if I tell them truth, will they stay happy, no, plants need sunlight, its good to save them from this truth. Rudra asks Dadi to save them. She asks does they know about Shivaye. Om says no, he might have reach farmhouse to meet Tia. Rudra says why are we getting that lady Baba to marry Shivaye, she calls me protein shake, her high heels and that look, trust me…. Rudra acts like Tia and says she acts to be spiritual, but she does not understand anything other than her shoes, clothes and car, get Shivaye married to credit card than Tia. Dadi and Om laugh. Om agrees and says when relation is between two companies, not hearts, then it’s a deal, you say Shivaye should marry someone equal to him else….

Anika asks what else… Shivaye says thank God you did not see my anger. She asks what do you think you are. He says Shivaye Oberoi. She says you mean the world should stop and salute you. He says it happens. She asks the buffaloes to stop and salute Shivaye, he is Oberoi. She says whats the need of such name, when the buffaloes did not stop. He asks who is she to tell him, who is she, whats her surname, what did her parents do, did she do anything in life. She asks him not to go on her parents. He says I m on top of the world and you are here on the ground. She asks are you signing to cow dung, am I cow dung. He asks what and goes to his car. She throws cow dung at his car. He signs her to stop.

Om says sorry Dadi, I can’t lie. Dadi says Shivaye does not understand that business deal can be undone, but heart’s deal can happen just once. Om says Shivaye does not think of heart, he thinks just of business. She says he looks like heartless, but he has Ishqbaaz hidden in him, one who loves his Dadi and brothers so much, think how much will he love the girl he chooses. Shivaye asks are you an idiot. Anika says yes, everyone has to stop here, Oberoi or anyone else. He says no one can stop Shivaye. She asks why, will you fly and go. He shows her the chopper coming. She gets shocked. He walks off in style and boards the helicopter. Anika looks on. Ishq hai …………plays………. Shivaye flies off.

Tia’s friends Laila and Shivani show off their new earrings and shoes to each other. Tia comes there. Tia talks to her friends about her London trip. They take selfies. Tia says I have to fix the wedding theme, many called to plan my wedding, everyone wants to know about my wedding plans. They ask about Shivaye. Tia says my prince charming is coming in a chopper.

Anika tells uncle that she will make order reach on time. She sees police there and asks for way to Kapoor farmhouse. The inspector says its 12 kms away, you have to push scooty and go. Anika reaches Kapoor mansion to deliver the food. The man asks her to do food arrangements well, its for Tia and her fiancé Shivaye Oberoi. She thinks Shivaye is meeting her everywhere. She hears that Shivaye is landing in sometime. She asks guard why did chopper get delayed. He says because of bad weather. She smiles. Shivaye’s chopper lands. He gets down. Anika smiles and goes to home. He gets surprised seeing her. She advises him to sell helicopter and buy 100 scootys, he can reach on time, you said something. She recalls his line and says no one can stop Shivaye, no humans and not even nature. She asks him to remember he is also human, if you are Oberoi, it does not mean Lord will give you more sunlight and less rain. She dances when he starts leaving. He turns and sees her dancing. She acts like him. He goes.

Shivaye tells about Anika. Anika tells about him. They both hope not to see each other’s face again. They meet again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Love Anika! And Shivaye. This is a nice show, so far.

  2. Really nice to see shivay and anika together

  3. amena i wish you update saathiya

  4. Love the every positive character of show specially dadi character i wish world ki hr dadi itni achii ho but i hope the girl tia is not pairup with om

  5. Goms

    I lyk the way Anika and Shivaye fight..
    Om, Rudra brotherly time…dadi ishqbaaz advice sooperrr??

    1. Ammma yes goms sariya suna.bilkul sahi bola

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Anika-shivaye nice pair love their nok jhok n ushqbaaz gets a thumbs up love the oberoi brothers trio ccan’t wait for om n rudra’s heroines entry 😛

  7. Sophie

    Todays episode was awesome… anika and shivaye fight scene was too good and om and rudra brotherly moment was lovely

  8. RiyaDcruz

    Shivayi nd anika wat a pair yaat just luv dem…..

  9. RiyaDcruz

    Guyyyzzz i thought a name fr dem Shivayi + anika -SHIVIKA…….. how is it??????????

  10. Sriranjani

    waiting for shivaye to know the truth about anika’s painful life…. can’t wait for upcoming episode….. I want 3hr show each sunday 😛 for watching this beautiful Ishqbaaz

  11. OMG! shivay and anika are sooooo cute and adorable in the precap! if anybody has seen the precap,it is sooo nice,cant wait to watch the next episode!!

  12. Shivaye and Anika scenes are cute. Just see Anika’s expressions when she saw the chopper. Waiting for love interest of Rudra. Actually I dont want someone to see Om paired up with someone. It will not suit his character. I mean he doesnt believe in love and marriage, it will look unconvincing .

  13. Mukti.H

    Its lovely to watch shivay and anika together………
    Shivay really needs a girl like anika…

  14. Mukti.H

    Guys how many times anika’s slippers have to break..?

    1. Evn I’m thnkng d same

  15. their r more positive characters who support unity than negative

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