Ishqbaaz 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye gets bankrupt

Ishqbaaz 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra thanks Shivaye. Tej says I have no option than to enter from here. Tej enters the house. Anika calls out Shivaye and Rudra. Shivaye says we shall leave before I see Anika in my nightmares. Anika asks them to come, jeweller is waiting, they have to final the designs. Tej says I think Shivaye didn’t see Lily, I have to find out. Veer removes the fuse. Tej says my work will get easy now. Veer says Tej can get Lily by taking advantage of darkness. Gauri says there is light in neighborhood. Om goes to see. Gauri says Anika went to call Shivaye and Rudra. Tej asks Lily to get up. He deletes his number from his phone. He lifts her and takes. Om asks who is there, Mr. Oberoi…. Tej hides Lily. Om walks towards. Soumya stops him and says Dadi is calling you. Om says I felt someone is there, I m sure

its Rudra. Soumya says yes, he would be playing pranks. Rudra says I m here. Om says you were playing a prank on us by Tej’s voice.

Rudra says I didn’t, no one takes me seriously. Tej leaves Lily and goes to see the way. Rudra sees her and says Anika Bhabhi, I came to say sorry. Anika comes. He gets scared. She asks whom are you talking to. He says you. She says I m here. He says you were on chair. He sees the empty chair and says who was sitting on the chair. Shivaye checks the fuse box. Soumya gets hurt and goes ahead. She opens the door and looks outside. Tej hides Lily. Soumya goes. Shivaye puts the fuse back. Lights get on. They all laugh. Anika says we were roaming like spirits here. Om says Rudra was imitating Tej. Rudra says Anika played the prank. Shivaye sees the door open. He goes and steps back from the bracelet. He comes to everyone. He asks Soumya how did she get hurt. Rudra jokes. Shivaye asks her to rest. Shivaye and Anika talk. His phone drops. Someone picks the bracelet.

Veer says knowing passwords is not enough, we need Shivaye’s phone to get one time password. Lily says I will get it. Soumya comes and kicks her away. Tej gets shocked.

Rudra asks Anika why is she giving the things to Lord, she got it for Bhavya. Shivaye says this is called Chadava to Lord. Gauri says Ganesh is a symbol of new beginning and Laxmi maa is a symbol of prosperity. Rudra jokes. Soumya says what will she get the password, I got her password. Veer says don’t be shocked, she is also a soldier of our army. Soumya says don’t get confused, I m not Soumya’s duplicate, I m Soumya, if I didn’t get you, you would have got stuck. Tej says you are Rudra’s friend. She says I m his wife, you may have forgotten that Rudra and I got married, I have not forgotten it, I love Rudra. Anika asks what’s this. Shivaye says its our family’s good luck charm, Dadi says this is a coin of prosperity, when Dada ji earned profit, he bought this coin, then our family had much prosperity.

Soumya says I helped you because I need your help in return, I want to marry Rudra, just you can help me, our enemy is same, Shivaye, you lost your son and I lost my husband because of Shivaye, Rudra is marrying Bhavya, Shivaye knew about Rudra and my marriage, you will get your son back and I will get my husband by this plan, won’t you bless me Sasur ji. Veer says you both have a common goal and enemy, you should give her blessings. Tej says welcome to the team and welcome to the family.

Shivaye talks on phone and says start the legal formalities, insurance company is not settling the claim, I want the money, there is marriage happening, I need my funds. Anika asks is everything fine. He says yes. She says you said you need money. He says yes, there is marriage in the house. Soumya asks them to check fruits. Shivaye holds the basket and keeps his phone. Soumya says Khanna is busy in arrangements. Anika says we will final the menu, caterer is sitting outside. Some kids come and ask when will puja happen. Anika says in some time. The boy asks for selfie. Shivaye says my phone… Anika says we will get photo, take my phone. They take selfies. Soumya tries to take photo. Shivaye says join in selfie. Shivaye and Anika go. Kids take the phone and ask Soumya to catch them. They run. Jeweller Hasmukh comes and says I got this bill. Shivaye asks did you get card machine. Jeweller says people don’t buy as much jewellery for their daughter as you bought for your bahu. Shivaye says we don’t differentiate between daughter and bahu. He gives the card to jeweller. Tej says now payment will be done, our plan will flop. Veer says relax, Soumya knows what to do. Soumya asks kids to stop.

Anika asks Khanna where is Shivaye. He says Shivaye is outside with jeweller. Soumya thinks I have to get his phone before he does payment. Jeweller says its showing declined. Shivaye says try again. Jeweller says your card isn’t working. Shivaye says your machine may not be working, I will try. Anika comes to call him. He asks her to go, he will come. He thinks she will worry if there is payment issue. He asks her to get tea for Hasmukh. She goes. He says why is this happening. Jeweller says don’t mind, is there money in account.

Shivaye says server might be down, I will call and ask. Jeweller comes on his number. Khanna gets the phone and says it was in hall. Shivaye calls the bank and asks about the transaction. The man says your money is transferred to foreign account, it happened after you authenticated it via phone banking. Shivaye says I didn’t do any such transaction. Soumya smiles and says right, I have done it. She recalls asking kids to have candies. She takes phone from them and locks them. She does the transaction, and says Shivaye is bankrupt now. Hasmukh taunts Shivaye. Shivaye says its bank server issue, you will get your money. Hasmukh says you will get the jewellery when I get money. Shivaye says give me an hour time. Hasmukh says I will take my jewellery if I don’t get money in one hour. Shivaye says I have to arrange 25 lakhs in one hour, but how….

Shivaye holds Omru’s hands. He thinks no matter what happens, I won’t let my family’s respect get tarnished, this time you have to help me. Hasmukh calls out. Shivaye signs him to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    I dun know to say deariers…
    I never thaught soumya turns to be villain..
    She will b the last person i ever think ..the way she kicked the sofa i was shocked. Why she hates shivaye? She shld hv told thm she loves rudy. Why now ? Why must destroy shivaye? Fight 4 yr love why must ruin shivaye. Its all rudy & soumya fault not shivaye. He did ask both of them didnt he? They denied but wants her husband bck? Bakwaas…

    So TejVeerSoumya all after shivaye? Its ok u guys will b tasting yr own medicine.. shivaye wht happen to yr house security? Easily can enter? Woi jewellery man dun u dare talk in tht manner to shivaye..u get that..u better do keep ur mouth shut shivaye will pay u.

    So funny om ws there rudy ws there no one saw Tej…tht bangle ws just in front of u shivaye u didnt c…but soumya knows…

    Precap…shivaye got the money..thts great. Letz OMM kharthu TejVeerSoumya kho.
    Dil hua ishqbaaz
    Gd nite

    1. GPG…

      1. Pushpa

        Cant believe im 1st2 comment…well .great

    2. Nafi-Nahi

      ????? really pushpa di om’s part and Shivaay’s part I feel funny….But little sad that Soumya became villain really….I never thought that and each line if your is true….I am agree with you…Shivaay will show them their okaf???

      1. Pushpa

        Yes mere shivaye will OMM all

    3. Krishnaa

      Hi pushpa! Soumya doesnt hate shivaay but harneet hates soumya the most….they are making soumya a negative role for nothing. Firstly there was no need to exit her character, they again brought her back but without any special they r making her a villain just to bring more negativity in shivaay’s life. I dont see any valid reason for her to hate shivaay. If her character had to be shown as a villain,she could just have been jealous of rudra and bhavya and do things to separate them than avenging shivaay. Where did shivaay coke in her love story. She went abroad for studies voluntarily, she went after bhavya when she left voluntarily, now suddenly she is bkaming shivaay! Harneet is such a dumb writer. She can manage only one love story,not three love that case she should have told gul rather than writing illogical sequences.

      1. Krishnaa

        *come not coke

      2. Me too dear..there is no such valied reason behind somu anger towards shivaay..may be she can angry on rudy….
        But angry on just a lame reason..

      3. Pushpa


    4. Go Pu di Go.Congratulation on being first…..Yeah di,they all are behind Shivaay and to our horror Soumya got involved in Shivaay Destroying project.I am ok with this Soumya turning negative if this leads to Rumya marriage.I think it’s one of the strategies of makers to make us hate Soumya.If it’s true then we are doing what they are expecting us to do.We have fallen in their trap and are suffocating much to their amusements.Anyway,let’s hope for the best that Shivaay is going to make everything all right.Take care?

    5. ItsmePrabha

      Go Pushpa Go..

    6. Soumya is the third sister of Swetlana.

  2. Hiii mere khidkitod pagals…..
    CHAPTER 44..
    I seriously can’t understand whats going on???
    Ok they showed somu negative…but Gussa is on Shivaay?? Only bcoz of him once yiu entered in house after flight fight..and now you are blaming shivaay Like really..soumya..but this grey character is not
    suit her at all…
    Cvs kuch bacha ge barbad karne ke liye????i think Cvs wanta big fight on twitter or insta betwwn shivika and rumya..they are thinking that by showing these we wil accept rubhya…Cvs ye nahi hone wala..samjh lo…
    Tej…Giving ashirwad to somu..kassh itna t
    ab kar lete jab Somu bahu thi…
    I am sute if soumya wil claim rudy as her husband..Cvs will show logic that In under drunkenness if marriage happens then it will be not legal.( this is tule as per I know)…
    Aur koi baat main logic toh dete nahi isme jarror denge..
    Sry to say but i can’t see somu yarr one of the cutest girl of IB is negative…Why Cvs why???
    Do yiu want your show to be off air..
    I will never forgive you…now plz don’t make somu is obsessed with rudy..bcoz it is IB anything can happen i am.scared…
    And Shivaayp toh kangal hogaye..i am.just waiting aur kitne barbad hone ke baad aap.annika ke sath prbkm share karoge.
    Waiting for tomorrow…
    And my mood spoiled so no analysis..
    Byy ?????????…

    1. Arpu, I totally agree word for word with u..

      CVs r totally hell bent on ruining Sumo for if she married Rudy they don’t want fans to be happy over it .

      And if Ruvya happens no one will b happy as it is. Last two weeks with Bhavya TRP has totally dropped, even 1 small cute scene if Rikara couldn’t save it, because there was too much crapbaaz going on with Rikara.

      If sumo isn’t redeemed well..ppl will just quit IB. After ruining n turning Ani to a simpering idiot n Gauri to nothing meaty, they have turned our next beloved obahu to this..what’s the point in watching such idiotbaaz n negativebaaz..

      Apparently the CVs don’t know what is a win win situation, their current plot has loads better way of redeeming Saumya exiting Bhavya ruining Shivaay, but they always go for the lose lose n the most crappy plot possible filled with chock-full of shitty loopholes. N illogical character progress.

      Well bye bye to IB is relief in sight is there..all the mistakes of 1st year IB are in full sight now..and all the things that made one love IB is getting ruined.

    2. ItsmePrabha

      well Arpu there is a buzz going around that IB is going to off air along with some other shows of SP…

  3. Ruby_MarNy

    Finally, they made Soumya negative… But, still I’m not angry with her being negative… She still remember that she is Rudra’s wife… Go Soumya go…

    1. Hi hi hi

  4. Pui

    What is this guys…Somu in negative…no way !
    This is not fair.. Cvs, I will murder you and will have no regrets in going to jail ! ??????????????????
    First electricity part was a bit silly tbh ! ??
    Secondly, my blood was boiling so much that I could make tea on it when I saw Somya helping Butoxballi and Co. ?????
    Then when she said that she wanted Rudra…
    After that I freaked out!
    Seriously, that girl who was so bubbly and jolly in nature , the one who found her family in the Oberois, the one who loved Rudra , the one who treated Shivaay as her BADE BHAIYA, that same same girl is now intent on destroying them…..
    Cvs thoda toh sense lagate before changing Sumo’s character ????
    Now I can say that Soumya doesn’t love Rudra. She is damn obsessed with him ???
    And Soumya darling, how do you think your so called love Rudra will feel after he comes to know that his best friend tried to harm his love life and more than that tried to harm his Superman, his Shivaay bhaiya! Man, plz go and get a brain for urself ?????
    Cvs, grow up! I knew there cannot be IB and logic together but aaj toh hadh hi ho gayi hai ?????

    Feeling very bad for Shivaay. Bina galati ke bechara bankrupt ho gaya. I cant see him like this. Dont worry, things will get fine soon. ???
    I didnt really like Shivaay and the financial problems track…hope they figure it out soon.
    I would like to see the rich Obros now living like normal class people and since Anika and Gauri are used to that lifestyle, they can help out their husbands in that…..with a lot of cuteness and a moral also ❤❤❤
    But I know aisa nahi hoga ???
    Oberos should have a taste of this medicine also. It will definitely strengthen their bonds more….????
    I woundnt like to write any more as I m pissed off with Soumya’s new track and if i do write more then i will end up breaking my phone like Shivaay does!
    Usse yaad aaya, now that Shivaay is bankrupt, I wont see him breaking his phone for quite a long time ????
    I ll take ur leave with a lot of unexpressed angry emotions…
    Good night guys.

    1. Nafi-Nahi

      ????You are right…But,that time I had phone in my hand actually after the vanvass track in anger I always keep mingling with my phone and when comes some important part I keep it side and watch ishqbaaz but never missed it…forget that so I was holding my phone then came Soumya is villain really…I just make my phone flying in the sky but thank god there was my bed beside me and it fall on there…nahito today I was gonna dead and yeah the last thing you told was hillarious?? And yeah guys welcome me…I don’t know after a long time I can logged in and commented yeppi…I think my watty pkj family will understand why I am happy

      1. Isssshhh.Nafi , control your anger my dear..otherwise phone will be break by you..then how will you comment here..?????

      2. Pui

        Oooshh ! Thank God it landed on the bed…
        Else u wouldnt be able to comment hhere anymore conveniently ????
        Anyway, hi how are u ?
        Thank u for liking the last lines ???

    2. I won’t see him breaking phone for a long time..???.Pui dear..nice comment
      You reomind me a pagal of our pkj BELA… i am quite missing her….

      1. Pui

        Hi Di ??
        Thank u for liking my comment ??
        I hope I can fill ker kami for u ???
        No more phone breaking scenes for us now…??

    3. ItsmePrabha

      hai Pui…i am fine…How about you??about breaking phones..did you observe 31st jan epi mein jab billu ki haath se phone gir gaye tho woh phirse uthake use kar raha tha..lagtha hai usko ab yeh ehsaas ho raha hai ki yeh phone todne ki aadath uspe bhaari padnewala hai..

      1. Pui

        Hi Di ! ??
        I m also becoming fine…Just viral weakness is there…fever is almost gone ??
        Yeah I also noticed it…
        He started saving his money that moment itself ?????
        Bahut bhaari padegi ???

  5. Omg.who needs enemies with family like that

  6. Love,sometimes you make me wonder are you really there or some illusion that someone claims you exist and others never find,which one to believe?You reside and born in human heart the highest example of paradox of this wide world as well as the most unpredictable substance.People tend to believe you and your magical nature.You too have different faces and work silently without any knowledge of your existence.Can you tell me,why you turn negative when situation force you?Are you really driven by self interest and selfishness?You are supposed to give freedom that person who invites you inside his or her heart.Instead of doing that you are pushing someone in the path of destruction absolutely opposite of your nature which is true by the way.

    1. I don’t want to believe that love can alter and be decisive.Today I understand that true love is not only a rosy aspect but another name of acid test.In that test hearts burn and destruction follows immediately.Then heaven becomes hell,vice versa.Both are true to their nature.Tell me one thing,which one to follow,destruction or creation?Personal choices perhaps your answer.Are you not supposed to be neutral?Why are you becoming judgmental and partial here?Perhaps you are that mystery which can never be solved by humans.Sometimes a very known answer becomes very difficult question………….

      1. Pui

        Wow dear ! So much of philosophy….
        I m sorry I didnt get it ???
        Anyway, whatever u wrote was worth a read and u always write awsm things…
        Way to go sissy !

      2. Pui dear,
        I have written about the one sided blind impulses and emotions of love.Love is neutral like God is and it shouldn’t have any partially towards anything or anyone.But Soumya and her love has become judgmental and blind because of personal choice that Shivaay did injustice to her as well as Rudra indirectly.She and her love is only seeking the method of capturing Rudra by hook or by crook but love does not believe in any imprisonment but freedom,be it anything.I am talking about the negative aspects of love which is the other side of the same coin.

      3. And thank you so very much for the compliment dear.Sorry I made you feel inconvenient.Love you a lot.Take care?

      4. Sorry it’s partiality not partially……This autocorrect is another headache???

      5. Take a bow from me Luthfa dear…you nailed it..

      6. Pui

        Dear seriously you ve got a very good imaginative power that you can think and write these things….its something that I can never think of as I never see things from that angle..
        Well done yaar ?????
        Autocorrect ek aisi chiraiya hai jissne sabki dimaag ki dahi kar di hai and bahut raite bhi failaye hai ???

      7. Pui,
        You are so sweet.Thank you so much.I just write what I feel dear.There is nothing special in it.If you try,you can write the way you like.Though your writing style is also awesome as you can bring smile on our lips.You are doing better than me.Carry on.We all are with you.God bless you?

      8. Awwwwwwwww……Thank you so very much Arpita darling.You all shower so much love on me though I have some doubt that whether I am eligible for it or not.Anyway,thank you once again for your love.Love you.Take care?

    2. ItsmePrabha

      Amazingly awesome take on love Luthfa darling..’Sometimes a very known answer becomes very difficult question’ true..Love you..God bless you..Take care..

      1. Awwwww…..Thank you so much Prabha Sweetheart.Love you a lot.God bless you?

  7. somu negative ….. not good ….. but oberios ki saadi normal toh hoti nahi hai ……. har saadi nafarat ke base pe hi hoti hai ….. shiv hate ani they r married om hate ri they r married same way somu hate rudra means they will also get married ….wow this thought give me good feeling ……. kaash somu aur rudy ki saadi ho nafarat ke saath hi sahi …. iss trsck ka end rumya ke wedding ke saath hi hona chaiye….. saadi ke baad jitni ladai karni ho karna no problem from our side (means audience side) cross finger for good end …. agar somu ka end obsessed lover ki tarah kiya na toh cvs ki omm kar dege

    1. My dear.aapki muh main ghee sakar….hope aisa hi hojaye…i also want end game as rumya…

  8. Hi guys,

    I just stopped watching this track.. I’m just reading this telly updates and the comments of you guys.. Especially Luthfa..
    Coming to IB
    It’s full of negativity.. They are trying to make us hate sumo.. Our cute sumo and IB lost their charmness.. Just hate this track more than shivika separation.. TRP of IB is 1.4.. If they continue this idiotic and illogical track.. TRP will go bad than this.. I’m a shivika fan.. But I feel sorry for Rikara and Ruvya fans.. There is no story for these couples..
    I still didn’t understand why Sumo hate shivaay and joined tejveerlana gang.. If she have problem with Rudy she should fight back for her right.. Cv’s please think before you write anything.. Don’t forget shivika is the one who asked about their thinking about their so called wedding that time she kept quiet and now what happened to her.. Moreover, he is the one who took her back to Oberoi mansion after Rumya fight..
    They are simply dragging this track like chewing gum..
    Previously I was mad of IB.. Now I hate to the core.. While watching so much negativity feel like breaking the mobile in shivaay’s style..

    1. My dear..nafratbaazi is not good for health..
      Aap aab hamari show se nafrat karte ho..sun ke bura laga ????…i wish aapko fir se IB se pyarr hojaye………

    2. Kadhambari,
      You are right dear.Present track is doing everyone’s OMM big time.Makers are playing with our emotions like anything.Don’t be sad dear.It’s only a fictional show.We shouldn’t get hyped because of it.And thank you so much for your love dear for my writings.Your love is priceless.I am honoured.Take care.Love you?

  9. Riana

    First my reaction seeing soumya was : ???…
    Jiska dar tha vahi hua…they finally made soumya negative…
    But later, when she said I AM HIS WIFE, I LOVE RUDRA & WILL MARRY HIM..
    I SMIRKED literary ??…
    I dont care whether anything Ruvya !!…
    Soumya met with the injustice…
    I just want RUDRA to accept SOMU as her wife again !!…NOT AT BHAVYA !!! ?
    #WEWANTRUMYA !!! ?
    ALONGWITH i also want SHIVAAY to repent his mistake and to ACCEPT RUMYA’S MARRIAGE NOT RUVYA’S ….
    I got mad lol…not so much inside the tv but my emotions suddenly woke up seeing today’s episode…
    I am loving this #-SOMU ?

    1. Riana dear..we too want Rumya.( no offence to Rubhya fans)….but this -ve somu…???how will i handle it???

      1. Riana

        Arpita…I think Soumya has not turn -ve…she is just grey shade though i want this track to end on a positive note…i dont know whats next…but something interest is gonna happen soon…?

  10. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… I skipped today’s episode… Just read the update… Only come here to see luthfa dear writing and arpu dear analysis….
    Soumya negative nowonder…. It is the last trick is left in the cvs hands…
    What is next cvs… Please go on and spoil our hearts and adorable characters…..

    1. Niki dear..i am are in PKJ..but no analysis…mood hi off hogaye mera…sumo ke dekh ke..btw you like my comments..sun ke accha laga..

    2. Nikita,
      We are sailing in the same boat dear.Cvs love to play with our emotional side.You plz don’t be sad.It’s only a fictional show.But I know the feelings yaar.Dil hain ke manta nahi…….???
      You are so sweet dear.Thank you so much for your valuable love for my writings.I am touched.Take care.Love you?

  11. Well, it’s not love. It’s called infatuation. Had she loved him like Anika and gauri, she would have let him go. She thinks of her happiness only. She will never get her husband back in harming Shivaay. She would rather lose Rudy forever. I understand the pain she has gone through. But the person she is harming to has made her a part of family. How could she even think of destroying him? It was her fault as well. Had she told Shivaay her feeling, Shivaay would definitely find a solution for it. He would make Rudy understand the importance of marriage. Like how gauri had told Shivaay about her feeling and how he sorted out everything between them. Even saumya knows her bade Bhaiya has a big heart. He intentionally never hurts anyone. I feel bad for saumya for her villain’s character. Today’s episode made me go berserk. But this great Wall of sso will surely find a way to all difficulties he is going through.

    1. This the fact my dear…..sumo’s anger on shivaay is not justified at all….
      She was my most fev character after anni..but now i am losung interest on her..Cvs plz end this game or better you start #shivika ki nayi suruwat..

    2. Soumya is the sister of Swetlana,remember she had said one that” We three sisters will destory the Oberoi’s.

  12. MAHIRA

    I won’t be long… two points:
    1- Saumya: negative, ok it’s not the problem, be it for her love, be it being the 3rd Kapoor sister… all this was acceptable since she’s back with a negative brand, BUT WHY SHIVAAY!!!!!??? like what the hell is that about? Shivaaydid injustice…. SERIOUSLY!!?? he just did as he did with Gauri brought the two of them together and gave his brothers the occasion to sort things out, Saumya was too much low self esteemed that she couldn’t impose herself!!! why blaming Shivaay… at least be angry at the man who forgot you….
    This is the silliest reason Cv could give!!!! I’m fed up with this nonsense!
    2- Tej… Tej today made some confusion rise in my mind and heart… his real shock seeing Saumya and his looooong reflexion before reacting… he was just like “Oh God even you, you’re an enemy!?”
    I felt Tej is really involved in a huge plan with Shivaay and his sons against the rest of the world and Saumya appearing as negative confused him to how to react… just like the all of us!
    @ Luthfa: thanks dear, I just hope that Shivaay will never be separated from his brothers, because at this point of things, he’ll break down
    @ Arpita: i know dear that it’s the greatest wish of everyone that Shivaay learns to share his problems with Annika and he’ll do it one day… maybe on the main last track ending his transformation from SSO to Shivaay the lover… he took eternity to only express that he loves her, he just doesn’t know how to share, he never did before … but I’m sure that one day, without she asks, he’ll just sit with her and say it all in one go…

    1. Mahira dear…i just hope so…
      But i am missing something in IB now a days…
      May be bcoz of too much negetivity……i just can’t handle it…

  13. Good Saumya is in negative role, Rudra is an idiot guy he left good looking Saumya and got Bhavya neither she looks good and she is older than him, what a pea brain. Saumya doing good job for getting ur hubby. Bcos of all this crap this serial is not in top 20 in trp rating.

    1. Lara dear..i think we should stop thinking about i am lose my hope that trp will.increase….??

  14. Hai friends due to practical examinations i could not comment ……pray for me guys…..????????……

  15. I am not trying to justify Soumya.I just want to know the the nature of rudra.He never felt guilty for dumping a girl whom he got married and he had some feelings for her when Reyna proposed her and romancing with on the stairs.Now he want to marry another gir bcos he likes her.Will he do the same to bhavya when he happens to meet another girl?Soumya has all the right to sue this selfish fellow since they have not yet divorced and their marriage footage was telecasted in the Tv .Shivay and Om never cheated their wives even their marriages are accidental.I strongly back Soumya that she gets back her rigjt

  16. A wife is trying to get back her husband and she is set to destroy everything for that.Somehow she is right in her claming but is it justified?A relationship which was despised by her better half and she kept noding her head in agree burying her womanly emotion inside suddenly reminded that she fell in love with her unwillingly became husband!Now that love is telling her to get back what is rightfully hers.Once upon a time one Romi Devi tried to get Rudra by force but failed because of the present claimer,Soumya.How ironical!

    1. The one who never wanted to assert her rights on her legal husband is trying to snatch that right which is now belongs to someone else’s.How this humam heart works is a seventh wonder.The very thing we want to avoid or forget as much as possible,it becomes more difficult with every passing second as heart loves to play games with its own emotions and feelings.Go heart Go.Lose or Win doesn’t matter but only matter your subborness of not leaving anyone to hurt in this process of settling score…………

      1. your stubbornness….

    2. ItsmePrabha

      Wonderful take on present situation..

      1. Thank you soooooooooo…..much Prabha Sweetheart.Love you?

  17. Hlw…… My gpkj family……
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