Ishqbaaz 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I have thousand reasons to cry, am I crying, no, can you think its tough situation in my life, I have to choose one out of two imp women of my life, one side is my mum and other side is my….. Dadi says Billu, many problems will come in life journey, if life partner is there, journey gets easy, I know you both will manage everything and will become big Ishqbaaz. She joins their hands. Some time before, Pinky says you people crossed limits, I said same thing, you did not listen, where did Shivaye go. Om says I don’t know, he had to go somewhere. She says you did not ask and let him go, you forgot he is injured and should rest, you show you worry for him, did you let him go in this state. He says he has imp work. She asks what was that imp work which only Shivaye could do, where did

he go, I think you have sent him to move him off your way. Dadi asks what nonsense are you saying, like you use tongue, use your mind.

Pinky says they are after my son, they can’t see his prosperity. Tej says Shakti, your wife’s drama will go on, I have to go for work, I will leave. Pinky says I think Tej has done this, if he could not do anything, he made his son get after my son. Tej and Pinky argue. She shouts on Tej and Om. Jhanvi says Om, I told you many times not to interfere in Shivaye’s life, if you know it, why don’t you say where did Shivaye go. Om says Shivaye has gone where his happiness is, we all know his happiness is with Anika. Pinky says I make him away from Anika again and again, and you guys get her back, my Shivaye is very innocent, he does not understand, I understand you all are doing, let Shivaye come, I will tell your truth to him. Shivaye comes and asks what do you have to say mom. Pinky says Shivaye you have come, I…. She stops and gets shocked seeing Anika stepping in. Rudra walks in.

Pinky says Shivaye, why is Anika here. He says Anika lives here and she will live here. Pinky cries and asks why did you get this girl here. He says I just told you, this is Anika’s house too, she will stay here, no need to worry. He asks Anika to come. Anika recalls her promise to Pinky and does not move. Shivaye goes back and holds her hand. Pinky stops him. She says this girl can’t stay in this house. Shivaye makes Pinky’s hand down. He says Anika will stay here. Pinky holds him.

She says you are not listening to me for this girl, that mum who kept you in womb for nine months, raised you, some days old relation got bigger than years old relation, my Shivaye….. She laughs and says I don’t get tired saying my Shivaye, I did not know when did you become stranger. Shivaye says no mom. She says you are not mine now. He says don’t say this, its not true. She says you were my pride, you broke my pride yourself.

He says you know I love you, whatever I m today is because of you mom. Pinky says there is nothing like that, in past few days, you made me realize my real place in this house. He says problem is so much happened in past few days, we all got emotionally, mentally and physically drained out, you are reacting this way as you are stressed out, you also know whatever happened with me, its not Anika’s mistake, we all need rest, especially you need rest, I know since I got shot, you did not sleep for even a minute. He hugs Pinky. Pinky cries. He says I will make everything fine. He holds Anika’s hand and takes her. Pinky cries.

Tej taunts Pinky and says you felt my sons and I are pushing Shivaye to Anika, but the truth is Shivaye can’t live without Anika, I know you are very possessive about Shivaye, try to understand he has grown up, he is married, his priorities changed, he can’t be tied to mother’s pallu all life, I m feeling so bad, this is life. She gets angry. He says to be true, I pity you, your life has nothing except Shivaye, now he has become someone else’s, what to do, sad, I feel sad for you. He goes. Pinky cries.

Shiaye tries wearing kurta. Anika goes to help. He asks what are you doing. She says I m helping you. He asks did I ask your help. She cries and says its my mistake, bahus are those who join broken house, and here house and relations are breaking because of me. He asks will you stop it, what happened. He feels ache. She asks is it aching a lot, I m sorry. He says stop saying sorry, why are you crying. She says I m not crying. He asks is these happiness tears. She says I m not crying. He says I can see these big tears.

She says maybe your Kanji eyes got bad. He says stop crying, you know I can’t see you crying, what’s your problem, I have thousand reasons to cry, am I crying, no, can you think its tough situation in my life, I have to choose one out of two imp women of my life, one side is my mum and other side is my.. She asks other side….? He says I told you, you are my responsibility. She says you told me, Zimmedaari right. He says yes you are my responsibility. She asks did you get bullet shot for responsibility. He says yes, because I don’t step back from doing my responsibilities. She smiles. Rudra comes and says soup time, how are you now, is it paining. Shivaye says I m fine. Dadi asks Anika are you fine. Anika wipes tears and asks Dadi me? Rudra says Dadi, Shivaye have got shot.

Dadi says I know, Shivaye got hurt but Anika is feeling the pain. Shivaye sees Anika. Dadi says husband and wife’s relation is such, one’s pain flows from other’s eyes. Rudra and Soumya see each other. Om looks on. Dadi says people think love happens before marriage, then it ends after marriage, real love starts after marriage, person is incomplete before marriage. Rudra says and finished after marriage. Soumya smiles. Dadi says shut up, Om what do you think about Ishqbaazi. Om does shayari, saying Ishqbaazi is necessary to stay together all life. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Dadi says lifelong togetherness means marriage, meeting someone, friendship, marriage is easy, tough is to keep marriage.

Dadi says relation’s time is of person’s age, then relation ends with person’s end, but Ishqbaazi after marriage is that relation, that breath breaks, but relation does not breaks, marriage is a start of this journey, person falls in love, but after marriage, love lifts the fallen man, what do you say Billu. Om says Shivaye, where are you lost. Dadi laughs and says I think Billu is getting affected by my words.

Shivaye says Ishqbaazi is just talk, I don’t believe it. Dadi says always remember, Ishqbaazi does not happen where there is just talk, and where Ishqbaazi happens, there is no need of talks/words, life journey will have many problems, if life partner is along, journey gets easy. She joins their hands and asks them never to leave their hands and support. Rudra sees Soumya and gets away. Om asks what happened. Rudra says Dadi is talking much senti, I can’t handle. Dadi says you will like this senti talk when you love someone. Om smiles. Dadi says after marriage, biggest test is, whom should a man choose, love or family, mother or wife, remember one thing, son should not forget he is a husband too, and husband should not forget he is a son too. Anika looks at Shivaye.

Dadi says you also remember, Ishqbaazi happens with one and relation joins with entire family, I know you both will manage everything and will become big Ishqbaaz. Rudra says Dadi, lets talk something else. Dadi asks why, are you scared of Ishqbaazi. Rudra says no, why will I be scared, Ishqbaazi will go on of Billu and Billu. Shivaye and Om look at him. Rudra says I read in hindi class, Mama-Mami, Chacha-Chachi, Billu-Billi… leave this, I will not miss this moment, Obros moment. Dadi says its been long time. Rudra asks Om to come. He says sorry Soumya, you can’t become part of this moment. Om asks why. Rudra says she is not Oberoi. Soumya and Rudra recall their marriage. Om says I regard her sister, so she has become almost Oberoi, come Soumya. They all say Dil Bole Oberoi.

Rudra says dad gave you his word, that his son will marry your daughter, Rudra Singh Oberoi is ready to marry your daughter Sonia. Soumya recalls their marriage. Shivaye and everyone look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is it only me or did anika realise that billu has feelings for her but is hiding it?

    P.S. gud news is writer of ishqbaaz has confirmed that all characters will be there in both ishqbaaz as well as in dbo(i.e. omru sou) …so guess only difference is the importance given to characters

  2. Shiv

    1) i liked tej reply to pinky?
    2) dadi is really a great love guru n relationship advisor ?
    3) obros with anika always lovable.
    4) nowadays I am getting irritated more for pinky ?than rotilana?
    5) anika sweetu as always looked gorgeous with shivaay
    6) too much negativity nowadays happy moments are getting shrinken day by day
    7) too much of arguement , kk debate, cry

  3. Nice episode. but precap why rudra is taking this decision?????

  4. Samm

    thanks for the quick update 🙂
    sounds like today’s story was full of ishqbaazi talk! 😀
    poor shivaay! and i’m beginning to hate tej and pinky! they’re the worst and the weakest links of the Oberoi family. waiting for the next already! 😀

  5. I was felling this from many days tht shivomru say tht they will fight each situation together n share problems but i never see dem sharing it. They dnt tell each other becoz the other will get worried. But if thy discuss it they can sort it out and even trap nafratbaaz. Anika is also smart n she can connect all the problem’s link. I want to see dem all shivaye rudra anika soumya om fighting all odds TOGETHER. It wud b fun. N shivaye shud tell om d truth becoz if he learns it frm some1 else he will b deeply hurt ..but if his bro will handle it there will b no ups n downs as we all knw ntng is gonna change between dem even if tht truth comes out. Their relation wont spoil .
    Bdw till now i was a silent reader but today i thought to share my views . Hii every1 ♡

  6. First to comment

  7. Shakaib

    Episode was so nice today…. Love it …. Hi nafisa, Samsun and others….. Rudra’s words were so funny, billu-billi….thank god, we got saved from tia..universe don’t want to show her….lol… I hope roumya’s marriage truth come out soon to Anika.

  8. Oh god now i cant handle this.there are so many unsolved mistries aur inhe ishqbaazi ki padi hai.
    Manna padega yeh pehla serial maine dekha hai jo plot ko sideline kar romance ka graph girne nahi dete.???
    Whoever is creating is story ‘hats off to ya’.god i just love nakul.he is ssooooooo….adorable and classy.i wish ki mera future husband bilkul waisa hi ho.????????LOVE U NAKUL?

  9. First comment ? what is happening to ishqbaaz????

  10. Acha tha epsiode lekin jo rudr kene jaa rhaa ha vo glt h somu ka kya ho ga pr fir bhi shivaay aur annika sab thik kr denke

  11. Wow so fast update

  12. Soo exciting for DDO
    And Dadi is Soo cute and Rudy special word that billu &billi Soo cute
    Today epd is Soo emotional yar that pinki is Soo iterating yar

  13. Pinky is such a muhphat..does she not know om rudra since childhood. Tej gave it rightly back.. Now tia n pinky will make anikas life hell. Why is no one asking why tia or her mom dint bother to visit Shivaye?PS.. Anika needs a bath..some fresh clothes.. Dadi do ur ishqbaazi later!!!

    1. Sejal
      Anika needs a bath and some fresh clothes…LOL….and a hairdo also!! 😀 😀 😀

    2. Hahaha…..Sejal ….Awesome yaar …what a shot… Pls send these lines to IB team.

  14. Hmmmm…..episode as expected!! Pinky aunty’s performance and Shivika scene!! But I think today’s special mention goes to Rumya…..Rudy is also trying to act like SSO!!
    Loved the part where Om said Soumya is almost Oberoi…..can’t wait to see AniSou with the Obros and their Obros moment!! When is Rudy’s marriage going to happen guys??

    Dadi has explained Ishqbaazi very well….but no use Dadi….your Billu is not going to accept all those facts that easily…..Stupid Singh Oberoi…..responsibility bolne main bhi itni dikkat hoti hain!!

  15. They haven’t been able to trace d shooter…no cops.. N what is oberoi mansion CCTV for?… Track down d shooter n get to culprits.. Once pinky knows Tia’s truth..she’ll have no PLC to hide her face. What a big mouth..she comes frm a low class family herself doesn’t she? N that’s how she treats anika..

  16. Vooo god anika is again plot by naftarbaaz sisters it would happen on rude Roka happening day but roka had cancelled because the rude and sumo marriage truth had come out in news tej blames anika don’t worry shivay take anika side
    I hope tia ka sach Sabkai samnai ajai Aur sooo sad that janavi attempt suicide by tej behavior towards her??????
    I hope aya ronadhona jaldi band hojai
    Purana call Ishqbaaz vapasajaya

    1. Hey sam janvi ne suicide karna hy???????????can any one tell me

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Very nice episode. Thanks Amena di for fast update. In today’s episode,Shivaay(nakuul) just nailed it… I liked his conversation with Anika. Pinky! open your eyes, even Tej also knows that Shivaay can’t live without Anika….but why you didn’t accept it??? Precap….!!! Feels bad for Rumya… Rudra you are really hurting Soumya..!

    Can’t believe that almost an episode is dedicated to her Thandav. Best was Omkara n Soumyas expression during that as if listening to a boring lecture n was smiling only when Shivika entered like the bell rang for the hour. This episode was real drag. Why is the story not moving? First Pinkys lecture n then Dadi’s. And thanx Tej for your contribution in poisoning Pinky. But ve to say I love the BG music when Tej is shown.

    Shivika scenes were good but not amazing. Shivay, its not just u, even v cannot see Annika cry. Plz CVs don’t do this.

    P.S.- Soumyas dress was so cute. Neha lost weight I think.

    1. Pinky mom has gone out of control Lax…..I don’t understand even when she knows that OmRu will not do anything to hurt or harm Shivaye, why does she end up imagining that they are doing it only for the sake of getting rid of Shivaye from their path to being Oberoi successor?? Doubting Tej on that basis is justifiable….but doubting OmRu for the same…not fair!! The makers are trying to give all negative shades to Pinky!! Ek Tia ki mom kaafi nahin thi kya??

      On the other side, I wonder why is Janvi quiet nowadays?? Earlier she used to stop Pinky or atleast justify the actions of OmRu and Shivaye….in the previous episodes she is only scolding OmRu for interfering in Shivaye’s life!! That is very much unlike Janvi na? Somehow, I have this strong feeling that Janvi’s change is after Pinky’s reaction at hospital….there is something mysterious to it!!

      1. Liji
        I think Jhanvi is done with all the drama. Her focus is her life which is on rocks. She has no energy to interfere in these things now. Plus Mreenal is taking a vacation it seems. So we won’t b seeing her in the show for sometime. That’s y this suicide drama I guess.

    2. I also think that she has lost weight ????????

  19. Mouni

    thanks for the update , not many things happend today , it was rich emotionally , sso knows he loves anika , he is considering her to be his wife but he does not have the courage to say it out loud , that’s why he calls her “his responsibility” and anika is accepting this as she thinks that he can never love or accept her and that he signed divorce papers but dadi can see clearly what they are feeling for each other and hopefully sso will have the courage to shock us all and confess his love
    pinky is jealous of anika bcz she saw how sso is making a big place for anika in his heart and life , she knows that her son is deeply in love with anika as everyone in the OM knows that’s why tej provoked her , when he had relation with tia she was happy bcz she knew that tia can never have an influence in his life but with anika things are totally different from the day they met she made a place for her in his heart
    anyway the next episodes will be full drama with the exposure of rumya’s marriage and they blame anika also it seems janvi will try suicide so it seems tia and her sisters will go no where anytime soon but am curious how rumya’s relationship will go ?? dadi will do to them the same as shivika
    ps ; lax dear it seems that writer of IB has confirmed that all characters will be there in both IB as well as in DBO

    1. Mouni…all characters in IB plus new characters like Rahul Dev and one lady character….not sure if it is Sushmita Mukherjee. I just hope DBO will only concentrate on OmRu lovestories instead of creating new mysteries….can’t handle all of them!!

      1. Liji
        Yes they say Sushmita Mukherjee ll play a negative role in DBO. Dadi’s sister she is . Donno how true it is ? Rahul Dev has shared a photo from the set in Insta n seems like he is sitting in some creepy place.

    2. Mouni dear..!!
      You ve beautifully put Shivikas n Pinkys feelings ??
      You are expecting Shivay to give us a shock by confessing his feelings first, but I hope he does not give us shock by saying ‘no’ when Annika confesses her feelings.?? Shivay cannot b trusted fully.
      And yes I read writers tweet reply that says everybody ll b in both the shows.

      1. Mouni

        yep lax we will have our show for 1 h yayyyy , its like eating your favorite cake and favorite ice cream without worrying about getting fat or sick , l love it lol
        ohh plz with sso anything is possible but am hoping as l saw in DBO promo that he is the one flirting with her and she looked shy so lets hope guys

  20. I’m badly missing those beautiful days at the beginning with bromance, shivika fights , happiness. …….and now all we have is negatively. before, nafratbaaz had the duty of killing viewers daily and now pinky also joined in killing us. how many raazss are there which are still hidden . expose that Tia at least please gk mam and creatives. don’t know y they r making this pinky’s character this dumb. and one thing, in ib mostly all the villain characters are ladies ….. pinky is a typical saas now & our poor anika .thank God that shivaay, omru is there to support her. but don’t know if after that rumya mrg video leak issue , bromance will have to face any clashes or not. hope nothing like that happens..

  21. can anyone fill me in on rudra/soumya? they keep mentioning they are married. does the family or shivaye know?

  22. what happened to ib now soo dragging it used to move so fast but now all the viewers r praying and waiting for Tia to be exposed but cvs are not even interested in our feeling .???? please accept our request.

  23. Guys and girls please help. I missed something. How did Shivaay convince Anika to go home with him?

    1. he just talked to her..nothing really. she agreed to go back but not willingly because of her promise to pinky. she still feesl shes coming between mother and son but shivay told her shes his responsibility as well

  24. indera sanichara

    Dadi you and Shaviya were fantastic your words were killing Rudra with guilt. Love today’s ephoside.

  25. Dadi’s dialogue was super for pinky ” use your brain like you use your tongue” ! Makers please don’t make anika cry and also stop insulting. If she is not rich it doesn’t mean you insult her. Here go again another drama about marriage. Why can’t they show drama about exposing nafratbaaz. It feels like it’s same story as shvika.

  26. Makers don’t know how to expose three musketeers and mrs. Kapoor but they know how to create villains.

    1. I agree with u … They just dragging too much. Until now one has clue Tia also behind this including sivajee the most.. He saying he trust but not willing to believe her word.?

  27. Archiya

    I did not understand how Anika came with Shivay, as yest she had said no to him, so where is that convincing part. Loved the shot when Shivay entered, he looked so handsome.
    Pinky an Shivay convo was so emotional, Shivay hugged his mom an caught Anika hand at the same time, signifying both are equally important. In fact he said it also, the two most imp women of his life. His heart has already excepted Anika as his wife, his duffer brain is not accepting an so he is again running away
    I totally liked it Wen Anika asked “will you take bullet for responsibility”
    Did Tej actually taunt pinky or made her understand,but I wonder why pinky is not seeing something which everyone else is seeing.
    Dadi lecture took the last 10 minutes, buts it’s of no use it must have surely gone above SSO head, it touched Shivay heart though
    They are simply dragging it again, are they not going to investigate as to who shot the bullet

    1. Yep….and we fans were expecting that they would find the shooter from Rudy’s video recordings and thereby Tia and Mrs. Kapoor will be exposed!! Instead they are introducing new problems like Rudy’s marriage with Chadha’s daughter, and Anika being trapped again for Rumya’s video leakage!! Even Shakti and Pinky is not bothered to find out how Shivaye got shot. And no police investigation?? Maybe like Oberois even the police are used to such incidents in all Oberoi functions.

      1. Archiya

        Lolzzz Lijince
        True no one is interested to find the shooter.. I thought as soon as Shivay is out he will find the shooter.. Bt the story is gng in some other direction only

    2. Archu..!!
      Why did u change the DP man?? The last one was so good.?
      And yes I really wanted to know how Shivay convinced Annika to change her pakka iraada of not returning to the masion. I guess writers did not ve any solid reason for it so they skipped it.

      1. Archiya

        Lax dear,
        What to do, shivika relation keeps upgrading and downgrading.. Same happens with my dp ???
        So conveniently writers skip things?poor we

    3. Yes im agree with all of u guyz….even i too thouhgt after distcharging from hospital sso will try to find out who is that shooter….but including sso no one is bothering about this….stupid cvs…
      This oberois are mad….already shivika tej jhanvi marriage is in proboem….now they where behind rudys marriage….first they should seccure their married life…
      And about pinky moms….i really wish she should get punished by tia….then she will learn…and cvs ruening pinkys charcter totally…
      And more funny is this tej and pinkys conversations….they always taunts each others like sauthans…
      And about jhanvis behavoir i think there is something secret in her life which she dnt want her childrens gets to know…
      Dntknow whats this cvs are doing….

  28. Fine epi although they didn’t show how shivaay convinced ani to come back….and ugh this pinky….why doesn’t she lose her voice somewhere she shouts so loudly I have to mute the TV during her scenes. Shivika’s convo looked somewhat sweet to me although I dunno what has happened to ani yaar…she just keeps crying and apologising . Earlier she used to rarely cry and that too in front of Sahil only but nowadays she keeps crying for the smallest of reasons. I am unable to see the takkar between her and sso now.

  29. Anyways what i liked in yestedays episode is daadis lecturing about ishqbaazi….i know its long one…nut i like it
    And tej gave right answer to pinky…..even tej knows that shivaye cnt live without anika…..even pinky also knows that shibayes happiness is in anika but she is not accepting it…
    But now im sure this pinky will become more dangerous for anika..
    And why always this pinky accuses omru….stupid lady. Not only pinky but tej jhanvi pinky…all three are little selfish….i know parents becomes selfish for their childs….but this to much….
    Hope shiomru wont get effected by their parebts politics..
    And shivika scenes also good…again this shivaye is sayinh anika is my rrsponsibility…insted of saying my wife….this billu wont change…
    And rumya… Saumya looked cute in yesterdays dress….and this rudy is becoming mini version of shivaye….rudy also wont accept saumya thats easily i think…
    And i think after jhanvis suecide attemp omkaras thoght about ishqbaaz will change….
    Precape….ohhhh rudy what u are doing man…
    Note: thanks to lax and ligence for solving my doubt about anikas skirt in yesterdats page…

    1. Shahabana dear tumhe kya lagtha hai.rumya ki love story shivika ki jaise hogi kya.rudy thoda shivay ban raha hai tho mujhe aisa lagtha hai.

      Guys,yaha pe kithni log gul khan ki show se dekhe hai.IPKKND pe arshi ki story tho mujhe bhi patha hai.shivika ki story bhi thoda unki tarah hai.Qubool Hai main asya(Asad+zoya)ka story bhi I know.two show pe main lead rich and female lead orphan hai.i think baaki jithni gul ki show he uss main bhi aisa hoga.thow kya saari show ki love story main kuch different hai ya.asya,arshi,shivika ki jaise same love storys hai ya different hai.agar same hai tho okay.lekin IB main agar rudr aur omkara ki shivika ki jaise love story hogi tho maza kaha hai yaar.i know DBO start hone wala hai.phir bhi three bros same love story follow kare tho kya maza aayengi.kam se kam rumya ko tho nahi.rudy rudy rahe tho acha hai.shivay bane tho acha nahi agar shivay bane tho ok.but not rudy yaar.we hope ki ye log hame upset na kare.kuch different ho jaye love story pe.

    2. Hey Shabs..!!
      No need to say Thanx..!!
      Today TRP ll b known. Hope it’s better than last time.

    3. Lax dr hope for best about trp…hope this weak wont disappointed
      And uf…..i dnt think both rumya and omkaras love story will be same like shivika…..its true now i think oms thinking about love will change after jhanvis sueside attempt but he wont behave same like shivaye….in case shivaye he never beleived in love but after anikas entry in his life he started to become ishqbaazi
      And about omkara he is the one he always beleived in pure love but bcz of his parents tragedy marriage life somehow he to starts to think love is a deal…
      And about rudra….he will take sometime to accept saumya….becausea he is not feeled yet wahts the true love is….
      And uf about gk mams stories….not only in gk mams shows but most of all indian tv sereals trend is arrogant hero and innocent heroin…..hope it wnot happen in rumya and omkaras stories…..bcz it will be bored if all three stories are same….i wish oms lead lady will be little arrogont…..

      1. Thank you so much for reply my comment shahabana.
        I really like read your comments.aap ishqbaaz ki saath koi aur shows dekthe hai?aap Sahi kehra hi hu we hope rumya and rikara(omkara+gauri) story aisa na ho kuch different hu.
        Aapko insta pe account hai kya?

      2. Hello uf
        I watch only ishqbaaz daily….and i watch beyhadh sometimes….and i used to watch yhm without missing one episode….but now i watch yhm sometimes only….
        And i have account in insta

  30. Hi arpita, archiya, ……. lax super comment , hi mouni.. ur analysis of episodes n comments r very lovely… i love ishqbaaz…

    1. Hey Pinku, Thanx ?

    2. Archiya

      Thanks Pinku

    3. Mouni

      hi pinku , thanks dear

  31. Hi friends
    Today it was amazing

  32. Mouni

    guys , they are showing a video where janvi is running from outside to the house , l think its the making of the fire scene , but am doubtful it was a suicide attempt , she was running inside to the OF so am guessing swetlana wanted to burn her to get rid of her

    1. Heyyy mauni i tooo saw this vedio….i think something is fishy….im sure this nb’s should have doned something…..dntknow how long they where drag this stupid nb track

  33. Uh! I want that Tia out of that picture… She is irratating me?. I don’t get why they r just dragging the show.

  34. Hlw pinku dear ,archiya ,mouni ,lax balika? shabana and all of my lovely commenters.
    Mujhe lagta he ye pinky ki sath saath main pagal ho jaungi.kyuki usse dekh kar mujhe khud samajh nahi ayya main hassu ya rou.kya drama he yarr .Aur woh nonsense tej ,mujhe paaka yakin he woh pinky ko samjha nahi raha tha ,he was taughting her.kyuki woh chahata he ki shvay annika ke saath rahe but shivay ki khusi ke liye bahi balki agar Sso ki saddi tia se nahi hogi aur woh deal sign nahi hogi toh Sso ka stock jyada nahi badhega.Apno se hi woh jelous hota he.I hate him
    Aur dadi ki ishqbazzi ki lecture thik thi.but first time mujhe rudra pe thoda gussa aya.itna pyyara insaan ho rudra so plz itna rudemat bano tumpe accha nahi lagta.par dadi ki lecture Sso ko samajh main nahi stupid kab apni feelings samjhega yarr??? Dusro ke samne annika meri biwi he ,uss par problem nahi ani chahiye etc etc bolta raheta he par apni biwi ki samne ye baat bolne main usse micmichi machti he kya?????? Pagal kahi ka???annika plz don’t confess your love warna Sso tumhe zimmidari samjh ke thukra dega.
    Aur ye annika ko kitna rulayoge yarr.thoda toh arram do. Rumya ke marriage ke dramme main fasa diya usse .
    Cvs koraaz paida karne main bada maja araha he kya???ek bhi suljha nahi pa rahe he aur razz pe raaz create kiye ja rahe he??? I’m disappointed with this yarr.
    Aaj Sso fir apne NKK ideology pe speech denge.Iss week aur agle week fir annika ki insult hogi stop it tarr.HUM ANNIKA KO STRONG DEKHNA CHAHETE HAIN JO ITNI NAHI ROTI AUR BINA GALTI KE KABHI NAHI JHUKTI NAHI THI.KQMJOR AUR ROTLU ANNIKA HAMIN NAHI CHAHIYE.
    PLZ Cvs kisiko toh expose karo ?????villan ki drame dekh dekh kar mood fed up hogaya he.

    1. Hiii arpitha
      U are right actually this tej is jelousy with shivaye…..this tej and pinky are such idiots…..i wish to hit their head….and yes i too felt angry on rudy in yesterdays episode for first time….and its true we shouldnt expect anything from sso….he is such a comfusing soul….i think he is a drug addicter….thats why he behaves like this

  35. Guys..!!
    TRP is out. 2.2 Ishqbaaaz but heard Kasam is only 2.1 this week. We ll ve to wait for confirmation from other sites as well. Anyway Shivay takes the bullet n TRP is only 2.2, I expected more. It may b coz a new show has also started in Zee in the same slot. Hope it gets better in coming weeks.
    Btw saw a new spoiler video where Tej divorces Jhanvi n leaves the mansion with Svetlana. Om is shattered n violently reacts to it. Kunal has performed so well that everybody on set was clapping after the performance. How I wish he gets a Takkar ki Jodi in terms of acting. Let’s wait. And It seems coz of this wound he is becoming a baddie or does not believe in love as shown in the promo.

    1. Ya yar even I saw that video ….ufff I can’t even how it vl be when that episode vl be shown in TV ….magnificent ..outstanding performance by kunal ….???????..juss now I saw ..seriously iam dead now …don’t know how to praise kunal .power pack performance by kunal??? at last all were clapping in the set …??waiting for that day ….really this man deserves best ..I think dbo vl be the best option fr kunal to emerge out his talent…I wish him best …iam loving this omkara day by day

    2. Mouni

      TRP is fix these days , atleast it didn’t drop , l blame it on tia and her mom ughhh
      yeah l saw the video too and l think om will be cynic and almost like sso bcz of tej and swetlana
      lol the obros marriages have a very hard start , even rumya will have a scandal and am sure gaukara too will have issues and problems

  36. Sekhar bhaiya aap kaha rahe gaye do teen dino se gayab ho gaye he

  37. So at last, it is emerged out the level of UNBEARABLE SEPARATION!

    The love between both is somewhere tangle between STRENGTH and WEAKNESS!

    When both feels STRONG LOVE feelings, they just lost their original nature and lost their individuality, and that’s why we are used to see A WEAK ANNIKA and SOFT SHIVAAY with which none of them used to alive with in a normal life. LOVE make ANNIKA weak while soft , milder side of STRONG WALL , which may be termed as WEAK compare to wall, about which no one aware before hospitalization of SSO.

    It is first time happen during hospitalization when OM and RUDRA and then PINKY, TEJ found a truth, HOW MUCH IMPORTANCE OF ANNIKA IS THERE IN SSO LIFE?!! I do not condemn PINKY in any way, but it’s a nature of a VULNERABLE and OBSESSED MOTHER , particularly when she is uneducated, and ignored by her husband, and only a single thing she had to be proud of. TEJ rightly said, SSO’s priority has been changed, and NOW YOU HAVE NOTHING, ZERO!, very sad!

    This stage of LOVE between DUO are cause them to be WEAK, in different aspect, and so both has to travel a lot of distance to reach at the point when both find them self STRONG during the effect of STRONG LOVE FEELINGS. Up to today both find them self WEAK and WEAKER during the trauma effect of LOVE FEELINGS.

    She is in OM, believing that DIVORCE is just ahead within hand reach , and just could not find herself COMFIRT even in the presence of SSO even, so we find her in a most vulnerable state of feelings exactly at which point we are keep losing ANNIKA .

    He does love her, and very well knew, SHE BECOMES HIS LIFE, but not in a position to over come the possibility of a TOUGH SITUATION where he may have to OPT his BROTHERS, FAMILY against his LIFE, and this very fear make him WEAK on the road map of love journey.

    I found makers are dragging each and every track after downing OBERPY’S DUMBNESS at the lowest level, whom we never found seeking solution of any mystery till day. I wish, any channel should not allow any of INFINITE SERIAL.

    1. Shekhar u are back…..
      Yahhhh im agree pinkys behavoir is logical…but this much….im really getting frustrated with pinky nowadays….and yes cvs are continueing showing that oberois as dumbs…..

      1. Hi shahabana
        Sorry main aapko baar baar disturb kar raha hu.aapne kaha na ki aapko insta pe account hai tho kya aap gul khan se request karthe hai.tia ko expose karne ko aur story improve karne ko.aap IB dekh the hai daily.pinky ki insulting scene NB gang ka evil plans ye sab bhi dekh thi hai kya.i mean aapko bore tho hogi na wo sab dekh kar.main tho aisi scene aathi hai tho channel change karthi hu.tia ki face se saara maza jaatha hai.ab pinky ko dekh kar bhi michmichi hothi hai?

        Thank you so much for reply my comment.aap hamesha comment karthi rahiye.
        GUYS aap sab log bhi comment karthi rahiye.jab IB ki good episode aayengi tho dekhna math boolna TV pe.

      2. Yes if i watch ishqbaaz without missing bcz im addicted to ib…y a i tooo gets sad when i sees that nb’s in on screen but what to do i love ib…..
        and including me many fans asked gk mam to expose to tia soon….but what to do dr its their show….they shows whats they want…we cnt do anything

  38. Thank you so much Sekhar bhaiya.apne mera doubt clear kar liya.☺?.And I’m totally agree with you

  39. Billu billi so cute…..

    For The first time tej did a good thing….

    Shivaay anika ke bagair reh nahi sakta……. Wow

    One query….

    Is shrenu playing the role of ishana?

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