Ishqbaaz 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivay says everyone would have slept, you can go. He takes Anika downstairs. Everyone shout surprise. Om asks Dadi shall we start rasam. Dadi says yes and lifts the ghunghat. Sometime before, Pinky says I have kept lassi ready, we will do ring finding ceremony now. Shivaye asks how many rasams now. Dadi asks are you tired. Pinky says even Tia and we all are tired. Shivaye says exactly, we will do rasams tomorrow. Jhanvi and Pinky argue with him. Dadi says don’t argue, children are tired, we will do rasams tomorrow, rasams are happiness if done by heart, take rest, we will do rituals tomorrow. She asks Priyanka and Soumya to take them. Priyanka and Soumya take Anika.

Rudra asks Shivaye to sleep in their room if he wants. Dadi says mad, he is just married, why will he sleep in your room. Rudra

says Shivaye’s room is now Tia’s. Om says Rudra is seeing stepmom in Tia. Dadi calls them mad. Om asks Shivaye to go now. Rudra says no, Tia took our place in his life. Om says Shivaye, we have to tell him now. They ask Rudra to shut up.

Mrs. Kapoor/Tia’s mum slaps her and asks by asking whom, did you decide this, you knew this marriage and merger was important for us, even then you have run away. Tia says what would I do, Robin… Her mum says shut up, if he was capable, we would have not done this and hidden your marriage, what did you see in him to marry him, you did mistake to marry Robin, you did bigger mistake by not marrying Shivaye, we got ashamed because of Robin, everything ended because of you. Tia says sorry I did not think. Her mum slaps her and says no use to think now, everything is finished, and Shivaye, you think he will be quiet, no, he will ruin us Tia, just because of your mistake.

Anika sees mirror and thinks of Shivaye’s words. She thinks of Sahil and calls him. She asks Sahil is he fine. He says yes, why are you worried, why did you not come home, why are you crying, you are crying seeing bidaai right, why are you emotional, its someone else’s marriage, not yours. She recalls her marriage and says yes, its someone else’s marriage, I m stuck somewhere, it will take time for me to come, take care, don’t open door for anyone, have food on time, I will come soon. She ends call and sees Shivaye. Shivaye sees her and walks ahead saying what a mess.

Om smiles seeing the pics. He sees pic of Shivaye holding Tia’s hand. He zooms and gets shocked. He says its not Tia’s bracelet. Anika says I have to go home right away. Shivaye says you can’t go now, leave after everyone sleeps. She says I can’t wait till then, I feel suffocated by supporting you in your lie and cheat. He asks really, I thought you have habit to lie and cheat. She asks when did I lie, when did I cheat, who are you to tell me, you are a big liar to fool the family. He says mind your language. She says the one who is world’s most ill mannered man, he can’t talk of manners. He stops her. She says you can’t force me. He says you don’t need to say what I can do and what I can’t. She thinks of his words.

Rudra asks is this necessary, I m tired. Om says be quiet and come. Rudra says its their suhaagraat and none should disturb them. Om says just come. Anika says I did not know you can do this. He recalls Daksh’s words and says even I did not know you can do this. Rudra reminds Tia’s pandit’s words. Om says my pandit also said something, shut up.

Anika asks what did I do. Shivaye says I don’t need to say. She says fine, then I m going. He says don’t you dare move till I give you permission. She walks away. He shouts Anika. Om and Rudra are on the way. She asks why are you afraid, everyone will know it, why not now. He says I will decide who will know and how. She says I m going, stop me if you can. He holds her hand and pushes her aside. He says don’t move and goes to open the door.

He sees Om and Rudra. He asks you both did not sleep till now. Rudra says don’t know about Om, I was feeling sleepy, then suddenly Om decided to give welcome gift to Tia. Om says yes, its imp, where is Tia. Shivaye says she is in bathroom. Om says we will wait. Shivaye says no, she may take time, she is tired, I am also tired, I need some rest. Om says its worry than tiredness on your face. Shivaye says I m okay, I need rest, you both go now, give gift to Tia in mu dikhai in morning. Rudra says I told Om before. Om and Rudra leave. Shivaye shuts the door and says did you see, that’s why I said, go after everyone sleep, I don’t want any drama now, did you get that. She nods.

After some time, Anika says I will leave. Shivaye says everyone would have slept, you can go, I will call driver. She says no need, I will manage. He asks are you out of your mind, its late, if anything happens. She says its not worse than what you did. He says leave, Anika….. He covers her with the ghunghat. O jaana…..plays………… They see each other. Anika thinks of the moment when Shivaye lifted the ghunghat off her face before. He says I don’t want anyone to know you are under this ghunghat. She asks but how will I see through this ghunghat. He holds her hand and takes her downstairs. Everyone shout surprise. Shivaye and Anika get shocked.

Shivaye asks what are you all doing here. Dadi says you got shocked right, this was Om’s idea, he said we will do mu dikhai tonight. Shivaye sees Om and says mu dikhai today, why Dadi. Om says why not, you said rasam matters, not the day and time, its better to lift the veil sooner. Pinky says yes, mu dikhai will happen now, we want to see how Tia looks in bahu’s avatar. Om asks Dadi shall we start rasam. Dadi says yes. Jhanvi makes Anika sit. Om asks Shivaye to take it easy. Pinky says I have big surprise for my bahu. Dadi says first I will give mu dikhai to my bahu and see her face. Dadi goes to Anika and says take this gift, its your mu dikhai. Anika thinks he is not saying even now, I can’t be quiet, I can’t cheat Dadi, I will say truth. Pinky asks Dadi to show bahu’s face. Dadi lifts the ghunghat and gets shocked. Everyone get shocked seeing Anika.

Pinky says its joke right? Why is Anika sitting instead Tia? Jhanvi says that means you married Anika. Dadi says it means, what I felt is true. Rudra says she is Anika, not Tia, am I dreaming. Dadi asks Shivaye what Jhanvi is saying, is it true. Tej asks how is this even possible. Shakti asks Shivaye why did you not tell me. Jhanvi asks so you knew its Anika, not Tia. Tej asks how did you hide such big lie. Pinky asks Shivaye to say. Shakti asks why did you cheat me. Shivaye says quiet everyone. Pinky says no, we will not be quiet, why is Anika sitting here. She says Anika you…. you came to plan Shivaye’s wedding, we blindly trusted you, and you showed your middle class status. Anika cries. Pinky says girls like you are hungry for money, not love. Everyone look on. Pinky says its not your mistake, we were mad to get you on our head, why did you do this, will you just cry or say why did you ruin my son’s life, how dare you. She raises hand. Shivaye shouts mom and holds Pinky’s hand. Anika looks at him.

Om asks was this decision right. Shivaye asks what would I say, would I say Oberoi’s would be bahu has run away, stick prices would have fallen down, business would got loss. Om says you care for stock prices, you don’t think that you fell low by this. Shivaye, Om and Rudra go somewhere and pay ransom. The man throws someone in sack. Shivaye shouts Tia.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Mona146

      |Registered Member

      go to hell with his expressions and feelings. He has become Tia’s puppet and his feelings can do nothing but hurt anika.

  1. Abc

    Pinky should slap ahivay instead as he spolt a girls life for his selfish motive… nice episode and not tia again… but want daskah again as he will make shivay realiae his feeling…

    • Lids

      |Registered Member

      I know, I don’t want to dislike Pinky, but I will if she mistreats Anika. Please don’t bring Tia back in the picture n I just hope the truth comes out abt Tia before Daskah starts his ugly drama. Shivaye better tell everyone that he FORCED Anika and that she didn’t marry him for his money.

      • Bobbie

        I saw an update where they say Shivaye gets married twice. No matter how many times he get marry I just hope it’s with Annika only.

    • Mona146

      |Registered Member

      she is a typical person just like Tej. selfish and judge-mental. How can she say theory about middle class when she herself came from lower background.

  2. anah

    today episode was not that bad
    but i didn’t like Precap…..
    lady baby aagayi phirse…
    eagerly waiting for anika entry in oberoi mansion…….
    good night and sweet dreams all ishqies……..

  3. Samyukta

    Emotional episode and eagerly waiting for next episode and please shivaye don’t trust tia please and how are u all ishqies ?????? And today’s episode was high voltage and loved rudra comedy and bromance shivika rocks………….

  4. Vidya

    I loved the last scene today when shivaye hold pinky’s hand …

    Love u shivika… ♥

    Thank you amena for very fast update..

  5. heena

    yar i feel like suffocating shivaay want to kill him aarrrhhhh Anyway i love ishqbaaz 1st time i liked a serial very much loved it fully

  6. Lalli

    Wow 😲 nice episode and Anika so beautiful in wedding dress and Om tho kamaal hai the way he knew that it was Anika quite surprisingly and everybody’s reaction when they saw Anika full on hyper
    The precap were showing the Tias entry why this girl again to make lab lab lab ufff poor Anika feeling bad for her
    Please makers do something clear the misunderstandings soon yaar

  7. yakshi

    Om really ur too great..un bro tan shivayenu nenaikum pothey kastama iruku..shivaye panna mistake uh nala puriya vai om……

  8. Shiv

    |Registered Member

    For god sake plz writers clear that ONS mu it’s really irritating to see that scene of daksh with anika!! Kovam Kovama varuthu!!! Shivaay recalling it umpteen times!!! 😡😡evlo naal atha vatchu illuka poranga??!!

    • Rohikiru

      amanga englukum kovam kovama varuthu.ivan vaya thiranthu sollavum mattan.summa pathatha vachu thappa purinchupan

      • Shiv

        |Registered Member

        Adutha kovam !!since dadi refuses to accept tia n reception n she was telling nee anika ku thaan thaali katirka avan thaan wife but shivaay solran I will marry tia saw one video in YouTube really pissing me off!! Felt we are getting cheated by writers to still believe shivaay luvs anika not even loved her once it seems just infatuated or attracted to anika as per storys direction inime thaan shivaay ku love varum pola

      • Chandini

        Enna seiya poraanghaneh therla…sso loves anika but not showing…idhu ennamo irukku Ana illa apdinra maari irukku

  9. swetha

    Pinky aunty mistake panathu unga son shivaye tan….oru ponna hurt pantu ava feelingsoda play pantan….unga kovamla shivaya ta katunga….anika mathiri oru marumagal uh andavana kuduthadha nenachikonga…bcz ava avlo paniruka unga family Ku BT neenga avaluku pandrathu ena….and I want to tell u something
    ……adhu ena middle class people Ku luv varatha money mela tan asai irukuma…wow Supr aunty ungala kovathula pakum pothu and neenga pesum pothu tan puriuthu shivaye follow pandra status line enga irunthu vanthadhunu….Supr aunty….congrats….unga payan anikavoda whole lyf uh keduthutan…neenga ava manasa last a paduthuringa
    Om paka char…nalla kelu shivaye ta apavathu avanuku puriyatum….

      • shab khan

        Aaman chandhini nanum romba happy eana Ella telly updates layum I could see at least one Tamil comment I feel good for that and we Tamils are addicted to this Hindi serial a lot😉 Nan Hyderabad la irukke I miss Tamil a lot even though we speak Tamil at home but I miss it

      • swetha

        Shan khan and chandhini tqs na solnum ena mathiri Tamil uh type pandra ungala pakum pothu rmba santhosam……

      • manju

        tamil rasigargal papthae arithu comment on star plus shows is great.idhu namoda tv,namba virupam,nam urimayi

      • Chandini

        Manju…un comment padikum podhu enaku sirippu vandhaalum ( bcoz of nam tv nam urimai) but it’s true.

    • Samyukta

      Hi swetha Tamil comments padikartiki ivalo nalla yeriki and I agree with u swetha and yenni oda episode ki na eagerly wait pannare and om netiki fantastic vellai panna na and dadi ko anika ko what a great connection

    • fathima

      well said shwetha. naanum tamil than ekka chakka English and Hindi commentsla tamil comments pakkave santhoshama irukku. where r u from?

    • Rohikiru

      hai swetha,shab,samyuktha,fathima,chandhini engalukum romba happy ah iruku nangalum tamil than tamil comments pakkum pothu romba romba happy ah irukum

  10. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    hi everyone
    am happy today’s ep anika was strong in front of shivaye and talked back to him even if she was sad and hurt she managed to be confident in front of him
    soooo my guess was right guys , tia is back soon , she not only an evil character but also a smart one as she knew that kidnapping is the only situation that will get her out of trouble so now not only she can get back with shivaye easly but she will get everyone’s sympathy as she is the poor bride that was kidnapped on her wedding day
    tbh l like this scenario and l never believed tia will go this soon from IB , she is smart and knows that she is the type of woman shivaye wants to show to the world ; rich , family name …
    so am guessing she will be back and accepted in the OM and pinky will urge shivaye to get a divorce from anika but will he be able to do it ?? l bet anika will get her strenght back after the return of tia and will also demand divorce because her dignity wont let her accept this situation any longer
    l think shivaye is the one who will have trouble ending their short marriage as he will feel that he done so much damage to anika and his feelings for her will torture him ( l hope so ) and even if he gets back with tia ( witch l think he will ) he will always think of anika and will never be happy knowing she is his wife but is far away from him so am guessing that in the next episodes hopfully we will see him mentally tortured and always thinking about anika especially that dadi and his bros will remind him of her
    for me the best revenge that anika will get is when shivaye finds tia’s truth , his ego and pride will be broken in pieces and l bet it will happend in the same time daksh’s lies will be exposed

    • Kalika

      I don’t think Shivaye will let Anika go, especially once Daksh returns as Daksh will be waiting to marry Anika. Shivaye will use the marriage to keep them apart as in the eyes of the world he would have married Tia but only his family will know that Anika is his wife. In a way he will then have 2 wives. It’s sad that Shivaye doesn’t even feel bad after making Anika cry so bitterly. I only hope that when Daksh returns Anika runs to him and Shivaye burns knowing she is seeking comfort from someone else. Tia is not bad, she doesn’t want Shivaye; she is doing everything on her mother’s orders. I hope Tia gains strength from Anika and stands up to her mother.

    • Saku

      Yup Veda di…thats why we love our OM so much😘😘😘…i m so happy after reading this updates…finally om did a great job..🤗🤗..aur om is a good detective yaar he is more than swara of swaragini in detective giri😜😜…
      Anyways hw r u???..actually I was not going to comment but after reading updates I got mad nd couldn’t control my self from commenting…take care di nd bye…

      Shabu di,shama di,samyukta,mukta,Shivani di,richu di,aahana di;shaza,Reni di,he r u all???sorry if I forget anyone’s name…
      And Sophie di nd anu welcome to our family..frndz from today….take care all…bye😘

      • Bshama1239

        |Registered Member

        OK ho saku same cold yaar but I am happy that again rumors are on swing that Ishana will be back hopefully its true..,
        How are you ??

      • Saku

        What??? R u serious shama di??..
        Aapke muh mein dairy milk silk,bubbly,pizza,burger;Pav bhaji,Manchurian,noodles..🍫🍨🍝🍲🍔🍟🍕🌮🍡🍦🍨..all ur fav dishes…my just going crazzzyyyy…yipppoeeeeeee….hope it’s true.. if u would b here na i would have definetly given u a tight hug…😘😘😘…

        I m lil fine…same pinch I too having same cold…but it’s ok…u take care…

  11. Mrunal

    |Registered Member

    great job by om love u yaar… i was also wondering that how it can be possible that no one noticed annika’s bracelet…it’s unique and more ever it’s her identity….but om caught it… and thanks for doing this bcoz everyone should know that how much annika suffered in this forced marriage… loved rudy as always…

    mind blowing performance from shivika…..
    I am in love with this couple yaar….
    nakul & surabhi just amazing,fab, fantastic…..

    i don’t know why but i like this track a lot…… i want both shivika together at any cost… by hook or by crook …… I am crazy… i don’t like the goody goody love stories…[ I love the stories where both will love each other immensely but pretend to hate… or hate each other and then turned into the deeply in love couple… and in shivika’s case both things r going to happen first hate>then love but pretend to hate> then really hating each other to the core bcoz of circumstances> and then at last deeply in love with each other & will become the best couple who r equal in every manner….]

    and as from my point of view it will help their love to grow stronger…..
    both were waiting for confession from other side bcoz of their ego….after that MU happened bcoz of that obsessed lover daksh…and he is really smart player he created that misunderstanding to keep shivaay away from annika.. bcoz he can see that annika has some feelings for shivaay and same with shivaay also… so he wanted to be them apart from each other.. but he will surely return and will try to snatch annika away from our hero….
    in this process MU will be clear and shivaay will die bcoz of the guilt and will repent for his actions.. shivaay is not stone heart person he is egoistic & short tempered angry young man who can do anything in anger but later he will feel sorry genuinely for that…. it’s different that he don’t express his sorry bcoz of his ego but that doesn’t mean that he is a bad person..

    and about annika what to say yaar… she is just amazing… she is a self made girl hence it shows in her attitude… she can bear any pain but can’t tolerate anything against her only family sahil…her anger her hate is justified bcoz shivaay has pointed on her character, her self respect, & most imp he tried to harm sahil… i want her to stay with shivaay and make him realize at every moment that how wrong and stupid he was in her case. whenever she will come to know that MU she will try to understand shivaay bcoz she knows him very well more than himself…. but i don’t want her to forgive him easily… i want shivaay to bow down in front of annika after realizing his mistakes….

    and sorry i know i have typed a very long comment… but i just wanted to express my POV regarding this…

    • Mrunal

      |Registered Member

      and sorry i forgot to add this link…..this is the link for all parts of my FF which i started recently…
      one of my reader & supporter asked me to post my FF’s link on page of ishqbaaz written episode… archiya this is specially for u my dear as u asked me for it i have posted it here…

      hey all IB fans i’ll be glad if u read my FF and share ur suggestions or reviews on it….
      i’ll feel blessed….
      so plzzzzzzz read it and share ur views in comment box……

  12. Samaira20

    |Registered Member

    Oh god…what a drama….and this tia…she is gonna return maybe during reception…. don’t know what would happen and who would they choose as shivaay’s bride….!!!!!

  13. Aaru

    I’m is really gr8 luv u 😍😍😍😍😍 njoyed d epiii bt wat vill b next???who vill lead pair 4 om very eagerly waiting 4 tat 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  14. Krits

    |Registered Member

    plzz plzz plzzz check out my shivija videos on youtube i m posting the links plzzz check them out its a humble request


  15. Chandini

    Oh god om….he turned a detective today. 2moro Shivaay will get his dose from om. Rudy asusual rocked. The way rudy’s character is picturised reminds me of the character JOEY FROM THE FRIENDS SERIES. But anyways om rocked…the way he was looking at Shivaay…man his eyes are speaking soo much. Precap….oh god lady baba is back again. I don’t know what drama she will do again. I know anika will cum soo strong that shivaay will break into pieces with her anger…I think they will show anika like that only. Let’s wait and watch what will happen next.

  16. Lax

    Hello all.. Feeling so bad for Annika.. Want that chulbuli Annika back. Pinky’s words were too harsh. Only good thing is, Shivay blocking Pinky’s slap. But sad that Shivay is not taking a stand for Annika. Hope things ll be positive soon. Kal se phir Tia ko jhelna padega.. Nahiiii..!!
    Btw saw few reception pics of Shivika. They ve gone for a go green theme n Annika is wearing a saree for the first time on the show. Looking so pretty.
    Also happy that Trp has gone up this time. Seems all that MU drama worked out. Regular promos can contribute to Trps I feel. For instance Naamkaran has new promos coming every week n it’s Trp is steadily increasing. Promos can be a reason I feel.
    P.S – As much as I hate Tia, I love Navina. Still wish Tias character was not made negative.

  17. fathima

    Hiiii ishqbaazians. today’s episode is as usual gud bt except that lady baba sequence again she is going to play drama as she kidnapped and re enter in oberoi mension that’s quite disappointing. when pinki raised her hand over anika to beat at least at that moment shivaay shown his feelings towards anika. I don’t know why they always pointing anika as a middle class girl who is dying for money and bla bla. plz I don’t want to hear this dialogue no more in this show.

    let’s see what will happen next. again thank u for quick update amena sis.

  18. anu

    awesome man….bt feeling bad 4 anika why this always happens with girl’s only in love……gud nite frnds

  19. Ash

    I feel like throttling Shivay. He’s such a horrible person for blackmailing Anika like that. Ugghhhh. I wanna kick him. How can he do this? Especially with the girl he loves.

  20. Ash

    It will be nice to Shivay’s face when he finds the truth. He should beg in front of Anika and Anika shouldn’t forgive him for a long time. Only then Shivay might understand even a little bit of what he did to Anika.


    When some one love you , you like it, when some one hate you, you get dissappointed , but still you may have a hope to get your love back, if some one ignore you, you may have a opportunity to get attention of someone again to start love you , but when that someone leave you forever without knowing you, there remain no chance to get back your love. It is the fourth and final stage for losing some one from your life for ever as that some one was never in life.

    She slapped him hard enough, and SSO either did not got it or he did not wanted to get the words emerging from the echo of that slap , whatever it may be , but I afraid whole OF has to pass through a dark long narrow tunnel with no end.

    I never expected such a twist in this beautiful love story , but what I feel , and how I got my few theory going failed, story line is going to framed on totally EXTREMITY base, leaving the optimist line far away.

    In my POV, ANIKA , looking at the story line going on around, will jump over directly to the last stage of this SHIVIKA track. It looks me, She (GK) might have wanted SSO and ANIKA both at EXTREMIST far end and may be ,we may not get JOYOUS SHIVIKA moments for long time.

    What SSO did with ANIKA lastly, whole Oberoy Family may have to pay back in kinds, and eventhough may not be meet their debt in kind.

    I don’t no which types of tracks she fond of, but certainly remaining track may make our hearts beating high with pains and tragedy.

    She got badly hurted, she lost her feelings, lost hopes, got broken, got shattered, but she will again rose up with proud, and will regain it all what she lost so far only to leave them all back to understand her value.

    That ‘s all what I feel today after reviewing HER and HIS feelings and expression. THey are lucky enough to have a DADI like gentle and soft lady behind all their destiny!!!!

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      hi shekhar , the problem with sso is his personal beliefs and ego not anything else , for me his anger about that fake ONS with daksh is that he considered that anika cheated on him for money , his hidden feelings for her mixed with his ego made him think that somehow he owns her , he has rights over her and selfishly wanting her to stay single while he is with tia to satisfy his ego forgetting that daksh is her fiancé
      also when the time comes and tia is exposed its gonna be a big earthquake to all of the OF not only shivaye as they view tia with a high respect and can’t believe anything bad about her even his bros did not investigate anika’s claims about the hidden marriage as they can not see the perfect tia doing something this terrible

      • SHEKHAR

        Mouni Mam,

        Every person has two way of thinking, one is to think by mind and other is by heart. If on’e mind and heart think same for a matter, then he behave like a simple person, as we see in ANIKA, but when one’e mind think this way, and his heart think that (OTHER) way for a same matter, he behave awkwardly, that is called COMPLEX, as we see in SSO. When ever he was with ANIKA, his mind stop to think and his heart being SHIVAAY, get in action and see all the things in its right perspective, and behave like simple person . But as soon as he got away from ANIKA, again his MIND took control of his, and being SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROY, he think totally opposite to his heart for the same matter, and behave like according to his MIND. Such types of controversial feelings between his mind and heart made him COMPLEX. So why we found him. he say one thing while thinking over other thing.

        His heart says him, ONS is fake, while his mind say, it is done by ANIKA. This is called controversy , which we see in his behaviour.

        In each and every matter related to ANIKA, he has two opposite state of mind, which made him furious, and he just can not stand on any firm ground, he can not reach to the truth lying beneath the matter.

        So why I said, in one of my comment in last TU, HIS MIND REQUIRES A LONG RECESSION, only to let his heart work onwards.

      • Vijji

        Mouni, I completely agree with you. Shivaay thinks “Anika is mine” in his heart even though they never confessed with each other. Even today he was mentioning to Anika that she cheated him. She was even asking him “Maine khab dhoka diya”. It clearly shows Shivaay thinks how she can do something like that with someone else when she is mine. That whole ONS is making him a beast. He is not able to digest that and at the same time he also feels can she really do that.

        I really want Anika to come to OM but ignore Shivaay. I don’t want that lady baba to come to OM. I want her to find Tia’s secret, reveal it in front of entire family and ignore Shivaay. In the meantime hopefully Daksh’s actions are also revealed.

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      l forgot to add that we will not have a propor love story for shivika as long as sso have this type of mentality of pride and prejudice , he and his family will humiliate anika like the past episodes even with his hidden feelings for her …
      so for us to see them as a true couple anika must distance her self for now that will make his realise he misses her + tia and daksh exposure will shake sso to the core and will realise by himself his stupid beliefs and only after that he will be ready to fight to conquer anika back

      • SHEKHAR

        I agree with your view that ANIKA should leave OM to let SHIVAAY feel her value in his life, and makers are, in my POV, are on the way to make them DEPART!

      • SHEKHAR

        It seems to me, makers are thinking TO LET HAPPEN ALL THE POSSIBLE WORST WITH ANIKA , and then reversal process take start to make a perfect SHIVIKA unison from SSO side. It will be a long , long journey for Transformation from SSO to SHIVAAY!!!!!!

  22. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    It’s going to be funny to hear what Rudra and Sumo are going to say about Shivay Anika marriage. Those who hide their marriage from Oberoi family will support Anika as daughter-in-law or divorce? And, by the way, why don’t they get divorce (I mean Rudra and Sumo) or it is difficult to do in India? Some special procedure? Sorry, i have no idea.

  23. Tahima

    |Registered Member

    OMG im feeling so bad for anika but im waiting for shivaay to find out what anika truth and that she did nothing wrong. During the last part of the episode where dadi lifts anika’s veil and everyone reacted my heart was about to burst out of my chest…

  24. Sonu

    Shivaay showed his love for Anika by stopping his mom.. So why don’t he say it yr.. I just like this serial n the couple Anika n Shivaay….

  25. Rosu 25

    Oh no….next evil plan by Tia… she will come back to oberoi mansion……what is gonna happen????? I personally don’t like the precap only bcoz of Tia……..when will shivay realize Tia’s evil face??? I fed up with lady baba……

  26. arya

    if Tia come in between shivika like Malaika in kasam I will stop watching this show 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  27. Kritika

    Ab tia ko layege oberoi mension waha woh jhooti kahani kahegi bhagne ko vivash kia blah blah and shivay ayega uski baton me.. dramebazi badhegi. Poor anika itna kuch sehna pda. Aur aage b kitna dil toda jayega.

  28. Razna

    |Registered Member

    Good morning ishquiesss….
    Finally shivika marriage happend…and today anikas reply was supprb…
    Abd Om…he really rockdd…i think he will support our anika…but in precap…devil tia returns….oh she is really irritating me…now she will again enter om with sympathy….gk mam plzzz expose tia faastlyy..dont drag it any more…and dhaksh…i read in a spoiler that he also returning to shivikas life…and now where is ou ranveer and what about those murder cases……..
    And ishquiees, srry for not commenting on previous days…..its my exam time….so iam little busy…..but i will come back after my exams…….
    Veda di, renima di, saku, samuyukta, richu, shama, shahabana, aahana, mona, rosu, moni,anu, samaira,luna,cutie princess,abiha,yazhu,disha,mukta,…..hw r u all….plźzz dont forget me…i will come back soon….
    And hearty welcome for all new comerssss

  29. Angel

    I like this show verrruyyy much but now Shiva become too much rude with anika but much bad is that the Tia come back I hate her but I love ishqies

  30. Sasha

    This show is awesome but if it’ continues the misunderstandings that sso has for Anika and vice versa then it would be a total mess and a dragging story so it’s better that daksh and Tia both get expose asap. And thus the show can focus on omkara and Rudra. As there is not much of rumya scenes and also the writer is not focusing of how to make ishana entry. I read an article saying that ishanas entry in the show will be a revenge or whatever this also can create a low trp. So please mr writer think well before writing.

  31. Vijji

    I want Anika to return to OM so that even Tia does not come. She can just ignore Shivaay. It just tortures him. He cannot bear her silence and ignorance.

  32. Archiya

    WHat an high voltage drama.. So finally OM gt it..
    WHy does Pinky blame Anika., they all know she has lot of self respect, why not ask her son,he saw her while puttin sindoor rite, why the hell is shivay quite.. till his mom insults ANika
    BUt i liked that everyone asked SHivay.. nt just blamed Anika..
    Shivay stopped his mom frm slapping ANika.. reminded me of IPKKND, when Arnav holded bua hand and stopped her frm slapping Khushi,an his classic dialogue ” apni biwi ko haath lagane ka haq maine kisko nahi diya” Love Arshi and SHivika

    Their home and shivay room is decorated so beautifully.. always love their sets

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      I agree..but Always Arnav respcts kushi and nvr hurt her and nver let anyone to hurt her including kushi mom..if kushi cries he feels so guilt.but here shivay crsng all his limts..see the upcmng videos.shivay declrd tia as his wyf infrnt of media and all guests..all shivika fan wl shatter by seng Anika..dnt knw y the creators r insultng anika char this much..

  33. shahabana

    Whats wrong with this sso actually everything is wrong with this baagad billa….
    Today i just want to say i hate u sso…but i love u omkara singh oberoi….u again proved that u are smart singh oberoi….
    Love u anika be strong and face that stupid sso
    Finally that cunning tia is back just get lost tia…
    I want daksh back bcz his presence is important to bring shivika closer
    Rudyyy u are rockstar keep rocking

  34. shahabana

    Did u guyz seen reception pics of shivika all are whering green plus golden and looking all are fabulus and tia also whering same dress i think they will introduse tia as shivikas wife

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      Yeah ur wrds come true….it’s betr to leave anika in her hme..the vry worst part is Anika moving towards to join wth shivay..aftr seeng shivay and tia togthr she left that place..Felng vry bad fr anika..i nvr think that i would say this HATE U Shivaay Singh oberoi..

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      wow l did not see them , so tia will succesfully take her fake place , poor anika will she be in the reception too or alone in her house ??

      • Sumi.SS

        |Registered Member

        Yeah me too..I thnk that omrudadi nvr let shivay to do this..but no one stops him..vry dspnted..whenvr tia truth reveals..evry media should cme and rise qustn to this bathamis sso..
        If he really want to marry a already married woman????????tia dhusanth..
        If i hurt any1 sry Guyzzz..

      • Sumi.SS

        |Registered Member

        Here the latest one check it Dr
        On-screen masthi-
        Off screen upcmng-

  35. shahabana

    Ishqbaaz trp is 1.8
    Its incresed
    Its top 9
    Kasam trp 2.1
    Hope in the upcoming episode ishqbaaz trp will increase more

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      Yeah shahabana..yestr I am also really happy wth ths news..but totaly upset wth 2day upcmng Utube videos..already omkara fans r keepng patience by GUL mam words…by seeng upcmng scnes not even ishqbaaz fans shivika fans r also dapnted..evry1 irked wth tia’s return..mam said aftr sme tym tia and daksh truth wl reveal..people can’t bear shitia scenes fr one day..hw it’s psble fr some days..this is also affect the trp in comng days..

      • shahabana

        Yes sumi dr this shitia crap will effect trp badly why they where not understanding that we are not intrested in this shitia crap…
        We like to see shiomru lovely bonding shivika rumya omkara plus his leads story not this irritated lady baba universki dukan lady baba

  36. Sumi.SS

    |Registered Member

    Good a.noon Guyzzz..long track of shivika stry was started..for some days/months we can see tom and jerry show not only in cartoon chnl also in ishqbaaz..Anika wl return to OM as shivay’s wyf..we were knew that she is always obey dadi’s words..In all her critical stuatn supr cool dadi only helps anika to ovrcme..
    The grl who opp lead to omkara is vry lucky to hav a genuine person as her lyfpartner..
    I thnk tia track wl not end soon..she wl be the hindrance bw shivika fr long tym..
    Aftr got a tight slap frm anika,now also he is thnkng abt ONS..he is not ready to knw the reasn behind anika slap becz of his super the same tym he is shwng his caring side fr anika..SSO u hav diff and vry cmplcatd char..he is saying only obliquely abt ONS to anika..I thnk soon he wl say drctly to anika..By hearing this anika wl hurt more and show her hateful side to shivay..but sure we r gng to mis all the fun moments..track is moving in a serious part of evryone stories..

  37. Archiya

    I loved it tat anika maintained her strenght in frnt of shivay.. she did nt keep cryin
    Tia is cmin back again.. Daksh will also cme back.. n again the same drama.. and more misunderstandings.. so shivika will b thr only.. in IPKKND it was only arshi still they tuk more than 100 epi an khushi giving her life, to clear the MU… here its 6 leads.. wen is MU gonna get clear.. pls finish shivika story.. atleast clear the MU.. n start om n rudy story.. I love shivika bt I want to c others too

  38. Aqua

    Shivay to intro lady baba as his wife and not Anika in the reception😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

    This episode will surely make me cry seeing humiliated Anika once again😢

    • Archiya

      hi Aqua,
      Ur so rite.. I had tears seeing the spoiler video itself even though its nt complete just a glimpse.. I surely cant watch the episode:(

  39. Archiya

    Till now i did nt hate shivay, .. bt after seeing this video i totally extremly hate him.. in his reception he introduces Tia as his bride.. and tia pushes anika n goes ahead.. i hate shitia.
    this is the link
    now i want Daksh to come n anika shld divorce Shivay n go to daksh.. then only he will understand the pain

    • Chandini

      Seriously…what are they trying to show??? This irritating tia is back again with her kidnapping drama and now this. Anika should definetly punish sso for his doings….how can he do that. I know when he comes to know about tia’s evil side…he can’t even face anika….not only he can’t face omrudadi.

      • Archiya

        Hi Chandini,
        I really hope anika wnt frgive shivay easily, dnt knw hw much more long bfre the truth cme out

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      serioucly anika should no longer listen to dadi because she will get humiliated again and again and really needs to stay away fron that OF and even if dadi comes crying and begging not fall for her again because shivaye is the one taking decisions not her
      the reception may be on next tuesday’s ep ( l hope so )l ant this wedding drama to end soon so anika can stand up stronger fast and leave hypocrites OF to their liar tia they will have the shock of their lives and will regret hurting anika

      • Archiya

        Hi Mouni,
        Totally agree wit u..anika shld just leave OF n no longer listen to dadi.. I just cant watch the episode anymore..

    • Archiya

      M just hoping tat daksh comes in shivay reception itself.. n keep anika by his side.. atleast someone shld b thr fr her.. daksh is a stalker n obsessed wi anika.. bt nt worse than shivay

      • Mouni

        |Registered Member

        yes , l hope daksh will the OM in the reception to be with anika and make shivaye sick jealous and l hope he will anounce their wedding too

  40. shahabana

    I hate u shivaye..hate u….hate u…hate u….hate u….hate u……..hate u………just i hate u sso……i dntknow what to do …im getting mad to thinking sso introduces tia as his bride….hate u sso more and more… much i loved the charecter sso….today im hating sso a lotz….i never hated asr like this but today im hating sso

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      l feel your pain sister , me too when l saw the video l was angry but not shocked , l always knew tia will come back but really seeing it on video made me sad for anika
      now anika should leave the OM and never return even for dadi
      shivay’s reaction is logical because the press was there and he could not tell the media that he married someone else than tia but what l wished is that anika with not be present there so she will not feel that much humiliation and even ASR never humiliated KUSHI the way SSO humiliated ANIKA
      but you know am confident that the writers and GK will soon reverse the prossess and all the pain , suffring and humiliation that anika had the great SSO will feel them too maybe even orse because they will add painful regret of the way he treated her

      • Razna

        |Registered Member

        Yss mouni…asr kabhi aise nahi kiyaa….but plz dont compare ipkknd and IB..these 2 shows are distinct from each other…..
        And im also wish for the reverse process…..and i totally agreeing with your thought….

    • shahabana

      Everyone is sad becoz of this shitia crap i dntknow whats wrong with this cvs im feeling like fat the wack….hate sso

      • shekhar



    • Vijji

      ASR never hurt Khushi in front of anyone. I never hid his marriage with Khushi. Whatever was there between them, it was just limited to both of them be it a hatred, love or anything. For outside world they were husband and wife and he never let anyone hurt/humiliate Khushi.

      But here it is too much after seeing the reception video. How can SSO introduce Tia as his wife? So far I never hate him even when he was harsh to Anika during wedding. Because I thought he still feels he has right on her and feels her as his’. But this humiliation is too much. He should be greatly punished by Anika. This is the right time for Daksh to enter. I would like to see when SSO gets to know about everything, he reveals everything in front of the whole world how he married Anika and realizes his mistake.

      I thought it will be like ipkknd, and they would live together and have fights and challenge each other. But here looks like they are going extreme sides.

  41. MP

    how can shivaye do that . why dadi don’t stop him? . poor anika . I feel very sad for her. orr ab to daksh ana banta hi hai. tabhi shivay ko samaj aye ga kisi orr ki jagah kisi orr ko dene se kesa dard hota hai .

    • Archiya

      Hi MP
      Even I m eagerly waiting fr Daksh to cme now.. hopefully he shld cme in their reception itself n keep anika wit him.. agreed daksh is stalker bt shivay is worse than him

      • Shiv

        |Registered Member

        True yaar out of so called different complex shades not even a single shade is quite impressive for to be a male lead I think he will be impressive only for oh my matha even omkara has some contradictions with him !! Or we should change our expectations for a male lead !! Both hero heroine role done by anika here ! Excellent character hers is!! N also the reason me watching this serial !!

  42. Neesha

    Lost the interest of watching ishqbaaz. It’s getting bore, by this how trp will rise? Viewers want happy things in storyline. I know everything will be file after 1 week. Then what was the hurry to keep reception. Dadi should talk before media not later. Talking or shouting after is of no use.

  43. MP

    yaar guys orr kitna sehna padega uss baged bille ko. ….. nai dekhajata ye sab drama . kab SSO ko sachchay pata chalegi ??? kab… ?? I want their nock jock not all this…..plzz jaldi se khatam karo ye sab . plzzzzz .

  44. ayat

    hate sso…. hate u….bhaggad billa….i really want anika beat him with chameli…love u daksh cone back nd learn a lesson to sso….how could he do dat…..hate him…lose interest….i dont want to watch IB….bt m addicted to it….i kill u sso….hate stone singh oberoi….daksh come back plzzzz…….

  45. aarosh

    acccording to spoilers except pinky almost all are supporting anika but they are shocked when shivaye introduced tia as his wife

  46. MP

    hyy Archiya. u r absolutely right. hyy shahabana. how r u ? lagta hai bohot gusse mai hoo….. such kahu me too angry on SSO .

  47. Razna

    |Registered Member

    What the helll….why shivay introduce tia as his wife….now i hate sso to the core….plz bring daksh back….he was always obcessed with her.but not cruel like shivay…..iam waiting for tias truth revealation….i want to know that how shivay face anika…im sure he will die with guilty…..plz gul man dont make ishqbaaz losd its charm…..

      • shahabana

        Yes i too want daksh back he will teach a good lesson to sso then this sso will know the value of love and anika
        This sso and his so called family linage status stokes money blood etc…he talks big he doesnt had any shame to introduse tia has his wife actually who is not


    ABP news

    These days, audience is glued TV for only one wedding and that is Shivaay and Anika’s marriage. As we told you exclusively that Shivaay and Anika will get married and how Shivaay’s family will react to it. Now we another exclusive information for the audience.

    Star Plus’s hit show Ishqbaaz makers are prepping for some major drama in the upcoming episodes. As per our source, After the grand reception of Shivaay and Anika, there will be once again entry of Daksh.

    At first Daksh will be shocked to know that Anika got married to Shivaay. He will then go to Anika and tell her that she had betrayed him. Anika will try to clarify him but he won’t listen. He will then Kidnap Anika and will say that he will not let her go now. This will reveal Daksh’s psycho behavior in front of Anika.

    Shivaay gets restless when he comes to know that Anika is not at home.

    Will he save Anika from Daksh?

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      wow is this confirmed news ?? l heard it before but did not pay attention to it …
      at this point if this will happend sso true feelings will be stronger than his mind , he will not care for tia or anything else if he comes to know she dissppeared , maybe just after the reception when he notices that she is not there , he will probably ask the driver to see if she’s home but l guess it will take him time to find her or with who she is because daksh is smart and can hide his traces well and maybe during the time of her kidnapping SSO will come to know the truth about that damn ONS that created all this mess

      • shekhar

        SSO also may take it, as ago, her drama! Ha ha ha…….

        don’t be senti!

        wait for FREE FALL ONLY!


      • shekhar

        GK mam will let happen all the worst to ANIKA, wii let down morality of OF at lowest, and then only reversal track begin. Then ANIKA will rose up and enlighten ISHQBAAZ again .

        They ran after money, NKK, and now will run after ANIKA!👍

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      me too shekhar am suspecting GK to let all the bad things happens now to anika and make the OF morality along with shivaye to go very low because of their beliefs and then the higher is the harder the impact will be and not only on shivaye but all OF and am even suspecting tia’s family will try to con them in buisness or make them lose money but if the kidnaping is real then am afraid if sso saves anika she will forgive him while he is still with tia so l hope anika will be strong and not forgive him easly

  49. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    Hello Ishqies…..
    anu,meena,fathima,saku,mouni,veda,sekhar,veda,varshu,pawan,harshan,aiswarya,mukti and other ishqies……how are you all ???????????????????

    Coming 2 episode….really i don’t know what’s wrong with this bagad billa…..
    He is just an adamant stubbborn guy who want to conquer every thing ….and … he can judge anika as a person who lied…who cheated……can’t believe it…just because daksh said and
    what did he saw…..he blindly remarked anika can do that……omkara is right…shivaay always listen what his dimaag says…..same time we can see his concern, affection towards his family…
    but still @ any cost he can’t compromise anything in matter of his reputation, blood, lineage…
    shivaay has just put him and anika’s life in dilemma…nothing else…..but closely observing i feel what all things he are showing….ultimately he want anika with him….but this is not the right way…mr.sso…..and anika is right….how he can lie to his family….what about his mom’s dream?
    and i won’t blame pinky…because as a mother she has the full right to question….but she has not any right to raise her hand to slap anika…but glad that sso stopped her @ right time….
    now ishqbaaz has become a challenge of life, risk, reputation, concern, worries and ego….
    the flavour of ishq……now shivika eyelock……not spreading it….i feel it has put a big question mark ….”why u did it ?”…… and precap….is good…..waiting for shivkaara scene……hope om can
    convince shivaay…..

    Want to say what i feel now…for shivika….





    What you feel ishqies ? ??

    [{i have to share a gud news….not related to the show….related to my life…i have typed it down… .sorry….for sharing ,,,,but unable to stop myself from telling it….}

    {For my ishqies….specially to old members…Actually my real life ishqbaaz has got bit progress now..i mean mahi’s mom said me that she want to see me as her daughter in law….but still mahi didn’t said if he feels or not…
    sorry for opening my personal life….i know its not the right place..but my ishqies always stood for me..and supported me…and now am much,….much….much happy….that’s why i share it
    with u as i always felt it as a family rather than a site….}]
    Bye…ishqies….love u all

    • shahabana

      Hellooo renima ishquee
      Thank u for lovely lines abkut shivika
      And u shared about mahis mom gave u green signal about ur and mahis mrg…
      Im so happy for u dr…u desreves all the happiness in the world….congragulations my sweet ishquee… day i will congragulate when mahi will also agree for this…..inshahallah… u dr stay happy always

    • Veda

      |Registered Member

      hi RENIMA…I’m rly veryyy happy fr u dr…stay blessed..stay happy… life is itself very precious.. all v need is to love nd be loved..dats all… 🙂

    • Razna

      |Registered Member

      Hi renima diii, iam fine……hw r u….feeling happy for u…..congratssss….allah will always bless uu. And i wish ur life wd blessd with full of ISHQBAAZZZZZ

  50. nayaliCKAP

    This is what i call love.shivaay really cares for anika.he also cares for future of his family.shivika has a reality love.not a candy love which each other say i love u so much and this and that.

  51. Vijji

    I just want to see how SSO feels after introducing Tia as wife in front of media. I want to see whether he feels guilty or not.

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