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Ishqbaaz 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yesterday’s scene: Anika tells Shivaye that she wants to talk about yesterday night. He recalls those moments and asks what happened yesterday night, it was nothing right. She holds his hand and shows the tiny moon stuck on his watch. He sees that moon and recalls holding her close. She plucks her moon and he looks at it. She leaves. Current scene…… Shivaye says Ranas won’t get this land, Oberois will get this land, I will send quotes, deal is ours. He talks about Siddharth Rana. Anika is on call and bargains for money. She collides with Shviaye and their files fall down. He asks can’t you see and walk, you can’t do anything well. She argues.

He says I have imp work, just leave. She says I have imp work, I m planning Shivaye’s marriage, his nose is always high like this. He says

that’s enough, my envelope. She asks what, can’t you bend and take envelope, will your height get short. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi do not bend infront of anyone. She says fine, don’t die, don’t say dialogues. She gives an envelope. He asks her not to collide with him. she says I don’t like to collide, hero and heroine collide, but here I m not heroine and you are not hero, we are enemies, who like to see enemy, I hate you, if I could, I would have not seen your face again. He says I m glad, I wish your wish gets fulfilled and you don’t see my face again. She says I wish it turns true. He says it will and leaves.

Shivaye drives his car and reaches the chopper. He boards the chopper and leaves. Om prays. Rudra asks when did you start praying before having food. Om says since you started cooking. Rudra says don’t worry, nothing will happen. Om says if anything happens then. Rudra says I will delete your computer history. Om asks do you think everything is like you, just say my bye to Shivaye. Rudra feeds him. Om gets vomit. Rudra says no, you have to eat this, you say you can give life for me, just eat it. Om swallows it and asks what was this. Rudra describes Shivaye’s dish and says I thought to try this. Om says this was a murder of his dish.

Dadi asks what are they doing here. Om says dish’s murder. Dadi tells her friend Sarla’s granddaughter’s admission happened here in Mumbai, her mum got transferred, she will stay here with us. Rudra asks her is she hot. Dadi pulls his ear and says she is my friend’s grand daughter, if you see her, I will beat you. Rudra says you will stop me, how will you stop her. Dadi asks Om to manage Rudra, Rudra should not trouble that girl. Om asks her not to worry. Dadi goes. Rudra laughs and says the girl will be in our house. Om says you should submit yourself to science, you are proof that man can’t survive without brain.

Anika comes and Om asks her not to try the dish. Rudra asks her to have it. She says I had breakfast. Rudra tells good news that new member is coming in their house. Anika asks what, in this age, Pinky or Jhanvi? Om says no, Dadi’s grand daughter is coming to stay here. Rudra says I think I should give this good news to Shivaye. He calls Shivaye and says his phone is not reachable. Om says maybe he is in chopper. Rudra says why did he go by chopper when weather is bad. Anika says even weather gets bad by seeing Shivaye.

Ishana is at exhibition place. Ishana talks to Mona on phone and says I got a fake wound, let Om come, he will just have pity and flow in emotions. Om comes there and she hides. She sees Riddhima with Om and gets angry. Riddhima asks Om what happened. Om tells her about Bela, I met her here in pottery area. Ishana hears them and says what, he told Riddhima about me. Om says she was in much problem, if she meets us today, you can talk to her, I mean you are a girl and Bela can share things with you. Ishana asks was it necessary to be understanding, I thought he will get attracted to me, seeing me as helpless woman, but he wants Riddhima to help me. Riddhima says I will help her. Ishana says Riddhima won’t even help her mum if media is not there. Om says that’s very sweet. Ishana says Om is very simple, I have to deal him in some other way.

Sahil calls Anika and says I feel strange. Anika says you may have eaten a lot, have churan. Sahil says no, I feel restless at heart, I fought with my classmate, I told her in anger that I hate her and won’t see her face, then she fell down stairs and got hurt, she was taken to hospital, now she won’t come to school for many days, I m bad boy, this happened because of me. She says no, you are good boy, nothing such happens by saying. He says its said Saraswati Maa does one thing we say. She says we will go and meet that girl at hospital. He says fine, and ends call. She recalls her words and worries.

Priyanka says Shivaye’s phone is not connecting. Rudra asks her to chill. Anika hears them and worries. She thinks Sahil made her think all this, nothing will happen to Shivaye. Pinky asks Anika to keep Shivaye and Tia’s kundlis safe, they have to match it. Jhanvi asks do you believe in that. Pinky says yes, I know you don’t believe, but I have just one son. Jhanvi says fine, you can match kundlis, I respect your believe. They smile. Anika looks at them.

Dadi asks Soumya to come. Rudra shows style and waits for the girl. He stops Anika and says you know I have ache in shoulder, I did not say anything as I don’t do drama, anyone else would have taken sympathy, I did not do drama, and boasts. He says I moved Shivaye and came infront, anyone else would have called himself hero doing this, but I did not say Rudra is a hero. He gets shocked seeing Soumya and asks you……

Rudra asks what are you doing here. Dadi asks do you know her. Rudra says yes. Soumya says no Dadi, I don’t know her. Dadi says great, Rudra used to refuse to girls who said they know Rudra, now you are saying you don’t know Rudra when he is saying he knows you. She asks Priyanka to give Rudra’s room to Soumya. Rudra asks why my room. Dadi says you stay in Shivaye’s room all day, and guest room is on 2nd floor, Soumya can stay there. She asks Soumya to tell her if anyone troubles her. Soumya goes. Dadi asks Rudra why did he say he knows Soumya. He says I really know, she studies in my college. Dadi asks why did she say she does not know you. Dadi goes. Rudra tells Anika the same. Anika gets call and goes. Rudra says how can she refuse to identify me, whats happening.

Rudra calls Tej and everyone and shows news of a chopper blast near Oberoi industry. They all get shocked seeing the breaking news.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pinky’s hidden intentions
    Pinky is trying to unite Jhanvi and Tej, wants to save there relationship.
    Pinky pretends to be very good with Jhanvi and helps her in getting closer to Tej.
    this twist will be later revealed that Pinky is doing all under an evil plan, she has some hidden intentions.

    1. is this news fake,,,coz I don’t want her to turn fake/negative

    2. I never posted anything bad,,,why u ppl taking 1 hour to moderate my comment,,,,uff @TU

    3. Oh plzzz don’t change Pinky’s character negative.

  2. Whole day I couldn’t comment.. I was in the college.
    Awesome episode. Soumya is so smart. Main isse nahi janti. Kaun hai yeh… It was epic. Rudra looked so cute.
    Om is so innocent. Both the girls are playing with him. But ishu will end up falling for him

  3. Asmita...

    I too started liking this serial… Love the way three bros care for each other, care for each other… The way they all give each other different names “baghdbilla oberoi”,”dumble oberoi”,”duffer oberoi”,pakdne wala oberoi”…the way anika irritates shivay
    “What the wack”…”ye ho kya raha hai”

    Its simply superrrrrrbbbb…

  4. Roz…thn i will b glad if he will nt return 2day…bcz i usually watch episodes day time nd 2marrow i hav an imp wrk so thr s chance 2 will miss epi…thn guysss do they nt upload full video on utube…i didnt find any…u hav any idea???

  5. What is this imbd rating. Plzz someone help me..

    1. Tell me*

  6. Abzz see in hotstar…..u will get it sure….
    ? even I guess they won’t show that on today episode

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