Ishqbaaz 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shivika land in jungle

Ishqbaaz 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says come, plane can crash anytime, nothing will happen. He says I want to say something. She says you will get many chances. They jump. He holds her in arms and shouts I love you, I had to say this to you. Some time before, everyone worry knowing plane is on auto pilot mode. Shivaye says let me think. Anika says plane is going to crash. Attendant says there is one option now, parachute jump. Shivaye asks how. She says I will show and jumps down. He asks everyone to take their parachutes and go. Anika says we will live together and die together. He says the same and holds her. They take the pilot.

Bhavya asks Rudra not to worry, she is with him. He asks why are you helping me, I was rude towards you. She says its my duty, policemen can’t forget their motto, I will always there for you.

She holds his hand. Shivaye comes and hugs him. He says I know nothing will happen to you two, Bhavya is with you, I will get Anika and come, be safe. Bhavya asks him to take care. Bhavya and Rudra hold hands and jump down.

Anika says come, plane can crash anytime, nothing will happen. He says promise me nothing will happen, don’t know we will meet again or not, I want to say something. She says you will get many chances. They jump. Shivaye gets up and sees Anika fallen. He gets shocked and shouts. He runs to her and takes her in arms. He sees her wound and asks her to open eyes, is she joking. He cries. He says I told you I have to say something, is there anyone, Anika stop joking, open your eyes, nothing happened to you, I will die if anything happens, get up. He shouts Anika I love you, His tear falls on her cheek. She moves.

He says I had to say this, I love you…… He hugs her. She opens eyes. He asks are you okay. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She asks why were you shouting, what happened to me. He says its blessing a lot, you can’t imagine how many times I died in few mins. She says you felt I have gone, I m Shivaye’s wife, whose life won’t go easily. He says promise me you won’t risk your life. She says promise me you won’t hide anything, make a pinky promise. He promises her. They smile.

He asks can you walk, you have fallen down. She says I can run, you were saying something. He asks when. She says you were shouting, so I came back from death. He says don’t joke, its not funny. She says tell me what were you saying, I heard so. He says I didn’t say anything. She says I felt you want to say what I wanted to hear. He says what can it be, I don’t remember, I have forgotten, I got hurt, will we spend life in this jungle, come, we will try. They leave. She thinks to make him say I love you.

Rudra gets conscious and sees Bhavya. He asks am I dreaming or seeing you even after death. She asks him to get up, he is alive and fine. He asks really and gets up. He says it means my young age didn’t go waste, what a jump it was. He hugs her. He says sorry, I was overexcited to get saved, I m still your boss and you are still my employee. She says thank God, you just know to become boss, not friend. He says I m going home. She says this is jungle. He jokes. She says its going to get dark, you are not habitual to manage this situation. He says you are elder to me but I m not a kid. She says we can help each other, I m not scared, we can reach home soon. He says sorry I forgot your husband would be waiting. She says I was just helping you. He says I will never need anyone’s help. He goes.

Shivaye says there is no signal, give me your phone. Anika says it was in my bag in plane, why are you so worried. He says I m trying to find Kalyani mills secret, I felt Shukla knows, someone attacked him in our house, I heard elders making plan of going Goa, they haven’t come, it was to mislead us, what to think, our family is behaving strange, Tanya is blackmailing me, I don’t know the agenda. She says when darkness happens, one should see by the eyes of heart, I can’t believe our family elders can do this. He says clues sign they are involved. She says truth will come out, then everything will get clear. They leave.

Rudra walks alone. He tries to find the way. He says family tadi will make me fall in problem, I wish Shivaye was here. He calls out Shivaye. He says where did Bhavya go. His foot gets stuck. He shouts for help. Bhavya asks what does he think of himself, immature, kiddish. She hears Rudra shouting. She worries and looks for him.

She says he was showing attitude, I have to teach him a lesson now. She makes animal sounds. He worries. He says I m young, I didn’t see anything in life, where is Shivaye, where did he fall. She comes to him and says you got trapped. He says its good you came, help me. She says you are not a kid to hold my finger and walk, you don’t need help, are you saying anything. He says help me. She says its not sounding like a request. He says please help me. She says very good, I m impressed. He says I m hurt. She says promise me, you will listen to me till we go out of the jungle. He says fine, I promise. She asks sure. He says yes, I will do. She frees his foot. She says tadi doesn’t help everywhere. He thanks her. She says you should have thanked, come, be careful. They leave. She says I hope Shivaye and Anika are fine. He says yes, I need some rest. She says you took break already, come. He says let me take some break. She says we will go till there and then stop, come.

Anika says no use to go at night, animals will be roaming at night. He says you say strange names, instead animals, fine you mean we have to stay here at night. She says yes, come sit. He says this is the worst day of my life, I had a fight with you in morning, then that don in plane and night in this jungle, you got the wound, there is no food and water. She says I know you are SSO, you are angry, but every moment is not to control, some times one should enjoy what’s happening, remember Dadi kept the 2 feet rule, how we used to long to talk and meet, now when I m here, we should live this moment, you are doing kudkud. He says we can live this moment. She says I didn’t say this. He jokes. Ishq hai aansun….plays…. He hugs her and says love is love. She says this is jungle. He asks so what, can’t we love here. She asks did you sleep under the stars ever. He says it looks good in films, none sleeps under the stars, its not cool.

She says we had an uncle who used to keep camps, people used to pay to sleep under these stars, you are getting this for free. He smiles and says I just realized you are much middle class. She says yes, I m enjoying the stars. They sit looking at the stars. He holds her, She asks what are you doing. He says watching stars. She says its up there. He says my stars are in front of my eyes. He hugs her. He says this is really good. She says I told you. He jokes and scares her. She says I m not scared of any animal, I will beat him and make him see stars like us. A tree branch falls. She hugs him and gets tensed. O jaana…..plays……….. He signs what. She cries. He acts scared and laughs. They hug. He shows her the stars. They recall their old moments.

Rudra says we would have reached home till now. Bhavya says its good we stay here, take rest instead of many breaks. He says I won’t have it, fruits here are poisonous. She says as you wish. She eats the melon. He looks at her. Dil hai ki maanta nahi….plays…..They feed each other. They sit looking at each other. She signs him. His imagination breaks.

Jhanvi asks for water. Someone gets water for her. She drinks. She shouts Tej. He comes and asks what happened. She says there was someone in the room. Shakti and Pinky say there is no one, maybe you had a bad dream. Jhanvi says no, someone gave me water, see this glass. Pinky says what’s happening here, is there any ghost. Tej says what nonsense. Pinky says someone is keeping an eye on us. Shakti says I think he is same blackmailer who left chits for us. Tej says he can’t do anything as we destroyed the tapes. Abhay plays the tapes. He gets angry and says it was the only proof against Oberois, it will be a problem if this doesn’t run.

Shivaye asks what do you know about Kalyani mills. Shukla says your family was not involved, someone can misuse the tape. Anika says we will see that guy. Shivaye says I will not leave him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    Wow just mind blowing shivaye 2day…
    Crying 4 anika…screaming… shouting …i didnt want 2 c shivaye crying this way but i think his love to his wife is so deep tht his tears just flowed looking at her unconsious….can c the fear of loosing her in his khanji eyes….he said it at last …confessed I LUV U but anika ws unconsious!!!! wht the wuck….and his magic tears made her cm 2consious.. make sure this time u act 2yr pinky promise shivsye…..and his tadi didnt let him say the 3 magical words to anika…..shivaye till whn???? But anika i know u will get him say it2u …im waiting…..

    Rudy ws cute too…..pakka cry baby…true rudy this is jungle….listen 2bhavya..she’ll save u…

    Well well….look our shivika moments…chandntarikh….nice cooling wind blows…dark…hoobsurat wife….wht else shivika needs…tht ws so romantic moments…moments which u will never experience it again …ek khidikhiton beautiful moments so just enjoy relax romance will take it place on its own …and hearing shivaye talks anika slept peacefully in his arms as his arm alwzys gives comforts to so nice ….im dead now looking at these2love birds…luv u shivaye u r killing me softly…im loving the moments…

    Precap…so senior obrois not involved in the mill fire….lets c wht the mystery unfold…..
    Dil hua lovebaazz..
    Dil hua ishqbaazz…
    Lets meet in our dreams 2nite…
    Gd nite gals..???

    1. Arpita6

      He pusi…once again GPG…yaa…don’t know when Sso will say ILU…..i am waiting desperately. ..??…..amd me also the look soo cute and perfect on each other arms. .dead……Dil hua Pyarrbaaz…??

  2. I was watching one of the old episodes of IB where Shivaay gave blank cheque to Anika. The raining, background, music, acting everything was so perfect! Couldn’t take my eyes off.When I saw that first time ,I was awestruck at the intensity.That Shivaay who wanted to broke Ani completely in every possible way and the present Shivaay who can’t think of harming Ani even in dreams!The slightest wound of Ani gives Shivaay the ever biggest pain.Now he will not allow anything or anyone to harm Ani no matter what happens.His fear of losing Ani isthe biggest nightmare for him. I was thinking that there was a time when Shivaay hated Ani more than anything else.Now same Shivaay wants to give her all the love of the world.Perhaps that’s the magic of love.Pure,selfless, unconditional love.Today’s episode compelled me thinking from starting.Journey of togetherness-hatred to love.
    They cannot live a second without each other now. Their love reflect something different which is very rare to witness or experience. Unique like their own personality.Hope this uniqueness continues. Just one thing is bothering me-Shivaay will protect Ani from every possible danger but will he succeed to save Ani from the hurt that he himself will cause? In short, who or what will save Ani from Shivaay, Shivaay himself? Perhaps that’s the best solution…

    1. Aniru

      Wow Luthfa, Who or what will save Ani from Shivaay. I was thinking the same. All the tears from Anika bcose of him. He is dard and he is medicine. That is is Shivaay for Anika.

    2. Shekhar

      “I was watching one of the old episodes of IB where Shivaay gave blank cheque to Anika. The raining, background, music, acting everything was so perfect! Couldn’t take my eyes off.When I saw that first time ,I was awestruck at the intensity.”


      One soul was laid on road all broken in rain and other one gloomy soul was seating in the car finding her all broken! That what he was feeling was just a heart touching, every emotions of his for her was pouring out of his face, eyes and what not! His attitude and his ego , and his stubbornness were only there to prevent him to get down from the car ! On his reply to OM, I AM HAPPY, first glimpse of his intense feeling was reflected and experienced by OM on his (SHIVAAY) face just after OM questioned him, THEN WHY YOU DON’T SEEMS HAPPY TO ME? Then follow up song was more than enough to understand , SEEING HER ALL BROKEN BACK ON ROAD WHILE RAINING, A SHATTERED AND SCATTERED SOUL WAS SEATING IN THE CAR! How a winner just could not enjoy his win was just amazing to see in that rainy battle of SHIVIKA.

      But what we felt the natural flow of emotions at that time all that is missing this time! SHIVIKA is missing and what we are seeing today is only the FORCED emotions of NM and SC !

      That is my views, and no offence please, other may have different views!

      1. Pushpa

        Happy diwali shekhar bhaiya.
        I love this scn too…
        Yr comments hv touched my heart& soul….u have descriped our shivika feelings innthtbrain hw they both shaterred…owsm comments bhaiya…love it totally…i feel very much emitional now..beautiful scn….
        Todays epi ws gd too. My view ws…our shivika love journey ws full of pain sacrifies 4each ither finally nw thy r together….felt their love is so pure& beautiful tooo….

      2. Krish6868

        SHEKHAR, Good Afternoon!
        Yes, the intensity of flow of feelings has decreased between SHIVIKA.
        When emotions were at the peak between SHIVIKA and the viewers
        were tuned finely to the intensity of feelings,the CVS ruthlessly separated
        SHIVIKA and the continuity of the flow of feelings was destroyed!.Now they seem unable to re-create the original SHIVIKA magic!With time,the intensity
        of feelings in any relationship decreases. Then why can the cvs not show SHIVIKA as a comfortably married couple rather than showing the forced emotions of SC and NM? Better having a natural SHIVIKA than an artificial
        SHEKHAR, Good Day!

    3. Arpita6

      Yaa yiur question is vaild…hope Shivaay will understand it……and also the progression of Sso is really outstanding though it was very slow still it was heart touching… and some stupid people in twitter saying that anika need a character progression. ….??.annika is already perfect.yaa no man is perfect but for Shivaay annika is perfect she doesn’t need any
      progression …….

    4. Krish6868

      LUTHFA, that became one of my favourite scenes esp. after reading Shekar’s
      comments on it long ago.You have desribed SHIVIKA’s journey so beautifully.
      Yes only SSO can hurt Anika the most.Let’s see what the CVS planned for SSO
      to overcome that too!

  3. Misha_Mikul

    Hi Darlingzzz.. How’s Diwali going on? ?
    Today’s epi just made by the one and only Shivaay Singh Oberoi ??

    His Love Confession ????
    His performance ?? Nailed it!! ?
    The way he screamed I LOVE YOU ANNIKA ?????
    I too need someone like Shivaay to scream I LOVE YOU MISHA ?? I know I won’t get anyone like this ???
    He didn’t even let her after Annika awake and told she’s fine, leave her!! He just tightly hugged her in arms ???
    Goalsss ??

    ShivIka jungle Cute Romance ??
    Shivaay is such a Protective Husband ??
    Love u Man ❤?
    I’m in Love with His Smile.. Magic!! Adorable ???

    Rudi ???

    No Rikara today.. ??

    Precap – Hot SSO starts his deep investigation on finding the truth ???

    1. Pushpa

      Hey misha…diwali ws good ….and yr diwali?
      I loved shivaye more today misha..he was just mind blowing 2day…all of it..
      His love just drowned me…

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Diwali here also was Good ??
        Yeah Shivaay is always Best ?❤

  4. Hi everyone….. I hope all he Ishqbaaz fans out there had a great Diwali holiday and enjoyed yourselves.

    Coming to today’s episode, of course it was fabulous and awesome!!!! Especially Shivika’s part. Oh my Shivaay finally confessed when Anika was unconscious. It usually happens like that. At Shivaay was conscious when Anika confessed her love. I wonder when Shivaay will confess his love and Anika will get to hear it. Interesting how tear drops saves their lives each time. It is noble of Anika and Shivaay to be the last ones to leave the plane. They put other peoples’ interest before theirs.

    The moments of Shivika in the jungle looking at the stars and chatting away. That was really a romantic moment. It was such a feast to watch them. I hope the tripping goes up after this episode. Actually I like to watch Shivika and Rikara very much.

    What a mind blowing act of Shivaay emotions when he thought Anika has died. The cry and desperation of completely losing her and not giving up. Showing still the little hope that she is alive… Great acting of Shivaay. Both Shivika always pull off their roles very well. Sometimes I think the producers just get them to act naturally as they both have great chemistry.

  5. Why there is no om gauri scenes… Why r they avoiding them

  6. Zaveesha

    Good episode…. enjoyed Shivika…Shivika are soo adorable… Nd Shivaay has become a true Ishqbaaz… Ruvya were also nice…
    Although there were many loopholes and illogical points..the whole airplane drama was not so good…
    Precap was quite satisfactory…
    Missed Rikara…
    Hoping for some nice episodes…
    Happy Diwali again…
    Love Ishqbaaz…
    Good night…

  7. Awwwwww …

    Chalo meri diwali Iss saal khidkitod hui… yaa i can’t enjoy on house bcoz of heavy rain and upar se current bhi nahi thi…….???..but ishqbaaa made my day..

    I am not going to say anything about rubhya..but don’t know why they didn’t irritate me soo much..i yhink bcoz of rudy..

    Ok come to my shivika.—–..

    1.King wanted to confess his love to his lady love…but he couldn’t and the he saw a horrible night mare of his life …nightmare of losing his queen..whom.he live madly..

    2.then his inner voice..that he wanted to said since very long came out seeing his queen’s condition. ……he cried. …he shouted , he pleaded her to come stop this worst joke………atlast he said those Three Magical words…and no doubt this magical words howed their magic and queen came back to her life… this ..king also became alive and he hugged her.holding her close to his heart he calmed himself…..he assured himself that his queen is safe…… ..

    4.Then also king can’t confess directly… ??( kaisa banda he yarr)and he avoided this topic….???..but queen decided that she will make him confess…

    5.That care , that tadap,that intensity, that craving for her life..everything was just perfect. …………. Noks bhabiya and Chandu di hatsoff to both of you. …

    6.Still i want Anni”s NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE. (Kaisi ladki hun main..)..

    7 Then teasing season start.every moment they shared , holding close to each other ….was just beyond of words. ..their love can’t be described in words. is something different which one can feel it but he will not able to say anything. ….. . Then bith king and queen slept in each other”s embrace….and also they slept peacefully. …. ..

    .once again i am saying i don’t want to say anything about rubhya. …i am missing Soumya…bcoz last year diwali rumya track was going good….????….

    Precap–@SEKHAR BHAIYA…Hogayi apki baat such…KHHODA PAHAD NIKLI CHUHIYA…?????????..
    Anyway shivika are looking gorgeous in black..hope they wil show something other wise i will keep thinking that when they changed their dress and where ???..

    And Thank you sooo much for all of your diwali wish… means a lot to me…

    Ok take care stay safe…..i am feeling slepy IB bhi khatam hogayi rhank god current 9 58 pm main aagayi…warna…phone ke charge kam karne ke liye mama gali deti mujhe…..


    1. Aniru

      hi Arpita, Point 6, I too wanted some serious injuries. I was hoping her parachute will become damage, she will fall in Arabian Sea and will be rescued by fisherman. She will lose her memory. Diwali time, I am thinking to separate Ram & Sita of IB. Very bad Aniru.. Very bad..

      1. Arpita6

        Hawwwwwww…………..Aniru……nahiiiiiiiii aisa imagination mat karo…mera dil nahi sambhal payega…????

    2. Banita

      Same pinch Arpu….
      I m d saddest person in this DIWALI…. Barrish ke saath saath mujhe ib vi nasib nahi hua????

    3. Pushpa

      Agree totally arpi…shivaye ws owsm today……love him more…both loooked great in black….ws a beautiful shivika scns…

  8. Labiba

    My shivika I looooove u??????
    Guyz what is trp fr this week…anyone know??

    1. Arpita6

      Noo laliba..i think will come today….

  9. Banita

    Hii pkj…..
    Hope all of u enjoyed ur DIWALI….
    No Signal : Contact to ur Cable Operator!
    Me :- Hello.. Uncle there is some problem in my cable signal… Can u……..
    Cable Uncle :- Beta Today is DIWALI and there is heavy rain outside , but don’t worry I will check it…..
    After 2h
    Me :-
    Otherside- The number u try u to call is currently Switched off , plz try after some time…
    Still waiting 4 signal ….

    1. Arpita6

      Oh My God… is really disgusting yarr…….agar mere saayh aisa hota na toh meain toh aag babula ho jati hun… ?…hope yiu will see the episode on Tv…it is really excellent.

    2. Pushpa

      Awwwwwww…….hope u watched in tv yaar….did u feel the waybhw shivaye feels….throw the damn phone!!!!!!

  10. stop showing rudy as immature in front of bhavya…….. stop it …..i cant digest this story……its very sad to see Rudy with bhavya…..if u can give us rumya then okkk…if not don’t pair rudy with bhavya
    gul and team ne ishkra ke jaise hi rumya ko bhi destroy kar diya……

    1. I like Ruvya story. I like that Ishqbaaaz is unique in trying the angle of the older woman. Bhavya looked younger than the friend. I am not liking shivika story…its getting boring. Just a thought….how did the pilot get out of the plane?

  11. Fatima Rashid

    What about Om And Gauri….
    It was not mentioned in today Episode

  12. Aniru

    Happy Diwali everyone!!! Good Diwali gift from IB.

    Finaly Shivaay said those magical words. But still showing attitude while she is awake. Ruvya was also ok. Dil he ki maanta nahi. The song reminded me only Aamir & Pooja. Watermelon also. Shivika did not get anything to eat or drink. Ruvya got watermelon in forest and they got tent too.. How Ruvya How??

    During their pinky promise, I was like No Shivaay baby…No more Pinky promise. After every Pinky promises, more raitha in Shivika’s life.

    I liked the way when Anika advised him to enjoy each moment in life. Nice thought. I could see NM more than Shivaay during some scenes.

    As usual CVs hamara pappu bana diya.. Tape case ho gaya tape tie phis.. I knew it.

    The clippings which SSO saw was more than enough for the scam. Now what is in the old tape?

    Apart from Abhay and Tanya who is there is Oberoi mansion to scare Sr. Oberois?

    Shivika look great in black. After very long time, Anika got a decent dress.

    Shivaay realised his wife is middle class. Really? When will you learn to value people thinking?

    Missed Rikara…Hope we get more Rikara coming days..

    My favourite is Shivka confession during the 1st jungle scene during Romi attack. Today was ok ok.

    I was laughing while watching the rescue mission in aeroplane. One of the james bond movie, during the flight accident, the door opened the things flew away. Shivaay could run to Rudi and hug him, No effect on the wind.

    I have to keep the logic in locker while watching IB. Anything is possible for ShivOmRu.

    Good night Guys..

    1. Aniru

      “Shivika look great in black. After very long time, Anika got a decent dress” – I was talking about precap. Pre-cap interesting. I like when Shivika solve problem together. Hope one more couple joins them Rikara or Ruvya. This is a family problem.. Rudra & Om have same responsibility as Shivaay.

    2. Arpita6

      He i thought it only but yiu also felt it..don’t know why.. in the time Anika’s confession in jungle ….i was crying……..bbadly…but today…my eyes got moist i cried… but not much…..reason i know..ladkiyan emotions bahar la sakti he…boys ke emotions i mean boys itni acche se ro nahi sakte……soo i am ok with it…what say???

    3. Aniru

      Is it only me feeling seeing more NM and SC rather than SSO and Annika. Recently many of the intense scenes are not effective as initial episodes. It would have been effective, if they had shown, the tears fall on her cheek first and holding her close to the heart SSO could have expressed his feeling. Then she regain consciousness slowly.

  13. Sravanthi sravs

    What about Omkara and Gauri pls it was very interesting ?

  14. Forgot to mention, Heard O jana after a long time and felt really good.It’s a very soothing music to ears and heart.I like it a lot.Suits perfectly to Shivika…

  15. Amayaa

    If anyone intrested then can check this and if you dare to open it then don’t be back without leaving a comment for me.
    I am still the Secretary and lady Don cum dramaqueen of this page.
    Remember the old world famous Ammu threat.
    Hahahaha was kidding guysss me eager to get all of your thunder responses.

    1. Aniru

      Super Ammu. Still my stomach is aching. Laughed so much..

  16. SHIVIKA ??❤?⚘
    Hats off to Narbhi? truly the best khikitod jodi, every dialogue n emotions delivered with perfection….

    LOVED Ruvya too?…. Cant wait to see the Shivika and Ruvya meet in jungle and create an awesome n hilarious episode ?

    Love to see the mystery solved behind Abhay n K.Mills …. appreciate the fact that senior Oberois are not involved…hope shivika throw Abhay n Tanya out of their house……greediness n evilness never last long…Honesty, love and respect always WINS⚘

  17. Shivaay confessed his love…. Bt not d way we want…. It’s just like Anika’s first confession…. Both confessed first time in jungle when other one is unconsious….
    Harneet mam we want Shivaay’s KHIDKITODE confession….
    About other parts i just read here only…
    @Krish dr i m confused on d same point in d new promo… Why d hell Om wear turban….
    Dont know What’s going on cvs mind…. So finger cross nd wait for d new treasure waiting 4 us….

    1. Banita

      Heyy pkj…
      It’s me only… Meri tu ko KB kya ho jata hain pata nahi??????

  18. From Monday onwards ishqbaaz Wil be telecast for only 30mins??… they Wil show 3pairs and oberoi family story in just 30mins span???…if they show single face of Oberoi family member??? once in this 30mins tho khatam go jaye gaa na kaise manage kar payegi???….in today’s 1hr episode only they even not able to show rikara scenes then how can they manage in 30mins…..I think star plus can regret on their decision in future??……for one idiotic old story they are decreasing IB time span….??????…..

  19. Shekhar

    I wish you all to look forward the coming days & all the while they may make you confuse to decide which day in next year is the better than the best so far.

    Nothing more can be said by be.

    Thanks and all the best!!

  20. MAHIRA


    Okey that was the baddest tv moment i ever seen ????
    no co pilot OK…
    auto pilot = danger… OK
    Lets get save by jumping using parachute….,????
    AGAIN… This is not boat ???⚓⚓⚓let jump in sea if it’s sinking ???…
    At least, it would have been a small private plane ✈ but here it’s a whole commercial trip of at least 100 people…. Come on guys…. ???
    But OK…lets be positive and say it’s normal, but jumping in parachute has rules not a steward to open the door and show you just like that
    Opening the door without security harness to keep people inside… ?????
    Then, why is shivay playing the street policeman ? organising circulation ?? What the hell those women qualified for that are doing ??
    Moreover the jumping scene….
    They’re standing at the plane’s opened door just like that , i mean i have more wind opening my room’s window…. But they’re just like if they’re jumping from a bus ? on his way to Lucknow….
    That was the worst i have ever seen in Indian shows till now, even my 2 years niece cartoons has more credibility….
    If it’s budget problem why to make it big when you can’t ?
    They could make the plane crash… No need of all this awful scene, just sitting in places shake up the camera a bit, an alarm sound, masks of oxygen get out of their places and at the edge of death love declaration then blackout
    Next scene everyone on the ground some disappear much more drama and a good following track (for example rudra/bhavya get missing for a while and people think he’s dead.. SShivay saves annika who is injured ………. OK I’ll stop here my imagination has no boundaries)
    But all that to say that just staying in studio you can some good tamasha with full of drama, love, passion, sadness… some fresh mysteries !!!
    All that to say that it took me a while to get inside the story in this scene, but however i loved shivru small moment, he’s checking over his small brother even in all this mess ????
    Even with all this… It just spellbounded me to the core, at the moment shivay saw her unconsious tears accumulated in his kanji eyes ? then alarmed gaze and shaken voice refusing to accept the idea that she’s really harmed ? then the scream of heart ????
    Yes i cried too even knowing that she’ll be fine, but his acting skills would made me feel his pain, his bleeding heart to see her like that, for a moment he’s not SSO at all, he’s the man who loves her till death, he even cries for help screaming all around that she’s not opening her eyes ???
    But she’s his annika and his tears bring her back just like hers did a long time before when he was shot and dying at hospital
    Life back, tadi back and the whole journey is just superb, lovely and so romantic ???
    They need it, to just stay alone for a moment enjoying themselves like teenagers (kissing hands and hugging when they’re married…. So pure souls are those CVS)
    Ruvya ???
    First of all,we know it now, bhavya has surely super powers, she’s wonder woman, no no.. Not because she jumped from thousand of miles height and kept her glasses on… Because , she and her boss lost their parachutes somewhere in sky but landed safely…. ????
    I loved Rudy to the core today, because i found him back, silly and childish at the moment of jumping, he needed shivay’s support but still was worried for him too!
    He hugged her so happily then the moment he realised, he closes his eyes briefly to gather himself before parting turning and turning on mode RSO … He’s burning with jealousy thinking about her husband…
    When he got scared alone it reminded me rahul/chennai eexpress…. Tadi doesn’t work when you’re scared like hell

    Missed omri today…. ???
    Oberois family…. We knew it even before you that you’re not involved ???
    And ha….. Where is dadi??

    HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL ??????????????????

    1. Aniru

      Even I thought about Bhavya’s glasses. If Annika was their she would have asked, like her taunt to Ragini, “itni oonchayi se giri, but phone abhi bhi haath mein chipka hai, Kalakari hui naaaa..”

      Slowly I am learning to keep the logic in my cub board and watch IB.

      1. Aniru

        Same applicable to Shivaay’s iPhone. Apple has passed durability of another drop test that too from air craft.

      2. MAHIRA

        It’s a bit difficult… Love stories are lovely but really all around is just like a comic american sitcom. Sometimes i find myself waiting for the public loud laughs like in friends (old series for old people like me lol)

      3. MAHIRA

        And about shivay’s phone it’s like parachute bags which didn’t even have a waist belt and ha annika was laying there on her back without the parachute…. IB world

  21. If bhavya is 4 yrs older than Rudy that means she must be almost anikas Age in that case shivay and rudys wife will be of same age .Sounds weird???

  22. Shekhar Bhaiya,
    I watched that episode again on Star Utsav on Wednesday.That is my one of the most favourite episodes.
    I wrote two lines in my comment and those were-“My feeling was something different which I couldn’t understand.Perhaps I was expecting that same intensity ” got erased don’t know how.
    You are not alone on thinking that Shivika magic is decreasing. I also felt that.And my observation is nowadays they are trying to portray Narbhi not Shivika.Now they become Narbhi while acting on sceren!
    And sorry,If I offended you.I was simply contrasting the intensity between that and yesterday’s episode and at the same time intensity between Shivika.

    1. Shekhar

      Our Reaction over yest epi and that old epi you referred are more or less is same, WE ARE MISSING SHIVIKA!

  23. Aniru

    Aap ko to boss banna hi aata hai. Dost nahi… Rudi always try to prove himself. He wants to be part of stereotype men who are protectors and breadwinners of the family. The situation is opposite in their story. Bhavya is the protector. Rudi always want to show that he is better than her by competition on stamina, telling he was dared to rescue her etc. Rescuing him or supporting him many time, Bhavya does not say anything to him as she is matured. She just say that its her duty.

    He wants to prove in order to impress Bhavya. His inferiority makes him taunt her about age difference. Not harmful has NKK, still Rudi is proud. But he is proud of his physical appearance, age, money, etc. which Bhavya does not give damn. Evenif she taunts him immature, that immaturity, childishness & sweetness she attracted to.

    In many house holds women are breadwinners and protectors. And they allow their dependents to pursue their dream be it art, politics, writing, etc. Ruvya story is different. Hope CVs gives situations so that their story will progress slowly and steadily.

    1. MAHIRA

      I agree with you, rhvya’s story has potential, i still miss saumya but apart from it, it’s interesting to see this kind of relationship, what so atypic if she’s stronger and more mature, it’s not about age, it’s about life, she’s a cop, she’s trained to be so rude and he’s muscles singh oberoi who slept his brother’s bed till adult life.
      He’s getting matured and it’s not easy for him especially in the lack of his brothers presence and advice’s, just like Om he’s deeply developing a complex about his parents shattered relationship, om was the angry young man and he choose to avoid reality but its there, this is why he doesn’t hesitate to humilate her, he needs to lead just like he has always seen his father
      O. The other hand shivay who has parents with a calm and sure relationship, where his mother is overwhelming his father, he doesn’t feel insecure if annika saved him so many times and is making him do as she wishes…
      Age problem is presented as if she’s a nany… She’s still young year, she could marry a good real man cop like her but stopped because of her feelings for him… With a good track, their story can be fabulous too

      1. Aniru

        True Mahira. I still have hope on Ruvya story. I would be happy if they develop like Shivika story slowly and steadily. Unlike Rikara story

    2. Shekhar

      Transformation of the RUDY from the CHILD to mature and than again to child never seems a smoother one! It was just like, all of sudden we found our 5 year old son talking like a mature man on one fine morning whom we patted last night to get him sleep!

      CVS are confused in which way character RUDY to be progressed? Don’t you feel odd when CVS are repeating same sequences of happening on all three pairs? There is no meaning to show painful or joy full incidents for all three pairs parallel to each other, we are not here to see TWINS or TRIO, but some meaningful stuff , something unique, something different than other cheap serials in which CVS are failed to maintain after giving a long good run, but then they got paralysed and lost the pace, rhythm and grip from over a good stuff they were serving since long.

      1. Aniru

        True Shekhar. Each and every point is correct. CVs are confused not only about Rudi but also about Om, Soumya and Ishana were good for Rudi & Om. Conflicting opposites. Even though we did not get progess in Ishana, Rudi story was progressing with Soumya. Its creative decision to stop Ishana. After they made Om like SSO. Then they scrapped Soumya. May be for the success of Dil bole Oberoi. But it did not turn out well. Now there is no going back. Anyhow, ISHQBAAZ is makers baby and they have all right to do what they want. The viewers have right to take it or leave it. Gauri, Bhavya characters are good. Hopefully, CVs give good story to the two pairs rather than milking all the story out of Shivika.

  24. episode is ok ok …always love shivika.. their nok jhok their hug everything about them .. today even liked ruvya’s scene maybe coz got see rudy boy not RSO … missed rikara quite curious to know their sequence.. precap is good with shivika in black.. anyways mujhe pehle se hi patha hai ki senior oberois koi bada galath kaam nahi kar sakthe..

  25. Piyuu

    good episode..
    finally shivaay confessed his love but anika was unconscious..
    shivika jungle romance so cute.
    no rikara scene

  26. Bhavya cannot create the chemistry of rumya she fails time and again which actually makes the fans to avoid poor Rudy scenes and Rudy the is the most unfortunate amoung the obros who got unimpressive pairing which ultimately affects the Trp.The fans can never accept her in the place of Soumya

  27. For the fans who are watching IB from 1st episode the original couples Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya are still very close our hearts .That’s why we are missing the old IB very much?

  28. Aniru

    True Mahira. I still have hope on Ruvya story. I would be happy if they develop like Shivika story slowly and steadily. Unlike Rikara story

  29. Shivika and their famous”Pinky Promise”!
    Sometimes I wonder,does it hold any importance in their life at all?They make promises with their signature style and break it in no time.
    Like records are meant to break,pinky promise is also meant to be broken.Examples are there.Don’t know what cvs are trying to prove.There is no consistency in keeping the promises.Consistency that I saw in things like bonus wife,girlfriend, misunderstanding, blackmailing, endless mystery etc.Shivika’s pinky promise is a sweet gesture and symbol of their love.CVS have made it meaningless, mere words to use whenever they feel necessary.
    Cvs,if you can’t maintain its true importance, then don’t mention it through Shivika.Enough is enough. Don’t insult the”Pinky Promise”for your so called drama…

  30. Om my god….what an episode shivika made my day in heaven …… Shivaay bhaiyya proposed anika bhabhi amazing….. Nakul bhaiyya nailed it by his emotions… I couldnt control my tears.millions,billions, trillions of love for u nakul bhaiyya….??????????????????? …. Shivika romancing with chaand, sitare and their hug …wow ….. I have no words to felicitate was a amazing,mind blowing and unique romance in any other serials…. It’s for me it was such a precious gift for all ishqbaaz fans .thank u thanku thanku so much gul mam ..when Shivaay bhaiyya scared anika and hug her with console by his cute romances was hilaries???????????????? Shivaay bhaiyya u r killing me every day by ur overloads of cuteness….. Aajkal starplus promote a lot for ishqbaaz serial …thank u somuch starplus ….new promo of ishqbaaz mein shivàay bhaiyya black suit pe bilkul dashing lagraha tha ……when Shivaay bhaiyya proposed anika ,she didn’t hear it ..iska MATLAB Shivaay bhaiyya love confession to anika abhi bhi baaki hai …. I am sure he will confess that time in uniqui style…today I enjoyed a lot because my favourite couple shivika ?????????…….Rudy and bhavya song scene was too good first time I have loved bhavya cute smile ……bhavya red dress mein beautiful lagrahi thi …. When Shivaay bhaiyya called rudra as Rudy I didn’t like it…..because Shivaay bhaiyya has always called him rudra…. whe he call him as rudra it has so much emotions for him.. Anyways I loved shivru hug ……today no rikara scene it’s ok tomorrow we will see lot of rikara scenes…. Precap.. Wow Shivaay bhaiyya wil have investigate in serious mode…..all the best bhaiyya and lot of love to u?????????


  31. KRISH,thank you.I wrote what I felt.Glad that you liked it…

  32. Where is dilkara today?

  33. Nikita_jai29

    Shivaay confession is good… Happy Diwali dear ishqies…

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