Ishqbaaz 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I want to say thanks to Anika infront of you all. Anika looks on. He thanks Anika and says you saved my family many times, but I have just lost them, and then we lose anyone almost, we understand their value, so I took a decision. He gets the ring and asks will you marry me. Some time before, Soumya as love angel talks to Shivaye. She says its strange, such emotional intimacy, such bonding, it means you get peace going to her, else sleeping in someone’s lap, with whom you have many issues, I think your heart is saying something. He asks what. She says we will do a small test, when the girl comes infront of you, your heart will beat fast, Dhak Dhak, your confusion will get over and you can take decision. He asks decision. She says yes, if your heartbeat increases, think your heart chose

a partner, its your decision to agree to heart or not. He ends call and says decision, what…..

Sahil asks Anika to try again, close eyes and see if you can see Billu ji or not. She closes and sees Shivaye. She opens eyes. Sahil asks did you see him. She says no. He asks sure. She says I said I did not see him. She murmurs Sahil is mad to put anything in my mind. He asks did you say anything. She says nothing, have food, I m going, bye. She says I will try once again and closes eyes. She sees Shivaye again and opens eyes. She says Phail gaya Raita….. whats happening. Shivaye says the same.

Rudra asks Bhaiya are you sure, you took decision in one day, I think you should talk to Om once. Shivaye says Om is on his way, I can’t wait for him, I decided once and its imp to execute it now. Rudra says its sudden for me. Shivaye says you should understand this first. Rudra says I understood, but I can’t believe this, when its happening really, how shall I react, think once, if this gets final, your life will change. Shivaye says once I think anything, I don’t change my decision. He leaves.

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Bua comes crying to Anika. Anika asks how did you come inside. Bua says forgive me, I will hold your feet. Anika asks whats this drama. Bua says nothing, slap me, I got old, think where will I go in this age, my hands and legs, heart is aching, see. Sahil says don’t come in her drama, Bua you leave. Bua says I m your Bua, don’t be heartless. Anika says Bua ji leave, before I call police and you get rotten in jail, just leave. Bua leaves.

Rudra calls Om and asks where are you, its big moment here, Shivaye took his life’s big decision, you have to come soon, bye. He turns and sees Soumya. She says I have to tell something very imp about Rumi. He says we will talk later, my focus is somewhere else, Shivaye took very imp decision and called family meeting. She asks what decision.

Jhanvi asks Pinky about Shivaye’s decision. Pinky says I get to know his decision by newspapers, he does not tell me anything. Priyanka asks Dadi why did Shivaye call us for family meeting. Dadi says don’t know, maybe its something imp. Tej says he is your son Shakti, you should know why did he call family meeting. Shakti says you are right, we will go and know.

Anika comes Oberoi mansion and gets Sahil’s video call. He says my crafts project did not finish. She says you are saying early, you should have said after school and college ended. He says sorry, help me now. She asks him to get chart. He says I got it, Billu ji’s house is so big, do they play football. She says stop it, focus on work, get chart, pencil, draw a straight line. She sees everyone and says everyone is here. Shivaye calls Om and asks where are you, I need you, yes she has come…. Sahil asks what to do now. Anika says don’t know. Pinky asks Shivaye why did he call them. Shivaye says its very big matter mom. Sahil asks Anika what happened, is Bagad Billa talking, move mobile that side, I have to see. She says fine, and shows Sahil.

Shivaye says in last few days, there were many disasters in my life, I understood life is short, don’t wait for tomorrow and do everything today, and one more person helped me in understanding this, Anika…… Everyone look at Anika. She looks on surprised. Shivaye says some days back, Anika came in my life, I mean she came in our lives, whenever my family was in any problem, she saved all of us, I always misunderstood her, but my wrong thinking could not stop her from doing the right thing, I want to make a right decision today, I want to say thanks to Anika infront of you all. He says thank you Anika. Everyone smile. Shivaye says you save my family many times, else I have lost them, and when you almost lose anyone, we understand their value, so I took a decision today. He gets the ring and looks at Anika.

Anika gets shocked. Everyone look on puzzled. Rudra sees Shivaye and Anika. Anika says whats happening. Shivaye walks to Anika holding the ring. She gets nervous and says am I dreaming, what’s happening….. He stops and looks at her. She gets shocked seeing the ring and him. Everyone look on. Sahil dances happily. Shivaye walks past Anika and then Tia is seen behind Anika. Shivaye goes to Tia. Tia blushes and smiles.

Sahil gets shocked. Shivaye asks will you marry me Tia. Everyone get up from their seats. Tia says my God, Shivaye baby this is my life’s biggest surprise, when you called and told me, I could not believe it, but you meant it, thank you Shivaye baby, thanks universe. Pinky says now my Kanji eyed grandchildren dreams will come true, make her wear ring, what are you thinking. Dadi holds Shivaye and asks is your decision certain. He says you know Dadi, once I take a decision, I don’t change it. She asks did you take it by heart or mind. He says my heart and mind, both are in my control, I decide once and tell it to heart and mind, don’t worry Dadi, are you ready Tia…. Tia says of course. Sahil gets angry and throws pencil.

Shivaye looks at Anika. Pinky asks what are you thinking, make her wear the ring, you got nervous. Shivaye holds Tia’s hand. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………….. Anika looks on sadly. Shivaye makes Tia wear the ring. Anika sees them. O jaana…..plays…….. Everyone clap. Tia says Shivaye, I won’t let you postpone marriage or change decision. He sees Anika and says this time, no one can change my decision. She asks anyone? He says I mean nothing can change my decision.

Pinky asks Priyanka to get sweets, it was sudden decision that we did not know how to do arrangements. Tia stops Anika and says Anika, I said very stupid things about you and Shivaye, I was very mean, I m sorry, forgive me, I was insecure, Shivaye told me how you saved him and this family, so as future Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I want to give you something, these diamond solitaires from my and Shivaye, don’t say no. Anika says no, I can’t take this. Tia insists. Anika refuses again.

Tia asks Shivaye to say, I m sure Anika won’t refuse to him. Pinky says Anika, I won’t reject even fake jewelry, this is diamonds, keep it, what are you thinking, you have do marriage arrangements in super speed. Anika says I will get my diary and goes. Dadi and Rudra look on sad. Anika recalls Shivaye and Tia. Dadi comes and holds her. Anika says I did not get caterer’s menu file, don’t know I did not get it. She says a phrase and jokes. She says when we need something, we don’t get it, don’t worry, I will make everything fine.

Dadi says okay, tell me are you fine. Anika says yes, I don’t understand, as its less time and much work, its Shivaye’s marriage, there will be many rasams, many people will come, don’t worry, this marriage will be best, last time it was confusion regarding date, I want to tell caterer about date, tell me date so that I can do arrangements. Dadi says you have to ask Billu. Anika says fine, I will ask him.

Shivaye says whatever happened last night. Anika says please, no need to say anything. He says I don’t want anyone of us to have confusion. She says all my confusion got cleared today, please I don’t have time to waste, tell me date fast, I have to plan your wedding. He says look… She says look, tell me date fast, I will get dates written on cards if you say, else how will I get it printed. Shivaye holds her hand and says Anika…..She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sahana

    Hii everyone..
    Aaj toh baagad bille k muh pe gobar fekne ka man kar raha hai…😠😠😠😠
    Shivaay + Tia makes SHITia.. i was literally crying for anika😣

  2. Tia Padhye

    When will shivaay and anika unite…..why this tia again….waiting for some miracle

  3. Swathi

    Shivaye would never let his class barrier come second to his feelings for Anika. Maybe the promo shows Shivaye trying to apologise for what happened when he was drugged, but Anika is in no mood to hees to his apology. After this, Anika should definitely not forgive him easily.

  4. priya

    Why Shivaya baby,why u did tis…soumya explained u clearly but u stood in ur idoitic decision,really today u r duffer oberai…even rudra understood ur heart but u…@God Tia…

  5. Malar

    There is feeling i have as if pulled down to earth when am flying. I didn’t wnt SSO to propose anika this soon but then neither did i want him with tia.
    I dono how this duffer oberoi is going to escape this time.

  6. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Oh my god what an episode what a twist
    Why does Tia always come , I just cried when he didn’t propose annika, I thought todta he will burst out his feelings, but he will never change and that’s why the promo states that annika is very angry on him.
    Really when shivaay told to rudra about hai decision , I felt it would be fine, but ria destroyed everything just like that, and why didn’t they show omkara today as well as yesterday, just missing him
    And shivaay what did you do, you are losing your lady love, at least now confess her, you know that you are having some connection with her, why don’t you realise it is love, you are just behaving like rudra,a duffer.
    And annika, I feel sad for her, shivaay broke her heart today, I am really sad for her. And atleast now you confess him, let that bhagat billa know how imp he is for you and how imp you are for him.
    Oh atleast omrumya, ?ake them realise their love, plan something yar, just can’t see them trying to avoid each other but loving ti be close to each other.
    Hey guys hope you all remember me
    Love with ishqbaaz

  7. pakhi

    Hii all..i m new here..i always reading awsome posts on this webside..thanks for updates..i like to become your friend

  8. aahana

    Happy dt dy didnt ruin shivika track but I dont know y i feel bad for anika…😐😐

    I just dont want sso to say smthing stupid to her in precap when he held her hand!!just dont pacify her u idutt do wt u want!!!!

  9. Lovely

    awww i wanted shivaye to propose to anika not tia and feeling really sad for anika hope in some episode anika and shivaye unite and marry 😘❤️💕

  10. nim

    this kanji ankhein shivay singh oberoi needs one tight slap fr hurting poor anika again and again..why cant he jst listen to wat his heart says..for once…felt so sad fr anika
    im literally heart broken 🙁

  11. Vineet

    how can shiva do this to Tia. That was a shocker indeed.. Waiting for some miracle to happen . Tia is taking undue advantage. I think she is the criminal behind the gayathri murder case. Where is Omkara..!! I am waiting for the police to come again.

  12. Kila

    They should seriously move on with the track! It’s starting to get irritating!it been more than 100 epis and still there’s no sign of shivikas wedding. That Tia comes in between every time.

  13. Archiya

    Today epi was same like th epi showed few days back.. wen shivay was getting married to tia.. also shivay had already decided to marry tia long back,so whts the point in proposin now.
    Just to ignore his feelings shivay is dng all tis.. its same lik ipkknd..
    After all tis anika shld nt accept him easily.. I knw its an serial.. but wht is anika still dng in oberoi mansion.. its lik she has no self respect at all. She shld nt hve accepted tat gift also frm where is om.. yest also he was nt thr.. missing him.. n wht happen to rumi n rudra

    • Richu


      |Registered Member

      Aab jab shivaay anika ko propose Marne jaayega na toh anika is baar pani nai woi phool phenkna ukse muh par..
      Bagad bills kahinka…
      Bhaav anika ko khana chaiye..shivaay ko nai…
      Ganji aankhon vala billi ji!!!!

  14. Vincy


    |Registered Member

    😢😢😢😢😢 I hate shiviya…. He is bad n heartless…. The day whn he will loose Anika he will realise her importance

  15. Neesha

    This story line is repeating iss pyar ko kya Nam dun when arnav realised he is getting attracted towards khushi he announced his marriage with lavanya. Shivay also did the same thing.

  16. Bebo

    Feeling bad for anika..! 🙁 i nvr wanted it to be #shitia… Gul ma’am please i want acp randhawa to fell in love with anika after seeing today’s episode.
    how dare sso can hurt anika’s feelings, infact in his ego he’s hurting his own feelings..
    I want to see that egoistic shivaye should have envious kind of feelings looking at anika & randhawa, Moreover jealousy track of sso would add double fun to it, Afterall tia will be proven negative in the serial, Post which SSO should atleast hv to beg an apology from anika for hurting her, & she should never forgive him for this…!!!

    Sorry guys, i dont want to hate sso, but looking at today’s episode i genuinely felt like choking him for wt he did..! 🙁
    Anywayz it’z just a serial, doesn’t matter.. simply raising my bp 🙁

    • Shiv

      Me too want acp randhawa snika shivaay triangle … shivaay should realise wats heartbreak and disappointment!!!😡😡

  17. sarita chauhan

    I seriously wanted to slap shivaye
    I mean ridiculous
    Shivaye is so dumb???
    I hate u shivaye
    N feeling sad for anika 😢😢

  18. Spoo007

    Lol !!! I guess there would be some twist in the story .. My be Tia is nehind Gayatri’s murder and Shivaye has cum to know abt this as police says someone known has done this and oberai family is blamed intentionally.. Shivaye might confess his confused love to Anika and seek help

  19. Neesha

    May be before breaking alliance with Tia if shivay will propose Anika it will be injustice with Tia. First tias real intention should come out and then shivay Anika love story should start. May be Tia is also involved in gayatri murder case.

  20. Aerly

    I think shivaye has planned this since he knows some black truth about tia…..pray that this should be true….

  21. Gaanavi

    Major news is coming in for the fans and followers of Ishqbaaz fame Vrushika Mehta aka Ishana as she would soon be back in the popular show opposite Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh). Recently it was reported that Vrushika Mehta and Kunal Jaisingh’s track of Omkara and Ishana has been side tracked owing to the negativity created by Vrushika Mehta’s fans and followers.
    It was said that since Vrushika Mehta was not given much screen space in Ishqbaaz, Vrushika’s fans had been contacting Ishqbaaz writers and creative team and abusing them. Ishqbaaz producer Gul Khan too had spoken about the negativity created by Vrushika’s fans. Further Gul Khan had mentioned that Vrushika and Kunal’s (Ishana – Omkara) track needed to be thought over and it was a creative call to sideline Ishana’s track. Gul Khan had mentioned that the production has no complaints from Vrushika.
    However, the news angered Vrushika’s fans even more and hence now Gul Khan once again has come forward to clear her stand on the matter. As stated by Gul Khan, Vrushika will not be replaced by any other actress in Ishqbaaz. However, the creative team needs to decide the track related to Omkara and Ishana’s love story. As stated by Gul Khan,”Vrushika is not being replaced in the show. We are taking time off to figure out Omkara and Ishana’s track.” she further stated that, “Fans are spreading negativity.
    They are trying to get in touch with my creative team and writers online. But there is no fault of Vrushika. The poor girl unnecessarily got caught in the middle of this controversy which is not even a real controversy.” Well, that says it, isn’t it? Vrushika will be back in Ishqbaaz, once the creative team of Ishqbaaz get solid track for her. Are you happy with this news? Let us know in your comments below.
    Also Read:
    Posted on September 14, 2016Author Team TvSerialNewsCategories IshqbaazTags gul khan,
    ishqbaaaz, ishqbaaz, ishqbaaz latest news, kunal jaisingh, omkara and ishana, vrushika mehta1 Comment on Vrushika Mehta to be back in Ishqbaaaz opposite Omkara

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      See the date ??
      It’s Sep 14 yr
      Pls don’t post these news ..makes me cry ….feeling so angry that first they told it was creative call and made us wait ..and atlast turned it into end call.

  22. Shiv

    Plz I want good male lead ASAP for anika and shivaay should get heartbreaks and jealousy umpteen times like anika!!!!and should realise his mistakes .. this serial needs immediately a male lead better than shivaay for anika!!!

  23. ritika

    Guys now it’s gonna be fun watching ishqbaaz becoz agar sso itne jldi pyar confess Karlega to fir story see masala chala jyega any ways it’s my pov so don’t mind….

  24. Hardishqbaazfan

    Om really needs to come back bcz he’s the only one who can make Shivaye realize his love for Anika!!

  25. Aweena

    I am feling really bad for anika…shivaay you shouldn’t have done this to anika….I was feeling to cry…

  26. Maayaa

    Guys…..I know it is upseting what SSO did today, but dont worries. There is no way he will be able to go ahead with this marriage, especially with his true lady love around him. I think the show got real interesting as Shivaye proposing today would be too soon, so the writer want to add more spice and drama in the coming episodes. Besides, Dadi, Priyanka, Jhanvi, Soumya, Om and Rudra…they all are not quite happy with Shivaye’s decision.
    In fact it might be a good treat to eyes to watch Anika not giving hoots to Shivaye which he wont be able to tolerate……who knows. Maybe Om and Rudra will trick Anika having a fake boyfriend who is interested in her making SSO jealous or something happens with Anika which ofcourse Shivaye wont tolerate……

  27. Diya

    I liked the episode. It was natural that SSO did this. He does not know that he is in love and he doesn’t believe that love is superior to family reputation. Heck he dies not believe in love at this Point. He probably thinks that he is attracted to this girl and if he doesn’t take a firm step now then he will bring Shane to his family. To see his journey of believing in love and accepting Anika completely and crave for her will be sooo interesting. Now don’t kill me people, but what if the story goes like this. Rudy and Om are very upset about Shivaay’s decision. And they decide that a drastic step has to be taken. They convince Anika to help them and after much convincing and realizing that they are probably right she agrees to take a chance on their plan. The plan is to act like Om is becoming more and more interested in Anika. This serves two purposes- Shivaay burns like hell 😈and Riddhima is out of the picture. Meanwhile Om finds his real love interest.Then in a twist Shivaay
    marries Anika and Om’s story goes forward. Just an idea. Today’s twist has opened up a world of possible storylines.

    • Archiya

      It will b nice to watch omika together.. The vm is really funny..tidy is awesome and om looked so cute in every scene on hos reaction to rudy jokes

  28. Diya

    BTW I loved Sahil as usual. Another thing I noticed is that Jhanvi is on team DadiOmRuSomPriyanku. Jhanvi was not happy with Shivaay’s decision to propose Tia. Looks like she wants Anika to be Shivaay’s life partner as well. So only TejShaktiandPinky are happy with this decision.

  29. Asea

    Shivaye might be playing pranks with anika we have noted when he exchange ring he was glaring at anika…
    May shivayi is trying to make anika to open her feelings towards him


    (1) SHIVAAY asked rudra ‘ Rudra, atleast you should have been understand THIS first of all ”
    (2) When Shivaay was walking down to the drawing room was talking with om and said( Yes, she has come!
    First raised the question, what is that ‘THIS’ SHIVAAY talking about?
    OM very well knew about whatever is going on in OBEROY MANSION! What ever they were talking, ANIKA was the main issue matter between them.

    It seems, during his speech SHIVAAY was TAUNTING ANIKA instead of THANKING her!
    His initial speech had DOUBLE MEANING, while at last he seems to blame ANIKA for postponning marriage with TIA.

  31. S.D.

    Shivaay is fighting his feelings tooth and nail. When he fails he’s gonna learn that blood and lineage isn’t important. The writers are amazing as the transformation is completely believable and natural. He’s gonna let go of life long prejudices before Shivika can be truly united. Hope they have a jealousy track for Shivika soon. He needs to lose once her to truly value her ultimately. what do you guys think?

  32. Lids

    Omg!! What is shivaye doing to my Anika!!! Ok now I’m mad. We need Anika to get someone in her life (temporary) to make shivaye jealous and tia better be the one behind gayatri’s murder.

  33. maha

    Shivaay was saying on his phone; wo aa gayi hai. I guess usko or om ko Tia ka sach pata chal gaya hai or usko expose karne k liye ye shaadi ka drama kara hai.

  34. akann

    Such a frustrating episode. I knew Shivay was not going to propose to Annika but he is such a jerk to play with her feelings like this. Why make the whole confusion with Annika and Tia while proposing. Annika just needs to start ignoring him and just do her freaking job at this point. Cuz he is not worth it! I also feel like they need to bring in another guy for Annika to make Shivay jealous or something.

    • Lids

      Hi Akann,
      I know exactly want you mean, she needs to start ignoring him and refuse him, just do the wedding preparation and move on. I want them to bring someone for her. We know that the officer knows that Shivaye didn’t kill Gayatri, . Maybe he will take a liking to Anika.
      I also want Anika not to accept any gift(s) from him or Tia. I hope she leaves the gift tia gave her in his room. I won’t forgive Tia. Can’t wait to see the next episode.

      • akann

        Even I was thinking about the officer having a thing for Annika. That will definitely make things more interesting. Also, like someone else was saying, I dont think it is a bad idea for Om to show some interest in Annika as a plan maybe.

      • Lijince

        Hi Akann and Lids….I think the same way….Anika should completely ignore Shivaay….complete his wedding preparations and finish her job….and settle with some other job where she will get acquainted with ACP Randhir…..Shivaay is a tough guy!!

        OR maybe as I read in some comments, Om should get more close to Anika……atleast for making Shivaay jealous….Anika need not expose Tia’s truth….Shivaay himself should come to know Tia’s truth….if Anika gets involved then Pinky, Tej, Shakti and Shivaay himself will think that Anika is doing this with some hidden motive…waiting for the next episode!

  35. Diya

    Hey, someone mentioned using Randhawa to make Shivaay jealous. Not a bad idea. It can just be Shivaay’s interpretation while Randhawa in reality becomes a lead for prinku

  36. Rufina


    |Registered Member

    Sso..I truly believed that today will be proposing scene but he asked tia..😭😭😭😭😭..shivaay weds Tia..congrats Tia for ur marriage..💐💐💐💐💐but hope shivaay playing prank on Anika..

  37. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Commenting after a long time 😉…in exams also can’t control myself from watching , but for now just reading the update ….score me when the el started only I wa like ‘ I know he is gonna propose Tia 😔😏😭..felt so sad for Anika ….
    Where is Om missing him , yesterday also he was not there …..shivaye announced this decision without Om ? , or he was there?
    Did u all see the latest promo ..omg ? I’m so exited to know Om’s past 👌🏻😱 will be something awesome …and roumya 😁😍👌🏻👏🏻👍🏻..married 😱..waiting for it ..and Anika rejects Shivayes proposal?? Why ? ..maybe cuz she was irritated after he proposed Tia …hope they dont show this promo things now ..after 2 weeks ..praying , so that I can’t watch and just not read..

  38. Darsana R krishna

    Kya hai yaar? Is this shivaay so stupid to propose a girl like tia? How i wish there was another hero for anika who is tall and more handsome than shivaay……….

  39. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    When Shiavey was announcing abt the proposal and thanking Anika …I felt like he was kinda taunting her ..when he said no one can stop this marraige looking at Anika …first toh she saved him ? Then also this idiot SSO 😡..but his reaction I totally expected …cuz Gul khan said on Insta the the proposal is nit gonna hpnd so soon and after all he is the gr8 SSO ..
    Felt like killing this shivaye…poor Anika , I can imagine how her face must’ve been ….Sahil also expected it to be Anika …..but I’m kinda happy with the track ( don’t bash me 😜) ..cuz I anyway didn’t want the proposal to happend so soon, soon ? 😜…can’t wait for Om’s last revealation

  40. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys , why so les comments ? , missing mukta di , mukti di , mishri di , Nadiya di , renima di , piyalii di , and so many more , have to make a list now if lost ppl 😜

  41. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    @Enasanjida di , I have mailed them like 1000 times ..I don’t think that’s gonna help, cuz I think their inbox is full….I actually can’t call cuz I’m in Saudi and I don’t have any Indian sim so …but u guys try .

  42. Navi

    Acc to the promo anika will go away from shivay. Rumya will marry. Wt about om? ? Will a gal from his past enter his life? ? His Track seems interesting. .

  43. chithra

    Frst writer insulted anika through shivy
    2 they showed Anika as fool ven she rushes towards Shiv ven he blamed fr murder

    3 they showed sm rommentic scenes where Shiv is out of sense & anika was on sense

    Again yesterday episode again they Sso insulted anika

    In 3 situation also nothing wrong happened vid Sso only anika suffered ..oh God I hate this track in all serial y only grls should sacrifice? ? Y women should suffer y can’t boy? ? Nither Sso ego hurts nor he feels fr anika…..

    There is another track also possible may be sso planning to trap someone so he might done like this ..if it is true den there is a excuse fr sso if it is not I wish anika deserves a best one not sso & sso should feel jealousy

    Something interesting vl going to happen as my 6 th sense says

  44. chithra

    1 they insulted anika through sso
    2 they showed anika as fool ven she rushes towards sso ven he blmd fr murder case

    3 they showed some romentic moment where sso was out of sense nd anika on sense
    4..yesterday again sso insulted

    In those situation only anika suffered, sacrificed nothing happened vid sso nither sso’s ego hurts nor he realized his feelings fr anika..I hate this track y in every serial only women has to suffer or sacrifice y can’t boys…

    Somewhere I feel sso planning something big to trap someone who behind gayatri murder if it is true then there is a excuse fr sso ..if it is not then anika deserves best one other then sso so that sso feel jealousy .. v l see today’s episode

    My 6 the sense says smthing interesting going to happen

  45. aahana

    I just feel like punching this bagad billa right into his face so dt his bunny teeth crack n he can realise d pain anika is going through n dis time i want anika to drown this billu in a water tanker…1 bucket pani se is billu k sare pap dhul nhi jainge!!!!😠😠😠👊👊👊👊

    Btw mng all!!! Have a nice day ppl

  46. Anu

    good idea disha..I hope we can enjoy jealous track soon..I can imagine SSO expressions when he will be jealous…..



    |Registered Member

    I was right, Shivaye was going to propose that stupid Tia.. I hope when ever shivaye realises his love for Anika and try to propse her, she should reject and moreover i hope Anika find her love before Shivaye and Tia marriage…
    And what is the drama of rumi?? When will it get disclose..???

    • DaSha

      Shraddha, you were absolutely right about this propose. And I wish Anika get some attention from other man to make him jealous, but we all know they are made for each other

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Ikr ..even I want someone who will make shiavye jealous ….and this rumi secret they r dragging from 2 months ..they always leave the scene in the middle …and Contd like everything is normal , like that party they didn’t disclose now also they didn’t disclose what hpnd yesterday ..

  48. Allin

    Hi..guys…m new in ishqbaaz family can I join U all…I lyk shivika alot and their chemistry is very nice… bt felt really bad for anika today….bt the precape seems interesting…….nd btw where is kunal jai singh…..M a big fan of Kunal Jai Singh….I jst lv his…smile……and I was missing him in today’s episode…..and got to knw dat rudra will be married to soumya…..waiting fr dat episode……..

  49. Mini

    Starplus should promote ishqbaaz more and this star plus always gives importance
    To sas bahu type serials 😤😤

  50. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    First I thought this will be someone’s dream. But after watching the new promo I thought he is going to propose her. But they have broke my heart. To be honest if Shivaay proposed her yesterday it would be illogical. Because he is the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi . He won’t propose Anika suddenly . Because of his blood,lineage etc.. I think it takes time. I think Shivaay is convincing and controlling his emotions.
    Tia,Pinky,Shakthi& tej only happy with this decision. I’m happy that Jhanvi also upset with this decision.Where is my Om?? When Tia was saying future Mrs.Shivaay Singh Oberoi .. It was Disgusting…

  51. Luna


    |Registered Member

    Finally, I’ve registered in this site…Episode was good and again SSo proved that he’s the biggest idiot on this earth but what can he do???? He simply can’t realise his feelings for Anika…But guys, plz don’t blame Tia.,..There’s no fault of her…She’s really good and coming between Shivika unintentionallly……She still has’nt shown any negative vibes except when she let an intruder in Oberoi mansion….but we still don’t know the reasons behind it…Other than that she Tia being rude to Anika a couple of times was natural…


    There is a twist and may be due to

    (1) SHIVAAY does not want to make ANIKA the reason for breakup with TIA, and so he proposed TIA only to remove the future blame from over ANIKA
    (2) SHIVAAY could have came to know real past of ANIKA through OM , and he could have find out that ANIKA is present in oberoy mansion with some intentions which are against him and his whole family.
    (3) SHIVAAY may be playing HATE and LOVE game with ANIKA only to satisfy his EGO!

    Director has all three above angle opened, and also few more she have.

    Let’s see, which angle she had selected!

  53. juhi

    I dont know what to feel..I think Shivaye n his bros know something or r planning something, it looks like Shivay is well aware he cant live without Anika..what the twist is I wonder cos he was talking to OM n said she has come, it was only Anika n not TIa there at the time…
    And Rudy said he didnt know how to act when the time comes so hmmmmm…..something is up..maybe TIa is exposed in some way….but so sad for Anika…felt her pain
    Love SHIVIKA…hope to see their LOve grow n trust each other completely.
    Roumyas wedding…I guess it will happen on weekend and then well wait until next week..


      yes, at the time of taking his life’s IMPORTANT and BIG DECISSION, he was talking about ANIKA, and that is with BRO OM, who is absconding from this EPI for the reason he and utmost his bros knows only! It clearly indicate, what ever was going on in yesterday, ANIKA was FOCUS of everything! but big question is, WHY and FOR WHAT?

      • DaSha

        Juhi, Shekhar, you mean Om tries to figure out some dark secret of Tia? It would be nice! With my heart i wish you were right, Shivay is doing all this for Anika, but my brain says he tries to convince himself that she is not the one by marring Tia.

  54. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Worst episode ever I expect that only dream not all this
    Why always jealous anika not shivaye I want jealous shivaye

  55. aishah

    I hope shivaay is thought a lesson..before anything transpires between him and Anika
    He has no right to be the one that always hurts ..she should also get a temporal someone that will make him flame in jealousy ..and be on his knees..that pompous jerk.

  56. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member






    Actually am in office… no time ishqies….but wrote lines 4 shivika….bye…..

  57. Samyukta

    Yaar what is going on shivaay please purpose anika please and hi all guys sat,ishqkum,ahiba,mukta,and all guys hii and how r u all

  58. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Sorry to say but for me it was a bit strange. To propose again? I mean they were going to marry several episodes ago, so what’s for?

    1. 100% agree to everyone who wants to bring some new hero for Anika or jealous track. She is fine girl so she needs someone who will see her good heart and not her breed.

    2. I think today Shivay is going to say they are good friends and he will always support her and blah, blah… I mean he is going to follow this marriage track with Tia to the end.

    And this brings us to

    3. Shivay will not stop wedding nor Anika (she already did it once, strange to make the line go there again), I think it would be a great party with lots of guests and only some Tia’s disgrace or something she did will stop it.

    4. Janvi just does not like Tia for blackmailing Shivay for first ceremony, Priyanka does not know about Anika’s feelings so, perhaps, she does not like Tia, but she will be happy for her brother.

  59. chithra

    So sweet of you renima di ….nice lines…busy schedule still sharing ur views vid us ….great u r…

  60. Meena

    I hate shivoy for choosing tia to marry
    This was.the only serial I was watching but now I lost the.interest to watch as doing injustice to Anika. I am sure he will face more problems by marrying.Tia
    Let him hell

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Oh come on – he is not gonna marry Tia ! It’s just to spice up the track and it’s getting more interest now ,,and shiavye , from childhood he is been around and experienced abt blood , lineage and all Those stuff imp he easily accept his love for Anika na ! ..just calm down and enjoy

  61. aahana

    The Top 10 shows along with the BARC TRP Rating, TVT Rating

    1. Naagin

    2. Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

    3. Saath Nibhana Saathiya

    4. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    5. Udaan

    6. Brahmaraksha, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Siya Ke Ram, Kumkum Bhagya, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah

    7. Sasural Simar Ka

    8. Ishqbaaaz, Chandra Nandini, Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, Swaragini

    9. Suhani Si Ek Ladki, Devanshi

    10. Mere Angne Mein, Kawach, Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

  62. aahana

    Guys wt happened when rudy was wd romi?how did saumya saved him??dy didnt show dt or i only missed it??

  63. shekhar

    Took a look at the conversation made between SOUMYA and SHIVAAY, and for that you have to see or read epis on 18 and 19. If talks are continuous, without gap, certainly there is something fishy !

  64. Heena

    Why this serial is on the lines of iss pyar ko kya naam doon. Is it because producers is same.God when she will come out of this fairy tales

  65. nithu

    Hi ishqies.. H r u all… Sry drs I had some work so couldn’t watch the show & also not able to read the updates…
    Just only watched last 3episodes in HS…
    Yeah I too felt bad when Shivaye proposed Tia, but not getting any shock… Becz, I guess it would happen like this only… But I was happy, u c billuji took that decision in hurry and pressure becz he realized that he has some feelings towards Anika..
    And after all he is SSO, he won’t give up his class, lineage policy so easily, wait for some miracle to happen..
    As like all serial, to make shivaye to realize his feelings for Anika, the only way is to make him jealous for that we need some guy for Anika…
    And also y they track so much to reveal the truth about Rumi…
    And where is my Om, y they don’t focus on him after all he is one of the lead..

  66. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Today anika will were a beautiful dress & shivay look at her just like “wow” but anika feels uncomfortable as the dress was backless. Rudra is shocked seeing romi because some vestal were bathing romi in a bathtub full of roses and milk.

  67. Mayank Agrawal

    OM is absent today also , where is he ? and not good episode today only two scenes are there anika and shivay eye contact two times and that romi scene and she declares her self a devi godess….and rudra also knows the truth today !! thats all or today

  68. shekhar

    So atlast it is blood, family, lineage like shit Shivaay carry over his head yesterday. I think only TIA’ s truth, who has best all of three, will blast the walls around his Mind and kicked out of his mind and then only he can come forward bluntly. I said ago, and repeat it again, ANIKA’s should not be reason for breakup of TIA, her charector should be near and clean. Once GULKHAN MADE A MISTAKE and made her the reason for postponing the SHITIYA MRJ EVEN AFTER HAVING THE OTHER OPTION LIKE RUDRA, OM and ANIKA CHARECTOR GOT TINTED. UPCOMING EPISODES MAY SHADES THE COLOUR OF FAMILY, SOLIDITY OF BLOOD, PROUD OF LINEAGE OF OBEROY FAMILY, and then SHIVAAY will have to bear with whatever the shades remain in treasury of oberoy!

  69. Soosh

    fed up of this series. how many times the marriage talks will take place & get flopped. Story writer if not Anika, let atleast Tia get married to Shivay finally. Everything has a limit.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.