Ishqbaaz 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika thinks why did Shivaye lie to me, its no match written. Naintara says Anika did not accept me as mum, maybe she is ashamed. Anika says who said so, and calls her Maa. Some time before, Anika says that cheap woman can’t be my mum, its a lie, I will find out. Naintara asks why are you digging my wounds by asking again and again, forget everything. Anika says I also want to forget this bitter truth, but I want to know complete truth, why did you leave me. Naintara says I told everything to Shivaye. Anika says I want to hear it from you. Naintara says my financial state was not good to raise you, to feed you well, so I left you at orphanage. Anika says I was alone and you could not raise me, if I had a sibling, if you had a son, would you leave him at orphanage as well.

Naintara says situation

sees helplessness, not son and daughter, thank Lord I had one child, else I would have cried for other child too. Anika gets shocked. She cries and turns. Naintara asks what happened. Anika says I got my answer. She goes. She checks reports again and says that woman does not know anything about Chutki, it means she is not my mum, why is Shivaye proving her as my mum, my fate is bad, when I get happy, some big thing spoils, like always, trailer was of happiness, but film got b grade sad one, everything was fine, Shivaye and I were so happy, we had problems, we were facing it happily, then that cheap 2rs woman and played our band. She cries.

Dadi comes to her and asks why are you sitting alone here, I know you are worried, but sometimes, happiness come as problems, there is always a reason behind everything, don’t worry, everything will be fine, we all are with you, you are my house’s daughter, not bahu. Anika says I don’t know what’s Maa and her Mamta, but whenever I see you, I feel Maa would be like this. She hugs Dadi and cries. Dadi consoles her and asks her to come for dinner. Anika says you go, I will come. Dadi goes. Anika wipes her tears. She sees reports again. She scratches the paper and checks no match written. She says why did Shivaye lie, there would be big reason, else he can’t lie such a big thing.

Shivaye calls Khanna and asks for Sahil. He says call me once you get footage. Pinky comes and asks him where do Maayka and Sasural people stay in one house, Anika’s mum can’t stay here, she is making big demands, if our staff goes, it will be problem. He says I m worried, don’t trouble me, can’t you bear her for some days for my sake. He goes. Pinky says you are not seeing what difference it makes. Naintara says you are here, I m waiting to have food made by you, I m hungry. Pinky gets angry. Naintara says Shivaye will feel bad. Pinky asks her not to threaten, even her pind donkey won’t serve food to her. Naintara says fine. She calls out Shivaye and says see Pinky’s anger is not getting cooled, she can just serve food and dine with me, just tell her, maybe she will agree, fights are not good in new relations. Shivaye asks Pinky to do as she says. He goes. Naintara smiles.

Soumya comes to Rudra. He asks what happened. She says my books were left here, I came to take them. She takes her books. Rudra helps her. She says let it be, I will do it. He says I can do this, else what’s the use of my gym. She says you won’t be there to help me in Asutralia, so let me do it myself. He asks why did she decide to go there. She says Mumbai is very good, but it did not suit me. They see each other. He asks her to say first. She says I was thinking, we did not know each other well, I guess this is life, we learn and grow this way.

Soumya says I found you a really good friend, I found a family here, when I m going, I want to take good memories with me, I want to forget all the annoyance and bitterness, will you forget everything and see me off as a good friend. He says your speech is very emotional, I will miss you, my friend. She says I think some people are meant to be good friends, nothing more, I don’t think there can be anything more than friendship between us. He says we were, are and will be good friends always, remember I m here if you need any help.

Naintara dines with everyone and says I m happy dining with everyone and seeing my Samdhan serving me. Pinky asks her not to fly high, else she will cut her feathers. Naintara taunts her. Pinky goes to her chair. Shivaye is tensed. Naintara says when you made me part of family, why shall I stay in guest room. He asks her to take any room she wants. Naintara thanks. Pinky says what if she wants my room. He asks her not to make it a big issue. Shakti asks where is Anika. Naintara says Anika did not accept me as mum, maybe she is ashamed. Anika says who said so, its nothing like that Maa. Shivaye, Naintara and everyone get shocked. Naintara asks did you call me Maa, I wanted to hear this, hug me. She hugs Anika. Anika smiles.

She asks Anika to sit. Anika says have food. She sees Shivaye. He signs to ask. Anika messages Shivaye. He checks her message. She asks why is he doing this. He replies asking what do you mean. She replies I know this woman is not my mum, why do you want to prove the report right. She recalls his words and messages I know you tried to tell me, but why did you lie. He replies do you trust me. She replies I trust you more than myself. He replies then trust me, I m doing this for some reason. She replies to ask what’s the reason. He asks her not to worry, he won’t let anything happen to him. She replies to ask who? He leaves.

Anika asks him to listen. Naintara asks her not to call from behind, its abshagun. Shakti says don’t know, what urgency he has.

Sahil is taken by goons. Shivaye looks for Sahil. Anika asks Shivaye about Sahil. He says I came to find Sahil, I promise I will get Sahil. Shivaye comes home. Anika looks for Sahil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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