Ishqbaaz 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye holds his chest. The man pushes him. Anika looks on and worries. Shivaye leaves in his car. Anika says Rudra, Shivaye is not fine, go and see him fast, I m on hold. Rudra says I will check. He gets in the room and shouts Bhaiya…. Some time before, Ranveer and Kamini come. Shakti sees Kamini. Pinky asks how did you come here. Kamini says children don’t let me forget this house route, now we are relatives, we have to meet in sorrow and pain, I heard about Shivaye and Anika, I felt upset. Pinky says no one cares for Anika here. Kamini asks really, I heard divorces never happen in Oberoi family. I thought everyone will be upset with the first divorce of this family, Anika was good, Anika and Shivaye were happy. Shivaye comes. She asks how are you. He says very good, how did you come. Kamini

says I came to take my bahu. Jhanvi says I think this is not the right time, I think Priyanka should stay here for some days. Shivaye says I think we should ask Priyanka, what does she want. Priyanka says I don’t want to disappoint Kamini. Shivaye says fine and goes.

Sahil waits for Anika. He says she is going to get my things, I will come. Anika reaches his school. Sahil sees Shivaye and smiles. He says I knew you will come to bid me bye. He hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says I had to come, I had to give you your things that you need for this trip. Sahil says thanks, you are really nice. Shivaye says you promise, you will call me every day. Sahil says you have to promise me too, leave it, I know you will take care of Anika without promising me. Shivaye recalls Anika. Anika comes there and sees them. Shivaye turns to her side. She hides behind the bus. Shivaye asks him to check if the bag has everything. Anika thinks I did so bad with Shivaye, he still came to meet Sahil, he is very nice, I wish the world is good like him. Sahil checks things and says you remembered anything.

FB shows Anika asking Shivaye why did he get everything for Sahil. He says let him live childhood, no need to give him life’s lessons. She asks shall I let him get spoiled. He says you don’t let anyone spoil, I want to spoil. He holds her. She asks him to do packing and goes. FB ends. Sahil asks where is Anika, she was coming to see me off. Shivaye hugs him. Sahil asks is everything fine. Teacher asks him to come. Shivaye asks him to go, call daily. Shivaye leaves. Anika calls out Sahil. He runs to her and hugs. He asks why did you not come with SSO, why are you crying. He says you are going, that’s why. He says I m going for just two weeks. She asks him to take care, play well, call me. He says SSO also asked me to call him, I will talk to you also. She says you call me on my phone, miss me. He goes.

Kamini asks Ranveer to keep Priyanka’s bags in. Ranveer says I m ready to do all her works forever. Priyanka thanks Kamini for forgetting everything and giving her a new chance. Kamini asks what, who said I have forgotten everything, you said thanks, remember this is your last thank you, from today you will just say sorry, I made you my bahu to give you sorrow, to trouble you, to take revenge of Oberois, you will do what I say, if you say anything to Ranveer or Shivaye, you don’t know what I can do. Priyanka worries.

Shivaye hears Anika calling out for an auto. He looks around. An auto driver stops his auto and argues with Shivaye for parking his car and standing on road. Shivaye holds his chest. The man pushes him. Anika worries and hides. She thinks why is Shivaye not answering him. Shivaye leaves in his car. Anika asks the man how dare you push him, do you know who is that man, if he is silent, don’t you realize he is worried, come on fight with me. Shivaye drives. Anika calls Rudra. says Rudra, Shivaye is not fine, go and see him fast, I m on hold. Rudra says I will check. Shivaye goes to his room and stumbles. Rudra calls him out. Shivaye feels uneasy and holds his chest. Anika says break the door, please see him, don’t leave him along. Shivaye falls down. Rudra pushes the door. He gets in the room and shouts Bhaiya…

Doctor checks Shivaye and says all vitals are fine, don’t know the reason of cardiac irregularity. Rudra says I understand, Shivaye’s heart broke. Pinky asks what are you saying, stop it. Rudra says everyone can see, you also know this. He goes. Anika asks what did doctor say, Shivaye never forgets taking medicines, how did he get attack. Rudra says I m here, don’t worry. Anika says he should be taken to hospital, he never says he is unwell, he will say leave me alone but don’t leave him alone. Rudra says don’t worry, we all are with him, you take care.

Shivaye gets up. Pinky asks him to rest. He says I m fine, its late night, you all go and sleep. Rudra looks on. Rudra tells Anika that Shivaye got conscious, but he is saying… She says I know, he would say, leave me alone, can you make a video call when you go to him, I want to see him, he should not know it. Rudra says fine, just you both can understand your love. He goes and asks Shivaye can I hug you. He hugs Shivaye. He keeps his phone there and goes. Anika sees Shivaye on video call and cries. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays…. She hugs the phone. Shivaye holds his heart and takes a deep breath. He feels unwell and says Anika…. She gets worried. He sees the phone. She disconnects the call. He picks phone and says its Rudra’s phone, he forgot it here, he would be finding it everywhere. She cries. O jaana….plays…..

Shivaye talks about the deal on call and drives. A girl runs infront of his car and gets hit. Shivaye stops the car. He lifts her and gets her home. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap is similar to when tej took swetlana in his arms, but he I not tej,he is shivaay,she can get into his arms, but can’t get into his heart,there is only one name in his heart ,,he just take care a girl who stuck an accident due to him,
    Only to make Anika JEALOUS he do something, but still he loves Anika,that why he looks her around, that’s why he don’t say anything to auto driver, his heart is full in search of anika,he is still thinking that she will say sorry and come , but I m thinking when he see anika , whatwill he do ?,he just go ,
    When he turns to see anika, look his face ,that expression completely says how much he worries for her

    Last days shivika is so happy,so happy with romance,as Tia baby said maybe universe what shivika to cry for sometimes,but let’s hope the same universe doesn’t makes them worry anymore,they will be more happy than this

  2. Ranilya

    Shivay Shivay Shivay…..
    Today I’m 100% into Shivayan club…
    Ammu thanks for creating this club for me….

    My cutie pie Sahil ???????
    Sahil you r going away to shimla?? 15days in IB is equal to 15 weeks for us…. till when should we wait for Shianihil???

    Loved Sahil’s dialogues and dialogue delivery…
    Mujhe patha tha m&s aap aoge
    Aap ko big muje promise karna hoga…ehin ke……. rehne dijiye….muje pataha hain again ke promise ke bageir bhi aap meri Anika didi ka pura khayal rakhoge….??
    Felt so sad for Shivay when in guilt he remembered throwing away Anika out of OM, post Daksh MU convo with Sahil n Pinky promise….

    Shivay’s radar…. active again…. but what’s the use now? Like she will come and stand in front of you as soon as you sense her!
    I will always have this complaint about his radar not working when anika needed it the most….

    Shivika fb was so nice to see…
    Anika tum kyu Shivay ko bigadne hi nahi diya?
    Their pink costume is one of my favourites.

    Sahil’s sadness on not meeting Anika were so natural…. Shivhil hug and Anihil hug not were so emotional…

    SSO no phone karlunga tho aap se baat karlunga…. innocent Sahil little do you know what’s happened in your sister’s life….

    That stupid auto driver was so irritating… Felt like slapping him…. who asked him to come in Shivay’s way? Couldn’t he see a man standing there? There was such space left on the road where he could have driven his stupid auto…. and couldn’t he see Shivay so lost…. feeling sick… and those idiotic spectators….mufth ka thamasha dekh rahe the….
    OMG the way he pushed Shivay!! Shivay din’t speak a word, yet that driver pushed him so hard!
    Stupid auto drivers! What else can b expected of them! Parasites!!

    And this Anika! For a min I was so angry on her too….. how cold she just stand n watch Shivay in pain…. his hand over his chest…his heart…. she has caused this pain, atleast she should have come forward….
    She allowed Shivay to drive back home in that state!! What if he had met with an accident?! Somehow she could have stopped Shivay….

    But seeing her fight with that crap auto driver have some relief to my self… loved the way she held his collar n also how she pulled him out of the auto….I thought she will make use of her chameli too…..
    Jhansi ki Rani….
    Shivay’s car drive until he reached home, with the bg music, oh…. I was biting my nails in tension…. ( I remembered Radhika’s accident scene from MMZ, that was so good that I can never forget it)

    Nakul…hats off man….the scene within the room untill Shivay fell prostrate was superb…. her voice ringing in his ears…his eyes were still searching for Anika….his heart was aching on not seeing her…

    AniRu convo on phone showed her concern… ( I don’t even want to talk about Pinky and her concern!! )

    The vedio call was superb… Shivay sensing her through the phone….
    The scene where he took Anika’s name touching his heart, unable to breathe…sensing her close by yet invisible….heartwrenching. …

    Loved the way Anika hugged her phone….

    Shivay dint hug back Rudy today.
    Dadi ….does she know if Pinky’s kartoot? Her look towards Pinky seemed like that…

    Anika has a new Chand bracelet…. though I liked the geometric shapes I prefer the old one….thay was way more classy….. Lax remember I told she needs a new bracelet? I wish they could replace the moons into the old one n polish it gold….

    Precap….. Shivay carrying that girl!! That’s the last thing I wanted to see….

    From tmro we will have to see her…. girls be strong…..

    1. Ranilya

      Sahil’s sadness on not meeting Anika was so natural….shivhil hug n Anihil hug was so emotional…

      Sorry for typo mistakes….

      1. Ranilya

        I forgot abt Prinku.
        So she now realised the deep put she has fallen into….
        Prinku probably should have been Pinky’s own daughter….though I don’t want any girl to undergo this…..
        Prinku’s dress was nice hair style too was good (similar to Anika’s) except for her waist band which I felt was a mismatch….it looked out of place.

      2. Archiya

        Yes Rani if prinku would have been pinky own daughter, then only she would felt the pain, else i feel its no way coming back to her if prinku is hurted anyway

    2. Shree27

      Sso’s radar catches signal when they r away frm each other….n now his signal reached its highest peak sensed through d phone waah…….when he was driving car my mom was also lyk abhi accident to nhi ho jaega……bt i felt he reached home so early na here she called rudy n he went home…….. they sure hv dil se dil ka connection…….
      I was also wandering whether dadi knows pinky’s kartoot or nt n seriously after dadi saying those lines ghar ki laxmi n all tat in tat separation epi i m eagerly waiting fr her to know atleast abt d truth n then wanted some anni dadi scene bt seems lyk cvs r in no mood in fulfilling any of my wishes….
      D old chand bracelet was really in a vry bad condition…..n some of surbhi’s fans gifted her new bracelets…..i think she wore tat one only…….bdw .is tat true tat d old one was gifted by surbhi Jyoti??? Idk these rumours were there tat she gifted them at d strting of d show

      1. Ranilya

        Shree lovely dp.
        Donno Dunno when we’l see them like this again…
        Though I had seen the pic of Nakul fallen on floor I was still anxious any the accident …

        Dadi I hope she gets know the truth….. she should never think bad about Anika . ..

        I too had heard from pkj that the old bracelet was Surbhi Jyothi’s gift…

        Yes the old one was worn out…. I had mentioned in my comment few days ago about it… many moons were missing n also it looked oxidized.. ..
        But the pattern was good.

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Ranu.. my heart went out too sso too… my god the way he spoke to Sahil.. the hug.. the way he sensed annika.. and the way he looked around with hope in eyes when someone called for auto.. NM nailed.. so did Shivaay!

      Having said all that, even if ani came in front u think he wud have welcomed her presence.. he wud have sure yelled at her.. I wished ani did something too.. when he was holding his chest.. but she I feel is also equally helpless..
      If ani shud do something, it shud be bringing the truth out! I still don get it!! Does she think the najayaz truth will break him more? He suffered an attack.. what more is the proof that nothing affect him more than this seperation?
      But again.. nothing can be done now!!

      Ranu I preferred the old bracelet too! I think lax/nivi some one mentioned.. they should have remade the old bracelet.. that was her identity.. shudn change..

      And precap! Big sigh! We need to develop a lot of tolerance to see her!!

      1. Ranilya

        Right dear… Ani was helpless… sure Shivay would never accept her help or concern…..
        But still I wish Anika came forward and helped him get I to a taxi or the same stupid auto at least instead of allowing them to drive…

        Bracelet…. it was I who said they should have replaced the lost moons n re-polished it….
        I miss the old bracelet…

    4. Archiya

      we may c sahil directly after the lapse now.. so his camp will go on for 3 months lol

      i liked the way anika hit that auto driver.. this is the anika we all love..

      an i loved her old bracelet.. missing it

      1. Ranilya

        Sahil in camp for 3mths. Ok….
        But once he comes back from camp he will have to b told about the separation Right? Will Anika hide it from him? Will he help shivika unite?

        This time I come to blore I will lòok for Anika bracelet… tbe older one…Or else il make one myself…. hope I get time

    5. Chavi

      Nice comment ranilya?☺☺ .

  3. Finally I noticed one thing,see during she made the video call, look her fingers ,there is her white ring as always, but when they took close up,it was not,I don’t think that close up hand was hers,that is too black, don’t think I’m mad ,I will notice rare things

  4. Same track in all gul khan serials…..Since DMG Separation of lead pair…By misunderstanding…..

  5. Hey ishquies ?????? how r uu alllll
    I’m fine as usual ??but was busy with my studies and now busy in Chennai as we have some family rituals and also Ramazan is arriving so I came for Chennai now having lots of fun with cousins ??
    For few days I didn’t watch ib may be some 2 weeks or more????watto do it depends on my sleeping time I’m soo happy that I could able to comment today nothing about Ishqbaaz it’s going in it’s own way I just want new man to enter anikas life so that Shivaay feels jealous ??and pkj how r u anu di ,Astha di .Ridhima di .diyas.ammmu.rani di.archu di .akki.liji di.surbhi.lax di . Pushpa akka.gayu di .Meenu .and sorry couldn’t able to remember all the names I’m not as sharp as our reni di ??how r uu all ??

    1. Riddhima

      Shab thangachi …..
      Varuka varuka entru anbuten varaverkiren …
      Nenu epdi iruka …

      1. naan nalla irukeann rombaa nalla irukean sama ana ib pathu daan 2 varam aagudhu ehehe

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Oi shab!! How r u?? Enjoy and have fun!
      Good that u got the time to comment here!! Keep peeping in once a while like this..
      IB is going its own way.. i know.. hope the way it takes gets better!
      Keep visiting and take care!!

    3. Archiya

      its good only dear u have not watched.. watch directly after lapse.. simply u will get saddened..
      n m good dear.. hope ur good too

    4. Riddhima

      Paravalla vitunga ….

    5. Piyuu

      Hi shab hw ru?

    6. Ranilya

      Hi shab… how r u?

      1. I’m fine di ??

    7. @anu akka yeah surely will peep when I get time??
      @archiya yeah still next few days I’m damn sure I can’t watch ib ????
      @piyyu I’m fine dear ??

    8. Chavi

      Hi shab…how r u dear? is ur studies going in ah?..
      I’m good☺..
      Oh..njoy dear..
      Me too travelling madurai for took 2.5 hours to reach…so commenting u all dears…
      OK take care dear…

    9. LAX

      How r u?? U r in Chennai.. wow..!! I was in Chennai for sometime. Missing the place very much. Happy Ramzan dear.
      Do visit the page more often.

  6. Nila

    This fan made pic made me so happy ????????

    See this so cute?

    1. Chavi

      Its nice nila☺..

  7. Shivaay: Anika do you remember the first time I threw you into this pool I asked you to apologize to me. Today I will apologize to you.
    Shivaay: Anika you once told me that my heart will stop when I see you. Today is that day. My heart stopped.
    Shivaay: Anika I once told you that nothing is more important to me than my family, not even you! Well today I want to tell you that I was wrong. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN YOU!!!!
    Well the last one has not come true yet but I am allowed to dream

    1. Shekhar



      Is true, whether he loud out it or not!!

      If you think What might have led him to say good bye to SAAHIL leaving for SHIMLA, you will find this one reason ,”NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN YOU!!!!”, along with many!

      He is known as cheating himself from confessing some facts about him, and this one also one out of many which he just could not loud out so far in TADI (ATTITUDE) and due to his own constraints !!

      When one fell in love, separation cause one to feel loved one through a lot of ways, and to meet some one related to loved one is one of those ways!

      1. Chavi

        Yes its true these lines
        “He is known cheating himself from confessing some facts about him..n dis is one out of many”..

        N I liked d last few lines…its very true bro..?☺☺..

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Susan… I am waiting for the day u come here n say your dream came true!!

      1. Just worried that it might take another 300 episodes. Ooohh it’s going to be a long sleep. Lol

    3. Chavi

      Yeah..its very true Susan…what u said..let’s hope for it to come true yaar..

    enjoy ur vacation with family.

    1. awwwwwwwwwwww thank uu so muchh so glad that uu all remember me

  9. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… CVS n pakka kr liye h ki es br emotions ka flood LA ke hi rahengee.. My craziness for shivika and tears for shivika separation is become a teasing topic for my family to tease Me…. Plz CVS United shivika soon… Nhi to mere jeena muskil ho jaaga….

    1. Chavi

      Hi Nikita n arfa..dears..wait with patience to see shivika’s reunion with bang ah..☺☺☺?

  10. Swathi..

    Hello ishqies &pkj family SSO is still wearing his engagement ring in his post lapse look , om will be in his old Avatar & more obromoments yayiyee. There is a hope that Sowmya will be back (not sure)

    1. Chavi

      Hope so swathi…

  11. Yhea Nikita-jiai29
    aap ki tera mera halta bi same to same.pls shivika ko reunit kardho nhai to mera jeena mushki hojayga

  12. well said shekhar bai ur analysis is so nice & true.


  14. Only episode was best . SSO and sahil ‘s conversation was very emotional. And hated the precap from bottom of my heart . Shivay i think she is not right girl for u . Pls realize this before it’s too late.

  15. Chavi

    By d way my dear pkj’s.. Plz clear my doubt..?
    What is d abbreviation for PM..?

  16. what yaar pls aisaamat karo ye track jaldi se khhatam kardo i wants to see shivika together i love this serial this is my favorite serial

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