Ishqbaaz 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika learns about Payal’s pregnancy

Ishqbaaz 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om asks what happened to you. Priyanka says Anika is my friend, how can you treat her like this. Shivaye says if she is your friend, I m your brother, if I decided something, you should know that its for your well-being. Daksh nods. Shivaye says nobody will talk about that girl in this house, she won’t have any relation with us, no more discussion. He goes. She cries and says he ousted poor Anika, don’t know what happened. Om says its something serious. Rudra say we have to find it out. Daksh thinks what will you do by finding it, what I wanted has happened, I m more dangerous than a snake. Anika, Gauri, Sahil and his mum return home. Sahil’s mum says don’t know what Anika did that we had to come back. Anika says I will get food.

Sahil’s mum scolds her. Gauri asks her to mind her language.

Anika says don’t vent my anger on Gauri, my work was over there, so we had to leave. Sahil’s mum asks what about your salary, how will I manage expenses for your marriage. Anika says I will find any other job. Sahil and his mum go. Gauri says I know that your work wasn’t over there, what’s the matter, something really happened, did anything happen with Shivaye. Anika says nothing has happened, I will get something to eat. She goes and shuts the door. She cries and thinks what can I tell you, when I don’t know what happened.

Shivaye says forget this and prepare for Ratjagga function, Dadi has asked us to organize this function, she will come on wedding day directly from Tirupati, she is keeping a yagya there to pray for Priyanka’s wedding. Rudra says it means, we all have to arrange all functions, there can be problems, Dadi isn’t here, you fired the wedding planner. Shivaye says we have to do it, let me know if you both can’t, I will do it alone. Om asks have you gone mad, we will do everything well, we want to know, why did you make Anika out of the house. Shivaye asks who Anika, I don’t know her, this name doesn’t exist for me. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words. She says don’t know what went so wrong that Shivaye made me leave the house, did I tell him something wrong that night, but we were talking normally the next morning, what happened that made him so angry. She wipes her tears. She says I have to think about Priyanka, I won’t let Daksh spoil her life, I have to tell his truth to Priyanka. She calls Priyanka. Priyanka goes to answer call.

Tia comes and says don’t tell me that you didn’t decide your dress. Priyanka says thank God you have come, I was so stressed, how will I manage without Anika. Shivaye says it will happen as it has to, Tia will help you. Anika calls again. Priyanka asks him to pass her phone. He sees Anika’s incoming call and disconnects. He says you don’t need to take calls, enjoy your day. She says I will get many calls. He says I will handle all that. She thanks him. Anika says why did she disconnect my call, is she annoyed with me, I have to tell her Daksh’s truth, but how. She asks Khanna to make her talk to Priyanka once. Khanna asks her to get into Priyanka’s room secretly. Anika thanks him and goes. She sees Tia taking Priyanka downstairs. Everyone smiles seeing Priyanka. Priyanka asks Shivaye will you shed all tears today, save some tears for bidaai too, you said the day is just for fun. Rudra jokes. They all dance. Priyanka hugs Shivaye. He cries.

Tia says mom wants Priyanka to wear shagun chunri in function, tell me where is it, I will get it. Shivaye says it might be in Priyanka’s room, I will get it. Anika says I can’t stay till function ends, I will write down Daksh’s truth in a letter, Priyanka will read it. She writes and says I hope Priyanka reads this letter, Lord give courage to Priyanka so that she can make Daksh out of her life. Shivaye comes there. She keeps the letter and rushes to go. Shivaye says you…….how dare you step in my house, I had asked you to stay away from my sister. He scolds her. She says I just wanted to talk to Priyanka about Daksh.

He says not a word against Daksh, I got to know about you and Daksh. She asks what have I done. He says you cheated and did a drama, you befriends Priyanka to come here and then you vowed to break her marriage, you said Daksh is characterless, you started flirting with him, when you couldn’t trap him, you tried the same with me, you compelled me to say this, my opinion was right about you, you are a liar and selfish girl who can do anything for money, Priyanka is stupid, I m not a fool, your truth has been exposed. She says you are misunderstanding. He says your fake tears melted me once, but not again, shall I call the security, or will you go yourself. She says you are wrong. He says you are wrong and even your upbringing is wrong, your actions speak about your upbringing. She says you should think many times before questioning someone’s upbringing, its not necessary that what you have seen is right, you don’t know me well. He says I know you enough, will you get out now or shall I call the security. The letter flies away. Anika cries and leaves.

Its morning, Anika thinks don’t know Priyanka read that letter or not. She stops Khanna and says I rented a house nearby, how was Priyanka’s Ratjagga function. He says it was good, she is busy in her mehendi function. He goes. She thinks it means she didn’t read the letter, now I just have one way left. She goes to Payal to talk. Payal says I don’t need to talk to you, go. Anika says why are you playing with Priyanka’s life, please don’t do this. Payal gets a call and asks have you got my reports. Anika thinks what’s this maternity clinic file doing here. She goes to the clinic and says I m here to collect Payal’s medical report. Nurse asks how are you related to her. Anika says I m her friend, she is unwell, she has sent me. She gets the reports.

She checks and says it means Payal is pregnant. Shivaye says give me her address. Khanna says she stays in my locality. Shivaye says lets go. Payal says Anika, go from here, I already has much problems in my life. She gets a call. Anika asks are you pregnant. Payal asks how do you know. Anika asks is this Daksh’s child. Payal cries and says yes, its Daksh’s child. Anika asks does he know about it. Payal says I m trying to tell him, he is avoiding me, I m pregnant, he is marrying Priyanka, what will I tell my parents. Anika says you can’t hide this truth for long, tell truth to Priyanka, if this is Daksh’s child, he should give his name to this child, he won’t do this if he marries Priyanka, four lives will be ruined, you have to show courage for yourself and your child.

Priyanka gets Anika’s letter. Payal calls Anika. Anika says I m reaching Payal…. Daksh comes to Payal’s house and pushes her. Payal asks what has happened to you Daksh. Anika asks Payal are you fine…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Heyyy PKJ…
    TRP of IB is just 1.5 nd overal 17 position… Yr itni acchi track chal raha hain still trp is decreasing…!!!???
    Now coming to epi ,
    I have a doubt after watching yesterday’s epi…
    In yesterday’s epi that Taygi just show Shivay’s confession clif , he didn’t hve Anika’s past nd Shivika didn’t made a vedio of Anika’s part also… Then how Daksh know about Anika’s mother..!!!??
    So in this point Shivay doubt on Daksh nd playing a trick to know about his reality….
    Hope this thing will strike on Shivay’s mind soon…
    I just want something like this to happen in IB… *fingercross*
    But after watching d epi i don’t think something like this will happen…
    Today’s epi ,
    Aniri come back to their house… Yr i thought…. *Leave it*
    BTW today Prinku looks beautiful with her outfit…
    Shiv-Prinku small scene was good…
    Precap –
    This only we can expect from that do choti wala…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Go Bani Go !
      congo on being first !
      ab thik hai …….
      I am not calling u di ……
      he….he ……..
      but mujhe thoda odd lag raha hai…….
      me too want something like that will happen……
      hey bhagwanji please SSO ko thodi si buddhi dedo…..
      love u ….

      1. Banita

        Thank U @Ishu…
        Yeh now it’s f9 , Odd lag raha hain… Koi nahi adat ho jayega…
        Just hope jald hi sadbudhi mil jaye…
        Love U too yr…

    2. Go Bani Go !
      congo on being first !
      ab thik hai …….
      I am not calling u di ……
      he….he ……..
      but mujhe thoda odd lag raha hai…….
      me too want something like that will happen……
      hey bhagwanji please SSO ko thodi si buddhi dedo…..

    3. Congrats Banita!!! For being number 1 again!!
      Ok banita I also thought that a Shivaay is trying to find out about Daksh so he sent Anika out. But after today’s episode I realised maybe he is really angry and allowed Daksh to manipulate him. we have to watch today and see what happens.

      1. Banita

        Thank U @Sindhu dii…
        Yeh we have to wait to know furter , but i don’t think something like this will reveal in today’s epi…
        So may be we have to wait for nxt week…
        Let’s see what will happen…!!!!!??
        Lotsss Of Love dii…

    4. Hiiiiii Bunny..
      Ye last week episodes were really amazing….but trp.thoh badi dhit he…….
      Want to kill Daksh..and give a slap to Sso.
      Aone bhaiya ko thoda samjhao….

      1. Banita

        Yr tu hr time mere bhaiya pe kun aajati hain!!? Thoda sbra kr…
        Wase Daksh ko maarne mein mujhe nahi Meri Choti wali didi ko parisaani ho jayegi… Jo abhi abhi kuch din pehele hi paraya dhan ho gayi…

  2. don’t know when daksh will be exposed…???
    kuch jada hi lamba khichi ja raha iss track ko…aab agar iss k baad annika shivay aur tia ki weeding planer baan jai to…kuch nehi kahunga…
    just want to say pani aab saar se upar uth chuka hai. daksh ko jald se jald expose karna chahiye makers ko. aur rahi baat trp ki to it’s obvious cause it’s redux but audience are not liking that shivika are away from each other. look pehle ki baat alag hai kuki taab serial naya tha..saab kuch naya tha.Hum saab shivika ko bohot kuch jhelte hue dekha, separation dekha,payr dekha. Aur aab phirse ai saab kuch jada hai. upar se daksh ka drama bohot lamba ho chuka hai. annika itna try kar raha hai phir bhi usko expose nehi kaar paa raha hai. ho sakta hai audience itna lamba drama pasand nehu kar raha hai. mujhe to iss tia pe bhi doubt hai. kahi a daksh ki biwi na ho…

    1. Daksh is going to exposed soon..may be in next week..just wait and watch..

    2. Banita

      Hlo Sharmin…
      Well , i agree with ur point on trp decrease…
      Tia nd Daksh ki biwi..!!!!!!!! I dont think ase kuch hoga… LOL…

  3. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 24.
    I realy hate this trp…..I was right these trp aunties don’t deserve our show. .
    But ummed pe duniya kayam he toh hope aage increase ho.

    @Nilash welcime back with band baaj baarat and also with some rotten tomatoes
    You are liking episode and don’t even want to come rude.
    @Ishu even I am 18 years stop calling me di.
    @Sindhu di.hope is here..
    @Ritu I am with you.

    Come to episode. What to write. ….i can’twrite a bit.
    Miss writter we all know you love Sso than anything.but that doesn’t mean you will make your FL insulted again and again and again.
    I am really tied of said you want to do something new but it is same happening. ….WHY ??????WHYANNIKA HAS TO BE INSULT BY SSO..
    Today may be I will sound rude..but Sso has no common sense.may be he is chantomai but when it is needed it became gayab….
    What is Sso thinking? ?????…FyI you are the one who was behind Annika
    Yiu were the one who put ring in her finger intentionally. …
    Now you are saying ANNIKA IS BEHIND YOU.
    Ok i agree you are manipulated by D bit that doesn’t mean you wil direct rise finger on anyone character or upbringing. .even this is bot good upbringing then your upbringing is also not good.
    I felt bad for him…..but anger is on high level.
    I know it is just a fictional show..bit stilll.
    Harneet ji please stop this..can’t tolerate Annika’s insult anymore
    Even today I could not attached to Sso and prinku..
    And what you said WHO IS ANNIKA????????????????????????…..
    Sso I am saying you are going to regret for this badly…..very badly.
    Last time so much happened but only one sry was there..this time I want a MUCH MORE GUILT SSO..and want Annika to not give him a damn.
    Today he crossed limit..
    And Annika..let prinku marry D……
    And this payal.ok i fel sry for you but you deserve it……

    Precap-…..wwaiting..hope Annika wil save payal
    Upcoming is intresting SHANO DEVI..welcome..????
    And hope after D part Annika should focus on her marriage..
    And also This Chachi…arghhhh.
    Ok my mood is of.Ned to watchold episodes ok..bye..

    1. Hii Arpita …….
      or i would lije to call u Arpu ( If u don’t have any problem)

      I agree, everytine history repeats itself and Everytime Shivaye repeats same mistake and always Annika get insulted again and again and wo bhi without being at fault.

      and ya…..upcoming is quite interesting……
      Another roop od Annika …..

      Love u …..

      1. Hii ishu..yeh ofcourse you can call me Arpu……
        And history repeats itself..but i am hating this reparation…if they could give us repeation of Dard hua..or farak pada..or blush…..pool romance..hope in upcoming they will give us something like this.
        But seriously cant handle Annika’s insult again…and again…and again…

    2. I am new here iam a silent reader from 27 june 2016 may i join you please

      1. Arpita6

        Ofcourse dear…welcome to pkj….ith lots of love..kep commenting and enjoy the fun…

      2. Hi Sejal.
        welcometo our family.

    3. Arpu dear calm down my dear. Calm calm down. I know you are very angry with SSO. I am also as I love both shivika so much. I am just thinking like old IB he easily believes Daksh instead of Anika. By now he should have been able to recall vaguely what happened that drunken night. He knows the situations that Anika was in the mansion was all pure coincidence. He carried her up and not she asked him to help.

      I still have maybe 5% hope that Shivaay wants to find out about daksh and does not want Anika to be there. Each time Anika is there daksh is attaching her but now she is not there he may want to find out himself. I am not sure whether this will happen but I think cvs will not do this way. Sigh…… Shivaay is going to remain angry with Anika until he knows the truth.

      1. I have 1 % faith Sindhu di.what to do..first this ghatia daksh.. and moreover Sso’s 2 rupees dialogue…
        But how can he blame Annika’s character….
        I have hope that Bcoz Sso didn’t say anything about viral video…..
        This thing is striking in my mind….
        Lets see.

  4. I think daksh will be exposed soon cuz anika knew about payal’s pregnancy and she got the report it ‘s it will be a big evidence against daksh and shivay will trust anika after this drama i

  5. Hello guys im new here im Imane from morroco I think this drama will be ended soon and this daksh will be exposed as anika knows how to caught daksh red handed cuz she got the evident against him which is payal’s pregnancy report cuz evil people never ever win

    1. Hii Imabe. ……..
      Welcome to our lovely pkj family…….
      Keep commenting dear…….

    2. Hiiii Imane….yiu are frim moroco…wow….So we have morocan frnd too….I am loving it..
      Welcome to pkj with lots of love..keep commenting and enjoy the fun….
      And Hope So dear……..lets see how Daksh wil expose..

    3. Banita

      WELCOME TO PKJ @Imane with band baaja nd lots of love….
      Yeh Do Choti wala will be expose soon…

  6. Sorry Imane …..
    actually it was typing error…….
    sorry once again

  7. Hello everyone………
    How are you ?

    what to say about today’s episode……..
    I am totaly disappointed with Shivaye……
    bcoz he insulted Annika without any reason …….
    I mean , I know he has his reason……….
    but stillll………

    Daksk kapoor himself admitted that he is much more poisnous then Snake…….

    aur kya kahu …….
    i dont have anything to say…….

    so …..
    bye ……
    Goodnight ……..

    1. Most striking part is he didn’t said anything about that CLIP…WHY?????????????

  8. Can’t say anything in this connection. On the top of it, trp is low. This way, ishqbaaz will go off air. My first and foremost question is What was the point of bringing the redux part? Phle kalyani Mill ka track lmba track khincha ab mysterious lady ka track lamba khichayega jisme shivaay Anika ke relationship pr bhari pdegi aese hi Bas audience ko burbak bannana hai apne show ko off air se bachane k liye. Mujhe ab boring lg raha hai. Phle show new tha tou jhel letter the but phirse wahi Naya siyapa. Ab jb kuch ni mil raha tha tou shivaay Anika ke baccho ka track dikha Daksh kb exposed hoga Bhai? Isse Maine show dekhna hi chod diya hai. Bas time milta hai written episode se padh leti hun..

    1. Shivika ishqbaaz Kalyani Mil track was base of the show..and Shivika love story was focused….then KM track is over and nothing was left in shivika love story..bcoz they already got their ultimate destination.
      So you can take this as Ishqbaaz season 2 with same character and same actor……
      So this track has to be long.
      And its Gul show…baby track is not possible easily..
      This redux is not bad…but need something new…tired of insult and accusations

  9. Can’t say anything in this connection. On the top of it, trp is low. This way, ishqbaaz will go off air. My first and foremost question is What was the point of bringing the redux part? Phle kalyani Mill ka track lmba track khincha ab mysterious lady ka track lamba khichayega jisme shivaay Anika ke relationship pr bhari pdegi aese hi Bas audience ko burbak bannana hai apne show ko off air se bachane k liye. Mujhe ab boring lg raha hai. Phle show new tha tou jhel letter the but phirse wahi Naya siyapa. Ab jb kuch ni mil raha tha tou shivaay Anika ke baccho ka track dikha Daksh kb exposed hoga Bhai? Isse Maine show dekhna hi chod diya hai. Bas time milta hai written episode se padh leti hun

  10. Hello everyone, I am sad that trp is down. Of course it will be if they keep joining and separating shivika the following episode. I must say Nakkul acted well being an angry man. But why Shivaay you have to listen to Daksh and how can Anika label Daksh as characterless. Only man will label woman as characterless.

    Anyway what Anika said is true. She told him that he will regret after that when he realises the truth. He is going to show remorse and at that time Anika may not forgive him.

    Now I only hope Omru sees the cctv footage and see daksh and Sunil together so at least they can piece the puzzle.

    Why did Shivaay ask Khanna where she stays and Khanna said it is in his locality? Is he talking about the mehendi lady? If that is the case then Anika is going to come in disguise as Shanno but I think she still will not be able to prove anything. Daksh will be smarter than her.

    1. Hello Sindhu di
      How are u ?
      Yes di Annika should not forgive Shicaye so easily ………
      she should show NAKHRE NOORJAHAN K
      then only Shivaye will realise his mistake

      love u di.
      take care.

      1. Hey Ishita dear how are you and nice analysis yesterday. This moderation kills me. They don’t post my comments whenever I do agree with certain analysis. Not sure whether it gets mixed up and missed. Take care dear

    2. Sindhu di.for that we need to watch today episode..
      Nakuul is best but this Sso is behaving so dumb…..why writter always write these kind of scenes..
      Hope Sso will regret badly…lets see.

      1. I totally agree with you Arpu dear that SSO is dumb. He maybe a shrewd businessman but he is not a good character analysis. He can’t eve differentiate who is a poisonous snake and who is genuine sincerely. You know how heartbroken Anika was when Shivaay started hurling hurtful words on her and she is still in the dark not knowing why SSO is angry.

        I have a feeling Arpu more than getting angry that the video got leaked he is furious when he heard from D that she flirted with Daksh and toyed with his feelings and hence to stop the wedding which obviously is not true. This is exactly why he was angry with Anika in old IB thinking she sold herself for 15 lakhs to Daksh. SSO never uses his brains at all.

  11. Hi guys… Happy for u all..

    Hi arpita, I agreed with ur anger.. Every time SSO insulting annika without thinking wisely abt her character n directly pin point her… He is badha business man.. Hw cm he do confirm without thoroughly investigate abt anni… Tis episode make me so sad guys ??

    I always hv special respect on SSO bcos he will do the correct thing… But in anni case he always do big mistakes… Y… Ooh my maata.. Kiuw SSO..

    Can’t u differentiates the truth n fake SSO… pls change..u alrdy hv a doubt… Did annika..??? U ask urself… But y in nxt second u confirmed… I love u so much SSO as well annilka.. But if u do mistakes I can’t take it…hmmm.. Even though if u hv ur reasons behind it… I’m vr sad to c anni in tears ?…

    Anyway daksh I knew SSO vr well if he find out abt u.. My god ki kasam.. U finished.. Bcos he can’t bare if anyone do bad to his love ones… His sister more than anything to him…he dun like anyone make his family suffer… Bare in ur mind duksh..

    Guys vr sry… I’m so angry with yday episode … SSO u ask.. Who is annika ??? ..she is everything for u…u will realise it vr soon… Ok cool jc cool ? ?

    Paayal sry for u but u deserve it… Hw cm u let ur man to get marry with other girl… Nw u pregnant.. N ask anni hw to tell ur parents… Arrggghhhh…. But surely anni will help u dun worry…

    OK frens… C u soon… Bye ? ?

    1. Hiii Jeesie…….dear..we are in same position..ha ha.
      Sso get sense aftr spreading raita….lets see what is goung to happen next

    2. Hello Jessie.
      yes u r right….. yesterday Shivaye was very rude towards Annika …..
      which was not fair……

  12. Hiii My frnds…listen and those wgo are silent reader listen to me..
    We all are pissed off with Daksh drama..and moreover Annika’s insult..
    But plz just think about that time when Sso will get to know truth….and he will regret badly..that sequence will be beautiful..and when their love story wil start it wil more beautiful..
    We have to support our show if we actualy love it.
    Plz ishqbaaz on tv at 10 pm..if ypu dont want to watch then just tuned to starlpus at 10 pm..and do whatever you want..
    If we will not support this time then we will lose the show…
    Love you

    1. Don’t worry di ……
      i wont stop watching Ishqbaaz……..
      Actually , I can’t……… it is impossible for me…….
      chahu bhi tb bhi ishqbaaz dekh na nhi chod sakti

  13. Lutfa where are you????????????????????????????

    1. Banita

      Yeh @Lu is gayab now a days!!!!

      1. Yaa……Luthfa di became Mr.India……..
        where are you di……
        please come back……
        missing u and ur analysis.

  14. I dont like current track. Will be nice if they continue with Present. Really boring … stopped reading wriiten updates

  15. boring track

  16. Nikita_jai29

    Cvs are repeating the same things.. I am feeling like forced marriage of shivika will again happen..

  17. Can anyone please explain me what is going on in IB? I couldn’t watch it for months and now everything is changed I don’t understand a bit what is actually going on !!! ?

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