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Ishqbaaz 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sahil saying Anika that everything will be fine. She asks him to tell Lord, I lost canteen contract, your custody, its much bad luck. She cries. He tells about Piku’s nani, whose hearing ability got less. She says its as per her age. He says even Lord will hear your prayers soon, you just keep praying. She gets call from Shivaye’s manager, who asks her is she available for catering service. She says yes, where to come, and menu. He says I will send you message, and menu what you make the best. She says I make chole puri best, but how do you know. The man ends call. Shivaye tells him to say about college canteen. The man calls her again and says sorry, call got disconnected, I got to know from college canteen. She asks who told you.

Shivaye slowly says tender form. The

man tells same to her. She says oh, I lost that tender because of some mad blue eyed male cat, I was just getting the milky layer and the cat ruined it jumped over. The man says you should have kicked that cat. Shivaye hears the conversation and looks at him. The man understands and tells Anika to greet the cat from his side. She asks what. He asks her to reach at address and ends call. He says sorry Sir, I did not know she was saying about you. Shivaye says all doors will be closed for you from today. Anika tells Sahil that he was right about praying to Lord, and Lord answering their prayers. Shivaye hears Pinky and Shakti talking about Roop. Shakti says you dealt well with Roop, I told you about her. Pinky says I m Pinky, Roop can’t fool me, I have got her kicked out. Shivaye gets puzzled seeing them talking well and leaves.

Tej goes to Jhanvi and talks well to her. He says I m proud of you, Pinky won, and you are no less, I felt you will leave today. She says yes, but this house did not let me go. Rudra and Om look on and get surprised. Shivaye comes to them, and they say their parents are talking well today. Shivaye says marriage…. Om says complicated…. Rudra says very complicated, I don’t understand why people marry. Om says why not, if two people love each other, why can’t they stay all life together. Rudra says one can’t hear same song always, marriage is same, logic. Shivaye asks how are you expert in relationships. Om says you don’t know real relationship. Rudra says you know a lot right. They argue. Shivaye says wait a min.

Dadi cries and asks Roop why did she steal in her own house, you can’t stay here now, you are my blood, I will send you money for your expenses, diamonds can shine, but they are stones, happiness is by family, not stones. Roop apologizes. Dadi goes. Roop stares at Jhanvi and Pinky.

Shivaye asks Om did you see art galleries. Om says yes, I chose one. Shivaye asks him about his paintings. Om says I m preparing, one left, will be completed tomorrow, it was great day. Rudra asks them to ask him too and tells about his GF. Om asks Shivaye about his day. Shivaye says great. Rudra asks how, when you did not meet Tia. Shivaye says I mean work wise, I m showing someone their place. Om says you are doing something wrong, what is it. Shivaye says nothing. Om says you gave that wicked grin again, Rudra did you see. Rudra asks Shivaye what is he upto. Shivaye says you guys will know it soon.

Its morning, Anika comes to Khanna’s place. She gets glad seeing the kitchen. She likes the clean kitchen and says its like Katrina Kaif, so white and fair. Shivaye’s manager Khanna meets her and asks how did she like kitchen. Anika says its really nice, I wish to stay here and keep my stalls here, I wish to settle here, this kitchen is bigger than my house. Khanna informs the same to Shivaye. Shivaye says I don’t want this irritating details, know something imp. Shivaye ends call and says this day will be costly for Anika. Anika tells Khanna that she knows just aloo puri and chane, she got other items, I will make aloo puri, you just eat that and then say. Khanna says fine, and informs this to Shivaye. Shivaye asks have you lost it. Khanna asks is this not imp. Shivaye waits for some useful info.

Ishana gets ready and acts. Her friend compliments her. Ishana gets glad and says I hope this typical look works. Her friend calls Om as Jiju. Ishana says just Varun Dhawan is your Jiju, that Omkara is just a target, once my work is done, I won’t see his face, once I stick to someone, I make person mad, and this Omkara is going to become mad now. She smiles.

Anika cooks aloo puri and asks Khanna to taste the dish. He likes it and says its very tasty. She says even my slap has taste, this is aloo puri, just see, I will ignite fire on dinner tonight.

Om tells the man that he likes the gallery and asks him to solve some problem. Ishana comes there and waves to him. He turns. Ishana’s friend says he did not notice you. Ishana says he did not see my typical look till now. She asks Om about his next exhibition and smiles. She says you, and passes by her. Om hugs Riddhima. Ishana gets shocked.

Om asks what are you doing here. Riddhima says I wanted to surprise you. He says I m so happy to see you. She says I m not, you did not tell me anything. He says sorry, I did not wish to disturb you, now everything will get fine, as you have come. She says we will be together. Ishana’s friend tells Ishana that your love story ended, how did you miss this in your research, Om already has his GF, what will you do now. Ishana gets worried.

Shivaye reaches his friend’s anniversary party. He hugs his friend. His friend also speaks like Anika. Shivaye asks what kind of language is this. His friend says sorry, why did you get angry. Shivaye recalls Anika and says nothing, I recalled someone. His friend asks anyone special. Shivaye says no, where is that painting. His friend asks him to wait. Anika collides with Shivaye and looks at him.

Anika says this pasta burnt, no one should eat this. Shivaye asks her to give him pasta. She tries to stop him, but he insists. She asks him to have it then and serves him. He eats the burnt pasta and looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivanika rokz.i luv anika alot.sshe is just similar to my character

  2. Fan of ishqbaaz

    I absolutely love the storyline ..everything…. NO OFFENSE….but i seriously think the female casting can be better… The girls on the show are nice individually…..the male casting is perfect… None of them seem matching to the male progonist ….be it anika ishana ridhima…angelaangel is cutecute bubble for herher role

  3. Luv you shivani best show ever after deludes bunt no logic

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