Ishqbaaz 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shwetlana and Veer team up

Ishqbaaz 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says its not about me, its about you, I m afraid for your life. Shwetlana says attack Shivaye’s weakness, I know his weakness very well. Anika says she said I will lose my love. Shivaye says she is dead. She says police didn’t get her dead body yet. Some time before, Veer practices Tai-chi. He says for the first time in life, my plans are failing, plan of scaring Anika and killing Shivaye, I feel so restless by losing, I think Shivaye was destined to survive, but I m the one who wrote my destiny myself, Anika is my love, I will get her at any cost. Shwetlana says you will need my help for this. He asks what are you doing here.

She says I came to fulfill a sister’s duty and help you. He says I don’t need anyone. She says you didn’t succeed to separate Shivaye and Anika, it means

you can’t manage this alone. Shivaye thinks I should invite Veer first for the Lohri function. She says you will need me to separate them, truth is bitter, its better if you accept this soon. Veer asks what’s the plan. Shivaye goes to knock. Shwetlana says attack on Shivaye’s weakness, I know Shivaye’s weakness very well. Shivaye enters and asks what’s all this. Shwetlana hides behind the door. Veer sees them in the mirror and thinks Shivaye can see her. He says I was practicing Taichi, so everything got scattered, did you have any work. Shivaye asks won’t you ask me to come in. Veer says its nothing like that, everything is scattered, come in. Shivaye says I m joking, I m in hurry, we are celebrating Lohri today, I wanted you to join us. Veer says sure. Shivaye says bring Shweta and Monali too. Veer says I will surely get them. Shivaye leaves. Shwetlana sees Veer and smiles.

Gauri asks the man to fix the lights. She asks another man about sweets. She asks Rudra to tell me if she needs to get anything else. Anika asks what happened Rudra. Rudra asks what happened. Gauri says he didn’t listen. Om asks are you okay. Rudra says its first Lohri that our entire family is not together, Dadi used to be so excited, she celebrates Lohri so grandly, I m missing Dadi’s story a lot today. Om says Dadi used to make tasty til laddoos. Rudra says Lohri is incomplete without Dadi, I m missing her. They see Shivaye and Dadi and smile. Dadi says I told you not to have upset faces on auspicious day. Omru hug her.

Rudra asks how did you come. Dadi says I had to come to tell you the story. Rudra asks Chubby what are you doing here. Chubby says you are getting married, I had to be here, best man. Rudra says I didn’t want worst man. Om teases Khanna for missing Shivaye. Khanna says I missed Shivaye a lot. Shivaye says don’t get senti. Anika hugs Dadi and says we missed you. Dadi says my grandchildren were sad here, I wanted to meet them, Shivaye told me he is missing me, so I came immediately. Anika asks did Shivaye talk to you. Shivaye asks did you think I was missing Khanna. Khanna says you would have missed me a little. Shivaye asks him to go and work.

Bhavya comes. Dadi kisses and blesses her. Dadi wards off evil eye from Bhavya and Rudra. Om says I really feel happiness is here because of Dadi. Shivaye says I wish entire family gets together, it will take some time. Dadi says we should celebrate Lohri such that Goa remembers it, I have brought special clothes and bangles for my three bahus. Rudra asks for til laddoos. Om says its for all of us. Rudra runs with laddoos box. Shivaye and Om run to catch him. Hum saath ek duje ke….plays… They have laddoo and hug Dadi. Anika looks on. Shivaye offers the laddoo to her.

Dadi tries calling someone. Shivaye comes to her. He sees Dadi calling Jhanvi. He asks how is everyone at home. Dadi says those four fools are fine. Shivaye asks is Tej fine, and dad, mom, Jhanvi… Dadi says you worry for everyone so much. He says they are my elders. She says but their doings are like those of kids, I m glad and relieved that my family legacy is in your hands, mansion looks good if there is happiness, they are lonely in the mansion, we are celebrating Lohri today, they have no one to celebrate the festival with.

Dadi says your Dada ji used to say, never let this family apart, all my life got spent to keep it united, and now its all shattered, not just the house, even hearts got divided. She cries. She says I failed to keep the promise I had made to your Dada ji. He hugs her and says you are our strength, hope, you can’t lose hope, I m still alive, I promise you I will make everything fine, I will re-unite this family, happiness will return in Oberoi mansion. She says I completely trust you. He says mark my words, next year, we will celebrate Lohri function in Oberoi mansion like last year. Anika looks on and recalls Shivaye getting shot.

Shivaye finds her worried. He goes to her. She hugs him and asks is this function necessary, you remember what happened in last Lohri, you were shot. He asks what’s the connection here. She says you know what all happened with us, we are trying to get involved in Rudra’s happiness, that fear is still within. Anika says its not about me, its about you, I m afraid for your life. Anika says that woman said I will lose my love. Shivaye says she is dead. She says what if she is alive, police didn’t get her dead body yet, I m scared that if she is dead, I will never get the answers. He says when questions ended, there is no point to know answers, just trust me, till I m alive, no one can hurt us. He consoles her. Shwetlana says till Shivaye is alive, I can harm Oberois, you can’t get Anika, Shivaye is the biggest hurdle in our way, we have to join hands to get rid of him.

Shivaye says as long as we have family’s love and blessing, as long as we are together, no one can defeat us. Shwetlana says we need to make such a plan to separate Shivaye and Anika, that they can’t understand it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fascinating Friday Evening Greetings to all my GPkj walas!
    I am soooooo sorry for not being able to reply your yesterday’s comments. All have given well balanced and apt analysis for yesterday’s episode.???????? And thank you Banita, Shanaya & Luthfa di for your complements and reply.

    And my warm greetings to Viji,Banita, Shanaya, Luthfa di, Sindhu,Zaveesha, Pushpa, Aashika,BILLUJI alice RAHUL BHAIYA, Pui, UF, Ayesha, Kadhambari, Nikita, VHM, Jane, Maansi, Nivi,Aastha & Lax di and Roby of yesterday’s commentors.

    Coming to today’s episode, it was the batter of Anika di’s fear and Obros +Dadi’s emotional and enjoyable segments along with exasperated Swetlu & Veer’s part.
    Swetlana as instigator to her distant brother Veer to fulfill her nafrat for Oberois. Shivaye bhaiya invited Veer unknowingly the intentions of Veer & presence of Swetlana thereby.
    Rudy’s emotional segment was so good & heart touching one. Dadi’s return with her Til laddu and her special story along with Rudy’s CHUBY and Shivaye bhaiya’s KHANNAJI.
    Awwww… Khannaji really missed his SSO & waited for his call & too yearned to know whether his boss would have missed him at least little bit. But SSO made his mouth shut.
    Dadi &Anika’s hug. Wah! What a lovely hug!Bhavya received blessings form Dadi. And Rikara and ShivRu’s enjoyment with Dadi by chasing for sweets.

    Today both Anika di and Bhavya were LOST in fear and from episode respectively.
    Dadi’s emotional convo & Shivaye bhaiya’s promise to her was amazing.

    Anika’s fear of losing her love,her Shivaye due to Komal’s curse & her doubt on Komal’s death clearly indicates us something is gonna happen. But still they are together nothing else can harm them.

    Precap – Shivika encouraging themselves while Swetlana plans to attack on Shivaye bhaiya’s weakness. Let’s wait patiently till passing of our weekends to see the master plan of both.

    Good night GPkj with gracious dreams.??????

    1. Today’s was going to be my last comment so I thought to be first. ???Anyway go shivya go.

    2. Pui

      Warm greetings to you too dear…
      Your description is on point ?

    3. Banita

      Go Shivu Go….
      Yeh feel bad for Khannaji…. Shivaay at least smile vi kr leta… But it is d speciality of them…

    4. A hot warm greetings to you too dear shivya…….
      Congrats ? for being first. Nice analysis…..
      Have a happy weekend……
      Love u nd take care.

    5. Shivya I also like the part where they chased for the ladoos and that family song of Lafzon. Very nice shot

    6. Go Shivya Go.Congratulations on being first….
      Episode was full on giving sweet,cute and lovely family moments.Just loved those a lot.Hoping that Veerlana gang will fail in their plan and get a tight lesson through Shivika.Anyway,very nice analysis Shivya.God bless you.Take care.Happy weekend?

  2. Hi to all Pkjs!!
    I have not watch today’s ishqbaaz. And I will not watch it anymore ( or at least regularly ) not only ishqbaaz but all serials.
    I have my career ahead and I have to prepare hard for all upcoming exams like CAT , Gate, IES etc.
    Also I am really sorry Pkjs but I think today is going to be my last comment on this page. I am not telling that I am quitting this wonderful Pkjs, but it just that I don’t no when I will comeback.

    I hope you guys will understand.
    I will try my best that whenever I get Time I will comment on Telly update of Ishqbaaz and YRRKH, but I can’t promise that I will comment. I hope now you guys, specially Luthfa, Shanaya, Ayesha , Sindhu dii, will release why I posted that comment yesterday. ????

    Luthfa last day you commented that boy becomes boy after they come out. But if you are differing in this matter then I am really worried for u bhaiya. I seriously don’t understand you what you want to tell and about which thing you are worried?? Please explain dear.

    All the best to Arpita, Ayesha , Chavi , Uff, Sindhu dii, Riyasmiles, Shanaya, Luthfa, Banita ( bournvita ?? ), dhawani naidu, Nikita, Riyatheholic, each and every member of this wonderful Pkjs family for their upcoming future, career, future exams. Sorry if I forget any names, since I am new I still don’t know all the members of Pkjs.
    All the best to every member of Pkjs for their future career and yes please rock your life and all members of Pkjs should become something in their life.

    1. Good luck
      I’m sure you’ll nail it ?
      Do focus on your career and make the best out of it ?

      1. Gd luck bhaiya…..
        Whenever you get time comment here…. Gonna miss u so badly…….
        Focas on ur career…… May god bless u….
        Take care

    2. Banita

      Haawwwww!!!!!!!!!!! Bhaiya again Bournvita…!!! Main last day page mein pucchi thi Why U rename me as Bournvita???? Pure PKJ mein main hi mili thi naam dene ke liya..!!!
      We understand U, career comes first.. I will not miss U at al… Still waiting 4 my answer…

      1. Bournvita ???. I have done this with every member of YRRKH family. ??Nicknames for everyone.
        If I would have stayed longer then Shanaya would have become shanto, Luthfa become ludo, etc. But I am going so you only. Bad luck. ??

        Sorry Shanaya, Luthfa, Banita if I have hurted you guys.

    3. All the best Billu in your future endeavours. We will miss your comments. Please come on if you do get time to say hello to us.

      1. Thanks sindhu dii, I will try Sindhut dii. All the best for your future dii

    4. Hey Rahul bhaiya,

      As Anika di is having the fear of losing her Billu, here in GPkj we too are going to lose our gem of Pkj – Billuji.

      Anyways Good luck bhaiya. Career comes first before all. Let my lord bless you to teacher the zenith of success.

      I’m so sorry bhaiya. If I have known about this of you I would have not commented first. Please pardon me. And thank you so much bhaiya for your complement.

      Do try to come atleast weekend with your comments bhaiya. It’s my request. I miss you so much. I am hopefully waiting and will wait for your comments.
      Keep smiling. Stay safe and take care. Miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo much bhaiya.

      1. Thanks and no sorry. Damage have been done. ???.
        OK and no sorry please.
        And thanks for your words.
        All the best for your future.

    5. Hello Rahul bhaiya,
      Oh that means you didn’t understand my reply.Ok,great.And I am not going to clear your confusion any time soon.First you have to swear that you will visit PKJ whenever you will be able to manage time at least say hello to us if not any analysis.If you can do that then I will think about clearing your confusion.Career is very very important but we shouldn’t miss the fun and living life with less stress.I hope you would balance this two most important things very well .All the very best for your future.Go ahead and fullfill your dream.Listen to your heart and stay blessed.Good luck bhaiya?

      1. I think I understand your meaning. And after understanding I was deeply hurted.
        So I asked you meaning, maybe you have written on different understanding. That’s why I asked you.
        And on commenting again. I can’t promise but I will try on weekends.

  3. Pushpa

    Happiness overloaded at Shivika GoaMansion..
    So happy to see dadi at shivika place…all missed her so much and khannaji too….thts so cute when all said awwwww for khannaji luv to shivaye…rudy misses dadi so much…and shivayebrought dado to goa…scn ws bezutiful..all fighting chading eachother hugging and drowning in hapiness …. good2c khannaji too..
    Yes dadi…shivaye sub..sub…thikarthu…thts my shivaye singh oberoi..will do anything to get his OF united…luved the whole scene wt dadi..Daadi convo wt shivaye ws emotional everytime beautiful bond..
    Feel like shooting swetlana and veer …????anyone wt me..dipomunguysbthink shivaye saw knew swetlana ws hiding behind the door???
    Here anika worried about lohri thinking about last lohri and the women’s curse tht anika will loose her love of her life…she get scared….but shivaye consoled her saying till shivaye zinda hae no one can do anything to them…the other side swetlana telling veer thy cant do anything if shivaye is alive… this is not done cvs…..until when ppl trying to seperate our shivika,..
    I prey swetlana plan will backfired….
    So much of michi michi feeling whts gona happen…swetlana plan!?!?

    Well gals weekend hv to past fast…cant wai t..
    Full of familybaazz..
    Dil hua ishqbaazz…
    Gd nite gals,..

    1. Banita

      Heyy Pus di….
      I m with U… Chalo we both do it together… Yaa Why always Shivika???

    2. Hi pu di….. How are you????
      I also pray that may sultu’s plan backfire… Nd yes I am with u….. Let’s shoot di?????????????i also want to throw a bombs ? ??to them…..

    3. Hi Pu di,
      Shivika moment were very emotional at least from Anika’s side.Don’t worry your Shivaay can handle a battalion of Veerlana gang.He will set everything alright.Happy weekend di?

  4. Ruby_MarNy

    SwetVeer joined hands!!!!???
    Good to see daadi….. Khanna so funny… I missed him very much…

    1. Yes dear.Me too missed Khanna a lot.Good to see him with Shivaay????

  5. Pui

    Hi guys…
    I m sorry by mistake I wrote Monday in yesterday’s comment…I m becoming a bit crazy it seems…?
    Coming to the epi, I can’t believe that that Swetlana who has done PHD in breaking relations and forgetting promises has come to do sister’s duty.. I feel so sorry for all the sisters who watched the epi tonight, including me ???
    Rudy ne senti kar diya yaar, like seriously he has the knack of making u laugh and cry as well, really good and real….
    Accha Rudy, u asked dadi how did she come…
    She will obviously come by chopper na, swim karke toh nahi aayegi na ufff!
    I knew it yesterday that Shivaay was talking to dadi ??
    Rudra teasing Chubby and everyone teasing Khanna and Shivaay was so so hilarious ??
    We got to see the Obro masti after so so long, man, I was dying to see this…Rudy running with laddoos, looks like he had run out of protein shake ??
    Dadi calling Tejvi and Shinky fools ???
    Dadi, dont worry, till the Great Wall of SSO is there, your promise to Dadaji will not break…???
    Seriously yaar, it does remind about last lohri and Shivaay had got shot…FOR HIS ANIKA
    The throwback was blisss…❤❤❤❤
    Anika ne 100 takke ki baat ki, Komal’s body hasn’t been found…
    I have a gut feeling that she will return, not to trouble Shivika but to get her husband Thangaballi ??
    I wonder how she loves him…Poor lady ??
    Last thing, weren’t Swetty and Thangaballi already working together ? I mean VPC was working for her only na…so why this teaming up business? But still Shivika will only win ❤❤❤❤
    Waiting to see what Butoxballi can do together! I hope you like the name of Butox kumari + Thangaballi = Butoxballi for Swetlana and VPC ?
    Waiting for Monday ?

    1. Banita

      Heyyy Pui….
      How r u dr????
      Botoxballi…… Nycc name… Hahaha… LOL… Yeh both r team up, but planning sirf PLR ke tha Pasinalana ki nahi… Now both r together…

      1. Pui

        Hi Di ! I m fine…what about u ?
        Thank u for apprecaiting the name ??
        Di PLR kya hai ? Yeah , both are together now….

    2. Hi pui
      I also hope SHIVIKA will win….. BT don’t know what will do CVS…..
      Nice name butoxballi ????

      1. Pui

        Hi dear ??
        Sooner or later, it is Shivika who will win ?
        Glad u liked the name. ?
        Will see u around ?

    3. Hi Pui,
      It’s absolutely fine dear.We fans of IB do such thing often.In love Sunday becomes Monday and what not!Hehehe….You know na,Rudra’s nickname is dumble Oberoi so he keeps doing such things.Yeah loved those lovely family moments after such a long time.That teaming up is for direct action I think.And Veerlana couple name,Botoxballi is too good yaar.Carry on?

      1. Pui

        Hi dear !
        Yeah…this is pure love for IB ?
        Thanks for appreciating Butoxballi ???
        Lol xD

  6. Dadi,plz,don’t burden Shivaay with so many responsibilities.If he fails will you be able to stand?As for you only Shivaay can manage all those damages have done by your famous Oberoi khandan.Shivaay is a human and he is not above everything.Let him be your grandson,don’t make him God for your own interests.He took all the responsibility because he had to.No-one is there to support him.Every family member kept on increasing his burdens without considering that he would be able to carry them or not.Now,you are expecting that he will definitely make everything alright.To manage and save his family,already he has sacrificed a lot and keeps on sacrificing.Such expectations will only make him pressurized all the more.He is already in so much tension and his heart has become a battlefield and constant battles are happening here.Everyone is depending on him but is there anyone to back him properly when he has so many enemies inside and outside?Instead of becoming his strength all of you is becoming his weakness.He is a silent worker and works lonely rather loves to do but I have one request,if you all can’t support him or lessen his burdens then plz don’t increase it by any means through your breaking down which he hates most in the whole world…….

    1. Pui

      Hey dear…
      I loved the way you thought about Shivaay…Really I can never think upto such depths of philosophy and thinking….
      I wanted to say that there is one person who can back him properly and that is Anika…the one whom he loves and the one who loves him ??

      1. Hi Pui,
        Thank you so much dear.Why not?Just give it a try and see the miracle.You are right,Ani will back him but she is breaking him indirectly with her emotional breakdown which I am not liking at all.Just hoping to see a strong Anika infront of Veer and Savetlana.Let’s see what happens?

    2. Banita

      Luthfa… This is d speciality of Shivaay’s character… He is just like all bohu’s of TV serial… Here CVS potrait him just like that… All problem khud hi solve karo… I know U dont say all these in this sense , but i just want to say this… I dont like d way Shivaay solve every problem… I mean Omru also there… They r also main character , but…. leave it.. CVS can never do it….

      1. Hi Bani,
        Yaar me too don’t like his demi God avatar for his family.I think he feels very guilty when he can’t live up to his family’s expectations and this thing breaks him all the more.He has his handful with many more responsibilities and family members are contributing each and every time.Want to see a relax Shivaay with his family around.But don’t know when this thing is going to happen.

    3. Hi luthfa dear
      Only shivaay takes all the responsibities….. He is the great wall of OM….. He is everyone’s hope…. BT why always all responsibities have to take him own. Why all problems he have to solve own….. There is also omru… BT CVS always make them nikkama. They don’t solve their problem own….. Anyway only CVS know what to do or not

      1. Hi Shanaya,
        Agree with you.Shivaay is the lifeblood of his family.Nothing can happen without him.Why cvs are showing him like a superpower holder I don’t know.Family becomes family with each and every member and their support and contribution.But Oberoi khandan starts and finishes after coming to Shivaay on everything,everytime.Cvs and their willfull way?


    Hi pkj!,
    OMM!!!! Dadi is back. Yes. Now she will take care of her Billu.
    Awwww, don’t worry Anika, ur Shivaay will not let anything happen to u.

    I think that slowly Pinky will also come to Shivika house( I won’t call it mansion, cause it has no family in it so it is a house, only a strong couple lives there).

    And when Jhanvi comes to know about Tej deceiving her again, she will leave him, apologise to Shivaay and live with him. Talking about Shakti, he will follow Pinky and live with his son. In all Tej will become Swetlana’s pet dog and will listen to her commands as always.

    1. Banita

      Heyy Riya…
      Is that U in ur DP??? If yes , U r soooo Cuteeeee dr……
      I will be happy it all of them return to OM not in that all come to Shivika’s house… Lets see What CVS is upto…


        Yes Di that’s me. I also wanted them to return to Oberoi Mansion, but I also want to see Tej alone. He is still with that Sutlu

    2. Hi Riya,
      First of all,Congratulations on being registered member of TU….?
      Your thinking on Tej is really good but he won’t buzz off even if such thing actually happens.He needs some solid jhatka to realize his wrongdoings.Let’s wait for it.Happy Sunday?


        Same to u Di.☺️

  8. Hlw….. Gpkj…. How are you all????

    Finding true happiness is a worthy goal. The problem is many turn to material possessions to reach that goal. True long lasting happiness comes from positive relationships, life experiences and feelings of purpose……
    True and loving relationship with family and friends fill our sso with a sense of contentment n satisfaction…. That’s why he called dadi, rudy’s buddy n his love khanna?
    Without family no happiness to celebrate lohri…. It was so touched….. There outside convo n masti was soooo lovely n emotional……… BT anika feels scared
    Shivaay consoles her BT she couldn’t believe herself………
    Fear is an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger, anxious concern……. Which feels anika so deeply…. She feels fear of loosing her true love…… ???

    BT we know no evilness can sperate SHIVIKA. Bcz a true love bonding never lose.
    To Mr. Veer
    ?love is not a business to have success or failure
    ?love is not a career to have success or failure
    ?love is not an act which you call as success or failure
    ?love is not a toy that u take it forcefully n then throw back in ur own choice….. Like u did with komal….
    Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure…… Which SHIVIKA earned……. Which is like SHIVIKA…… And you can’t break our shivika’s love ?mr. Vpc???SHIVIKA will will for sure…… Let’s see how CVS will make the next episode……. ?

    Have a sweet dream my khiditod pagals…..
    Jug jug jio….. GPKJ…..
    Gd night ? and have a nice weekend…
    Love u all….. ????✨✨✨✨✨

    1. Banita

      Family is life of SSO…
      Nycc comment Shanaya…. Like ur points for PLR…

    2. Hi Shanaya,
      Wow,so very beautiful lines on love.I have read different versions and heard but yours are so heart touching dear.Just loved it a lot.Very impressive.God bless your writing ability and may you achieve more success.Love you?

      1. Is it???? Tnx dear…..
        May god bless you too dear…..
        Take care n love u… ???

  9. Wen this shwetlana veer drama over yar..

    1. Banita

      Same question dr…

  10. Ops!!!! Sorry….. Again mistake…..
    *SHIVIKA will win for sure*……

  11. Banita

    Heyyy GPKJ…..
    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dadi ,Khannaji nd Chubby came to Shivika house… I m superrr Happy to see them in Shivika house with everyone… Senior Oberois , I dont have any problem if they r not with all…
    Rudy was upset thinking about Dadi nd dadi came… Obros hug with dadi was Emotional part with happiness…
    Shivaay’s true love Khannaji…. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was badly missing this boss-assistance duo… Superrrr Cuteeee Jodi… LOL… Khannaji also missed Shivaay… Awwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chubby , I was thinking Rudy’s wedding nd chubby is not there..!!!! nd see Chubby also came…
    Lafzon ka yeh rista nahi song… with everyone’s masti was worth to watching…
    Anika was tensed about Shivaay , that’s why she didnt joined with all fully , but What happened to Bhavya.?????? She was there before some time only na…!!!!!
    Dadi – Shivaay’s emotional talk , Shivaay asked about everyone in OM…. This remind me of 1st day epi of IB when Shivaay promised dadi that he will not let anything happen to his family nd Obros will never apart…
    PLR nd Pasinalana together , I m sure that this time something bigg will happen in Shivika’s life… Pasinalana cleared that now they will attack on Anika… So i think something will happen to Anika… May be something like we thought…
    Anika tensed about Shivaay… Still she is not over come from that ghanti wala incident nd now lohri celebration remind her about last year lohri…
    Komal’s dead body is not found… Is she really dead???? Or PLR saved her????

    Precap – Shivaay console Anika , Anika is worried for Shivaay nd I m worried for Anika… What CVS store for us in this Lohri..!!!!!!
    Gd Nt PKJ….

    1. Hi bani….
      Everyone is telling that ruvya will found komal’s dead body in veer’s room!!!!
      Don’t know surely….. Let’s see what happens

      1. Banita

        Heyy Shanaya…
        Is it…!!!????
        I dont belive in spoilers , but if it will be true , then it’s really good becz i always want that Ruvya ko vi kuch kaam de de…

    2. Hi Bani,
      Obros and Dadi are just awesome together.Loved their bonding so much.They create another level magic through their presence.That Veerlana duo are going to set everything on mess.Hope Shivika are going to handle them tactfully.Anyway,let’s see what happens.Happy Sunday?

      1. Banita

        Heyy Luthfa…
        Same thinking dr… Hope Shivika will solve everything soon… Yeh let’s see what cvs stores for us…

  12. Hiiiiiiiii everyone ❤❤

    I’ve missed you’ll sooo much like commenting and reading it’s just really hard managing all the homework
    Urm I’m so sorry for not replying to anyone but I’ve read some of you’ll comments coz I was trying to catch up I can’t remember the name but im just gonna answer
    Schools okay it’s just so hectic everything seems so new and hard that I’m really getting exhausted ???? but hopefully I understand ..? and I’m trying my best to utilize my time appropriately

    @luthfa missed reading you comments trying to catch up so far ?

    How’s the rest of you’ll doing ??? ????

    @billuji can I plz call you rahul ?? not that I have a problem it’s just .. Idk

    Finally it’s FRIDAY? looking forward to watching ishqbaaz it’s been so long since I slept late finally Friday has come
    I’ve only watched the previous episodes ( repeat) and yeah I’m enjoying the track

    I’ll comment after watching

    You guys take care ❤
    Have a great weekend ? coz i know I am coz i can wake up late ??

    1. Hi omu….
      How are you???
      Study comes first…. Focus on ur study….. N if get time then give comments here.
      Happy weekend

    2. Hello Omu,
      Oh you must be so tired dear.Take care of yourself.What to do,studies are like this only.If possible then comment and watch IB.Take care.Love you?

    3. You can call me Ghajini, Rahul, Billuji, Mr X, Zombie. Out of these whatever you want ???.
      But no use now.
      All the best for your future dear.

  13. Analysing today’s episode just by reading telly update.
    Shewtlana is a parasite villain who always needs other villain for her evil plan. Earlier she paired with Roop, then that CD Wali old lady ( sorry I am not getting the name ) , then Romi, Tia, Her mom, Tej , Abhay, again Tej and this time veer. ???. I really love her ??? she is my favorite villain after Parmeet ( of YHM ) . ??.
    Shewtlana and her stupid plans blah blah blah.
    I loved that Shivaay bring dadi back and his promise to dadi, it seems so emotional. Shivaay is truly a responsible Guardian of Oberoi mansion. Om and Gauri also.
    That Oberoi brothers was so awesome. Togetherness of Oberoi brothers always increase TRP of Ishqbaaz. Remember that CVS.
    If Somu and bhavya are not third sister of Tia and Sutlu, then who is?? What will happen to somu?? Possiblities :-
    1) Somu is third Kapoor sister.
    2) Rudy will marry both.
    3) Bhavya will sacrifice Rudy for somu.
    4) maybe it will be like Kuch Kuch hota hai type scene.
    Only CVS know!! Maybe if Abhay become positive then CVS can may pair Somu or Bhavya with Abhay??

    And seeing Anika worried is a clear indication from CVS that something bad will happen to shivika in next week. Lohri is a festival time were evil is burned don’t know why CVS always choose lohri for bad happenings to Shivika. Lookslike that CVS have some serious problem with lohri ( ????? just joking ).

    @ Sindhu dii. Yess dii I remember you. You were integral part of YRRKH family. Remember dii when I posted some serious comments on YRRKH page a year back. That comment doesn’t go well with Fan Fiction writers and most of them turned against me.
    ???. Then it was you , Pat dii , Sophie dii and few others supported me.??.Thanks dii. I remember your full name Sindhut dii. I sometimes think that was it because of that comment that Fan fiction writing become very less in YRRKH?? .

    @ Ayesha yess most of them stop commenting. But few ( 10 ) members of Yrrkh family has form group on hangout and we do talk regularly on hangouts.

    Okk bye everyone. All the best everyone for future. ???

    1. Banita

      Pasinalana is my fav villian also…
      Wahh!!!!!!!!!!! Kya soch hain Somu ke liye… But at d end Somu /Bhavya with Abhay… It give me michmichi wala feeling…

    2. Wahhhhh…!!!!!! Kya soch hai apka!!!!! BT I don’t want abhaby back yar…. They hurt my SHIVIKA in their suhag raat??????????????hate him forever

    3. Hello Rahul bhaiya,
      Wow,me too thought something similar for Rudra and his love story with both Bhavya and Soumya.If this can happen then it will be very interesting.But I don’t want Soumya to become negative.Rest only cvs can tell.You are right about Savetlana.She is using everyone in a wholesale rate for her motives.Hehehe…?

  14. why makers doesn’t end this track…??? too much dragging…..
    I hope that shivika won’t b separate again…

    1. Same hope dear….

    2. Hi, Heard that no shivika separation but this vanavas track end by next month..

  15. What l really love about Ishqbaaz that they do justice to each character. They have still maintained a balance between Shivaay and Anika, Om and Gauri, Rudy and bhavya.
    Not like YHM and YRRKH who are still trying to prove Ishita and Naira, respectively , as mahaan ( a pure God like noble soul ) by always introducing bullshit track.
    Hope Ishqbaaz remains like this forever.
    Though I really love shivika but I really want that Ishqbaaz should give importance to Omri and Ruvya too. I really want Omri to expose fake blindness of Tia, Ruvya to find find Third Kapoor sister. And Shivika to find Kalyani mill truth. And all three couple combined to throw Kapoor sister out. I hope that ishqbaaz don’t start to give mahaan ( God like status ) to shivika and completely forgeting Omri and Ruvya .
    Did you guys agree with this??

    1. I do agree with you. I love those two but they should give more importance to the other two couples as well. Gauri and om have great chemistry I think it’s so underrated

    2. Banita

      I totally agree with U bhaiya… I love Shivika more , but want some Rikara nd Ruya sence also….
      Nd about Shivika -Kalyani mill , Rikara – Tia , nd all together find about Kapoor sisters… It came to my mind from starting episode of Vanwas track only when they introduce Tia(again as a villian) nd 3 kapoor sis… I really want this happen in IB… Hope CVS will do it…

    3. Bhaiya,
      Absolutely and totally agree with you.IB has maintained uniqueness to a great extent and makers should keep it up this.Everyone wants balance among three couples with equal portion of romance and drama.Fans will be very happy by this action.

  16. hello Pkj’s…hey shivya nice comment yar..
    nd hi Rahul bro ohh so so sad yar we’ll miss u but even if u get a little bit of time anytime plz comment here even just a hi will be enough…ohk I understood wat u meant about ur yesterdays comment I will check it again hehe??. ….u pray for me too ya nd I give u all the best for ur future,career nd everythng…may u get everything u wish for…stay happy..

    1. Thanks and all the best to you also for future.

  17. coming to the epi uff every single epi of ishqbaaz is the best nd am so so glad to see khanna he was so funny actually entire convo was finny nd I just loved it…nd this fakelama nd veer nak men dam karke rakh diya patanhi kab jayenge???. ….ek plan bhi successful nhi hota or na hi kabhi hoga our shivaay is saying na when the family is together no one can defeat us so dear fakelana nd VPC tum logon ki tai tai phiss hone wali he remember….Matlab koi or kam hi nahi he becharon ke pas jab dekho oberois ki barbadi
    shame yar…

    1. Banita

      Heyy Ayeshu di…
      Yeh ek vi plan success nahi hota phir bhi aajate hain…. Kitni baar fail hone ki irada hain patanahi… nd Pasinalana toh… Leave her… She can never be positive..

    2. Hi Ayesha,
      Yeah that Veerlana bro-sis deadly combination are going to fail big time.They are underestimating the power of Shivika and their love towards each other.Destruction of Veer the Ravan is on the way.Just waiting for it.

  18. I watched ishqbaaz from day one and I was a huge fan back then, I never missed an episode. They had true essence to the story and after a very tiring day I look forward to watch ishqbaaz. But now it has become very boring and irrational I mean its always swetlana come on! Why can’t they show a big united family and not how they divide houses ? Does this even happen in real life ? There is so much of negativity its depressing ☹

  19. Hello everyone, what a great reunion!!! I love it so much with Dadi, Omru,Shivika, Gauri and kanna and chubby. Great great reunion. So it was Dadi he was missing a lot. Ha ha…. Anika being afraid and paranoid is justified. Usually she ca sense danger. She knows it is coming
    She is right. Het fear has increased her pressure in her and has escalated. So I only feel sorry that she can’t feel happy celebrating thinking only for Shivaay’s love. She is not even thinking for herself.

    I Don’t like precap. They are trying to separate Shivika without them knowing. Oh I hate svetlena and Veer to the core. Someone do something to them. I Don’t know what is going to happen. I Don’t want Shivika to separate
    If it happens, I will not come on this site to comment for awhile until things normalize.

    So love all you Ishqbazzis and take good care in case IB is going to make worse in Shivika’s case then I will not comment.

  20. There was a mistake. I mean t to say Anika is only thinking and caring for Shivaay’s life. Typo error was love.

  21. Just also wanted to add that I deeply feel sorry for Shivaay. He has two women to pacify. One Dadi and the other Anika. His plate is full but only sorrows. He thought by leaving the family will still be united but it has gone out of proportion and he blames all this on him. Poor Shivaay. How much can he carry this burden though he is a wall?????

    1. Hi sindhu dear
      I also feel bad for sso….. Lots of responsibities he has to bear……

    2. Banita

      Heyy Sindhu…
      I dont think there will be some Shivika separation track in future…. May be some kidnapping track ho sakta hain , but separation…. I dont think that it will happen…. Becz last time Gul already cleared about separation track….

    3. Hi Sindhu,
      Exactly my point.Why should it Shivaay always?Can’t OmRu become independent on their own?I think Shivaay should encourage them to be self independent.But he is not going to do that in near future.And Anika and her fear is totally justified.Shivaay is her only family apart from Sahil.So,she is bound to feel worries.Hope Shivaay handle everything and I can’t bear another Shivika separation again yaar???

  22. Hi my all pkj families….hw r u all….very very sorry for not comment here for past 3 days because of my personal issues……. Dears luthfa ,dwani naidu, arpitha hw r u yaar….I really missed Ur comments ofcourse all pkj friends comments too….first I want to put this cruel Tej with in boiling water…… dare him to try to harm my shivaay bhaiyya…..before I had hated pinky a lot…mujhe lagta tha pinky se zyada cruel Insaan aur koi Nahi ho sakta Lekin yeh Tej Saare hath paar hardiya….mein use nafrat se bhi zyada nafrat Karthi hun….if he was infront of me I would have slapped multiple times …….shivika mansion has been filling with happiness……..shivika dance performance was mind-blowing…….all couples were rocked in ruvya roka ceremony….but I had really missed my somu…..agar ruvya ki jagah rumya hota …this function should have been magical……we can’t do anything this ruvya pair……my shivika koi kitna perfection apni profession mein kaise de sakta hai…..absolutely they are doing beyond what would be the writer and directers imagination…..romance ,emotional, brotherhood love,angry scene ,romcom ….whatsoever these two are win our hearts with their amazing phenomenal powerback performances…….today episode thangabali and sultana team up against shivaay bhaiyya………I don’t know what was stored in CVS my mind…..we have to only wait and watch….I don’t want any seperation track……..after a long time a much awaited for these true two souls reunion scenes shivanna
    Shivaay bhaiyya and Khanna scene….. Its truly blissful to watch their reunion again……khannaji asked shivaay bhaiyya has missing him it was comedy but really it was so much emotional for khannaji and me too…we also missed our Hanumanji (khannaji) alot…. Anishivomru is the khidkitod team….I am so happy CVS are again making them in one team…… I am so happy for dadi in shivika mansion…..let’s shivika
    Celebrates this Lohri with shivomru anirivya dadi Khanna and chubby….Anika was so scared about past Lohri incident ,again shivaay made his promise…it’s ok…pls don’t give the pinky promise it’s my request….

    1. Hi Janu,
      How are you?It’s absolutely ok dear.Glad that you come here to comment still being busy.I agree with you.Tej doesn’t even deserve the word hate or hatred.He has become mad in his blind jealousy.Shivika and their home is full with happiness.Yes they are perfect in everything they do.Just loved them.Me too glad to see Khanna.That Pinky Promise scare me too.Don’t know what is going to happen.Anyway,take care.Happy Sunday?

  23. I just dnt like bhavya…..there is no valid reason for that but jo intensity,maturity saumya ke acting me hai wo bhavya ke acting me nahi hai….

  24. Please kuch to information do ki lohri mai kya shivika aalag ho jayega…

  25. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies dear… Best wishes for ur future… *billuji*
    After watching the episode i was getting a feeling that may be this time cvs are decided to give very serious separation of shivika.. And May be the bring leap also…After separation with the shivika junior sso….
    That is why cvs are plotting a big strong misunderstanding between shivika.. And whole family…

    1. Yarrrr Nikki….
      Don’t sacre me yarrrr…. I can’t see SHIVIKA separation ???????

    2. Hi Nikita,
      I don’t have any more strength to endure another Shivika separation this time.Meri OMM ho jayegi…..???

    3. Thanks Nikita dii ( I think 29 denotes your age ). Thanks for your wishes and best luck to you also for future.

  26. I watched the repeat of yesterday’s episode again on Star plus and I noticed that I am not sure whether shivaay something fishy is going on with Veer. He did not knock first. He hesitated and then Shivaay knocked on the door. I wonder whether he heard partial conversation. Anyone could see through that mirror. Did Shivaay notice Svetlena? Shivaay is shivaay. He probably is sharp. First when the soup fell on Anika, Veer shouted at Shweta and next Shweta ran to Shivaay and hugged him for protection and now he sees glass cracked. I am sure Shivaay is thinking and something is amiss. Maybe he does not want anyone to know his suspicion since there is celebration and that is why he confidently told Anika he will not let anything happen to them.

    His Dadi is her as well as his bros. feel confident Shivaay will stop whatever is going to happen and with Kanna there. Veer is outnumbered.

    Shivaay remembers everyone’s health problem and even he addressed Pinky as Mom but changed to Mrs Oberoi. So not sure whether he wholeheartedly forgiven Pinky or still battling to forgive her.

    I still have to hand it out to Shivaay for his brillian performance of emotions and inner conflicts of emotions. Anika is also excellent in her acting. Love all the bros and dadi’s emotional talks.

    I can’t say anything about Bhavya as I am still trying to accept her as Rudra’s fiance which is still a bit difficult. Sorry those who bhavya’s fans. I miss Sowmya and I don’t know why they brought her and make her disappear. She is not even there to welcome Dadi.

    I hope Monday ShivOmru will come in full form and finish Veer off once for all. I want Svetlena to run to Oberoi mansion for refuge so that ShivOmRu can haev payback time. Come on cvs it is about time to show justice prevailing. It is too long already the Svetlena, Tia and Veer are winning

    1. Don’t know what is going on in sso’s brain….. Only this CVS know…….

    2. Sindhu,
      If necessary then cvs will go for an intelligent Shivaay or else not.I too noticed those things and Shivaay should catch some clue.Let’s see what happens.

  27. but pehle baar separation k wakt makers ne hum saabko promise kya tha ki aab kabhi bhi shivika separate nehi hogi….
    Please don’t separate them…n I am bored with current track…
    agar kuch pata ho pls bataiye

  28. Dhwani_Naidu

    Hi my dearest pagals.. Missed you all a lot.. Good news is that my revision 1 ended today.. But my revision 2 starts from Monday???..

    Rudy marriage track is going good.. And now our scientist swety is back.. CVS pls give us rikara marriage also.. They didn’t get married properly.. Badly want to see them together.. Badly missing om-gauri bgm..

    Am upset with Om.. The way he shouted at tej for accusing his bhaiya, he should have done the same when gauri’s shradh was done.. Isn’t conducting an alive person’s shradh more intolerable than accusing?? What kind of partiality is this omkara?? Am very much angry on you..

    Where is saumya?? CVS did the same during mid dbo days.. Showing saumya now and then like set property.. Now the same is happening.. ??
    And am very badly missing the old anika.. That anika had a ‘gethu’ (swag).. Now anika is just worried all time abt shivaay.. Her gethu is missing a little.. May be love made her weak?? CVS didn’t show mercy at all in butchering everyone’s character.. The only three ppl whose character has been the same from IB start is swety, dadi and khanna ji.. Welcome back khanna ji.. Was giggling when shivaay bhaiya was being bossy to khanna ji.. That pizza girl lily throwing pizza at shivaay bhaiya.. Everyone laughed at it, OMM!! Bhaiya should have been bossy to her too.. Shouldn’t have he felt weird at this lily’s behaviour? Hope bhaiya finds it out soon.. Now swety is back to help her brother.. Shivaay bhaiya pls sort out everything.. And CVS pls show some rikara, ruvya and rumya scenes parallely… You have started to use the other couples as background actors.. Afraid that CVS will start showing other couples like the same way they showed saumya.. ???

    Ok guys I will be back here on next Friday.. Meri pagals Luthfa, banita, arpita, omaira, prabha sis, pushpa sis, meenu, sindhu, shanaya, shivya, ayesha, Aashika, riya, janu, jeevi, jeni, Nikita, pui, zaveesha…. Will be missing you guys and your comments so soooooo much.. Love you all meri pagals..

    To my dost.. till my board exams end I won’t be regular here dear.. You can’t imagine how much am gonna miss you and your analysis a lot.. I will be here during Fridays and Saturdays.. But after mid Feb I don’t think I will be regular in watching IB.. But for sure I will be back after my exams.. Can’t be away from you all and GPKJ.. Love you sooo very much dost..

    To rahul bhaiya.. All the best for your career..


      Great analysis di

    2. Hi dhwani dear…..
      Hope u are fine…. Cz u have lots of pressure for ur xm….. Will miss u sooooooooooooo much…….. Focus on ur xm….. May god bless u dear…..
      Again…. Really gonna miss u nd ur lovely analysis…..
      Meet with u next Friday???
      Take care dear…..
      Love u so so so so so much……
      Wishing you a very successful exam. ???

    3. Hi Dost,
      How are you?Hope you are doing very good and rocking your exams.Agree with you totally.We want a strong Anika who is the strength and love of Shivaay the great wall of SSO.Rikara marriage ka possibility to dur dur tak nehi dikh raha mujhe.Soumya became again invisible using Harry Potter’s invisibility cloack.Not sure what is going on in the minds of cvs.Om got newfound spirit to fight Tej seems to me and in OM his power went into hibernation.Ok,will miss you so much till then.Just concentrate on your study forgetting everything else.Don’t worry,we will be connected through our telepathy of heart.I love you so much my Dost.God bless you.Take care.Happy Sunday?

    4. Thanks dhawani naidu. All the best for your future, to you also.

  29. Hi Pui,
    It’s absolutely fine dear.We fans of IB do such thing often.In love Sunday becomes Monday and what not!Hehehe….You know na,Rudra’s nickname is dumble Oberoi so he keeps doing such things.Yeah loved those lovely family moments after such a long time.That teaming up is for direct action I think.And Veerlana couple name,Botoxballi is too good yaar.Carry on?

  30. Good news….. Guys….. No SHIVIKA separation….. BT the vaanvaas will finish at the end of feb…..
    Next segment:SHIVIKA dance in dill diya galla…..
    Haiiii…… Can’t wait for Monday!!!!!

  31. Good news guys….. No SHIVIKA separation….
    BT the vaanvaas will finish at the end of feb…

    Next segment :SHIVIKA dance in dill diya galla during lohri…
    Haiiiiii…….. Can’t wait for Monday…..

    1. This network ????????????

  32. Hi GPkj Family member ‘s how are u all
    I missed u all I don’t have time to visit page because of project work so many drawings are pending Iam doing night out’s also
    Finally I got some time so I came here
    Firstly congrats for this week trp
    And Happy Birthday to nakul
    Waiting for lohri function with out any tension
    And with full Happy Family moments..
    Happy Sunday to all

    1. Hi chaithu…..
      Miss u too dear…….
      I also want lohri celebration without any mess…..
      Take care n happy Sunday?

  33. I am reading the update after a long time and it is still the same old crap!!!…the director has gone nuts…..y negativity all the time?!?!?…..I don’t get this!!…u not some positivity!?!??….it is like…happiness….sadness….evil…..death traps…..killing….separation nd shit….hatred……pain…revealing the evil person….getting back together….happiness tries taking its first step…but the evil again stops it and takes the place of Love nd happiness nd prosperity nd literally evrything

  34. Come on guyssss….. It should be 100 Cmnts at least!!!! ?????????

    1. It’s done sis. Just before living, your last wish completed.

  35. Rahul Bhaiya,
    I knew you got hurt but I wanted to hear it from you.Such thing happens we go Off Track,hope you can understand now.Anyway,you are a very funny and fun loving person then why you didn’t take my Sisterly Leg Pulling lightly and in the funny way I meant?You took it otherwise and felt hurt!You wrote my name the way you liked and I can be hurt but I had a really very good laugh considered it as your Brotherly prank unlike You.Anyway,as you mentioned you got hurt then I am sorry for hurting you.Thank you.

    1. Though my intention was not to hurt you in my that Bangladeshi comment. ???.
      But you got hurted, I explained myself that my intention was not to hurt you. And I apologized.
      But I seriously don’t understand what you wanted to tell.
      Did you mean that you are boy and you watching girl thing, and I am worried about you character, or something like this. If you mean something like this then I am hurted.
      Please explain.

  36. Aashika

    Hello to everyone! I am really sorry for not commenting on Friday episode because i missed it and from today i will not be regular on TU because i have to prepare for upcoming bank exams…. so this is my last comment and i will miss you all..

  37. All the best for ur exams Aashika

  38. Rahul bhaiya,
    Let me clear your confusion and stop this discussion once and for all.The words we have exchanged in between us:
    1.First of all you started that Age thing and declared that why we girls don’t disclose our age and this is something that you never understand.In my reply I told it’s our natural tendency,not intentional.Most importantly I told in fun that you too don’t like to disclose your real identity even your name and in this way you too like us girls.Can you deny?

    1. 2.After that in your reply you mentioned that biological thing on boys part.Then I replied that in fact stated that as you are nurturing girly instinctive subconsciously then it’s not good for you as you are hundred percent Boy by born.If you are differing in this matter then I am worried for you.That’s it.Can you deny?
      3.You said earlier that the Conversation on Bangladesh was closed.Now why are you dragging it again in another matter?And what’s this fluctuation about your comment reply?You have started everything first and in my reply you got hurt by your self made imagination.Is this seem fair to your conscience?

      1. 3.And let me tell you,never ever I wanted to hurt you in any way possible but you are imagining it by yourself and blaming me for that.I didn’t know that you can start off topic discussion have not possess enough energy to understand its direction and impacts of its flow on others.If you can’t handle anything which tend to make it personal for you when there is not any(from my side)you should maintain carefulness for your own help.Hope I have cleared all your confusion and answered all your questions.Take care.

      2. though have not possess enough energy…

    2. again network!!

      1. OK OK . So it was just for fun purpose.
        I am so sorry dear for misunderstanding you .
        Thanks billion time for clearing. Now I can die in peace ???? hahaha.
        I am so sorry, My bad.
        Yess u cleared everything. So sorry dear.
        This Time I misunderstood you. ???.

        Points one each for misunderstanding each other ???. And now final good bye to you dear. All the best for future, take care.
        Again sorry dear.
        And I can’t disclose my name dear. Because I feel that someone who knows me also read tu. That’s why.
        And age you know.

        Take care bye!!!

      2. OK OK. So it was just for fun purpose. Means your comment was just for fun. Haha ??

        Don’t take stress. Be happy be cheerful.

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