Ishqbaaz 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika comes home

Ishqbaaz 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reporter says you act well. Om says mind your language. Rudra says don’t forget you are talking to Shivaye. Reporter says no, we are talking to a murderer, who murdered his wife. They get shocked. Om asks what nonsense. Reporter says its true, here’s the proof. They all see the video and get shocked. Shakti says Shivaye can never do this. Om says someone is trying to frame Shivaye. Rudra says we won’t believe this even if Lord tells this. Media asks them how can they deny this after seeing the video. Om asks will you accuse Shivaye based on a video.

Rudra says this video is doctored. Om says the video is not clear, how can you say its Anika, why would Shivaye kill his wife. Reporter says rich families have dark secrets, maybe its something related to Kalyani mills, so Anika got killed.

Veer says Anika is dead, Shivaye will go jail, and Oberoi family will be on roads. Om says you can’t frame my brother, this video is doctored. Reporter says its police’s work to decide this. Police enters the house. Reporter says inspector, Shivaye killed his wife, this video is the proof, arrest him. Inspector says I got this video too, Shivaye is under arrest. Pinky asks Shakti to do something. Om stops inspector from arresting Shivaye. Inspector says Shivaye has to go jail, evidence is against him. Om asks Shivaye to say someone is trying to frame him. They ask Shivaye to say something. Shivaye asks inspector to do his work. He gets arrested.

Inspector asks him to come. Pinky cries. They all ask Shivaye to say something. Inspector comes and asks who filed Anika’s missing report. Bhavya says I did. Inspector asks who is Shivaye here. Shivaye says its me. Inspector asks why don’t you answer phone, we found your wife. Anika walks in, dressed unusual like a banjaran. They get shocked seeing her. Veer says how’s this possible, how can Anika die and come back. Inspector says your husband Shivaye…. Om says now that the case is solved, I don’t think you need to arrest Shivaye. Inspector says sorry and goes.

Veer asks inspector where did you find her. Inspector says near Lonavla, we shall leave now. Anika asks my husband? And faints in Shivaye’s arms. Doctor says she has an internal injury, be careful, she may behave strange, her brain is affected, she will gain senses too, try to understand and support her so that she recovers soon. Veer says how’s this possible. Shivaye says she can’t be Anika. Veer says you shot her. Shivaye says she is impostor, its some ploy. Gauri says Anika got conscious. Bhavya asks her is she fine. Anika gets up. Gauri says don’t stress your mind. Rudra gives photo album. Anika sees Shivaye and her pics. Anika says he is…. Gauri says husband. Om asks Shivaye to talk to Anika, don’t feel guilty. Shivaye says I think she needs rest, let her rest. Rudra asks them to come. They all go. Shivaye shuts the door. Anika asks Shivaye to sit. Shivaye asks her to stop drama, who is she, she is not his wife.

She says if you say this, I will start crying, Patidev. He says don’t call me Patidev. She asks then shall I call you Kapil dev, you are angry as I didn’t do my duty. She touches his feet. She says you have a great style, you won my heart. He says you are not Anika. Anika says I m your wife. He says you aren’t Anika. She asks am I Sridevi or Raveena, everyone is calling me Anika, you are confused. He says no. She shows their pic and says I think you got more hurt. He gets hurt by her looped hair plait. He says I will prove you are not my Anika.

Shivaye says how did press get the video, just you and I knew this, did you do this Veer, are you double crossing me. Veer asks what, I m the one who is helping you get out of this mess, if I had to call police, I would have called the same day. Shivaye says that means someone was there who recorded this video. Veer says we have to know who’s this girl, maybe she leaked this video. Shivaye says yes, she has all answers. Veer says go and get answers. Shivaye says no, its late now, tomorrow I will prove this isn’t my Anika.

Gauri and Anika sit talking. Gauri says I really like your new accent, how did you get this idea of red ribbon braid. Anika says I named this Chamki. Gauri says I think Anika is coming back. Anika asks what do you mean. Shivaye comes. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says he is angry with me. Gauri asks are you angry with her. Shivaye says no, I regret for my behavior, sorry Anika I shouldn’t have reacted like that. Gauri goes.

Anika touches his feet and thanks him. He says no need to say this. She says its my duty to touch your feet, I m doing my Patnidharm. He asks it means you will do anything I say. She says I have to keep you happy, I didn’t fail in any test. He asks her to make her fav dish. She says I know everything. He asks do you know your fav dish. She says yes, I want spices. He says everything is there in kitchen. She says it will be great, I have a bat habit of self talking. Shivaye says people do that in tension. Anika says I never get tense. Shivaye says lets do this.

He takes her to kitchen. She asks is this a grocery store. He says its Oberois kitchen, its my duty to fulfill your needs, including ration, don’t get confused, choose your ingredients and make your fav breakfast. Om says you are making breakfast after many days. Shivaye says no, I m making Anika make it, so that she becomes normal soon. Om asks Anika does she need any help. Shivaye says no. Anika says you are right, you are innocent middle child. Shivaye says I want food made by my wife, not yours, come. He takes Om with him.

Shivaye sees Anika. Veer says I thought you are going to expose her, but you are waiting to have food prepared by her. Shivaye says Anika’s fav dish, when she doesn’t make aloo puri, it will be proved she is not my Anika. He goes. Veer says even I want to know this girl is Anika or not, its good, you are doing my work.

Shivaye says your brother has come to meet you. Anika asks where is Sahil. Shivaye calls out Sahil. Many kids come. Anika thinks who is Sahil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivami

    oh my mata i cant stop my laughing anika di ak daam pinkimole jaise lagaraha that hairstyle ak daam khidkitod hai in our malayalam industry there is a comdey actress and she used to do it i love it ❤️❤️❤️ surbhiji apki acting ak daam apki jaise khidkitod first time when anika ki yadash gayi pathi parmeshar drama ab pathi dev so nayi shivika plan veer u r Finished??

    1. Arpita6

      Congrats Shivami dear..Go Shivami Go…
      Yes veer will be finished soon.

      1. Shivami

        Arpitha I having a doubt y does everyone forgot any veer ji broken legs ke bare ma

    2. Hi shivami,
      congras for 1st. even i remember Arthi (tamil comedy actress) yaa now time to end veer chapter.. tc

    3. Me too shivami. I was laughing when she said if I Don’t call you patidev then I call you kapil dev. Wow what a line delivered by surbhi. She is so good despite being unwell. I hope she recovers soon.

    4. Fatmi

      Hi Shivami, good morning and congratulations! Even I was laughing aloud whole episode ??? Anika was looking so funny and beautiful and her walking style ?? ..

    5. Go Shivami Go.Many many congratulations…..?

  2. Pushpa

    Hi luvlies..
    Actually i do not know wht to write today.
    Such an entertaining..funny episode wt anika new avatar..
    Whats tht the language she use…
    Kya entry tha…and the music…just owsm with the style she walks..
    Best her outfit….and not forgetting most funniest braid she have the u shape..i saw this in tamil movie arukkani her name…and now anika….she looks damn cool…
    Im speehless… frm kalavathi thakur… to bibi…to zubaidahkhan…and now this…full of laughter ????????????
    And of course the anika faint and who caught her..its our shivaye ..cant miss this one…thku cvs…
    “Im your missussu…..Now u stop it…u r not my wife…”
    “…not patidev then call u kapil dev “….. awww she ‘s so cute…..
    There were few moves shows shes anika..of course i know its shivika plan tha….but some of her looks and yaar she stil, wearing the ring anika always wear…..cvs u hv not removed tht ???
    Anx OmRu…Bhavya gauri…can see thts its all in the plan….but shivaya hv also done his part not believing and made veer believe tht shivaye too thinks thts not anika…. superb episode…
    Waiting 4tomoro….

    Precap… sure sahil will act along…afterall director is SSO??
    Its of of comedybaazz
    Luved it totally.
    Gd nite gals

    1. Arpita6

      Pusi are right..Dil.Hua comdey baaz.

      1. Pushpa

        Tht was super cool anika….

    2. Yes pushpa I just also commented in my comments about the Tamil movie.

    3. yes di
      surbhidi rocks in every role

    4. Hi Pu di,
      Your Shivaay is very smart.He is going to put Veer in a labyrinth of confusion.I am sure Anika will play her part very well.Let’s see what happens.

      1. Pushpa

        Luthfa thts my shivaye….

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. …
    How are you…
    Ok..i got a injury on my hands..and blame goes to annika…??????????????????????..some body plz hold me….i will die of laughing…and i got scolded by mama..she was scolding another room.and here i am laughing like mad seeing annika in TV room..mere ko chot lag gayi..
    Some body save me…i can’t handle it…???????.from first to last..all scenes were full of comedy…i thought this Look will not suit annika..but Chandu di can carry any look..hats off to you and your skill…
    And i was expecting that Choti..???????????will hot shivaay and it hapoened..
    Annika’s accent, her walk., her talk….her expression everything was damn funny. .i was just thinking how she shoot those walking shot..???.
    Last year Annika was not accepting that she is annika.
    This year Shivaay is not accepting that she is annika..
    Last year pati parmeswar
    This year Pati Dev.
    And they showed some logic that Annika will behave weirdly.for some days..
    Btw.veer is also doctor but they brought another doctor. Thank God..inki dimag main budhi he..
    That look annika gave to veer when she entered you can see anger was clearly visible in her eyes… …
    Ok i can’t describe whole episode. Just one line.

    Precap-after soo many days i will see Sahil.sahil.i missed you sooo much.
    Waiting for tomorrow desperately. ..

    1. Oh Arpita Dear I laugh when she walked like a duck and tried to do her naamskara to Shivaay. Yes she the plot hit him oh my .goodness I laughed out so loudly and almost work up the household

    2. nice analysis di?
      agree the similarity with last year

    3. Hi Arpita,
      Be careful dear.Upcoming is going to be more laughable and entertaining.But episode was completely a laughter riot.I think Anika called Shivaay Kapil Dev.Waiting for today’s episode??

  4. Arpita6

    it is Hit shivaay..not hot…
    Sry its KAPIL DEV.

  5. Pui

    Hi guys…
    First part about police and all is boring…
    No analysis to b given….
    Now, this crazy weird avatar of Anika is so..
    I dont have any words to say…
    Its not at all giving Anika waala feeling and looks creepy on her…
    I need some more time to digest this look…
    About the plot, I think it should have been Anika refusing to be Shivaay’s wife rather than Shivaay’s who is refusing to be her husband….
    I know that we asked CVs to be unique and not stereo type but aisa karna is hilarious.
    Just imagine how police could b sure of her being Anika if they werent instructed….
    And how can a banjaran woman accept a billionaire as her husband just by looking at d pics…
    It should have been Shivaay who should have been like…
    “Anika, I m ur husband. I m ur Shivaay ”
    And Anika would b like,
    “I dont accept u as my husband because i dont know u. ”
    Would also like CVs to be clear on the point that do Omru and Gauri-Bhavya know that its a plan ? Gauri and Anika looked weird..
    And Anika’s plait sent me ROFL clutching my belly…?????
    I was going to blast off my head…
    Hope this Vanmanush gets caught soon !
    Looking forward to the new track and masti….
    Loads of luv ❤

    1. Arpita6

      Pui dear..lots of love to you too.
      Yarr last year toh hua tha..yes shivaay was not directly saying annika as his wife..but he was keep on saying. Main tumhara dusman nahi hun..etc etc.. ??

      1. Pui

        Hi Di !
        I remember! That was hilarious ???
        Now its gonna be double hilarious ??

    2. Pui

      This look of Anika is inspired by Naseeb Apna Apna…
      I havent watched the film, neither will I now…
      But I cant stop going ROFL over anika

    3. Hi Pui,
      You are right.We need time to cope with Anika’s new look.It was damn funny.Don’t know how Shivaay is going to romance Anika around that pointed plait.Hehehehehe….??????

      1. Pui

        Hi Di !
        Its so hilarious….like seriously….????
        I don’t think that Shivaay’s gonna romance her around looking at the track ??

  6. Aashika

    Hello pkjs. How are you all ? Today’s episode is just khikitod like anika. Jab shivaay ko arrest kar k le haa rage thee toh anika ne kiya grand entry mari. I couldn’t stop my laughing by seeing anika like that and shivaay ka toh expression hi change ho gaya anika ko dekh kar. So anika ne new language start kar Di and calling Shivaay as patidev??? and also gave name to her new hair style #chamki#. I must say aaj gauri beautiful lag rahi thi. So ab shivaay anika ka test legalega. I hope ki yeah shivika ka plan ho uss veer ko expose karne k liye. So precap is to find saahil. After a long time saahil ne entry maari hai. I missed him. Hope makers does not push this storyline too long. Jaldi se expose karo…. Plz makers do it soon.

    1. Arpita6

      Aashika dear..yes gouri was looking soo beautiful. Today..and annika and her Back ground music. .al.are gone mad..??i am.also gone mad seeing them..

    2. Hi Aashika,
      Yeah the expression of Shivaay was quite hilarious.Like he was shocked that how could Anika dress up like that?Gauri was looking really very beautiful.Don’t know what makers are thinking about exposing Veer.Let’s wait and watch and have fun watching new Anika?????

  7. Hello My GPKJ Family,

    How are you all?I missed you guys so very much.Ok,now I am going to share a very very very…..very important news of my life.The result of my honours final year has out and I have obtained first class and stood first in my department.I am sooooooooooo…..happy.So,thought to share with my family who encouraged me during my exams.Here it is,I have become a graduate finally.I am so very excited.Thank you all who wished for my khidkitode result.I am very grateful to you all.Love you guys????????????????????

    1. Arpita6

      Luthfa dear…yeh yeh….congratulations my dear….i am.sooooo happy for you dear..being first in whole dept is really a proud feeling..i am feeling so proud of is just the beginning. Many more success are coming to you… ..
      Chalo finallu tum graduate ho gayi..and i 1st year..he he he..
      Love you sooo much dear. Btw treat kya milega????

      1. Arpita,
        Thank you so much for your love darling.I am sending all your favourite sweets and lots of chocolates(Imagine karlena).And lots of hugs and kisses.Thank you once again?

    2. Pui

      Hey Dearie…
      I guesss it all d better to call u Luthfa Di ?
      Congratulationson ur result…
      Have a blast future ahead ????
      Best wishes ❤❤

      1. Pui,
        It’s absolutely fine dear.You can call me both.Thank you so much for your love.Thank you once again?

    3. Hi Luthfa dear,
      Heartly congratulations dear. n a warm hug from my side. im soo very happy to u after hearing ur result dear. As ur family members even im soo happy tht my frd u stood 1st in ur dept. once again congras dear. party dear….lots of love. tc

      1. Jeevi,
        Thank you so much for your love dear.Thank you once again.God bless you?

    4. Hey luftha, congratulations to you for getting first class in your honours and first in department. It is all your hard work. You always have been so good in your writing skills.

      Btw you asked whether you could address me as sindhu di and yes you can my dear luftha. In fact I am older than most of you all here.

      1. Sindhu di,
        Thank you so much for granting my wish of calling you di.And thank you once again for your sweet love.God bless you.Love you di?

    5. Fatmi

      Wow Congratulations! Dear…um so happy for u…u deserve this… ?? Take my vertual hug ?

      1. Fatmi Apu,
        Thank you so much for your love Apu.Thank you once again?

    6. Aashika

      Hey luthfa dear congratulations for being first in your department and for graduate??.

      1. Aashika,
        Thank you so much for your love dear.Thank you once again.God bless you?

    7. ItsmePrabha

      hey Darling…proud moment yaar..hearty congratulations dear..super happy for you darling..Love you..God bless You…

      1. Thank you so much for your love Prabha Sweetheart.Thank you once again.Love you too and God bless you?

    8. Hi Luthfa,
      Congratulations on your well deserved success. So happy for you dear.. Wishing that brightest opportunity comes your way and you achieve success in all of them..

      1. Thank you so so so so….so much Kadhambari dear.Thank you once again.God bless you?

    9. Zaveesha

      Hello dearest Luthfa…
      Many many many congratulations to u…
      May God bless u with more success and happiness…
      Lots of love to u…

      1. Thank you soooooooooo…..much for your sweet love Zaveesha.Thank you once again.God bless you?

    10. Dost!!! Many many many many many many many many to infinity congratulations my dearest dost!! I knew you will come first in your dept.. No doubt yaar your writings, analysis shows it all.. Am sooooooooooo happy for you Luthfa!!! May God shower you with blessings.. Let all your wishes get true!! Love you sooooooooo much dost????

  8. today’s epi was khidkithod(mummy kasam)??
    i desperately wanted the combo of this ani with sahil,i’m so happy i saw sahil’s pic in insta,i think my dream will be fulfilled?
    i luv ib for these reasons???
    1)best cast
    2)beautiful OM(even shivika mansion)
    3)nice dialogues
    4)awesome songs and BGM’s

    1. Arpita6

      Maagi too saw sahil and annika pic after soo many days…and feeling soo good.
      Yes in today episode everything was soo good to watch..

    2. Riana

      Same here @maagi…Its really khidkitodd ??

    3. Hi Maggi,
      Yeah episode was really khidkitode?

      1. hello luthfa dear?

  9. This Annika is twin sister of Annika so where is real Annika what will happen about shivaay love story so many questions will raise all viewiers will not accept thjs

  10. So,the Cv’s recreating memory loss track.. I don’t how many people like the way she walk.. some people may think it was very comical..for me it was so annoying..
    So,again patidev is back.. No idea about kalavathi..

    It was pretty much clear it’s our Anika not imposter… Though she changed her attire and behaviour still she keeping the name with the starting letter Ch.. so the hair style name is chamki..
    Before & now she always been the great wall to protect shivaay.. earlier during Gayatri murder case and now Anika’s murder case.
    No,idea whether Omru,Gauri & Bhavya know about shivika’s dramabazzi..
    Surbhi is really portraying her character pretty much good..very throat is so dry..eventhough she delivered her dialogue so perfectly..let her recover soon..
    No idea how they capture all the private moments of shivika.. no doubt khanna might be .. he just shoot all the private moments of them and made a album of golden moments..
    Veer ko ti ti phis ogaya..
    Guys do you think will she make aloo poori..?
    I think she will make..but if she make does veer harm her right?
    Not only her even Sahil life is under threat because of veer..
    No idea what drama these two gonna do..?
    No story improvement of omri & ruvya..
    At least with in this week let them have some good space in IB..

    1. Hi kadhambari dear,
      Hru,im fine. v.much sry dear tht i cant reply u the other day. i want tej n janvi to know the value of family n shivaye so i said tht if they repemt in Abra ka Dabra im ok with it also…
      today wt do dear tht’s our anika di chacter cant change soo soon. no dear dont say tht sahil life in threat. tq dear.lots of

    2. Yes she will make aloo puri Kadhambari but Shivaay won’t buy it so he calls Sahil to come and see whether she identifies correctly. Actually veer wants to know whether she is the real anika and if she is he won’t hesitate to kill her.

    3. Hi Kadhambari,
      Yeah me too liked almost everything except that walking style.This is the age of fusion.So,cvs are in that mood only.Let’s see how Shivika are going to handle Veer through this imposter drama.

      1. …impostor drama…

  11. Mummy kasam veer and Kapoor sister’s truth comes out soon..

    1. sry its repent..

  12. Riana

    Hamari aankh se baatar nikal raha hain ????????????????????????…
    Surbhi is a grt actress !!! ??????
    Loved New Anika’s Entry !!!!…
    Specially when she entered and started dancinggg…
    Seriously this entry brought a new charm in the show…
    Her dress was like ????????
    Killing it !!!….And those new words were ?????????…Mindblowing episode after a HUGE DRAMA !!!…?????
    PRECAP is AWESOME ?????

    1. agree riana surbhi di is fabulous

    2. Hi Riana,
      Yeah mind blowing episode?????

  13. What eyes see,why heart refuses to accept that? Sometimes what eyes see,heart tends to believe it all,sometimes it turns out to be opposite.And sometimes something happens that eyes and heart both refuse to believe and accept.Anika is standing before Shivaay in another look and Shivaay is hesitating to believe the one standing and moving in front of him is his Anika.His Anika,whom he knows from head to toe,her every breath and heartbeat,is not his Anika.It’s like some fairy tale which compels us to believe while going through it though we don’t wish to and it its magic that make it happen.

    1. Pui

      Hey Di !
      I know that u are expressing ur views in point of view of a 3rd person…
      But u know na that Shivaay knows that its Anika only…
      No one else can do all that antic stuff which she does…????

      1. Pui,
        I know dear that’s why I write that Shivaay is playing game with Veer to find his real motive.Let’s see what happens.

    2. “Meri Anika” is not a fairy tale or some fiction to read and understand.That phrase is reflecting one person’s love,life and everything he feels and nurtures in his heart for someone very special.Heart possesses the power to identify those one person consider to be his,close,valuable,priceless but here heart itself is under some illusion which is failing to differentiate between illusion and real.Illusion is like a fairy tale,believe it or not depends on the person who reads or tries to understand it.But reality doesn’t depend on any belief that’s why it’s nams is”Real”.Shivaay Singh Oberoi is playing the game of illusion and reality very smartly to turn his enemies Illusion into more Illusion……………..

      1. Luftha very nicely put in poetic words. Well done!!!! Yes he knows it is his Anika but he has to play act infront of veer and pretend she is an imposter. But I think Shivaay so wanted to go an hug her and kiss her tenderly and lovingly and to tell her how much he missed her even for one day. Not even one minute he can be without her. The agony of not embracing her is tantalizing to him. That is why that fall when she tripped

      2. Sindhu di,
        Exactly di,Shivaay knew all along that it was Anika still he had to put an act of ignorance.Veer is trapped and he wouldn’t be able to understand what is real and what is illusion.Thank you so much for the compliment?

      3. ItsmePrabha

        Pata hai..yeh saari week mein ne tumhari analysis,take on current situation and billu aur anudi ki POV saare ki saare padli hai and all of them are picture perfect…Love you Darling.

      4. Awwwwwwww…..So sweet and kind of you.Thank you soooooooo….much for your love my Sweetheart.Love you?

  14. Arpita6

    We have got sooo many shivika moments ….
    But today is 1 year anniversary of most romantic and epic scene of #KUCH feel hua..?????for the first time they played ROAMNTIC BGM of shivika……….
    I love this moment very much…???

    1. I miss those golden days so much…..☺☺☺☺☺?????

      1. oh i too miss it….

    2. ItsmePrabha

      hai Arpu..those are our golden memories..missing them very badly..

  15. Hi guys. Ooooooo god wt an episoid super duper laughing wala. To say In anika style khidkithid episoid. directly coming to my lovly anika di new avtar/look Ooooo god i think became mad of laughing. cant even stop for a sec also. I think all the tamil viewers got Arukkani in their thought after looking to our anika di hair style. i hv never seen such a walk till now haaaaaaa……..i think even shivaye anna ws even shock to c annika di in tht style. even though it is their plan. o then even omru n gouri n bhavya is involed in their plan. i think its same plan but in little different way as be4 as to reveal tia truth bt now its veer’s turn. now anika di is going to cook now tht means she learnt cooking????????? Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveryyyyyyyy much happy to c sahil after a long time. dont know how sahil will react after knowing somu’s negetivity…. but wt ever i wt to enjoy today episoid. after a long gap im enjoying soo much today after cing the episoid. Gd night guys….

    1. Yes jeevi I thinkk Gauri and Bhavya seem to know as well the plan.

    2. Hi Jeevi,
      Yeah episode was really khidkitode.Anika was looking hilarious.Me too was waiting for Sahil.Very glad to see him.Veer’s days are numbered.I am waiting for his OMM very badly.

  16. Hi guy … Superb episode… I really loved it… Shivika rocks

  17. Wow…wow nd wow…… I think its their plan to expose veer. Veer you r doomed now so plz tighten ur seat belt nd pull up ur socks agai…?

  18. sry its repent..

  19. Hello everyone, today’s episode was tadhaka episode. It came with a bang.

    I laughed when I saw Anika with her wired hair braid and her walk. On my goodness…. she was funny.. I think when Anika came with a new avatar I Don’t think Shivaay knows how she was going to come back. That is why his shocked look of seeing her with that braided hair. The signature fall of Anika and Shivaay holding her itself shows that is our Anika and no imposter.

    Her hair reminds me of this South Indian actress Suhasini who acted as an illiterate person and married an educated man but he does not like her at all because she is so dark and this kind of hair braid. I thought about her acting when I saw Anika with her funny hair.

    Anyway now anika will find out about Veer. Shivaay has to be convincing to Veer if not how to find out who is the other Oberoi. Veer has to buy that she is an imposter then Shivika’s work would be easy because I think veer will pull anika in and let her in the secret.

    1. sindhu actually shivay is protecting anika from veer and so he purposefully decided to expose her as an imposter. he is playing along with veer making him pappu. bcas if shivay does not do it then veer will do it and shivay does not want him to do that.
      but what is shivika plan and how are they going to excute it – no idea. also rikhara and rudya is involved and supporting them in this plan. seems to be

      only hope that the anika is not a duplicate.

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