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Ishqbaaz 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika comes running. Daksh holds her and takes her away, while Shivaye is on call. Shivaye turns to see. Sometime before, Daksh breaks Anika’s phone by stepping on it. Anika angrily slaps him. Daksh gets angry and stares at her. He holds her neck. Sahil says why is she not answering. Daksh ties Anika and puts her in car dickey. Pinky talks to servant. She gets surprised seeing Daksh. Daksh says I m back. Jhanvi asks how are you, and is your mum fine now. He says everything is fine there, I don’t find things fine here, why did you both get tensed seeing me. Pinky says nothing like that. He asks where is my fiancee, I went to Anika’s house, she did not answer me, usually she is here, where is she, tell her her fiance has come to meet her, is anything wrong.

Shivaye is on call and goes out.

He says why do I not feel right, as if something wrong is going to happen. Anika hears him and struggles. He keeps hand on car dickey. He says maybe I m thinking a lot, this can’t be right. Daksh asks is everything fine, you are not calling Anika. Jhanvi says when you were not here…. Daksh says I know now Shivaye is marriage and you would have removed her from job, did you get to know about her truth.

Shivaye looks at the car. He gets a call. He says you should have told me, fine I will do it. Pinky asks what reality. Daksh says what should I say, I m feeling shame, she cheated on me. Jhanvi asks Anika cheated on you. She says yes, I had to do engagement as we went ahead, she forcefully came close to me and forced me for engagement, I understood its her game plan, she traps rich guys by wedding planner work, I came here to tell you, I m glad you fired her from job. Jhanvi says what rubbish, we all know her very well. He says this is the problem, she looks something and she is something else, she is clever. Jhanvi asks him to shut up and mind his language, Anika is this house’s bahu now. Anika gets her hands free and comes out of the dickey. Shivaye leaves. Daksh asks what, bahu, I did not understand.

Ishqbaaz spoiler 1

Pinky says Anika and Shivaye got married. Daksh asks what, you should have asked me once, you ruined Shivaye’s life by getting her married to that cheap girl, Shivaye talks of blood and family line, before leaving I told him Anika’s truth. She does not deserve to become servant, you made her bahu. Pinky says I knew this, she was talking sweet, there was reason why Shivaye did this, she is middle class girl and its her status, Dadi made her Devi, my son’s life got ruined. Jhanvi says we all know she is not that type of girl, did you forget what she did for us, in which situation she married Shivaye.

Pinky says she acted to make place in our house, if we knew truth, this would have not happened. Anika gets up to run. Jhanvi says use your brains, its not good to believe anyone. Pinky says Daksh is like our son, what is his motive to say this, think she got engaged to him in 2 days, when he went, she did not talk of him once. Anika runs towards the house and falls down. Daksh says she did not reply to my message, I m not surprised, its obvious, Shivaye has more money, Anika loves only money. Anika enters the house. Pinky says thanks for opening our eyes, I will not let Anika stay here, I will tell Shivaye to kick her out, what did this happen. She cries. Sahil hears them and gets sad. Jhanvi takes Pinky. Anika enters. Daksh keeps kerchief on her mouth and takes her. Jhanvi stops and turns to see. Daksh hides. Pinky asks what happened.

Jhanvi says I felt like someone called. Pinky says I did not hear anything, come. Daksh lifts Anika and turns to leave. He gets shocked seeing Shivaye coming. Shivaye looks into his phone. Daksh puts Anika there and hides. Shivaye steps back. Daksh sees him stepping towards Anika’s hand and pulls her hand back. He lifts her and leaves. Shivaye turns to see. Music plays….. He does not see anyone. He thinks whats wrong with me, why do I feel Anika is in some problem. He says no need to think or worry for her.

Pinky says Anika will face me now, where is she. Jhanvi says she might have gone somewhere. Pinky says I will kick her out. Jhanvi says relax, every situation has two stories, you heard Daksh, hear Anika too. Pinky says she will fool us, Daksh said she does this with every family. Jhanvi says listen to me. Pinky says we have seen Anika’s truth now, I will not let her shadow fall on my son. Daksh takes Anika to the car. Its seen on CCTV screen. Jhanvi is about to see, and hears Priyanka. She goes. Daksh puts Anika in car and takes her.

Ishqbaaz spoiler 2

Priyanka cries and says you are troubling me. He says I want you to know life’s meaning, I told you if you don’t come, I will come. She says if you don’t stop troubling me, I will tell my brothers. He says you know what I will do then. She says I m not scared of your threatening. He says be ready, I m coming, I will do it and show. She says no. Pinky and Jhanvi come and ask with whom are you taking, who is troubling you. Priyanka says wrong number, some irritating man, I was explaining its wrong number, he was not agreeing so I shouted on him. Jhanvi asks are you saying true. Priyanka says yes, why will I lie, I have to complete urgent assignment, I have to go. She goes. Jhanvi says Priyanka looked worried, there is some matter, I hope everything is fine. Pinky says since Anika’s unlucky steps got in this house, everything is going wrong.

Shivaye goes to his room. Shakti asks where is Anika. Shivaye says don’t know, why do everyone ask me, am I her manager. Shakti asks whats this misbehavior and anger, I just asked, did you forget manners to talk to dad. Shivaye says sorry. Shakti says give this file to her, Anika took loan for Sahil’s admission, now you got him in other school, so they returned fees, she may decide what to do of these 15 lakhs. Shivaye asks 15 lakhs. Shakti asks don’t you know, Maa told me to help Anika, I spoke to bank manager and got loan approved. Shivaye asks when. Shakti says some days back, one day before your marriage. Shivaye recalls. Shakti says anyway, when she comes, give her this file and ask her what to do with this 15 lakhs. Shivaye checks file and recalls Daksh’s words. He says it means whatever Daksh said was a lie.

Shivaye says so you have slept with Anika in Daksh’s room that day. Soumya says yes. Shivaye comes to Anika’s house and gets broken phone. Daksh calls him. Shivaye says I will not leave you alive if Anika gets even a scratch. Shivaye says I m coming Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think the pregnancy track will help expose Tia as Kidnapping helped to expose Daksh.

    And I don’t think Tia ‘s track will get over after PT , she will be back to make SSO to accept Anika as her wife infront of the world.

  2. today’s episode was horrible .pinky can be easily manipulated by anyone due to her prejudice for anika.who is she to raise finger against anika???who knows what she had done in past ????I don’t have grudges against daksh because he is pshyco lover whom can go to any extent but one thing I loved in today’s episode is that jhanvi stuck in anika’s support rather then dubious about her character .anika should not forgive bagad billa so easily .poor sahil what would be the impact on that child ????he would be blaming himself for her condition.someone please tight slap to sso and his mother .

  3. What rubbish is this daksh kidnapped her so easily and no one could see also no omru and rumya and shakti ji did something good for the first time

  4. Haha, it’s karma b!$ch..
    Hello Mr. SSO. U blamed annika that she’s characterless, now I’m happy that Tia is blaming u for her pregnancy, so both u and tia are cheaper than the cheapest.

    I know sso is falsely framed, still I am happy that sso is blamed that too about pregnancy.

    Annika will surely stand with shivaye. Still what if annika questions u about spending night with tia.

    U blamed annika right.. Although I hate pregnancy track, I am really happy here bcoz shivaye will now realise how it feels when someone’s character is ruined just coz of blame.

  5. Now im comfirmed why this sso is so comfusing soul and double standard bcz he has gone on his mother pinky…really both mother and sons jodi is kamal…both of thems thinking ate same and cheap…at the same time both are stupids…..look how sensible omkara is bcz he has become like his mother jhanvi…talks and behaves sensibely…
    K sso is young and he can change in future by lifes experience but whats wrong with this pinky…sahil is more sensible than this pinky… I just wish this tia should teach a lesson to pinky then she will become little sensible
    Yaa i too missing omru…kunal and leenesh are suffering from dengue thats why their scenes are not show
    I love a lots shivika but i want to see rumya story also with equal screen space and want to see oms lead and finally want to see all three couples together

    1. hllo shahbana dear how are you????according to me omru are more educated then sso .I am wondering from which college did he get degree?? anyways degree won’t matter but still how a buisnessman can be manipulated upto such extent that even he can’t see truth of daksh and tia.actually shitia deserves each other bcoz both are fools

      1. Helloo shivani dr
        Im absolutely fn dr
        Missing u and all my sweet ishqees a lotz…i think u are busy in ur work..
        And how r u ishqee
        U are right dr both sso and tia deserves each other…one is cunning and other one is stupid and fool
        Plsss try to comment when u gets time dr

    2. Both PINKY and SSO are suffering from default beliefs , and when ever they deal with anyone, they forget their past experience with that anyone. Their default belief never getting changed with time. I amazed to see, eventhough PINKY belong to MIDDLE CLASS FAMILY, she never tried to give a second thought to her belief for ANNIKA. Both required a PROOF from MIDDLE CLASS person for being a good one, and when any middle class person there after made any mistake, they both forget obligations of that middle class person. While, both are giving benefit of GOOD ONE to RICH PEOPLE and never ready to believe they are bad without proof!!!!

      BOTH MOTHER -SON are purely selfish for middle class people while dealing!!!

      1. Yaaa u are right shekhar even pinky is from middle class then also she always taunts anika..i dntknow whats wrong with this peaple…u know what shekhar some peaple are like pinky are exist in real life too…

      2. I really dissappoined with CHARACTER SSO, a MALE LEAD in IB, having no feeling for little , lonely , handicap and orphan boy SAAHIL to whom he forced to bring him in OM and ignored him during scaring of his only one family ANNIKA ,issing from OM. Thats why i had used some harsh words for SSO in this TU comments. Atleast he should have been shown generous towards SAHIL, but in vain!

      3. Very true Shekhar….but I think its in their blood….Like mother like son….easily believes rubbish things without thinking what benefits they have received from the person who they are accusing of…..I like Janvi’s POV….even though she also knows Daksh from childhood….she is not ready to believe his words…..whereas Pinky who was all in praise for Anika when she saved Shivaye from Gayatri’s murder case easily believed Daksh’s words….idiotic ideologies….

        But, as we have seen in the earlier, I feel Pinky will change when she comes to know the truth… she is blindfolded because she is going through the toughest state of mind as mother of Shivaye Singh Oberoi…she considers her son as Heera beta….and according to her Tia was the perfect match for her son….even though she liked Anika and was thankful to her for her deeds….a middle-class girl was not her bahu even in her wildest dreams……but it happened….when she knew the fact that Shivaye was the one who forced Anika for the marriage, she had almost accepted Anika and even agreed that she did wrong to Anika….being a MIL she was going through a phase where she has to reject Tia and instead accept Anika…..maybe she would have accepted Anika whole-heartedly gradually…..its all how typical MILs behave…..I don’t think it has anything to do with her background…..

        Maybe when she knows of Tia’s pregnancy track, she would start to know Tia’s true nature…..but still if the CVs are keen on showing the rudeness and arrogancy of rich people then, we should not expect such good things

      4. Even i tooo sad about how they shaped the charecter sso…i tooo very disappointed when he ignored sahil wgen he asked about anika..this is not the sso whom i loved a lotz…really disappointing but plsss shekhar dnt use any harsh wordsyar..bcz many are reading comments…i can understand u are disapointed with ur favret charecter sso but what we can do…just can wait…dntworryy cvs will make a perfect redemption track for sso…sso is in a deleima…when a person so much depressed they cnt understood whats they are doing sane is happening with sso…he is disturbed so much about that ons mu thats why he is behaving like this….
        K shekhar i just told my openion about ur harsh comments if u feel bad im sorry

      5. SHAHBANA MAM,
        I too feel bad for usage of harsh words, but it happens sometimes. I literally blaming CVs, not SSO. CVs should not show SSO so rude and ignorant towards such a child.

        THere is nothing like to feel bad in your saying.

  6. Anika kehti reh gayi but shivay ne uski ek na suni and he doubted her.Misbehaved with her even he gave her divorce paper…Shivay and his family don’t deserve Anika…Anika you deserve a far more better life

  7. Silpa k sivadasan

    Hi guyz
    I m frm kerala & i m a big fan of IB and ishqie family here
    I m staying in hostel for my btech and there s no tv there so i hav been depending on the updates and been a silent reader evr since

    Bt the latest track is smthng i hav been waiting 4 a long time and i just cant stop myself commenting
    I really hope u wil accept me into ths cmpny

    Shivaay really needs that zor ka jhatka 4 his thnking
    i really want to c how shivaay wil ask 4 4givnes frn anika

    How do u thnk he will do that

    1. Helloo shilpa
      Welcome to the ib family and keep commenting dr
      And sso we cnt say anything about him comfidentely bcz he is very comfusing person..he himself doesnt know what he really want

  8. Guys there is a news for u all om and ru have a dengu fever and they are hospitalized.

  9. Hey guys where is Dasha. Didn’t she comment today?

    1. Hi, Nafisa, just don’t have much to say 🙂 I think it’s a bit unplanned dragging, but just because 2 of 3 main leads are in hospital, so production doing their best to arrange the story until the moment they’ll be back.

      Today episode 2016/12/20 had a super precap. A bit similar to episode 288 IPKKND when Arnav thought he lost Khushi…

  10. Fe TI back, I made a joke over SSO referring TIA being a mother of SSO baby. Now , it is going to be a reality now, its a different question how SSO react to TIA’s pregenency drama!!

    what may happen after TIA claiming having BABY of SHIVAAY!

    A-If he deny, TIA may threat him exposing to MEDIA

    1-THAT BABY IS NOT SSO, and in this way OF image will be ruin as SSO already declared her as his wife publiclly!!

    2-she may say media that baby is from SSO, but he is now denying, and in this way too OF name will be ruin!

    B- If he accept TIA’s claim, (POSSIBILITY IS HARDLY ! %), SHIVIKA marriage will be put in dangerous zone, and TIA will then claim to be in OM, and soon she will skip away his money which her main motive!!


    1. Dntworry anika and omru are there they wont let tia to win in her game plan..they will expose her soon

      1. Ya I also agree with you. Anika can’t saw her sso in such a big scandal and if we talk about OMRU their bhaiya is the most important thing for them. So they will also help their vhabi to expose Lady Baba.

      2. Hi shahabana

        Aapko omru(Kunal,leenesh)ki dengue fever ki baare main kaise patha chala.kaha pe hai ye news.

      3. Dr uf i got to know leenesh and kunals health problem from fb page
        And now leeneshs sis comfirmed that he is fn
        And the actress who play jhanvi comfirmed that tia will be exposed soon

    2. Mouni

      hi shekhar , l dont think sso has any intimit relationship with tia that she may say that it resulted in prgcy but she may use that rudy punch night to say that he was drunk and may not remember what he did to her and that alone my friend will expose her in front of him as he remembers exactly what happend and he has anika as his proof so the moment she speaks he will finds out her truth
      maybe she will use blackmail and threat to give her what she wants or she will ruin their family name but l dont think he will accept being the father and then will do his possible to expose her

    3. My presumption is that

      TIA will try to make life of SHIVIKA like hell, and will not care for money now, and finding TIA’s revenge motive her own mother will remove from the track for the future of KAPOORS BUSINESS INTEREST!!!

      This is one solution blinked now, may be others solution, but this one make OF safe atleast.

  11. they try to start kumkum bhagia track.pinky’s role is not good she always want tia as a bahu.

  12. Now let’s see Pinky’s behavior.. Her response to Tia’s pregnancy before marriage

  13. Thank you shahabana

    Kunal ki health kaise hai,wo teekh hai na.I hope wo dhono jaldhi teekh ho jaaye aur vaapas aaye.aap please unka health condition ki baare main inform dethi rehna please.

    Tia expose hone wala hai iam waiting that episode.are you sure na tia expose hogi na.


  14. Nobody will feel or like daksh role or last 2 episodes, becasuse he does not have decency on women , most villans till dare never misbehaved vulgarity on STARPLUS, Someone should file a court case to protect women life , showing such cheap physco as Daksh

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