Ishqbaaz 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gauri agrees to marry Ajay

Ishqbaaz 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika dances on Saat Samandar…. Bhavya points gun at the don. Gauri says I will do this marriage. Om gets shocked. Some time before, don says you insulted me and snatched my Mona, you are gone now. Anika lifts the veil and says I will not leave you, if Shivaye gets a scratch, I will see you. Shivaye says finally, I told you she is not Mona, she is my wife Anika, she is very angry. Don asks him to get ready to die. Anika beats him and says I m just Anika of my Shivaye. Everyone claps for her. Shivaye smiles and says you agreed soon. Anika says it means you want to argue even here. He asks what was the need to come. The lady asks him to hug and end fight. Shivaye jokes. Anika laughs. They hug. Everyone claps.

Don says hands up, get back, I will shoot everyone. Rudra and Bhavya come. Shivaye

says he is saying hands up. Rudra says fine and does so. Don says so he is your brother, you are gone. Shivaye says I will not leave you if anything happens to my brother. Don asks what will you do. Shivaye says police will find you when plane lands, you have to find your mum’s teeth. Don asks them to find the teeth. Attendant says if flight keeps flying, fuel will end and plane will crash. Don says let it crash, find the teeth. Anika and Shivaye argue. Don says hands up. Shivaye says fine, you won’t agree when you do mistake, let me talk, she is my wife. She says how could I leave you, you don’t remember our vows, we will deal all problems together. They argue. Anika throws water on his face. They all get shocked.

Don asks what’s this. Shivaye says its my line. Rudra says its common, they start anywhere. Shivaye says this is not house. Anika says you don’t listen to me anywhere. Don says if I don’t get teeth in five mins, see what I do, I will shoot him. He points the gun at Shivaye.

Gauri stops Ajay and says I don’t want time to think, person thinks when there is a dilemma, I know my answer, its a no., I don’t know what you found about me and my marriage, there is no place for anyone in my life, every marriage has ups and downs, I m not a cheap girl to marry again, you can force anyone for marriage, not for love, love happens just once, I worship my husband, it will be better that you forget it, and think for your brother and Richa’s happiness. She goes.

Don says you insulted me and snatched my Mona, you are gone now. Shivaye and Rudra stop him. Anika asks won’t you stop on Mona’s saying. She holds his hand and fools him. Shivaye looks on. She says sorry, your mum’s teeth fell down because of me, we will find it. Shivaye asks what’s happening. Don says I got my Mona, we will have a celebration. Rudra says we have to go home. Anika winks to Bhavya. She dances on saat samandar….. Everyone dances. Rudra dances with baby. Anika gets the gun from don and gives to Bhavya. Bhavya points the gum at don.

Gauri asks the lady how can she do this. Gauri tells everyone that Richa’s inlaws refused for marriage. They all get worried. Om says I told you not to fulfill their demands. Gauri recalls Ajay’s words. She says if this is their real face, its good we have seen it. She asks Richa not to worry. Richa cries and goes. Shivaye asks don to be quiet. Rudra asks Bhavya to give gun, he has to get photo with don. Bhavya asks are you mad, its serious matter. Rudra gets gun and goes to don. He asks Baby to click some pics. Shivaye says you are looking good, its over, this can’t be my brother.

He shows the teeth and asks don to get it if he wants. Anika asks why did he not say before. Shivaye says this has diamonds, this don was taking diamonds in these teeth, now he will go jail for smuggling. Anika says this lady is not his mum, she is Bua. Shivaye asks what, she will also go jail. Bua says I was helpless, I lost money in gambling. Shivaye says I will deal with you later, listen you don, when plane lands, police will see you, I will not leave you. Rudra asks him to listen, I have forgiven him. Shivaye says he has troubled us also, if he acts smart, he won’t get these dentures, shoot him if he acts smart. Rudra says there is no bullet. Shivaye says fine. They get shocked. Shivaye says so what, we have diamonds. Pilot comes there and gets hit. He faints. Bhavya pushes the don.

Gauri asks Richa to open the door and listen. Richa’s mum worries. Om says we should break the door. Richa opens the door. Gauri goes to talk. Richa says how can Mukesh do this, I will die if this marriage doesn’t happen. Gauri says he doesn’t love you, he doesn’t deserve you, don’t worry, maybe he is not made for you, I have trust on Lord. Richa says I can’t marry someone else, I m pregnant with his child. Gauri gets shocked. She asks what did you do and hugs her.

Abhay says I m sure Oberois are going to outhouse for tapes, how shall I reach there before. Tanya comes and says I sat in other car dicky, I was not able to breath. He says y7ou can’t do anything well, stop crying, we have imp work, I have to go to outhouse, I need you. She asks what can I do.

Shakti says I think Shukla is misleading us. Tej says don’t know, we will know it after getting in. Gauri recalls Ajay and Richa’s words. Om sees her worried and switches off the burner, saying your hand will burn. She says I m thinking of Richa. He says its for Richa’s good, they are not good people. He does shayari and laughs. She says I have to talk to everyone. She goes.

Dadi says you all here….. Tej says we cancelled Goa’s plan and came to see old albums. Dadi says you all came as I m alone. Pinky says yes, I told them to cancel the trip. Dadi says I was getting things cleaned, I was not getting keys of outhouse. Tej says I have the keys. Dadi says I will send things by servant. She goes. Abhay says good idea, I will get in along with the things, by hiding in trunk. Tanya asks are you mad, it can b dangerous. He says just do as I say.

Gauri says I think we should talk to Richa’s inlaws once. Her mum agrees. Om says sorry, shall I come along, maybe I have a man to man talk. Gauri says no, they may feel we are getting a stranger in between our talk. He says fine, I understand, do what you all feel right. They leave. Om says I can’t let you go alone, I don’t trust Ajay.

Dadi gets the things out. Tanya offers help. Dadi says we will manage. Tanya insists. Dadi says you can be Billu’s wife, but just Anika is our bahu. Tanya says you don’t know me, I should get a chance to prove myself. Dadi refuses. Tanya says please, I m getting bored, let me help. Dadi says fine, make them keep the things in outhouse. She goes. Abhay gets in trunk. Dadi comes and looks at the trunk. She asks Tanya to lock trunk, it has imp things. Tanya worries. Dadi asks her to lock it. Tanya locks it. Tej scolds servants and makes them keep the things out. Tanya comes and lies to them. She goes.

Gauri, her mum and Richa’s mum come to Ajay’s house. Gauri turns. Om hides. He says how shall I go there, I will go breaking a window. Pinky says we will find tapes, tell us Tej. Tej says its in my pocket. She says Shukla told you about it. He says he just said its in outhouse, not where exactly. She says maybe he said and you are not saying us, so that you can use it against us later. Tej says just you can have such cheap thinking. Shakti says we should find tapes than arguing. Tanya says I have to get Abhay out of trunk. Dadi asks her to do her work. Tanya says I will come later. Dadi takes her. Abhay thinks how to get out of the trunk. Tej says come here, we got the tapes. Pinky asks what will we do now. Jhanvi says we will destroy it. Shakti says we will burn it. Abhay hears them and thinks I have to save the tapes.

Gauri’s mum apologizes. Richa’s mum says my daughter’s life will be ruined, let this marriage happen. Ajay says request Gauri, this relation broke because of her. Om looks on and thinks why because of Gauri. Richa’s mum asks why, Gauri has fulfilled all demands. Ajay says we wanted that Gauri and I get married in same mandap. Gauri’s mum says what are you saying, her marriage happened. He says I know how it happened, her husband has left her. Gauri’s mum gets shocked. Ajay says I m still ready to marry her. Gauri’s mum asks what nonsense, can you say anything, my son in law and inlaws are very good, you should have shame, we don’t have to get Richa married here. Gauri stops her mum. She sees Ajay and says you want this, I will do this marriage. Ajay smiles. Om looks on.

Tej pours kerosene and burns the tapes. Pinky sees trunk moving. She thinks is the blackmailer hiding inside it. Abhay knocks on the trunk door. Pinky opens the lock. She opens the door. Abhay throws a sheet over her and escapes. She screams. She says there was someone here, he has run away, he has thrown black cloth on us. Tej says I m sure he was the blackmailer, we have to find him. Abhay comes out of the fire box and blows off the fire caught by his clothes. He removes his shirt and throws it off. He says truth comes out one day, you were going to end evidence, see how your sins burn your everything to ashes.

Anika asks what will we do. Shivaye says there is co pilot. Attendant says no, flight is on auto pilot. Shivaye says let me jist think. Attendant says there is just one option now, parachute jump.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    Happy diwali to all my lovely pkjs…
    Hv a wonderful celebration…
    Although busy wt relatives IB cannot miss…

    Sorry gals for not replying yr comments erlier…wht the new TU page once agn….

    Really a super duper khidikhon anika style entertaining episode…
    Finally anika hv2show herself….Wt shivika fighting,…..being don’s mona …singing & dancing to divert…super song…super dance…super bhavya caught the don but ,… bullet in the pistol??????…what the wuck???Shivika was the best today…rudy ws good…Pilot comes there and gets hit&faints……so now the plane is on auto mode…no pilot….

    Villain wantsb2marry gauri….well Om u hv 2do something & i know u will win back gauri’s heart….but please act fast…

    Dadi u were owsm today by stopping tanya frm resquing abhay..and he ws in tht burning box???? Hw? he ws in the other one right??? the one pinky opened….

    Precap….well 2moro i think its shivaye confession day to anika…waiting 2c this eagerly by all of us i think its happening 2moro….
    DILL HUA Anikabaaz…
    Shivika ws great..rudy ws great too..
    Gd nite gals….

    1. Banita

      First comment in Diwali…..
      Di May be Friday will be confession day becz it’s Weekend day….

      1. Happy diwali banita.

      2. Pushpa

        Happy diwali bani..hv a superb celebration

    2. Krish6868

      Happy Diwali Pushpa!
      Looking forward for SSO’s confession !

      1. happy diwali krish.

      2. Pushpa

        Happy diwali krish……

    3. Fatmi

      Hii Pushpa,
      hw r u? nice review….
      Happy Diwali……….

      1. happy diwali fatmi!

      2. Pushpa

        Thk u fatima pls b part if our celebration….

    4. Swathi..

      Go push di go
      Happy Diwali to you too

      1. happy diwali swati.

      2. Pushpa

        Happy diwali swati…..

    5. Nice review pushpa
      Happy diwali to you too

      1. happy diwali sana .
        nice review of pushpa.

      2. Pushpa

        Hapiy diwali 2u2……

    6. Shivika is always great!

    7. Shivika is always great.

    8. Piyuu

      Happy Diwali Pushpa

  2. Aayushi_kul

    Happiieee Diwali my lovly PKJs…wishing u a very safe n prosperous diwali???????
    Coming to d epi….that was the most hilarious plane hijack i ve seen????
    Shivay imitating anika’s hyderabadi dialogues was so funny?? n theur hug…awwww???

    Anika’s dance…ahaaa??? maza aagya…she was lukinh damn gorgeous????

    N rudy clicking selfies wid don…haha now this is the proof that he is our old rudy only not that RSO
    Gud nyttttt ishqies…once again happy diwali to u all??

    1. Krish6868

      Happy Diwali Aayushi!

      1. Pushpa

        Happy diwali ayushi…

    2. Nice review aayushi
      Happy diwali

    3. Shivikas hugs are always awwwww….

    4. Happy diwali aayushi!

    5. Piyuu

      Happy Diwali Aayushi

    6. Zaveesha

      Happy Diwali Aayushi


    Parachute ????
    Interesting yet too much year…
    Shivika soooo funny ????
    Rudy is back ????
    Omri ???????
    Shivru ???? (i missed shivay protecting his brother)
    Seniors… Destroying tapes without verifications… Too bad guys !!
    Still wondering why bua is back!?

    1. Krish6868

      Happy Diwali Mahira!
      It was Tej who set fire to those tapes without verification and he has been awarded Businessman
      of the year consecutively for 15 years! Shows the IQ of the CVS!

      1. MAHIRA

        Happy diwali dear ??
        Yes i can see… It’s kind of depressing to fool us this way lol
        But Tej took swetlana as confident and trustful mistress for year, so we shouldn’t except too much from hi.m na ?

      2. krish,sso got Businessman of Year award
        not tej!

    2. Bua lost money in gambling.
      Happy diwali mahira

      1. MAHIRA

        Happy diwali to you too ?
        Best wishes dear ?
        And bua.. Really does the actress have some good relationships to remain in the show when we lost sahil and priyanku ? ?

    3. Parachute jump again like sso’s kidnapping!
      too much yaar!
      Happy diwali mahira.

      1. MAHIRA

        Happy diwali dear ?
        Best wishes ?
        Parachute… It’s so … So.. Impossible ???
        It’s a plane not a boat with rescue ships to save people… In plane they need a pilot and frankly i was excepting the great wall SSO to know piloting or the rso in his new avatar showing that he really did something in his life except depensing his family’s money ???

  4. Shivika can fight anywhere anytime -universal truth!Water and Shivika, another inseparable part of their ishqbaazi. Rudra was looking cute amid the banter of Shivika.That Don and its harkat,enjoyed though.Aww…Ani what a dance.Shivaay seemed enjoying. In fact everyone started enjoying themselves inside the plane.Shivaay and his concern and yeah his jealousy!The small Shivika hug,in between, loved it most.Biwi was dancing around her Pati! Shivika and me enjoyed a lot.
    Let Shivika stay away from mystery mess and family problems.I agree with Aastha di.Let them enjoy their jungle adventure.Be there 2,3 days.Don’t return OM. Cvs if possible extend the jungle track.
    Again a girl is sacrificing for another girl because of this male dominated society! Such is the rule..
    Oberois specialit:let us be our own enemy through our own foolishness!

    Once again, HAPPY DIWALI…jungl

    1. Krish6868

      LUTHFA, Happy Diwali!
      Yes,SHIVIKA need to spend quality time together isolated from everyone and everything!

    2. Funny episode.don was so silly
      Happy diwali luthfa.

    3. Shivika is aw…….the best always!

  5. Misha_Mikul

    I just don’t know what to say about today’s epi! 1% of happiness 99% of irritation n disappointments!! ??

    Rudi n that buffalo woman just danced danced and just entered in pilot room and she just moved the gear or liver or whatever!! Waah that the same thing right where Rudi and Saumya together released as its really very hard to move when plane was hijacked! ?
    And Abhay just got out of trunk covering Pinky face with a cloth and just jumped to the burning trump in a sec nop not even in a sec!!
    And the Tej, Jhanvi and Shakti were laying eggs over there meanwhile Abhay covered Pinky’s face and got in the trunk which was burned in front them ????
    As they were busy in laying eggs, that witch Abhay did a stupid magic to us!!! ??
    Doesn’t make sense at all!!!! ??
    And why always plane in IB all are autopilot?

    There has just one thing to make me happy on this Diwali!! Shivaay’s love confession is on the way ??????

    Nitezzz Dearss ?

    1. Krish6868

      Misha ,Happy Diwali!
      True SSO’s love confession is on the way!Looking forward to it!

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Very Happy Diwali Krish ??

    2. Fatmi

      Ya Misha I’m also eagerly waiting for this track………

      1. Kya this is the same plane during rumyas time?
        so stupid of cvs.

      2. oops sorry Fatmi
        Happy diwali.

      3. Misha_Mikul

        Nop sana.. Nahi same plane.. That scene!!

      4. Fatmi

        Happy Diwali to u Sana…………

    3. Pushpa

      Happy diwali misha….

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Very Happy Diwali Pushpa ❤?

    4. Senior oberois made bewakoof by abhay.
      So senseless of cvs.

    5. Piyuu

      ya misha i’m also waiting for this track
      Happy Diwali dr

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Happy Diwali Piyuuu ???????

  6. Oh Gauri..I hope Om will try to find the truth…there won’t be MU this time..Om knws Gauri too well that she won’t do this..I am excited to watch how Om will help Gauri out of this problem…

    1. Krish6868

      Raazi,Happy Di wali!
      No, there will not be any MU this time.The OBRO’s and OBROBAHU’s have to come back to OM
      on or after Oct 23 due to 1/2 hr time reduction.

    2. No..don’t want more MU with rikara.
      Om must find truth.

    3. Obro males never use their heads,
      Om also won’t do anything!
      Boring rikara!

  7. Wished everyone except the most important person!*HAPPY DIWALI *Amena di.Enjoy every moment and stay blessed…

    1. Krish6868

      LUTHFA, you are a good girl!
      You remembered the” NEEV” of WU.Good for you!

    2. Happy Diwali Amena di!

    3. happy Diwali Amena di.

  8. Banita

    Today epi was Good…..
    Shivika Nok-jhok…..
    Again Splash???????
    Anika was Superb “SAAT SAMANDAR…..”
    comedian Don?????
    BT he santch d gun from d security officer BT gun me bullet nahi thi…. Security officer vi bina bullet wala gun pakadte hain …. CVS itna toh logic chod dete???
    ?? ??????
    Shivaay Singh Oberoi found out d diamond in d duplicate Teeth….
    Rudy boy back to normal and take pic with don???

    Gouri’s second decision was Shocking…..

    I have one confusion Can anyone clear it….
    If I m not wrong then Abhay already forcefully took d CD from Sukla… Then how it comes to Oberoi’s Out house and Abhay didn’t know about it????

    How can Abhay comes to d Box where d CD was??? If there is any secret path nd Abhay’s that Heroics stunt… It’s just Stupid….CVS we r not that much pappu that u think… Just give at least 1% logic yr…..


    P. S –
    Heyy pkj Anyone saw d new promo of ib…. I didn’t get it… What they want to show us 1)About reduced slot of ib or something else….

    HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL PKJ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Wish u all a HAPPY and SAFE DIWALI Again?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Fatmi

      Ha ha u said r8 ‘BT he santch d gun from d security officer BT gun me bullet nahi thi…. Security officer vi bina bullet wala gun pakadte hain …. CVS itna toh logic chod dete’ 😀 😀 😀 😀
      Happy Diwali Banita…….

      1. Banita

        Yeh Fatmi…
        CVS Hume pappu banane chakar me khud pappu ban mate hain ? ? ? ?
        HAPPY DIWALI U TOO Fatmi…

    2. Krish6868

      Banita, Happy Diwali!
      May the CVS wanted to show the OBRO’s bond is as strong as that of AB and Dharmendra
      in SHOLAY. Otherwise why will they show the 3 OBRO’s on a scooter with a side carrier? Or
      do they want to say that RU will never grow up?I’m so confused!

      1. Banita

        Heyy Krish….
        Yeh dr I m also confused about d promo don’t know what CVS want to say in this promo….
        SHOLAY????? Yeh may be….

        HAPPY DIWALI U TOO dr….

    3. In IB logic is not allowed.
      see at your own risk.

      1. Banita

        Yeh dr logic and ib can’t stay together? ? ? ? ?
        HAPPY DIWALI….

    4. Pushpa

      Bani happy diwali…nice full,of emoji comments….

      1. Banita

        Thank u di… and S2U…

    5. Only 1st part with Shivika was good.
      Rikara ,senior obros were boring!

      1. Banita

        Hiii S….
        Yeh dr only first 20min was good….
        HAPPY DIWALI U TOO S dr????????

    6. Zaveesha

      Happy Diwali

      1. Banita

        HAPPY DIWALI U TOO Zaveesha????????????

    7. Piyuu

      hi banita happy diwali
      i saw the new promo me too did not get it .cvs kya batana chahti sirf cvs ko jaanta hai.

      1. Banita

        HAPPY DIWALI Piyuu????????

    8. Krish6868

      BANITA, saw the whole promo just now.Earlier saw only the Obro,s on the
      2 wheeler.Does Om with the turban mean that Dilpreet track is going to
      continue for long? Can’t make out head nor tail of the promo!


    Hum, just thought about it… In the track of all these creators series, going alone away in jungle or isolated place…
    Do you think that Shivika will have suhagrat in Goa?

    1. Krish6868

      MAHIRA, you are very optimistic!
      GK seems to be of the opinion that once SR happens between the leads, no one will
      be interested in the show anymore! That’s why she keeps separating SHIVIKA just when
      the audience starts expecting a deeper relationship from them.We just have to stay content
      with the hand kisses and eye-locks!

      1. MAHIRA

        Sure, actually most of couples in series have huge love stories but make us wait for their reunion for so long and i hate that we rarely can enjoy their parenthood roles ???
        But generally that first night comes in the less awaited places and less predictable places
        They ruined the marriage event with hurry and leap directly after celebration at least they can give them good quality time far from oberoi madness ???

    2. Goa mein suhagrat?
      not a bad idea!

  10. Hi!guys. I want to enter your pkj family and also want to write a f2f. If you guys don’t mind can you tell me how can I register in TU page. I am having problem for registration here. Please help me please

    1. Zaveesha

      Hi Nahira… welcome to pkj…
      For registering urself in TU…go to the menu bar in the left side…there u will se login/join option…click there…then click on sign up… provide in ur details…a valid email id is necessary…then there will be a confirmation mail.. from there u can confirm urself nd yeah u will be registered…if any problem occurs go the contact us option in menu bar..nd the TU team will help u…

    2. Fatmi

      Hi Nahira,
      hw r u? for registering here- go to the top of the page, then u will see three dots or stripe or login option then click there, there is option of register, write ur name, email and pass…

    3. Nahira dear, tum jo kuch bhi use kar rahi ho..i mean phone ya tab aur kuch aur dekho TELLY UPDATE JAHAN PE LIKHA HE….waha i mean left _ ke side main touch karo..tumhare kuch opinions milega..then you will go those options and yiu can do per instructions. .

    4. He Zaveesha dear ne toh bata diya..he..main dekha nahi..??….

    5. HI nahira
      Happy diwali!

  11. Krish6868

    *AMEENA Happy Diwali!

    1. Happy diwali krish!

  12. Hiiiii pagals………he Once again..TU page change???????????????????????
    …. it is thoda irritating but it is helping me for giving reply whom i want to.

    Ok coming to episode. .

    First of all i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòooooooooooooooooo hapyyyyyyyyy FINAALY Sso is going to confess his love…and also some JUNGLE ROMANCE. ???????????????????????????????????????…….. .. mona and .. don ????……?????..Saab pagals he..rudy.. photo with don.. ??????…

    And also again splash……??????????????????…..????.bechare Sso.

    3.when that sharmeela hug happened awww soooo cute..
    Ad first 20 minutes ( i think ) was very good and baki part RIP…………

    And when abhaby…came out from that box..and after that..???????..was most hilarious. ..the fire that showed in his heart reminded me of Ra one..???..

    Song was coimg to my mind..







    Wish you all a Very happy wala diwali..Enjoy your day….with your loved sweets and tasty tasty foods……

    Hope this diwali bring all the happiness and prosperity for you and your beloved ones. …..??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    1. Krish6868

      ARPITA,A very happy Diwali to you dear!
      Ha ha ha ! that was a good one! Ra one indeed!

    2. Abhay had no burn marks on his body.
      is he superman?
      Happy diwali arpita.

    3. Pushpa

      Happy diwali arpi…..hv a wondrful celebration…waitung 2c shicaye screaming his heart out saying I LUV UUUUUUUUUU…..

      1. You mean his weak heart !

    4. Zaveesha

      Happy Diwali Arpita

    5. Piyuu

      Happy Diwali arpita

  13. Swathi..

    hi pkj
    again brutal murder of logic in ishqbaaaz
    this isn’t small thing that could be ignored.
    do u guys think just to show it as a comedy they ignored logics?? well I think so.
    as always shivika amazing & pannika is back ???. Rudy never fails to entertain us with his comedy timing just perfect.???
    Rikara they are somewhat matured couple for me why can’t cv’s give them some sensible story?? like really who does on the earth wants to marry the greedy people and that Ajay???? wait our Om will teach you a lesson. Gauri don’t be too good yaar stand up for yourself just like you did when Om misunderstood you. teach that Ajay a lesson never ever in his life he’ll dare to blackmail any other girl to marry him.
    okay today we have the most awaiting episode SSO confessing Annika can’t wait to watch that.

    1. they kill logics all the time.
      nice review Swati.

    2. Zaveesha

      Seriously Swathi everything was illogical…that serious plain hijack was made funny but it didn’t make sense…
      Hoping a sensible story for Rikara…

  14. Krish6868

    ARPITA,A very happy Diwali to you dear!
    Ha ha ha ! that was a good one! Ra one indeed!

  15. Good Morning PKJ family…Finally,

    Happy Diwali to all the cast and crew members of IB family…

  16. Nikita_jai29

    Happy and safe Diwali to all of you….. No comments on episode… Because it is like a filler….. Waiting for the today episode… Happy Diwali once again to all present and absent ishqies…

    1. Zaveesha

      Happy Diwali to u too Nikita di… seriously I also don’t like the episode…

  17. All ishqbaaz fans wish u a very very happy Diwali for u and ur families

    1. Zaveesha

      Thanks and same to u too nd ur family…

  18. Why shivika is behaving so childish i really don’t understand. There is no seriousness at all about the kalyani mill secret so why they are dragging and irritating us with such drama.????
    And what to say about that abhay is he born with some super powers really disgusting ????
    Rudy as always cute but his new so called gf ????
    RIKARA finally their story has started but again because of her friend Richa she is ready to sacrifice her marriage
    Om as always hot and handsome in white and gray and gauri were looking so cute in yesterday’s episode.
    ??Happy Diwali to all ishqbaaz team members
    Specially actors Kunal and Nakkul ??

  19. Shekhar

    HAPPY DIWALI to all of you.

    The new year gift has been served by CVS by awaking the great magician HOUDINI who made ABHAY eloped from a locked box and then we found him arising from BURNING BOX like an WALKING SKELETON of HOUDINI!

    It seems , they are not capable in handling any suspense, secret or stunt and attempted to wind up all such track which is not the part of original theme of IB in the funny way.

    It also look like, only to misguide viewers they are making TEJ to utter, BE CARE FULL, THIS VC SHOULD NOT BE COME UP, OTHERWISE WE OBEROY EMPIRE WILL BE FINISH ALONG WITH US! It is obvious , OF just can not be emerged out as the SERIOUS ACCUSED , and may come up with a lot illogical excuses which will never synchronize with what they had shown or told, and thinking that , what may happen if we add one more BLOOPER to the already full of BLOOPERS?, may wind up any track in the miserable way as they are not answerable to anyone, but TRP!!!

    Let it be so then! Looking at the DANCING SC on the rhythm of CVS choice, she is helpless to sigh at these maker’s inability to get the best out of her !

    A GOOD LOVE STORY is taking its last breaths after having good run for a long and now it breathing high in the anticipation of high life saving dose!

    1. Krish6868

      SHEKHAR, Happy Diwali!
      Shekhar had to rub my eyes to believe that it was Abhay arising from
      the burning box like the proverbial Skeleton of Houdini! If the CVS’s aim
      was to create special effects to surprise people like in Film cities and
      Hollywood Universal Studios, they failed miserably!It was so childish!
      Abhay’s whole body did not have even a single singe singe mark,leave alone blisters and burns! IB was not logical, but never this illogical!

      The senior Oberois are made to act like clowns!

      SC was looking like Kalavati Thakur during Nagin dance !The cvs
      are not tapping out her full potential and are giving her such frivolous
      roles now-a-days!

      SHIVIKA’s love story is so uniquely beautiful and has evolved so well till
      300 episodes.The cvs have smothered the magic out of it and require 100%
      oxygen over a long period of time to revive at least a whiff of that magic!

      Good Night SHEKHAR!

  20. Riana

    EK TARAF “SAVAGE” ??????
    TOH DUSRI TARAF “LOL” ???????

    HAPPY DIWALI PKJ’S ???????

  21. Today episode 20 minitues of shivika scene wow… was hilarious ….. Shivika nokjhok shivaay bhaiyya mocked anika’s hyderabadi dialogues and their conventional cute fights,water splash and their passionate hug ….mind blowing ?????????????? anika romancing dance around with Shivaay bhaiyya it was so much entertainment and fun part too… Shivaay bhaiyya enjoyed a lot … I am also enjoyed because of my shivika…bhavya gun style was beautiful and Rudy selfie too funny … ????? rikara scene not much entertainment but I like omri kitchen scene …….

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