Ishqbaaz 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Soumya says our first caller is with us, what’s your name. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words and says cat. She says fine if you want to hide your name, what’s your eyes color. He says Kanji eyes. Some time before, Shivaye says Anika, I don’t know what’s between us, I…. he falls asleep over her shoulder. Anika holds him. Rudra makes the beautiful decorations. Soumya comes and music plays…. Rudra says if you have parathas in heart, you are Sumo, if you are 8/100 in figure, then you are Sumo, if you are Chubby and overweight, if you carry it by cuteness, you are Sumo, wow what a sher.

Soumya asks whats happening. He says you came, I planned a date, I was singing shayari to make it romantic. Soumya asks was this shayari, you were making fun of me, according to NASa research….. did you

say date. He asks did you like this. She asks did you like this. He says for both of us. She asks what do you mean. He says I have set up a date, you know what, that’s your date. She gets angry seeing Reyaan.

Reyaan smiles and goes to them. Soumya asks what’s all this Rudra. Reyaan says why are you scolding him, he just…. Rudra says Reyaan, don’t argue, how to talk to girls, learn from Rudy the expert, look. He tells Soumya that sometimes misunderstandings happen between two people, it does not mean road’s end, it maybe speedbreaker too, will you give a chance to Reyaan. Reyaan says yes Soumya, Rudra explained me I m was big stupid. Rudra says ask Reyaan to sit. She asks is there any more surprise or is this it. Rudra says one more is left, look there. Soumya sees Rumi coming. Rumi smiles. Soumya thinks oh God, how to explain Rudra, what a major disaster is going to happen. Rudra opens his arms. Rumi walks by and hugs Soumya.

Rudra greets Rumi and hugs her. He says Rumi is my date, Reyaan is your date, double date. Soumya worries. Anika makes Shivaye rest on his bed. He opens his eyes and looks at her. He gets up and sits. They have an eyelock. Ishq hai aansun…..plays……. He says this thing between us is strange, right. He rests in her lap. She holds him. She gets a pillow and keeps under his head. Music plays….. She gets away. She stops and looks at him. She says Billu ji, there is something between us, which you felt and even I felt, I came here to solve this riddle and it got more tangled. She leaves from his room.

Rudra says its looking so good, we four should hang out like this. He says Reyaan is too shy, what do you like in Soumya. Reyaan says Soumya is very beautiful. Rudra says beautiful? You can say pretty, and see Rumi is so pretty, smart and hot. Soumya says we shall have food. Rudra says yes. Rumi says wait, I will pray first and then bless the Ann/food. Rudra asks who is Anna, the guard? Rumi says no, the food, I will bless it. Rudra says fine, bless food and then we will have it. She blesses. Soumya thinks I was worried for this and its happening.

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Sahil asks Anika did you make confusion get away in rickshaw. Anika says no, confusion increased. He asks how. She says what I felt, Billu ji was feeling same. He asks same to same. She says yes, whats happening to me, am I looking fine. He jokes her nose is getting long and laughs. He asks why are you confused. She says don’t know why, I worry for Shivaye, I like to do everything for him, don’t know whats happening, its happening high. Sahil says fine, close your eyes, if you see Shivaye, then understand something is wrong. She says be quiet, I will not do this, keep this filmi ideas to yourself. He says fine, this works on me.

Sahil closes eyes and sees Soumya with him. Aai aisi raat hai jo…..plays………..They eat icecream together and smile. Sahil says see she is coming infront of my eyes, you also try. She says stop it, you go and sleep. She gives his walking sticks. He goes. Anika thinks to try. She closes eyes and sees Shivaye resting in her lap moment. She says I have seen Billu ji…. And worries.

Its morning, Shivaye opens his eyes after visualizing moment with Anika. He says did this really happen or I just imagined it. He thinks of the moment again and says I was sleeping in her lap, this is not good….. He rushes out of his room. He goes to Om’s room and does not find him. He asks Priyanka where is Om. She says he went for his art work shop. He asks where is Rudra. She says Rudra went on some picnic. He says picnic… She asks do you want anything. He asks did Anika come. She says no, she came yesterday. He asks not yesterday, did she come today. She says no, but I will call her if you have any work with her. He says no, I don’t have any work. She asks are you fine. He says I m okay. She says I felt.. He asks what. She says nothing. He goes.

Rudra is blindfolded and asks did we come to any garden, I m getting flower smell. She says we came by lift, how can we come in garden. Rudra says don’t talk like Om, it can be terrace garden. He hears water fountain sound and says waterfall, did we come to Lonavla, but we got here by lift. He says I understood, why you blindfold my eyes, you are very naughty. Rumi opens the blindfold and asks him to open eyes. He smiles. He sees Rumi’s photos all around the room. He sees incense sticks and water fountains. He sees Rumi’s photos in various Devi avatars and asks where am I?

Soumya asks where is Rudra. Priyanka says he went on picnic with Rumi. Soumya says oh no, I have to tell Rudra about Rumi, I will call him. She can’t connect and hopes he is fine. Rudra says we were going on picnic. He laughs and says you were doing mythological show with Devi’s characters, daily soaps are tacky and does not go with your image, so you did not say anyone and wanted to share with me, right. She says no Rudra, you are very lucky that I chose you. He says I chose and chased you. She says no, I chose you to be my follower. He says I m following you on road and social media. She says you did not understand, I called you here so that you can Sthapit/establish me in your heart. He asks what.

He asks her to close eyes and see. He asks how will I see you if I close eyes, Rumi naughty girl. She says my heart eyes. He says its something romantic. He says get my soul in your every bit. He asks what. She says sit here and pray for some time. She takes his mobile and leaves. Rudra says Rumi wants me to see her everywhere, so that I don’t see any girl, Rumi is so sweet, I make girls so mad. Soumya says Rumi is not sweet, how to explain you, Rudra is not safe with Rumi. Priyanka asks what are you saying. Soumya says I will explain. Priyanka says its your podcast time. Soumya says I know, but I will call Rudra.

Priyanka says you go for morning podcast, I will call Rudra and make him talk to you, don’t delay, you can talk to Rudra once he comes back, love angels will be waiting. Soumya says I have to inform him, its imp. Priyanka asks her not to worry and goes.

Soumya starts her show and Shivaye hears her. She says 9 out of 10 people want to feel love in life once. Shivaye says what crap, I m that 10th person. She says that 10th person is lying to himself and others, feelings are very confusing. He says that’s right. She says are you confused about your feelings. He says maybe. She says if you said maybe, you are confused about confusion, you need help, call love angel to solve the heart confusion. Shivaye calls love angel. Soumya says our first caller is with us, hello whats your name. he says Shi….

She asks is your name Shish… He says no, my name… he recalls Anika calling him Billu and says cat, I m cat. Soumya says that cat which says anything other than meow, its fine if you want to hide your identify, what type of cat are you. He says black cat. She says I love cats, whats your eyes color. He says Kanji eyes. She says so sweet, I also know someone… She stops and says so Mr. black cat, tell me why did you call love angel. He says I discuss my problems with my brothers, but today they are not here, so… She says that’s okay, sometimes talking to strangers help. He says something happened yesterday, which never happened before.

Sahil asks Anika is she going Oberoi mansion again. She says yes, everyone apologized, if I don’t go, it won’t look good. He says fine, go to arrange Billu ji’s marriage. She thinks. He asks did it get fine. She says yes, I made water motor repaired. He asks your motor, tell me did Shivaye’s strange problem get fine. She thinks of Shivaye.

Shivaye says I want to say thanks to Anika, infront of everyone, Anika came in my life some days back, so I took a decision. He gets the ring and asks Anika will you marry me. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Samyukta

    Can’t wait for tomorrow yipee shivika rocks today but please don’t make a dream sequence it would so bad

  2. SAIMA

    episode was again awesome and who is rumi is she any lady baba????? precap i guess its not true either its shivaay’s dream or anika’s or else if its true then maybe tia will come and wear it
    🙁 which should not happen………………….btw where r u all guys aqua mukta and many others y aint u all commenting what happened plz comment here plz i hope that u all comment here regularly plz
    and good night ishqbaazians!

  3. Hanya

    Hi ishqbaazisss i am new over here
    Will u plz accwpt me as ur family member
    ……..and by the way the episode was awesome……..but is that precap true or any dream sequence ………
    Did u guys watched the latest promo…… Omg i am dying to watch roumya getting married …….and those shivika scences were also so good……..i am waitingto watch those epi
    Love u all

  4. Sahana

    Hello frnz.. i m new here.. i m sahana.. btw 2days episode was bang on.. n did u check out latest promo on insta??? Anika throws red roses given by shivaay.. rudy n somo get married accidentally n om’s past haunts him.. smethng like he did an accident😱😱😱 its seriously going another level

  5. Tarini

    Precap can’t be for real.. its anikas dream for sure and ways about romi.. In Precap rudy was sitting.. let’s see waT’s hona happn eagerly waiting for next episode… gud nght to all

  6. Shiv

    Precap gonna be phenomenal that’s the HERO shivaay! Good direction and editing …..never seen any Indian serial in this enjoyable pace and ishqbaaz dragged me little away from Korean dramas😘😍

  7. sarita

    Wat the wuck???
    Shivaye seriously proposed anika? ???
    Precap was jst khidki Tod…….
    I m totally confused? ???

  8. Sunanda

    Wonderful nd awesome precap.i never expected this.
    Hope sooooo it would not a dream
    What’s the secret of romi?????????
    Tq amena di for update

  9. Sabrina

    Oh my thats trueeee?? I can’t velieve my eyes!!! İts not real..or is it the result of Love Angel’s advices?! But Shivay which I used to know just couldn’t make such desicion so fast..its not logic.

  10. Priyadarshini

    OMG , kya yeh sach hai ???? Shivaye really want to marry Anika??? Or is this a dream.. I am very confused. Waiting for tmrw

  11. shekhar

    Looking at precap, if it is not a dream, GULKHAN MAM seems hurry to add more track. I presumed SHIVAAY love track will not reach so fast to such a level, but she made me confused now!😃😃😃😃 Anyway, she might have planned more interesting track for viewers further on, and hope with UNISON OF SHIVAAY & ANIKA, IB will not get to ends soon after few EPIs!

  12. sow

    I wish precap to be true. but this kanji bagad Billu ji will not soon give up himself to propose anika that too infornt of family!!!.. but eager ly waiting to watch tomorrow episode.

  13. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Missed om badly. Precap was shocking. I read about it in a spoiler but didn’t believe it. I think it’s a dream or something. And poor rodra.
    I saw a picture where om were crying or sitting very sadly in a place his girl will enter soon. May be tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I m very excited

  14. riya

    When dis serial had started I thought that the main lead annika should be replaced but now I don’t feel nor do I think bcoz i know 😊 annika is ‘THE BEST’…….😚😘😍

  15. Divya

    I hope it’s not a dream sequence..oh god ..seriously going crazy after knowing Abt the precap..someg one please explain..guys what do u think is it for real or just a dream

  16. Nithi

    No guys.. The precap is not a dream..but Anika rejects his proposal.. Jus saw a promo video in instagram.. Why she’s doing like this 😖
    And I don’t understand romi’s role..can somebody please explain…??’!

  17. shekhar

    Looking at coneversation between LOVE ANGEL AKA SOUMYA & SHIVAAY, precap does nor seems dream of either. CUTE SOUMYA quickly identified SHIVAAY on other side, and as per her solution to his confusion, SHIVAAY decided to propose ANIKA without any hesitation. Now, it is interesting to see the reaction of ANIKA to SHIVAAY proposal. It is notable that no one has any idea for SHIVAAY proposing ANIKA !

  18. trisha

    I think ruhi is like sant type se (Brahmakumari) u known jo parvachan suna tah hai ,she think her as devi mata ka roop that’s why she click her photo as devi mata I think she will do somya nd rudra marriage I understand before when she invited rudy at her home in krishnajanmastami scene And about precape was shivaya dreams bcoz it will not happened so easily in front of everyone nd not now …. nd u known about New promo By the help of children’s shivaya give flowers buke for anika but she will not acept that nd throw that buke in anger nd somya nd rudra get marriage nd they get concious they bcom suprised to see each other with fool mala nd magulsutra And om past going to reveled ……. seriously guys I can’t acept ridhima nd any other girl with om I really like ishna character if vrusika cannot come they should not end ishna character they cannot end like this I feel like this what u think guys pkz reply w I want to known ur oponioun also By the I am also coming india 2-4Days luv u guys gud night

  19. S.D.

    To all those ppl asking if the precap is real, I think it is. I jst saw a promo on Gul Khan’s insta page. There they show that Annika rejects Shivaay. Maybe it’s a pride and prejudice like twist. Where they’ll come together only after Shivaay truly acknowledges her past and accepts that his thinking is wrong abt blood and lineage. Maybe Shivaay will propose in a manner that would imply that he’s doing a huge favour on Annika by proposing to a middle class girl notwithstanding her parentage mystery.

  20. Sanaurifa

    Hai guys
    Precap was completely dream of Anika as she wearing same dress and Rudra was sitting there
    But Rudra was on picnic and well known by SSO so it was not his dream and not going to be real coz of latest news
    It’s my guess is anyone here who agrees me?

  21. S.D.

    Ok so I also have a theory abt Om’s past. Someone said on the insta page that the guy Om killed could be Soumya’s brother. If you guys remember when Rumya first met she was talking abt her brother in present tense. So he must’ve been alive(barely maybe). Shivaay was poisoned that day. The stress of it could’ve triggered his addiction(which is what happens in real life. Addiction is a lifelong battle for former addicts unlike what what they show in bollywood). Maybe he killed/injured someone in his drugged. Again he probably blacked out and doesn’t remember it. Something may trigger that memory causing him to remember it now. Maybe his new love interest was close to the person who died(maybe she was soumya’s would be bhabhi?). They would probably meet and try healing each other’s wounds only for her to realise that he is responsible for her pain. Also that could be around the same time Rumya realise their love but suddenly Rudra has to choose btwn his brother and love.

    P.S. This is my theory. What do you guys think? Pls share ur theories….

    • DaSha

      Hi, S.D.
      Sorry, just 1 question had Om killed someone? I mean it was never mentioned! It is your imagination or did really missed it?

      • S.D.

        They showed stills of him driving in fb. Then in the present context he drops his glass of whiskey and says “what have i done”. But yeah rest is my imagination of what it could be. Kinda fun guessing thEse things cuz surprisingly the spoilers and guesses are usually wrong 😀

  22. Ishkara

    OMG so this is the secret of rumi i always thought something is wrong with her but never thought inn this way.

    Hey ISHQIES!!! how’s everyone???? Hope u all are doing good. i got time b/w my studies so thought to comment. PRECAP is awesome but don’t want it to be dream. love u shivika.

    hey people i was just going through youtube and saw this video named SHIVKARA ya it’s about the bonding and love b/w SHIVAAY and OMKARA despite their different views towards everything. IT’S A MUST WATCH PLZ PLZ PLZ WATCH IT I’M DAMN SURE U WILL LOVE IT.
    Sorry couldn’t get the link but then u just go to youtube and type SHIVKARA u will get it.

    It’s so beautifully edited with kal ho na ho ka bg heartbeat music and some beautiful dialogues like:

    TEJ: shivaay tumhe naukaro ki tarah treat karta hai he gives u orders
    OM: usse haq kehte hai Mr. Oberoi bhaiyon ka ek dusre par haq hota hai
    TEJ:life is a race jisme shivaay tumse aage nikal jayenga.
    OM: mera bhai jitna aage nikal jayega mujhe utni khushi hogi
    life is not a race Mr. Oberoi aur agar hai toh mein apne bhai ko harane
    ke liye nahi jitane ke liye dodunga.

    SHIVAAY: TUT gaya tha woh itni mehnat se mene apne bhai ko joda hai

    SHIVAAY: Mene kabhi tujhe kisi cheez ke liye roka sab allowed hai bas apne bhai ko chod ke jana allowed nahi hai.

    really beautiful work it touched my heart. PLZ ISHQIES DO WATCH IT.

  23. Bhavana

    i really wonder what Soumya has got to tell Romi about Rumi.. does anyone here know .. was it told in any of the previous episodes ..??

  24. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Roumya will really get married, shivay will send roses to anika through kids, om is tensed about some matter related to his past

  25. ritika

    Hii.. guyyys till now I was a silent reader but after going through recent episodes of ishqbaaaz I was on cloud 9…I am a big big fan of shivika and thus thought to join ishqbaaz family hope u guys allow me to be part of your group….

  26. Diya

    If Romi was bad then Soumya wouldn’t have been friends with her. I think Romi has mental issues and a multiple personality disorder or something. She thinks she is devi and wanta to give Bali ( sacrifice ) of Rudra 😱. If that Shivaay proposing Anika is real , I will be disappointed in the writers. If a dream then I guess it will be the point of Anika’s realization that she is in love with Shivaay. Please let that be true. So if she realizes she is in love with an engaged man she goes back to his house to plan his wedding😮. Wouldn’t she want to stay away to not cause any embarrassment to the family she claims to love until they woo her back and convince her that she is the one. I don’t know…I guess I don’t understand TV shows well. I gave a confession …I hate the red suit of Shivaay🙁 I think it conflicts with his personality. I like his silk shirts with neutral colored suits, single color shirts with formal trousers. But that’s just a personal choice. Coming to dialogue delivery, I hope Nakul Mehta will get rid of the nasal twang. Waiting for Om’s girl. He is the real romantic hero in my thinking.

  27. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Woooooo rumi’s such twist was unexpected…. Really poor rudy another lady baba….

    Wat i cant believe my eyes nd ears after the precap…. Omg…. Ooommgg

    Sahil so cute as always an entertainment package… Wen v r worried wit any epi and one glimpse of him wil make us forget the worry….

    • Devga


      |Registered Member

      Wat is this new PROMO…. Omkaara does he have an horrific tragic past…
      No…. No…. They r changing the track bcz VIEWERS dint like ridhima pair so they r bringing some rubbish past track of om….

      If they want to bring om’s past bring ishaana aka vrushika back plzzzz…..

      • Hibajasmin


        |Registered Member

        Om does.actually i started watching dis 3 4 weeks after it started so i searched wikipedia it was written dat he had past in which he was addicted to drugs

      • saku

        No its not wrng on has a bad past & it was mentioned that om was drug addict…& once pinky also told nashidi maa ki nashidi aulad agar mera beta(shivaye) nahi hota toh aaj bhi kahi pada hota aur something like that.

  28. iamsofianeak

    Good episode , love it !
    Precape it seems like a dream , don’t know bc the new promo Anika throws flowers given by Shivaye !
    @ishkara what’s is rumi’s secret ! didn’t understand her photos !!!
    I think om’s past has relation with Anika/soumya’s life !
    new promo is !!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Perhaps this precap is Shivay night dream he saw before he woke up and went to look for his brothers? If it was a nighmare Anika could say no when he proposed.

    Anyway I think she will say no whether it was a dream, night dream or reality. She knows importance of status and bla… bla… for Shivay and she is very realistic so she knows he couldn’t take her for his wife without any consequences.

  30. Archiya

    Hmm.. most of them commented abt the precap. I will comment on the epi
    So much of confusion for their feelings.. shivika.. but it happens.. u wont understand so soon tat ur in love.. very nicely portrayed
    I liked soumya n shivay convo.. black cat really.. so he likes the name anika gives him..
    Again I loved it when shivay slept on anika lap.. its so beautiful
    I just love sahil.. he understands anika feelings more than her
    Now comin to the precap. . It might b a dream or the proposal is fr tia.. shivay must hve gt scared of his feelings for anika an tats why the propsal fr tia . No way shivay will leave blood.. lineage.. surname etc etc

  31. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Guys just imagine…if the precap is not a dreamm….oh my mata…what would be anikas reaction…wbt tia ..n where will sso ego go…he proposes her infront of whole family..!!! Shivayes guts ..!!.im thrilled im waiting for next episode….

  32. akann

    The precap is quite confusing. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Rudra was funny today but I am kind of annoyed with him for trying to get Saumya and Rehan back together. Like for real why he is so insisting? But can’t wait for their future track.Going to be fun!



    |Registered Member

    Episode was ajeeb… as it was not clear to me specailly rumi part…
    And precap is more heart breaking… as shivaye will thank anika for all the things she did but will break her heart and this ring will be for that stupid tia, as he will do practice with anika as far i know…

  34. Lids

    I hope the precap is a dream because I don’t want Anika to accept his proposal (well not until he treats her with respect), and I really don’t want her to go back to work for him. Love the man , but he so nasty to her.
    If it’s not a dream and he actually ask her to marry him, I hope she says No. I don’t think he will ever accept her due to the fact that she is just “road trash” (to him) . I know this is tacky but I want him to shower her with love and she turns him down everytime, (to him someone saying “no” to him is a big insult.). Until he tell her that he can’t live without her and her slippers. LOL.

  35. Kumari

    I heard that ishqbaaz is going to end in2 to 3 months. Guys pls can anyone tell me if it is true or not. The symptoms are looking like that only.i luv ishqbaaz don’t end the show. Pls any one can clarify my doubt pls pls pls

    • Veda

      noooooooo…nhiiiiiiiiii……😦😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭… Impsbl… its fake…IB end ni ho sakta .. mein kyase jiuanga …?!?!?!?!?!… 😨😨😨😨😨😨

    • Bshama1239


      |Registered Member

      No… Dear impossible to infinity IB is not gonna end so soon because there are many things to reveal like that Tej secret om behavior towards him roop enemity reason who is anika … Like just more questions and if it ends so its the situation loss and loss for both I mean for commenters as well as CVS after all they have invested in it

    • Mayank Agrawal

      kumari dont say and spread these type of rumours again and again aisa kuch bhi nhi hai and jo aisa bol rha hai just shut his/her mouth please….!!

  36. Nivedha

    New promo😱😱😱😱😱
    Heart attack for me …OMKAARA is all alone and I think his past Will be revealed😱😱😱

    I’m eager to know about it…..#om #missing ISHKARA

    I’m in cloud nine😊😊😊atleast om’s past is revealed

  37. Rosu 25

    Shocking precap….shivay proposing…..No way….I think it’s a dream…..
    What is romi’s secret???? I didn’t understand anything?????

  38. saku

    Talking about episode it was nice…shivika scenes were gud…rumi secret was shocking is she think herself devi maa avtaar…poor rudy rumi k chakkar mein waat lagayi😂😂😜…seriously now fed up with shivika.
    …i mean now I want om story be much to wait for him….sorry if it hurt anyone’s feeling don’t tk it in wrng way..

  39. Nandini

    I think om made an accident in past tats why he gone depressed and drug addict and tats what he again remembering the scene in car with tears in eyes and alcohol in hand… Oh god !!!


    If precap is real, and not a dream of either, and ANIKA accept proposal then it will be MURDER of the SHIVIKA story. It will left a impression ANIKA entered into OBEROY MANSION with illiscit intention of TIA’s BREAKUP , and which will not be dietable for VIEWERS. When you entered into some one’s life without changing his/her detrimental thinking for you, life will become a disaster. ANIKA shoud proceed to walk along with her honesty, innocency and her LOVES and LIABILITY towards her ORPHAN BROTHER SAHIL, and her HONESTY should touch heart of all including of TIA and SAHIL too. I hope GULKHAN will not portayed herself as the ACCUSED of SHIVIKA MURDER!

  41. Mayank Agrawal

    According to latest seens.,,,

    ACP randhawa again comes to the Oberoi mansion for gayatris murder investigation in which again ACP randhawa starts his investigation but iss baar shivay ke sath anika bhi sawalo ke chakar mei aa gayi hai when ACP randhawa asks questions from anika Shivay cant tolerate and shouts to ACP randhawa and orders him to go out from oberoi mansion just now. meanwhile priyanka gets a envelope by seeing that envelope priyanka gets very scared and nervous, but when shivay asks about envelope priyanka lies to him ….

    kya hai uss envelope mei ??

  42. Kalika

    Shivaye will imagine proposing, or Anika will dream of him proposing. I think Shivaye will first try to make Tia dump him. Tej will not be accepting of Anika as he is the one who put all that nonsense about blood and family and blah blah blah in Shivaye’s head. Plus Rumya are going to get married while drunk and Priyanka will start liking Randhawa, they’re going to have several plots running consecutively. ShivIka won’t unite until Gayathri’s killer is caught. We should start taking bets on who the killer is I think it will either be Tej or Roop, if they really wanted to twist it, the killer would be Dadi….

  43. Kalika

    Ishqbaaz will probably end in a few months as it is a finite series. Be happy they don’t make it drag like all the colors soaps

  44. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    episode is good .rudra always make me this the secret soumya wants to reveal infront of rudra .reyan is so cute .om was missing in today’s episode .I hope anika realizes her feeling for billu .is it true shivay is going to propose anika for marriage ????please don’t make them marry so’s past is going to reveal but they have to show valid reason for om and riddhima breakup .she was once shown understanding and mature girl .they need to show how their relationship have started before proceeding for breakup.why he was addicted to drugs ????I hope I would get the answers of questions mentioned above in upcoming episodes

  45. Lijince

    I hope the precap is just a dream….Shivaay cannot confess his love so easily…..(atleast not with that red blazer…it looks awful!)

    Bad episode….Om did not come at all 🙁 🙁 🙁 I understand that Om’s past will be shown in the coming episodes….I think Om’s past is in someway related to Sumo’s bro’s death….in that case, I hope Ishana/ Om’s new girlfriend will make her entry so as to pacify Om or to help him to overcome the trauma…..waiting eagerly for Om’s lovestory….plz plz make it happen soon!! I have been waiting for Om’s lovestory since the first episode….

    It’s time for Rudra to change his perception about women…..he used to call Tia Lady Baba….poor fellow…never knew he would have to experience one in his life….LOL!!

    Being a fan of Ishqbaaz, I need clarification for a few points….what is Tia’s plan?? Sometime earlier, a mystery man had entered Oberoi mansion with Tia’s help…..what happened to that track?? As Randheer said somebody inside Oberoi family is the killer….but it need not be a family member….it can be someone associated also….like Tia or Swetlana….hope all these mysteries will be solved soon….

    Shivaay has still to improve in his romantic gestures and dialogue delivery…..while he speaks romantically, his eyes give a arrogant SSO look which still sees Anika as sadakchap….I felt so….and anything wrong with his voice….sometimes it sounds so weird!!

  46. anuprerna

    Plz can anyone tell me where did u saw the promo . Where Anika is throwing red roses given by shivay . Plz tell
    eger to watch it

  47. Chetna

    Hello guys good morning
    1st shivika part. ..I think it is a dream I don’t know its anika or shivay but lets see.
    2nd raumya part. ….I think rumi has some mental problem she thought that is a devi n all but it will solve fast and then marriage drama
    3rd omkara part. ..I can’t add ishana but I am little confused about add plz someone explain in brief….car exicedent is past or something related to gayatri murder .
    So sad my om is alone plzzz think something for Himantika gul mam

  48. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    I think om will made an accident because he was saying ” oh god yei kya kar diya”. I have a confusion om don’t use cars. He travels by trains , but in the promo he was in a car. May be it was his past and after that accident he stopped driving cars. Whatever I m waiting for his story. What is the trp ratings of ib

  49. Tarika

    Ishqbaaz is not a finite series. Dahleez was finite series. They have permission for 500 episodes and can extend it further more.
    Stop giving false information.

  50. Sugar


    |Registered Member

    the new promo was awesome,
    was shivaay really proposing and anika really rejecting his proposal
    and romya scene was cute “accidental marriage” huh?
    and omkara past?
    waiting for today’s episode

  51. nikki

    Kya hei yaar… Itni jaldi billu nee accept kiya tho maja kise ayega..par voo condition bee laga dhengee… Director Gullu jii, u rock yaar, direction achi tarika me jaathi par episode is bit slow…. Anika ji tumahari acting achi hei!!!

  52. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Good Afternoon
    How Are You all
    about episode its just awesome
    Shivika sceans amazing shivaye slept on anika’s lap
    Love angel part so cute Shiveye really needed love angel help Shivaye said his name cat (billu) and kanji eyes he likes Anika gives him
    cofused about rumi’s secret Something about goddess but What if soumya know that Why is she hiding

  53. Anika

    Hii guys I m.silent reader….according to latest report anika n shivay will mary each other…..n tia will leave the oberois as she too wil be involved in murde r….

  54. Anika

    Murder will be done by…..guys u wont believe but its done by Tej n shakti with the help of roop…..yes by deal….

  55. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Ya I also think that there is a possibility of ishqbaaz to end…
    Bcoz first of all vrushika out..there is no other lead for omkara except riddhima…
    So its ridhkara….

    Shivaay will propose anika….they both might marry….
    This is super duper shivika….

    As everyone knows roumya will get drunk and marry….
    This is roumya…

    Gayatri out of line..
    No story track left except..oms mysterious truth…and shivika,roumya marriage..

    Hope it dosent end

  56. Mayank Agrawal

    Kind information for you all..i had noticed today that some peoples are saying that ishqbaaz is a finite series or ishqbaaz is goint to end bla bla blah,, guyz aisa kuch bhi nhi abhi to serial shuru hua hai why you guyz are spreading unnecessary and stupid nonsense rumours , please stop it and jo bhi aisa bol rha hai we all have responsibility to shut his/ her mouth…


  57. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Precap Is that Dream or true
    if dream so whose Anika or Shivaye
    so cofused and exited for Today’s episode
    And I saw new promo on twitter
    much exited to watch om’s past,rumya married and shocking one anika reject proposel threw roses
    Welcome all new comers
    Missing some Ishqies


    Like in DEHLEEZ, we found SWADHEENTA sticking her ideology and never compromised with her ideology and she has a strong belief, IF SHE IS RIGHT, TRUTH IS WITH HER, SHE NEED NO SUPPORT from any one, and we found her fighting with her INLAWs even in the court and simeltenously was performing her all duties towards her INLAWS. She never allowed ADARSH to think that SWA is easy task to get her in his life. She never hesitate to support her MAMA HAIDER and fought with her MIL with teeth and nail. She was all alone with her MAMA-MAMI when evryone including her HUSBAND were believing HAIDER is real culprit. Accordingly, ANIKA charector should be framed in the line of SWADHINTA, and let SHIVAAY to realise ANIKA is neither TIA nor PRIYANKA who are used to bow down to him and also different from MALLIKA , his EX GF who , even after having all the talent, failed to get the enough attention of SHIVAAY. The MALLIKA well knew that only ANIKA is there who can control SHIVAAY’s PROUD, can melt his proud like a ICE CUBE in a PALM. After getting SHIVAAY supporting her stay at OBEROY MANSION, she also feeled proud of her ability to prepare SHIVAAY to change his any decission. What MALLIKA had marked about both SHIVAAY and ANIKA during her stay in mansion, no one else done it before. She is highly intellegent and soon found that both has strong feelings for each other, but SHIVAAY’s EGO and ANIKA’s fear created due to SHIVAAY’s thoughts regardings blood, lineage are biggest hurdle for any confession from either side. ANIKA’s charector shall be handled with care like a glass and any TINT may affect the TRP adversely.

    • Nivedha

      True words
      Ya swaadeendha was a very bold and one of the cutest leads in star plus ..
      Anikka should be a bold women and not a childish character (taking advice from sahil)and all silly things..

  59. Mukti


    |Registered Member

    Oh no ishqbaz is not ending n marraige is not going to happen so early n even if ot happens theere are many many thinfgs to show of ishqbaz….dnt spread rumours..n mayank bhai u r telling everyone not to spread rumours n some dz baxk u spread rumours of ending…hahaha now u got to know how it feels..hehe

  60. Uma

    Rudy is amazing yaar n especially his convo wth rumi simply superb lyk rumi is speaking in an aadhyatmic manner n Rudy’s counter dialogues that was awesome in fact kevvu keka la unayi said matlu…. especially when he said rumi the naughty girl….!!!!!😂😂😂😂 Very funny…….😉😉😉<3

  61. Richu

    Maynank mukti…..
    Sweeties ishqbaaz is not a finite series or maybe…I idk….
    I just said wat I felt…

    Even I don want ishqbaaz to end sooo soon….and I said there maybe or possiblity…….

    Mayank bhai I hope jo tum keh rahe ho voi sach ho…
    Muktiiiii behen im sending u reiki! Calm down ishqbaz cannot end…..

    Hope for thebest always……
    Keep calm…
    Keep smiling

    • Sonakshi

      How will ishqbaaz end up so soon……
      In an article of india forums it was written that ishqbaaz has the potential to be next hit show of 4 lions films…….
      Bcoz ishqbaaz is the show which had attracted most of the the viewer’s in its first episode….

      Iss pyar ko kya naam doon, qubool hai are one of the hit shows of 4 lions films….

      Also 10 pm slot is beneficial for naakul hta as his first tv show up pyaar ka dard hai meetha meetha pyara pyara…. was viewed on the same time slot which was one of the memorable shows of star plus…

      And there are many more things left in

      Owing to these reasons i don’t think so that ishqbaaz is a finite series

  62. Ishkara



  63. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    payel gaya raitha……………In today’s epi (19th oct. 2016) Shivaay will Propose Tia and not Anika. This act will make Anika and some of the family members heart shattered.

    Precap:- Anika will ask about the date. but shivaay wants to say something. But anika stops him and says the same comment and says she has cleared the confusion from her mind but shivaay holds her hand and says hey….!!!!

    That’s it guys…Waiting for the epi when shivaay get to know that Tia being gayathri’s daughter killed her. he will kick her out of his life. by the time Omru will make shivaay realize that he loves anika and not Tia.

    • aahana

      Yr ppl r saying tej shakti roop killed her?u r saying tia herself killed her?
      Who killed her yr?? Y will tia kill her?


      It becomes very interesting now, SHIVAAY propose TIA and not ANIKA !!!!! IB is being more and more interesting, and thanks to GUL MAM for giving such a twist!!!! Now story will be complicated, and its left a big question, WHY SHIVAAY PROPOSED TIA instead of ANIKA? Is it his EGO or something else? Initially he THANKED ANIKA and then stepped down to ANIKA with a RING in hand and leaving her in SHOCKING DREAMS bye pass her and proposed TIA standing just behind ANIKA!! GREAT twist. This is a pont from where now EVERY SECRETS will be revealed one bye one!

      REASON and SECRETs for such the TURNING POINTS are getting complicated , and when SHIVAAY’s EGO added to it , they becomes unpredictable. You just can’t conclude anything when you have to make a deal with someone’s EGO!

  64. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Guys that was tia not anika. Soooo sad but it’s okay shivay giving roses to anika that will be more interesting

  65. aahana

    Hey ishqies how r u all??sorry guys i cant comment frequently as earlier mre college start hoge h to i hv to study as well😑havent seen d epis since 3 days(sirf update pd rhi hu yr)
    I wanted to ask u ppl something k y u ppl donet reply to comments?all the old members n d ones who joined wd me where r u guys? I just wanna ask k if we dont reply to comments dn no 1 will comment here.d previous updates had like 180-200even500comments n everyone used to reply to everybody’s comments?y not now kz ishkara ended or d story z not happening as per our wish?gys fgs its just a show n its d writer n producer’s call to mould story on there choice.or vse b yr dy r d owners f d show n earning d maximum frm dis show y will dy spoil it??its just dt v need to have patience n just wait n watch..dy will do d best thing possible wd there plot. If v just sit here lingering on just 1 thing v wont b able to enjoy d show!!
    So its a humble request to all those who still want ishana/vrushi back-goow frm it guys it past n cant b changed now.d new track for om is his past revelation n entering f new lead.
    There is nothing good in shaming gul or any one else. Sbko pta chl hi gya hoga vrushi k exit k bad ishqbaaz shamers ki vjah se gul baki fans ko b ignor kr rhi thi!!
    So guys take thandi vali goli😉sit n relax n watch d show.

    Btw its just my pov n sory if i hurt anybody’s feelings..but guys CHANGE IS D ONLY CONSTANT.n dis z applicable everywhere.

    Sorry for dis long comment though😁😁

  66. aahana

    Coming to d epi…i think rumi z mently sick or smthing who think god is incarnated in her.n may b whn rumi s truth will b revealed dn roumya go to party n dn get married(probably).
    I too think shivika propose is a dream(mof.its may b shivays daydream)kz there r many tracks lining it n there r more issues for shivaye to face currently moreover he hasnt realized he loves anika n anika z also confused to go to obro n shivaye again or not! N i think dt dy shd bridge dis class society status..etc gap in shiyae n anika n uplift shivaye s mentality so dt he dsnt hv .1%second thot abt him loving anika n i want shivaye to convince anika not anika running behind obros it will b opposite her personality.plz dnt spoil shivika track n i really dnt want dis proposal to happen now!!!

    N guys ishqbaaz isnt gonna end so soon as quoted by some ppl so just relax…it isnt a finite series.must b a false n old news.

    @shivani…yeah dy have to show ridkara frst kz once it was mentioned by om dt ridima accepted him knowing dt he was a drug addict n dy were frnds b4.i think dy will show ridima as an attention monger n in a relationship wd om due to his obro tag n moreover its a double benefit for her as its quoted dt om is a self made millionaire artist(if he leaves obros dn also shell b leading a happy life) dy need to show ridima as irritating as tia may b to justify dhr breakup!

  67. aahana college started so i dont get time to comment but i ll try to..n wts ur age dear i forgot??

    @anika…r u serious??where did u read this?tej+shakti+roop?i suspected shakti/tej+shakti.if dis happens n is revealed dn om will surely leave obros(3 o obros me se koi 1 vanvaas jaiga..remember?)n i think dn oms lady will enter n may b she wont kno abt om being obro.its just my wild guess though.
    Wt do u ppl think?

  68. aahana

    Sorry for so many comments!!itnw dino se comment ni kia tha to aaj sara backlog complete krlia😂😂😂

    Btw kse ho sare…mishri,remina di,abiha,both dhruvs,mayank bhai,chetna,disha,ensanjida…or baki sb b whose names i didnt take…sorry cant remember all f u alls names!!

  69. Mayank Agrawal

    Todays Episode update —-

    yes jaisa ki aap sabh logo ne precap dekha tha kal shivay anika ko thank you bolta hai in his family meeting and at the same time he proposes Tia who stand behind anika but seems like shivay is proposing anika just they do it for makiing precap attractive, and anika ko thodi bechaini hoti hai jabh shivay tia ko ring pehnata hai whole family is happy and anika and dadi ki baat hoti hai dadi says to anika ki kya tum khush ho anika says yes and everything will be fine soon.. again wedding preparations started in oberoi mansion as wedding is very soon..

    one thing interesting OM is not present there , shivay says he is in a way but he is not in a oberoi mansion..

    precap- anika goes to shivay to ask him marriage date and says that everything is cleared now no confusion is there, tell me the date fastly shivay holds anikas hand…

  70. Nandini

    Oh God shivay proposed tia who was standing behind anika. anika rudra dadi are sad om was not there and in precap anika was rude to shivay and asking his marriage date to do arrangements I just saw the video .pheww i tthought shivay proposing anika might not be true but didn’t expect shivay proposing tia. I think when shivay realises his mistake it would be too late but then also he is an oberoy and he never loses so he will definetily win anika in his life but this not gonna happen soon I guess.

  71. Diya

    Why does he need to propose someone with whom he was already getting married and a wedding planner was also hired🤔Matlab, how many times dies he need to propose to the same person. I guess I am not good at understanding ishqbaazi 😜
    Anyway, this is a new promo I saw and thought I’ll share. BTW there will be a new intensity in Shivika now that Their attraction for each other has actively started. I foresee lots of upcoming passionate scenes…🌡🔥


  72. Diya

    Thank God it was not a proposal for Anika. Characters and storyline, dono ki waat lag jaati. Abhi it will be interesting

  73. ritika

    Guys it will be fun watching shivay fighting wide his feeling I think he has already developed a strong feeling for anika and just to prove herself that no one can effect shivaa Singh he has taken this drastic step to marry tia …and thanks Saku

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.