Ishqbaaz 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika opens the door and someone pushes her. The guy knocks the door and stabs the door with a knife. Anika screams and gets away. Shivaye asks Om where is Anika. Om says don’t know why. Shivaye says I feel something is wrong, that girl maybe in trouble. Anika sees petrol entering the door. Sometime before, Daksh tells Tia that he completely respects Anika’s decision, that she does not want to marry him. Tia says I was saying about you. He says its not necessary, we don’t need any third person’s advice, Anika are you alright? Anika gets up and takes her bag. Daksh says I will drop you if you are going anywhere. She says no, I will go. She cries and leaves.

Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Music plays……….. Shivaye says whatever Anika is doing, is this all a lie…..

Anika comes home. She cries recalling Shivaye’s words. The power goes. She gets worried and says don’t get scared Anika, security guards are there, what happened to light. I will ask them. She goes to door and opens. She falls away and gets hurt by the vase pieces. She sees the guy wearing black coat and hood. The guy walks towards her. She asks who are you, what do you want. The mask guy goes close. She runs away to her room, and locks the door. He knocks the door and stabs knife in the door. She gets shocked and screams when the knife gets stabbed very close to her neck. Shivaye gets restless and says Anika……

Anika holds her neck and sees the blood in her hand. Shivaye calls out Om. Om asks what happened. Shivaye asks where is Anika. Om says don’t know, why. Shivaye says I m feeling strange as if something is wrong, is that girl again in some trouble. He asks Dadi where is Anika. Dadi says she will be here. Jhanvi says I have sent her to check lights, maybe she is there. Anika looks through the hole and sees the guy’s eye. She gets scared and falls. She calls Shivaye. Jhanvi tells Dadi about the dance floor. Dadi talks to Shivaye, and he does not see the phone ringing. The guy knocks the door again.

Tia takes Shivaye’s phone and sees Anika’s call. Anika says Shivaye please answer the call. Tia disconnects call. Anika says disconnected, and calls again. Anika sees the liquid flowing in and smells it. She says petrol… The guy says Anika just come out, else I will burn your entire house. Anika says Shivaye, please answer call. Tia says Anika, you are dead. Anika cries.

Shivaye asks servant did you see Anika. Servant says she left. Dadi says how, she never goes without saying. Shivaye asks where is my phone, just find it. Tia says I have to keep you away from Shivaye baby. She hears Shivaye shouting for phone and deletes Anika’s call log. She says Shivaye baby, your phone, is everything okay. Shivaye calls Anika. Anika is hiding away and does not see the call. She cries. Daksh comes and holds her. She screams. He says its me Daksh, relax, what happened. She says that man… He says there is no one, relax, no one can touch you till I m here. Shivaye says she is not answering. Tia says her plan did not succeed, so she left work, how unprofessional. Om says I m sure there is some emergency. Shivaye calls Anika again and worries.

Daksh does aid to Anika’s hand. He says I told you I will drop you home, you did not listen. She asks how did you come. He says I was worried for you and came to see you, thank God I m here. Did you see his face? She says no, I came home and lights went, I could not see face, I called Shivaye but he did not answer. He asks do you call Shivaye first in emergency, I did not know you both are so close. She gets shocked.

Daksh says this is not right time to ask personal things, but you know I speak whats in my heart, do you like it, we think of him who we love the most or trust most, you called Shivaye in problem, is love the reason for this. She looks at him. He asks or anything else. He goes to keep the first aid kit. Anika says love… with Shivaye, no …. there is nothing like that, if there is nothing such, why do I call Shivaye always, I was upset because of him today, I was angry on him, even then I called him knowing what he thinks about me. She thinks of Shivaye and their moments. She says do I really love Shivaye, no….. this can’t be. She holds her hand tight and it bleeds. She screams and sees the bleeding. Daksh asks what happened, what are you thinking, about Shivaye?

She says no, why will I think of him. He asks it means you don’t love him. She says no, I don’t. He says even then you called him first. She says I don’t know anyone else here. He says you know me and could call me, or don’t you trust me. Bua comes and asks Anika whats all this, blood… Daksh says Anika was attacked again, but its fine now, don’t worry. Bua says how can’t I worry, two young girls stay here, me and Anika, if any man stayed here, no one would have dared to do this. Daksh says yes, but Anika is my responsibility too, don’t worry, I m with her. Bua says girl needs a life partner than support, world does not let girl stay alone, you are friend, till when will you be with her, I think attacker knows Anika is alone, if she was married, no one would have dared to do such thing.

Daksh says if you and Anika don’t have objection, I would like to marry Anika. Anika gets shocked. Daksh says Anika, I thought you like someone else and did not accept my proposal, its nothing like that, so I m asking again, I know you don’t love me, but I love you a lot, my love will be sufficient for both of us, I promise you will never regret on this decision, will you marry me Anika. Anika looks at him. Bua says Anika, tell what is in your heart. Daksh says Anika, just take your time, I will wait for you forever. Shivaye keeps calling. Its morning, Shivaye is on call. He asks guard why did you not tell me at night, why are you saying now, where were you when Anika was attacked, how did you not know, were you sleeping, what did you go to have tea, you know what, you are fired. He ends call. He senses Anika and turns to see. He sees Anika coming. Music plays……………..

He stops her and asks are you fine, security just informed me about the attack last night, why did you not tell me, I called many times, you did not answer my calls. She thinks of Shivaye’s words and Daksh’s proposal. She looks at him.

Tia says have this money. Anika asks why. Tia says this is for you from Shivaye’s side, he wants to give you tip. He wants you to take this money and leave him. She throws money at Anika and goes. Anika asks Shivaye why did he give this money through Tia. Shivaye says yes, you want me to repeat it why I gave this money. Om takes Shivaye. Anika cries and throws the money.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. S.D.

    I think I just figured out what’s gonna happen. Instead of a bride swap, it’s gonna be a groom swap. The situation will be such that she’ll probably try to get married to Daksh at the same time as Shitia wedding or maybe a day or two before that. Shivaay will sit in his place to prevent their marriage. It’ll be in line with the promo where Annika rejects Shivaay. This time Annika will refuse to acknowledge the marriage and instead start her own business. Shivaay is gonna be misunderstood now. What do you guys think? This will probably mean that they’ll use this separation track to focus Om, Rumya and Priveer. Guys let’s have a little more faith on GK. All these months she may have been focusing on Shivika cuz their love story started first. Now that it’ll reach a precipice, they’ll start concentrating on the other bros.

    What do you think guys??

    • Archiya

      Éven I feel thr will b a groom swap, as shivay comes to know abt daksh bad intentions. N to save her he might marry her, bt anika shld nt accept him easily, I doubt thr will b a separation track though,they hve to b together fr their story to proceed n after shivika wedding the story will go to omru

    • Vijji

      I was exactly thinking the same. It is not going to be bride swap. It groom swap.

      It will be interesting to watch that.

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      You know what even I was thinking that is there going to be Groom swap…. Daksh & Shivaay swap!!!!! But if this is going to happen then I want that this should be done intentionally by Shivaay & not by mistake coz I don’t want any Tia drama after Shivika marriage!!!! Seriously yar can’t handle that Tia anymore now…. it’s just crossed limit now yar….. plz Tia GET LOST!!!

  2. Mrunal


    |Registered Member

    why gk mam why u wanted to make us cry
    its is so bad to see annika in this state again… & again
    i think someone should give a reminder to cvs or team of IB about annika’s character which they portrayed earlier. plz don’t make her weak.
    the strength of her character is her attitude plz don’t change it.
    i must say many IB fans would want our old annika which is strong enough to handle her problems & face them in her own unique attitude…

    & what should i say about shivay he is truely sso (stupid singh oberoi)

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Seriously yar why only Anika has to suffer all these dangerous thing!!!! You know what I literally cried when Anika was first attacked by that stalker!!!! And seriously Shivaay thinks that Anika was doing drama, just to gain his attention….. idiot…. bilkul Bagad Billa hi hai wo😕😕 how can he even think so!!!! What did he say…. “Anika is obsessed with me”. Actually na he himself is obsessed with Anika!!!!!

    • nayaliCKAP

      Well i am not talking against you but why cant annika be weak too? She is strong but that doesnt mean that she doesnt have emotions.she was heartbroken.we found out that shivaay is a different person to annika .you know,he acts differently infront of same can happen to can change anyone.please remember that i just told my comments. I didnt mean to go against you.

  3. saira

    I think no bride swapping drama in ib. But I feel there will be a groom swapping drama in ib. Anika will accept dash proposal in pressure and gradually Shivay will get to know tia and dash evil plotting. But being angry anika will not listen to him. So in the nick of time shivaye with the help of obros will replace daksh in mandap just to protect anika. Won’t it be fun ishquies? It would be an interesting change of plot. What say?

  4. saira

    Won’t watch ishqbaaz even today. Tia aajkal negative reiqi bhej rahi h. Depression as gaya. So jaati hu. Good ni8 ishquies

  5. Vaishali BBZ

    I hate Shivaye… I mean he should have started trusting Anika after what all Anika did for him and hsi family but no, this SSO will nwver change his ways… At one side he cares soo mich for her and then he hurts her.. ❤💔
    Now shivaye will go crazy whwn Anika will accept Daksh’s proposal..💔

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Then plz kill her yar at least faltu ka drama toh band hoga…. I’ll help u in this…. sachhi chalo use marne!!!!!



    |Registered Member

    I know what i am going to write now 99% viewers will not agree with me… so for them I am Sorry as those are only my point of view…

    According to me Anika should say yes to Daksh for marriage due to following-
    1. i know Daksh might be turn out to be villian of the show but atleast he is shown true on his villian paths..
    2. Atleast when anika will go far from shivaye, he will realise his love.
    3. May be he get clue of staker during anika and daksh marriage & find truth about Tia.

    The person who can’t see ph kept in front of his eyes, how can he see hidden truth easily- dedicated to Shivaye

    How can be Shivaye so careless about not listening to his phone ringtone, while going near to it and Tia heard being far and he is shown business tycon who even don’t put phone lock with password or pattern lock- such dumbness…

    Lastly show is going toooooooooooooooooooooooo slow

  7. mouni

    well , didn’t expect dacsh to be the savior this time but this is good , l think shivaye needs to be put out of his comfort zone , he needs to realise his feelings for anika and stop thincking about lineage and wealth and l hope she leaves the job and / or accept dacsh proposal , that will make shivaye crazy , really hope to see in next episodes that she neglect him and avoide speaking with him that way he will feel the pain and the longing , also l want him to start seeing the real tia all by himself , l don’t want him to get shocked in his ego if anika manage to find the proof and expose her publicly , l prefer that he will be the one starting to have doubts and investigating by himself and even so l don’t think he can win anika easly
    ps : sometimes l feel that dacsh is not the D of tia , l dont know but am not too sure , maybe am wrong

  8. shisna

    Anika’s scare act soooperrr daksh mouke pur Choka mara aur anikase proposal kardiyaa wow awesome
    Poor billu. Precup anika throw the money…….can’t wait

  9. pinky

    Why are’nt you letting omru help aanika.It was shown that they would work on Tia’s mission.Where is all that .Please don’t sidelline the track.And don’t do Shiivika’s marriage in that ,manner

  10. Rama

    Guys to be honest my whole family was big fan of ib but due to ths stupid track we hv lost interest and nvr going to watch ib frm tomorrow

  11. Archiya

    Anika pls accept daksh proposal n frget shivay.. he does nt deserve u.
    Looks lik groom swap is gonna haapen, acc to one spoiler shivay tells daksh tat he will break his hands if he even touches will b interesting to see IB after tat.
    Hw cld shivay nt hear his phone ringing, he was do close to it.also tia wedding pics were on social site n he n his whole family missed it, like seriously?
    When the stalker said to anika to come out or else he will burn the house, I felt the voice was of daksh.
    On a lighter note in precap anika is throwing away 2000 rupee notes, anika pls dnt thrw them..u can give to me, m yet to go to bank to tak new 2000 rupee notes 🙂

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Surely anika accept daksh proposal at lost of sangeet ceremony..pls notice the RING anika wearing in upcmng scenes..Insta lost wedding look also she wearing the same..

  12. Rajshree Gupta

    Isn’t it obvious that Daksh is Tia’s husband (T&D locket) & they both have conspired against Shivaye for financial benefit. Anika has sensed that something is fishy so both Tia & Daksh are trying to scare Anika, Daksh coming at same time of attack & saving her. His suddenly falling in love for Anika is also supporting it. I think on wedding day of Shitia Anika will disclose their the truth. Before that Shivaye will continue getting facts against Anika but his heart not agreeing to it!

  13. Vijji

    Why are you guys hating Shivaay. From what he was before, he came to this level. His heart does believe in Anika. And he cares so much for her. He wants a her presence. It isn’t not that easy to come out of ones ideology. But I don’t think he really cares about his ideology that much.

  14. Neesha

    I think writers are also confused about storyline because they are not completing one issue and showing another issue. This should not happen so many issues at the same time. What about Gayatri, roop swethlana, acp,priyanka she is the only Sister and she is not present in Sangit. Everything is messed up. They should concentrate one by one and resolve all the issues. Feeling Very sad to say but they are dragging so much this whole week they are showing only Stalker drama they serial is moving Very slow. I really feel ishqbaaz is loosing the it’s charm. we want our old ishqbaaz back.

  15. Farzana

    Universe wants to know that who the hell is attacking Anika. The face behind the mask..
    Sometimes I feel it’s not daksh and sometimes I feel it’s daksh..
    But universe ne bata diya ki us attack ke peeche tia ka hath h..😛 eagerly waiting for shivika’s marriage.😍

  16. shekhar

    In my POV, the persons behind both attack on ANIKA are different, motives behind both attacks are different seems to me, end results of both attack are different, so same people can not be behind both attack.

    I feel GK MAM goes on and on without rendering a single thought to the story line. She is missing the the charm of a good story by adding too much suspense, thrills and evil factors beyond limit. I never found so illogical suspense which means nothing in a good serial. If you opt for illogical suspense , you will get illogical disclosure and solution. How it can be possible that you select a gal for bride and no one let you know that gal is already married. As being a BUSINESS TYCOON, his BRIDE becomes the focus of news maker and public and many may be active on FB, some one surely can get attention of OF. Rudra himself a FB addict, why you can’t portrayed him exposing TIA? Let ANIKA be anything, even a gold digger, but when she raised her finger over that bride, one should check over it! You do not like TIA for no reason, then why you do not catch the reason given by ANIKA, and justify your dislikes for TIA? To project all OBRO dumb, and ANIKA the CHANT girl all the time is over extrimity of charector projection. TIA is married, her so called parents were directors of a company which was over taken by OF? Is it possible no one from other directors knew the TRUTH OF TIA being a so called daughter or daughter in law and her wedding?GK is also stand for GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, and putting aside it, when you dived down with mask only to add suspense , at that very point you lost the pace with charm of story. IDK, what leads you to make IB a 3rd rated additives, but certainly you missed the train.
    You formed the frame, then deform it, then again deform it which is nor a less than rubbish. Your effort to collect sympathy for ANIKA, and HATE for TIA in such a illogical and absurd ways lead the charm of story to DUSTBIN.

    • Lijince

      Exactly Shekhar…that’s what I was thinking….how come none of Shivaye’s friends, or colleagues or even people from media didn’t come across Tia’s marriage photos and Shivaye didn’t even have a hint of it??? When Mallika-Shivaye party photo was exposed through media earlier, how did the same media miss such important photos of a celebrity whose wedding has been in news for a long time….and if Tia has been very careful enough to hide her marriage from Oberoi family and others then how is it possible that her marriage photos are on social media without her knowledge?? When she was asking the BF/hus to do something with the photos, she also asked him why he didn’t remove the photos even after she told him to do so….how will a girl like Tia leave it unnoticed if the photos are removed or not?? No logical thinking??

      GK ma’am is losing it….either she thinks the viewers are dumb or the scriptwriter is missing!!
      As you said, Ishqbaaz is losing its charm….now it’s less Ishq and more mystery!! Ashok’s murder, Gayatri’s murder, Om’s past, Tia’s mystery man, and now this stalker…..mysteries are never ending!!

      At one instance Shivaye had this feeling that Anika is in danger….when Jhanvi told him that she might be fixing the lights didn’t he think it necessary to call her or to search her immediately?? And, still can’t understand how a business tycoon like Shivaye will leave his phone carelessly….

      And when Anika didn’t attend his call, shouldn’t he go to Anika’s house and check for himself if everything is ok….or atleast call the securities to check Anika??

      Shivaye is behaving stupid these days….stupid singh oberoi!!

      As to the attacks on Anika, I think Bua is helping the attacker….whether it is Daksh or Tia….I feel Bua knew about both attacks….

      • SHEKHAR

        SHIVAAY after sensing ANIKA presence around while he was talking with OM, and looking at what he said over ANIKA, might be feeling guilt and just could not dare to call ANIKA at first instance, and when his worries got peak, he called but in vain.
        I don’t blame SHIVAAY for this as he himself feels lot of guilt, dissappointment. Here when i say guilt, it is his that feeling , how he can think for ANIKA who saved him from arrest after inking her own image?, and he is dissapponinted that , being unaware of TIA’s truth so far, HOW ANIKA CAN FALL SO DOWN and CAN DEGRADE TIA WHEN HE HAD A SO HIGH IMAGE OF ANIKA IN HIS HEART AND MIND? He just can not get ANIKA invilved in such mal practice, Totally unaware of TIA’s truth, SSO just can not think other wise. SSO got tangled between his own GUILT and DISSAPPONTMENT.

      • SHEKHAR

        BUA is there as DAKSH to draw our attention falsely over them! We think over VILLAIN which are in our hand reach. We think just what GK mam thoughts in advance. First she aired D and in very next epi she aired D! She show evil thought of BUA for ANIKA, and we just jump over BUA to be villain.
        Over this , i would like to say, with tilting the words of SSO,

        EVERYTHING which seems GREY, need not to be GREY!
        We stop at horizon, but can’t see beyond horizon!

      • SHEKHAR

        When you get in LOVE with someone, soonafter you lost your individuality! Your whole being is being active to merge into whole being of you love. You just can’t be yourself only, and this merging process make you selfless! That is exactly what happening with SHIVIKA. They both are behaving being away from their own individuality, and they just can not behave normal as an individual they are. So why, we found ANIKA soft, panic, dissapointed when she was feeling high for SHIVAAY, and also we get SHIVAAY emotional, caring, dumb, soft when ever he is around ANIKA!

        We lost our ANIKA in her state of feeling for SHIVAAY!
        OF family lost their SSO when they found him around ANIKA!

        Both are being most vulnerable in a particular situation, and we have to bear with these types of loss!, whether we like it or not!

  17. Sanaurifa

    Hai ishqies
    I just want to know why Anika’s phone changing its place frequently
    1 was in her bag when she entered
    2.went to bed when she goes to bedroom
    3.falls near her hand when she smells petrol
    4.jumps to table when SSO calls her


    The main door is on middle in the earlier episodes but nowadays its moves towards corner


    Sorry guys I just fed up of this Tia so started watching this things

    One more thing I noticed
    The guy who stalk her wears formal shoes & Daksh wears sports shoes

    The last to Anika
    Don’t throw ₹2000 bundle like that
    You don’t know the pain to stand in a queue for hours for just ₹4000

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Seriously yar I agreed with all ur points but the last one….. exactly my thinking!!!! We’re not getting 2000 rupees note for watching even….. ek bhi note nhi hai 2000 ka ghar mein!!!!! Abhi tak tw logo k ghar me nhi pahuche notes or ye log serials me b chlane lag gye😕😜😂😂😂

  18. shana Mehta

    Yeh ho kya raha hai please don’t drag tia and d case and tell about anika past and show her strong character

  19. iamsofianeak

    But how can shivaye & the whole family didn’t see tia’s wedding pic on social media , at least one of them has an account ! u rembember when rudra telll om thaat he gets more likes than Tiaa so he’is following her on social m !!!!!! IB is the only serial where thing aren’t noramle !

  20. muskan

    Guys which promo are you talking about?a new promo of their wedding has come or what?rumours are coming that ib is going off air?

    • Lax

      I donno y Star Plus is not giving out any promos of Shivika’s wedding. If the wedding is a November thing, it’s high time they give out promos.

  21. Tara

    from the comments, people r fed up with Tia n stalker…plz cvs dont drag it so much
    todays episode I have mixed feelins-sad and slightly hopeful
    Anika is suffering, superb acting my heart just broke for her.. Tia the evil it seems is winning, Daksh is taking advantage of Anikas vulneralbility,
    IS SSO trying to belittle Anika by paying her money
    WHY didnt SSO save Anika again n give her comfort…if he saw her bleeding, he would have lost it…we need to see TLC
    Why didnt Anika tell Shivay she called him XX times when she was being attacked, then he would show her no missed call and Anika show her phones dialled numbers……then Shivay can start doubting Tia as she had the phone….
    Shivay should start analyzing Tias words and actions…he should NOW FIND TRUTH HIMSELF…cos isnt he meant to be a suave n smart businessman n intelligent out of them all?

    Funnily enough at this time , it shows that all oberois r so dumb, how can they marry n not know someones background or truth…lol
    Agree with Shekhar… isnt Rudra a youngster with social media and all crap, isnt he on Fb …

    Anika is questioning her feelings for Shivay…if its LUV
    Shivay is questioning his thinking…is Anika lying or telling the truth
    HOPEFULLY theres still time for them to realize their love for each other
    precap- obviously Om feels pain for Anika, hopefully he helps their doubts being cleared…what Anika heard was not SHIVAYS thoughts but Tias.

    So many unresolved issues…..plZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ cv’s solve them or people r losing interest.
    LOVE SHIVIKA together not separately…

  22. akann

    Daksh is super confusing. Either he is working with Tia or he is playing a cupid role in joining Shivika. It was kind of strange when he was talking to Anika about her loving Shivay today. I especially found his expressions strange. it almost seemed like he was trying to make her realize that she loves Shivay. But it seems like Shivay is going to find him as a stalker and tries to separate Anika from Daksh. Maybe he might start doubting Tia also. I also though Surbhi’s acting as a scared and helpless person was really convincing and nice. She is just a good actress. I also see in one of the spoilers Anika wearing an engagement ring which makes me think that she is after all going to accept Daksh’s proposal. Hmm.. I hope they clear this Shitia mess asap so that they could start focusing on other plots also and not make the show boring.


      He got entered only to make us confuse! Think otherwise what you think today eventhough I have a firm stand , FIRST attack was framed by DAKSH, but I think otherwise for DAKSH!
      GK mam is not who held her right ear with her right hand!

  23. Sree

    This is way too much drama around the poor character. I don’t think so much is required. Not watched this for a week. Was just reading to see if things improved. It’s just too much of a heart ache for Anika. It will totally against her character that Anika accepts Daksh. She is an independent woman. She should just take Sahil and walk away. Hand over her work to somebody. Let shivaye go after her.

  24. Chandini

    Oh my god…really i am fed up with this drama..tòo many suspense and they haven’t revealed one and for the first time I felt that I hav wasted time by watching this not-so-good epi.

  25. Mini

    Guys I think we have to be patience upto shivika marriage and there will be some heartbreaking scenes I think because of daksh they will realise their fellings

  26. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    Guys!! Today’s episode is a bit skeptical. I just hate that Daksh and Don’t know how much time will it take for Shivaay to realize his pure feelings for Anika. Anika is on the cliff edge of her realization and If that Daksh pulls her back She will be out. Tia is a crap of IB. Anyways….waiting for Shivika’s romance in Shitia’s sangeeth. Ofcourse for their Groom swap marriage also.

    Guys! Please read my ff and drop your lovely words.

  27. Lijince

    No Ishq…only mystery is what I feel after seeing yesterday’s epi….

    And as some of the fans have said above, if groom swap is going to happen, then it will be more interesting than bride swap!! In that case, we will see lot of changes in Shivaye…as it will look like he did wrong to Anika and Tia…..he cannot always blame Anika and insult her….while on the other hand Anika can be arrogant and she can take a sweet revenge for all her insults!!

    Whatever the story is going to be, I just hope this Daksh gets out of the show soon!!

  28. Mini

    Hey guys Ib trp does not increase in 3 months it will go off air and I hope this is a roumer😭😭😭😭😭
    Please anyone tell me if it’s roumer or not😳😳😳

  29. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Good noon guyzz..fnaly they r started shivika stry which showed in promo..dnt have any idea abt how shivika mrge gng to happen..if it’s frm shivay side then it’s k..

    Compltly hating daksh role in upcmng stry..he is gng to win the challnge spendng nyt wth anika in ObriMan..hw is that psble shivay left anika in her home..then why she returns to ObrMan ? dnt knw why they r always affront Anika’s char this much..

    Very disponted..pls gul mam we need our old ishqbaaz..pls gve back to us..we can’t say how much we loved and enjoyed the old ishqbaaz each and evry scene..

  30. Priyali


    |Registered Member


  31. Priyali


    |Registered Member

    And I never thought I’d say this about ib but it’s showing utter nonsense these days…. how in the world did daksh get into Anika house and save her form the attacker …. he didn’t even know about the attack…


      yes, how in the world did daksh find her house and get into ANIKA house and save her from attacker????

      Its your question, rathar anger, but I alter it a bit to clear it out that your question is not a neglible question, but a MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!!!!!!!

  32. VHM


    |Registered Member

    I think this serial plot will also go in the Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon season -1 way…with a slight difference

  33. pihuuu

    I lik Dhaksh character..d way he says to anika my love is enough for both of us n u will not regret ur decision..n I love u sooo much n..I dnt think dhaksh is a villain…he is a good person…he will make sso realize his love for anika as a good frnd..but he will get hurt finally whn anika leave him…I Think he really likes a nika…

    • shahabana

      No pihu daksh is not good guy.
      He doesnt loves anika but just want to get her at anycost and he accepts this infront of sso.
      And daksh is who attacking anika
      I dntknw if they will change later his charecter to good one

  34. Dent Bhurry

    Aaj anika ke attack korlo tia . Kalke anno kauke oo sttack jodi tara oor stti rup jene felle too. Its such a

  35. shahabana

    Hellooo guyz .
    Guyz for ur imformation the attacker is daksh himself .
    Shivaye will findout about daksh is being attacker and he will comfront daksh about same thing.
    Daksh accepts infront of shivaye that yes he is the attacker and he openly challenges sso that he will get anika at any cost.
    So now its gonna sso v/s daksh and sso tries to protect anika from daksh.
    And guyz yes daksh is attacker but he is not tias secret d

  36. Lalli

    Yes guys I too think that daksh is a good guy and from my point of view in thinking that om were called daksh to Oberoi mension for indeed the shivay were he can realize the love for Anika..bcas the obros are already discussed in that previous episodes that shiviks makes a perfect ishqbaaziya takkar Ki and also the mystery of D may be it was Robin..bcas he is not the brother of Tia#Remember when Rudra asked him were ur sister he behaves that he dnt have a sister apart from that missing Om track may be a new entry can came for om and also Missing priveer

  37. Mukta


    |Registered Member

    Hello guys!!!!! How are u all?? I’m seeing that most of my friends rather 95% of usual commentators are missing from here!!!!! Can I plz know the reason??? Hum gayab kya hue janaab, Ishqbaaaz ki puri family hi titar bitar ho gayi!!!!!! Guys what’s this yar….. I don’t think ki Ishqbaaaz ki track boring ho gayi hai Jo commentators k no. itne kam ho gye hain!!!!!! Seriously yar kaha ho sab…. I’m missing u all……. Abiha, Kiki di, Renima di, Disha, Nivedha, Samyukta, Sahana di, Shama di, Mukti di, Richu di, Ishika, Ishita, Haya di and all my other friends….. plz come back & that too with a valid reason….. why are u not commenting???

    Now coming to the episode, then frankly, I’m loving this track very much!!!!! The only thing I’m not liking now is the attacks on Anika….. can’t see her in pain!!!!! But apart from this, it’s really going very nice…. Anika should accept Daksh’s proposal coz this is the only way to make Shivaay realise his love for Anika….. otherwise he’ll never speak out his feelings!!!! Moreover, I’m very happy seeing Anika in this strong look…. she should ignore Shivaay!!!!!! Shivaay should get the punishment….. I mean how can he use such cheap words for Anika….. wese toh he always says that he understands her very well but what happens to his understanding when Tia use such cheap words about Anika!!!! Aise toh he can feel her but he can’t read the truth in her eyes, he can’t understand the truth in her words…. waw amazing na…. Mr. Dumb Businessman!!!!!! His heart says that Anika can’t do this but still he’ll follow his brain…. achar dal le brain ka….. Mr. Non Sense Oberoi!!!!!! Now I’m only waiting for Anika to accept Daksh’s proposal and after that Shivika marriage….. it’s really very big suspense ki Shivika ki shaadi hogi toh hogi kese….. just can’t say anything!!!!! What we can do is just wait and watch!!!!!! Now waiting for today’s episode…… plz God 10 bja do jaldi se!!!!!!!

    • shahabana

      Hellooo muktha how r u dr?
      Hey im not commented yesterday and today only bcz i got busy in some work
      And sweety u are also not commenting since many days what happend is everything k?
      And s dr many ishquees are missing in our cute ib family bcz some are busy in their works and studeis and i think some are not liking the current tracks so they where not commenting and k its their choice to watch the show or comment
      And anyways im agree with i i love ishqbaaz now also im just irritated with this lady baba tia
      And at last i want to say ishqbaaz is better show than all other stupid crap shows and love ishqbaaz and eager to watch upcoming tracks

  38. Neha

    Loved this serial but now It’s getting boring by the day, they r just complicating everything . Don’t feel like watching it for a while..

  39. Vijji

    Shekhar, I totally agree with you regarding Anika’s inidividuality being lost. Once you are in love, you are not the same. Your heart always feels for that person. Same thing happened with Anika and Shivaay. They both are not the same individuals what they used to be before. That is the magic of love.

    The only thing I feel is they are not solving mysteries and kept adding more.

    Initially I thought Daksh was not the stalker. First time I felt it was a girl. But second time, it looked like Daksh. So now I am not sure what kind of a person Daksh is.

  40. Veda


    |Registered Member

    heeyyy all of mah dr ishqies….shama,razna,shaza,kiki,shahbana,sumi,richu,arohi,tridha,luna,saku,nithu,sekhar,renima di… how r u all..??.. actually I hv totly lost my intrst on dis curnt track…hv stopped watchng….same drama,same misunderstandings again nd again….numberrrrrrrr of unsolved mystrs..dis hodgepodge is dificlt to digest…I hv nothng to comnt on dis track bt hope a number of intrstng thngs r yt to come..
    well I’l start watch after SHIVIKA mrg…eagrly waiting for OM’s love track…
    glad to hear abt da trp..2.2..its qt satisfying…


    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      donno y they r not showing evry name I hv mentioned.. ok..Im mentioning once again..richu,arohi,tridha,nithu,saku,shekhar,renima di,luna nd manyyyy more ishqiessss..

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        I also like SHIVIKA… they r nt da reason behind my craze for IB…I fl in love wid IB for its unique concept..da BROTHERHOOD… da BROMANCE..eventually I fl for OM too… :p so wen OM’s charecter nd BROMANCE nd da plot as well hv strtd losng its intensity I hv strtd losng my craze.. 🙁

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.