Ishqbaaz 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update: ShivOmru hide the baby

Ishqbaaz 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Omru dance. Bhavya sees them and says they are dancing. Anika sees them and gets shocked. She says there is big problem. Bhavya says we have to find what they are hiding. Some time before, Bhavya gets ready to break door and hits Rudra. Rudra says I got hurt, its Om’s turn to manage Gauri. Shivaye says don’t tell anyone. Om says I know. He stops Gauri and Bhavya from looking inside. Gauri says I need to talk to you. Om says I m here, I m busy in work. Bhavya says but Rudra is working. Om says its a work to make Rudra work. Bhavya says but why this way by shutting door. He thinks thank God Anika is not here, else she would have asked 50 questions. Om says we are not a criminal, health is bad. Gauri asks what happened to you. He says I m fine, Shivaye is unwell. Anika pops up and says what happened to

Shivaye, tell me. Om says my lovely Bhabhi, wait a min. He signs he will send Shivaye and shuts door.

Bhavya says Rudra said he is working, Om is saying Shivaye is ill. Anika asks Shivaye is he fine and knocks door. Shivaye says now I have to drink kada. Om says I did not know Anika is there, Shivaye will manage now. Shivaye says I know I don’t have to tell anyone. Rudra says he learnt from me. Om asks him to shut up. Shivaye opens door and says I m feeling much better, do you have to know what’s happening inside. Anika asks will your height get less if you say. He says what are you three doing here, I don’t have to tell you. He shuts the door.

Anika says something is happening. Om says we have to hide it till we find truth. Shivaye says this baby and its written in card that one of us is baby’s father. Rudra says things spoiled. Shivaye says I think some business rival wants to defame us, till we find truth, this matter should be between us, Rudra does not digest anything. They see Rudra.

Rudra talks to baby and says you got a hot uncle, smile, if this baby was grown up, we would have known whose baby is this, if this was Shivaye’s child, he would have done this gesture, he would have spoken strange things if this was Om’s child. Om says there are equal chances its your child. Rudra says baby is cute, so I said that. They all argue.

Rudra says baby looks 9 months old, Om was with Riddhima 18 months back. Om says yes, but she was not in India, how is this possible. Rudra says I saw you chatting. Om says shut up, children don’t happen this way, she would have told me. Shivaye says its either Om or your baby. Rudra says what’s this, see his eyes. Om says kanji eyes. Rudra says now its confirmed, its little Shivaye. Shivaye says its not possible. Rudra says we have to go 18 months back, think of the dark night, your car going between the jungle, rains, that girl leaving, you going to the hotel, switching off lights, recall what happened. Shivaye reacts feeling accordingly and says nothing happened. Rudra asks what. Om says lucky Shivaye, if we fight like this, we won’t get any solution.

Anika says there is some problem. Bhavya says we have to find what are they hiding. Rudra says I m checking the lists, with which girls I was. Om says what about Tia. Shivaye says what about Tia, no. Rudra says there were many complications and baby came. Om says we have to find baby’s father. Rudra says Deewar, Trishul… Shivaye says Dna test. Rudra asks which is this movie. Shivaye says that’s the only way, its not easy, if media knows, this should be a secret.

Om says if someone planted this baby, he would be waiting for our mistake. Rudra says this is baby, not a cactus to plant. Shivaye says shut up, I will find a doctor to keep this confidential. Rudra asks how much time will it take for results. Shivaye says maybe one week. Om asks one week, how will we manage baby, its tough. Rudra says time teaches everything O. Om says I taught this dialogue to you Ru. Shivaye says its not easy. Rudra says look at this baby, he is calm like Om, he did not cry. Baby starts crying. They get worried. Anika, Bhavya and Gauri hear baby’s cry.

Pinky says Jhanvi should have got angry by now, what are they doing. Pinky sees Jhanvi and Tej coming and thinks seems much happened, they will ask me questions. Jhanvi says thanks Pinky. Pinky asks why. Jhanvi says for making me realize, you can never change. Tej grins. Jhanvi says I did mistake to believe you. Pinky says I m not lying, he went to hotel. Jhanvi says he went for meeting, not to meet Shwetlana, I forgot the woman who can break son’s house, how can she see my house getting better, stop this, else you will fall in my sight. Pinky thinks what did Tej tell her. Tej signs Pinky. Jhanvi says I m sure Tej changed now, mind your own business. They leave. Pinky says I m not a liar, you are foolish, I will prove Tej’s dark truth.

Rudra asks Om how to put baby on silent mode. Om says baby is not a phone. Shivaye says I m checking on net how to pacify a baby. Rudra says good boy, good girl, whatever, get quiet. Shivaye says swing the baby. Rudra asks how. Om says move baby. Shivaye says swing in flow. Rudra says I don’t know, you take baby. Shivaye says I m on net. Om says I can’t. Rudra gives baby to Shivaye. Om picks the phone. Shivaye swings the baby. Rudra says you forgot, do it in rhythm and flow. Rudra asks baby to look at him, Rudra Chachu will show his dance now. Rudra dances. Om dances along. Baby gets calm. Shivaye says he really got quiet. They stop. Shivaye says Rudy dance. Omru dance.

Om says this baby thinks he is Mughal e azam and you are Anarkali. Rudra asks which azam and which kali. Om says dance. Anika, Bhavya and Gauri come there. Bhavya looks inside via keyhole and sees Omru dancing. Anika asks what. Bhavya says Rudra is dancing, that too like Mujra girl. Gauri covers Anika’s eyes. Bhavya says Om is also dancing like Mujra girl. Gauri covers her eyes. Anika says let me see. She sees them dancing and gets shocked. She says these three are dancing cheap, did they get greedy to open dance bar for themselves. Gauri says let me see. She sees them and says Koi to rok lo…. She asks Om to stop, they can’t see. Shivaye asks who has come. Om says I m sure, its three devis, Rudra go, Shivaye has baby, and Bhavya interrogates a lot, go. Rudra says she is in police.

Rudra goes out and asks what happened. Bhavya asks why were you dancing. Rudra says because I m happy. Anika and Gauri ask about Shivaye and Om. Rudra says they are also happy. Anika says tell truth, what’s happening inside. Rudra says actually, umm umm umm… She asks what umm umm umm…. He says I can’t break bro code, I can’t tell you, sorry. He shuts door. Bhavya says it means matter is such which can’t be said. Anika says but what. Rudra says these girls a lot. Shivaye says mine one too, I mean my ex. He says baby slept and keeps baby back in basket. Baby wakes up and cries. He asks them to dance. Rudra and Shivaye dance. Om gets worried.

Gauri sees Khanna with someone and goes to see. Khanna asks the lady what work she has, whom does she want to meet, she has to leave if she does not answer. Gauri holds her and sees her mum. She says you here….. Samar sees someone’s pic and recalls the girl. He recalls Shivaye. Ragini says nothing happens if you recall past, you are spoiling my present and future, you don’t know what happened to me. He asks what happened. She says when I had cucumber, you used to know I m upset. He says sorry, I did not notice what you are eating, tell me why are you worried. She says my problem and solution is same, Shivaye, Anika is coming between us, she is sending me away from him. He says so Anika is your problem.

She says and you too, you did not do anything. He says Shivaye does not love you, what can anyone else do. She says he has to love me, he is mine and will become mine, you can lose in life, I will not lose till I make Shivaye mine. He says love is not done this way, you can’t force anyone to love you. She says I can do this, Shivaye is not just my love, but my adamancy too, remember I told you, the day I need your help, I will come to you, tell me will you help me or not.

Rudra says I got tired of dancing, someone feed me water. Om gives him water. Rudra sees baby sleeping. He says baby’s legs are so chubby. Baby hits water glass and water falls on baby. Baby wakes up. Shivaye asks him to dance. Om says who made water fall. Rudra says baby kicked the glass. Shivaye says we have to change his clothes. Om asks how will we get clothes. Rudra says we will put him in pillow cover. Shivaye says we have to make him wear clothes, not pack him. Om says idea.

Gauri hugs her mum and cries. She says its good you came here, I m very happy. Her mum says your mum is like a palace, where is Om, he did a lot for us, I can’t pay for his favors, but I can bless him. Gauri says yes, but why did you come this way, I was coming to you. Her mum says I wanted to see how happy you are, I m glad, where is he. Gauri says he is busy. Her mum says I got chaat for you and sweets for Om. Gauri thinks mum will die if she knows Om and my relation truth. He sees Om coming. She asks her mum to rest. She sends her to washroom. Om comes to the room. Gauri stops him. He asks what happened.

Rudra says do something, I m going mad by dancing. Shivaye asks baby to have water, no fine I will drink. Om asks why do you look worried. Gauri says I m fine, I told you to stay away. Om says I want clothes. She says you are already wearing clothes. He says yours…. She asks why do you want my clothes, you will have problem with everything, I can’t agree to everything. He stops her.

Saathiya…..plays….. He says I want the clothes which you made for Lord idol. She asks why. He says actually…. She sees her mum coming. She says I will get clothes. She shuts door. Om finds her mad. Samar asks what, you got mad. Ragini says I know this idea sounds crazy, it actually works, I have to gain Shivaye’s attention, this can happen when he gets pity on me. Samar asks will you hurt yourself to get his pity, sorry do you think you will get him. She says no, you will hurt me, I will say Siddharth has done this. He says no way, I won’t do this. She says I m asking you to do drama, Oberois should feel my life is in danger. He says you are my sister, I can’t hurt you ever. She says then I have to get this done by random person, I will be hurt, will you like it, think will you do it or I make someone else do this.

Rudra says I have much experience to change clothes. Shivaye asks baby’s clothes change. Rudra says no mine. He talks to baby and sits. Baby kicks on his face. Rudra falls away. Om laughs and asks what happened. Shivaye says you had much experience. Rudra says my day is bad. Shivaye says Om you try. Om talks to baby. Shivaye says Om be gentle. Om says I m gentle. Rudra says talk deep meaning thing and baby will get bored and sleep. Om asks do you want fourth kick. Rudra says no. Shivaye says I will do this. Rudra says I won’t dance now. Om asks what happened. Shivaye asks how does this open. Rudra says its baby. Om says he is saying about clothes. Rudra says I was testing you. Om opens the buttons. Shivaye tries to change.

Gauri says what are they doing since morning. Bhavya says they are doing some big thing. Anika says they have to come out of room to have food, everyone dines together. Bhavya says we will find out what they are hiding. Jhanvi asks maid to take dinner for Shivaye and Omru to room. Anika says I feel like filing case on them. They smile. Dadi asks what happened, won’t they dine with me. Jhanvi says no, they have some imp work. Dadi asks what is it now.

Shivaye says maybe baby does not like these clothes. Rudra says we three will try this together. Om says good idea. Rudra makes them see here and there and says we have to care for baby’s privacy, we won’t see him while changing. Om asks will we change his clothes by becoming Dhritarashtra. Rudra asks who. Om says change clothes. Rudra says eyes close, no cheating. They change baby clothes. They see the baby and smile. Rudra does Dadi’s act to take blessings. Shivaye asks him not to do anything.

Shivaye sings Chahe koi mujhe jungli kahe…. and dances for the baby. Bhavya asks Anika to focus, target is coming. Shivaye sees Anika and says walkie talkie, Basanti?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    1) Loved all Obro scenes. OSO moments ruled for me by a teeny margin followed by SSO and then RSO..????
    OSO SSO using raita phailana and all 3 using tai tai fish ( instead of phiss)??
    Rudy’s baby cactus..for planting baby..
    OSO RSO dance. Sso dance was a lil bit 2 Rs like Ani said.??

    2) Glad CVs remembered Rikara and Gauri’s mom finally..
    3) The Rikara moment was also awesome! ??????
    Gauri checking out O’s clothed looks or was it his body? ??
    4) I simply love the Saathiya duet and the milked tumse lines.. that they showed today.. CVs please release a Saathiya duet with Rikara scenes??..the online Saathiya videos still have ishkara in it.. ( Riddhi please don’t mind, but I want a Rikara scenes video on YouTube)..

    5) baby changing clothes scene..the toddler talk of Rudy was hilarious..and they didn’t show naked baby to keep the mystery that she is a girl I guess.

    6) Samarini scenes I liked because it showed Samar to be sensible. I want Samar to team up with Ani to help SSO realise Nagini’s psychoness..
    But I don’t want Samar to fall in love with Ani. glad they showed his past gf/ wife who is likely dead and who he still loves..( @Anu I was alluding to this past when I was talking about the Ani interview scene)..
    7) Bhavya sey ek hi thought — I see red as in anger, irritation and ???? to infinity..
    Please please edit her out.. instead of giving her the limelight with the other better acting bahus..
    When Rudy gets better lines I don’t mind cause he is adorable..and talented..just like KJ and Nox. but with bhavya getting the front scenes, it’s just irritating and unfair to Surbhi and Shrenu who even with less camera prinemce give such awesome expressions..????
    8) special mention to surnal..their just a few sec scene was super good. when Ani cropped up suddenly hearing ALSO is sick it was super hilarious..
    9) SSO’s eyes were looking awesomely green grey today! ?? But the baby has brown eyes .. why CVs put such dialogues..kuch fit the baby to SSO..just cause they couldn’t find a reason like for OmRu…
    10) as expected TSO fooled the naive Jahnvi..
    Jahnvi definitely seems like the mom of SSO both being equally naive and pappu rams! ??
    11) last angelic divine music scene with baby Krishna was too adorable.. seriously like Rudy I felt like doing that to the Obros. ??

    1. Surbhi Sharma

      Go nivi di go .??

      1. Nivedita


    2. Bela


      Arrey yaar, I agree OSO ruled a tiny bit higher. He is love????

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah Bela.. OSO ??

    3. Labiba

      Go nivi go…???? I saw spoiler today in which pura family ko pata chal gaya about the baby…nd dinky was bashing Rudy nd Om …she was saying this baby is Om nd ridhima’s???at the end obros said they’ll take responsibility of the baby…?

      1. Nivedita

        Haan saw that spoiler..I liked Obros solidarity..

    4. Nivedita

      Read this pkjs..
      Take a look at @FuzeProductions’s Tweet:

      Liked the first 4 pts..reading the last few points I got the smell of the producers thinks KT may return yet again..lemme know what do PKJ’s think of this?

      1. Nivedita

        @Bela they may have read your KT comment..??

    5. Pushpa

      GNG….obros was owsm with the baby yaar….all of it the dance, fuguring
      out whose baby tht..yes nivi agree shivaye’s eyes wow so beautiful thank god baby eyes is not kanji eyes so shivaye escaped….but u know this Tej is so cruel&disgusting he betrayed jhanvi and now the baby…hw could he do this? i mean they are after all the so called ” oberoi” !!!!!!

      samar kind of sensible too but his sister blackmailing him he might end up listening to yuckini..oh god another trail of drama….i too loved the krishna, the music and the obros smile at last..

      1. Nivedita

        Haan the Obros smile at kanha baby was the best and cutest scene, followed by popping up Ani..??

    6. Ranilya

      Nivi, early bird….
      Surnal- love their chemistry together…onscreen n Off screen.. . The spark I see in Kunal when he is with Surbhi, I dint see with Shrenu…infact Kunal is awesome with Noxleebhi…
      Yet to see the epi… baby in Krishna costume was super cute in spoilers..

      1. Nivedita

        Rani totally agree dear! I too feel kj has better chemistry with Nox Lee and SC..but his chemistry with Shrenu was good in DBO..idk how it’s possible..?

        Maybe he prefers the other 3 company more than Shrenu..

    7. Swathi..

      Go nivi go. Such a long comment?

    8. LAX

      1. Sso dance was a lil bit 2 Rs like Ani said…!! lol..!! Sangath ka asar.
      Bhavya in the initial scenes was still ok but not in the kitchen scene.

  2. AnuluvsIB

    Apart from having to see the sick n unfaithful Tej and spoilt phsyco brat yuckini.. the entire episode was a total ROFL..

    These 3 fools! Omg! ??
    I am not able to mention any specific dialog or moment.. coz had them coming back to back…! Nox Kunal and Lee just stole the show.. somehow like Kunal more than the other 2 today(though he failed a lil in rikara scene)

    Can’t stop appreciating the villains cast either..
    Mahesh takkur’s devious expression behind jhanvis back made sure we hate him… and Nitikaji.. wah.. and Aditi was good too!!

    Not to miss..! The lil one really looked like a krishna Kanhaiya in the yellow dress???
    Sach me woh baby ko nazar na lage!

    That’s it.. am done abt today’s comment… coz if I have to mention I have to mention all the dialogs among obros!!

    Precap – waiting.. let’s see if the gals get to know tom!

    @ranu – annika bash club is a suggestion from lax.. if annika continues to be so stupid, it might happen very soon.. can’t help it!!

    @pushpa – Pushpa.. if u have an insta id, give it.. we will add u to that group.. if not.. pls create an insta account and pass on the id to us.. ok.

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Gals!! Look at this –

      Yet anothe PKJ OS from Aasthu!!

    2. Labiba

      Anu di which group r u talking about??

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Labiba.. we have created an insta grp for PKJ… we have a PKJ page too.. u can follow it..

    3. Nivedita

      Yeah Anu seriously the Obros were a riot..and Nitika and tej and Sickini I can tolerate because if their superb acting and minimal scenes.

      Yeah I agree with Lax and you – Ani bash club might start if Ani stays like such a pappu weakling.

      Yup the baby is a cutie..?? but OSO cuter..??

      Idk why Rikara scenes are losing its magic.. but today. I did like Rikara a bit better than last week.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Nivi.. me too.. even I liked OSO more today… he was a lil cuter than the rest…
        and yeah rikara scene was better today.. shrenu is doing her best.. Kunal has to get on par with her.. may be he is working on it already..

    4. Pushpa

      anu … expend i too think this villains r really good yaar…no doubt we’re mocking them everyday but need to give credit to their talent too as villain….Tej with tht sinis smile to pinky felt like shooting him down..

      i think i log in to insta [email protected]
      please notify me once you have added me in ok….

      1. Ranilya

        Pushpa, Mahesh Takur n Nitika are talented actors of small screen….
        They add life to the character

      2. AnuluvsIB

        True ranu and Pushpa..
        Actually it wud be all the more nice to watch if they r given positive shade… I used like pinky a lot in the earlier days.. miss that shade of pinky..

        @pushpa.. looks like the insta grp has a limit.. we r wondering on how we can get a forum where we cud have more ppl.. will let u know.. mean while I’ll search for u on insta. U cab start following our PKJ page..

      3. AnuluvsIB

        Have followed u on insta.. ping me to confirm if it is u..

    5. Ranilya

      Anika bash club….. Lax wait for a couple of episodes more …. we have to give Anika extra chance….

      Anu I’m happy Pinky’s attention is diverted towards Tej… atleast Shivika can quarrel in peace now….

      1. Pushpa

        mee too rani happy pinky is now busy with Tej…why anika bash club????

      2. AnuluvsIB

        Ranu.. true pinky is distracted now.. and yes, we will definitely give ani her chances.. it’s our ani after all.. and from the current spoilers, she doesn’t seem to jump into things unlike earlier.. that’s how surbhi mentioned in her IV…

        @push- ani bash club is if she starts acting foolish.. as in trying to expose yuckini without proper proof etc.. hope things don get there

    6. Anu di….except that yuckini scene…full epi was reallu a ROFL…bt the most funniiiiest part was OmRu’s dance….i was jst laughing hard???? nd Ani’s dance bar dialogue….omg???

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Haan Ayushi.. except that entire episode was rofl.. I guess today will be like that too..!

    7. Nivedita

      Yes Anu I hope KJ keeps improving in the scenes.. like Rani mentioned. KJ has better chemistry with Nox Lee and SC I. The recent episodes. I think Probably cause he likes their company..and has off screen fun with them..

      Waiting for more Rikara and Shivika..CVs please drop the red witch scenes a little bit..

    8. LAX

      NakuLee are world class performers. I found Nakuul a bit over the top at points..!!
      Hated Additi more than Mansi yesterday. why I donno.
      I was telling Rans that looks like Annika bash club is the need of the hour.

  3. Hello guys ……✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

    1. Today Omkara’s dialouge to ShivRu (specially Rudra) and expressions were just awesomely awesome….??????????

    2. ShivOmRu’s swing action …… Lol….
    3. Baby ko Rudy ka dance pasand hai….???????????
    Omkara’s dance was hilarious…..????

    4. Baby SAHENSHA and Rudra ANARKALI….???????

    5. Girls peeping through key hole…
    Specially Gauri closing her one eye and peeping was so cute…. ??????( even I tried to do this many times but failed )…..

    6. Boys doing MUNJARA DANCE…. ????

    OMKARA keeping his finger on her lips to.make her quite.???????????……. O SAATHIYA DUET IN BACKGROUND…..??????????. ( @nivedita finally our fav paragraph from O saathiya being played that to duet version……)
    Gaurikara hiding their feelings and concern for each other…..???????
    ( Finally CVS showed a good Gaurikara scene without any editing and cropping )

    8. Gauri’s mom in OM… Really want Omkara MU about Gauri regarding Black Thakur gets cleared…..
    9.Baby kicking Rudra….. LOL…. ???

    10. Tej and Dongini …. JUST IGNORE……??????

    11. Baby looking more cute in Yellow dress…. looking like Lord Krishna……??????????????????

    But liking Obro moment together…. They are the best On screen brothers that any show can ever have….. Love all 3 of them…..



    @astha- ya I can be one if u bhabhi if u wish…. I will really don’t mind that….. a waise what about u Mrs.AASR…????????

    @pushpa and @arpita- just waiting for a good intense scene and I will definitely give u guys a shayari… Pakka….

    @nivedita- aaj kal no.comments…. Really missing ur reply…..

    @nikitajai- how are u dear??…. no comments from u in TU…. miss u dear…..

    THANK YOU @anu @LAX @pushpa for ur wishes… hopefully I pass this year with flying colours….

    @anikaa- finally today got some SAMAR scenes…. I can imagine u dancing with happiness and ur eyes glued on Tv / mobile staring Samar…. ????

    @archiya- I know that u are enjoying this current track but still dear its much better to see that DONGINI & TEJLANA and theirher evilness…. Also this track is something different and spread smile on everyone’s face…. Also I personally feel that change in track is needed…. SO JUST CHEER UP AND ENJOY THE CUTENESS AND COMEDY OF THE EPISODE…..

    @Richu- welcome back …. yes the baby track is very cute….

    #DIL BOLE:-
    #GauriKara ISHQBAAZ….
    #Baby TOOFANBAAZ….
    #Rudra DANCE-BAAZ….
    #AniRiYa JASSOS-BAAZ….

    1. Nivedita

      Sorry Maahi..I haven’t been able to reply much to your comments..

      I got a bit occupied with work last week. and then made a short trip to catch-up with my childhood friend, who lives in US and is vacationing a here, over weekend so couldn’t read most pkj messages…
      Plus got a bit sick with too much overwork..just getting back to PKJS again today…and yesterday on IG. If you are in IG please join the PKJ mansion group.

      Baby was totally adorable as kanhaiya..I think it’s a she though..per spoilers..

      Om has been ruling the roost in the Obros moments for me! ???? I am sure u r in 7th heaven with O..
      Though Rikara Ko kya hua hai..why are their scenes not as Golden as in DBO I wonder??
      I am glad today we got more of Rikara..

    2. Anikaa

      yes maahi di…bilkul sach kaha aapne…finally samar aagaya…samar ki scenes ko minimum 10 baar replay karke dekh chuki hoon…bas dil he nahi bhar raha hai…lekin bohot chota scenes mil raha hai….i need samar to catch whole episode

    3. Pushpa

      hi maahi….sure u will pass with flying colours u have all the PKJ family blessings….
      onros moments with baby was spectacular yaar..super cool super owsm specially shivaye expression when rudy was telling that story…

      im enjoying the current baby track …so damn with the villains fro now….

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi…Mrs.AASR Happy as always Mrs. Oberoi.
      If we keep teasing each other like this then I am sure others will laugh at us. Would love to call you as Bhabhi(wink wink).

  4. Today’s episode
    Is power packed nahi baby packed episode
    Such a picture perfect
    Except kaala Tika raagini

    1. But today
      Shivomru were the slayers and the main baby is the head
      The best of bestest today is RUDY THE GREAT
      His dialouges on point
      I died laughing

      Rudy’s dance
      Shivomru dance
      Baby crying again and again
      Jasoosi wife’s

      Don’t know out of words iam loving it

      Samar Ragini put them in dustbin
      Let them be a black mark

      Till Tej vs pinky it will be good and may be interesting

      But if becomes
      Tej+pinky – deal
      Iam not in

    2. Poor Rudy got kick from
      Bhavya and as well as baby

      I got a news that
      Omru will see shivika and baby
      And they decide and say they unable to take responsibility to bring shivika closer
      And shivika will forget their odds for baby


  5. VHM

    I don’t understand what CV’s wanted to do while shooting and airing the episodes from past two episodes…it’s okay if they wanted to create humor…but the story is not moving anywhere…same antics between brothers and same jasoosi between co-sisters….as much as the CV’s suffocated us with Pinky drama before separation now they are making something out of nothing (as of now atleast) from this drama…..hope the coming up days will give us better episodes to spend an hour time of ours……

  6. LAX

    Babybaaaz was hilarious from the word ‘go’. From questionkumaris springing up to Shivays jhula jhulana to Oms crying to Gauris ‘par hain kaa??’ to Rudrs every other Dialogue, it was funny. One element am ignoring here. But ve to say today more than Bhavya, Yuckini bothered me. Dint like Additi one bit.

    Can I ve the baby?? She is so cute. Bachi ki original mummy, bachi ka Nazar uthaar Dena har din.

    Arey Gauri ki maa ekdum fit n fine lag Rahi hain.
    Shrenu has beautiful lips btw.

    Yuckini is scary..!! ??? I am super scared girls. Dialogues tho itni dangerous thi ki kya batau?? What’s with Samar??

    Btw Om did not even try to change the baby’s dress. Rudys non stop dance lol..!! Felt at points Noxy was a bit over the top.

    P.S.- Happened to see two minutes of the next serial Tu Suraj mein Saanch Piyaji. I loved their dining table. I want that too. Really nice. Quirky, different n elegant.

    1. LAX

      @Rans- could not reply to your yesterday. Sorry..!!

    2. LAX

      *bachi ki nazar utar Lena..!!

    3. Nivedita

      O I liked question kumari pop was too cute and hilarious and KJ totally had fun in that scene ..I felt..

      TSMSP- that house has cool decorations and furniture..
      I agree Nox was a tad bit too silly with the baby.

      I know Yuckini is scary..but I skipped some of her parts so maybe I. Not finding it too Samar will hopefully keep her in check.

      1. Nivedita

        maybe *that’s why I am not finding it too bad..

      2. LAX

        TSMSP – Really cool furniture. I always ve an eye on furniture when I go somewhere. The dining table was classy n different.

        They say Yuckini ll be a full time vamp coz Gul loves these third angle to a story. I am really scared now. Tho Phir hamaara kya hoga Kaalia..!!???

    4. Pushpa

      lax…baby track was splendid yaar …the obros smile finally on thier face once they put krishna dress with the music was heaven….yuckini with new drama dragged samar why the fb of shivaye breaking the signboard scn????….

      1. LAX

        I ve no idea about Samar n his past. Am guessing he had some emotional connect with the colony..!! and there is also a girl shown..!! why??

    5. Lax….bacchi ki mummy mazar utaar dema har din…hahaa???true…
      That baby is soooo cuteeee….i too feel the same…’can i ve d baby’??

      1. Mazar= nazar**

      2. LAX

        No doubt..!! Baby is such a cutie pie..!!

    6. Nivedita

      Yuckini will truly be super yucky if she stays long term in the series.. uff intolerable!

      Yeah that table was quite unique- reminded me of Japanese style of eating and our Indian traditional eating on the floor..

      1. LAX

        So u noticed that dining table..!! Wow..!!

    7. Nivedita

      Yes Lax, I too loved the table..and noticed it specifically..?

      Samar’s past things have alluded to another woman.. like the first time when he met Ani and was drunk..he was poetic about love..and was looking at a girl’s pic..likely his wife or gf..

      Also mentioned this to Anu earlier…but in the Ani Samar interview scene..when Ani is leaving and drops all the papers books on her side of the table, Samar is angry at her clumsiness, but he is also busy rearranging the stuff in a particular order..
      At that scene I thought those items were arranged and kept in a specific way, as if they were past preserved memories of’s likely that the girl worked for him and lived in that happy… chawl..

      1. LAX

        I did not like the girl in Samars past. She looked too old for Samar..!! May be in a later stage Samar ll start liking Annika coz Annika share some similar characteristics with the girl.

    8. Sejsmiles

      Hey Lax, in olden days low seating dining tables were used.. V had one like this for years ..

      1. LAX

        So its not just me who noticed the dining table. cool…!!

  7. Misha_Mikul

    Ahhh!!! OMG !! My cheekbones and sewer stomach are still in pain?????? Laughed out so loud??????
    What a episode yaar..Ek tham kidkitod??all scenes of AniRiVya-ShivOmRu were just outstanding????

    The one moment which still makes me laugh is Annika’s sudden appear in between OmRi????????
    Om said “I’m fine but Shivaay is sick” Annika came out suddenly with a shocked expression??Om was scared holding his Heart???
    Om’s reaction???That was funny to the core???I couldn’t control my laugh??my sis shut my mouth else my neighbor would be came to taunt me due to loud noise??????
    Annika said “I need to see him”…. Om said “meri pyaari Annika babhi” as holding her face??Awww…So cuteeee and lovely??? OmAni nailed the scene??

    Shivaay said “why did u tell her that I’m sick?, Now I’ll have to drink Kaada” Hahahaha????Shivaay scared for Kaada like kids refuse to have medicines?????

    When the baby started crying, Shivaay cried in Rudra’s shoulder???Om too started crying like a baby??They were so funny lor??
    Lol.. Shivaay searched online ‘how to shut a baby up’??????
    ShivOm taught Rudi how to swing… and then Shivaay tried swinging baby, it was looking as funny dance????
    Awww?? Shivaay looked more cuter by his expressions when was with the baby????
    Rudra cheered up baby by dancing and the baby stopped crying for a while….
    Shivaay said “baby really stopped crying” Rudi stopped dancing, baby started crying again??????
    Om figured out Ru as “Anarkili” as baby loved his dance then Rudi started dancing again…Om too danced so funny??????

    AniRiVya peeked through the door knob and got shocked seeing ShivOmRu dancing weird??
    They felt michmichi as figuring their dance was like 2rs cheapde???
    They yelled chee! Haha???
    Annika asked Rudra “why was Shivaay dancing like this” as dancing like Shivaay danced…. Hahaha????? Her attitude while showing him Shivaay’s dance way????

    Shivaay saw baby sleeping, he got back to the basket and once placed , baby awake and started crying again??? OBros were in dilemma?????
    Should appreciate the baby???The baby was acting so perfect…Timing!!! So cute!!!!!????
    I was just mesmerized by the baby’s cuteness and ShivOmRu’s naughty and funny act???? just Meraselayitten????

    That cotton candy Samar recalled about a girl and Shivaay’s stunt over his property… What the connection will be??????
    Irritating Ragini???? when lastly She was talking to her brother about getting Shivaay’s attention…psycho Buamaa has seen on her face expressions??I was telling my sis “Paar, mulusa Buaama vaaga maariyirukira Raginiyai paar”???? Asylum is waiting!!

    Baby kicked Rudra two times…Hahahaha?????
    Rudra asked them to close their eyes as the baby needs privacy..Lol???? His humor sense is just VERA LEVEL???
    They closed their eyes and dressed up the baby???when Shivaay threw the baby’s socks and dress…Toooo funny????

    Precap- Shivaay’s jungle dance to cheer up the baby ???Shivaay caught Annika using walkie talkie??
    He heard and said “Basanthi??? “?????

    Extraordinary episode… Just fully enjoyed????

    Good Night Deariezzzzz❤❤❤ Sweet dreamz and Tc????

    1. Misha_Mikul

      *Rudi to Shivaay – “we have to go 18 months back.. think of the dark night, your car going between the jungle, rains, that girl leaving, you going to the hotel, switching off lights, recall what happened” LoL!! Shivaay too reacted feeling accordingly ???? and shouted “No,,nothing happened” ???
      That was too funny????

      1. Labiba


    2. Labiba

      Hi misha I know u don’t know me but I followed u on Twitter..?

      1. Labiba

        Hi misha I know u but maybe u don’t know me… I following u on Twitter..

      2. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Labiba.. Owh!❤ What’s ur Twitter acc name, dear?

    3. Pushpa

      hw r u babe..waitign to c shivaye jungleee dance…agree with u mesha every baby scn with obros was full of fun and totally drenched with laughter too..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        I’m good dear? How are u??
        Yeah.. today’s epi too will be ?????

  8. Pushpa

    Super cool baby track today….

    Bhavya again with her kick boxing …ooouch !!!! Tht hurts….
    rudra u r soo funny,…apka papa khon hae ..kanji wala baall wala or cute wala…n the shivaye’s fb story super cool….and shivaye’s expression&body languags babrae …owsm yaar .well rudra hv 2 do this many gf zo ge hv2going thru list of gals names he ws dating…..mmmmm and yes la boys it takes 1 week 2get the DNA test result….raitha pailgaya boys…3men&a baby for 1week…..mazza agaya…poor rudra hv 2dance all the way….did shivaye said ex?

    Jhanvi jhanvi jhanvi….u r being fooled by Tej….but this time pinky is telling the truth..pinky ponky pls concerntrate on Tej ok…escaped shivika….

    OMG gals thono bhai behen pyhsco la…why cvs hv 2bring in yuckini…v r enjoying the track wt obroi boys+baby ….samar soubds like a gd chap…advice his 2rps physo sis she blackmail own brother…he hss to love foot…whts her evil plan now..
    @Anikaa u got yr samar today..happy……

    Gauri’ mom in OM…mom daughter convo touching…and why she’s hiding her mom & tht eye lock …sathiya.. all superb..

    The music ??????after the obros dress up the baby was super owsm…

    Junglee tomoro…excited gals…another bucket full of fun…

    gd nite

    1. Nivedita

      Did Yuckini really blackmail Samar?? ??I missed it. Glad of it though..

      Yup the devotional type music was hilarious as were the Obro expressions..??????

      Rudy getting kicked was hilarious..though less said of the RW (red witch) the better!

      1. Nivedita

        Glad of my missing the scene. Not Yuckini craziness..

      2. Pushpa

        yeah i think she said like if you dun help i’ll get someone else to bash her up ..i wish someone really will bash her up…

    2. Anikaa

      happy nahi bohot happy….phir se interest aagaya ib mein…bas aise he samar aate rahe…main pagal nahi phirungi…really..after watching samar i yelled hey..jumping up and down

      1. Pushpa

        happy fro u anikaa…

    3. LAX

      yes Shivay said ex

  9. Thank you so much guys.. for liking my comment. …

    @lax dear, i am trying to do everything in Arpita mode..?????….

    1.Obros are full on tension mode.
    2.obahus are full on spy mode…

    3.Royal ignore to pinky ponky tej.nagini…

    [email protected] DEAR. Samar be like tumne pukara aur hum chale aaye…Lo your samar is back. Usually i don’t like him but today i agree with him with all his point..


    Ye diolgue sunke meri sansein ruk gayi..not WOH WALI…????.

    6.mughle azam anarkali..funny..???

    [email protected] dear, your Shivaye ‘s expression was sooo funny…???.

    8.obros muzra dance.,didi’s reaction after listening Sso’s health condition Sso ka kada se darna…?????..

    9.bechara rudy 3 baar kick padi uspe…????…Baby swing……??????

    10.aur woh after baby wearing that dress was really really heart touching and soo sweet.

    11.Gouri and her maa part was emotional.

    12.omri part was really awesome. .???????????…

    13.precap -egarly waiting for Tomorrow. ………….


    1. Nivedita

      So was Arpita more– waiting for tomorrow mode????

      Yup today Obros rocked, viewers stomach shook ed..??

      Baby swing actions were adorable as was pt 10..

      Rikara were lovable with the duet…

    2. Anikaa

      yes arpu samar is back…maine kal episode nahi dekhi….bas written epsode padli thi…phir samar ki track padne ke baad he episode dekhi….dekho…samar bohot accha hai…aage voh jo bhi karengana bas majboori me he karenga…like MAHI…so plz…math daatto

    3. Pushpa

      agree with obros nailed it next epi they’re gone rock with songs&dance specially shivaye..waitign eargerly yaar..
      me too arpi the krishna look the music & obros smile was super owsm..i think thats the best scn in todays epi…

  10. Surbhi Sharma

    Hey guys ..
    Some how came , matlab dad abhi nhi maane but mere ek cousin ke net se idhar aayi hu .
    I can’t reply u guys . ??????

    Okay , so coming to the epi , it was

    Hehe something like that .

    Tej , dinky part was ??? . Both tej and dinky are disgusting . Bechari Janvi .

    Then yuckini , Samar part ??? . Ghatiya yuckini , nagini . Phir ek plan . Don’t worry , teri tai tai phish ho jaegi .

    And the other part shiv omru , gauri ani was ?????????? like that . The baby was so adorable ?? . And rudy’s dance , omki dance , nachaniya wala ?? . I was laughing so hard that tears came and zameen pe let let ke . Even my stomach stated paining . Sachii .

    And gaukara was amazing . ????? .

    Hope sumo was there .?? .

    Precap , hilarious .?????

    Achaa , good night everyone .
    Will meet u all …… pta nhi kab kyu ki abhi bhi main netless hi hu . ??

    Love u all .??

    1. Surbhi Sharma

      And @ anika . Congo dear aaj samar ko dekh liya …????

    2. Pushpa

      yr emoji explains it all surbhi..v the pkj r also in that mode..let snot talk about the villains…lets enjoy all the baby tracks…

  11. Bela

    The entire ShivOmRuBaby scenes had me laughing so hard??? Mom had to go out for fresh air and control her tears of laughter at what all happened.

    First of all, ShivOm’s expressions when they were talking to AniRi. And well, the way Annika suddenly popped up when Om mentioned that Shivaay was ill ??????

    The entire dance sequence was funny AF???? And the girls’ reactions to it were even funnier. Annika’s was the best though. “Ye Oberois paiso ke itne laalchi ho Gaye hain ki ab dance bar bhi khol rahe hain??”??????

    Ragini????. Why so much screen space? Why????

    Yaar, Jhanvi doesn’t deserve the pig called Tej Singh Oberoi. I think bacha issi kalmoohe ka Hoga.???

    Rudy ka dance???. Shivaay though, was so bad even though we know that Nox is such a wonderful dancer.???

    And “kapde pehenaane hai, pack nahi karna hai bachche Ko!” ???

    Why was Gauri not making her Mom meet Om? It’s not like he can’t act to be in love with her. But the romantic scene was ???

    Samar is nice, apni sister Ko pagalkhane mein admit kyu nahi karaya phir? Ye psycho hai or iska bhai numb. Bhai mauka hai, Aisa maar ki phir gayab hi ho jaaye???

    I am SO happy we are getting Obro scenes. This, ladies and gentlemen, is ISHQBAAAZ.

    Precap: Om’s hair????

    1. Nivedita

      Maybe Gauri was afraid that Om will react poorly seeing his mom and she didn’t want to hurt her mom’s feelings. I agree she could have given O a heads up..

      And they could have pretended to be in love..maybe she can’t predict O yet..hence her decision to avoid a mom and O meeting..

      Lol your mom’s and your reactions.. seriously today IB was super fun..
      Thanks to our dear Dialogue writers..

      I avoided Yuckini scenes and looking at her….wish the red witch could b avoided like that as well..

    2. Pushpa

      bela dear….i too was thinking why gauri hiding her mom…im sure Om will respect….but a u said the epi was fun fun fun fun & fun…

  12. Shiv

    Today also filler I dunno even though my babies with baby there I felt bit dragging n boring ! Not very hilarious although they beautifully worked hard to make it as funny !!!
    Expecting some serious changes in relationship between shivika n omri than nourishing n developing villain baaz !!
    That baby is choo sweet I have a doubt dadi ma may planted to unite oberois just a guess !?

    1. Nivedita

      Plant by Dadi would be hilarious! ???

      I enjoyed it more on second watch..since in first watch all the villains irritated me to I FF a lot of the show. Then during second watch I just went on with other chores and avoided looking at all the ppl who make me see red! ?

      1. Nivedita

        Irritated *me too much

  13. Forgot to say ….DUET SATHIYA ONCE AGAIN…. i love it????..

    @Nivi dear , congrats. ..
    And exactly what rudy did i also want to do it..

    And agree with all your points. ..

    1. Nivedita

      Haan totally for all Obros and baby! ? No nazar to the cuties.

    2. Pushpa

      sure tht sathiya was ..luv it too

  14. 1.Most Adorable moment was when baby was abt to b put in basket,he woke up nd looked around…Both Shivaay nd baby looked cute…
    2.Khikitod moment:Anika appearing in between Rikara when Om gave excuse abt Shivaay’s health…
    3.Kickass day for Rudra:3 kicks ????
    4.Obros doing Mujra dance…
    5.Baby Mughal-e-Azam and Rudy Anarkali….??????
    6.peeping d door Bhavya got info…but Gauri covered Annika’s eyes…
    7.Samar nd Ragini:What’s wrong with CVs??Again Samar ll b emotional my blackmailed by Ragini…This s heights.. First Ranveer nd now Samar.
    8.Missing Priveer….I don’t understand CVs…Everytym they r forgotten…After merger Priveer have been shown in only 1 episode…If CVs feel dat Priveer track s not possible without Kamini,then Y don’t dey give some der fun filled moments…Like Prinku and Ranveer going out somewhere and getting lost in jungle…Few comic moments and finally them having hearty talks like Ranveer talking abt his past…
    9.Tej-Jhanvi-Pinky: Jhanvi naive nd stupid….Tej a big moron and Pinky has destroyed so many lives with her lies and fake acts dat now when she s telling d truth no 1believes her….

    1. Nivedita

      Seriously loved SSO saying Rudy had a kick-ass day! ?? What a fun gonna use it..??

      Like your pt 8 suggestion..

    2. Pushpa

      yes neha agree…dun know what tht kamini hv done to prinku..the last was she wanted to send away ranveer somewhere….

  15. Karina

    Todays epi was really good, but i dont even feel like commenting about it coz of how disappointed i am with the news that i ve read. Turns out that the makers will make Bhavya be Annika s long lost little sister and not Gauri. I mean thats just so wrong. I dont have anything against Bhavya, but she and Annika dont share that same connection which Ani has with Gauri. Ani and Gauri are so alike that you instantly think they are related. Their bond is like that. I was so looking forword for this track of Ani and Gauri and i was really excited, but after this news im totally put off. And i also noticed that Gauri doesnt have so much scenes here as she had in DBO and Bhavya is almost eyerywhere. Why dont they give Gauri more scenes ? Om and Gauri is my favourite couple and Shrenu is an amazing actress and i think she deserves more screen space. Her and Kunal s chemistry is really good. When was the whole epi with the couples helping each other reunite, we hardly saw Gauri. She and Ani dont have so many scenes together now and thats such a shame coz i enjoied their scenes so much, they were funny and made you laught your heart out. If this news will turn out true and Bhavya will be Ani sister i ll be so disappointed. Sorry for blabbering guys but im really sad with this news.

    1. Fama

      Even I’ve read that news and just like you even I was also hoping that Gauri and Anika would be long lost sisters but seems like the makers decide something else(if the news turns out to be true). Anika and Gauri truly will make a great sister bond coz of their unique languages. But I guess we’ll have to just wait and watch what the makers are upto?

      1. Karina

        Yes i remember that too. Thats why im hoping that Gauri will be Ani sister, coz in those flashbacks of Bavya her sis or bro were younger then her I hope the CVs wont forget what they ve shown us then.

      2. Karina

        Ye Fama we have to hope for the best. I hope the CVs will make Ani and Gauri sisters. I was waiting for this track since the first time i read about it, but now im sad if the makers wont make Ani and Gauri sisters. I hope they will not change their minds and will make Ani and Gauri as sisters.

    2. Nivedita

      What Karina! Nahiiiiiiiiiiin…Bhavya and Ani cant be sisos..I will totally stop watching IB then..puke worthy spoiler maaaaan..that sucks..

      But Chhutki is Ani’s younger sister and Bhavya has a sister who keeps saying Bhavya Didi in the crappy can this b possible man! ? ?? Yucky CVs..???????

      1. Pushpa

        totally agree wth nivi…bhavya cant b anika’s sis…cannot i have gauri as her sis…no no no not bhavya…

      2. Nivedita

        Haan Pushpa! ?

      3. Karina

        Yes Nivedita i was also thinking the same coz in those FB Bhavya had a little sis or bro…i hope the makers didnt forget what they ve shown us. I also want Ani and Gauri to be sis. I ll be really sad and disappointed if that doesnt happen. Ani and Gauri are so alike that they have to be related. Lets hope for the best.

      4. Karina

        Yes Pushpa i was also thinking about those FB, but with this makers you will never know what they ll do next. I seriously hope they didnt forget those FB of Bhavya in which you can see that the sister or brother are younger then her. They have to make Ani and Gauri as sisters coz Bhavya had a younger sibling.

    3. Nivedita

      I have been saying about Gauri scenes for over a week now..that crappy ref witch is eating up Rikara time..and now this week even Shivika time..what’s going on with SP and the producers I don’t get..what are they smoking I wonder! ??

  16. Fama

    The BEST part of the episode today for me was omkara and Anika scene….. even though it just lasts for few secs I can’t still get over it….. throughout the obro moments I was just laughing hysterically but Omani was the best part…. my mind is just rewinding om’s “bhabi, meri pyare bhabi” and how anika popped up was such a wow wow moment and the sweetest devar-bhabi scene.
    Along with Shivomru, even I was pacifying the baby (haha) I was just looking at the baby and saying… “don’t cry cute baby, be a good cute boy… please don’t trouble Shivomru” but the baby is soooooo cute… especially in that yellow dress.
    The episode was mindblowing, hilarious, fantabulous……

  17. Tej did mention that his parcel is going to arrive, hence this baby has been sent by tej so that everyone focuses in the baby while he can get Swetlana home. Its simple. But why he got the baby is a mystery like that of ice box .

  18. Well as far as I guess they brought Gauri’s mum to clear Rikara’s misunderstanding or to show Anika as Gauri’s sister…and I wish the 2nd one to be true.. I so love AnRi..

  19. Hey!!!! Isquie….. Hope sme of u saw me on comment section of ur ff…. Generally i’m not commenting here bt after saw today epi i can’t stop myself from commenting here.,…
    Ek dum khidkitode epi…. Obro with d baby was just Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!
    Baby is sooooo cuteeeeeee….
    Omru’s mujra dance…..
    Obohus ki takajhaki……
    Obros use anika’s languase….
    Boys change baby’s cloth…. Nd baby looks more cuteee in new cloth comperd to previous one….
    Overally a Fabb Mindblowingg nd Funny epi….. After a lng time sme gud moment shown…..

  20. Can any one tell me how to register in tu plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…… I’m trying from last few days bt it not happening i’m hell irrited now….. Plzzz tell me frnds….

    1. Go to the top there is an icon with three parellel – on that ad then click on register..follow the procedure…ask if any problem..

      1. I already do it dr bt it show my account is awaiting e-mail varification from pre 5 days

  21. Ranilya

    Unable to watch the episode….. issues with my catch up tv….. ?
    Hope it’l b sorted out soon….

    Going by the written updateus…. a total ROLF epi it seems to b….

    What’s up with samar n yuckini?
    Samar seems to b good…. sensible advice to yuckini on love n force….
    But this yuckini is a total Psycho!!! Hammering herself, n now asking her bro to hurt her!!

    Tej-Pinky tai tai phis of Pinky! Now the will become more careful….
    Actually Anika should have done this to Pinky long before….

    Anyways….waiting to see obros n experience the epi n Rofl….

    1. Hey ranilya dear….how r u….it is u naa to whom i sent request on insta….m jst confirming

      1. Ranilya

        Yes aayushi it’s me?

    2. Pushpa

      please watch darling… full of fun……today too …dun miss..

    3. Nivedita

      Hope you get your TV issues sorted missed good Obros chemistry

  22. Thanks Asthadi replying me&i won this chellenge
    shivaay Anika ko ex…(wife)bola.kacha bola aap ne muja ummed nahi the

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…It was a bet with some one then!!!(widening my eyes)!! Its hilarious girl to lay bet on Shivika in real life. With Hugs.

  23. Archiya

    Again a filler episode.. But a hilarious fill.. I laughed almost throughout …

    The baby is so cuteeeeee an more cute r the obros with it
    .the way Anika pooped up all of a sudden was so good, an om the way he said meri pyari bhabhi was so sweet… His mind dialogue ‘agar Anika bhabhi hoti toh 50 sawal wahi pochti ‘ ?

    Obros how did u change the clothes of the baby without seeing, even with seeing I dress my baby with so much difficulty ?

    Rudy n om dancing reminded me of my dancing when ever my baby cried, but I dance much better than them for sure ?

    An. Guys it says obro sons baby… So how come u r forgetting ur fathers.. Even they r obro sons

    1. Pushpa

      archu…baby so adorable…its another skill the obros have i think…dressign with eyes closed….but scn after tht was killer…the krishna look the music nd the obros smile…

    2. Nivedita

      Haan Archu, I thought the same about dressing the baby without looking. How cute your lil one is almost must b a busy mom then..

      And the O Ani moment and so mind Dialogue was cute too.
      But I found today a bit less filler like than yesterday..though I understand your frustration we hardly had any Shivika this episode.

      He he u too dance with Ur baby so cute! ??
      Rudy Om dancing was adorable! ?

      Same question about the elder Oberois..

  24. Anikaa

    kidkitod…masti waali episode…

    the best episode….

    hey …samar aagaya….

    main dekh dali samar ko….

    aaj ki episode mein om bohot cute lag raha tha …sath sath cutie pie baby bhi…rudra kicks kicks….aur shivaay bhaiya papu….3 girls investigator…pinky OMM..

    rudra…kitna accha describe kar raha tha 18 mnts back raat ko..bhaiya ka reaction….loved that scene very much

    kya raaz hai samar ki past mein….???any guess….

    raagini…ab tu samar ko teri tucchi se plan mein include math kar…main bardash nahi karungi..teri omm gangaram sab kuch kar dungi…jaadu,belan,chappal,bat…sabh se maar khane ke liye tayar ho ja…

    dil bole ishqbaaz,babybaaz,samarbaaz…

    1. Pushpa

      dil bole samarbaazzz just for u anikaa…
      but please inform him not to interfere shivika’s life ok…..

  25. Omg 1 of the best comic episode of ib. But i m not very much happy wid mergr bcoz i only used 2 watch ib and not that dbo and now i feel like forced 2 watch rikara ravya and specially bakwass tejlana . Earlier i was very happy wid the spin off dbo and was very excited but when i saw the episode i was like??????? they r just copying shivika lovestory. Gauri om ki car pe buldozer chadhati h like annika ne shiv ki car wind shield todi thi. Gauri om ke face pe mitti phekti hai like annika ne gobar pheka tha. Floor pe oil girne se log slip karte h lekin gauri sketing karti hai. Real swetlana is kept in icebox from months but she is alive &thats so without feeding she even dont go 2 washroom……..but i was happy since these all nonsense not happening in ib but now i have 2 tolerate these in ib…….?????and the episode jisme gauri ragini ko nagini kehti hai usme annika to aise react kar rhi thi ki woh nahin gauri hi use nagini bulati ho.and stop giving annika dialogue 2 gauri like raita phal gaya, kam to uske naagino wale hai na……… ne already gauri ko annika part 2 bana kar rakh diya h means she is also an orphan , use strange words, dabangg style , infact gauri ko annika ke bangles , dress , neck piece , insta pe bblunt wala pic sab kuchh ek jaisa h…….mai to bolti hu annika ke shivaay ko bhi gauri ko hi de do aur annika ko quit karwa do like ishana & saumya………………..ab ek din ayega ki rikara ek dusre ko pool me phekenge,ab khanna ji rikara ka bhi video banayenge etc
    ………u know what trp sirf 2 se 3 week tak hi ayegi achhi wali uske baad nahin.i want different storyline for rikara lovestory bcoz they can do better aand i dont to spoil our very own shivika lovestory…………………………like tod phod , paani me phekna, shibaay ki car ki omm karna , ek dusre pe pani phekna,tadi dikhana,apni chappal dikhana, scooty se lekar apni chappal tak ke naam rakhna , gobar phekna, khaana banana kam jalana jyada, 1 bahu on indian tv not wearing clothes and earings like typical bahu………?????????????????and pleaseeèeeee dont make gauri or bhavya annikas sister pleasee its a offenc i like shrenu but not gauri and i like bhavya mansi also she is good don know why she is not giving her full potential……….
    love shivika. Love narbhi. Love shivomru. Love ishkara. Love rikara(if plot not same as shivika) love rumya and ravya. Love ib

  26. Yeah Asthadi HUG TOo u.
    humm shivika ki itni baadi fan ho na real life maine bi bet hogya.just big paglo ho
    hows AASR

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AASR is fine and fit responding to your comment here. Teasing is such a fun here. Hugs with Love.

  27. Baby is too cute
    ??????????…. Baby with rudy too ?????….loving babybazzz?????baby kitna cute hai.. Centre of attraction goes to baby ????… Skipping nagin…cvs doing anika version2,3 with gauri nd bhavya ????nobody can do anika as like surabhi does???there vl be one nd only anika in this world ??????its better to maintain its own charm rather then copying one
    character to another.. But bro’s are jaan of the show… Can’t enough of them.. They brings happy everywhere… Not bothered about ponky nagin,atlana????closing my eyes what tej singh Oberoi is upto???father of three. Nd two already married in this age he is doing what man????we were waiting shivika progressing but here tej singh progression is going on ????kya bad days agaya

  28. Hi arpita archiya mouni astha n lax kaisey ho aap log…. u know everyday mera bhi mere baby ke saath same struggle hota hai… such a funny episode…. i cud connect so well…. only diff is my baby makes us dance at night….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku…it seems you are enjoying at the three men with a baby then. Same pinch for you with them.

  29. Y so less comments… ya tho mera PKJ family ho hi nahi sakta…..

  30. Obros smile at baby after dress changed was the best and cutest scene,
    love the episode with full of laugh
    popping up Ani.super and om expression wow

  31. Aastha_Reddy

    Pinku its because so many are missing from pkj.. like Krishna, Mouni, Riddhima, Surbhi some times , Nikita and Astha(I am present but my comment is absent today). Monkey gang is also absent . the result is less number of comment.
    #Jai pkj.

  32. Dear Friends
    Mon,Tues Epi Miss Ho Gaya.Becoz Of Mobile Network Issue?But Iam Read All Your Comments.Thab Thoda Idea Miltha Hai Epi Main Kya Kya Ho Raha Hai.Aaj Network Issue Nahi Hoga Tho Dekhunga.Aap Logo Ki Comment Padke Patha Chala Bhavya And Anika Sisters Hoga.Ye News 100% Sure Hai Kya.I Mean Bhavya Ko Ek Sister Hai I Know But Wo Bhavya Ka Younger Sis Hai Not Elder Aur Anika Ko Bhi Sis Hai But Younger Hai.Socho Friends Agar Bhavya Anika Ka Elder Sis Hogaya Tho Rudy Usse Kya Bulayengi Bhavya Di?Bhavya Anika Ka Sis Nahi Hoga Iska Ek Proof Hai Rudy.Apni Bhabi Ki Elder Sister Ko Kaise Uska Heroine Banayengi Yaar Think Friends Think?Gauri Ki Mom Oberoi Mansion Main Enter Karne Se Omkara Ka Kali Thakur And Gauri Ko Lekhar Jo Misunderstanding Hai Wo Clear Hoga.Saath Main Ho Saktha Hai Gauri And Anika Sis Hone Ka Proof Bhi Mil Saktha Hai. Phir Gauri Uski Beti Nahi Hai Ye Baath Omkara Ko Patha Bhi Chalega.

    Main Sach Main Ek Baath Bathana Chaatha Ho.Mujhe Bhavy Ka Sad Story Dekh Ke Koi Sad Feel Nahi Aa Rahi Hai Uske Liye.Harneeth Singh Bola Tha Uska Ek Interview Main Anika,Gauri Ki Tarah Usko Bhi Ek Sad Story(Sad Past) And Flash back Hai.Aur Wo RuMya Ka Story End Karne Ki Karan And RuVya Ka Story Start Karne Ka Question Ke Liye Answer Main Tha Ye.But Ek Baath Main Uski Answer Notice Kiya Wo Sirf RuVya Story Start Karne Ka Reason De Raha Tha RuMya Story And Soumya Character End Karne Ka Reason Nahi Diya Tha.Agar Yaha pe Koi Bhi Wo Interview Read Kiya Hoga Tho Samajh Aayega.Bhavya Ki Baare Main Ye Bola Anika And Gauri Ki Tarah Usko Bhi Ek Sad Story And Sad Past Hai Iss Liye.Mujhe Tho Thab Ye Laga Soumya Ko Koi Sad Story Na Hai Iss Liye Uska Character End Kiya.Mathlab Ishqbaaz Ki Female Lead Banne Ko Character Ke Liye Ek Sad Story Hona Zaroor Hai.But Iam Seriously Tell Mujhe Bhavya Ki Sad Story Se Koi Touch Nahi Mila.Dekha Jaaye Tho Soumya Ko Bhi Sad Story Hai.

    Anika’s Sad Story: And Fb.Mujhe Anika Ki Sad Story And Fb Touching Laga.Wo Aur Uski Chutki Child Hood Pe Separate Ho Raha Hai.Ye Hai FB.Anika Ko Wo Fb Bad Dream Ki Tarah Disturb Kartha Tha.First Jab Anika Uss Fb Ka Dream Dekh Raha Thab Kuch Logo Ka Baathen Bhi Tha Jo Usse Disturb Kar Raha Tha.Aur Wo Log Ye Bol Raha Tha “Uski Mom Dad Mar Gayi Choti Behan Nadhi Main Gir Gaya Andhera Chaa Gaya Uski Life Main”Aisa Kuch Anika Ki FB Mujhe Thoda Intersting Laga

    Gauri’ Sad Story:Gauri Bhi Anika Ki Tarah Orphan Hai But I Think Usko Anika Ki Tarah Apni Past Life Ka Kuch Yaad Nahi.Gauri Ki Past Revelation Interesting Hoga

    Soumya’s Sad Story:Patha Nahi Kithne Log Soumya Ka Sad Story Notice Kiya Hoga.Anika Gauri Ki Tarah Wo Anadh Nahi But Uska Papa And Big Brother Mar Chukha Hai.Aap Logo Ko Yaad Hoga Raksh Bandhan Ki Dhin Anika Sahil Ko Soumya Apni Brother Ko Miss Karne Ka Scene. Mujhe Tho Soumya Ka Scene Bahuth Emotional Laga??Anika Ka Bro Tho Uski Saath Hai But Soumya Ka Nahi.Aur Mujhe Uska Wo Dialogue Bhi Yaad Hai.Oberoi Family Aur Prinku Ka Happy Moment Dekhe Dhono Akele Main Emotional Hone Ka Scene Is Touching.Soumya Ka Dialogue Ye Tha”Kaash Aap Bhi Iss Duniya Main Hothe Bhaiya?I Really Miss You”Phir Malika Show Main Aane Ki Time Pe Shivay Aur Tia Ke Liye Sab Ek Ge-together Party Rakha Tha.Usme Soumya Akhele Main Apni Aayi Se Baath Kar Rahi Thi.Thab Patha Chala Ki Uska Papa Bhi Mar Chukha Tha.Uska Phone Conversation Rudy Door Se Dekh Raha Tha Aur Wo Bhi Emotional Ho Raha Tha?Bahuth Touching And Emotional Scene Tha Wo.I Think Soumya Ko Apni Papa Ki Death Se Zyada Dukh Brother Ki Death Se Tha.Shayad Wo Apni Brother Se Zyada Attached Ho.Uska Past Bhi Intersting Hai.

    Makers Ko Anika And Gauri Ko Sisters Bana Ke Ye Dikha Sakthe Hai Ki Uska Family Kon Hai Wo Dhono Kaise Seprate Hogayi, Aur Uski Parents Kaha Hai.Aur Chaahe Tho Oberoi Family Aur Unki Family Ki Bhi Connection Dikha Sakthe Hai.Agar AniRi Ki Family Ki Saath Oberois Ka Old Connection And Fb Dikhayengi Tho Intersting Hoga.AniRi Apni Family Se Seprate Hone Ka Karan Oberois And AniRi Ki Family Ka Oberois Ka Old Friend Ship Aise Bhi Dikha Sakthe Hai.Aise Dhono Family Ka Connection Dhikayengi Tho Intersting Hoga.Gauri Anika Ka Sis Hoga Ye Kisine Twitter Pe Harneeth Singh Se Poocha Tha Aur Usne Yes Bhi Bola Tha.But Wo Question Poochne Wala/Wali Ishana Anika Ka Sis Hoga Poocha Tha.Aur Harneeth Bhi Ishana Anika Ka Sis Hai Aisa Kuch Bola Hai.Main Wo Dekh Ke Surprise Hua Ishana Track Tho End Kiya Phir Kaise Start Hoga.Phir Socha Tho Samajh Aaya Shayad Wo Galthi Se Gauri Ki Jagah Ishana Type Kiya Hoga.Soumya Ka Bhai Ka Death Ka Connection Bhi Agar Oberoi Se Connect Hokar Dikhayengi Tho Intersting Hoga.Jab Omkara Past RuMya Marrige ShiVIka Based Promo Dikhaya Tha Thab Omkara Kisi Ki Accident Kiya Hua Dikhaya Tha.Uss Waqth Main Socha Soumya Ka Bro Ka Death Shayad Omkara Ki Car Se Accident Hoke Hoga.But Aisa Nahi Hua.Soumya Ka Bro Ka Death Kaise Hua Uski Death Se Oberois Ka Connection Dikhayengi Tho Intersting Hotha Tha.Waise Tho Oberois Ko New Enemies Bad Rahi Hai Agar Anika,Gauri,Soumya Ka Past Life Inse Connect Hokhar Dikhayengi Tho Acha Hoga.Chaahe Tho Inki Family And Oberois Ko Enemies Hokhar Bhi Dikha Sakthe Hai??
    Friends IB Main Ab Thak Koi Aisa Track Hai Kya Jo Makers Abi Thak In Complete Choda Ho.Mujhe Tho Dho Baath Abi Thak In Complete Lag Raha Hai.

    ?Gayathri Ki Murder Kisne Kiya Ye Baath Abi Thak Proof Kiya Hai?….Aap Logo Ko Gayathri Ki Murder Wala Epi Dekh Ke Kya Lag Raha Hai?Kon Maar Saktha Hai Gayathri Ko?
    ?Ranveer Ki Sister Kaha Hai? Usko Kyu Nahi Dikh Raha Hai?Usko Kya Hua?
    ?Anika Aur Uski Sister Ko Kyu Separate Kiya?Anika Ka Sister Kaha Hai?Anika Aur Uski Sister Kaise Uski Family Se Seprate Hua?
    ?Gauri Ki Family Kon Hai?Gauri Ko Uski Maa Kaise Adopt Kiya?Kahase Adopt Kiya?

    I Know Ab Kisi Ko Bhi Gayathri Ka Murderer Ki Baare Main Jaane Main Interest Nahi Hoga.But Phir Bhi New Track Laane Se Acha Haina Aise In Complete Track Ko Complete Karna.Jo In Complete Hai Usse Complete Karongi Thab Sab Kuch Complete Lagega Warna Kuch Bhi Complete Nahi Lagtha.Anika Ka Past Bhi Dikhana Zaroori Hai Ye Jo New Track Ye Log Laa Rahi Hai Usse Zyada Interest Hoga Anika Ka Past Open Karne Main Saath Main Gauri Aur Bhavya Ka Bhi I Hope IB End Hone Se Pehle Mera Ye 4 Questions Ka Answers CVS De Dhe.

    Meri Mobile Pe Net Work Speed Raath Ko 1.30 Ki Baath Ya 2 Pm Ki Baath Milthe Hai.Aaj Agar 2Pm Ki Baath Net Work Achi Se Milengi Tho Dekhunga.yesterday Tho Main So Gayi Aaj Dekhunga Net Work Teekh Hai Ya Nahi.Agar Nahi Hogaya Tho Mera Comment Kam Hog Ya Phir Comment Nahi Karunga But Main Aap Sab Ka Comments Zaroor Read Karunga?

    Take Care?

    1. Dear Friends


    2. Nivedita

      Hope u get the net soon. We also want AniRi back k story and sisters and their quest of finding their parents .

      Bhavya is putting a Grahan on all plots..??

      Why r the CVs do adamant in pushing the our face? ?

      I hope CVs resolve the past questions too..

      1. Nivedita

        *back story as sisters

  33. Yazhu

    Hi everyone….
    Actually I missed yesterday’s epi during the telecast as Star plus went off and it’s not tuning till now…. So I watched the episode just now in hotstar ???????
    Loved the epi ???????

    ShivOmRu with that cutie baby steal the whole epi ???????????? Rudy’s dance ?????????????ShivOm’s reactions ???????????????????????????????????????????????

    Om’s reactions while answering Gauri was so adorable ????And he made her to look at him by holding her chin ????????????
    Then Anika’s reaction hearing Shivaay is unwell ??????????? Om’s dialogue “mere pyaari bhabhi” ???????????
    And Shivaay’s answers to Anika ????????????bechara OBros ??????And that dialogue of Shivaay “mere wali… Mere ex” ????????????

    Totally loved the O Saathiya moments of my Rikara ????????????????????????????????????????
    I would’ve been double happy if they’ve showed Shivika too ????
    Love Shivika ??????????
    Love Rikara ??????????

    Baby’s dress changing scene ???????????the baby looked so cute and adorable especially with the flute BGM he/she looked like a baby krishna ???????????????????????????????then Rudy’s actions ???????

    OmRu’s convo were so hilarious as always ???? Om sarcastic replies to Ru… ????????????????they’re such a cutiepiessss….. Shivaay asked the baby to have water ????????????LOL ????

    Nothing to say about TejVi and Pinky ????and that Nagini ???????????? why can’t she listen to her brother’s words…. Such a caring brother Samar ???don’t know who’s the girl and what’s about her to do with Shivaay…..
    Hate psycho Nagini ?????

    And the kitchen scene of the girls ????switching dialogues of the Three ??? still can’t connect Bhavya with AniRi… I’m trying still it’s not working….

    Best expression scenes…
    1)ShivOmRu’s dialogues ??????? Rudy’s baby language ?????????????
    2)Om’s expression when Rudy say about his chatting with Ridhima and his reply that it won’t happen that way ?????????LOL ???
    3)Shivaay’s expression during Rudy’s 18 month before dialogue ?????????????????????????
    4)Gauri shutting Anika’s eyes then shutting her own eyes during Bhavya’s dialogue of mujra girl ??????????????????????

    Can’t understand that why should Gauri have to hide her mom from Om… Doesn’t make any sense….

    Precap: Finally Shivaay’s junglee dance ??????eagerly waiting for it…. Basanti???? ??????????????????Shivika’s reactions ???????
    Loved it totally ????????
    Love Ishqbaaz ?????
    Love Shivika ??????????
    Love Rikara ??????????
    Love Ruby (Rudy and Baby)???????????????????????????????

  34. Piyuu

    hilarious episode…shivomru with baby was is so cute …..
    obros dance was really funny.
    shivomru swing scene was funny
    rikara scene was nice……..

  35. Piyuu

    aaj kya hua ithni less comments kaha gayi sablog

  36. Good evening dear fan
    small bavy hamesha raat ko kuy cry karth ha(my sis ka baby bhi yesa karth ha year)

    Take care

  37. Swathi..

    Hi ishqies & pkj family
    Just wached the episode now.
    Lol???????????????????????? I can’t stop laughing ???? o’bros n baby???.
    O’bros blaming each other.
    O’bahus jhaasusi.
    Baby is tooooooo cuteeeeee awww??????????????.
    As much as I’m enjoying baby track I’m upset with cv’s for not moving shivika or any other couples story.

    Hope they concentrate on pairs too.

  38. Swathi..

    Pkj family we have Insta account for follow
    Username : pkjlovesib

    1. Swathi..

      Do follow*

  39. Ooo is it thank u for d reply astha jai PKJ

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