Ishqbaaz 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anika going to lawyer’s office. A man says lawyer has gone out of city for few days. She asks what, he has my money and papers. He says I don’t know. She worries and calls that lawyer. His number is unreachable. She sees Shivaye there. He smiles and signs two. He says its just two days left for your destruction, enjoy. He drives off. Anika cries and says you did not snatch my hard earned money, but the chance to stay with my brother.

Dadi tells Jhanvi that jeweler came and asks her to get diamonds from the safe. Roop and Pinky planned something and laugh. Om comes to some place and recalls Shivaye’s words about the art gallery. Ishana walks in and runs to Om. She intentionally collides with him and comes infront of him. She says I m sorry. He says its alright and goes.

She drops her bangle. He turns by sound. She smiles and runs. He calls her out and picks the bangle. He goes to give her bangle. Ishana plays music and dances with some group on Nachun mai aaj chamm chamm….. Om smiles seeing her.

Dadi asks whats this joke, this is our ancestral family diamonds. Jeweler says I m not joking, these diamonds are really fake. Dadi says fine, you go, I will call you later. Roop says these were ancestral diamonds which you gave to your elder bahu to keep in safe. Jhanvi says I did not even touch them, I kept it as mummy ji said. Roop says but someone would have touched it. Pinky asks the worth. Dadi says 20 crores. They get shocked. Pinky says its not an ordinary thing, think well, did you drink much. Jhanvi says I really don’t know.

Shakti says its big amount, you should have been careful, where did diamonds go. Jhanvi asks why are you asking me, I don’t know. Pinky says you kept it, someone has stolen diamonds. Roop asks who will steal in this rich family. Pinky’s maid says Tej stopped giving money to Jhanvi, did she…. Pinky says shut up, I will fix your teeth by fevicol if you say anything. Jhanvi asks why are you all looking at me, I m innocent. Roop says yes, Jhanvi can die but not do this cheap work. Pinky asks how will we get diamonds. Roop says we will check, if fake diamonds are here, real diamonds will be here too. Roop and Pinky smile.

Shivaye calls his friend and talks well. His friend says its my wedding anniversary tomorrow. Shivaye says congrats. His friend says my wife asked for 5 crores painting, you have to come on dinner. Shivaye says I will come to see your 5 crores painting, and dinner catering from my side.

Ishana says Om was seeing me during entire performance, he has come. Om says excuse me. She starts acting. He gives her bangle and leaves. Ishana talks to her friend on phone and stops Om to thank him. She says he is still going, what to do. The girl asks her to talk to Om. Ishana stops Om and asks his name. He says Omkara and gets leaving. She says my name….. look at his attitude, my magic did not work, SRK’s magic will work, I will say turn thrice and he will turn, lets try. She counts and waits for him to turn. Om stops and she gets glad. Om sits to proper his clothes and leaves. Ishana says I did so much, I got ready and danced, he did not stop, I m ruined, he did not even ask my name, I will break this bangle, Om has to fall in love with me.

Pinky says Roop is saying right, we should search. Jhanvi says you all doubt on me, if my family thinks I m thief, its better that I leave from this house. Roop says no, we just want to find diamonds. Dadi says we will not search, as that will break trust, which is more than 20 crores. Roop says you have big heart to save the thief. Dadi asks Roop to shut up. Jhanvi says trust broke, I m sorry, I can’t stay here. Pinky stops her and says no need to leave this house, as you did not do the theft, someone else did that. Roop gets tensed.

Pinky removes the hair pin to open Roop’s hair and all the diamonds fall down on the floor. They all get shocked. Pinky says Roop did all this and smiles. She tells Jhanvi that I fight with you and sharp tongued, but I m your Devrani, I will never leave supporting you. Tej says its not your mistake Roop, its our mistake that we thought you changed, you showed your colors after coming here, you know the exit way, get out of my house. Roop cries. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words and cries.

The man calls Anika and asks for catering service for private party. She says sure, tell me where to come. The man says I will send address. Shivaye made his manager call her. Shivaye hears her and says from today, all doors will be shut for you.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shraddha

    i’m sure ishana is the longlost sister of anika,
    remember qubool hai? in that also seher is a con girl and she is long lost sister of sanam.
    same formula applies here also

  2. leena

    So speedy update too good thanks as I missed today’s episode. Excited to see Ridhima as I don’t like ishana. OmRidhima love story would be interesting as ishana will interfer in them. Sorry vrushy fans I don’t like ishana’s character. And the way ishana’s character is written she won’t suit Om and also won’t fit in their family.

  3. usha

    Hi its Usha here ad I want to make friendship with all of u…..I just love this serial ad can anybody say what pinky did was in real or some plan…… wt will shivay may do…….

  4. Abhay

    Today’s episode was nice
    Shivaye have to for his “fake ego” in turn for his true love
    Hate his attitude except towards his brothers

  5. Abhay

    Today’s episode was nice
    Shivaye have to realise the mistake for his “fake ego” in turn for his true love
    Hate his attitude except towards his brothers

  6. Hetal

    Kya baat hai … fast roop is out ek number pinky supported shivaye should come to know truth about Anika.

  7. nelka

    Anika i really like your character.u r doing a great job and shivay anika pair is awesome .such a chemistry between them like ishu and raman .i love yhm and ishqbaaz very much.keep it up guyz.u both rokz.

  8. ishika

    Now wat else I left fr shivay to do ?? I mn stop I genuinly feel tht he is goin to get a slap frm Anika whn she will b done wth him shivay I trying her patience level😂…my b th thrd day she wl go to him n instd of begging she wl slap him or gv her usual….n strt rudra soumya scenes too😐

  9. ishika

    Now wat else I left fr shivay to do ?? I mn stop I genuinly feel tht he is goin to get a slap frm Anika whn she will b done wth him shivay I trying her patience level😂…my b th thrd day she wl go to him n instd of begging she wl slap him or gv her usual speech..nd plz rudra soumya scenes too😐

  10. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Thanks alot ameena di for the super fast update
    The episode rocked as usual loved it to the core…but I was missing rudra
    Woah today on was looking sooooo cute
    Ishana will have a tough time ptaoing him😂😂
    Superb don’t know what shivaye will do with anika

  11. mishri

    I dnt want shivaay to play with sahil issues…itz soooo sad to see her this hopeful in the precap…how i wish he understands soooon…god this drama is driving me crazy….!!!!

  12. Vinayak Bhatt

    Today was a nice episode of mixed feelings and emotions. There is something which brings about affinity for viewers to see this serial on Star plus.
    Shivay is depected as egoist personality but soon he will realise what wrong he is doing. Feels pity for Anika for her repeated failure. But things will change soon.
    Thanks for a quick update.

  13. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    So today d shoe was stolen by ishkara I loveeeeee omkara n his smile he is soooo cute😍😍😍

  14. Dhanashree

    Thaks for speed update
    After a long tme watch vrusgika dance😍. Y writters r following sme story of love triangle for shivay nd omkara both. Ty should try different story for each one.

  15. Aqua

    Today was a OH MY MATA PINKY DAY! Lolzzz I hope she sincerely cared for Janvi.

    I loved it when shiv said from now on all of Anika’s doors r closed and I was thinking, aww baby don’t worry ur door is going to be open for her very soon and she will never need any other doors after that lolzzzz😆😂😂😃😃😃

    Ishana is so wild i can’t wait to see her with om lol
    And not but least I missed our laddo rudra. ..😕 it’s no fun without rudra and his shaeri lol.

  16. shahabana

    What a sereal. I really like it.lve the carecter of shivaye om and rudra. Each of them are very different.

  17. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Omg… I think it’s an ishkara epi.. Love to watch.. Haha om’s expression ke baare Mei kya bolun.. Don’t have words.. Ishu is gonna have a tough time.. Om l not fall easily.. Crazy to see ishkara upcoming scenes.. Ishu u l fall for himm truly.. Wait and watch haha..

  18. anu

    I am feel very sad for anika.actually who is anikg?i want to reveal the truth of anika after shivaaye &anika would like each other.who is ridhima? can you anyone tell me the spoilers of ishqbaaz?

  19. anu

    i believe that anika belongs to a rich family.what would be the reaction of oberoy family when they came to know it. but the truth reveal only after shivaay & anika would like each other.can you anyone tell me the latest spoilers of ishqbaaz?

  20. Mukti.H


    |Registered Member

    no rudra part today…….😞😞😞😞😖😖😖😖😖…..
    om loooks cute…😍😍😍😍😱😱😱😱😱☺☺☺☺☺😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  21. Navi

    What an episode. . Ishaana was expecting him to turn but he just made his pant proper. Lol. . This story is all about opposites attract.. so its Ishaana and om. .
    Pinky was fab.
    Missed rudra

  22. Rose

    I love omkara .His style , expressions and such a cute smile. He is amazing. Both ishana and om will make a great pair…loved pinky today.

  23. Faraza

    I think anika will turn out to be either roop’s daughter or jhanvi’s hmmmm just a guess
    And for sure when shivaye will turn into a lover then he’ll be really a crazy as well as a passionate lover
    N it’ll take time but om will also fall in love with ishana but will be hurt when he’ll come to know abt her plan that she started all this love with some bad intentions n again he’ll break but then I hope that ishana will fix things properly
    Hope rudra love story will be normal one like his character
    Aaaahhhhh all the time just thinking abt ishqbaaz
    After a very long time starplus got a strong story with charming actors playing interesting characters

    • Gunu

      if anika is either jhanvi’s or roop’s daughter then shivay and anika would be cousins…… i dont agree with you Faraza.

      • Gunu

        same i think that they r sisters. that means they would be sisters in law in the future how cute…..

  24. Navi

    Shivay doesn’t know what was the case. On the 3rd day he will get to know the truth. But it will be too late. Anika will hate him completely. It will be good to see how will he make up for his mistake. .

  25. Vanshi

    I don’t like anika and shivaye as pair but i love ishkara om and ishana make fab pair and alongside brother characters i love character of ishana

    • Nadiya Shah

      Me too!!! Actuallu nt to boggle down Ishra fans but i dnt feel thea is enough spark between vrushika n kunal..Individually they r fabulous but as a couple…na its nt 10 on 10..hope they fix it asap:) 🙂 🙂
      Shivaay n Anika r just love together (y)..Wish to c the same chemistry between the oda couples as well!

    • Nadiya Shah

      Me too!!! Only pair having that spark is indeed Shivaay n Anika…Seriously i want the same fr Om n Ishana but somehow they dn’t give me the “it couple” type of vibes…phew!! hope they fix it asap…

  26. ANUSHA


  27. Navi

    In the beginning I too didn’t anika and shivay as a pair. But now I feel they have some sort of chemistry.
    Coming to om and ishaana they look very good together

  28. Sss


    |Registered Member

    i am commenting for the first time
    thanx atiba for the update..i couldn’t get to see the the episode so it was needed
    nice episode wish to see om smile missed it but who is this ishana? another leading actress??

  29. Nadiya Shah

    And A big THANK YOU to Amena fr uploading the updates so fast!!! Love u <3 <3 <3 U r seriously our saviour (especially people like me who can't watch the episode mst of the tym) tHANX AGAIN 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. rahil

    mujhe omkara ki acting bahat achchi lagi.shivaye and anika sath me bahat cute lagte hai.but where is rudra yaar?i miss rudra very much.please be fare with rudra’s caracter.

  31. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hey guy shireena sambyal to enter as ridhima..

    She is going to play a cameo role which l be for one month nearly.. She is like om.. I mean she is art oriented…

    She said that her character is an interesting character.. DONT WORRY ISHKARA FANS.. ISHKARA IS FINAL..

    RIDHIMA is like TIA…

  32. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Bata na bul gayi.. Omkara Ka eyes.. Omg.. I become crazy for him yar.. When he saw ishu dance.. His smile awww… Cute.. Omg.. Yeh ladka Bangle ko utna romantically dekh raha tha(I feel like it).. Toh uska romantic phase kaise hoga??? Could u people even imagine.. I think we all l become mad.. For sure.. Paglon ki toli

  33. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hey uploaded new dp.. Batao kaise hai??? Selfie no. 1 of vrunal.. See kunal’s smile. It’s too adorable.. Accha comments dijeeye us photo ki.. Waiting..

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