Ishqbaaz 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye checks the box and finds bangles. Anika falls over Shivaye’s lifesize pic. Everyone come to her and look on. Some time before, Shivaye asks what’s this Tia. Mrs. Kapoor says nothing, Tia go and keep the packet. She asks Shivaye why did she not sign on documents. He says you did not give me Daima’s video, I should get it as wedding present. She asks what’s the hurry, I will give it when marriage happens, sign the documents. He asks what’s the hurry, I will sign when I marry. She says you don’t need to play game, you know I have the recording. He asks her does she not get bored of this old threatening, I m fed up hearing this, try something else. He leaves.

Anika checks arrangements and fixes lights. Shivaye comes there and says green color is suiting you a lot. She looks at

him. Music plays….. Tia comes from behind. Anika sees Tia wearing green color dress. Tia asks really, you complimented me after many days. He says praising beautiful things make them catch bad sight. Tia says how sweet. He says sorry Tia, I ignored you, I was busy with some responsibilities, but any way, those responsibilities ended now, I will not give you chance to complain, I got a surprise for you. He shows a small box. Tia asks what’s this. He says my heart. Anika looks on. Tia checks the gift and smiles. She gets the ring and says this is beautiful. He says some people think I don’t have a heart, so I got this, now they won’t get chance to say anything, did you like it. She says I love it. Anika tries to see the ring and slips down the stool. Shivaye holds her in arms. Music plays……. Similar moments are shown. Ishq hai…..plays………….. They have an eyelock.

He drops her down. He asks where was your focus, you spoiled our romantic moment, I m going to make my would be wife wear the ring. He goes. Shivaye says Tia, whatever happened, will you forget that and marry me. Tia says ya of course. Everyone clap.

Shivaye sees Anika and says give me your hand. Tia gives her hand. He drops the ring purposely. Dadi says its bad shagun. Tia asks where did Tia go. Shivaye says don’t worry, Anika will get it, this marriage is her wish and responsibility, I m sure she won’t wish anything wrong to happen. Pinky asks Anika to find ring.

Anika finds the ring and gives it to Shivaye. He says give your hand. Anika forwards her hand. He says Tia, give your hand. Anika feels bad and goes away. Shivaye and Anika see each other in mirror. He makes Tia wear the ring. Everyone clap.

Pinky compliments Shivaye and Tia. She says Shivaye you surprised us by planning ring ceremony. He says there is one more surprise, I want you all to meet here in hall. Pinky asks what’s the surprise. He says let surprise be a surprise. They all come to hall to see the surprise. Shivaye thanks all of them for coming and says Tia and I are going to marry and make a new start, I want to refresh my and Tia’s memories. He shows Tia and his photos on the screen. He says we all know Tia likes clicking photos and sharing online, she is a social queen, thanks Tia.

The man talks to Shivaye and says I m at Kapoor house, I did not get anything, I got the pendrive and laptop, there is nothing. Shivaye says function is starting, just find out that video, I m sure Mrs. Kapoor kept it there, I will check in Tia’s room. Shivaye’s lifesize board is on the stage, with his voice playing in recorder.

Shivaye checks Tia’s room and gets that box. He gets bangles in it and says maybe Mrs. Kapoor have hidden the chip in these bangles. He checks bangles and keeps it back. He gets Tia’s laptop and asks the man to check well, I made Tia and Mrs. Kapoor busy, make use of this time. Pinky says enough of photos Shivaye, we want to see your happy face.

Anika thinks who is there in dark. Shivaye does not get anything. Shivaye gets angry. Anika stumbles and falls over Shivaye’s lifesize board. She gets shocked seeing the recorder near the mike. Everyone rush to see. They all get shocked seeing….. Shivaye fallen. Shivaye says I just slipped, I m fine, come. He sees Anika hiding with the photo board. He recalls fallen over Anika. O jaana…..plays…….. She says if you are here, whose voice was it. He says don’t think much, my marriage is happening. FB ends.

Anika says why will I think of him, how can he say that. He says you are talking about me, it means you are thinking about me, is there a problem. She says no. He says you were angrily murmuring. She says no, I was self talking. He says I wanted to know reason of anger, any way you would have seen my and Tia’s pic, it was romantic right. She says I don’t know what’s romantic. She asks don’t you know what’s romance. She says no. He says everyone has some idea about romance, Tia and I looked romantic together. She says some photos were fine, there was no romance, and there were no feelings. He asks what else, you have much gyaan about romance, will you teach me romance and romantic poses. He holds her hand and gets her close, asking if she felt anything. She says no. He holds her and asks now. She says no. He gets close and asks now. She says yes. He asks did you like it. She nods. He smiles.

Shivaye fixes a rose in Tia’s hair. Anika says he is doing as if he does not care. Dadi asks Anika to tell him that she can’t see all this being his wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Don’t undrstnd why they r xtndng all these mrg functions…… we all r waiting to see a spoiler showng robin entry or tia xposed bt no luks lyk they r njoyng d functions…… bt one thing is cleared tat romi is helpng sso

    1. Shree..!!
      Wedding week means TRP. I cannot think of any other reason for ShiTias full fledged grand wedding. But we fans deserve a proper hassle free Shivika wedding.

      1. Yes lax jst bcz of trp they r forced to spoil d shows otherwise they can’t even stnd anywhere tat’s why i don’t see any other shows bt ib has turned me crazy i sometimes criticize its storyline bt can’t resist myself to love d show we hc to tolerate this so tat it cn run longer

  2. Hi guys,

    Mujhe ek doubt hai..
    IB ki ek episode main maine dekha tha shivay omru ko bol raha tha shivay omkara rudra GOD SHIV ka naam hai aisa kuch.tho kya anika,gauri,soumya bhi GOD names relative hai kya? Jaise GOD SHIV ka naam hai shivay,omkara,rudra.waise anika,gauri,soumya ka naam bhi GOD name hai kya.

    Mujhe nahi patha hai iss liye poochrahi hu


    1. Richu

      Yaa shivaye omkara rudra god Shiv ke naam he…
      Gauri Bhi goddess I mean mata ka naam hai…I don’t think anika and soumya aise kuch hai..
      By the way hello?

    2. yes uf 3 of them are related to godessess.
      Anika – other name of Durga devi
      soumya – other name of lakshmi devi also one out of 1008 names of Shiva
      gauri -name of Parvati, wife of Shiva

  3. Hi, yes anika, gouri,soumya devi durga ke hi name hai

    1. Achcha arey wah i didn’t knew about it bt its so logical all three got names on shiv ji n their prtners on names of devi durga…..its so intrestng

  4. Hello richu?
    Thank you guys

  5. When will anika will get her memory back?Loved shivika scenes.♥♥♥

  6. What if Instead of ASSO, SSO finds about Mr D and bring him? I am so excited

  7. Mouni

    wow new spoiler showing romantic scenes and another kiss for shivika , and its funny bcz its the celebratio of shitia’s 3rd attempted marriage and he is spending his time following anika and secretly flirting with her all the time , lol only sso can do that , he is like a teenager now
    l just hope romi will tell him about the DNA tests so that he will not spare tia and her mom
    still they didn’t show anything about robin let’s hope these celebrations wont take more than 2 or 3 ep even if its full with shivika’s romance but l wont them to end the kapoor track

    1. Mouni

      guys have you heard about nakul taking a break in march ?? l didn’t know , how long will he be gone ??

      1. Mouni
        I guess it’s a dream sequence hopefully SSOs.

        Btw where did u get the news of Nakuul taking a break in March. I did not hear anything of that sort till now.

      2. Mouni

        hi lax , some ppl in insta saying this and even they said that swetlana kills romi and blame it on sso so he will go to jail ?? l can’t believe this spoilers

      3. Wat noooo i hv heard tat NM is going on some good vacations SC told in their fb live bt plz don’t wnt him to end up in jail they cn shoot earlier na if he wants to go on vacation( i know it’ll be hectic fr them bt at least we cn njoy 😛 ….jst kiddng) bt they cn show something else……anyways don’t wnt to cncentrate on all this fr now so leave it…..

  8. Sumi, Where R u?? Busy…??

    1. Sumi.SS

      Lax dear…sry…I wl join wth u in 2day TU comment section….

  9. Expectra

    Did you duys notice the subtile change in the background sound when Shivaay was flirting with Anika?
    It was so s*xy! Yummy!

  10. Hi Mouni, i havent heard.. when is nakul taking a break?

  11. hey guys I’m not watched the show for a long time. can you guys please tell me what is happening and what’s in the video ?

  12. hey guys I’m haven’t watched the show for a long time. can you guys please tell me what is happening and what’s in the video?

  13. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII my Ishqbaazi buddies!!! Lachu, Archi, Mouni, Sumi, Shabu, Neha, Reni, Priya, Anu……..a big hug to all of U!! Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry for bunking IB TU classes without prior permission!! I was out of station for work and then on return I was down with fever….and to top it, my daughter also gave me company…. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 !! So in total 2 sick children in the house and only 1 mom to look after them…..and all children, big or small, are same when they fall sick…..just like me not leaving my mom’s lap, my angel won’t leave mine!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Now, by God’s grace, all is well!!

    But, whatever may come, I didn’t miss IB epis ok…..chori chori chupke chupke somehow I managed to watch them on HS or repeat telecasts….. 😀 😀 ;D 😀

    Hmmmm… lets come to the epis……the last 3 epis have been quite confusing and interesting at the same time!! I mean, look at SSO…..the great wall of Shivaye Singh Oberoi is getting crushed somewhere inside!! It was a pain and a pleasure to watch Nakul perform…..pain when we see how much SSO is doing to regain Anika’s memory and pleasure when we remember how he treated Anika in the past!! SSO is madly in love with Anika….otherwise who would think that SSO will dare to elope with Anika?? But, what I don’t understand is why are the CVs bringing out the negative shades as soon as the viewers fall in love with the positive SSO!! The whole plot would have looked better if Shivaye had not asked Anika to do the wedding arrangements…..where did all his “I will not hurt you or allow anyone to hurt you” concern go??? Instead, he could have asked her to stay there till their divorce procedure gets completed……it’s that simple!! I really don’t want to see Anika going through all that desperateness doing ShiTia’s wedding arrangements and watching them together…..Grrrr!! Yes, I agree Shivaye trying to make her jealous looks good, as we know that he’s totally fallen for her! But am tired of seeing this PiTia’s happy faces and all this wedding functions AGAIN!! Bas, ek ring exchange se hi kaam chalanewale hain tho wedding arrangements mein itne paise kyun barbaad karte ho Gul ma’am?? And, how can rich people be so dumb?? When ShiTia is already a married couple to the world, why all this rasam-kasam yaar?? Seedha “Godh bharai” hi kar leta?? Feeling so irritated when I think of the coming epis…… 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

    And what is all this new twists?? Romi is Robin’s sis?? You have one looseend track on Robin……so you stretch it as much as you can and when it breaks you just tie it with another looseend and repeat the process!! If Romi was here to avenge for Robin’s death, then she should have been the first one to harm Anika…..but I don’t remember her speaking any plan of killing Anika even when Tia was desperate to do so!! And being Robin’s sissy, she also missed seeing Robin’s dead body huh??
    You know what CVs……Fark pad rahe hain…..bas hum viewers ko fark padthe hain… hi Shivaye ko aur na hi Anika ko!! You guys very well know how to handle your viewers when they get irritated…..add a little bit of Shivika moments and we are happy and forget the past!! The same is going to repeat this week…..we get irritated with all the PiTia drama in the functions and then in the 3rd epi there comes Shivika romance, another forehead kiss and dancing….and then back again to square 1!

    1. Sumi.SS

      Liji we missed u lotttt…….nw u both fne na???take rest dr….
      U read my mind dear aftr watchng 2day epi i just said the same line fans ko farah padtha hey……!!!!

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